AFP: Record high radiation found in Fukushima fish — 2,500 times cesium limit

Published: January 18th, 2013 at 4:08 pm ET


Title: Record high radiation found in Fukushima fish: TEPCO
Source: AFP
Date: 18 January 2013

A fish contaminated with radiation levels more than 2,500 times the legal limit has been caught near Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant […]

(TEPCO) said caesium equivalent to 254,000 becquerels per kilogramme — or 2,540 times more than the government seafood limit — was detected in a “murasoi” fish […] caught at a port inside the Fukushima plant, a TEPCO spokesman said. […]

Enformable: There are no current restrictions which prevent fish from coming and going freely in and out of the port, but TEPCO will make plans to install nets in the harbor mouth and outside the harbor in response to the latest findings.

Published: January 18th, 2013 at 4:08 pm ET


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15 comments to AFP: Record high radiation found in Fukushima fish — 2,500 times cesium limit

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    No, it's from the UFO.

    Glad that's solved. And there are crashed UFO's all around the Pacific Rim, killing off fish, polar bears, seals, sharks, and the coral in Hawai'i.


  • Sickputer

    The Japanese rockfish is a highly prized edible fish…caught by many fisherman in rocky surf areas close to the shore. Bad news that it is toxic.

    Instead of visiting Hanford Reservation for "tips" on ground water decontamination the Japanese government should be visiting Belarus:

    "According to the 2000 report on Minsk’s United Nations Development Program (UNDP), life expectancy in Belarus in the 1960s was almost level with that in Western Europe. By 1999, thirteen years after Chernobyl, it had fallen 12 to 14 years for men and 7 to 9 years for women. A baby boy born in rural Belarus today can expect to live 59 years.

    ….hard years… Forty-five to 47 percent of those graduating from high school have physical disorders like gastro-intestinal anomalies, weakened hearts, and cataracts; 40 percent of them have chronic “blood disorders” and malfunctioning thyroids. The number of handicapped adolescents has trebled in the last decade.

    On my first trip, in November 2000, I spent three days touring schools in Cherikov and the even more contaminated areas of the Mogilev district. Then we traveled to children’s hospitals in Minsk. What I saw there still shows up in nightmares: children with eyes in the sides of their heads, and children with no eyes at all, children with fingers that look like toes, and children whose genitals are so poorly formed one can’t determine their sex."

  • Not 2x the legal limit, 10x, 100x or even 1000x.

    But, 2,500 X the LIMIT!

    🙁 That's 254,000 becquerels per kilogram.

    It's not just the fact that this fish is no longer edible, but the likelihood of genetic damage and the lack of future offspring comes into play at some point. It's a horrible 'snowball effect' on all of the planets interconnected ecosystems.

  • nedlifromvermont

    thanks be to GE (et al) …

    have a little bloody rectum with your rockfish …

    the leukemia which comes later …. priceless!

    peace to the 'newsers, death to Big Nuclear …


  • Replacant Replacant

    Just when I thought they might notice the damage to the Pacific Ocean..unbelievable!! How is there no monitoring by Korea, China & the US? Dont we all pull fish out of the Pacific? Do all countries want to measure how much exposure their people are being exposed to? Nope its aliens..Mars..I mean Morons Attacks.

  • Sol Man

    So, fishing around Fukushima was halted, but that is not nearly good enough because the Pacific Ocean is contaminated, and then you look at the map and see that all oceans are connected and you know that Fukushima is not the only problem here, but it sure is the biggest- ever. We are in trouble in our closed system here on earth. Who would have foreseen the problems of the corporate/government connection and the havoc that it would cause on all of us? Some did. More on that later.
    And, what of the one thing that we absolutely have in common with every other human on earth? It is the basic structure of our genome, the way that it is all put together, its binding force. The worst of the problems is that it is at risk of mutating badly in the presence of the ever-increasing radiation. When it happens it is not the kind of thing that has a fix. Look at the children of Chernobyl. That is the horrible legacy of this terrible technology in the hands of greedy people with all of the other defective character traits that people have. I wish it were a green road.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Evidence of dumping radioactive debris in the ocean and leakage of water from the 6,000 fuel rods stored in the basement:

    Fish with radiation over 2,500 times safe levels found near Fukushima plant
    “A fish containing over 2,500 times Japan's legal limit for radiation in seafood has been caught in the vicinity of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the facility's operator reported.
    ¬A ‘murasoi’ fish, similar to a rockfish, was caught at a port inside the plant, according to AFP. Plant owner Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) indicated that the amount of cesium measured 254,000 becquerels per kilogram – 2,540 times Japan's legal limit for radiation in seafood.…”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Is the leakage from the basement due to storage of spent fuel rods or reprocessed weapons grade plutonium from a reprocessing facility in Unit#4:

      Breaking News: #Fukushima splashing steam from the cracks in the ground
      August 15th, 2011
      “That’s there is a huge pool on the basement floor of Fukushima,which is shared by units 1~4. They stock 6400 nuclear spent fuel rods in it,and groundwater is flowing into the pool through broken duct.
      “Now the massively contaminated water is in it at least 9.0t.
      “6400 fuel rods is about 140% of the total fuel rods in the reactors.
      “Actually Fukushima nuc plants are built on underground water vein,they always needed to pomp up groundwater. However,because of the accident,they stopped pomp up the water.This fact has not been published yet.
      “They say Tepco “found” this trouble on 8/13,but they can’t not know the fact since the very beginning of the accident.
      “Massive steam might have something to do with this.
      “Possibility 1)
      “Melt-out fuel rods are reacting underground and keep having hydrovolcanic explosion with groundwater.
      “Possibility 2)
      “6400 spent fuel rods are boiling the ground water and it splashes steam from the cracks.
      “Possilibity 3)
      “As a matter of fact, most of the aftershocks have epicenter in Fukushima,just around the nuclear plants.
      “and Fukushima live camera sometimes misses Units because of the too thick smog.

  • PattieB PattieB

    Just go look at my photos… the shinny dark blue stuff? Radioactive water. And as bad as Tepco is leaking stuff from the remains of Fuku?

    Their plants on the West side of Japan… WAY WORSE!

    All attention is focused on Fuku… and while 2 reactors there have plutonium? ALL OF the ones on the WEST site have it!