Accumulated Cesium-137 deposited near U.S. East Coast at same level as West Coast

Published: April 18th, 2011 at 11:33 am ET


Accumulated Dry Deposition of Cs-137 March 15 – April 19, 2011, EURAD project via Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Cologne, April 17, 2011:

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Published: April 18th, 2011 at 11:33 am ET


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17 comments to Accumulated Cesium-137 deposited near U.S. East Coast at same level as West Coast

  • skizxq

    The site linked is in German, so nothing intelligble there for me, and the map doesn’t appear to show what the headline states. Any english speaking ‘for the people’ rad monitors besides the scientists in Cologne that might explain the headline statement?

    • Anna

      The title says, “Possible spread of radioactive cloud after a reactor accident in Fukushima.”
      Below the graphic is says, “Click on the picture to follow the film.”
      I love the Germans and how good they measure things!

  • skizxq

    or I made a mistake (likely) (w/map -the blue is cesium?) sure wish we had a reliable source of info, instead of scattered widely conflicting accts of what is going on

    • ready

      Spend some time researching. I don’t read German and could figure the map out and through semantics could figure out the language of the map. No one in government is going to tell you what is going on. Governments are afraid of wide spread panic. If the masses understood is would be chaos. We are leaving for the Southern Hemisphere tomorrow. Take your Kelp, pectin, Krill oil, NAC, Chlorella, bone meal, Selenium, Melotonin, Vit E, probiotics and whatever else I forgot… Stay inside, watch the jetstream maps. Take care of the children…Grow a covered garden, buy seeds, drink dried milk, don’t eat beef, fish…..Economies will tumble if this gets out into the mainstream. Why are we not hearing about Fukushima on mainstream TV? I know why.

  • Jose Castro

    Ok, the yellow is the highest concentration found in US. That means that less than a Bequerel per square meter has been deposited in the US for the last month.

    For a comparison I cite wikipedia: “The mean contamination of caesium-137 in Germany following the Chernobyl disaster was 2000 to 4000 Bq/m2.” That’s about 40.000 times more than what you now have.

    So you are safe for now, if this data is accurate.

  • This is a perfect example to illustrate that as the jet stream continues around the world some radioactive particles will fall with rain, snow or as dust particles, before it continues it’s deadly circle.

    The number of radioactive particles may diminish but the STRENGTH of each particle does not diminish.

    That means that the STRENGTH of radiation that leaves Fukushima is the same strength that reaches California or the East coast etc. There may be fewer particles with distance, but when you’re dealing with low levels of radiation it doesn’t matter how few there are.

    By April 1 2011 the Fukushima radiation will have passed over all of North America leaving many areas with very low levels of radiation depending on jet stream distribution.

    Once you ingest or inhale even very low levels of radioactive particles the Petkau Effect immediately starts potentially lethal tissue ionization.

    The phenomenon of the Petkau Effect basically means that you are ionizing or irradiating yourself continuously from the inside out. This insidious burning at your molecular level will impair your body long before there is a diagnosable disease.

    Free radicals are generated during long term exposure to extremely low levels of radiation. which will exhaust our defenses unless our body has an abundant reserve of antioxidants.

    Free radicals, or radicals, are atoms, molecules or ions with unpaired electrons. These highly reactive, molecules are unstable and contribute to the weakening of the body by destroying our cellular structure and making us more vulnerable to disease.

    When molecules in the body oxidize they become free radicals.

    Without sufficient antioxidants to combat the extreme low levels of radiation you will suffer from gene mutation, birth defects, infertility and increased risk for immune related disease and cancers.

    Damage Attributed To Free Radicals

    * degenerative disease
    * memory loss
    * neurological diseases
    * atherosclerosis
    * Alzheimers
    * Parkinsons
    * arthritis or other joint disorders
    * heart disease or stroke
    * diabetes
    * HIV
    * cataracts
    * cancer
    * aging

    Isn’t it easy to see how the above diseases would never be associated with low levels of radiation?

    Here in Washington state, we’ve been taking aggressive steps to protect ourselves, our animals & our soils since March 18, what are you waiting for, permission from the “authorities?”


    • Noah

      Ingested radioactive particles is
      THE Salient Point

      The Petkau effect identifies the central and most immediate danger

      Thank You Dr. Toni, for your excellent posts. Avoiding internal emitters has also been the focus of my efforts and warnings.

      This concern is curiously absent from “expert opinion”. But wait, experts recommend fluoridation, I-131 for hyperthyroidism, mercury amalgams, vaccines for everything and everyone, chemo therapy and airport full body radiation scans and the continuation of building more nuke reactors. Perhaps it is not strange that experts have not mentioned the dangers of internal emitters.

      I have provided information on this site that is both actionable and affordable for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, who are now in danger of ingestion of long lived isotopes.

      The first emergency defensive action is the application of effective water purification technology.

