Academic Journal: Fukushima catastrophe becoming turning point in world history — “Its long-term impact and meaning are impossible to repress”

Published: February 20th, 2013 at 4:37 pm ET


Title: Thinking after Fukushima. Epistemic shift in social sciences
Source: Asia Europe Journal, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 65-78
Author: Alain-Marc Rieu
Date: March 2013

The Fukushima catastrophe is a turning point in the conception, role and management of technology in industrial societies. As did Hiroshima (on another dimension) after 1945, the Fukushima nuclear accident questions and transforms established conceptions and values concerning the relations between technology, politics, industry, society and the environment. It has become impossible to think after Fukushima as we did before. This catastrophe initiates a major epistemic and conceptual shift with long-term consequences. […]

More than a year after the catastrophe, the time has come to evaluate its historical meaning. Fukushirna is not a disaster like others. This is the reason why it is becoming a turning point in world history: relations between technology, politics, industry, society and ecology are forever transformed. Its long-term impact and meaning are impossible to repress: wherever they live, people will never see and understand nuclear energy and nuclear industry as they did before […]

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Published: February 20th, 2013 at 4:37 pm ET


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61 comments to Academic Journal: Fukushima catastrophe becoming turning point in world history — “Its long-term impact and meaning are impossible to repress”

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    And off we go. This is a very well-respected international publication:

    'Between 2003 and 2010, the Asia Europe Journal was available in digitised format to about 4,500 institutions worldwide, which included numerous universities, colleges and libraries.'

    It's getting harder to hide Fukushima.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Most people don't want to know.

      "I've got my job, my family and
      there is no time left."

      "I don't want to understand science,
      it's to complicated for me."

      Scientist say:
      "I know, but I can't do anything."

      And so on.

      Yes, of course, finally mankind will recognize this ongoing problem. Personally, I estimate a skyrocketing cancer rate, but medicine against will no longer be paid by healt insurances.
      We can expect horrifying mutations, adding up from generation to generation.

      "Prosper" food is payed 1:1 in Gold.

      You can die of malnutrition or radiation,
      it's your free choice!


  • We Not They Finally

    Does this menas that anyone ADMITS poisoning the world ongoing, or is it just an intellectual exercise?

    • voltscommissar

      thanks! "Brain hurts" trying to understand an English translation of French-style philosophy. Hard enough with Anglo-American philosophers.

      But on page 16 I _DO_ understand it when he says: "Such a power structure cannot be controlled by a democratic society. Therefore nuclear technology and industry defy and deny democracy. This is the reason why nuclear plants should be closed and the nuclear industry stalled as long as advanced industrial societies have not imagined and implemented the political reforms able to produce knowledge, organize debate and implement reliable democratic control with respect to this technology."

      Amen to that…


    finally…academics who see it clearly! I'm surprised they're coming out as soon as they did. As a great meta-physicists once said, "The truth will out!"

    This is a refreshing moment for those who spoke to this harsh reality, over these last twenty-two months. For a host of reasons, many are no longer active on this site. You'll not be forgotten for your good efforts.

    For those who justify their paychecks by watching what we have to say within this forum…READ IT AND WEEP!!!. For those who make their living stoking the fires of nuclear power, it's time to get yourselves back to school, so you can apply those 'skills' to more benign energy technologies.

    For those who've lamented the slow pace of change in our world, know that you're the cutting-edge of that which leaves the past behind. Keep up your strength and good will. Use the darkness of these ongoing revelations to frame your good will, but never yield your hearts to it.

    And finally, many thanks to this site's administration. You people are the best!!!

  • J.

    The essay focuses on society and politics rather than the long-term environmental effects of the catastrophe. It's well worth reading, but for those persons focusing on the environmental effects, there is not much of substance. BTW the link to HAL archives is one to bookmark I think. HAL is new to me. The site claims that archives material is posted only with permission of authors, so it seems legitimate to link here.

  • funny how this isn't out in a more public avail form and forum…

  • Sickputer

    SP: Several people here on Enenews said the same thing 23 months ago.

    So did others more well-known than the Enenews stalwarts:

    June 2011 Arnie Gundersen gave an interview to Al Jazeera and said this: "Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind".

    "Gundersen points out that far more radiation has been released than has been reported.

