Air Filter Friday: Radioactivity at 300% of normal background in Los Angeles-area dust — 350 CPM in St. Louis-area Ionic Breeze (VIDEOS)

Published: November 18th, 2011 at 5:57 pm ET


Some food for thought on this Friday evening in North America:

RADIOACTIVE Los Angeles AIR 11-16-11 – YouTube

Note: Los Angeles-based Enviroreporter says at 15:00 in, “Los Angeles… which has received some of the lowest overt fallout in the US and Canada”

11/18/2011 — ☢ 349.5 CPM — Airborne particulates — St. Louis Missouri USA ☢ – YouTube

h/t TG


Published: November 18th, 2011 at 5:57 pm ET


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67 comments to Air Filter Friday: Radioactivity at 300% of normal background in Los Angeles-area dust — 350 CPM in St. Louis-area Ionic Breeze (VIDEOS)

  • Dr. McCoy

    The doctor lives in LA and is pissed.

  • Ariana

    After watching that docudrama on chernobyl, I am twice as paranoid that things are much worse over there than we know. How else could rad level be 300% above normal in LA? Those rat bastards.

  • fuckyoushima

    ah shit.

  • Bobby1

    Moral: Filter your air if at all possible. This ain’t going away for a long time.

  • nohobear nohobear

    I live in LA, and I’m more or less resigned to an early death from cancer, though I don’t smoke and try to eat healthier than the average American diet. I’ll keep up on my antioxidants and fresh veggies (hold the mushrooms). I hope I beat the odds, because I want to live to see the bastards that foisted this nuclear poison on us brought to justice. And those that continue to cover it up.

    Several of my clients have had babies in the past few months. When the young parents bring them into the office for the first time, it’s all I can do to keep from crying. For the innocent people of Japan, words can not express the fear I have for what I think awaits them. And yes, I think it’s much worse than even we here at enenews have been speculating.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Heartfelt comment nohobear.

    • datura17

      i feel very much the same.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello NHB,

      You said:

      “I’m more or less resigned to an early death from cancer, though I don’t smoke and try to eat healthier than the average American diet. I’ll keep up on my antioxidants and fresh veggies (hold the mushrooms). I hope I beat the odds, because I want to live to see the bastards that foisted this nuclear poison on us brought to justice. And those that continue to cover it up.”

      I sort of feel the same.

      We live in a high count area and there seems to be no place to go that is any more secure or any safer. If you look at this map, you can see the areas that radon is a problem.
      (right click to rotate clockwise)

      This is only adding to the readings we are getting, and they are on the rise as these things boil away into the atmosphere in fukushima and elsewhere. Human life is no longer of consequence to those who know what is coming. As time will probably progress, we will see the readings get worse, and then some day, no one will even care.

      We continue to pray for a dying nation.

  • alasanon

    It’s pretty bad here on the East Coast now. No let up! We’ve been trying to compete with L.A. and take the brunt of the Stream for weeks on end- heavy rain, too.

    Truthfully, I didn’t notice the “problem” much, other than a few times in the spring, until late October. I think the concentration and duration of exposure out East is getting worse. 🙁

    I can’t believe Japan is burning nuclear waste!..TXS A LOT.
    There should be international laws to end this!!!

    • alasanon

      I saw where a independent guy measured his highest reading ever in MD in the past couple of days, during the rains!…. :-X

      Be ready, Europe!

    • The burning this nuclear waste may be a partial cover for the radiations in the air from Fuka reactor’s remnant’s thrown across the area in fission, SFP fission and melt-through/3 maybe more China Syndromes !

  • alasanon

    I love Enviroreporter’s work here, but I wonder what he means by saying that L.A./SoCal has been getting some of the lowest readings in North America? I thought the whole West Coast was racking up measurements early on, pretty consistently? EPA Water looked bad and L.A. was positive for a little Uranium, Plutonium, Cesiums, Strontium from early on… Correct me if I’m wrong?

    • Dr. McCoy

      I think the low amount of rain that we get in our fair city may have something to do with it.

      • alasanon

        Thanks–I didn’t know what he was referring to? LA had isotopes like the rest of CA cities to my mind. FL seems to be doing pretty well lately!

        • alasanon

          Some places truly had nothing for months in U.S. EPA tests. L.A. or Albuquerque were probably some of the best in the far west.

  • jdotg

    Im not a scientist and neither is this guy. Although alarming i dont think its as high as he states. And here is why. Im thinking that these tests are slightly skewed. Air filters suck in the air. Catching particles within the paper or on the charged metallic strip. Thus concentrating whatever is in the air from repeatedly pulling the air through and capturing it in one area. If you then gather the dust from the paper, or rub a paper towel along the metallic strip, you concentrate it even further. As a person you wont be in continuous contact with every particle in a given room.

