Agents inspect mystery bubbling by another Louisiana salt dome: We found foaming residue… something’s happening — Witness: Lines of bubbles stretched for thousands of feet (VIDEOS)

Published: February 22nd, 2013 at 12:01 pm ET


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The Advocate, February 22, 2013: The state Department of Natural Resources sent field agents to Lake Peigneur in Iberia Parish on Thursday to investigate reports of bubbling at the lake, where natural gas is stored in massive underground caverns scoured out of a large salt dome. Residents in the area have reported sporadic bubbling in the past and have raised concerns that similar bubbling was observed in the Bayou Corne area in northern Assumption Parish before a large sinkhole developed there last year. […] “We found foaming residue on the top,” [DNR spokesman Patrick Courreges] said. “… The foam is the result of something happening.” […] [Resident Nara] Crowley said the latest instance of bubbling seems to have gone on longer than any other episode, with bubbles observed for several hours on Wednesday and on Thursday morning. She said that lines of bubbles stretched for a few thousand feet across the lake. […]

KATC, Feb. 21, 2013:

Watch yesterday’s KLFY broadcast here

Published: February 22nd, 2013 at 12:01 pm ET


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42 comments to Agents inspect mystery bubbling by another Louisiana salt dome: We found foaming residue… something’s happening — Witness: Lines of bubbles stretched for thousands of feet (VIDEOS)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    There is far more to the methane story than anyone wants to fess up to:

    'Methane Deposits Along East Coast Seafloor Becoming Unstable'

    And we may have had two ELE's already on this planet from methane under the Gulf of Mexico seafloor:

    We are all on borrowed time at this point.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      With all the bad news here, I'm going to throw this out, to the Enenews crew and readership that have slogged through all these crisis for the last two years:

      'To Stand for Spirit'

      "What does it mean to be a spiritual hero? It is a bold and audacious idea, but I think that especially in our time, when there are many people looking for ways to step forward and make the world a better place, more and more of us are going to have to be willing to be just that, in order to take responsibility for where it is that we are all going. We're going to have to be willing, in all our imperfection, to be exemplars of what's possible and to stand for Spirit in a disbelieving world.

      When we awaken to the truth and reality of Spirit, we see much more deeply into the nature of who we are and into the nature of reality itself. And it is there that we can discover a fearless courage to live this life for the highest reasons, and be a representative of that deeper and higher reality in this world. I have no doubt that the degree to which any one of us is willing to do that is the degree to which we're going to have a real impact on the future of our evolving consciousness and culture."

      —Andrew Cohen

      There is a good reason most of us are here. We don't always know why, but there is.


    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Thanks for both posts TIS.

      If you follow the line of thinking I was on about 5 am this morning (using comment archive is easiest) I explored the possibility of a combined reaction between heated methane hydrate and salt formations. It is kind of scary when you couple that cycle with the information about gas migration in the Pennsylvania coal mining article I posted 3 or 4 times now. It sounds like BP could have triggered a natural version of fracking. One big difference is that instead of just overpressuring rock formations and forcing silt in the faults, it can also dissolve salts and other soluble compounds with fresh water coming from the methane hydrate. This leaves flow channels in it's wake. We have had a few years now for the gas to migrate underground.

      Another possibility, since you brought up the east coast methane hydrate sublimation, is a global change or fluctuation in underground temperatures. Is it from a cosmic or geologic origin or both? That is to say I am wondering if we are heating from within or without if heating is the case. And It is not limited to US, North America, it is global. So to say BP did it, well they didn't help matters, that is for sure. I don't think they effected the arctic methane deposits with Macondo though.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Lake Peigneur Disaster for those who have never heard of it this is well worth watching.

  • ftlt

    Here is an interesting Methane Tsunami from Gulf

    I always was concerned about the methane hydrates with Deep-Water Horizon… Now, it looks like we may have a BIG problem…

    Fingers crossed…

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Thad, you should read this.

      ftlt, wow, this article spills the beans, lets the cat out of the bag and then opens a can of worms for dessert. Look at all of the resources at the bottom in citations!! I have some more reading to do now, thanks.

