ACRO Survey: Homes are significantly contaminated in Tokyo suburb — First time child from capital had radiation detected in urine

Published: January 8th, 2012 at 5:17 pm ET


Results of ACRO’s [Association pour le Contrôle de la Radioactivité dans l’Ouest] monitoring in Japan, December 15, 2011:

  • Evacuation is a way to reduce contamination
  • For the first time, we found a contamination of the urine of a child in Tokyo
  • Homes are also significantly contaminated in Ichinoseki in Iwate province to the north and in Kashiwa in Chiba to the south, situated in the northern suburbs of Tokyo — In both cities, located about 200 km of the plant, contaminated dust is nearly 6,000 becquerels per kilogram

Full report here:

See all of ACRO’s Fukushima results here:

h/t Arclight

Published: January 8th, 2012 at 5:17 pm ET


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110 comments to ACRO Survey: Homes are significantly contaminated in Tokyo suburb — First time child from capital had radiation detected in urine

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    6000bq/kg in the air when it only takes 50bq/kg of internal exposure to cause lesions and tissue decay. The levels of contamination in Tokyo are cause enough to evacuate. If children are already showing signs of radiation in their urine than there is going to be a severe health crisis in the next few months if people don’t find a safe place with less than 100bq/kg in the air at the very least.

  • Careful where you sneeze when contaminated dust is nearly 6,000 becquerels per kilogram !
    Falling from clothes all over young one below !

    • arclight arclight

      the dust is the biggest problem mentioned on this report! i believe.. its the smoking gun! so few tests.. so many results!

      why the main stream media will not touch this i have no idea!! unless theyve been told not too!! its prretty big!! 600 km from daichi? blimey times two!! but thats the nature of fallout!

      and its criminal to not let us know while taking our money to pay for it… and charging us for illness caused by it!!
      nice buisness model but where does it take us all??

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I have a hypothesis. My guess is your average “journalist” knows so little about radiation they have NO IDEA how to understand or interpret the information. Most of them look like/write like they hardly know how to tie their shoes, much less compose a decently written news article, much less do the fact checking necessary to write said article.

        The “lame stream media” isn’t called that for nothing!

        For the most part, journalism is dead.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Add to that, most probably can’t think their way out of a paper bag. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but the level of professionalism in international journalism is for the most part appalling.

        • Horrible 🙁

          Yesterday, a local paper, The Hendersonville Tribune, had this on the Front Page:

          “Med Journal says 14,000 U.S. deaths may be tied to Fukushima”.

          It cited the study by Joeseph J. Mangano and Janette D. Sherman, and another study (available on
          “Fukushima and Health: What to Expect”. The last line of the article quotes from that book:

          “And the main instrument that has been used for this [cover-up by the nuke lobby] is the radiation risk model of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, the ICRP. But as far as scientific evidence goes, the simplistic ICRP risk model is now bankrupt.”

          I thought I was seeing things! It may not be Mainstream, but they did it! This paper is all over town. The Tribune’s tag-line: “Defending the people’s right to know”

          Seeing this on a front page was a bittersweet victory, but I’m very pleased to know there are still extant some journalists with integrity and courage. How many locals will have noticed, or will still deny the truth?

          I’m going to write the Tribune and thank them, and point them to enenews!

      • They are in all respeaks the owners of this death, owned by G. E. !

  • Isn’t most dust in the home from decaded skin ?
    Might be from all the burning too !

  • Human0815

    Please read the File, it said:
    “For the first time, we found a contamination of the urine of a child in Tokyo.

    This probably comes from the diet.”

    My tip is Mushrooms!

    • Jebus Jebus

      Does it matter whether it came from the diet, the air, the soil, or the sea?
      Truth is, Tokyo is contaminated to a degree and it will only get worse as time and nuclear releases continue.

      • Human0815

        @ Jebus,

        the File do not said:”Tokyo is contaminated”
        it said:”This probably comes from the Diet”,

        This is a huge difference and the People need
        to learn how the Read, i am not native in English
        and for me this is understandable!

        • Jebus Jebus

          I read and comprehend just fine, more than just one article…

          ”This probably comes from the Diet”

          This means, in english, that they don’t know with certainty that it comes from the diet.

          They also say that homes are significantly contaminated in Tokyo suburb.

