AFP: Fukushima parents extremely worried for children’s health — I want to know if my baby’s illness is from radiation (VIDEO)

Published: July 28th, 2011 at 4:22 pm ET


Fukushima parents fear for children’s health, AFP, July 28, 2011:

Published: July 28th, 2011 at 4:22 pm ET


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65 comments to AFP: Fukushima parents extremely worried for children’s health — I want to know if my baby’s illness is from radiation (VIDEO)

  • Experts say there is “no immediate risk” from radiation


    The video recommends soil decontamination as prevention. This is absurd.


    THIS IS OBSCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Pallas89juno

      You are correct that “this” is obscene…Fukushima. Heads at the very top must start rolling or nothing at all at our level will change. We are all being sacrificed.

  • Clocka

    They are doomed anyways. Their genes will be good at nowhere. Sorry, or ‘zannen’ in Japanese.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      I want to lock up that “doctor” with the white hair and throw away the key, although that is too good for him. He is probably the one who wrote this most genocidal Wikipedia entry ever:

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        He is a monster. Yes, children have had these conditions before. But when MANY of them have the same symptoms and they start at the same time, an inciting event must be considered.
        I am amazed that any doctor could violate his oath and say that the mothers are imagining dangers, and that there is NO danger.

  • Sheeple want to be corralled because that’s what makes them feel safe.

  • StillJill StillJill

    They would quite LITERALLY rather DIE, than strike out on their own!

    • I understand what you are saying StillJill. And some wealthy Japanese have already left Japan forever. But those people in the above video are middle class and they simply cannot afford to just quit their jobs and then leave their homes and then just go somewhere else. No way.

      You see Japan is a country with a very, very high cost of living, no matter where you go. And even before the quake and disaster hit, the nation was already gripped in a very deep recession and deflationary decline (aka: “Stagnation”). Nowadays, companies are NOT HIRING and many are laying off long-term full time employees and cutting budgets down to the bone.

      So in the case of the poor Fukushima folks, they are economically trapped in a highly dangerous radiation zone. If they stay they face the risk of becoming highly contaminated and many will die from cancer. If they leave they undertake a huge financial risk which could also be lethal. And with the corrupt Japanese government unwilling to help them, they are now starting to become very, very upset, indeed.

      This is not going to end well at all.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Didn’t Russia offer them a place to go to? I’d take it.

  • theypoisonus


    All comments…

    They are flunkies.. they say what the govt. tells them to say.

    The Horror…….. The Horror……..

    Painful to watch if you have any humanity left in you.

  • So now we have JAPANESE DOCTORS who are still in denial about the effects of radiation on children.

    And the crooked and corrupt Japanese Government does not want to help Fukushima residents to evacuate and relocate at all.

    So when the radiation starts to increase even more in Tokyo or course the residents in the capital will know about it. But even as they compain, the “doctors” will still keep saying the same thing and the government will do nothing.

    Japanese Jasmine revolution?

  • moonkai

    Let’s not give up on the Japanese just yet ! The fight is on and this guy rocks the house!

    Rough translation of his speech. He is one of the best experts in Japan

    0. He is an expert (lead scientist, directer of the center, national adviser to some cutting edge national project) on radioactive isotope; studied how to use radiation to tackle cancer; also studied its negative consequences through internal exposure

    1. situation

    Total leakage of radioactive material [Bq] matters; not its rate [Sv, or Gy]

    According to their estimation, 29.6 times of radioactive materials have been leaked from Fukushima Diichi compared to those leaked because of atomic bomb explosion in Hirohsima. So “volume” is worse in Fukushima than in Hiroshima.

    Decay rates of radioactive materials are different: that from atomic bomb explosion is 1/1000 a year, while that from nuclear power plant leakage is 1/10 a year. So Fukushima case shall be worse than Hiroshima, even in the “rate” of decay.

    Minami-soma; more monitoring of radiation shall be done; too few.
    contamination occurs in a complex manner; geographically higher-density measurement is required. (Actually in March only “one”
    counter was provided in Minami-soma; 20 US counters were not used until the speaker and his colleagues explained the utilization to villagers, reading English document on how-to-use-it.)

