“Very high concentrations” of hot particles in Pacific NW during April, May — Includes plutonium and americium (AUDIO)

Published: June 29th, 2011 at 6:11 pm ET


Arnold Gundersen with the latest on the Fukushima meltdowns, Interview by Helen Caldicott, June 17, 2011:

At 5:20 in

The air over Seattle was loaded with hot particles, as it was over Tokyo, in April and May.

At 6:10 in

Hot particles have made their way across the Pacific, and at least the data for the Pacific NW indicates very high concentrations, the average person in Tokyo breathed about 10 hot particles a day, and the average person in Seattle breathed in 6.

Despite the ocean in between there wasn’t really much difference.

We’re seeing plutonium and americium… strontium and cesium.

Listen to the broadcast here.

h/t Jukka Tuisku

From June 7: Nowhere to Run: Hot radioactive particles in Seattle at 50 percent of levels seen in Tokyo — Latches onto lung tissue (VIDEO)

Published: June 29th, 2011 at 6:11 pm ET


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69 comments to “Very high concentrations” of hot particles in Pacific NW during April, May — Includes plutonium and americium (AUDIO)

  • irradiated californian

    wasn’t this posted already?

  • Cindy

    Now it is a proven fact, as there is evidence in automobile air filters.

    I’m very concerned if we had this in Hawaii also ?

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      HawaiiNewsDaily.com has a detector on Kauai which is only 3500 miles from Japan.

      One rad test might be to measure the air filter of a Kauai car that has not been used since 3-11, and has been indoors (a 2nd car in someone’s garage or in a repair facility, or an impounded car), and compare that to the filter on a car driven heavily during the same period.

      A similar comparison test could be done on a frequently used air-conditioning filter vs. one not used (in an unoccupied home for sale, or business closed prior to 3-11).

      When I find time I will suggest to HND that they have an unusual chance to do some before/after 3-11 readings, which done correctly. could reveal what rad increases have occurred.

      Doing the same comparisons on the u.s. west coast could provide confirmation of any post 3-11 Kauai increases, perhaps on a reduced level at the increased distance of 5451 miles (LA).

      Of course the federal agency cabals such as epa (these wasteful, self-aggrandizing corruptions don’t deserve caps) will bust a gut when they hear crowd-sourced or civilian detection comparisons such as suggested above are being done and being widely publicized, if gutless wonders such as themselves can develop such a problem.

      • hikerchick

        Oh Nooo!! I thought I clicked on the ‘reply’ button and it was the ‘report comment’ one!! So sorry…

        My reply is that I like your test guidelines and hope it happens and we actually told the truth about results.

        Not holding my breathe…

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Ground readings are high because of rainwater contamination. Comparison could be made of soil that has remained dry under a barn or structure built during February, vs. soil just outside the new building exposed to post-3/11 rain, and maybe even between shoes used in the rains post 3/11, versus shoes that were used in the rain pre-Fuku, but have been indoors since 3/11.

          Maybe post-Fuku exposed/non-exposed metal items will also show the rad increase.

          There are probably many items or places where the post-Fuku contamination can be found, hiding in plain sight.

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            Other ‘control’ items exposed to groundwater or rain but removed from outdoor service in February (or before) and taken inside or out of exposure to rain: car and other vehicle tires (many have metal belts), doormats, lawnmowers, other metal objects – fence posts, drainage grates, metal farm implements.

            Air filters on commercial and industrial buildings might give more surprising readings than car air filters, and could perhaps be compared to similiar filters still in use in west coast buildings.

            The answere is probably hiding in plain sight. Where are the anti-nuke research interests?

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            The highest cubic feet/minute air-flow may be through commercial jet engines. I don’t think they have filters, but I’ll bet the impellers (or some other metal engine component) on planes used only on the Hawaii-Tokyo route post 3/11 would show readings a ton higher than on identical plane-impellers used only on Atlantic or European routes.

            Just guessing.

  • FML

    6 “hot particles” now, not 5.

