ABC: Prime Minister Kan still worries about what would happen if area where people couldn’t live spread to 200 or 300 km — Leaked memo shows fears of radioactive cloud reaching Tokyo (AUDIO)

Published: March 5th, 2012 at 12:21 am ET


Title: More Fukushima panic stories emerge 05/03/2012
Source: ABC Australia
Author: Mark Willacy
Date: Monday, March 5, 2012 08:24:00

TONY EASTLEY: […] The latest is an internal official memo confirming that the Japanese government decided to withhold alarming radiation forecasts from the public in the days immediately after the meltdowns. 

North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy reports from Tokyo.

MARK WILLACY: […] What the minister Yoshiaki Takaki and his top officials saw just a couple of days after the meltdowns was chilling.

According to a leaked internal government memo it was feared that radioactive clouds could spread from the gutted nuclear plant all the way south to Kanto – in other words to Tokyo.

According to the then vice-minister Kan Suzuki, the decision was taken to withhold that information from the public, fearing it would generate mass panic.

The then prime minister Naoto Kan has already acknowledged that the worst-case scenario – the evacuation of millions from Tokyo – was broached.

(Sound of Naoto Kan speaking)

“When I was in the middle of it all, what worried me was what would happen if the area where people couldn’t live spread to 200, 300 kilometres,” said Mr Kan in a recent interview. “That’s what worried me then. That’s what worries me still,” he says.[…]

Listen to the report here

Published: March 5th, 2012 at 12:21 am ET


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30 comments to ABC: Prime Minister Kan still worries about what would happen if area where people couldn’t live spread to 200 or 300 km — Leaked memo shows fears of radioactive cloud reaching Tokyo (AUDIO)

  • Humans can be 26000% over the limit for Contaminated Meat
    Of course, the calculation is only illustrative of the fact that a massive amount of deadly radiation was released from Fukushima.

    This shows that just the Cesium alone, as officially reported is enough to push all humans to being 26,000% over the limit for being contaminated meat (using 500Bq/kG).

    Now the reality is that humans won't get all the Caesium, we can share that with all the rest of the animals and plants in the world. Share the Pain!!!!!!!!! Something to be thankful for, LOL, ouch.

    Here is the news story and the calculation

    AND THIS IS COOL POLL, stop by and fill out of the poll, 30 seconds.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      The spelling errors hurt the poll's credibility. For example, the first item contains three errors: "Stupiest Endaevour that Man Though He Could Handle".

  • Anything that they "feared" has already happened. The current evacuation perimeter is ridiculously small.

  • dear jones

    They have no choose. Japan is an island.

  • "Sayonara Tokyo" would be the correct translation of this.

  • dka

    What he feared the most happened already just after the explosions, from the 14 to the 17 and other days onward. Worst, it rained back then on Tokyo. Remember tap water was too full of iodine to be safe to drink by children? That was around 17 March, Tokyo and other area in Kanto.

    • dka,
      They stop releasing test results, … even if they were testing, they may have just stopped testing to be free from … as The FDA has done here !

  • Anyone care to figure what Fukushima Prefecture land prices are right now ?

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I think about the Japanese farmers and other land, home owners. My heart breaks for them as they have lost so very much with not only the nuclear catastrophe but the earthquakes and tsunami. Can you imagine how they must feel? It's easy for us to say we would pick up and leave and never go back but this is not only their homes but their lively hood, their very existence has literally been condemned for decades or more. Ouch.

      • moonshellblue,
        "Ouch" is as pulling a band-aid off, … sharp pain over quickly. … this is agony till death they are enduring over their loses !

      • Taizo is a documentary film producer/director/cameraman and his film called ‘Ordinary Life’ is due on March 28 here in Sapporo for the premier viewing. Mostly interviews and with English subtitles.

        For your immediate reference, I have attached the text from Michiyo’s lecture on …

        • or-well

          "How many years will I live?
          a five year old.
          "Can I become an adult?"
          a nine year old.
          And folks tell kids monsters aren't real…when they live among us in plain sight…

          • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

            Orwell: +1

            • or-well

              philipupnorth, I looked on Amazon for that book Michiyo said she bought. No luck. Guess it's in Japanese, which makes sense. I wish it was in English. Maybe it will be.

              And, it's or-well, all lower case with a hyphen.
              Not to be confused with any Orwells living or dead,
              just a small "o" who lives in my head!
              Kind of like "um, ah" or "yeah but"
              a hem and haw speech rut,
              a verbal speed bump
              who's sometimes a grump,
              or, well, that's good enough
              I'll get off this stump.

            • or-well,
              Thanks for typeing the words in the video of the children as they spoke it, hard to hear and hard to read !

  • dka

    "…what would happen if the area where people couldn't live spread to 200, 300 kilometres…" this includes Tokyo.
    I suppose they would have done the same thing as they do today and as they do in the worst contaminated area, asking people to decontaminate by themselves and telling them that there are no short term health effects. I think they would have let everyone dying, as they are doing today.

    • dka,
      It already has, the gov. there just has not told the people !!!!

      • Bobby1

        dka, xdrfox, it's worse than that… they are burning radioactive debris all over Japan, and hiring PR firms to induce people to eat contaminated food. This goes way beyond neglect or cover-ups.

        • Yes we know, but the world is watching sitcoms and The Voice/Others !

          Bread and Circus !

          • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

            No, xdrfox. There is judgement, and there will be judgement, here in ENENEWS aplenty, and in the world being remade by Fuku. (Many thanks, OP, for all your good work!) And the liars and nuclear killers, along with their apologists; and we, their accusers, will look soon upon a Japan unpopulated by her people. A Japan with half the population of 2012 (perhaps by as soon as 2020), and all will know where, and with whom, the fault lies. Who at TEPCO, the US NRC, and in the Japanese government, has lied to the people? Who kept the worst news from the people? Whose actions killed thousands, and whose words killed millions–all this will soon be known. What comes around, goes around. For even the liers and bad actors in this, shall watch as their daughters and sons die horrible deaths. And even these shall die themselves before their time. The die is cast, the damage has been done. People, the fault with atomic power is not with their faulty designs, though they are frail and faulty. The problem is with the people involved. The leaders of TEPCO valued company value above public safety, and so remained silent as the deadly plume overspread Tokyo. The leaders of the Japanese government wanted to protect their clients and paymasters in the nuclear industry, above the public, and so they were silent as death rained down on their people. And always the question: "Who is going to pay if Tokyo must be permanently evacuated?". It seems now as if noone and everyone will pay that price. No one will go back. People out to 200 or 300 km are fleeing without official pronouncements.

            • philipupnorth,
              We are all waiting, as in all other lies from many in power, many of finance, many years back, with lies for wars so many of them, waiting justice !

  • StillJill StillJill

    I know Bobby!,…they truly ARE saying, "Go home and eat,…(and die)".

    Brings new meaning to, "Eat shit and die", I suppose.

    • StillJill,
      Did I say this many months ago on comment when they were turning people away from Hospitals with ills ! Prelude to just die !

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Morning Jill….Yes, what Bobby1 said. Reminds me of Bush after 9/11…."Go Shopping"….X 100000!
      Anything to keep the "economy" going….to the last breath.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes you did. I believed you,….that it would happen,…but I must admit,….I didn't think TPTB would get away with it. So far they have. The sad thing,….as someone here yesterday said,…'we' may be too weak to up-rise!

    That's O.K., vengeance isn't ours anyway, in a biblical sense.