Alarm as steam rises from Fukushima No. 3 reactor — Concern about uncontrolled chain reaction — Contains highly lethal MOX fuel — Tepco: “We don’t believe an emergency situation is breaking out” (VIDEO)

Published: July 18th, 2013 at 7:15 am ET


NYTimes, July 18, 2013 at 5:00a ET: The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant stood ready Thursday to inject boric acid into one of its most heavily damaged reactors after it found steam emanating from the reactor building. The preventive measure would stave off criticality, or an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction, in the reactor’s damaged core. The incident has brought the Fukushima plant’s vulnerable state into sharp relief […]  Remote camera footage Thursday showed steam escaping from the top of the No. 3 reactor’s primary containment structure, which houses its fuel vessel, according to the Tokyo Electric Power Company […]

The Japan Times: […] vapor on fifth floor near MOX in fuel pool […] Reactor 3, is the only one at the plant to use the highly lethal mixed uranium-plutonium oxide (MOX) fuel, some of which is in its spent-fuel pool near the top of the reactor. “Steam has been seen around the fifth floor of the reactor 3 building,” a Tepco spokesman said. The pool is on that floor. […]

AFP: […] “Steam has been seen around the fifth floor of the Reactor 3 building,” a TEPCO spokesman told AFP. […]  “We do not believe an emergency situation is breaking out although we are still investigating what caused this.” […]

Telegraph: Alarm as steam seen rising from Fukushima reactor […] “All work to remove debris in and around Unit 3 was stopped,” a spokesperson for Tokyo Electric Power Co. told The Daily Telegraph.  […]

Watch video of the steam at Reactor 3 here

Published: July 18th, 2013 at 7:15 am ET


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118 comments to Alarm as steam rises from Fukushima No. 3 reactor — Concern about uncontrolled chain reaction — Contains highly lethal MOX fuel — Tepco: “We don’t believe an emergency situation is breaking out” (VIDEO)

  • nedlifromvermont

    No immediate danger … move along you enenews "anti-nuke porn" gawkers and stupid hooligans … there is nothing here for you to see … just go home and be stupid; we nukers are in control of your fate and your destiny … go home and watch some fat person cry … that's all we will allow you, today … don't mess with our nuclear mess … state security trumps your puny desires … we are big nuclear and we are all-powerful … the Great Nuclear Oz has spoken!

    it's all getting a little surreal …

    kill nuke!

    peace …


      thanks for setting me right, nedli. I was just-about to scrawl some anti-nuke slogans on a big placard and protest outside a big shopping mall. Now I'll just cower under it in the rain…

    • Anthony Anthony

      No immediate danger is right up there with cold shutdown. I've come to believe it is them who are the surreal ones. We are bystanders in all this. Their picture is not conducive to good life and living and in gross conflict with our concepts and goals for a good life. Two years later and we are still wondering if and when the next blowup will happen. If we want to survive we need them to move us all from this path. Otherwise what they are doing may kill us all.

  • Japan’s nuclear watchdog said last week the Fukushima reactors are very likely leaking highly radioactive substances into the Pacific Ocean.

    Members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority voiced frustration at TEPCO, which has failed to identify the source and the cause of rising (radiation) readings in groundwater.

    It is kind of odd, how they cannot mention the word 'radiation' in the article above; we had to add it.

  • It looks like more than a 'wisp' of steam to me.. looks like a healthy rolling boil, could probably cook a side of radioactive beef on that on that barbie.


    And they claim that the pool is only 100 degrees Fahrenheit…

    How do you get steam coming off of warm water?

  • don't believe this is an emergency?

    So what is it then?

    Maybe we can sit down and have a cup of tea while enjoying a free steam bath?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Ah, you did the math. 38 degrees Celsius is 100.4 degrees Farenheit.

      Isn't this the point at which there is a concern (when the temperature is over 100 degrees F?

      I remember a lot of talk about water temperatures in containment in the early days after 3/11.

      If it's the fuel pool, then there isn't truly "containment," non? If there is steam issuing from the fuel pool, then it's likely venting directly into the atmosphere. If it's coming from "near the fuel pool," what the heck is that supposed to mean?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Via Nuckelchen…yesterday..

    Whiff of Steam from Reactor 3 Operating Floor at Fukushima I Nuke Plant 7/18/2013

  • captndano captndano

    why doesn't TEPCO just tell the truth? It's just on a couple of unit 3 workers out having an unauthorized cigarette break….

    • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

      I hope not. Cigarettes can be dangerous.

      • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

        hey made deadly second hand smoke.

      • captndano captndano

        yea, all that second hand smoke going up into the jet stream and eventually raining down on the entire northern hemisphere. Looks like we're all headed for a bad case of lung cancer. hmmm, now that makes me wonder if animals ever get lung cancer?