          Radionuclides have no boundaries, they do not go away.

          Tokyo is becoming more and more contaminated as the days go by and the winds of death waft around thier homes.

          • Human0815

            Our Monitoring show a decreasing Level of Radiation, even with the burning of the Garbage
            from the Tohoku Region!

            Of course our Monitoring is not compareable
            with a real Analysis!

            • Human0815

              This is from Yesterday!

              • Jebus Jebus

                What about the Alpha? What about the plutonium that made it all the way to Lithuania. MOX fuel blew sky high and is deadly when internal. You or I have no idea how much went south to Tokyo, but it is certain that some did.

              • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

                This video is very well done. It does not go all the way to explaining HOW low dose radionuclide contamination occurs and does not adequately or at all describe bioaccumulation; but it does well make the point about long-term, external or internal?, low-dose dangers to humans. Bravo.

            • Jebus Jebus

              “Of course our Monitoring is not compareable
              with a real Analysis!”

              Ya, Tepco could do a metter job of monitoring…

          • Yes, if they are walking around in it they are getting it all overt then, clothes, skin, hair !

            People that work in conditions of polution often get sick from what they work around, why we have OSHA and others here !

        • we are what we consume food, water and that includes breathing !!!

    • Cindy

      Was it the first time they checked a childs urine in Tokyo ??

      There is a lot of play with words going on…

    • Grow-house mushroom are contaminate Article @ enenews here also with little air intake to grow house!
      I know it said Urine !
      How much dose a human breath into the lungs each day !
      Nicotine in brought into the lungs a PISS OUT !

    • SnorkY2K

      I thought that you were making a pun on Japan’s government (the Diet).

      Tough call. They are probably getting whacked on multiple vectors by now with contamination coming in on vehicles, food, weather, and incineration. Mushrooms are a food that would be a high cesium concentrator. But, so much seafood is consumed in Japan that my prime suspect would be seaweed and laver due to the area where the seaweed is likely to be harvested.

  • brilli

    i need to stop eating mushrooms, even though i’m in california…

    sheesh. and mushrooms (without radiation) are very good for you!

    time to grow it indoors! check this out, it should be sent to japanese! kit below:

    available at wholefoods and the usual places.

    some crazy japanese corporate executives want to build a NEW nuclear plant in aomori-ken. (northern tip of tohoku)

    join the campaign to stop them, here!

    currently just in french: but google chrome will auto-translate it for you.

    in english:

    simple. send a card, keep a road open, stop a new nuclear power plant from starting operations… and maybe more to come with some couch surfing action!!

    • Human0815


      Mushroom are indeed a Present,
      but we should not it a lot of them
      even when they are grown inside a House!

      Mushrooms love Radiation
      and they absorb them like a dry Sponge
      would absorb Water!

      Until know i do not know why they do so,
      why do they love Radiation so much!

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Chem: I am just now reading, thoroughly this time, “Mycelium Running” by Stamets. I appreciate, sight unseen, your link to Stamet’s on mycological radiation remediation. Thank you.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Chem: This link is not about mycology and radiation remediation. Do you have the correct link. Thank you.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Chem and All (ENE readers): Excellent information about the marine radiation plume from F1 out into the Pacific. Also, excellent mapping of Japan post 311 of medical problems by illness (not tied intentionally to ionizing radiation exposure, very valuable) by prefecture. Very revealing.

    • Is anyone teasting them for radiation in Ca. or elsewhere ?

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Brilli: Despite what we’ve been mostly not told, the contamination of CA is pretty bad and will only worsen when the rains finally do come, or when contaminated irrigation water from snow melt is used to raise crops in already contaminated soils. UC Berkeley is not, contrary to popular misconception, a reliable source of any sort of current events information about radionuclide contamination in our air, food or drinking water due to its byzantine development and research endowment special interest relationships interlacing and squeezing all truth from any topic they would discuss on nuclear anything from the very beginning of nuclear weapons/power.