    "They recalculated the amount of radiation released, but the news is really not talking about this," he said. "The new calculations show that within the first week of the accident, they released 2.3 times as much radiation as they thought they released in the first 80 days."

    "Radioactive air filters from cars in Fukushima prefecture and Tokyo are now common, and Gundersen says his sources are finding radioactive air filters in the greater Seattle area of the US as well.

    "The hot particles on them can eventually lead to cancer.

    "These get stuck in your lungs or GI tract, and they are a constant irritant," he explained, "One cigarette doesn't get you, but over time they do. These [hot particles] can cause cancer, but you can't measure them with a Geiger counter. Clearly people in Fukushima prefecture have breathed in a large amount of these particles. Clearly the upper West Coast of the US has people being affected. That area got hit pretty heavy in April."

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      +1000 as usual SP!~ I have to say that despite my undying respect for Arnie and most other credible sources of info & data regarding the event that should still not only be considering "ongoing" & perhaps "worsening" with each passing day-WHY do "our" experts only point to the victims in Japan and "the upper west coast USA" being already evident??!! If they have any questions about those of us beyond their alleged "border" where mountain ranges & land characteristics somehow "stopped" the airborne transport of hot particles and high-level contamination via fallout & spoiled agricultural regions in the US heartland-they should come spend the day in my wife's hospital with us talking to people who went from being healthy & happy to sick & dying in less than 6 months to 1 year?!! After I'd had my heart broken by a family of five people upon learning that 2 of their 3 children were diagnosed with leukemia AND a form of stomach cancer while their mother was being treated for the same previously "rare" Inflammatory Breast Cancer that my wife was diagnosed with and ALL of them having been stricken & diagnosed between February and June of last year!!(?) How can there be any doubts held by professionals that just this ONE family's ordeal & the Oncology & cancer facilities suddenly being overwhelmed with newly diagnosed cancer cases that aren't limited to just the personal examples I've cited here?!!WTF?!-HUSH UP JB!Don't "panic"them-just let 'em DIE??!!~ 🙁 ~**

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        It would be very interesting to go to an oncologist's convention. The CDC controls incident rate reporting, but what are they talking about in private?

        Can't be good.

        My prayers to you and your family, Johnny. It will be those like you that have to partake of oncology medicine that will be exposed to others also in need. Thank you for your insights.

        Many of us will be there soon enough.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @TimeIsShort;Thank you for the kind word & prayers!~I hope & pray that you and your loved ones & nobody here who expects to go through what my family & those I see in the Infusion Center,Oncology exam & waiting room,Radiation Therapy center,etc. in the hospital we've been going to since..OMG!-TODAY is the day my wife's stage 3B I.B.Cancer diagnosis was confirmed=2/20/2012!(no wonder she's been crying all day & more preoccupied than usual with the void & scars where her left breast "used" to be,as well as 7 lymph nodes that led to her armpit region that were removed!)and her very harsh Chemotherapy sessions began on 3/1/12 and now,just one year later already has been expanded to accommodate the overwhelming number of new patients to twice the size and number of staff tripled since then too! Not in my most morbid,depressing nightmares did I envision my wife of 22 years as of this coming May 2nd would be included in what's likely to be known as the "1st wave of Fukushima-related cancer victims"?!! Regarding Oncology Convention's,I would've been at the last one recently held at the University of Chicago except my wife had a full gran mal seizure & nearly died so I didn't get to go,but if I had you can bet I would've spoken out about our case and asked "why" & "W.H.O." was keeping the nuke industry from their list of what was the leading potential cause for this unprecedented "spike" of cancers?!!(or why "WHO" wasn't letting the obvious be spoken of!!(?)~I…

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            cont'd~ "I already KNOW why and WHO(literally!)is behind the BS! I truly believe the "medical" division of companies like GE/Toshiba,etc. exert pressure on Dr.'s and facilities heavily reliant on devices & procedures which pose risks to patients via imaging devices & radiotherapy machines,etc. and I assume the disclosure of the TRUE nature of the risks posed by even routine procedures involving exposure to even low-level radiation would cause much more concern by patient/subjects and the companies involved in nuclear medicine/imaging,etc. would impact their profits and if people really knew they might opt out and take their chances?!! I know that I almost got up and walked out of the hospital 3x last month after I'd been shot through the leg and they screwed up and made me go through 7 x-rays & 2 CTscans because a "rookie" ER nurse didn't have the IV inserted properly and something they called "contrast" blew my arm up instantly and hurt WAY worse than the .45 cal. bullet that hit my leg at point-blank range! My arm was swollen and burned for almost a week & is STILL not 100% better yet almost a month after the fact?!! The Dr.'s & Specialists involved with my wife's cancer treatment program ALWAYS politely "walked away" from questions or suggestions I'd made associating Fukushima or radiation with my wife or cancer & if they responded at all they wouldn't look me in the eye before PA systems or phone calls conveniently "spared" them being…

