Multiple Alarms Set Off at Fukushima Plant: New leak of highly radioactive material detected — “Strontium-90 levels spike alarmingly” — “Emergency inspections” underway (VIDEO)

Published: February 22nd, 2015 at 11:00 am ET


AFP, Feb 22, 2015 (emphasis added): Sensors at the Fukushima nuclear plant have detected a fresh leak of highly radioactive water into the sea… [with] contamination levels up to 70 times greater than the already-high radioactive status seen at the plant… TEPCO said its emergency inspections of tanks storing nuclear waste water did not find any additional abnormalities… It was not immediately clear what caused the original spike… “With emergency surveys of the plant and monitoring of other sensors, we have no reason to believe tanks storing radioactive waste water have leaked… We are currently monitoring the sensors”…  The latest incident, one of several that have plagued the plant in recent months, reflects the difficulty in controlling and decommissioning the plant… TEPCO has not been able to effectively deal with an increasing amount of contaminated water…

NHK, Feb 22, 2015: Fukushima radioactive contamination sets off alarm — [TEPCO] says it has detected high levels of radioactive substances in a drainage channel on the plant’s premises on Sunday… the plant’s alarm system went off around 10 AM… levels of beta-ray emitting substances, which are not detected under normal circumstances, had risen to up to 7,230 Becquerels per liter… The utility suspects that contaminated water in the channel may have leaked into the port.

Japan Times, Feb 22, 2015: Strontium-90 levels spike alarmingly at Fukushima No. 1 plant — The Nuclear Regulation Authority said Sunday that an alarm went off at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant signaling high radioactivity levels in drainage ditches… the first alarm sounded at around 10 a.m., and another alarm 10 minutes later indicated much higher levels. Officials said contaminated water may have been discharged into the ditches.

(Link removed) Jiji Press, Feb 22, 2015: Radioactivity Alarm Rings at TEPCO Fukushima Plant

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: February 22nd, 2015 at 11:00 am ET


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207 comments to Multiple Alarms Set Off at Fukushima Plant: New leak of highly radioactive material detected — “Strontium-90 levels spike alarmingly” — “Emergency inspections” underway (VIDEO)

  • Now it starts getting interesting..

    Let's all go down to Fukushima and bathe in the Styx river, in the river, in the river.

    Let's all go down to Fukushima, and bathe in the Styx river of death.

    • Also, We can Get the Rad Word Out 🙂

      Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

      Nifty cards. Easy to print, pass out & leave about.

    • Angela_R

      River Styx, Dr. Goodheart.. symbolism?

      CERN has Shiva, sometimes called the god of destruction, though, I think have also heard Shiva referred to as – rebirth. The third eye, well, while also a Hindi belief, there are others who also recognize this aspect.

      But if this was planned, to deliberately inflict pain on a world, to torture, to torment, from that seed will come nothing good, for them or for anyone else.

      • ISPC

        Yes. Angela_R. TY. I doubt Shiva has anything to do with CERN, or CERN with Shiva. If so, it escapes me. Maybe it's some weird physicist's illusion of being god-like, similar to Oppenheimer's quote from the Bhagavad Gita, of God in Universal Form, "I have become Death, Destroyer of Worlds." No, he didn't. He just helped build a horrible bomb.

        It appears that CERN has the inherent ability to Destroy Our World.
        I suppose that task would normally be left up to Shiva, named the Destroyer of the Hindu Triad, along with the roles of Brahma the Creator, and Vishnu as the Sustainer. I would simply suggest that man's hubris knows no bounds.

        Interesting to note, that in India, the Saivites, the ones that worship Shiva, refer to him as the Compassionate One. I doubt if CERN's physicists know of this term of endearment for Shiva. I doubt they even care.


        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          CERN themselves picked the Lord Shiva as their symbol:

          “…• The Hindu deity, Shiva, a 2-metre statue styled on Chola bronzes of the deity engaging in the Nataraja dance of Chidambaram, parallelling the movements or "dance" of subatomic particles.[58][59][60]…”

        • Angela_R

          To me ISPC
          There are people of Dogma, wherein Truth is incorrectly interpreted and/or translated.
          The way I see it is that many people learn an interpretation and in many instances translations are part of the problem. There are those that learn, not through the heart but by dogma; such is fundamentalism. Fundamentalists exist in all beliefs.

          Note this translation of Robert Openheimer’s words: Lord Krisna said, I am terrible time the destroyer of all beings in all worlds, engaged to destroy all beings in this world….

          Time does in fact, have a habit of doing that.

