AFP: Fires, radioactive fluid leak at French nuclear plant — Level 1 on INES scale… ‘provisionally’ — Small pools of burning oil

Published: April 5th, 2012 at 9:29 pm ET


Title: AFP: Radioactive fluid leaks at French nuclear reactor
Source: AFP
Date: April 5, 2012

Radioactive cooling fluid leaked at a French nuclear reactor [in Penly on the English Channel near the port of Dieppe] Thursday following two small fires, but the spillage was safely collected in special tanks, officials said. […]

The reactor continued to be cooled properly and teams were working to lower the water pressure, the company said. […]

It was not clear what caused the fires but the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) said firefighters had found small pools of burning oil but quickly extinguished the flames.

“These were pools of a few dozen square centimetres,” said agency spokeswoman Evangelia Petit, adding the authority would make an inspection of the site Friday.

The ASN said in a statement that it had provisionally put the event at level 1 on the international INES scale […]

The agency said it was lifting the crisis situation that had been put in place on Thursday evening. […]

Read the report here

Published: April 5th, 2012 at 9:29 pm ET


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40 comments to AFP: Fires, radioactive fluid leak at French nuclear plant — Level 1 on INES scale… ‘provisionally’ — Small pools of burning oil

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    Really? "a few dozen " Really? In france? I mean com'on, in the birthplace of the SI "a few dozen"? Really?
    Fuggin Americans

  • arclight arclight

    that was quick admin! 🙂

    video to follow.. was just doind it..

    winds are going south to south west until lunchtime then southerly…

    sunday or monday the winds head east towards luxemborg (heads up b and b)

    there are no releases or no effect on the environment kind of release or not .. not very specific wording by edf… but they have been having a dreadful year pollution europe and beyond..

    also, i believe contaminated rain is heading to spain! hope it falls mainly on the plain/plane

    will show weather systems on video.. not long now… but not as quick as admin 🙂 it only happened a couple of hours ago..

    love enenews!!

  • arclight arclight

    heres the bbc "version" lol! repost

    Fire at Penly nuclear reactor in northern France

    “Fire crews have been rushed to a nuclear reactor in northern France after an escape of smoke but the energy company EDF says the site is secure.

    Ten fire engines were sent to the Penly site near Dieppe, where the reactor was shut down after the alarm was raised at 12:20 (11:20 GMT).

    Nobody was hurt, the firm said, and the incident had "no consequences for the environment"……”

  • ENENews

    Well, since getting the contact form back up 99% of the submissions have been going to my junk mail… Hopefully it is fixed now. Thanks for all the tips on France everybody, away all day so just now catching up.

  • arclight arclight

    peny france and sizewell uk radiation pollution 5 april 2012

    "Radiation emisssions from Sizewell B being studied

    Friday, March 23, 2012

    "…But some members of the Sizewell Stakeholder Group (SSG) — set up to improve liaison between the nuclear site, its regulators and the local community — have been pressing for detailed information on the increase in emissions of some radionuclides during the shutdowns, known as outages.

    A list of questions has been posed by members concerned there could be a raised health risk during outages — held every 18 months and lasting about three weeks."

    with gieger reading and comments! done in the style of a bbc news report! 🙂 lol! thanks kb for the dramatic finish!!
    (said 0.48 mcSv/h but meant 0.32 mcSv/h! tiiiiired!

    and this about european air quality in general

    london radiation alert!! 3 april 2012
    had lots of highs and peaks since 22.00 hrs 2 april 2012

    this reading was done at 03.00 hrs in west london

    i got a similar reading at 23.00 hrs in south london

    this series of highlights are from the 30 minutes after i saw a 0.42 mcSv/h peak! i believe this is possibly oldbury because of the evidence on the wind chart.. this is very high gamma bearing material in this fallout cloud

    eurdep shows nothing on the uk monitors?? apart from switch offs!

  • arclight arclight

    heres a report from criirad about fracking and radionuclides in france to add to the pollution level..