  • Ariana

    They have said this already…why are they posting it again? I am sure it isn’t an absence of bad news…

    • admin


      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Yes, and other heavy elements.

      • … Abstract
        Following the seizure of 10 ounces of plutonium at the Munich airport in August 1994, some press accounts stated that terrorists could kill “hundreds of thousands of people” by introducing plutonium into a municipal water supply. In response to such incorrect and misleading statements, we describe the acute and long-term health effects that can arise from ingesting or inhaling various amounts of plutonium. Our estimates indicate that plutonium introduced into drinking water supplies would produce a radiation dose much less than normal background, and could kill only a very few people (by inducing cancers that might take years to appear). We also estimate the (considerably greater) risks associated with the inhalation of plutonium, clarifying press claims that “a tiny speck … can cause lung cancer.” We estimate the number of people that might die of cancer if terrorists were to introduce plutonium into the atmosphere in a large city. …

  • hellomojo

    Cindy,I live on kauai. I was and have been smelling a strange burn/metal odour .hard to explain. Also a strange taste in mouth. Always early morning. People here have stomach aches nausea.dr.s tell them its a virus going around

    • alasanon

      Do you think someone would really take a hit with a short vacation (2 weeks)? I can’t talk my friends out of their trip to Maui..:(

      • alasanon

        I guess it depends on the individual, but I’m concerned!

      • SteveMT

        As one gets closer to the source, the risk increases of ingestion, inhalation, or absorption. Once inside someone, the clock starts ticking. From that point onward, everyone has a different countdown to cancer.

    • radegan

      Hate to hear that, my nephew lives in Kapaa.

      • alasanon

        There was a great health protocol in comments here just a couple weeks ago –a heavy duty version!–for those living in Pacific area/West Coast/Japan!!! I wish I could post it now, but have lost my bookmarks, oddly…

        That intense natural health preventive protocol would be valuable for everyone downwind, which is becoming just about everyone at the rate this is going!..

        Here is a good summary from someone based in Hawaii:

        Now to get a few people to read & take heed!~

    • Jebus Jebus

      Cindy,I live on kauai. I was and have been smelling a strange burn/metal odour .hard to explain. Also a strange taste in mouth. Always early morning

      I live and work just NW of Portland, OR and this describes exactly some mornings here…In fact Monday it was really bad most of the day…

      I service equipment at work and I have directed my employees to NOT blow out or clean air filters, discard them…

      • Jebus Jebus

        Obviously quote tags don’t work either here…

      • ocifferdave

        ur a good boss

      • Novamind

        @Jebus Our locations are very close, and you might consider NOSH 95 masks and disposible gloves when servicing air filters.
        Did you tell your employees why in relation to the air filters? If you did what was their responce?
        I notice the taste more than the smell.

        • Jebus Jebus

          I have been ranting, showing my coworkers this site, discussing with anyone who will listen. I have managed to open the eyes of some but sadly not everyone wants to have their perfect little world shaken to the core! (excuse the term)
          The saddest part, as I posted a while back that I am soon to be a grandpa (september) I could not initiate a conversation with my daughter, she shot me down right away and I did not want to stress her.
          I say that with tears and I am the most pissed off grandpa on this planet right now…

    • Cindy

      My kids were not feeling well in April, sore throats, tiredness, Etc…

      Now I’m worried as hell, when i hear about the ‘Hot Particles ‘ in Seattle.

      We live on the Big Island , and are living on rain catchment, however we drink ‘County Water’.

      I thought the metal taste was the Vog …

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      mojo: Kauai at 3500 miles from Fuku may be the leading indicator of what is headed to the us west coast, 5451 miles away (LA).

      You or your concerned local friends have the proximity to the HawaiiNewsDaily.com people and could discuss with them the opportunity they have to do some before/after 3-11 comparison testing as I suggested above at 7:08 pm, determining your own increased 3 month rad levels, and what may be headed east.

      Let’s find out, report the increases, and rattle the federal agency cage.