          I am beginning to believe that there are people that act to bring about prophecy

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

            Here is a dogmatic statement, the dogma of Angela: "There are people of Dogma, wherein Truth is incorrectly interpreted and/or translated.
            "The way I see it is that many people learn an interpretation and in many instances translations are part of the problem. There are those that learn, not through the heart but by dogma; such is fundamentalism. Fundamentalists exist in all beliefs…"

            Christian fundamentalists are born again Christians. They learn through the heart, not by dogma.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Sure it isn't ..brain washing?
              Just asking…

              Brain Washing ( Jesus Camp ''Highlights'' )
              Jan 1 2008

            • Angela_R

              PT, amongst other statements you remark:
              "Christian fundamentalists are born again Christians"

              A form of a religion, especially Islam or Protestant Christianity, that upholds belief in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture:
              ‘there was religious pluralism there at a time when the rest of Europe was torn by fundamentalism’

              Have you ever read this one of Paul's?
              “I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready.”

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                Before clicking 'Submit Comment', please make sure it's: 1) On-Topic – This includes off-topic political, religious, or other such comments; 2) Relevant; 3) Not repetitive; 4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks

            • 4Yahshua

              2~24~5997(out of 6000)in this "Silent Doomsday"!
              Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

              Dogma or FACTS? Hey, we CAN choose! Because you decided to praise the name "Jesus", I believe that it is fair for me to question you now if you are certain that it is His Name?
              Just asking. Do you know that there is NOT a connection between this pagan name and the Name of Yahshua the Messiah, Son of Yahweh? None what so ever no matter what Christian evangelists may tell you. And, there is NOTHING "Judeo" about Christianity. It is Roman Catholic, Greek, and Babylonian but NOT Hebrew at all.
              Yahshua Himself said in John 5:23:
              "I come in My Father's Name and you receive Me not. Let another come in his own name; him you will receive." Yahshua and His Father Yahweh share the
              SAME NAME.
              The name Jesus Christ is alluded to in Revelation 13:18. Greek Diaglott (Free on The Web).
              In Greek the #666 (three Greek letters/numbers) translates to the pagan name of Christos Zeus (Zeus the Savior), chief idol of the Greeks. This name contains a CROSS, X as in Xmas. This X = the #6 and is called a HEX. Over the centuries this idol name "morphed" into the name "Jesus Christ" name of the image (idol) of the beast (Vatican).

              The original Protestants PROTESTED Christianity!

              "Come out of her MY people!", Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4


              • hbjon hbjon

                I read your post and get the feeling that you've got a lust for violence and revenge against civilized society. Have you been wronged my child? In the spirit of Christ and the Almighty, evil was banished from the earth and a just and honest society had flourished in America. Because of very porous borders, the followers of Satan have been able to corrupt and infiltrate many aspects of our "Paradise on Earth". DO NOT FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF THE WICKED. Seek peace and follow the GOLDEN RULE.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                  bhjon, where have you been the last 200 years? Are the bread lines during the great depression your idea of Paradise? Wasn't the Great Depression caused by the evil bankers gambling all their deposits away?


                  How about the psychiatrist who took an icepick and scrambled the brains of the heroes of WWII suffering from PTSD?

                  You think killing off all the Native Americans and stealing their lands was a Paradise?

                  Your feelings smack of privilege of the banker Illuminati class. You must love the MIC. Paradise on earth has always been the privlege of the less than 1%. Their Paradise was never built on Christianity, but usury and enslavement of everyone else.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                    I should have said the last 450 years. Was Paradise, in your opinion, slavery, rum running, women without the right to vote and killed as witches?

                    The NWO will never come into being until all the Christians and Muslims and Jews, and all people of other faiths are killed and sent to heaven. By then, however, the whole earth will be destroyed by the weapons of mass destruction, including depleted uranium munitions and airplanes.

                    For pro-Nukers it is always pie on earth. They proclaim, just give up time and we will perfect the imperfectable: i.e., the next generation of nuclear waste control and nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. These technologies will never work except as weapons of mass destruction and will kill indiscriminately including everyone.

                    Pawns in the Game
                    by William Guy Carr

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                      Was Paradise, in your opinion, children forced to work in the cotton mills and on the farms as indentured servants?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Anything is going to look like comparison to what's coming…

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      And believe me ..they count on it.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                      Lets not forget that the original Constitution only allowed landowners to vote, and even today not every state has primaries to determine the candidates and there are party bosses who override the electorates votes for the candidate snominated. And then if that doesn't work, there is the electoral college to ensure that there will be no democracy for anyone outside the 1%. The tax laws all favor the wealthy.

                      And everyone pays taxes. There are property taxes paid by renters and taxes on everything anyone buys including food. And there are the social security taxes which the wealthy steal all the time. Who even campaigns any more on the lock box for social security funds. The Republicans will never vote out social security because they couldn't steal the funds anymore.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      The light is starting to shine a little brighter… 🙂

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                    And the biggest scam of all are computer voting machines which can be programmed for the win of whatever candidate the computer companies choose.