    • GreenParis

      Bravo pour ce site ! L’idée de l’agenda est très bonne. J’espère qu’il y aura une vérification auprès d’Asako, pour que nous soyons sûrs que la majorité de ces cartes postales ont bien été envoyées. Car il serait trop facile pour des employés d’Areva/EDF de remplir l’agenda et ainsi saboter cette belle initiative. Le gouvernement japonais pourrait aussi intercepter ces cartes postales. Il faudrait donc qu’Asako mette sur internet les photos de toutes les cartes qu’elle recevra, et que dans ton agenda tu mettes des liens vers des photos prises par les internautes de chacune de leurs cartes postales au moment de leur envoi.
      Enfin bon, avant de se lancer dans une organisation aussi rigoureuse, il faudrait déjà demander à Iori Mochizuki si Asako a commencé à recevoir des cartes postales du monde entier.

  • Human0815

    “but we should not it a lot of them”
    “but we should not EAT a lot of them”

  • hbjon hbjon

    Strong earthquake just hit north of Fuku. Shelter in place.

  • Sickputer


    Look around at your friends and relatives in the Northern Hemisphere who are downwinders of Honshu. Since this horrible industrial accident is not a one day atomic bomb blast…we are all downwinders as the radiation swirls around the globe, recircling every week and reinfused with constant daily injections of new releases. Fukushima Daiichi is the atomic bomb that never stops…

    1 in 5 humans in the Northern Hemisphere will be dead or dying in five years from radiation poisoning.

    A million affected for every single day the megaplex spews out invisible death particles. A billion dead or dying in ten years. From one single nuclear facility.

    Japan at the epicenter will have 50 percent dead or dying in ten years.

    Pogo had it right… We have met the Enemy and he is us. Our scientists and war machines will make the Black Plague look like the common cold.

    Like Bobby I am a human canary for pollution and despite being 6200 miles away I can feel the effects of radioactive fallout that surges and bioaccumulates rapidly. I survived half a century of atomic military tests, but I wonder if I will survive another half decade of Fukushima releases.

    I hope when the dust settles and the last nuclear plant is shuttered there will be healing of mother earth, but fear that mankind will just find another way to achieve extinction. Man is a naked ape with savage millennial instincts to pillage his environment. He will never change.

    • alasanon

      Hang in there, Sickputer! This situation does seem ridiculous. Skip the dental X-rays, plus watch your food stuffs & drinks like a hawk. At first I was so depressed about the magnitude and ramifications of Fukushima that I couldn’t even respond to friends or family just after the meltdowns began… I was in mourning for life as we know it in North America, the Pacific, etc.

      • alasanon

        But, now I feel ready to take it on!! I have faith that I can get through it, repair, and reload!! I’m still healthy and feeling spritely. Moreover, some amazing things are happening for me, such as a big raise (that allows me to make accommodations) and having my company go into merger with a huge international firm (many “safer” offices & connections for my future)… Even a close friend recently relocated far south for family matters & is inviting me to visit. I’m so glad for him! Don’t lose faith. I’m confident that most people will survive and overcome this. The Japanese might even come up with a makeshift solution by “accident”!… Now I feel at peace, actually fairly prepared and fully trusting the will of God… That’s my approach! 🙂

        • It is hard to be mobile if you have fixed jobs, families and kids…

          I envy your freedom Alasanon–I wish I could get realistically prepared for exit if things started looking especially bad.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi majia

            If you are older and still need a pay check, try getting a work permit out of the Country.

            I guess an old person could live on the streets, beg for food, and pray that you aren’t picked up. Not a fun way to live your life.

            • I’m an academic who would have a hard time finding a job abroad since I speak only English would probably need to speak Spanish to teach in Latin America (best out option).

              In addition to 2 kids, my spouse and I have aging parents.

              Leaving will be an emergency act of desperation.

              The problem is how does one know when one should leave, especially when one has kids?

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                In the 70s when I was working on my Ph.D. there were no academic jobs in the US. The only place was New Zealand.

              • alexa


                One option may be to send the children with a set of grandparents to live in South America -as far South for one year (rent an apartment there) until things calm down a bit at Fukushima.

              • WindorSolarPlease

                Hi majia,

                As you already know, we have been hit with radiation. I know I am feeling it and showing signs that something is not right. How are you feeling?

                If I could have gotten out with my family, I would have long ago. Eventually, in the US, I don’t believe there will be a safe place from this. How can this get better, with the on going layers coming here.

                I’m not a Doctor, maybe this won’t effect everyone here??? It’s a question of do you want to take that chance, and leave your family, if they won’t come with you.