    2. internal exposure

    cancer risk: DNA division is affected by radiation; organs such as blood, hair, or germ cells are seriously affected due to vigorous division

    alpha-ray; most serious

    assessment based on Sv; make no sense; more complicated and personalized phenomena happen in human body.

    Personalized medical treatment needed; what genes are destroyed by radiation

    I-131, statistical proof of nuclear accident impacts takes long time (20 years for I-131 in the case of Chernobyl); not justify any actions to protect children; But new law is needed to protect children from possible (cannot be proven at this moment) serious health effects

    3. action to be taken by the diet

    economic compensation and children protection shall be differentiated; Children protection in Fukushima needs urgent actions; without fund, most of affected family cannot take needed action to protect their children.

    Cost of inaction; eg 800 bil yen for 1,500 ha cleaning / decontamination of Cd pollution (in the case of Itai-Itai disease that has occurred since 1960s). Urgent actions are possible, needed, and eventually most low-cost, vis-a-vis large fiscal deficit of Japanese government

    Plus, because of lack of legal development on how to deal with wide-spread, long-lasting radioactive materials contamination, the protection action taken by him and his colleagues at a university (U of Tokyo) is actually illegal; e.g. transportation and storage of contaminated goods after decontamination. Urgent development of new law so that rational action can be taken without legal violence.
    (Current laws do not expect this situation)

    4. actions can be taken by universities and private companies

    isotope centers at universities and Japanese private companies have needed technology and equipment / facility to protect children at Fukushima (monitoring and decontamination)

    70,000 people are leaving their homes without clear destination; national diet shall play its responsible role

  • moonkai

    I did not translate that. It is very scattered, however, I can tell you this guy is upper pissed and is tearing the govt a new “where the sun don’t shine” ….

    There is a clear uprising taking place in Fukushima. Now Tokyo MUST wake up !

    The govt and the rest of the scums involved are getting sued left and right. One association for Kindergarden schools in Fukushima is suing them for 8,000,000,000 … lol !

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Suing doesn’t work. Cases can drag on for years and they aren’t public. There should be a general strike and the complainers should be marching in the streets of Tokyo if necessary.

  • Doumo arigatou moonkai-san!

    I agree and I really hope that what you wrote happens very soon. But the decision to evacuate, relocate and compensate two million plus people out of the Fukushima prefecture would involve an astronomical cost. But even if they actually do that, all of the Fukushima evacuees will suffer some inredibly harsh treatment (i.e. “racism”) and/or be completely ignored by other Japanese people no matter they go.

    This is not going to end well at all. God help Japan.

  • Mark

    Cut and paste from You Tube site for above mentioned video:

    This has been flagged as spam show hide

    In this site there is much information about Fukushima:
    R0bb1nH00d5 8 hours ago

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Dr. Busby looks sad and disgusted.

      Thank you to Dr Busby for his honesty, information, and caring.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    JUST IN!! German plume forecast continues!!! Dear enenewsers, I just checked the loop
    and it continues longer than today!
    You See? There are some who listen!! I’m happy.

    • Novamind

      Very Nice!

    • arclight arclight

      wow! thats a surprise!! well done b ans b…well done germany! putting the world to shame! i an sooo surprised…what happened there then??
      this is good for the nuclear aware in tokyo! will help them to protect thier kds and themselves….a right result!!

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        arclight,I called the DWD, but the man in charge is in a meeting. I’ll ring later and say a big “thank you” and ask him if they will really continue…If they are, that would be a great success for us.
        Mark, thanks again for submitting the headline to the admin and bringing the subject to attention of many.
        (sorry, repost, was on the wrong thread before)

  • Mark

    Great that its up but it looks bad for Japan. The animation shows a plume starting on July 29 but this has been going on since March so I wonder what the plume really looks like? Korea and China won’t be too happy! Whole section of Japan covered in the plume including Tokyo. 35 million people where are they going to go?

    We don’t know how much radiation is spewing out although its probably more then what Tepco admits.

    Not good shades of green over Tokyo. Moonkai hope you have a plane ticket!