      • Arizonan Arizonan


        No, I do not believe "deliberately" so. This worst of all environmental disasters that we and the earth have seen, was the result of men's actions – yes – actions that evolved from hubris in the extreme .hey believed they could control it, somehow convinced themselves they could control it, and still do. They believed themselves to be infallable, in the manner of gods. Yet the evidence that has been there for them since the beginning – since the deaths of the Curies, since the deaths of the X-rays technicians, since the still lingering deaths of "survivors" of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – they have had evidence that they cannot control it. Hubris blinds them to their own inability to control it. Gofman said even if they were able to contain 99% of the radioactivity from weapons and power production, from mining to fission to waste, there would still be 100,000 extra deaths per year in the US from the 1% that escaped into our environment. These materials will continue to emit DNA-warping energies for hundreds of thousands of years. Someday they may even stop fissioning. So, the releases are not deliberate, except in so much as it is a sin, the ultimate act of human hubris, to believe in your own infallibility. And so we have this infinite tragedy. I believe that the spike in the strontium-90 is caused by the underground still fissioning reactor-globs, still formed enough to be ejecting rapidly decaying materials into the water table, where they will find their way…

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          …where they will find their way to the ocean alarms. I was out walking in the snowy woods today. I thought to myself, the news from Fukushima is getting worse. (I have read these boards since April 2011). The news from Fukushima is getting worse, I thought. Then I thought, the news from Fukushima will always get worse. The news from Fukushima will get worse for the rest of my lifetime. I accept this now, but I do not cease to find ways to share information with my fellow humans about it. We do not deserve the blackout of information. We deserve enough information to be able to start adapting to our new reality. We need enough information to stop eating Pacific-origin foods, to start with. That alone would reduce the internal radioactive burden of fissioned materials for millions of humans. We will get there. We will adapt as best we can, before the DNA damage is irreparable and both human and non-human populations begin to decline, and then are entirely unable to reproduce, or rather die before the age of reproduction, unable to replace their numbers – but that day is far off yet – I think a minimum of 100 years. In the meantime, the news from Fukushima will get worse. The news from Fukushima will continue to get worse. Brace yourselves. We are in for the long haul.

        • nedlifromvermont

          Hey Arizonan … I think Gofman said the damages you cite would come from .01% releases … but whatever … we never needed the uranium fission roll out … to generate grid electricity, which is largely wasted …

          interesting NPR show this morning (6-7 am on NHPR) with an "environmentalist" Brit flogging uranium reactors (the 'significant contribution to the grid, base load reliability, 'little waste' and low carbon emissions) up against a German scientist who shot the pro-nuker down and professed Germany's rejection of this crap technology by 2022. I'll try to get the link;

          The nukers are a cult, like Galileo's Catholic Church; talking of a 'scientific consensus' behind uranium power which does not exist;

          A very powerful cult, more powerful than the U.S. Government, forged during the fight against Hitler;

          The evidence points to the British Crown and their French bankers: world powers with little to no oil and insufficient coal; which bent the rules at the U.N.; bought compliance from a naive and easily fooled U.S. Congress.

          We have been so fu**ed over by the lies of our corrupt overlords in Paris and London;

          They flog climate change to save a dying uranium fission power industry flying an unnecessary technology developed in the 1950's;

          These losers are totally running the show and happy to give their cancer to everyone and everything;

          A wicked wind this way comes;

          Thanks be to GE … (for the excess radioactivity)

          peace folks!

          • nedlifromvermont

            from the morning show … "in the reactor core (in England somewhere) 100 million million million uranium atoms undergo fission every second …"

            kind of gives you an idea of the poisons we are up against;

            This uranium fission thing should never have been permitted to build up to this scale;

            The utilization of uranium metal in this way is a gigantic mistake … a colossal blunder;

            The world must renounce completely this toxic enterprise, even though it may well be too late for Earth.

            We must keep fighting to shut down every reactor everywhere.

            Mock the loser nucleotards who are afraid of our truths on these pages.

            Mock them relentlessly; they don't like it; it's easy and cheap; and it might just work!

            Go Germany!! Tell England, France, Japan, U.S.A., Russia and China where to get off this stupid nuclear train!!