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              cont'd-"interrogated" further about a "taboo" subject! But I already KNOW and only asked because I'd hoped the Dr.'s so far saving my wife's life also were willing to break whatever "rules" or policies aimed at keeping them from being amongst those "in the know" who chose to speak up and or at least "speak the TRUTH" about the subject BEFORE so many have died or are dying that no govt. or corporate POS can clamp their dirty hand over the mouths of the medical professionals who will ALL have to concur regarding the cause of the worsening cancer epidemic that they are seeing even more clearly and statistically "exploding" at cancer treatment facilities across the N.Hemisphere already! I will NEVER become "used" to seeing a child sitting in a chemo infusion center or completely bald sitting on a gurney waiting to go into radiation therapy treatments!! NEVER!!….

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        I am terribly sorry Johnny Blade for the suffering you & your family are going through. I can certainly say that cancer cases are increasing at an alarming rate much beyond the west coast.

        I guess the one thing I push at with people is to try to let them know…do not take all the blame for you or your families illness. (I know you know this Johnny) By that I mean, too many times the *victim is blamed, by the doctors & or family & friends. The doctor will never tell you that it is because of radiation & or the poisons in our environment, instead they try to find reasons to blame you…not saying to over indulge in anything, but to let people know a few facts, to take some of that weight off their shoulders & their hearts.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Thanks MaidenHeaven; I totally get your point & am in agreement! I also apologize for getting all "EMO" about this dreadful "anniversary" of the day the best person I know got her biopsy results back before the toxic treatment plan began less than 2 weeks after that. I'm apologizing for hijacking this thread-not for the contents within though! I have found ways to politely inform the people sitting with IV's pumping similar poisons to the ones my beloved wife was(is) subjected to and I'm very careful about when and how I add the (main) subject of our concern here on ENE and the possible,even likely connection to what brought us together in that sad wing of the hospital and hope that some of them at least are reading this post now following my recommendation to follow the issue & document all aspects & timelines corroborating a connection to & possible future litigation & accountability & closure that "should" eventually follow!(?) A special THANKS to "Marvin"-the Asian-American male Oncology nurse who scores high both professionally & as a caring,intelligent person & helped us get through the worst of the ordeal and who took an active interest in my opinion of why they suddenly got busier than EVER before and seemed eager to take a peek at ENEnews & Fuku Diary,Fairwinds,etc. which I gladly referred him to!(?)~If so,then I'd bet he sees this post too and now he'll know "who" I am & how much crazier I really am too!!LOL,nah-no regrets here!~ 🙂 ~** G-Nite ALL!**

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hi JB, am not sure if you read my prev. posts of the past year. Mentioned in May or June of 2012 I attended a meeting where people asked for prayer, Almost every single person in the room (about 15 present) asked for prayer for a loved one or friend with cancer. Or else the person has cancer. An UNBELIEVABLE number of people in my area have cancer. It's just astonishing. It's not just that I'm older now (I'm in my 50's). Many of these people are young. The latest is a 19 y/o young woman we know has cancer. Our pastor is dying of brain cancer.

        I have a nodule on my left breast — new since Dec. 2012, and have to have it biopsied. Tomorrow is the surgeon's consulation for sterotactic biopsy. Also have new, complex lesions on my thyoid, and on both kidneys. The complex lesions (cysts) on the thyroid and kidneys weren't there before 2011. Or hadn't appeared by Jan. 2010.

        Now I have to have ultrasounds annually for my kidneys and thyroid. No cancers diagnosed yet, but this isn't much fun to live with. I suppose I'll get over it and will go on with life. Today I had a nice afternoon, enjoyed the spring sunshine, and had a nice long talk with someone about Mexican cooking. Got out and met people, and went to the dog park.