    • arclight arclight

      they will need to begin procedures to mitigate against the rainfall/fallout! this would be sensible..good waterproofs to protesct the skin from rainwater…minimise contact exposure…have clean water on standbythroughout the city and sorrounding regions! and canned/food..hourly updates on rainfall movements…online geiger readings within the tokyo region…plans to move people if hotspots develop…
      i wish the pr companies would put thier enourmous resources and brain power to issues like these, instead of being the ministry of propoganda! 🙁

      • Mark

        Poor Japanese people have to look at German site for nuclear weather forecast. What does that say? Don’t think Japanese gov will do any of what you suggested, arclight. (there all really good ideas)

        PR Hack scientist will say everything is all right. Anyone who leaves Tokyo will be called a traitor. Long period of low-level radio-active exposure. Historically Unprecedented.

        But ten years down the road when everyone is sick the “experts” who said no cause for concern will be long gone.

        Don’t know where they will put 35 million people as significant portion of there landmass is radio-active and many other places still need to rebuild from earthquake tsunami. Big mess. Do Japanese have right to bear arms?

      • DannieJ DannieJ

        They’re not even being told to leave their footwear outside their homes.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        Where do you get ‘clean’ water if the radiation is in the aquifers and the ocean and the water table?

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter


  • Heres some interesting perspective…


    Knew first hand that there were three full on melt downs…

    Global Response:
    Silence… (immediate disinformation campaign)(Accompanied with Blacking out global media; And raising safe radiation limits for its citizens…Tepco has now been caught paying more to date in ‘Hush’ money then actual Restitution to the victims and evacuees of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis)…

    Probably also knew there was three meltdowns…

    Global Response:
    Took down radiation networks…

    United States…
    Knew there was three meltdowns…

    Global Response: Raised safe radiation levels (without a scientific boards approval). Took down radiation network. Paid top dollar to help hush the nuclear crisis Our Leader / President: Obama Lied to us all Live on the News). While leaving the country… “Coincidentally Along With all of congress”)… Both the e.p.a. & n.r.c.; Are involved currently in blacking out information and taking advanced radiation site maps of the united states west coast… (but theres no concern over seattle’s levels???

    Unknown their level of communications on the situation…

    Global Response:
    Have now officially responded by taking down their own radiation networks….

    Raised Radiation rates… And also banned their radiation networks…
    EU Energy commissioners response… ” Its BIBLICAL. ”

    fear =’s

    This isn’t and never was a only effecting the continent of JAPAN situation…

    Don’t you all get it?

    Were all literally losing our lives now… People globally are now being exposed to higher background radiation levels… There is no end in sight!
    Not only is this a higher level than previously recorded… The Radiation is a far more dangerous variety than ever has polluted our planet throughout humanity in its entire history…

    Is it Really just a coincidence, that every government involved is strategically making the situation more difficult to access?

    Just a coincidence they all took down their radiation networks???

    News flash…

    China syndrome = Global DESTRUCTION…

    • Sadly Tacomagroove your points are compelling. Check out latest headline read article they don’t even have a plan on how to measure the air in the #3 reactor as radiation levels are too high. Never mind going in there to install proper cooling or fixing anything.

      • They know how bad it is…

        Just ask why they aren’t telling you…

        momma didn’t raise no fool…

        The situation is beyond humanities intervention i’m afraid. Ask anyone… There is no way to fix this…

        Repeat it with me now…

        There is really and absolutely no way to fix this situation in a timely manner…

        Every nuclear scientist on the planet agreed that they couldn’t do it…
        You think they all weren’t called…


        They got the call…

        3year plan to fix it eh…
        Ya… Ok.
        it will take 3 years to have an actual fool proof plan…

        By then half the world will have the beginning stages of cancer anyways…


        • They have all the worlds resources at their disposal…

          This situation will not be contained for nearly a century…

          Everyday were weaker…

          tick tock tick tock tick tock

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I will repeat after you..
          “There is no fix…..
          There is nothing already in creation or scientifically viable to be created that can fix this.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            This world can’t go on with this type of pollution.

            This contamination is not letting the earth heal, there for, we are in trouble.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Quote: This isn’t and never was a only effecting the continent of JAPAN situation…

      I agree Tacomagroove and no it is not a coincidence they All took down their radiation networks.

      There is a reason why there is censorship about this, and it’s not good.

      The day I heard this disaster happen, I knew they either had melt downs or were going to have melt downs. They can’t control this beast.