                • many moons

                  I would like to know how it could NOT effect everyone here (USA) If there is continued radiation releases they are moving through the air and water, and continuing to arrive in the US and many other locations…right? I believe the only hope we have is that it will all sink into the earth and at least won’t contaminate the air. The water seems to be effected either way.

        • There is always hope. Glad you got through the sadness and grief.. That is a natural process…

          As the Dalai Lama says; “Never give, NEVER!”

          We are but eternal souls living in earthly shells that turn to dust, but that does not means we get to abuse our temporary houses by contaminating them all with garbage, toxins, chemicals and radiation. There are consequences…

    • nohobear nohobear

      Very well said my friend. And I fear, very prescient.

  • arclight arclight

    decorators refused insurance!!

    heres an update by acro on korea…


    At the request of association “Save Child Korea”, the ACRO analyzed wallpaper coming from Korea.
    This paper is strongly contaminated by radioactive elements of natural origin which were concentrated.

    It acts:
    – uranium 238, which disintegrates in a chain of also radioactive elements: for each element of this chain, the concentration is about 1.000 Bq/kg;
    – from Uranium 235, present in smaller quantity, as in nature; even if these descendants were not identified, they are inevitably present;
    – thorium 232, which disintegrates in a chain of also radioactive elements: for each element of this chain, the concentration is about 8.000 Bq/kg.

    The ACRO in addition separately analyzed the various parts of paper according to the colors in order to determine if a particular pigment could explain such a level of radioactivity. But it appears that the contamination is distributed uniformly.
    Such levels of radioactivity are abnormally high, higher than the thresholds of exemption fixed by directive Euratom 96/29: if the thorium 232 concentration exceeds 1.000 Bq/kg, the product must be regarded as a radioactive material. The limit is the same one for uranium 238.
    Thus, in Europe, the production of such a product should be regarded as “a nuclear activity” subjected before declaration or to authorization near an competent authority and be thus framed by strict rules of protection against radiation and management of radioactive waste….


    • arclight arclight


      More strict, French regulation prohibited any intentional addition of artificial and natural radionuclides in consumables (except exemption on a case-by-case basis based on the principle of justification).
      The use of this paper to paper rooms inevitably leads to an exposure of the inhabitants, with the ionizing rays, certainly weak but in a chronic way. It does not have any justification.

      By consequence, this wallpaper should be withdrawn of the market and considered as a radioactive waste.

      This wallpaper was manufactured by Daedong Wallpaper ( which went bankrupt in July 2011. The factory is located at Gimhae and must be also contaminated. It is about the Anion model.

      merci beaucoup! man/woman from ACRO!!

      (ps no chance of dropping the ICRP model trappings? but we can see you are trying! 🙂 )

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      YOU are a Gem Arc along with everyone here. TY

  • arclight arclight

    Daedong: Korean wallpaper manufacturer

    and there us importer, who isnt aware thew stock is dodgy… buy a roll from them.. test it…. then sue the mothers!!

    Welcome to York Wallcoverings
    We are located in York, PA United States of America. Manufacturer of wall coverings and fabrics.

    A good place to start is our selection of brands. We carry Wall Coverings, and more…

    Want to learn more about York Wallcoverings? Click here to view the many products that we offer.

    Call us to today at 717-846-4456

    from this

    LOL!! already in the usa hanging on someones wall!!

    uk companies used this company too!


    • arclight arclight


    • jec jec

      Expensive to test for radioactive materials-several thousands to do professionally in a lab, if you can find one. Good catch on the contamination of wall what else could be coming into USA contaminated?

      • arclight arclight

        Westinghouse Builds on Worldwide Nuclear Power Expansion

        The plants will be located in the Pusan metropolitan area and Kyungju city. The total value of plant construction and equipment will be around $6 billion with work starting – World Nuclear Project Table Included

        of course south korea is highly industrialised and it depends on the extent of the contamination and where the hot spots are and if the koreans havent been spilling medical and industrial isotopes… there is a reason they want a nuclear plant there and its nothing to do with electricity!! my guess!