      • ML

        So why don't they label packages of cigarettes as "No immediate danger to health." I guess if you smoke in bed and things catch fire, that would be an immediate risk to health. Radiation exposure risk is such that the sooner you experience signs of radiation poisoning, the worse the exposure has been.
        But with cigarettes, you can stop smoking. How do you stop ongoing exposure from Fukushima when those who should be in charge of leaks and hemorrhaging of the ongoing contamination can't make it stop?

  • Cisco Cisco

    BP…5 million barrels of oil exploding into the Gulf of Mexico is reported and characterized as a "spill".

    Fukushima…400 tons of radioactive water gushing into the ocean is reported as "leaking".

    3 meltdowns with corium fissioning into earth and Fukushima in or near criticality is reported that the site is in "cold shutdown".

    The psychopaths are winning. WTF…we and they are fu#ked.

    • But wait, the benefit is, that you get to live. They could have dropped a neutron bomb on us a long time ago, and gotten all of that property for FREE…

      Instead, they chose to allow all of the peons to keep on living and working for the 1%…

      Maybe they figured out that all of their wealth COMES FROM the 99%, so what would they do without them?

      Who would work in those factories that they own for no benefits, $2 per day, 12 to 18 hour shifts, no retirement, no safety standards, no environmental protection.. Millions of desperate people, willing to be slaves.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The source of Unit 3 explosion has been discussed endlessly on ENEnews. Hydrogen explosion? Steam explosion? SFP3 explosion? Explosion of unknown origin on one of the lower floors outside containment? One of the more interesting speculations comes from PattieB, which I'll repost:

    "February 1, 2012 at 1:05 pm
    "using the reactor to do ‘enrichment’ is why #3 had the criticality ‘EVENT’ that it had, different from #’s 1 & …
    #3 Had inner core of PU-239, ringed by moderation rods. (The long-ish rod segments that were to big/long to be urainium or even MOX rod segments… found all around plant & in remains of fuelpool of #3) around that ring was MOX rods, then more moderation, then lastly… the U-238 rod bundles. It is clear that it was doing erichment of P-239 back up to weapons grade specifications."

    Thank you Pattie. We miss you. 😉

    Unit3 was the "Worst Case Scenerio", which should have resulted in the immediate and permanent evacuation of Tokyo and all of central Japan. Unit3 undoubtedly spread enough plutonium over the Northern Hemisphere to kill us all. What we know for certain is that TEPCO will remove lots of the evidence of what really happened at Unit3 during decommissioning. Neither Japan nor the United Nations has demanded an investigation to determine what happened at Unit3. In the end, the ruins of Unit3 will probably be filled with grout and the question of what caused the explosion at Unit3 will remain unanswered forever.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      EXSKF is reporting that the source of the steam is the Device Storage Pool (DSP), next to the Containment lid, opposite the SFP.

      "What could be in there steaming? I don't know if there is anything in the DSP of Reactor 3. There shouldn't, as Reactor 3 was in operation when the earthquake hit on March 11, 2011. Reactor 4's DSP is filled with water, and it has the removed core shroud and other equipments."

      The mystery deepens. (To be continued)

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      How is it that TEPCO can destroy evidence of a nuclear disaster? Don't we want to know what happened at Fukushima, so that we can try to avoid a repeat of this disaster elsewhere?

      "Most industrial accidents require outside investigation and forensic work. The company responsible for the accident is rarely left on their own to handle or remove evidence without some sort of official oversight. TEPCO has been left not only unsupervised with the crime scene but is the sole source of information being distributed about the disaster. This situation is causing the loss of critical forensic evidence needed to understand the disaster events."

      • lam335 lam335

        Really good point. TEPCO should have been pushed aside years ago. They have NO incentive to deal with this situation properly, and it presents an on-going threat to the rest of Honshu, at the very least.

        BUT the problem is that the government regulators and the industry don't really want to know the truth of the siuation. They would like it all swept under the rug as much as TEPCO would. They also have an interest in minimizing the information about the situation–and for reasons that mystify me, they find THAT interest more compelling than the interest they have as human beings, in general, and Japanese, in particular, to minimize as much as possible the very real threat of another catastrophic incident, as well as the threats to health and the food-chain that come from on-going releases. Short term economic and political calculations seem to trump long-term social and moral considerations.

      • So true… but the industry has been getting away with this at ALL nuclear accidents and sites, so why not this time too?

        Compare this to a passenger jet accident, and you get EXTREME forensics there.. but NONE at any nuclear accident.. just computer models based on 'estimates' and wild guesses that ALWAYS minimize what happened.