      US and Canada have all sorts of technology they know what is going on.

      These Countries don’t have to depend on Japan to tell them anything.
      I believe they knew what was going on from day one.

    • Ya I would totally trust those figures…

      After all they aren’t even monitoring the radiation releases from Fukushima… (thats a quote from tepco)…

      So Riddle me this…

      tepco “guesses”? a data entry to plot… (As one would agree they target the reader By choosing = data that won’t panic the population). Once this is decided tepco sends the new Fabricated data to a Company that specializes in weather simulations…

      All is well…

      Riddle me this…
      Tepco is the only people able to give the call…
      Tepco can’t make the call though…
      Its a scam…

      The rad maps only tell you where its going…
      Not how much it is…

      Which means everyone in front of the gun…
      Is dodging bullets…

      All is well…

      But seriously. Thats how it works…

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Mark, that’s right – but they’ve taken down the link to the loop from their main DWD homepage….
      I’ll call them again this afternoon.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Gov’t unit, utilities sought to manipulate symposiums on nuclear power
    From the article:
    “..Chubu Electric Power Co. and Shikoku Electric Power Co. said they were asked by the government’s nuclear safety agency to have local residents pose questions in favor of Japan’s nuclear projects.”

  • shaktasna999

    It is now too late for evacuation. They will be contained. The Huff Po is whining about John Kerry saying that China is about to become a world leader.

    Why do people not understand that China and Japan share the East China (not to mention the Pacific Ocean) Sea? They share water tables. How can people in China not know that they are about to get sick?

    How are the Koreas and China not paying attention?

    • Sickputer

      >How are the Koreas and China not paying attention?

      Au contraire…there are leaders who know…

      But they have vested interests to be silent until it suits their purposes…

  • StillJill StillJill

    There will be no full disclosure ever probably,..but until the stock market crash,…soon to be a tidal wave at your door,…there will be no ‘letting the cat out of the bag’. This is all about $, as many smarter than I have already stated. Until the ‘GREAT tumble’, they won’t risk any more of YOUR money getting pulled out by you-PERIOD. How’s it gonna feel to loose another 50% of what you thought you had put away for your old age? Sucks,….get ready!


  • shaktasna999

    Okay so where do the leaders think they’ll go to escape this? It’s not like they can relocate to Mars. Or do they just plan on having a nicer time in hospice?

  • Novamind

    I phoned a friend at Garibaldi on the Coast of Oregon this morning. He told me Tuna has been coming into port there for about the last two weeks, He is aware of the Radiation contamination probability, he said He Knows of No Testing of Fish of any kind. He was at the Docks as we talked, as he is most days.
    It is “Garibaldi Days” this weekend and Tourism and Fish sales will we High. Business as usual it appears…

  • shaktasna999

    I cannot even imagine what is being brought in under the radar(and clearly on the unmonitored radar) from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

    Maybe the governments should just say:

    We screwed up for cash, you are all probably going to be in hospice by 2016, and how can we do this so everyone can be as comfortable as possible?

  • StillJill StillJill

    They will hand out cynanide tablets–and call it ‘compassion’

  • shaktasna999

    That would be just like them because they’d want to keep accompanying morphine to themselves 🙂

    I joke because I am hanging on by my fingernails here.

  • shaktasna999

    Sickputer that is awesome 🙂

  • Sickputer

    moonkai typed these pixels of light:

    “According to their estimation, 29.6 times of radioactive materials have been leaked from Fukushima Diichi compared to those leaked because of atomic bomb explosion in Hirohsima. So “volume” is worse in Fukushima than in Hiroshima.

    Decay rates of radioactive materials are different: that from atomic bomb explosion is 1/1000 a year, while that from nuclear power plant leakage is 1/10 a year. So Fukushima case shall be worse than Hiroshima, even in the “rate” of decay.”

    SP: I think we have seen various other estimates of release maybe as much as a single A-bomb per it might actually be over 130 A-bombs by July 29 or worse. Since Tepco doesn’t measure who knows for sure?

    In the interests of historical comparisons…. Hiroshima was hit by a uranium-enriched bomb nicknamed Little Boy. The Nagasaki bomb was a more complex plutonium bomb named Fat Man.

