AFP: Fire breaks out at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant

Published: July 2nd, 2013 at 11:38 am ET


TEPCO, July 2, 2013: Fire Found Near the Common Incineration Facility at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station […] Around 12:48 PM today (July 2), a corporate company worker found temporarily placed waste catching fire near the common incineration facility at Fukushima Daiichi NPS. A first-aid fire fighting is being performed and the fire was reported to the fire department at 12:54 PM. No abnormality on the plant data (reactor injection water amount, spent fuel pool water temperature, etc.) and no significant change in the monitoring post data have been found. There has been no injury reported due to the incident. The situation of the fire will be announced as soon as it is reported.

TEPCO, July 2, 2013: This is follow-up information of the situation of the fire which was found on temporarily placed waste near the common incineration facility at Fukushima Daiichi NPS. As a result of site investigation, temporarily placed cardboard was on fire. The fire was spread to be approx. 4m x approx. 2m, and the height was approx. 1m. A fire extinguishing activity was started at 1:23 PM by self defense fire-brigade, and fire extinguishment was confirmed by the fire department at 1:37 PM.

AFP, July 2, 2013: Fire at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant: TEPCO […] A fire broke out in a garbage pile at Japan’s tsunami-battered Fukushima nuclear complex on Tuesday, the operator said. This is the latest in a series of incidents at the crippled plant. Workers discovered flames licking at piles of cardboard boxes placed near an incineration facility […] TEPCO has struggled with a growing catalogue of incidents at the plant […] Improvised fixes put in place since the disaster leave it vulnerable to problems and at the mercy of nature, with no immediate end in sight, critics say.

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Published: July 2nd, 2013 at 11:38 am ET


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9 comments to AFP: Fire breaks out at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant

  • patb2009

    hottest part of the year, we will likely see other little fires.

    • TEPCO Controls Mass Media, But Loses ALL Nuclear Plant Insurance Coverage; via @AGreenRoad

      Fukushima Crisis Total Cost $1 – $10 TRILLION Dollars; via @AGreenRoad

      When does this stuff hit the fan?

      tapping toes, wandering eyes, drumming fingers on table…. Hmmmm?

      Darn, that radioactive stuff just moves SO SLOWLY. It is like torture, but only in super slow motion… like putting a snail on regular camera, and slowing it down 10,000 times.

      The cancer waves are coming, rolling over the Japanese land like human tidal waves of death and suffering…

      Chernobyl caused this same thing… tsunamis of death and suffering rolling over the land.

      In just one area of Belarus, there are 300 orphanages full of kids that parents dropped off, because they were suffering from radiation diseases, and too hard to take care of.

      • The open air nuclear bomb tests did the same thing… but it took many years for the cancers to appear. Orders of magnitude increases in cancers and genetic diseases..

        That is why we have whole hospitals full of kids nowadays.. these used to be full of old folks several generations ago.

        Now it is normal to have whole hospitals full of kids…

        Kind of like an unwinnable war. Right before the end of the war, knowing they are going to lose, they sacrifice the kids and send them to their deaths.

        The bullets now are radiation, but death is just as certain as a bullet.

  • amberlight amberlight

    There is a REASON why we are advised not to keep piles of trash, rags, etc. in our attics and garages. It's called "spontaneous combustion." It's something every school child learns, but evidently nuclear plant operators are not instructed in such elementary laws of physics.

    Other safety measures they were not taught include: Never place combustible materials near an open flame. Do not flick your burning cigarette into a pile of combustible materials. Clean your sandwich crumbs and Diet Coke from the control board (and don't forget to brush and floss). Above all, do NOT go within 500 miles of a power plant that uses nuclear fission to boil water!

    Addendum to safety instructions: If said power plant is disintegrating, find another planet to inhabit…

  • We Not They Finally

    I love the part about nuclear waste now being protected by CARDBOARD…..

  • Cisco Cisco

    Wasn't there considerable discussion about bright flashes on the webcam section in the last 24 hours?

  • mairs mairs

    They could send it all to Hanford. Just pack it in plastic barrels and it will cross the Pacific in a year or two.