        • amberlight amberlight

          Correction, Green Road: You get extreme forensics at jet crash sites… unless the jets happened to crash into a couple of NYC skyscrapers, or the Pentagon, or a field in Pennsylvania.

          Other unusual events that mandate a thorough investigation, but instead the evidence is hastily removed, include a fiery car crash that resulted in the engine being lobbed 100 feet from the vehicle and the victim's remains being cremated against the wishes of his family.

          Whistleblowers like Chris Hastings often meet an untimely and suspicious end, like Matt Simmons dying in his hot tub and Barry Jennings of an "unknown cause." I could go on, but I think we all realize that we are dealing with forces of evil that have no human conscience left… if they ever had a conscience.

          • johnnyo

            Amber, you bring up one of the MANY similarities between the Fuku disaster and the 9/11 "False Flag"/"Inside Job".

            I'm convinced anti-nuke and 9/11 Truth groups must join forces as natural allies against mutual enemies.

            Just as a clarification, I know you meant Michael Hastings….who was murdered in a fiery car "crash" as he was working on some more great stuff.

          • We Not They Finally

            amberlight, will not surprise you to know that with airplane crashes, there is at the least the FAA on the scene. We lived in NY at the time and there was NO SUCH THING. Something very high-tech was done in the air, but it was not actual physical airplanes. That was impossible. The network news filming of the second "plane" showed it cutting through that massive skyscraper like butter, then emerging as one clean fireball at the other end — and with NO shattered pieces anywhere.

            But you are totally on the right track and we are on your side.

          • Teddi Teddi

            Are you suggesting that a forensic analysis is needed to understand why a jetliner flown into a skyscraper resulted in said jetliners destruction ?

            The film of both planes being flown into the towers by terrorist is all the evidence you need. My goodness, some meds are needed around here for all the conspiracies…

            • We Not They Finally

              You obviously haven't LOOKED at that film footage. Why don't you LOOK before you start playing doctor?

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                I wanna play doctor..
                Look at Building 7..big ouchy and it WASN'T EVEN TOUCHED.

                Compiled Footage of Building 7's Collapse

                Ohh..terrorizing..controlled demolition.

                • Teddi Teddi

                  @We Not They Finally
                  @Heart of the Rose

                  They do have new meds to help all three of you, but I'm not sure if they are covered under Obamacare. With all these posts of "man is destroying the planet" and "a conspiracy under every rock" it must get tiring to keep up your anti-everything positions.

                  Bad stuff happens. Trying to spin everything into an activist position is a disorder.

                  Fuku deserves attention and investigation, but your leftist media seems more interested in inciting race division than a serious tragedy…

                  ..or is that a conspiracy too ?

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    Race division?..there hasn't been a word about that here..
                    I see the media flaming..a recent trial..trying to raise one flippin a national race issue..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      That's the damn trouble with this country one wants to feel a damn thing..
                      Drug induced normalcy quaint.

                    • Trawling4Trolls

                      Very good, Heart of the Rose.

                      "Drug induced normalcy bias.."

                      high quality insight

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    actually Teddi, the use of race conflict has long been used as means of diverting the public's attention from more significant issues. So yes…I'd have to say the push by government to disarm the people and the collusion of main stream media towards that end, is conspiratorial…

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Shoot ..TPTB are even working the issue of violence in the inner city to their advantage… as a way to remove guns from the public.

                    • Teddi Teddi

                      Well, you all seem to stick [birds of a feather…] together on this site and that's commendable.

                      Pardon, but after Trawling4Trolls comments, I'm going to go get my fur cleaned…

                    • Trawling4Trolls

                      Very good, Ted. While getting your 'nuclear haircut' you and your hairdresser are hereby assigned the task of contemplating 'Ponzi Schemes'.

                      Yes, I am directly implying that Ed Burkhardt and certain members of Canada's TSB are engaged in an essential Ponzi-scheme with the approved use of remote control locos, GPS-enabled, at that.


                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      actually Teddi, if you spent more time on this site, you'd know that we all differ on a range of issues. But there's one we don't differ on: end the use of nuclear power technologies within the planet's biosphere…

                  • Trawling4Trolls

                    You seriously don't Mind that I've compared you to Alex Jones' Lizard Men?? The Blood Tick Analogue?

                    Yes, Teddi, bad stuff does happen. Just for instance, they recently captured the top Zeta in Meh-he-co after of course watching his satellite phone? cell phone? for how long. First they lull you into complacency, Ted, then they 'convince' you it was 'what you wanted'. Can you feel that beginning for yourself? 🙂

                    Throw away that role of 'scripts'-deliverer, Ted, throw it!! Demand has been reduced, evidence is all AROUND you! 🙂

                    You see, the deer used to have a certain arrogance in their agility, Ted. They believed in their hearts that something like blood ticks was not possible for they as they were 'favored' in life.
                    Now, they stare at you in your antics in their co-opted 'nature' and see your writing on the wall and they KNOW your arrogance is pure vanity.