    Still goes to show its their and higher then usual though..

    • lam335 lam335

      You make good points. I just want to point out, however, that our lungs “suck in air” too. I think Arnie Gundersen said the average person breaths in 10 cubic meters of air per day (and the guy in MO said he only ran the filter for about 45 minutes to 1 hour to collect the sample). Perhaps our lungs don’t take in quite as much as much as the continuous air filter, but, depending on what kinds of particles it is, it doesn’t take much inside of the lungs to do serious long-term harm.

    • Jebus Jebus

      An Ionic Breeze does not have a fan to pull in air across the electrostatic plates, so that assumption is incorrect.
      It does produce lots of Ozone though. I am still studying this method of “catching” particles from the air.

      • jdotg

        From your link, looks like you no longer have to study.

        “This efficient electrostatic air cleaner traps airborne irritants, allergens and pollutants on stainless steel collection blades, so there are no filters to replace, ever! The only maintenance is to occasionally slide out the blades and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.”

        If you do, well think of static cling then.

        And regardless of how it comes in contact, collection of materials in the paper in the filter, or on the metallic strip is happening. Obviously. I may be misunderstanding you here though, and if so apologies. But are you trying to say that his ionic breeze doesnt capture particles in the air?

        Clearly the video demonstrates this. Either way, im aware his air ionizer, doesnt have a fan, and is a waste of money and electricity. Studies have shown they are a load of crap and do next to nothing to clean your air, probably causing more harm actually with the generation of O3

      • Tanuki San

        Do you remember the video where Arnie Gunderson called hot particles “fuel fleas”? He said scientists called them that because they “jump” to a charged surface. I don’t remember what date of the video was, I think it was before last July.

  • lam335 lam335

    What is going on is St. Louis, MO? What’s causing the sparking on the filter plate? And why are the levels so insanely high–they’re way worse than California’s.

    I live in northern Indiana, which is not that far away from him. I checked Radnet (Indianapolis & Toledo, b/c Fort Wayne hasn’t been updated for two days) before going out and their numbers were in the normal range. But St. Louis, MO, is just on the other side of Illinois, so Indiana must be getting that stuff too. I would never have gone out today if this video had been posted before–evidently Radnet cannot be trusted at all.

    It is outrageous that this is happening in 2011 in one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet, and yet citizens are not given any reliable information regarding the dangers in the air.

  • Blown Camaro

    I have been eating cough drops for months to try to help this chronic sore throat. I get very tired and have to lie down to get my energy back. I have about 50% strength of what I used to. Is it the radiation?

    • Could be…lots of remedies for rad exposure and fatigue on the combat radiation exposure thread. I highly recommend everyone go there and figure out your protocols … no joke this is a long haul. My heart to Japan and everyone

    • alasanon

      Modified citrus pectin is really helpful & can be found online or at most health food stores. And you can wear a mask/respirator! (N95 or activated carbon filter seem to be recommended) I experimented on whether a mask could stop my throat irritation back during a few bad days. It did, completely. You can detox to an extent, but it’s even better to avoid ingestion in the first place-?

      • alasanon

        By the way, where are you, Blown Camaro? It’s always mice getting a head’s up!! 😉

        • alasanon

          Nice, that is! We should have chain warnings here. I’m here to warn Europe that this last wave off the Atlantic is gonna getcha!

          • alasanon

            …although we took a hit to spare you! 😛

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            We have been warning everyone downwind since March 11, 2011 but what we were shocked to find in those few waning days was that the readings in some parts of the country were already really high and something was causing that. Like, extremely over 900 CPM readings high in some places and probably, ongoing still. That info has long since been covered up. Well, not entirely:


            The radiation that was being measured in LA was low according to the measurements of the time after March 11, 2011 barring the waves that came and caused large upticks. What was noticed was that the radnet readings were being fixed to show lower measurements all over the country AFTER the disaster, and then of course, many were just taken down. They changed that system three times since fukushima to doctor up the results. What a waste of time and money the epa is.

            Now that the southerlies are not pushing the jet stream up anymore, it is bearing down in the winter time. There will be waves of higher readings as hopefully Michael Collins can show. He was invited him to join us and comment on the rad reporting thread. MC has more experience than many of us and can be a good informative contribution if he choose to share his info.

            When the contaminated waters, debris, and critters and things get there, times will change fast as it is slowly dragged onto shores and transported around in LA.

            Stay tuned folks, it is only getting worse and worse as time passes. It is most probably worse than anyone even knows.

            • WindorSolarPlease

              Hi James Tekton

              Quote: It is most probably worse than anyone even knows.

              I think you are absolutely right..