      • Thad

        16PENNY, FTLT, ET AL
        Oh I have read and posted on another thread about Mi2g and just what they are. In Spenglish Mi2 is Me too–
        Also posted on that thread about BP/MC-252- that it was impossible for the pressure of the blow-out to reach the other formations–
        also posted the temperature limits in which methane hydrate can form/collect.
        Forget any idea of the water from melting methane hydrates dissolving onshore GoM area salt domes — no hydrates- all the domes are at temps to hot and the deeper into the earth the hotter it gets so none there. Salt — saltdome are good heat conductors — conducting deep geothermal heat up — it would seem the area around saltdomes would be to hot for hydrates to form or collect–

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          you miss the point I was showing you Thad. The Methane Hydrates are deposited in the GOM in very large amounts. I linked that for you. Large deposits were likely melted as the extremely high pressure blowout caused by BP's lack of care and due diligence while drilling in the GOM. Their bore hit a salt dome. You see how all salt domes are hydrocarbon traps I hope after studying the Bayou Corne situation. In order for them to be traps, there MUST be permeable layer(s) leading to pockets of permeable soils underground, hydrocarbon reservoirs or I think you scavengers call it plays (to make it sound fun?). What I am saying is while the blown out well was spewing, it was transferring heat from lower depths, which you are aware of, to layers that had been cold enough for methane hydrate to be held in stable compound.

          As it melts, methane and water were released, not brine. There is no salt in the chemical formula for methane hydrate. As this compound sublimates / melts it increases in volume and/or pressure depending on surrounding pressures, permeability and confinement. This stuff did it's own version of fracking, mother nature style. Then the well was bottom killed. where did the pressure go? wherever it wanted to, that's where. It went the path of least resistance and when it met resistance, it was backed with as much as 100,000 psi. I showed you fracking we do is at 15,000 psi. I think you can figure it out from there.

          • Thad

            16 p
            Is this turning into another pizzing contest–"you scavengers"
            BP well was safely drld. There was no problem until BP set two cement plugs and start displacing.BP had nodified a lab test cement formula and instruxted ot be used. The bottom cement was NOT tested, the middle plug was tested but without definite results. BP then started displacing 1.75 sg drlg fluid with 1.1 sp seawater lowering the hydrostatic pressure in the well– then the cement plugs failed– formation fluids under pressure came up inside the cased well bore to blow -out at the wellhead/ BOPs. No other formation was exposed to the pressure
            BP drld saltdome NO! near yes. "all salt domes are hydrocarbon traps" NO! not traps but creat traps in ajacent formations
            Blow-out pressure/ flow melted hydrates NO! any heated water would have risen/ beem jeted upward woth the blow -out flow. And there is visible evidence that the water in the area was not heated enough to melt hydrates– Remember the ROV vids showing hydrates close to the wellhead– Brine- supposition of hydrates melting and dissolving saltdome- that would be the source of salt.
            "Did it own fracking" NO! the hydrates are not that deep down in the sediment– blow mud bubbles Yes.
            100,000 psi you really need to check the source of information.
            Drlg fluid pumped down the kill well AND ENTERS THE BOTTOM OF THE WILD WELL GOING UP INSIDE COMING OUT AT THE BOPs SEABED SURFACE…The bottoms of the two wells would be within 2 mtrs of each…

            • 16Penny 16Penny

              15,00psi is upper limit used for fracking. BP blowout estimates up to 100,000 psi. It went where it wanted to go.

      • Thad

        16P / FtLt
        Forget Mi2g, want to look at a real scientific source-

        Goto and open 'Gas hydrates assessments, Hydrate stability zone,Sediment thickness' inside you will find —
        1) Geothermal gradient
        2) Thickness of hydrate stability zome
        3) Seabed Temperature
        4) Sediment thickness

        One of the maps shows hydrate stability zone start outside the continental shelf mid slope of drop off– and that is the closes hydeates occur-

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          Here's a picture for you.

          Notice how down at the last diagram it shows exactly how hydrocarbons and water could become pressurized and flow into other layers of geology.

          • Thad

            BkLim's graphics good down to Fig-1g- then he leaves things out to fit his story. The thing left out here is very important– the well bore casing.
            A well is drld in sections the first casing set and cemented. The csng and cmnt at bottom (csng shoe) is pressure tested LOT, leak off test,the pressure value dictates the highest allowable hydrostatic pressure of the drlg fluid in the next section drld. In the next section drld when mud wt approaches LOT again csng is ran through the previous csng, cmtd and LOT tested.This csng within csng withon csng is repeated until total depth reached. Wellbore can have 6 to 10 sectioms. Hole size from 36" to 7.0".
            When a blowout occurs the only formations expose to pressure are those drld below the last csng shoe all other drld formations are behind pressure proof tested steel and cement– oil field cements have compressive strength as high as 88,000 psi.
            You nay be interested in other BKlim articles, BP drld 3 MC-252 wells- 2 secret. The blowout was an intentional BP made it happen depopulation event. The DWH was struck by a blue beam weapon to destroy rig/helipad to prevent crew survival. BP used nuke device to kill well. Then on the other side of the world both the Indonesia and Japanese earthquake/tsunami were manmade de-pop events.— And because of his damning expose'he has to live in hiding because of assissans– three attempts so far.. Really look it up—
            MC-252 was cased bore cmt plugs failed