                    Learn that the Land of Mordor is avoided by life for good reason.

            • Trawling4Trolls

              your demeanor has inspired me.

              Your avatar's expression has been deciphered by myself. I have determined that your facial expression is purely the result of a group of mature blood ticks that have mounted your corporal body and have gathered on the top rear of your bear skull just out of view of the camera's angle.

              Yes. Your perspective is entirely attributable to your Blood Tick Overlords, who, having grown overconfidant with the ease in which they rule your mind WITH CONTEMPT, have hijacked your mammalian way. You now serve as their taxi of sorts and have been suborned to their malign nature. Nature .. gone WRONG!

              Perhaps your Overlords are not as clever as is ultimately needed, however. For in mentioning "meds" you have led some to suspect you are here to deliver 'scripts'.

              Have you seen my "conspiracy theory" over in the train wreck thread where I imply that Ed Burkhardt, the 74 year old chairman of MM&A rail line, is conspiring to enrich himself, makers of remote control locomotives, and certain members of Canada' TSB? All this while conspiring to cut railroaders' wages to military-level? AND while conspiring to conceal the essential role of the MM&A Dispatcher??

              Your plate is full on this site, ye of Accepted Blood Tick Parasitism!

              Video: 5 dead, 40 still missing after oil train explodes

    • corium pudding corium pudding

      I think reactor 3 had a steam explosion that ejected part of the core. Small pieces of the core cooled and congealed and fell as "black dust" around Fukushima. Scary stuff.

      • Steam is white. Hydrogen Steam 'explodes' and burns, creating only pure water as a result. A steam explosion results in a white ball of smoke and flame.

        A dirty bomb or a nuclear prompt criticality would result in other reactions happening, and the smoke would be black, which it was.

        All of the other explosions were WHITE. #3 was BLACK and HUGE, going straight up. There was also a successive layering of explosions, a total of three in all. The first one or two may have been steam, but the last explosion was definitely NOT a steam explosion.

        TEPCO has not even figured out where that explosion came from yet. Arnie Gunderson seems to think initially it was the spent fuel pool, but the NRC says it was the reactor… Who knows?

        No one seems to care.. it is all about the coverup.

        Nothing happened.

        Move on.

        • corium pudding corium pudding

          I attribute the dark coloring of reactor 3's explosion to pulverized concrete and smoke from the corium burning concrete. I think the top or side of the PCV shattered. The truth will be known in 2 years when TEPCO is finally forced to acknowledge it.

        • Trawling4Trolls

          "No one seems to care.. it is all about the coverup."


          It is their quirky madness. And it IS what they have chosen.

        • Trawling4Trolls

          "A dirty bomb or a nuclear prompt criticality would result in other reactions happening, and the smoke would be black [as was determined happened at Idaho National Laboratory] .. "

          fixed it

      • Trawling4Trolls

        See that burst of light at the beginning?

        Didn't start out as a steam explosion .. and didn't end as one.

    • Agreed, but how does one evacuate 30 million people?

      It would mean the end of Japan, period.

      Too awful to contemplate, so they keep covering up, denying, minimizing, firing anyone who tells the truth, and not going there.

      Meanwhile the suffering increases…

  • mungo mungo

    This is a follow-up report on the statuses of steam-like gas found wafting through the air near the central part of the fifth floor(equipment storage pool side) of Unit 3.

    Please refer to the following dust analysis result, sampled near the steam-like gas wafting place.

    [Dust analysis result at the top of the Unit 3]

    Iodine 134: below the detection limit

    Cesium 134: 4.0×10^-5 Bq/cm3

    Cesium 137: 7.1×10^-5 Bq/cm3

    For a half year, Cesium 137 has varied between 1.0×10^-3 Bq/cm3 and 1.0×10^-5, Cesium 134 has varied between 5.0×10^-4 Bq/cm3 and 1.0×10^-5Bq/cm3. The results today were between these ranges and there were data over the detection limits*.

    * Detection limits

       Iodine 131 volatile:7.0×10^-6 Bq/cm3, granulous:4.2×10^-6 Bq/cm3  

       Cesium 134 volatile:1.5×10^-5 Bq/cm3, granulous:8.2×10^-6 Bq/cm3 

       Cesium 137 volatile:2.1×10^-5 Bq/cm3, granulous:1.1×10^-5 Bq/cm3 

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Steam update from TEPCO press conference, reported on Fukushima Diary:
    "Tepco’s spokesman commented the atmospheric temperature is 20℃. The temperature of the top of RPV is approximately 40℃. Rain was heated and the steam was observed.
    "According to Tepco, the same event happened in July of 2012, but they didn’t report it."