    "…adon risk (second cause lung cancer after tobacco) in the habitat 6 . It can also be made ​​of shale black Marcellus, who are part of one of seven major deposits Shale gas to North America. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) analyzed four samples Marcellus Shale drilling from made in the states of New York and Ohio. The activity concentration of uranium nium 238 was 3 to almost 30 times higher than the average Earth's crust (40 Bq / kg). Transfer of radioactivity to surface The exploitation of shale gas employs hydraulic fracturing. …. such to fracture the rock initially com- pact and low permeability. A "prop- pant "(sand, ceramic microspheres as, …) is then injected into the fractures to prevent their closure, then the gas from fractures is surfaced by pumping of the fracturing fluid…."

    and this

    "..On X rays, for each concession project, …. but also for all- tion through which the drilling before getting there, – a zero point Radioactivity .."

    merde criirad has pulled the public monitoring? can anyone else get it?? CENSORED!!!…

  • arclight arclight

    from eurdep

    missing data points here

    the odd hour has been swirched off

    one of the downwind monitors are switched off! The others show small signs of movement but not much?.. all are showing low and straight, more or less!! Now theres a surprise!??/sarc

    you can manouver around the map for data by using the top right menu drop down functions.. warning.. france is flat in terms of overaveraging (ie straight line fettish).. luxemborg has a more real look if you make it that far!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    France is littered with nuclear reactors. So sad.

  • Siouxx Siouxx

    I made a map of France, a few years ago, we live over 100 km from the nearest plant and it's not far enough. Sortir du nucléaire have a good map but I added on the 200 most contaminated sites in France and also the major areas for big intensive agriculture i.e. pesticide, fongicide and herbicide spraying. There are not many good places left. 'Sad' as someone mentions above doesn't quite cover it, the adjective 'insane' somehow comes nearer. Reuters also issued news of an 'unplanned outage' at St Laurent Nuclear Power Station Dep. Loir-et-Cher yesterday.

  • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

    The French spin machine is firmly in place, with govt agencies such as ASN and IRSN supposed to care for the safety of the public but hiding the fact that emergency measures are totally inadequate. They are mostly trained to repeat reassuring statements prepared in advance, such as "there has been some controlled release of radioactive material, however the quantities are minute, inferior to background radiation and pose no threat to public health", which we have heard over and over again. They are particularly proud of the success they had in being able to deceive the public after Chernobyl, with Professor Pellerin's infamous statement that "contamination had not crossed the French borders". Almost all candidates in the upcoming French presidential elections are eager to stress that Fukushima was a "tsunami-related incident", where the industry successfully averted a greater disaster. They aim to offer AREVA the best conditions for continued business. Minister for Industry Claude Besson recently went to Fukushima on a QUICK visit, had himself pictured wearing a protective suit and mask in front of the crippled plant, and assured everyone that the situation was under control.

    • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

      Sorry, I got his first name wrong: he is actually ERIC Besson, not Claude, as I wrote.

      • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

        Oh, and let's not forget that ERIC BESSON is the guy who most elegantly RAN AWAY from a TV interview when pressed about nuclear safety issues. In Japan, his counterpart GOSHI HOSONO did the same!

    • americancommntr

      It's just a 'little bit', not enough to hurt anyone, or make France uninhabitable, or make the wine and cheese deadly.

  • Sabin

    Greetings from a French.

    For a surprisingly full and satisfactory report, the best would be to ask Google to translate that French page for you, I think :

    • arclight arclight

      merci sabin!

      some of the highlights here..

      "..Here is what is known about this chain of events which has not so far resulted in catastrophe…."

      "…"There are no injuries and facilities are safe," said a spokesman, adding that the fire "not serious", has been mastered in the shortest possible time. Extinguished the flames "with fire extinguishers," said Laurent Lacroix, deputy director of the site.

      "…16 h 45: EDF announces that the reactor of the nuclear Penly stopped and he "continues to be cooled normally." The decommissioning of the pump caused the automatic shutdown of the reactor, which is cooled by the other three pumps…."