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      So, looks like the BP macando fiasco is the cause of most of the massive methane problems Louisianna is having. The sinkhole in bayou corne is its own catastrophe. When the sinkhole happened most media tied the two together. The bubbleing in the bayous and the sinkhole. Sure the sinkhole caused bubbleing in the bayous and all around the pad sites and the homes, however there is also a massive methane bubbleing and leaking problem documented all over the southern part of the state. The methane bubbleing is going on way beyond what the sinkhole could possibly affect, 50 miles in various directions and beyond. There are two catastrophes happening at the same time in bayou corne along with a regional methane release catastrophe situation that seems to be getting worse by the day. Old infrastructure of the massive underground pipeline systems are coming into play also. The amount of small eathquakes lately has to have had an impact on the gas transmission lines that may be a contribuitor to additional leaking. All of the salt caverns of napoleonville are at risk of collapse from the ever growing sinkhole. The ground directly above the salt dome has been sinking an inch a year for the last 6 years as where the ground surrounding the saltdome has averaged sinking at 1/4 of an inch a year. Remember that Bayou Corne is only at 3 feet above sea level. New Orleans is actually 8 feet below sea level. Heaven forbid there is ever a tsunami to hit the gulf. BP has really screwed the gulf!

    • Thad

      "mi2g pioneers security practices and techniques for wealth creation and protection"
      search was to check their technical/scientific background or consulting experts.
      Have not a clue where they got their numbers or other pseudo-data(Simmons maybe LOL)
      Total depth for the BP/MC-252 was 18,000' BSL- formation pressure was 13,570 psi–pressure at wellhead was 10,655 psi. And the well was sucessfully drilled. It was after drlg and casing that during "Temporary Abandonment" ops that BP's negligence caused it to blow out. The blow-out was through the cased and cemented bore from the production formation at bottom-no other formation were exposed to the pressure or the oil and gas being blown-out.

      Methane hydrate occur in deep marine sediments — does not mean deep in the sediments but in sediments in deep water and are limited to the upper zone where the temperature is low enough– the deep water is cold but the sediment temperature increases with depth into the sediment.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Thad, unlike you, they put their references right at the bottom of the page. Follow the links. Clickity click on the blue words!

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          Thad, I apologize for getting a bit riled up with my comments. You have every right to your opinion, as do we all. I am offering up information to support this Wild impossible theory to show you that your position is a very biased and logically flawed. I don't think you would have spent 40 years of your life tearing up our planet if you knew you were doing harm. Just like now Texas Brine does not want to stop what they are doing even when evidence of the harm they caused is right under foot. Or it was under foot until it fell into the hole that's gobbling up the bayou.

          I feel like I am trying to dig out a trapped miner, and he is on the other side of the collapse throwing rocks on the pile. Am I to assume that no matter what is presented, you will not consider the facts and revisit your ingrained assumptions to see if they can still pass a truth litmus test? If so I will stop wasting everyone's time by replying and trying. It would be less stressful on me and free up quite a bit of time for more productive activities.

          I have no political ambitions or motivation. I do not own stock. I am neither a republican nor democrat. I am a father, a son, soon to be a husband. I am an American and I share this planet with billions of other people and countless animals, bugs and plants. I can only show my respect for every lifeforms god given right to try to live a good life by being mindful of the consequences of my actions and behaving accordingly.

          • FREEDOMROX

            Very well stated, 16 Penny. Everyone has a right to their current or future paradigms, but it does seem to be rather limiting. I used to argue with Thad as well, yet did not consider that as well as anyone else, that he has a right to his worldview, and I have mine. That one realization has brought me sublime peace.
            That being said, people will defend their views, no matter how outmoded or outdated. Remember, some people still do believe the earth is flat.
            None of this is directed at anyone in particular. I absolutely know for a fact that water infiltration into all salt domes is a reality, yet others will use the "chemical impossibility clause" to try to trump observed and repeatable effects.

            Please read Page 24 of the Weeks Island Report from the DOE To Morton Salt Co..