    Because of the poor visibility from the weather at Nagasaki the plutonium bomb detonated off target and killed fewer people than the smaller Hiroshima bomb.

    This led to the Fat Man bombing at Nagasaki ranking third in the history annals for deaths by a bombing raid behind Hiroshima and the Tokyo firebombing in early March 1945.

    So apples and oranges…if we are going to compare the Fukushima Daiichi radiation leaks to Hiroshima let us also not forget to compare reactor 3 with its terrible load of plutonium to the Nagasaki bomb.

  • Sickputer

    BnB types:

    German plume forecast continues!!!

    SP: Pull that German animation window up side by side with the Prefectures map and you will see Niigata (15) is getting hammered.

    Also look at the beginnings of fallout danger for Korea and soon worsening for Tokyo and you might understand the political pressure on the Germans to remove this “provocative” plume simulation.



  • Sickputer

    Sorry…got a bad copy and paste… try this one for German plume simulation:

    Japanese Prefectures and Regions map:

  • Don’t have links to back up what I say but Canadian court found that Tobacco companies knew cigarettes were bad for your health since 1950. ( On news today )

    See 1949 cigarette commercial

    There was controversy regarding cigarettes and health before 1950.

    Just saying cause radiation exposure can certainly be compared to cigarettes. Nobody will die immediately from smoking just like nobody will die immediately from radiation exposure. Above commercial is an answer to 40’s and 50’s era minority questioning cigarettes.
    The term spin doctor is relatively new but propaganda in the “free” world has been going on for at least half a century. They have lots of practice. Cigarettes are still legal and taxes are collected by government.

    Cigarettes more lethal and more addictive then heroin.

    Just trying to put this whole nuclear thing, what government says and does, what big business says and does in some sort of perspective.

    Peace Love and God Bless to everyone, even misguided Tepco employees.

  • Pallas89juno

    Dear Dennis Bernstein ( at Flashpoints radio program):