    Just fell out of my chair laughing! Spilled my OJ. Rain! Rain? 😉

    • The rain came down.

      Then the ice cream melted.

      They made us do it; it was not our fault.

      No one cares unless the ice cream is chocolate.

      And that is all there is to say about that.

  • MOX = plutonium blended uranium

    "The United States is building a MOX plant at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina."

    "The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Duke Energy expressed interest in using MOX…"

    "The TVA (currently the most likely customer) said in April 2011 that it would delay a decision until it could see how MOX fuel performed in the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi."

    _ 😉 How's that MOX fuel working for you now?


    "Isotopes and compounds of plutonium are radioactive and accumulate in bone marrow."

    "During the decay of plutonium, three types of radiation are released—alpha, beta, and gamma."

    "The danger increases with the amount of exposure."

    "Even though alpha radiation cannot penetrate the skin, ingested or inhaled plutonium does irradiate internal organs."

    "Plutonium is more dangerous when inhaled than when ingested."

    "Plutonium has a metallic taste."

      • crystalwind crystalwind

        Hi, Chas, Hey, nothing to worry about. From the article:

        "A commonly cited quote by Ralph Nader, states that a pound of plutonium dust spread into the atmosphere would be enough to kill 8 billion people. However, calculations show that one pound of plutonium could kill no more than 2 million people by inhalation. This makes the toxicity of plutonium roughly equivalent with that of nerve gas.[96]"

        Only 2 million after all, and no worse than nerve gas. So it's actually all right. Keep smiling.

        • Only 2 million KILLED vs 8 billion?

          I feel much better now.
          (not really)

          "The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth. As of mid-2013, it is estimated to number 7.099 billion by the United States Census Bureau. The USCB estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion on March 12, 2012."

          "The world population has experienced continuous growth since the end of the Great Famine and the Black Death in 1350, when it stood at around 370 million."

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    MOX fuel, one tiny speck can kill you.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    This is the RSOE EDIS event report –

    " Steam has been spotted in a reactor building at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, its operator said Thursday, but stressed there is no sign yet of increased radiation. The incident, which Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said was not "an emergency situation", is the latest event serving to underline how precarious the plant remains more than two years after it was wrecked by a tsunami. "Steam has been seen around the fifth floor of the Reactor 3 building," a spokesman at TEPCO said. The roof of the building was blown off in a hydrogen explosion in the days after the March 2011 meltdowns, sparked when cooling systems were flooded with seawater after a huge undersea quake. "(The steam) was drifting thinly in the air and it's not like a big column of steam is spurting up," the spokesman said. "Neither the temperature of the reactor nor readings at radiation monitoring posts have gone up. "We do not believe an emergency situation is breaking out although we are still investigating what caused this." The pool is on the fifth floor and stores devices and equipment removed from the reactor before the disaster as part of regular operations.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    …" TEPCO said it had confirmed the reactor remained subcritical at 9.20am (0020 GMT), one hour after the steam was first spotted. Criticality is the term used for reactors in which there is a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Workers were continuing to pump water into the reactor and fuel pool as part of on-going cooling efforts, the company said, adding it would measure dust near the building as well as the air above it to gauge radiation levels. A 9.0 earthquake and the resulting massive tsunami in March 2011 knocked out cooling systems at Fukushima Daiichi, causing the meltdowns of reactors. Tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes by the threat of radiation in the planet's worst nuclear accident for a generation. TEPCO is struggling to manage the clean-up, which scientists say could take up to four decades to complete. The steam is the latest in a growing catalogue of mishaps that have cast doubt on the utility's ability to fix the world's worst atomic disaster in a generation. A series of leaks of water contaminated with radiation have shaken confidence, as did a blackout caused by a rat that left cooling pools without power for more than a day. The company has admitted in recent weeks that water and soil samples taken at the plant are showing high readings for potentially dangerous isotopes, including caesium-137, tritium and strontium-90. "…

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    …"Japan's nuclear watchdog said last week the Fukushima reactors are very likely leaking highly radioactive substances into the Pacific Ocean. Members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority voiced frustration at TEPCO, which has failed to identify the source and the cause of spiking readings in groundwater. NRA officials are urging TEPCO to offer more detailed and credible data and make efforts to better explain to the public what it knows. Most of Japan's nuclear reactors remain off-line, largely due to public distrust of the industry. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party, as well as utilities, are hoping to restart them."

    That last sentence is the most chilling.