        • arclight arclight

          National Workshop on Steam Generator Maintenance Programme in Nuclear Power Plants, 10�13 June 2008, Pusan, Korea

          “The workshop on Steam Generator Maintenance Programme in Nuclear Power Plants was held at Pusan, Republic of Korea from 10�13 June 2008. Two experts (France, Japan) were invited. Korea has 20 units in operation for another 10 years, beyond the original design life ending in 2007. In 1998, Steam Generators (SGs) of Kori unit 1 were replaced by Westinghouse and in 2011 and 2012, SGs of Ulchin 1 and 2 (980 MWe, PWR) will be replaced due to crack of tube sheet and increasing the number of tube plugging.”

          hmm radioactive seaweed huh?? wonder how that happened?

          imagine if acro did 100 tests?

        • arclight arclight

          “Pier 8 in the Port of Busan is used for military supplies and miscellaneous goods. Its 1 kilometer quay has alongside depths from 4.3 to 10 meters, and it can berth vessels of 15 thousand tons (3 vessels), 10 thousand tons (one vessel), five thousand tons (one vessel), and one thousand tons (one vessel). Pier 8 has capacity to handle 693 thousand tons of general cargo and 260 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo.

          The Port of Busan’s Yongho Pier opened in 1990 to handle general cargoes including hazardous and refrigerated goods and fishery landings. Its quay is 210 meters long alongside depth of 11 meters that can accommodate one 20 thousand ton vessel. The Yongho Pier in the Port of Busan has an almost seven thousand square meter storage yard and has capacity to handle 456 thousand tons of cargo.

          South Port in the Port of Busan is the largest fishing base in South Korea. South Port is home to the Busan Cooperative Fish Market which accounts for 30% of the nation’s total marine products sales volume. The Port of Busan’s Jagalchi Market is the wholesale market for refrigerated fishery products, and several processing plants are located within the Port of Busan’s South Port area. South Port covers a total of 90 thousand square meters. It includes over 4.1 kilometers of quays and a 400-meter breakwater. The waterfront area covers 23.9 thousand square meters.”

          “well. Tourism is growing in importance as people come for the hot springs and beaches. In addition to ferry routes between the Port of Busan and Japanese ports, the Port of Busan is served by a major railway, the Kimhae International Airport, and express buses”.

    • GreenParis

      Great find arclight !
      The report in English can be downloaded here :
      After the seaweed, now wallpaper ! Korea is so close to Japan, why are we surprised ? Chernobyl contaminated many European countries, after all. Even as far as France, my country, thousands of people had their thyroid removed (nobody knows how many exactly, since all French governments have been in denial). I hope the Koreans will wake up and be strong enough to face this terrible new reality. Maybe Korea will have to be evacuated. Maybe it should have been evacuated ten months ago.

  • Strange, they plan (as a PR exercise I guess) to “decontaminate” all areas 1mSv/y and above, but the limit for women and children is 20 mSv/y?

    Monday, Jan. 9, 2012

    Prepare for decontamination

    • …or, they might have explained it in this sentence:

      Even if decontamination is done, it does not mean that evacuees can come back to their homes immediately. Many such people feel ill at ease about their future, which will increase as time goes by.

      We know their future will not increase as time goes by, but their “ill-at-ease” -edness will, which is an oblique way of saying that really their illnesses will increase as time goes by, and that will cause more than just ill-at-ease-edness, as we know.

      No, they will definitely not be coming back immediately, just as the people of Pripyat will not be coming back immediately.

      • arclight arclight

        there comes a time for plain speaking…. were not there yet! but stories like this must be hard for a good editor to turn down?

        we need a bit more evidence like this!

        and we havent forgot the polygon victims either!!

      • The “ill at ease feeling will increase over time” means that anyone moving into these areas and feeling ill will automatically be blamed for being stressed out, worried and not smiling enough as the root cause of getting ill..

        Certainly, the radiation and toxic heavy metals cannot be blamed. This is despite the scientific, biological and medical research done around previous nuclear accidents and nuclear power plants showing that harm is done by low level radiation levels, even by nuclear power plants just operating normally.

    • Decontaminate… I think in the nuclear industry world, this is what it may mean:

      De = Delete all helpful information
      Con = Deception, eliminate truth
      Taminate = radiation tamped down, stomped on and packed in

  • Singularity

    Convert using Chrome translator. Today the state of emergency so far as fallout cesium Bulletin (January 08, 2012)

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    I seriously don’t believe that this is the first time radionuclides have been detected in Tokyo children’s urine. More BS. The usual.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Tokyo’s contaminated, this will increase. Therefore, it should be evacuated. Bottom line.

