Agency: Dead Conjoined Baby Gray Whales found on West Coast of N. America — Could be first ever recorded — 2 heads and 2 tails, joined in middle (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: January 7th, 2014 at 5:06 pm ET


Pete Thomas Outdoors, Jan.6, 2014: Scientists find conjoined gray whale calves in Baja California lagoon; discovery could be a first[…] It might be the first documented case of conjoined twin gray whales. […] A database search at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County did not reveal published instances of conjoined gray whale twins, or what might also be referred to as Siamese gray whale twins […] Alisa Schulman-Janiger, an American Cetacean Society researcher, pointed out that the twins were underdeveloped and said that pointed to a premature birth. She also wondered about the fate of the mother. […] They give birth during the southbound journey, or in the lagoons, and nurse their calves for several weeks before migrating back to the Bering and Chukchi seas. […]

Source: Jesus Gomez

Presna Latina News Agency, Jan. 7, 2014: Fishermen of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur found a baby whale dead with two heads and two tails, which is now under guard of the Directorate General of Wildlife. According to the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp) the finding occurred on the afternoon of Sunday […] This is a Conjoined Baby Gray Whales, because there are the two bodies, two heads and two tails, joined by the ventral region, Bermudez told the newspaper El Universal. […]

Huffington Post, Jan. 7, 2014: Conjoined ‘Siamese’ Gray Whale Twins Could Be First Ever […] Footage of the discovery was posted to YouTube where some commenters speculated as to whether the birth defect was perhaps related to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. […] The carcasses have […] reportedly been collected for study […]

L.A. Times, Jan. 6, 2014: The number of gray whales spotted migrating south off the Southern California coast in December was double what it was compared with the same period last year […] whale spotters in December counted 364 gray whales heading south to Baja California […] More than 20,000 gray whales migrate each year from Arctic waters in the north to the shallow lagoons and bays of Baja California. […]

NOAA Fisheries, October 17, 2012: […] scientists were recently surprised to discover that some gray whales from a critically endangered population in Asia cross the Pacific every year to winter off the coast of North America. […] The Eastern North Pacific population […] migrates along the west coast of North America to Baja California […] in 2010, researchers […] tagged a male gray whale with a satellite transmitter near Sakhalin Island and then watched, surprised, as he made his way to the coast of Oregon. The next year, a tagged female made the same journey. […] Were these two whales just a couple of rolling stones, or do gray whales commonly cross the Pacific? […] [Dave Weller, a marine mammal biologist at NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center] and his colleagues sequentially compared each of 181 photos of whales near Sakhalin Island with more than a thousand photos of whales off the coast of North America. They found ten matches. Because most of the whales that winter on the North American coast do not appear in the photo catalog, the number of matches turned up in this study is probably only a fraction of the number of gray whales that cross the Pacific. […]

Watch video of the conjoined whales here

Published: January 7th, 2014 at 5:06 pm ET


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214 comments to Agency: Dead Conjoined Baby Gray Whales found on West Coast of N. America — Could be first ever recorded — 2 heads and 2 tails, joined in middle (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

  • cooterboy

    Speculation is a terrible thing. It only justifies the individuals known experiences and tries to put them in a light of understanding. Seeking truth, knowledge, is a process that is on-going and can lead in any direction with the results often more mysterious than the premiss's.

    Emotions have no place in seeking truth.
    Emotions in each and every one of us allows us to be a full and complete human. Emotional intelligence is rarity today, as we used to call it, compassion.
    It is disheartening that this baby whale will not travel the oceans and be free, to feel life. Grieve and say goodby.

    I'm disappointed with the idea that the word "shill" is used so blatantly in this forum. It appears to me that whenever a contributor says something off color, he or she is deemed unworthy, unintelligent or promotes your contrary viewpoint, such that I sense anger.

    Again emotions have no place in seeking truth.

    To quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it", sums it up.


    • It is an exercise to maintain emotional equilibrium when debating people from the pro nuclear side.

      To expect no emotions in a debate that involves multiple genocides is highly unlikely.

      To expect no emotions such as fear or depression, or anger when confronted with the crimes and lies being committed is unreasonable.

      By all means, strive for it, but we are all human after all.