    • amberlight amberlight

      "Members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority voiced frustration at TEPCO…"

      Way 2 go, guys! Just keep whining about what a piss-poor job Ineptco is doing, but don't remove the incompetents from control [sic] and allow an international team to convene on the site and do everything humanly possible to contain the catastrophe.

      • Trawling4Trolls

        The very signature of a dysfunctional governing process, kind of like what we're seeing with Hanford's Vitrification Plant.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh..come now..come now..
    Let's not compartmentalize…
    Reactor 1..2..3..4.

    Fukushima 2013: “Remaining Radioactive Mass”, “Dangerous Leaking Radioactive Water”, All Four Reactors are “Getting Worse”
    July 11 2013

  • Everything around Fukushima is going from bad to worse…

    1. running out of iodine syrup covered ice cream

    2. no more free cesium sno cones

    3. no more plutonium flavored lollipops

    the workers are refusing to show up, due to this outrageous situation.

    Everything else, is hunki dori.. just fine, thank you.

  • razzz razzz

    Polluting the earth with fallout after losing 4 Units and making three melted radioactive blobs, a little steam is just a minor setback.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Those poor souls living in Japan…they have no clue what is coming for them.

    They still are living inside a "Nuclear Cabal Created Dream" which I am afraid will soon be over.

    Won't be long now…

    • We Not They Finally

      I get what you saying, but I think it is more like people with "no power" rather than "no clue" by now. Parents have to have more than "a clue" that they've got sick kids. Good God, as of May, 2012, 60% of the childhood population under the age of 12 had already tested DIABETIC!

  • Trawling4Trolls

    And the difficulty for TEPCO to position a probe directly in that steam path to identify nuclides with a crane is … ?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    T4T…I think it might cost $20.00 bucks and they do not have it.

    I have seen a picture circulating recently of the complex and I have bad eyes but/and I do see the big cranes..and/but what I did not see anywhere were humans actually working.

    Maybe they are too small to see in the recent picture but gee no humans and no $20.00 bucks!

    Looks like we are all screwed…and maybe these are just PR photos for the masses.

    Someone.. please.. point out where someone is working over there.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Maybe the Nuclear boys and girls simply covered the reactors and then just walked away?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    T4T..Please take this picture and blow it up and then circle the workforce/each worker for me and then repost it.. so I can see real humans solving this crisis. Thanks!

  • AntonButler

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory states that the potential of land-based resources (wind farms installed on land as opposed to the open ocean) alone could provide America with its electricity needs 10 times over [source: AWEA].
    A 2009 Harvard study found that a network of turbines operating at even a modest 20 percent of capacity could supply more than 40 times the worldwide demand for electricity.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Anton…of course it can and all the scientists new it back in the 50's and 60's so this is no surprise.

    Remember it was a general who started the "Atoms for Peace Program" which guaranteed a yearly 700 billion dollar budget for him and future generations of his military buddies/contractors forever…

    The US has spent 6 trillion on this Nuclear Fiasco since 1950 and you and I still have to pay for our electricity.. and then for our health care?

    So many secrets…at the expense of the many!

    • Sickputer

      obewanspeaks typed these pixels of light: "The US has spent 6 trillion on this Nuclear Fiasco since 1950…"

      SP: Add in another 20 trillion blown in Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East.

      We could have established a permanent colony on the moon, traveled to Mars, and mined a thousand asteroids for rare metals.

      Where did America lose its way? Arrogance, greed, and pride. 99% was greed.

      • Anthony Anthony

        We should and could have supplemented the Social Security Retirement programs so that our seniors are not left starving, struggling and potentially homeless. I was reading today about significant cuts planned for and I realized how indefensible is the results of what Government have spent the money, our money, on in life. There isn't one war I have seen that I wanted or wanted to support. I already saw the damage War did to my dear Grandparents, and they got out okay. These people already gave us life, and risked their lives in ways we descendants can only imagine. They worked like dogs and propagated The Dream, they did everything right. Trim back the military activities and the Nukes and take care of these people who built the country.

        • AntonButler

          Yes the

          WHAT A LOSS,,,,,,

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi AntonButler

            That would be a remarkable Country.
            Too bad it's only a dream.
            Agree..What A Loss

  • Jebus Jebus

    SP say's "Where did America lose its way?"

    I think this Truman Show started right around the time Harry "pressed the button"

    Only it's bizarro world, where the one percent watches the ninety nine percent…

  • mungo mungo

    1,973 Fukushima plant workers show higher risk for thyroid cancer

    TEPCO hopes extra pay will stop managers quitting

    The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has decided to give managers lump-sum payments to stop them quitting their jobs.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company says the number of early retirees jumped to over 700 in the last fiscal year from about 130 in fiscal 2010, before the plant was hit by a nuclear accident.

    • mungo mungo

      wonder if they are related?!!