            I have many such other reports, such as Cote Blanche, where Henry Gas Storage attempted to do the same, Avery Island, and again serious water infiltration routes were noted, and although cemented in both domal work areas;

            "According to the MSHA report, a water leak into the Avery Island mine in Louisiana was plugged by cement. But, 6 months later the water rerouted itself into the mine 200 feet away. This rapid, unpredicted movement of water, according to MSHA, emphasized its concern about the water infiltration at Weeks Island."

            Yet, others argue reality does not exist, and for those, itis best to allow their own opinion. I have.

          • Thad

            Good enough- have it your way. Suppositions were made and I have tried to give factual reason for it not being possible. There is no hydrate on land at any depth in southern Louisiana so that not eating the saltdomes. I think that was where this started. The BP/MC-252 blow out was through a wellbore that was cased with steel casing cemented in place the other formations were not exposed to the blow-out pressure so were not charged to transport gas.
            Mi2g is not a technical or scientific site no way should their information be considered with out verifying. Do not understand why that is so easy to ignore.But that is your choice.
            BP sucessfully drld the well and then their negligence caused blowout was sucessfully killed. Yet you accept-"BP blowout estimates up to 100,000 psi." The drld fluid to drld must maintain a hydrostatic equal to or slightly greater than formation pressure.. For 100,000 psi at 18,000 ft a specific gravity of 12.8 would be required– solid lead has a specific gravity 11.34. And what kind and how nuch overburden would it take to hold that pressure underground– especially when a lot of the overburden is sea water with a spec grav 1.1–BP water depth was 4,980
            You seem to have some math/ engineering background so should be able to do the calculation — and then pls get back to us.

            • FREEDOMROX

              Thad, please allow me to interject. I will not be critical, for it seems several different topics are being dicussed at the same time. If I contributed to that confusion, then I apologize.

              As for methane hydrates, I have a small opinion about that, and that is the effects of a blanket. Over the whole of the continental shelf of the Gulf Coast, Corexit has allowed a blanket of hydrocarbons to layer the upper Gulf along the Continental Shelf. A blanket is nothing more than a reflector of heat from the bowels of the earth. This is a massive amount of heating. The effects? Melting methane Hydrates. Period.

              Will this harm us, I don't know, as I have much confidence in our planet to mitigate any hazard.

              Where I come from is simplistic. Our Earth is an electrical body, and it is passing through the most energetic arm of our galaxy at present. The electrical Birkeland Currents right now are massive, and are affecting our Sun, which in turn affects us. Our core is heating up, due to the electrical energies which fire it. In this manner, I have always been the student to my mentor, Hannes Alfven. We wrote each other when I was very young and long before the internet. His research empirical and lab tested. He was right, and it was a tragedy when we lost him.

              That said, electrical conductivity is a given throughout our planet, and changes liquids to gases, to solids, to ? We don't really know. I have a clue, but only that. I will expand if anyone is interested.

              • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

                Nothing like a disgruntal old haliburton fired employee like Thad to inform you on how to fix everything in Bayou Corne. Funny how no one has offered him a job on fixing things there. Haliburton told him to hit the road. Guess he has no other outlet to express his disgust of his lifelong career of raping the earth, and causing so mush devstation. Hope you find some peace in your new journey assaulting ene commentators.

                • Thad

                  First I'm 70 yrs old, was 67 at time of lay off. Age and salary have very much to do with selection at layoff time. At the end of your working life may you not be so blessed. May you never look for at that age–.
                  The company I work for was Baroid Drlg Fluids, yes bought by Halliburtion Energy Services 12 yr after I went to work for them..
                  I will not stoop down to trade insults or name calling with you. No need, your own mouth has shown what you are and how little that is – much better than anyone else could—
                  In this case no documentation needed.- We take your word for it.

              • Thad

                What is the depth of the outer edge of the GoM Continental Shelf, +/- 450? And wouldn't the on bottom temperature be to high for methane to have form —as would be the sub-buttom temps–?

                • FREEDOMROX

                  Actually the answer to that is No, Sir. Because Methane Hydrates are further below in the sedimentary layer at close to 1000 ft. I posted that scientific report here months ago, have to look it up again, sorry.

                  I am not attacking you, and please don't think I am. Actually trying to be peacemaker here, (imagine my chagrin), but I can honestly say that any type of blanket works the same way and traps heat, agreed?