      Anyone who is NOT afraid of invisible radiation, well step up and be counted… could it be that those who are not afraid, and are promoting it via hormesis, consist usually of the pro nuclear crowd, correct?

      The emotion of love is the highest and most powerful emotion. We can use that to transform the world..Love is what protects life and nurtures it, while fighting those who have no love, or misuse it to destroy others.

      Nuclear scientists are very unemotional and detached. We have no desire to be like them, thank you very much.

      • Intuition is also a very valuable guide when seeking out truth.

        Intution consists of FEELING.

        What feels right, or what feels wrong, the pit of the stomach..

        Million dollar deals are done based on this.

        Logic alone will not guarantee us truth.

    • This Just In!

      Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Report 06JAN14

      Fukushima Radiation Pacific Die Off

      USMIL Strategic Defense System of Two Electromagnetic Walls.
      One in the Pacific , one in the Atlantic.

      2020 Olympics Suicide Operation.

      Do our own Rad readings.
      Speak out now before laws destroy constitutional opportunities.

      Transcript [fast read]

      Vid 47m

      Pass This On!

  • pkjn

    Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Found Dying Near the West Coast Raise Questions About Fukushima and Radiation
    January 8, 2014 American Live Wire

    Conjoined gray whale calves have been found dying off the West Coast by scientists in Mexico’s Scammon’s Lagoon. (the Mexican state of Baja California Sur)
    Scientists made the discovery on Sunday and stated that none of the calves they found survived.
    The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County have NO records of conjoined gray whales being found.

    Experts are expressing their concerns that the deformities and deaths with rare animals may have something to do with the Fukushima disaster.
    The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study which stated that the death rate in the Pacific has risen to the highest it has ever been over the course of 24 years.

  • VayaRider

    I couldn't help notice that the link for the Conjoined Calves article on Huffington Post is for Huff-Po's "U.K." web page . So I went to the U.S. Huff-Po web page and found absolutely nothing about the conjoined grey whale calves. I also noticed that Aljezera's 4 part series on Fukushima is blacked out in the U.S.

  • tsfw tsfw

    I hope they get back to the public on this one and not let it slide like all the rest. They can't pin this one on some yet to be identified virus. I wouldn't be surprised if they come back to inform us that the age of the calves precede the Fuku disaster.

  • cooterboy

    There is a petition that all may enjoin, that is requesting that all of the senators from the Western United States investigate the disaster at Fukushima. Check it out at:


    • socref


      I think our senators have given this its due. Are you sure you want to have our tax dollars wasted in this fashion? What do you think will come out of it? They will most likely have UC Berkeley weigh in. Do you want to go down that road?

      • bf9 EastWind

        From my experiences and efforts to my local congressmen AND governor just the other day, they're perfectly aware of how bad this is and aren't going to do shit about it. Reading between the lines and the wording of the responses, they're not only aware but horrified.

        You could have all 300 million in the country sign it and they wouldn't even so much as acknowledge it. I don't even make enough to pay taxes partially thanks to these very same individuals- I have no stake in that party. But if I really cared about my tax dollars being wasted there's a whole long list of sometimes billion dollar enterprises I would point to first. Ya know…like…maybe…the entire nuclear "industry"? None of us would even need to be here. Not a petition to do a little seawater testing and some investigative work.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Not surprising, here is what NATGEO has to say about the conjoined whales:

    Escuse me while I go outside and set fire to every copy in the house.

  • bo bo

    Thanks tsfw – Here is an except from his/her NATGEO link

    It's Not the Radiation

    For folks concerned that these conjoined gray whale calves are a harbinger of the radiation making its way across the Pacific from the Fukushima power plant in Japan, don't worry. (See"True Facts About Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster.")

    "In the past year or so, when we have marine mammals that strand here in California and we've had the tissues tested for radiation, there's nothing there," said Dines."I'm not going to say it's impossible," he said. "[But] we've looked and looked and looked, [and] we've seen zero evidence of radiation affecting cetaceans."

    "Just because an animal like a whale has twins, doesn't mean it's been subjected to radiation," Dines said. "Humans have twins all the time."

  • tsfw tsfw

    Isn't it funny how they can make such claims without providing any proof and people just accept it, because a certain community told them so. Then they come in here telling us we have no proof. It's just comical when you think about it.