    • If nothing else, start taking some iodine supplement. I actually found some at my local ‘health food store’ (though it’s really a supplement store, called Super Supplements) and some days I take a small bit extra, if my intuition says so. They would be near thyroid type supplements.

      I have a liquid organic iodine, and I also found a Potassium plus Iodine supplement by NOW, and take 1 or the other generally every morning.

  • hellomojo

    Ask others. Had those taste/smell when the #s were around 70s. Alot people just aren’t saying much.

  • chemfood chemfood

    this grateful place has both live feeds side by side with a real time chat for those who are interested. lots of other great info to be found on home page if you click on the dashed white house pic. weather, current news, etc. happy reality check everybody !


  • fuckyoushima

    how many hot particles need to be inhaled to produce a lesion?

    a cancer?

    does this information even exist?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Google came up with this. Not an answer
      Fuel fleas can be very dangerous if they become embedded within a person’s body, but are generally not considered more dangerous than an equal amount of radioactive material evenly distributed throughout the body.[1] An exception would be if the flea was embedded in a particularly vulnerable organ, such as the cornea of the eye, inhaled into the lungs.[2][3][4]

    • larry-andrew-nils

      i hear that eating well is a good way to stay strong against them.

      tincture de-marijuana will become popular now as it has been proven by rick simpson to cure cancer.

      but you have to eat the oil, not smoke it…
      and you have to eat 2 ounces of oil in 2 months in order to totally cure it… and that takes at least one pound of high grade marijuana to make the 2 ounces…

      and that could be very expensive, depending on your location.

      and it’s illegal in most places without a claim-of-right.


      • Whoopie Whoopie

        That’s interesting. I wouldn’t know where to get Pot, let alone Oil. Thanks for that bit of info though. Very interesting.

  • Cindy

    Maybe I should send my car airfilter to Arnie, and the Hepa filter on the Vaccuume..

  • hellomojo

    Was there actually vog at the time in a higher consentration?

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Metallic taste in San Francisco late March, early April.

    Evil “stomach flu” April 8-9.

    Red areas on skin that are flat that look just like burns but are itchy instead of painful, they don’t heal:
    2 in May
    11 in June

    Dermatologist gave me steroid cream.

    Found this:
    “How Radiation Affects Your Skin

    Many years ago, radiation therapy often caused significant damage to the skin. Sometimes the skin would ulcerate and a scar was formed when it healed. (Occasionally these open sores didn’t heal.)…Some people, particularly those who are fair skinned, may see some reddening of the skin, especially when higher doses are used. The skin on the neck, for example, will often become inflamed. A small raw area may be produced, particularly in places where the skin rubs together — under the arms, in the folds between the thighs, the buttocks, and beneath the breasts…”

  • Dr Thorndyke

    We should all be LIVID about this! Absolutely nothing was done to prepare people to take precautions. Inhaled Americium, Strontium and Plutonium!? While teleprompter in chief assured us that there was NOTHING to worry about and scooted the whole family to the southern hemisphere? EPA turned their back on us. LIVID!

  • hellomojo

    Why are the doctors so hush bush. A smart Pharmist knows with fear in his eyes

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Thank You, Admin, for continuing to post updates
    which, to some protesting folks, seem redundant.
    I for one feel this was really needed,
    a reminder, irradiated Cali, and Ariana…
    Sorry to sound scolding, but Learning is enhanced by
    Repetition of important material, to ideally well-set
    the vital information into
    memory. I for one Say
    THIS HOT PARTICLE THREAD is vitally important NOW.
    Everybody, please, do you hear me?
    Do You Know anybody going to the RAINBOW Gathering?
    All these young, uninformed, hippy-dippy dreadlock
    folks are jamming into Skookum Meadow,
    famous for Bigfoot activity,
    eleven miles from Mount St. Helens,
    Still very wet and marshy in the meadows,
    still snowy mounds under the higher shady trees.
    I have attended 5 gatherings since ’79 AZ,
    ignored the Taos gathering when I lived within thirty miles of it. I don’t know if I’d subject my old ornery self
    to the Federal harassment these days. But Really,
    anyone know of any silly Rainbow folks going to Camp
    and EXPOSE themselves to lots of surface water,
    firewood handling, firewood smoke, firewood cooked
    smoky food, herbal teas…?