      ".."collected in tanks provided for this purpose". Interviewed in the night, Jean-Christophe Niel, CEO of ASN, said the water leak, which was 2300 liters per hour in the early evening, was more than 66 liters per hour During night, which is below the maximum values ​​in the normal functioning of the primary circuit…"

      "..8:00: Mining Dominique, director of EDF's nuclear fleet, says the reactor will remain Penly "several days to stop". First, to repair the damaged primary circuit pump, but also to "understand what happened in detail."…"


      • arclight arclight

        "..Among the hypotheses: a maintenance problem on the pump or the nonconformity of the oil used. "Between the issue of fire caused by oil and the water leak at the joint, it is unclear which is the chicken, which is the egg. This will be the investigation to determine," said Thierry Charles, responsible for security at IRSN…"

        "..The reactor Penly continued to cool overnight, and had to be in cold shutdown Friday in the afternoon, allowing intervention on the primary circuit in the weekend…"

        "How does the pump in the cooling system?

        "A big box of ten tons which rotate nearly 250 degrees." With these words, Jean-Marie Brom, a researcher at CNRS, describes the pump in the cooling system of a pressurized water reactor. Four in number, these pumps 8 meters in height can circulate the water that cools the reactor. "They are very cumbersome to change, but the operator is obliged to do every twenty years," says Jean-Marie Brom. The seal – which had malfunctioned in Penly – prevents water from reaching the electric motor of the pump. This joint is composed of three levels. The first keeps all the water. In normal operation, between 700 and 800 liters leak each hour, before being redirected to the circuit. The second level of the seal leakage of the first recovered, and it knows a loss of water, the order of ten of liters per hour. cont…

        • arclight arclight

          ….The third level of the joint ends of the dam. In the case of Penly, flight (first level) then was abnormal, with more than 2300 liters / hour. The central Seine-Martime is not the first to experience an incident of this kind. Incidents on the pumps have already been held in France, including the Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin)."

  • Hogweed

    <img src=""&gt;

    Jump from 50 nSv/hr to 60 nSv/hr at time of fire/shutdown. Other nearby sensors showed similar jump.

  • I am deply impressed by all the deep concerns in the comments and Hogweed, I thank you for that spike. Now I have followed as stated above in my comments the hotspots and the earthquakes since 25th March 2012 and I wish to put on record that this pump damage was in the making from at least 25th March and the quakes contributed to it for the reason mentioned there. The forces and the surge waves involved in the total dam contents and their daily changes are of the same order as those found in plate tectonic analyses. But the dynamics are instantaneous and hence dams present an infinitely dangerous phenomenon for nukes. Herein lies the generic root cause of the next catastrophic occurrence in a nuclear park(s) anywhere. I cant overstress(!) this point. Look at the stress(!) table for Feb15 2012 update for earthquake prediction at and see a 9 magnitude earthquake should still strike, most probably in the Japan region. Now as somebody pointed out Mother Earth decides! There is in the interconnectedness of quake triggering and the success, an infinite knowledge gap. Apply the precautionary principle and shut down all nukes.Is there not one single(or multiple) soul(s) anywhere on this earth who will take the trouble to study the dams effect issue raised here and either confirm or deny it? Should you seek a peer review in an MSM, knowing full well the great coverups by the MSMs even to the extent of asserting that its plate tec and nothing else.

    • As if to confirm this an avalanche killed 135 people at Siachen glacier. My report at
      The dams of the world are revealing their dynamic interactions with Mother Earth. Just a few hours before there was an earthquake in Southern Xinjiang directly above the location of the avalanche at Siachen(Lat35,Long 77). In the process of immediately finding new fulcrum/fulcra at which to exert the giant surges of water moments due to huge total dam content changes, the surges might have found a fortuitious rock surface there and presto-AVALANCHE. Almost at the same time period, the French nuke at Penly had its coolant pump damaged and fire erupted. Friends, become aware of these deadly interconnections! Mahatma Gandhi saw the cumulative effects of modern civilization in its complete destruction 106 years ago! We are witness to nuclear war as a result of nuclear power programmes-appearing in the form of catastrophes like electricity shortages,Chernobyl, Fukushima, avalanches, buildings ablaze, mines exploding , cloud bursts and flash floods and of course giant earthquakes. Because of the electrical demands and other water demands accumulating to instantaneous gargantuan surges appearing on the foundations of nuclear reactor parks we will witness PRALAYA which is not alarmist but surely due to ignorance in action. Stop nukes now.As far as laws dealing with nuclear terrorism, they are non-existent and…