        I probably mentioned this in a post earlier this week. Men, please check your breast tissue and underarms for lumps and hard feeling nodules. Be aware of changes in the appearance and/or texture of breast tissue. Men get breast cancer, too.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          We must all leave the earth one day. I'm sorry for the suffering of others. Having had a chronic illness has thankfully helped me to develop compassion. And hopefully a little humility.

          JB, again, I'm sorry for all you have suffered. Know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I think it's often harder for the person who is caring for the sick one, supporting him or her, than it is, sometimes, for the sick person. You want to alleviate suffering, but you just can't. It's hard to deal with those situations where you just have zero, 0 control over the outcome.

          Am glad you're recovered from your encounter with the .45

          Hoping we'll have some good news about your wife, too. Whatever happens, you are in the thoughts and prayers of many here. You are not alone. And as the goofy poster with the little kitty at the end of the rope used to say, "When you reach the end of your rope — tie a knot, and hang on!" (With your free hand, right? LOL ;->)

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Hi HoTaters; I jumped back online for a minute before I try to sleep and was glad I did since you'd posted tonight too 🙂 Thanks for the kind words of encouragement & good vibes as I've always come to expect from you also. Btw,I did manage to pick up some Liposomal Vit.C as you recommended & it seemed to keep a upper respiratory cold symptoms to a minimum with a fast recovery most noticeable in my wife's case since she has poor resistance to cold/flu,etc. bugs in general-so thank you for that! 🙂 The male breast cancer stats already have had me concerned,but at 49 yrs with my health suddenly in decline,especially the recent blood pressure spikes & chest pain,shortness of breath,headaches,etc.-it looks like either the cardiac issues prevalent in my family's genes and/or "cesium"(?)(Chernobyl Heart?)IDK,but it sure is kicking my butt lately and I have to go up & down 66 steps each way when I come & go and had to park 2 blocks away tonight so I might keel over even before we get the 9 inches of snow tomorrow into Friday?!!LOL!~I wonder how the snow will look on the display of the Geiger Counter though?!-Also I "lost" your email address or at least couldn't remember the thread you gave it to me in and couldn't remember the names of the herbal remedies you'd spoken of but would like to work into a healthier lifestyle & nutrition regimen even if it offers just piece of mind at this late stage of the game…God,I'm such a "downer"lately!lol..TTYL 🙂 ~**

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            G'mornin', JB, I just saw your post about Liposomal Vitamin C. Thanks again for reminding me. Vitamin C is just great — it attacks infections, and even (in IV form in a Meyers Cocktail) will flush toxins and neurotoxins from the body.

            Am definitely keeping your family, your wife in my thoughts and prayers Oy, chemo is SO harsh.

            OK, many of you already know I'm female because we correspond off-list.

            I'd like to make something for your wife which says, "You are loved" which will comfort her.

            You can write to me off-list and let me know. And let me know what colors she likes.


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Southern California took the brunt of fallout in the first weeks, as proven by CRWS Jet Stream Map archives.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    AT 1:34..a mention of MOX sludge.
    And a reference to denying the Chinese government..access to critical data.
    This denial based on
    A. The US had been denied the data.
    B.If the document was shared with the might set a precedent obliging the requests of other international investors.

    Jaczko and the NRC: deception and information suppression (17
    February 2013)

  • irhologram

    rose, are you still here? I'd like your opinion of one of the videos I posted after you left on story thread. And maybe tell me what you think by posting there. It's,the one that I say "I dunno" about.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks



      thank you obewanspeaks. I would not ask any to rest in their work to bring-about a better world. But I will say, for all your courage and fearless truth seeking, you are not to be abandoned!

      Great change is about to descend on this world. Though they'd never let you know, even the powerful are quietly being humbled with what is heading our way.

      Those of us who honor the dream of life, know-well that living was never about our personal survival; it was about the survival of that which made life worth living. As we live through all life and time, we don't panic when death turns our way. We were prepared for such from the day we were born.

      Adversity not only brings destruction, it compels radical change! The age of psychopathy is coming to an end. The duality of self-righteousness is being swept aside. And always remember, as we struggle through these dark times, hold one hand out to lead both friend and enemy into what's about to emerge…

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Well said, Aftershock. It will be helpful, as these crisis continue, to remember these words. h/t

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        That's right, AFTERSHOCK. Human acquisition of the use of nuclear energy is the trigger for the next stage of evolution, for the evolution of consciousness. Learn wisdom or die!