    • blackmoon

      I agree. This board is attracting new members every day, so a lot of this is new info to them.

  • alasanon

    There was a great health protocol in comments here just a couple weeks ago –a heavy duty version!–for those living in Pacific area/West Coast/Japan!!! I wish I could post it now, but have lost my bookmarks, oddly…

    That intense natural health preventive protocol would be valuable for everyone downwind, which is becoming just about everyone at the rate this is going!..

    Here is a good summary from someone based in Hawaii:

    Now to get a few people to read & take heed!~

    FYI, borrowing from a lot of these remedies here and there has totally reversed any symptoms I’ve had! But, total avoidance is the best deal…

  • hellomojo

    Never thought I would say this off- island .the miitary base(nukes we’re sure) on other isle side do some radical stuff sometimes. Underneath this paradise veneer we know we are the first line of defence for the west coast. New highways concrete for tanks etc. 50/50 chance I thought might be them, smell taste etc.

  • beamofthewave

    I live in the PNW and I have sent my 12 year old daughter to stay with family in Georgia. My question is should I bring her back here or let her stay in southern Georgia for the next three years until I can join her then?

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Kind of depends on what happens in Los Alamos and even Nebraska. I think they’ve pretty much screwed it all up. All the food thats supposed to be good for you is radiated, fresh air is full of hot particles, waters bad. Its a good thing Twinkies have a 40 year shelf life or we’d all starve.

    • alasanon

      GA is a lot safer…lower East coast is not so bad yet, per EPA tests…but, the Gulf & well inland did get blitzed last year. Sadly, I had been buying only CA produce after BP Deepwater/Corexit went off the deep end–Now, so much for that! The vegetation here looks much better this year. The farmers’ markets have great yields and I don’t think Corexit has a 40 year half-life??… Even the EURAD plume models showed the lower S.E. U.S. as not having cesium deposition before they closed shop.
      Unusual events call for unusual plans!~

      p.s. The cost of living in places like South Carolina is still very reasonable, if you decide to make it mid-term.
      p.p.s. On a personal basis, it would help if you were fairly religious or receptive to religious faiths, if you go there. Lots of hospitality, too!

    • lokay5 lokay5

      When your daughter returns fron Georgia, don’t be surprised when you find her I.Q. has dropped 10 points…….

      • alasanon

        @Iokay5- hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…or at least have set a foot down yonder! S.E. places could be a nice & charming option if you want to extend your life…Or not! 😉

        Half my relatives are from the Deep South, the other half are liberal Yankees. It’s a hoot, but the marriages last forever! 🙂

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    S. Georgia is going to suffer more corexit/oil development
    which has also been shown to release radiation from the
    bowels of the earth. I’ve never been to more than ATL
    airport, but I wouldn’t want to give up PNW for GA.
    Confirmed Westerner…

  • emac2

    Yes Puberty is one of the times people are most vulnerable to radiation. The particle count won’t be zero in Georgia but it should be lower then Seattle. I would still include a HEPA in her bedroom and iodine as well as other reasonable measures.

  • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

    Hi – new member, longtime lurker. I just want to say, ‘Thank you SO much’, for this site and its vital information. It seems to be the only place to turn.

    God bless.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Where yat, DrinkUp?
    I’m in drought-city NM. Had a cloud yesterday.
    I shoulda gone out and sang and danced for it!
    Do you know any Rainbow People? They’re going
    to Washington and most probly don’t know about
    the radiation, the hot particles.

    • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

      Hi, there, Elenin – I’m in Amish Country, PA – home of Three-Mile Island and heads-in-the-sand. Don’t know any Rainbow People, sorry – and I’m all but hoarse from trying to get folks to listen. It’s shocking, the willful ignorance. So grateful for this site.

  • beamofthewave

    I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and concdern, you folks are great and the only ones I can locate who are concerned and willing to think about what is going on.