    • We Not They Finally

      It's weird saying that they "show" a higher risk for cancer unless they have already done thyroid exams and find nodules! Otherwise they would say that they say that they "could have" a higher risk, meaning in the future — and that is something they never even admit to! Why don't they just say that they already have growths because that is what they mean.

      • We Not They Finally

        O.k., the linked article says that their exposure topped 100 millisieverts. The plant operator who just died of esophageal cancer they only admitted to 70 millisieverts. But the "good part"? The nuked workers get a thyroid exam "free of charge." That's supposed to be "generous"? Why were they nuked in the first place and why is not their medical care covered in full?

        • Trawling4Trolls

          "free of charge."

          Good Lord. The crystalline quality of that!

          Japan 'expresses itself'!

  • AB AB

    Just a matter of time. R3 was where the Israeli nuke went off according to Jim Stone, was it not? Sabotage anyone? Expect HADES on earth if any of these reactors worsen. 🙁 So sad. What to tell my two sons. We live in Baja Mexico and just found out that we will have the most radioactive waters by 2016-2021, Cesium 134-137. Also, Carlos Slim just but a huge portion of Baja for guess what? Fracking and NUKE PLANTS.


      actually AB, the Isrealie story is cover for the intergalactic war on the human species. Those whittie aliens will do anything to keep us down…

    • Trawling4Trolls

      The Lizard Men are amongst us, AB! What to do?!

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Stick to your guns, AB.
      Though is destroying the evidence of what took out Unit3 as fast as they can.

      But what, pray tell, was the origin
      (on the ground floor,
      outside of the Reactor and Containment, and
      below the SFP)
      of that explosion?
      Give me a break.

      Have a great weekend, everyone.
      Play nice.
      No nukes.

    • razzz razzz

      At one time not to long ago the Sea of Cortez aka Gulf of California was the spawning grounds for most of the Pacific Ocean where about 75% of fish grew up to leave the Gulf for the open ocean. It is like an aquarium but extremely deep almost 10,000 feet deep in spots. San Andreas fault line seems to continue through it.

      The Japanese, other countries and Mexico itself, over fished the Gulf for decades with drag lines. Set up oyster beds to harvest. Due to it depth where some whales live year long, those areas can't be fished and species thrive. Mexico began moratoriums on some species like shrimp. Curtailed the Japanese lust for trawling for anything, made parts of the of the gulf a national preserve (like some remote islands).

      Last I read, due to over fishing, the spawning of different species is down to about 45%. Daiichi's continuing ocean fallout reaches into the Gulf during the next couple of years.

      • Trawling4Trolls

        And now the Japanese are insisting the world effect a blockade on their economy's products.

        How ironic.

        Must be the cedar pollen is taking its toll.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      It's was where the MOX fuel went off. MOX is made up in part of weapons grade plutonium.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The explosion can happen spontaneously in any reactor that uses MOX fuel, or even uranium alone, for that matter.

  • mungo mungo

    it looks like the powerplant is trying to make itself invisible. smoke and mirrors. hey presto. vanished.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Simplyinfo presents a series of images of the site of the steam on Unit3, showing that this area has been venting steam from the Containment Vessel on and off since 311.
    A radiation spike on or around June 18, 2013, seems to have initiated a rise in temperatures inside Containment3.
    Radiation readings from the equipment floor of Unit3 was not released by TEPCO.
    (Can you say "Coverup", boys and girls?). 😉
    " member Peter Melzer explains here why this new admission from TEPCO means they are not in “cold shutdown” even under their definition of the term…"
    According to Melzer, the presence of steam indicates that temperatures are above 100C somewhere in the reactor or containment.
    Or, the corium has developed a criticality in the mudrock below Reactor Building3, and is venting steam back up the corium lava tube into Containment3.