        • We Not They Finally

          The evolution of consciousness is the only job left.We with what time we have left must turn towards the universal wisdom growth intelligence that we are here for.Let not our time on earth be in vain. We must move on with the understanding that man is infinite,wise beyond understanding and whose real home is the infinite universes we inhabit.Ask for help and it will arise from within.We have never been alone. Only cheated and decieved.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hi.. irhologram…sooo interesting..I'll have to sleep on it tonight..I have a cold.
    So sight of the 'meteor' that hit the zinc factory.
    Then.. I wonder about thermal energy weapons…and how they are deployed.
    Even if it was doesn't make it a meteor.

  • Jebus Jebus

    So, it looks like this reality, that we all substituted for our own, two years ago, is real…

  • Sickputer

    Interesting video IRH…. Looking at that it sure looks like a missile blew through the fireball/meteor.
    Could be a Surface to Air as suggested or maybe a jet was trying to catch up and fired an Air to Air missile from miles away.

    SP: Good job on the video. From a Enenews member who was banned a year ago for flaming on this forum. A prolific poster before his exile. Hope you are doing well doc.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, Sickputer, I wish the good doc the best, as well.

      Thanks for your informative posts, too.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose looks like… air to air.
      It also looks like the'aliens'..need to increase their firepower.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        PS..The Russian press is being very quiet.
        I think the Kremlin might be a bit upset.
        I think the 'reset' is not going very well.
        Why should it?

        Clinton’s ‘Sovietization’ comment attracts Kremlin’s ire
        Dec.19 2013

        Jed Babbin: The pravda about Hillary Clinton's Russian 'reset'

        Jan.14 2013

        Russia will not tolerate foreign pressure – Putin

        A change in the State Dept…isn't going to change much.
        New and old enemies are being defined.
        At the end of the day..I'm sure Hillary…that those she loves being exposed to radiation…Like the rest of us.
        Ya.. Hillary is a private citizen now.
        Kerry..looks so happy to get the job.
        He'll do just about anything.
        The US fails to understand the sovereignty of other nations.
        The US can't even figure out ..why they would want do defend such sovereignty.

        No reset…

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          PS..I'm sure Hillary 'knows'.
          If she doesn't know..well… I do.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            On..topic..some of us that do know ..have known this to be the 'game-changer' since the original explosions.
            This is not news.
            It's easy to spew the words.
            The effects of this infinitely reaching.
            Turning point in history?
            This disaster can not be remedied.
            We must now all live..under the new conditions.
            Is there enough humanity left in try to make a go of a future despite.. to change/adapt under these conditions?
            Or die scrapping in the dogs…all the time TPTB… waiting to put us down as such…while they come and go from their underground the vermin they truly are?

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Wow, Heart, my sentiments exactly re: the vermin. What would make TPTB think they can actually live underground on an ongoing basis and be smart enough to have put EVERYTHING they need there?

              It wouldn't surprise me if the Creator put something in sunlight (or elsewhere in the biosphere) man will NEVER be able to duplicate. Something critical for long-term survival. Our our brains just aren't wired to live like mole people? What if the human vermin underground just got starved some day for that "something" in the sunlight (or whatever it is, present in the Biosphere/Creation) and go crazy, start killing each other? It plays out in my mind like a bizarre science fiction story ….

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                That would be the ultimate justice, non? There was a novel my older siblings read in the 1960's, called _Earth Abides_

                It reminds me of that.

  • J.

    A useful link apropos academic studies:

    The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk

    I don't know yet whether there's anything about Fukushima in particular.

    "Many scientists are concerned that developments in human technology may soon pose new, extinction-level risks to our species as a whole. Such dangers have been suggested from progress in AI, from developments in biotechnology and artificial life, from nanotechnology, and from possible extreme effects of anthropogenic climate change. The seriousness of these risks is difficult to assess, but that in itself seems a cause for concern, given how much is at stake."

  • J.

    A video related to CSER:

    Sir Martin Reese speaks at TED.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 'Carrington Effect'; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via A Green Road

    EMP; Electromagnetic Pulse Effect And High Altitude Nuclear Bombs; via A Green Road

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Nothing new here, move on.