    I’m very sorry to say this because you’re one of the few investigative journalists I trust at all in the U.S., but what about Fukushima? It has not gone away, is not over, and is only getting started. Revolution is required. Guillotines, this is not hyperbole, are required with this one. It is your job, and, yes, I’m telling you your job, to tell it like it is when it’s most important to tell it. Fukushima must be talked about for even 20 seconds to a few minutes, in every single podcast, segment, and on-air broadcast at least for part of the air time. I’d be quite surprised to find that you would have been hoodwinked to think that it’s not that bad, we’re not effected, there are bigger problems, and there undetectable levels of radiation (at what height above the ground?). I never before thought likely for someone with your genius level of critical thinking skills and super broad and deep array of evolving reference points that you could be silenced by the nuclear power industry, by shills for nuclear power at U.S. Berkeley, Nuclear Physics department or by other related scientists. If you don’t realize the problem, you need to do some deep, quick and dirty study of Chernobyl and how it was and continues to be handled. That process, ongoing as well, was covert, utterly secretive and totally FUBAR in most respects; but it was many times less screwed up as the handling of Fukushima. You are one of the few with any air time at all who still has a voice on the air who may not be a CIA agent. You aren’t the other possibility in our wholly corporatized media, which is the irrelevant broadcaster who is irrelevant because they lack incisive abilities, courage or depth and breadth of evolving relevant reference points. Most others at WBAI, KPFA, etc., are irrelevant in their reportage, for most of their time on air, or enough irrelevant where their hidden or extant overlords aren’t working to 8-ball or outright fire these other colleagues to silence them. Frankly, I don’t know how you get away with what you do on air—telling the truth; but I still trust you. Please do something about Fukushima on every show. This is not at all an unreasonable request that your listeners be informed about irradiation risks that are cataclysmic, worsening daily and evolving since Japan’s 3/11 earthquake, tsunami and far worse, nuclear fallout cataclysm. Humans here in Berkeley, and in Japan alike, are ingesting and inhaling fuel fleas to deadly degrees. Fetuses, babies and children are effected most and first and in that order of priority. Babies are 100x more sensitive to internalized, cumulative low-level radionuclide damage. Fetuses are about 1000x or more vulnerable to the damage of internalized low-level radionuclide contaminants. Research Libya and realize that we invaded Libya so quickly and hastily after the March Japanese nuclear cataclysm due to the GMMRP, which is the Great Lakes volume of Nubian Sandstone aquifer potable fossil fresh waters stored, now with infrastructure for extraction and delivery to Libyan coastal ports from the southern deserts spigots via a 12’ diameter pipe that workers under Khaddafi just finished this past year. Libya = radionuclide-free fossil drinking water for the richest—and they used their military. Incredulous? The U.S. Congress intended to encourage “NATO” to do the same thing and, in fact and documented, discussed doing so long before the GMMRP was developed, when? This was discussed on May 1, 1986, soon after it became clear that Chernobyl had contaminated much of Europe, not just the Eastern block and parts of Scandinavia, with tremendously dangerous levels of radioactive fallout, which is now more radioactive than at that time. Study Chernobyl. Why did we bomb Iraq?–oil for the rich for their ongoing hyper-parasitic profiteering and to maintain militaries to maintain wealth hierarchies of our structural functionalist modern neo-imperialized world. Realize that our capture of bin Laden, was a false flag, or just false, as Benazhir Bhutto had said before her assassination that OBL was dead by 2002. On May 2, 2011, the day we “captured and killed” an old dialysis patient in Pakistan, a reactor at Tsuruga nuclear power station melted down and through to the containment vessel bottom or into the ground water but without obvious, so far then, containment building breach; but it happened. Tsuruga is located directly across, same latitude, Honshu from Fukushima Dai ichi and Dai ni. Are you going to ignore besides Fukushima, new false flags, such as Norway, or the debt ceiling theatre–what debt ceiling premise is possible with quadrillions in derivatives debt and with World Bank and IMF loan sharking victims unilaterally refusing to pay either interest or principle in growing number of circumstances. Money at the decision levels at the top is all an electronic confidence game played out in nanosecond juggling acts in the web. Hence, though what tortures or privations our corrupt status quo leaderships adduce and affix to working little people are real, the theatre, in the big picture, they cast in retail reality is not. All these retail corporativist English language media memes bleated and laid on daily as verves are total non-issues to cover up for and to distract from the fact that Fukushima happened and is not even really begun. It’s there to cover up that Fukushima, at least Fukushima so far, has fowled all, Northern Hemisphere air, water and food and is worsening in doing so daily, or each day we go without releasing the creativity and actions of regular people to stop it by informing them of reality, first. California received weeks of heavy rain and Sierra snowpack following the initial nuclear, not just Hydrogen, explosions at Fukushima Dai ichi. Our surface water sources, along with the rest of the Northern Hemisphere’s surface drinking fresh water are now increasingly contaminated with dozens of different radionuclides, which now, every time it rains, are being concentrated in the surface water and soils around us and when dried, this radionuclide dust is carried in surface winds for all our respiratory pleasure. Radionuclides taken up in our ecology is readily bio-accumulated due to radionuclide diverse biologic compound mimicry. All food produced after 3/11 is radioactive from fallout rain from radionuclides like Plutonium (developed first at our very own forever contaminated Berkeley Cyclotron property by U.C. Berkeley scientists. Another unpleasant thing about