                  I don't care if you are 2500 ft. down…put a blanket over it, and it will trap heat. That is physics 101. Not a hard concept to grasp and there are volcanic vents in the GOM, proven to exist. Hopefully we are agreed on that one point, sir?

              • Thad

                USGS charts showing thickness of hydrate stability zones in the GoM


                'MC' in MC-252 stands for 'Mississippi Canyon"

                • FREEDOMROX

                  I know the names of every tract down there, so your point? Try to look up Mississippi River Canyon 296, and see what you find. This is the true blow out, and not MC 252.

                  I have even later studies than that posted above, and they admit they are off, yet your OWN MAP presented here shows 0-400 ft. I agree.

                  Good Work, and thanks for proving my point for me. Thad…you are becoming quite the researcher, and let me be the first to say I am proud of you, sir. You now make references to back up your arguments, and no matter how it turns out, shows a profound change in you.

                  I am proud to call you friend.

                  • Thad

                    Cold is the birth and heat is the death of methane hydrate. They can only form, collect and exist in very specific and limited temperature range — from where the seabed is cold enough down to where the geothermal warming raises formation temperature totoo high–GHSZ—
                    16 penny posted Wiki- article documenting GHSZ, and I have posted a USGS/ WoodsHole map showing where they occur in the GoM
                    MC-252 vs MC-296 so everybody involvee in the MC-252 event were either lairs or fooled- victims of a grand conspiracy–nut which is the conspiracy 252 or 296-?

        • Thad

          16 P Yeah right I'll remember — may want to pass the word to this guy
          "Ok, please let me bounce this off you. Was the Macondo well along the flank of a salt dome? And I know you think the Methane hydrates fell out of solution as you stated earlier, but the USGS seems to be sure there are large deposits under the sedimentary ocean floor. (see map in link, note yellow indicates salt formations.)


          "Here, the methane is isotopically light (δ13C < -60‰) which indicates that it is derived from the microbial reduction of CO2. The clathrates in these deep deposits are thought to have formed in situ from the microbially produced methane"

          My wacky hypothesis:"

  • Beyond Zero Point

    Time Is Short
    For a moment there you took me off this third stone from the sun, "When we awaken to the truth and reality of Spirit". That is the highest of my heart's longing for humanity. If only… Thank you, for your off topic post, enlightenment is so refreshing!

    • Anthony Anthony

      Fukushima provokes me with a surge in desire to explore and evolve my personal spirituality. There is so much untruth that I MUST know what it is that I stand for to keep sane and balanced. In doing so my impulse was strongly to move past earth if possible. Then as I speak of having an open mind, I found the following link, which if heard in its entirety, seems to suggest my spiritual quest is off target as the goal would be to heal. And to do it together. That like-souls will gather with what it takes to solve the real issues while they collectively learn to forgive those who transgressed. If you listen to the video, it almost verbalizes what I think the combined visions and energies of this blog harnesses everyday. Nevertheless, you will find this video to be about everything you are talking about, and probably more.

      Galactic Federation of Light Ascended Masters February-21-2013

  • EX-pose-the-fakes

    🙂 Some Stellar folks here…whats off topic anyway at this point? Seems like possible last moments to have these luxuries. Gratitude and purity – indeed

  • ftlt

    There is some thinking that global warming may be adding stress to the fault lines on the planet through thermal expansion… Add to this methane hydrates melting and adding more stress..


    Here is one on permafrost melt… And even more methane and carbon for the global temperature to rise with…

    A fine soup we are brewing huh???


    Disturbing issues with the corn situation… way worse than could imagine.

    FaceBook site has full details and such.. but the photos I have here alone…

  • Thad

    FreedomRox the map shows GHSZ starting at 400 MTRS

    After several searches all I could find MC-296 was date 2004
    "Newfield Exploration Co. posted its first deepwater discovery with the Rigel prospect in Mississippi Canyon 296 in 5,200 ft (1,586 m) of water. Operator Dominion Exploration & Production Inc. drilled the Mississippi Canyon 296 #1 well to 16,200 ft (4,941 m) and reached 140 ft (42 m) of gross gas pay in the Rob E zone. Work at the project has been suspended for evaluation since the well has potential production from a shallower interval as well."

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    ‘m very surprised at how many people know exactly what the will find at 5km below their feet. It seems to me that in nature a scorpion knows exactly when it fractionates below your skin that you will start sweating, experience discomfort and your heart will
    be affected badly. Also the mosquito, bee, wasp etc to use as an example. The Atachalfalaya , Cris , Big Hum acts as the veins.