      • And before the Siachen glacier avalanche and the Penly pump damage in the EDF nuclear complex was the Peruvian mine collapses on the 3rd and 4th April 2012 in the Lima Region after intense hotspots were caused in Lima by the surge waves of the dams of the world followed by an earthquake there on 4th April 2012 in the morning. See the detailed reportchen at
        predicting earthquakes
        The timeline of hotspots, earthquakes and the accidents points at the scourge of dams in modern civilization like a democles sword on nuclear power programmes all over. Stop the nuclear war and nuclear terrorism. Shut them nuculars down now!

  • arclight arclight

    from wikinews

    "….The reactor will remain shut down until the damage is repaired and the cause of the incident is known.

    The Penly nuclear site, located on the coast to the northwest of Paris, is home to two Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) units and is cooled using water from the English Channel. PWRs are a common variety of nuclear reactors named for their use of highly pressurized water in their primary cooling systems. All of the 58 nuclear power plants which supply France with over 75% of its energy, are of this type."

    • arclight arclight

      still no mention of the 0.80 mcSv/h release into the air..

      they are only talking about the water leak from the pump…

      this evening and indeed since last night i have been getting high readings but at 10.30 tonight in east london i got slow rises up to 0.22 mcSv/hr. the worst readings were central and east of london and also in the south of london… west london gave lower values this evening as the winds are shifting and london looks split down the middle with two weather fronts!

      today it was raining lightly in london and i tried to check the rain for isotopes but it was the air was largely giving me the high readings inside or out.. however at a couple of points in the rain the gieger had some large peaks.. i think iodine 131 or cs 137 mixed in the rain may have caused this.. iodine 131 is more soluable i think! the mixing is happening in the lower wind atmosphere… we are getting small gusts of sharp wind speed..

      the wind will be coming from the west of the uk during the course of the early morning and there should be a noticable drop in the activity and lowering of values, i hope. as long as hinkley and oldbury have stopped!??

      news is a bit thin on this one but there has been a large release into the air as well! "not harmful to the environment"??.. when the air is already full of isotopes and metals from these other nuclear plants! no word on hungary budapest then?? ;/ hmmm!

      • Relevant point re higher readings. These all go to show clearly that there is a secret nuclear war and nuclear terrorism going on, a critical hallmark of fascist dictatorship of the corporatocracy which considering the cancer epidemic and other epidemics like infant mortality and losing fertility must not continue. Add to this the dynamics of modern civilization like dam dynamik gaining ascendancy in causing such occurrences leading to catastrophes, when will implementation of wisdom gained from true knowledge result in positive action like stopping nukes? Or even the dawn of realisation that dams are into great mischief in causing climate change? Down with a specilist society, up with free discussion and dissemination of true knowledge and emergency normal action. Yogins, renouncing attachment, do work only by the body, by the mind, by reason, even by the senses for the purification of the self. Use capstan based hand operated lifts! Generate elctricity by pedal power! Lose your beautiful paunches. Nuclear power programmes(npps) spell debt, powerlessness,forced unemployment and poverty and insolvency. Reforest mother earth to live. Use living energy. Practice return and thrift. Use vapour absorption ac and reduce dependence on electricity for ac by 95%. In India alone by this ploy you save 65000 MW. By substituting human for machine energy you save 350000 MW! You foolish rulers! Life is not due to your generosity! npps are intergenerational crime against all life forever!