    Underground bunkers will not help when 400 big bad boys melt down and their spent fuel pools go along with them.

    Humankind has a suicidal death wish; extinction of all life on the planet via self caused wounds.

    All the angels in Heaven can only do so much until that prayer is answered.

    Maybe the meteorite hitting recently near the most radioactive polluted city on Earth is a warning?

    Of course, humans can shut down all nuclear power plants, put all hot spent fuel in dry fuel casks and avoid this fate.

  • Sol Man

    Still, we hope for the best. I can't understand the fascination with the inflicting of death, and incineration. Then there is the chemical poisoning of all that we see. If all we can get to is "hope" we will not make it here much longer. We are in dire need of humanitarian visionaries that are extremely rare in government or the business community.

  • japan guinea pig

    japan guinea pig
    February 21, 2013 at 7:06 am · Reply
    The hidden story.This issue about TEPCO and Fukushima is bad enough,however the under reported story right now is that the Japanese government is moving Iradiated Debris (Known as "Gareki" in Japan) all around the country (by road,rail and ship)to local incinerators (designed for household garbage)and burning it in heavily populated areas as of February 1st and for the next 2 years !!.The most resent area to accept this Iradiated debris is Osaka city,probably the 2nd most populated city in Japan.The thing is most people dont know about it.International scientist such as Arnie Gundersun( USA),Dr Helen Caldicott( Australia)and Prof Chris Busby (UK) have given warnings that this action will be very detremental to the people of those areas and the world,but to no avail.The japanese Gov are going ahead with this plan and are burning this stuff as I type, this email.In December 2012("months ago) a Prof Masaki Shimoji of Hannan university was arrested and detained for weeks (and not charged )for trying to inform people of this….its becoming like China !!!.Im writing this so that more people will know whats going on in Japan right now.The Media are hardly reporting it.What im saying is If there is even the slightest risk to the public why are they doing this ??.Check out prof Chris Busby on Youtube on a video entitled "The real reason why Fukushima Debris is being burnt all over Japan" HEEELP !!!

    • Anthony Anthony

      Thank you for posting this. If you have been here awhile then you know the general consensus is that the incineration is a preposterous and dangerous proposition. The *safer* way to deal with the debris is burial.

  • Sickputer

    Thanks JGP…Enenews has been covering this story since 2011 when the Diet was pressing cities (Osaka included) to accept "tsunami" debris for disposal (originally for burial). Here's some postings from 2012:

    Later the III fanatics (aka Insane Incinerator Idiots) began shoving their share the nasty wealth plan to just about every major city in Japan with incinerators. Even Okinawa. Crazy waste of truck resources and crazy way to contaminate the entire country. Filtering doesn't work for fine radioactive particles…everyone downwind is getting toxic radioactive fallout in a fine mist.

    Mochizuki at Fukushima Diary is reporting radioactive health problems in Osaka since they began burning radioactive debris three weeks ago:

    SP: The Japanese Diet is led by politicians who are absolutely insane. They are killing their own families and all of Japan with their policies.

    Madness in Japan…

    Brazil looking pretty good right now if you can move your family.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Important to note at least the company incinerating the waste near Tokyo harbor is a Tepco subsidiary. Go figure.

      That was documented here, or in a link Admin posted. Or else a 'Newser posted the link.

      Here's a link from EX-SKF:

      Wednesday, October 19, 2011
      TEPCO's Subsidiary Selected to Burn Disaster Debris from Iwate on Tokyo Bay

      "Here's the brief background:

      The Tokyo Metropolitan government signed an agreement with Iwate Prefecture on September 30 to accept disaster debris from Iwate Prefecture, starting with that of Miyako City, without much consultation at all with the Metropolitan Assembly or the residents of Tokyo. Then, it did the public solicitation to line up the waste disposal companies who would take the debris, smash them into small pieces and bring them to the landfill in Tokyo Bay. One of the stipulations (link is in Japanese, PDF) by the Tokyo government was that the applicants must select a contractor who could burn the burnable part of the disaster debris with the daily capacity of 100 tonnes and above."

      Go figure ….

  • Anthony Anthony

    Radiation Of The Pacific Ocean In The Next 10 Years – Japan Nuclear Disaster Video
    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 11:17

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Thank you for posting that link. It is an eye opener. Reality sucks for CA surfers, as if that is the worst concern.