  • Mother Nature is trying to warn us…

    There is an average of one nuclear accident every year to several years. DU weapons are used constantly nowadays. We waging a low level nuclear global war EVERY DAY. Most of this is never disclosed or talked about on the mass media corporate speak news.

    If one reactor accident at a time is not enough, maybe 4, 5, or 7 melted through reactors and multiple explosions are needed to get our attention and show us the error of our ways in regard to nuclear power and weapons?

    Then again, maybe this will not be enough, as the coverup continues.. Maybe next time, it will be 40 or 400 nuclear plants melting through and/or blowing up, via the Carrington Effect?

    Get ready, if this is not a Life Extinction Event, then the Carrington Event more than likely will. But we will not be able to claim a defense by saying; “But we were never warned”

    • Indeed the Carrington would wipe us all out, probably take a few months, a few real lousy months for the survivor types.

      It will happen sometime, maybe next week, maybe in 150 years, but somewhere in that span we should get a massive solar storm which would fry pretty much every transformer on earth.

      Going back to stone age one thing, having 400 reactor and fuel pools melt down, a full different thing.

  • OvereasyMorning

    Ok,I have been lurking this site since Florida Oil Spill Law directed me here. I’ve read most comments as they give me a better understanding to the information presented. I won’t go on about how I’ve been shunned by family and friends. I’m fortunate that some are listening and trust me.
    I’ve read how many informants meet resistants, not ready to digest the truths. I’m in awe, the dedication so many of you stick to this site and spread truth. I humbly say Thank you. As a auto immune patient on medication and herbal supplements I don’t often process the numbers you speak of, but I do get the gist of it all.
    I’m sure I’m just one of many that depend on EneNews for truthful insight to this world catastrophe. Please, keep up the good work!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi OvereasyMorning

      That is how I found this place also, miss that site.

      I think most of us have family and friends who roll their eyes at us, you are not alone in that.

      Like you, I check this site often. The owner of site keeps you informed and the people here, are on the ball.

      I agree with you>>>Please, keep up the good work!

    • StillJill StillJill

      @OvereasyMorning,…what a lovely verbal boquet! How it greases my wheels, knowing grateful souls are listening!

      I thank you friend!

  • kintaman kintaman

    I was this >< close to buying a condo (called a "mansion" in Japan) at the beginning of 2010 as my life plan was to spend the rest of my career and retirement in Japan. I am so very happy that I held off. I simply felt uneasy for some reason and decided not to was a mix of my unease with the current state of economy and the thought of a disaster (earthquake, war with NK, Mount Fuji erupting etc). But never did I ever imagine something on this scale ever happening in Japan. I am still now in shock by what has happened and the criminal mishandling by the government and media. It is beyond reality for me and I cannot even accept it emotionally it is all far too horrific and I am numb everyday but also filled with absolute rage. I do thank my instinct in having not purchased the condo though. If I had, it would have much more difficult and even more financially damaging to have to leave Tokyo and Japan. I have several friends who just recently (in the last 1-3 years) purchased condos in the Tokyo area who also wanted to leave but due to their financial obligations and their family pressure they are staying but under extreme stress. I spoke with them often soon after 3-11 but since leaving they do not contact much recently as they are too stressed to talk about it. This is a terrible moment in human history and made even worse by those in power (governments, Tepco and media outlets of Japan and the world).

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    You posted this before. Your sentence construction is fine. But the content is erroneous. There is a study of radiation from Fukushima in Lithuania. It is considerable radiation. The radiation is also considerable and reaching south of the equator.

  • StillJill StillJill

    O.K.,…make that, “bouquet”.
    But you get my drift!

    Off to coffee! ::-)

  • unspokenhermit

    Government must announce countrywide State of Emergency without little delay. The way the contamination is getting progressed seems like it will soon reach every single corner of Japan.

    I recently discovered the following dispersion model, which someone had linked to Berkeley’s discussion page. It uses TEPCO emission data to model possible dispersion patterns for Neptunium and Plutonium

    If this model is accurate, it is very disturbing. Where are all of the so-called experts who claimed these elements were too heavy to travel far from the plant site?