Accident in Reactor 3 fuel pool at Fukushima — Large piece of wreckage falls nearby spent uranium rods — M5 quake hits plant soon after — Official: “Unable to say” whether any are damaged (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: August 29th, 2014 at 5:43 pm ET


AFP, Aug 29, 2014: [TEPCO] said it had not detected any significant changes in radiation readings or in the level of pool water at the No. 3 reactor… Friday’s incident occurred shortly after noon during a remotely controlled operation to remove debris from the fuel pool at the unit where the broken reactor still lies untouched… The operating console of the fuel handling machine slipped loose and fell into the pool… In a vivid reminder of the fragility of the area, a magnitude-5.0 quake struck off the Fukushima coast hours after…

Bloomberg News, Aug 29, 2014: A 400 kg piece of equipment slipped from a crane and fell back into a pool holding spent uranium fuel rods… [It] is about a meter wide and 1.6 meters high…  Today, the utility known as Tepco was attempting to move the device as part of its cleanup at the site, said spokesman Hiroshi Itagaki… Itagaki said the company is unable to say at present whether the accident damaged any of the uranium fuel rods in the pool.

Enformable, Aug 29, 2014: At the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, workers accidentally dropped a large piece of debris into the Unit 3 spent fuel pool… that weighs almost a thousand pounds… TEPCO is working to check the 566 spent fuel assemblies in the Unit 3 spent fuel pool to see if any of them have been damaged by the most recent accident.

NHK, Aug 29, 2014: TEPCO says the pool contains 566 nuclear fuel rods, and that it is trying to check whether any of them have been damaged. >> Watch the broadcast here

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And: [intlink id=”25-foot-long-metal-beam-falls-into-no-3-fuel-pool-at-fukushima-no-major-increase-in-radiation-levels-nearby-tepco-says-could-complicate-removal-efforts” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Video: [intlink id=”gundersen-new-report-reveals-50-tons-of-rubble-fell-in-unit-3-pool-spent-fuel-is-highly-damaged-like-a-fully-loaded-18-wheeler-felll-from-sky-after-supersonic-explosive-shockwave-mast” type=”post”]Gundersen – Obviously much of Unit 3 spent fuel is damaged… highly damaged – May have to be cut out of the racks using robotic tools[/intlink]

Published: August 29th, 2014 at 5:43 pm ET


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184 comments to Accident in Reactor 3 fuel pool at Fukushima — Large piece of wreckage falls nearby spent uranium rods — M5 quake hits plant soon after — Official: “Unable to say” whether any are damaged (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Japan's secrecy law seen as draconian – Yahoo Maktoob News
    "This includes issues surrounding the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as well as, looking forward, possible conflicts with China, Russia, or North Korea."

    Terasawa is part of of a group of 43 freelance journalists and other writers who have launched a lawsuit against the new secrecy law. Michiyoshi Hatakeyama, another freelance journalist who is a plaintiff in the case, explains, "What is a secret? The line where these special secrets begin will not be clear. Even if one is arrested and you ask them why you've been arrested, that too may be a secret under this law."

    For its part, the Abe administration has been very reluctant to publicly defend the secrecy law since its passage last December. The minister put in charge of handling the issue, Masako Mori, is the most junior member of the Abe Cabinet, whose portfolio is Minister of State for Gender Equality, the Declining Birthrate, and Consumer Affairs. She declined repeated requests from Al Jazeera to explain the government's position on the secrecy law, and at a press conference this month at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan the minister indicated that she only wanted to address the issue of gender equality.

    Still, one journalist managed to challenge the minister on the secrecy law, and her defense of it consisted of denying that it…

    • KANYUN

      That might work in Japan; but America?

      What if it happened at a US devil box?

    • ftlt

      Clam: What about the secrecy laws here?

      With all the obfuscation in the media, I wonder, why they even bother.

      We and Japan no longer have traditional "Home" controlled Nation State regimes.

      Our illegal (meaningless for Americans) genocidal wars and support for heinous genocidal fascist regimes like Israel, certainly make this clear on the international front.

      While at home, the treasury has been raided by the rich (the means of production have been spirited Off-shore) and we the common people are left in prison like urban/suburban enclaves controlled by an evermore fascist militarized police – Ferguson being a fine example of this.

      Nuclear truth has lead the way for the rest of our "truth" oxymorons.

      Soon secrecy will no longer be necessary. Why? The heel of globalist fascism will be so firmly placed on our, the slaves (once the citizens), necks the truth will no longer matter.

  • Ana Ana

    Oopsie.. how bad can it be if a 1/2 ton gizmo falls onto damaged Pu/U fuel rods? (sarc)
    Ana in Sacramento

    • hbjon hbjon

      Tell ya how bad it was. It was so bad, it caused the flash vaporization of the coolant and melted like cheddar cheese on a quesadilla or a pot of fondue, then becoming part of the CS (a melted corium compound that obeys gravity and displaces all substances below it until it solidifies). It went right through the fondue pot into the flooded basement. You may ask, how that could happen. A stable configuration of fuel must always be kept in the SFP. A 1000 pound gizmo will break the fuel assemblies. But how much landed in the pool after the initial explosions?

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  • Ki11more Ki11more

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  • Nigwil

    It is going to be interesting as they dig into SFP3, as what they find will confirm/deny a lot of theories that have been floated around since 2011.

    A prompt criticality would have vapourised an area of the fuel assemblies and probably melted a lot more around the area to varying degrees. A multiple hydrogen explosion above the pool would probably leave the assemblies fairly intact.

    Time will tell, if they can actually lift the trash off the top and clear the view. Finger's crossed they don't trigger another chain reaction while they go about it.

  • Cooter

    Nigwil, this is what they might find in the SFP #3.

    This is just going to get worst.

  • Cooter

    Also this article;

    Groundwater radiation that leaked from the tank farm skyrockets on 8-27-2014.

  • Fukushima Unit3 was a Super Critical Pu239 Plasma Nuclear Event.

    All NPP's are subject to this potential future scenario.
    The concealed truth now uncovered.

    Arto Lauri has broken the code of lies and presented in the smallest detail how the events at U1 and U3 proceeded.
    This is a story that could be told of every past nuclear event
    in the world and a story that will be told of any future nuclear
    events…at NPP's.

    Arto Lauri 68.FISSIO

    Don't miss this info.
    It is absolutely the definitive work on this subject.
    I take notes and start and stop every frame.
    Especially the first 20min. And by all means,
    don't miss the ending…where the secret is revealed.

    All that stands between the living and the dead is a zirconium
    cladding that is thinner than an egg shell!
    They are KILLERS!
    They build these things to kill, and demanding that any reactor
    operate at over capacity of any level fulfills their dreams of
    devastation and death.
    The psycopaths secret is revealed.
    This is war.
    This is a gun in our face.
    We can't just take the bullet!

    THis is IT!

  • Nigwil

    Arnie demonstrated (proved on another NPP site) that overpressure in the primary containment would have been relieved by the hold down bolts of the cap stretching, allowing the led to raise slightly easing the pressure. The fuel assemblies in the core were held (until they melted) in a way that would be unlikely to give rise to a criticality as the core melted out. So I'm not quite sure what Arto Lauri is on about – as far as I know the lid was not blown off any of the primary containments.

    The suggested prompt criticality occurred when the initial hydrogen explosion in the reactor room shoved assemblies in the spent fuel pond too close together momentarily, with the resulting triple Boom BOOM BBOOOOM. So that theory suggests that SPF3 should be a shambles. Tepco is close to being able to show us pictures of that area.

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