    • weeman

      Pun I have been looking for detailed blueprints of a mark I reactor, I have only been able to find rudimentrel drawings, my thoughts are that the DSP is the Achilles heal and weak point of reactor, I would expect that they use a concrete dam to isolate from reactor like SFP?, I am also intrested how the DSP is cooled, is it a separate system from SFP.
      In reactor 4 which was shut down for maintenance, they stated that the shroud was placed in DSP and would be in pieces and highly radioactive at bottom of DSP, out on a limb here but does that indicate that the shroud was radioactive and they lost cooling and filtration in DSP and went critical? If so points to weak link?
      As for reactor three did they store mox fuel assemblies in DSP?, I have read before that they are suppose to use a checkerboard pattern in SFP to cool use fuel rods and they were not in the proper pattern, would you put mox fuel bundles next to uranium bundles, I do not think so and that is why they used DSP or tool pool to store, only speculating.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Lots of good questions, weeman.
        For starters, here are a pretty accurate set of plans, although they made many modifications at Fuku.
        Note that the pool is called "Dryer Seperator Storage Pool" (DSP) in the plan below the photo of the ruins of Unit3.
        Yes, there is a removable dam between the DSP and the containment lid. The idea is that during refueling, both the SFP and DSP dams are removed, allowing fuel to be moved to and from the reactor. The DSP has a separate cooling system. (PattieB once reported here that plutonium fuel assemblies in the DSP burned in Unit4. But the shroud itself could not produce a criticality.) In general, the DSP is used for temporary storage only.
        In the US, operators use the checkerboard pattern you describe to separate hot fuel assemblies as they are removed from the reactor. In Japan, they are more casual about this, and are likely to place hot fuel assemblies in the same rack, adding an auxiliary cooling pump (as they did in Unit4) if they have to, in order to keep the SFP cool. This is one of the reasons they have been so concerned about SFP4, where a full load of fuel removed from the reactor in November of 2010, was placed together in the same rack without any separation.
        Your question boils down (ha, ha. 🙂 ) to this: Are there hot fuel assemblies in DSP3? I'd say "No" at this point.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      "Reactor No. 3 also housed 32 MOX assemblies, reportedly enriched to 6% or 330 kg of Pu239."

      Unit3 had 94 tons of fuel when the reactor went "boom". That boom may have splattered a ton of that 94 tons all over the insides of Containment3. The exit of Corium3 from Containment3 may have left a ton or more of corium behind. On June 18, 2013, who knows what it was that changed, but something changed in Containment3. Radiation spiked suddenly to 7.2. Containment3 thermometers began a steady increase, which still continues.

      Perhaps, what we are seeing is the results of an ongoing criticality that is occurring in some of the residual melted fuel left behind when 94 tons of molten nuclear fuel burned its way out of Unit3.

  • Trawling4Trolls

    "According to Melzer, the presence of steam indicates that temperatures are above 100C somewhere in the reactor or containment."

    It would indicate that, yes.

    You can gain a sense of it by watching the speed of its travel from when it first appears to the eye. Watch how quickly dispersion/dilution affects it in that space and you see it's well above the temperatures they reported.

    And that's a relatively confined space it comes from so wind is not its driver from its source.

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    Another TEPCO press release: "We don't believe an emergency situation is breaking out." TEPCO NEVER tells the truth! Who knows wth is going on? I can't believe anything they say. This is an extremely serious situation and we don't have any information really, but I'd wager our government (federal family) does. They only speak to one another, not to us. They, and television, keep them stupid and distracted.

    We all have children, grandchildren or members of our family who do. It may be an ELE, but everyone will know it eventually. They had better look out for those who have learned what's in store for their relatives and themselves. That day will come, although they may not know now.

    Thanks for all the comments, as usual. Nobody knows what to do, especially TEPCO, and they will not admit it. The reality is still there.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Recriticality, unless proven otherwise.

  • ftlt

    “We don’t believe an emergency situation is breaking out”…

    I would say, there has been an emergency situation there for a long time now… I certain most on here would agree..

    The very idea that in their minds, they are not in an ongoing emergency situation – really speaks to the biggest problem with nuclear industry… What a bunch of knobs!!!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The evacuation of 30,000,000 people from Central Japan would have been nearly impossible.

    And impossibly expensive.

    So they didn't evacuate.

    And, now, "Support By Eating" and incineration have spread the cheer to all parts of Japan.

    The outcome of the failure to evacuate Central Japan is already being felt:
    Heart disease
    Sudden death
    (Even Abe, I hear, has cancer.)
    Thyroid problems in the children.
    Headquarters offices moving out of Tokyo.
    Abortions increasing.
    Etc., etc., etc.

    Japan is toast.
    However difficult evacuation would have been
    Will be dwarfed by
    The difficulties created by inaction.

    RIP, Japan.
    So sorry about your difficulties.
    (But we haven't seen nothin' yet. 😉

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I Agree PhilipUpNorth

      Unfortunately, I don't believe North America has escaped this either.

  • norbu norbu

    Sound the Alarm the red forest's are coming!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Tell me again why these monster machines are still in existence and why they are safe?!?

    ~End Nuclear Power~

  • many moons

    I think that is a very good question that has not one convincing answer….even the love of money doesn't really fit…with all the destruction caused by even one melting down can't justify the gains…
    it's a perplexing question…
    I think it has to do with man kinds need to self-destruct.

    I feel there is some need by man to have the power to be able to cause the end. When they discovered the way to do it it's been a work in progress ever since.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Steaming MOX fuel pool covered with fine plutonium dust and debris from original detonation = nothing to worry about.. Wow