  • jec jec

    The color of the “plasma” is interesting. Note the PINK color around the reactors in Fukushima on some days. Is is possible its the same cause? Ionized particles? Any scientists out there with theories? The pink haze or “purple plazma” there a similar relationship?

  • xstatic

    thank all of you kind souls who helped me and my family get ready for this.
    i recommended everyone i know to this site to see just how bad things are all over the world. is the best!

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    All those hot particles traveling through the air is very alarming. This is going to cripple the west coast once the debris washes up to bring additional troubles on top of our already dire situation. The entire world is getting the new fission particles from the plant as well. The worst environmental disaster since the ice age killed the dinosaurs and we’re worried about who Herman Cain allegedly attempted to grope 12 years ago in a limo with a white lady. Our chances on beating the rads? Not looking so much in our favor.

    • alasanon

      I hear you. I’ve got some wacky back-up plans, which are actually coming together, fortuitously. I intend to get through this, although sometimes it just leaves me STUNNED by the magnitude…
      Thanks to everyone here for putting up with my random postings. It is great just to hear what other people are thinking about this. I say always do your best and have faith! Whether this has a direct bearing, I’m not sure, but I pretty much have no concerns when I consider my faith in this situation.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Anyone have any thoughts on the coming winter and snow accumulation? It will be hard to keep the kids out of the snow.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      I’m in Illinois

    • jdotg

      Dont eat it. Other than that what can you do?

      • Inform other parents of the fuku situation and if possible ban together, or go solo, to request your children not be allowed outside in the rain and snow at school. Share the link with all you are able to. Keep kids in doors as much as possible. I know a few young ones who are told in a regrettable tone that it is sad, but the rain and snow have now been poisoned by the on going nuclear meltdowns in fuku and it is no longer ok to actively enjoy these weathers. That time has since passed. Show them the explosions from march and other info they are mature enough to absorb. They will understand. They are going to have to.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      So far,

      It has not been much of a winter at all here. We still have grass growing and some things still clinging to life in the garden at a time of the year when everything should have been dead and frozen and possibly covered with snow by now.

      So to answer your question, there may not be a lot of precipitation this year. Last year it was short also. We live in an area that pays big dollars for the fake snow, and after the report below about chemtrailing yesterday out west, that tells us it will try to snow or rain in the next 24-48 hours.

      They are having a hard time Geo-engineering because of the intense activity of the Sun. With planet X coming from below, it is causing a lot of abnormal activity everywhere, and especially here on earth.

      Things are not normal anymore and they are going to change in ways people can not even imagine now. All you can do is to prepare the best you can and be living in the fullness of what every day offers…one day at a time.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        It is trying to snow or rain tonight and did a little last night.


      • truthseek truthseek

        Wow James, your on a roll, many things tied into one post, many which completely resonate with me.

        “Things are not normal anymore and they are going to change in ways people can not even imagine now. All you can do is to prepare the best you can and be living in the fullness of what every day offers…one day at a time.”

        Human beings will be tasked to call upon (physic *paranormal* sensory) faculties as of yet untapped for so many, a higher functioning awareness which is not a part of most peoples make up.

        Globally – societally, people are grossly unprepared… for that which is unfolding.

    • Bobby1

      Try to not track the snow into your home. That also goes for the mud that appears after it melts. Keep the area by the door mopped and cleaned. It dries up and becomes ambient dust.

      • lam335 lam335

        Does anyone know of any actual sources (webpages, articles, etc.) that say radiation concentrates more heavily in snow than rain? I tried to find one and could only find a brief news clip from March about the fact that it was snowing in Japan. I think it might be easier to persuade skeptical relatives/friends if we could show them other credible sources that also say this. When I say this, they just dismiss it, but if a more “expert” source said it, perhaps they’d start to pay attention. (Our family has three one year-olds who will probably notice snow for the first time this winter).

        • Bobby1

          I posted a scientific article a few months ago about this. Unfortunately it got lost in the sea of pdf’s I have. Snow is 5 times as radioactive as rain.

        • Bobby1

          here it is:

          Snow scavenges aerosols as much a five times as efficiently as raindrops. Aerosols are particles suspended in air. They can be radioactive as well as nonradioactive.

          • Thanks b1. Been waiting for that info to resurface. High aLtitude rocky mountains…snow today here.

          • lam335 lam335

            Thanks. I’ll show this to my relatives (though I fear they are unpersuadable).

            • Bobby1

              It’s the big fluffy flakes that scavenge the most material from the air. The picture-postcard Currier & Ives snowfalls. Big flakes lazily falling down like feather dusters.

              The good thing is that it cleans the air out. The bad thing is that the toxic particles end up on your shoes, in the soil, in the water supply.