      I have explained this in detail in previous posts.

      I will repost this information to those new to this site.

      I am now preparing to survey the produce of an entire supermarket for detectable abnormal rad levels. I am especially interested in the ice cream section.

    • Noah

      Reposting: Point of use filtration

      Cat 101, Northern Exposure is correct.

      “There is no way to completely filter out radiactive isotopes, some yes, all no (reverse osmosis can remove a small portion).”

      However, given the immediate need, we can use the capability that reverse osmosis has to offer to our advantage. Emergency response is not always the best care you can give. My suggestions must be understood from this perspective. What I am about to suggest is comparable to emergency care received from a paramedic team on board an ambulance or Medivac chopper. It is a first response or emergent care received on intake at the ER.

      Reverse osmosis has become the industry standard for purification of bottled water. The process has prefilters which included, sediment and carbon filtration prior to the RO processes. Post filtration includes last stage carbon and ultra filtration down to 3 to 5 microns. Laboratory and pharmaceutical grade post RO filtration demands a different, yet additional stage with I will not discuss in this post. However, I will make my best recommendation post RO filtration for residential point of use potable water purification.

      Let us begin with the Kitchen.

      The greatest volume of drinking water and water used for cooking flows through the Kitchen faucet. We will begin at the point of highest use.

      I advocate the use of under the counter RO systems, which pipe the purified water up to a separate faucet which will be installed by drilling a hole, or for stainless steel surfaces a punch tool will work, if no pre-existing hole is already present.

      Previously, the sump type RO unit, required the manual change out of 10 inch filters, requiring manually taking a special plastic round sump wrench and one by one opening and loading and closing the sumps. This required contact with the used filters which will by change out time be loaded with impurities that the filter has removed from your water over a 6 to 12 month period.

      In a radioactive environment an nuclear hygienist working for military or civilian facilities, or NBC training officer with the military, will not advise the physical handling of used filtration media. After 6 months of use it will be hot. In larger operations of scale, while taking on the cleaning of radioactive waste water filtration media becomes so hot, personnel cannot even approach the filtration device, let alone open the sump to replace the filtration media. This was problematic. Then the idea came to produce an encapsulated disposable filter cartridge that would be monitored and removed before it reached dangerous levels. Originally very large cartridges were designed for industry use and required carts to move them. Personnel were adequately suited for exposure levels while working to remove and replenish threshold cartridges. The spent used cartridges were moved to entombment burial sites.

      The encapsulated filter technology evolved through three decades until it became available for civilian residential use.
      Excuse me my wife, Mrs. Noah is calling me for lunch. I will post this segment lest it be lost by power outage, and continue after lunch is done.

      April 16, 2011 at 8:20 pm · Reply

      Point of use filtration, continued…

      Lunch was excellent. Mrs. Noah prepared some pre-311 creamed chicken, very soft, delicious with sea salt and rice.

      Thank you Cat 101 for your patience.

      This background on encapsulated filtration cartridges is very important to know in a radioactive environment. To approach filter change in a pre-311 manner will, as time passes, become more and more hazardous. You must avoid opening a sump filtration container, due to nuclear hazard. Opening a sump in your primary food preparation area will surely lead to unintentional leakage and splash on to the kitchen floor, on your hands and body. The longer this event drags on, the higher the hazard, there will just be more radiation accumulating in the filter media.

      The RO unit you select must be based on this design, encapsulated filtration cartridges.

      Fortunately, and Providentially, this type of RO system based on encapsulated filtration cartridges, is now available for residential home use, and it is under the counter installable, esthetically pleasing and affordable.

      Premier RO-Pure, Model WP RO-4

      Costco sells the unit for $189.99 in my area.

      I recommend adding a permeate pump to the unit, this will save a lot of water in the long run. Or buy the unit with a permeate pump already installed from US Water, who is the largest distributor of Watts systems in the US.

      Please remember that this is is a emergency response recommendation. Better solutions exist, but under the present circumstance we all need help with this problem now. Costco is a drive away. Buy one for your kitchen and if you can afford it, one for each bathroom and one for your business. You can use the water to wash your face and brush your teeth with, as well as a late night drink of water for the kids.

      Cartridge change is easy and safe, with no spill danger during change out. It’s so easy to do, just twist and press the button, dispose of the cartridge in the trash when it is time to change out. The frequent regular 6 month change out will keep radiation levels low.

      RO will remove 92%+ of uranium and preliminary unpublished tests seem to indicate the other radioactive particle removal at about the same rate.

      What about the other 8%?

      Good question, now the other part.

      Water finishing filtration

      In my post before lunch, I made reference to water finishing for labs and pharmaceutical applications. This subject will not be discussed in this post. But, I will comment on the topic of home water finishing.