being bitten by plutonium fuel fleas is these are nearly impossible to detect by hand-held Geiger counters. There is also Strontium-90 (mimics calcium in human body), Cesium-13X, mimics potassium, which is found in all human cells, Amerecium, and Polonium (infinitessimal amount used in political assassinations of late). Have you ever studied Plutonium? I have since Japan’s 3/11. One pound of Plutonium, properly distributed is quite sufficient to kill all 7B people on the planet. One pound could fit in the palm of your handand as long as it does not go critical, will not be harmful. It’s when one breaths in the alpha-particle emitting dust that the problems begin or when larger amounts of it go critical. The one-pound ducat of Pu look like a bloated silver dollar with convex top and bottom. Just how many TONS of Plutonium (Pu) do you think are flying about the atmosphere as atomized “fuel fleas” or less than 1-micron sized particles? It’s a myth that they can’t float in air, a convenient myth oft repeated by Tepco, NRC, IAEA, Japanese and U.S. Government and military spokespeople in the days immediately after the events of March 12th and afterward. Plutonium, even with its short-distance alpha-particle type of radioactivity is still about 2,000,000x more radioactive than most other highly radioactive things emitting beta and gamma radiation. The fuel involved at Fukushima is about 20x, minimum, the tonnage of fuel the blew up at Chernobyl. This amount of fuel at Fukushima Dai ichi alone does not count the common spent fuel pool there, which itself has around 6300 additional extremely radioactive and poorly cooled spent fuel assemblies. Nor are MOX (mixed oxide fuel, with some tonnage of Pu in the starting reactor core fuel mix) fuels discussed or added into the mix with their thousands of times higher weight measure for weight measure radioactivity levels. Spent fuel itself comes out of the reactor core when these are periodically re-fueled or require maintenance at about 1,000,000x more radioactive than Uranium dioxide first goes in at the beginning of the fueling process. This radically increased radioactivity of spf is produced partly by now present Plutonium, which is generated in nuclear power core fuel by the radioactive decay that makes the water or fluid boil to drive the turbines to generate the electricity. What’s the problem that it’s more radioactive with Pu in it? Surely, safe handling procedures are in place. Well, anything with a higher degree, not much difference this way is needed, with Pu in it means that unless a proper temperature is maintained and a properly dry environment, runaway chain reactions are very likely. These are called “prompt criticalities. “ Spent fuel starts heating up and going accidentally critical with either exposure to oxygen or to water and/or when not kept at the right temperature. When a Pu enriched mass of fuel or bunch of fuel rods goes into prompt criticality, not only is the hyper toxic alpha radiation released in quantity, but the surrounding fuel generates soo much neutron (can go through anything just about) gamma (gamma/x-ray)_radiation that no human could stand near it, even with thick lead walls for protection for very long. So, ongoing prompt criticalities, not contained or controlled really, at Fukushima mean that workers are regularly stopped from working, can only ever be near this stuff for very short periods of time and that it will take decades or centuries to do anything as long as the way that Tepco, the Japanaese government and nuclear consortiums and nuclear power supporting governments continue to insularly not handle the situation. You see the problem? When spent fuel burns as it did with the Fukushima Dai ichi Reactor #3 (almost none now found in spent fuel pool #3 after the explosion in March) or when reactor #4 newly extracted spent fuel—the most radioactive, burned dry on several occasions over the past several months, guess what gets emitted/ejected/atomized into the atmosphere? Particulates contributing to the radionuclide (including transuranics) plume with great quantities of PLUTONIUM dust in it is the result. Please study Chernobyl. Please get it–as in understand! Thank you for all the great work you’ve ever done up till this point. It’s time we started chopping from the top. I don’t know if a radio person can call for such; but you could be educating us about the realities of Fukushima that would go a long way to counteract the fuzzy dumbing down for which most of the rest of programming on KPFA is known, to me. There is a 100%, effectively, black out on reality in the entire remainder of the English language broadcast media in the U.S. I know if you do come to fully apprehend the stakes, scope and timeliness required of the problem that you, more than 99.99999% of others anywhere, will tear into the subject like the gorgeous, brilliant and accurate (most important) news hunting beast you are and won’t let it go. I trust your courage and your integrity.
    Sincerely yours,

    Frank Snapp

    P.S: One Idea I have for getting some good reportage that’s timely and harder to repress by our corporativist media overlords would be, and I’m working on this locally in my own neighborhood, is to get neighborhoods to collectively purchase dosimetric devices and Geiger counters. Then we would invite, cajole, force (fingers crossed) well educated nuclear physics background or scientific instrumentation background sorts to calibrate these instruments for accuracy. Measurements could be taken daily or every other day. Then each neighborhood or local group, which has acquired these measurements should be fairly able to produce a blog of progressively recorded data to discuss and organize informed local responses around and to provide timely local measurements of radiation to local news broadcasters. I hope you actually read your emails. Sorry for the long one. I felt the topic required some detail. Thank you, again for everything you do. I know you are so incredibly busy. I don’t expect much. Thank you. I am just trying everything and anything here to protect our collective lives and the lives of, much more important, the estimated 100,000,000 non-human species on earth. Thank you again. FS

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    An interesting article regarding the WHO ‘s complicity in hiding the true effects of Chernobyl

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    Here’s the link (sorry about that)