          • voltscommissar

            Bobby1 said: “Snow scavenges aerosols as much a five times as efficiently as raindrops. Aerosols are particles suspended in air.”

            When you look at the beauty in pictures of snowflakes, it sort of makes sense, especially thinking of the surface area, and how long the flakes float around before reaching the ground.

            So PLEASE can we persuade some climate scientists to analyse relevant ice core samples from the Arctic or Greenland, and tell us the truth about what the real NATURAL background radiation was before 1945? I will try to relocate a link to UNSCEAR report No. 92 or 93 which was quoted as estimating pre-1945 average global background as only 1mSv per year. Pre-FUKU it was already 2.5 or more in the northern hemisphere. “Make my day: anyone fancy a cancer epidemic?”

            One warning about rain and snow. As far as I can figure it out, natural radon gas is constantly being released into the air from the Earth’s crust. It is apparently long-lived and carries no charge, but when it decays, most of the daughter products are charged and they have a very short half-life, maybe only hours. So IF the snow has lots of really short half-life nuclides, most of it might be totally natural, coming from radon. So we need to pay some independent experts with an expensive radiation spectrometer to PROVE or DISPROVE that:

            (a) the radioactivity of fresh snow decays rapidly;

            (b) the radioactive profile in that snow is “X” percent from the daughter products of natural radon, and “Y” percent from man-made nuclear pollution, and X+Y equals nearly 100%

            (c) whatever residual radioactivity is left in the snow after a month shows that there is “N” times greater radioactivity than the radioactivity in “old” snow from Greenland (deposited in snow-pack before 1945), AND that this radiation is proven by the spectrometer to be ALL from man-made toxic nuclear pollution.

            • voltscommissar

              Calculations would be complex to allow for decay occurring over 66+ years, but in theory we can calculate the nuclide profile that would have been in the 1945 snow if we could go back in a time machine and pop it in our expensive radiation spectrometer.

              QED, but we just have to get Arnie’s air-filter analyst friend to do the tests, and obtain the right samples of pre-WW2 snow-pack from Greenland or the Arctic. There is megatonnes of such snow-pack that has not melted yet, so it should not be too difficult to obtain a pound/kilogram or two.

            • voltscommissar

              BUMMER. we will also need INDEPENDENT experts to calculate how much the so-called “natural” radon levels now present in our atmophere are due to the accelerated release of radon gas from all the world’s uranium mines.

              “curiouser and curiouser, said Alice” 🙁

          • Anthony Anthony

            I guess ironically the snow quickens the fallout process, which normally would be beneficial. You’d think its better to see the airborne radioactive floaters brought down but in our case unfortunately there is the.continuous new emmissions re-polluting the air.

            Guess we’ll never have clean(‘ish) air again?

  • starspire starspire

    I live just North of L.A., and I can totally tell the difference in the air. When the meltdown started, I was smoking one cigarette a day. My throat really hurt, so I stopped in August. My throat hurst worse now. Yesterday they were chem-trailing the hell out of the air. Check out my photos on Facebook: Mypink Moment


  • All three air filters were in the same room !!!
    Should all samples be combined as one ?
    What are the outside levels ???????

    The volume of air that each machine takes in may be different in cu. ft. per. min. so the readings would suggest this !

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      It appeared to me that in the DutchSense video he was placing the Inspector directly on the paper towel. Wouldn’t that have contaminated the instrument? He had already made one test when he decided to make the video. I would be doubtful of his results under those circumstances.

      The other test was made holding the instrument above the dust collected (as best I could tell). However, I’m sure he/she did not hold that Inspector just above the dust for 10 minutes! So, again, I’m suspicious of the result.

      Where is sickputer when we need him?

      • “video he was placing the Inspector directly on the paper towel. Would’t that have contaminated the instrument?”

        It was the only test he did and showed no readings before on all pieces of test, doesn’t matter if he laid it on can be cleaned later, other video the 3 plates subject’s may have produced slightly higher had he laid on them, but to keep test clean and uniform he kept it above each subject !

        synopsis: highly in field of concern/alert as he says !

  • Cindy

    Stay out of the rain you say… over 70,000 homes on the Big Island of Hawaii are on rain catchment …

    The rain water is our only water … we’re screwed …

  • ALERT Level no doubt! Amazing. Excellent videos with commentary. This is indisputable folks. Our EPA/Government/Academic ‘experts’ are NOT doing their jobs.

    We’re taking and have been taking a bombardment of radioactive contaminated particles for over 8 months now with no end in sight.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I was in Los Angeles over the weekend and there was a terrific downpour (which is not considered unusual for this time of year.) I assume I got a fair dose of radiation in the food, though the torrents probably washed a good deal of the radiation out of the air. I didn’t take any special precautions other than to use an umbrella. Frankly it is too late to do anything now.