      Many minds have grappled and are now grappling with this problem of how to remove the remaining 8% or less, you may get up to 96% removal depending of several factors, such as filter life. New and freshly installed filters and RO membrane will perform better that an older one, producing a cleaner product.

      So we need to remove 4% to 8% of contaminate from RO finished water. How do we do that?

      It has been suggested that the RO water be run through a second time through a secondary post RO systems, which would yield a reduction of contaminate reduction of 50%, assuming filters and membrane at peak efficiently. But this is speculation.

      Distillation has been suggested, however radioactive Iodine-131 was found rising in the steam emissions from Fukushima. This isotope can ride on H20 in various states, such as steam (gas state), rain (liguid state) and snow (solid state as ice).

      A resin based, DI system seems to be a better solution to purify out the remaining radiation. A dual resin two tank system may work. Resins pull out the radioactive particles using electrical ion charges on the surface of resins contained in the filtration media. The best resin based DI systems is under investigation and testing.

      But what can we do now to remove the 4-8%?

      Fortunately and providentially, after decades of development, ion exchange tech is now available for home use.

      A five stage filtration system, compact, transportable and affordable is now here.

      It is the Zero water Ion Exchange filter.

      Order through Amazon, a Zero water Pitcher, order at least two. It comes with a filter inclosed in the box. We enjoy having two because when you are using one to pour the other is refilling. Open your RO faucet, fill the top of the pitcher, wait and there you have water with Zero particles per million. The ion exchange process will remove a good portion of the remaining particles within the water. By filling your Zero water pitcher with RO water you will extend the life of the ZeroWater cartridge.

      The company has not tested their filter with radioactive water, and makes no claims that their product removes isotopes, such as Iodine-131, etc.

      So there you have it, my best shot at solving the problem today, using what is available, a Angus MacGyver solution.

      There are better answers for sure, but none as readily available as a drive to Costco and on line order from Amazon.

  • Thomas Wells

    You might want to read up on the military’s work on radioprotectent compounds. “High tech” stuff like DMSO,cysteine,Vitamines C,E etc.

  • Michelle

    The best thing you can do if you are worried is to move to the Southern Hemisphere to avoid Fukushima’s path. I believe we are not hearing the truth but I do not think it is worthwhile to over react. We have been exposed many times to radiation releases and did not even know. I think panic is one of the numerous reasons the government is downplaying this disaster and what are they suppose to do? Cancer, neurological illness, etc will not show up for many moons and a person may develop a disease regardless. It’s basically luck of the draw or fate. It is life, a great puzzle. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I for one believe in alternative meds or supplements and use them for my condition and if you find solace by taking such measures, then by all means listen to what your body is telling you but remember we are all individuals and respond as such even to natural supplements, that is why you must do what YOU think is right.
    IMHO Take good care and no worries.

  • Most people can’t just move away from disaster areas- that takes money and transportation, and what would they do for homes and jobs after they moved? What really needs to be done is all of us work together and clean up the mess- there are solutions that would have made this old news if people had gone over and just did something about it. So… learn what can be done (click on my name,) and then get your community to do it!

  • billyedtimmy

    If I hear one more pedantic “you’re perfectly safe” news report I’m gonna scream! WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE EFFECTS ARE GOING TO BE AND CONCLUDING THE BEST-CASE SCENARIO BY DEFAULT IS JUST STUPID!!

  • Cyclops2

    There is a VERY GOOD reason no Nuclear reactor PRODUCING countries sent people.

    They knew how long the reactors AND the spent fuel rod pools were WITHOUT WATER.

    It is a lost cause once the melt down was allowed such a long heating time.

    Fukushima probably 100 times worse than Chernobyl because of the amount of spent fuel rods now melting in all the outside pools.

    Yes 100 Chernobyls are spewing stronger radioactivity in to the worlds air & oceans.

    Close to a Dooms Day weapon going off over there.
    Nuclear reactors ARE safe. The radioactive fuel is NEVER SAFE.

    Nice if I am totaly wrong.

  • Michelle

    Think how you would feel if you lived in Japan. Many have no resources to leave and have been forced to vacate their homes. They have to deal with numerous aftershocks, radiation, loss, etc. We are very fortunate and should focus on helping them as much as we can. Of course, I’m concerned for the US but our anxiety and concern about our well being pales in comparison to those who live in Japan. Yes, any amount of radiation is reason for concern but the US is not being exposed to the amount Japan is enduring. I wish we could let them come here to live but the majority would have a fit about jobs. And yes our government should be more forthcoming with info concerning radiation from Fukushima but thanks to web sites like this one, we can stay informed so no worries.

    • I do, I feel for them being helpless depending on the inept system that swam way over their heads and now they must suffer the weight of.
      I have even offered a small family of three safe haven here if they can get here !
      I have a spare room !
      That is all I can do other then donate cash to the funders !

    • That offer still stands, waiting on a reply from anyone there that wants and has means to leave !