            We freed you (sort of) from Hitler and now we need you to free us from the uranium pushers … what goes around comes around …

            Uranium bullshit is seventy years old and mighty stinky!!

            peace 'newsers! Nedli out.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Oh yea! Nothing better than the Pusher Man! 🙂

              • or-well

                October 17, 2013 at 3:08 pm · Reply
                Stephen Wolf; The Pusher Man



                You know I've burned a lot of generator gas
O' Lord, I've paid a lot of Coal energy Bill’s
But I never touched nothin'

                That my spirit could kill

You know, I've seen a lot of people walkin' 'round

                With Plutonium tombstones in their eyes

                But the Nuclear pusher don't care
Ah, if you live or if you die

                God damn, The Nuclear Pusher's 
God damn,
                I say The Uranium Pusher’s
I said God damn,
                God damn the NRC Pusher men

                You know the Wind and Solar dealer, these dealer's are men

                With natural power being none polluting they send
Oh but the Nuclear pusher's are monster’s
Good God, their not natural men

The natural power dealer for a nickel
Lord, will sell you lots of sweet electricity dreams
Ah, but the Nuclear pusher ruin your body
Lord, he'll leave your, he'll leave your Cesium mind to scream

                God damn, The Nuclear Pusher’s
God damn, God damn the Uranium Pusher's

                I said God damn the NRC Pusher men
                God damn all pro Nuclear pusher's

                Well, now if I were a wiser president of this land

                You know, I'd declare total war on The Nuclear Pusher men
I'd haul their ass's to the Hague, and I'd jail them if they try run

                Yes I'd expose'em on and Face Book, not for fun

                God damn The NRC Nuclear Pusher’s
God damn The TEPCO Pusher's

                I said God…

          • West Aussie West Aussie

            I heard that 'debate' as well, nedlifromvermont, I think the German's sir-name was Feld. The pro-nuke shill just talked over the German, or cut him off, almost all the time. It was a puerile performance by the shill. I just kept on thinking, "You sodding jerk!"

        • sentinelle sentinelle

          I wonder how many times we've started over..

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Omg, TEPCO said 70 times more and I think in nukespeak that means 70,000 times… Just saying. I'd add some zeroes. They're known for…you know…You know when someone commits a lot of murders and they're sentenced to like 70 life sentences. That's what we are, isn't it? We just keep piling it on. WTF?

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    I wouldn't be suprised if this was deliberate & tepco dumped a bunch of the tanks. Later they will blame it on an employee's mistake.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    And in some funnier news, Protesters protesting police violence were met with police violence.
    OK, it's not funny or on topic. And my laughter is hysterical doomed laughter of crazy, hopeless woman. The other day my little kids asked why I laughed so much and my 13 year old said if I didn't laugh I would cry. That me cry.

  • We are all in good hands. Never fear.

    I have stolen the powers of Galactus, the Beyonder and the Silver Surfer on three separate occasions. I have conquered the world, defeated the Avengers multiple times and made gods tremble at my feet.

    Dr. Doom says it is all under control.

  • Another way to look at it?

    It could be a LOT worse.

    We could all be eating plastic and Soylent Green instead of food.

    We could all be minus arms and legs due to forced 'donations' in order to make more Soylent Green.

    We could all be

    Oh, never mind..

    • name999 name999

      dr, your effort is appreciated…this is just beyond coping. But cope we must, and love and eat and
      stay alive and healthy as we can…yes, it could be worse for many of us, for others the worst
      is now.

      • Gabe Gabe

        I think we should begin capturing the 1% and throwing them overboard in the middle of the Pacific. They are all a bunch of lard butt wealthy money MONGERING but wipes. Look at them……many are old, decrepit, ugly men like Ted, Henry, George HW, etc………
        I mean, really, can the people of ENEnews handle these old wrinkled satanists? Of course we can!
        Actually, we could just tie them to a jet ski with a rope and haul them out as far as one tank of gas will take us. Cut rope. Fill gas tank with spare gas from cans onboard. BYEBYE

    • ISPC

      Yes. Dr. Goodheart. TY. Peace

  • jec jec

    The ENENEWS Forum here, for webcam discussions, likely caught the "criminals" — steaming emissions and explosive smoke from the areas of Common Fuel Pool/Reactor 1 (we saw the cranes and warning beacons), and from just south of Reactor 4 building. Can you say CRACKS in ground might be suspect? And radiation spikes also caught at the same time. Good area for looking for data points, that discussion thread!!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Just look at how much time these buffoons get and Fukushima gets time.. on MSM! 🙁

    Of course they all lie that is why it's now called entertainment and not the news..

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    Every day is like waking up from a nightmare in a nightmare. Just got notice of another Leukemia case of a 13 year old one, more to come. The gap between the reality I see and what is presented to us by media becomes bigger and bigger. The harder the calls will be when both ends come together again – reality check planet earth – doomed.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Our goal should be to stop those that are now killing our planet and all of us in and from all industrial practices that are unsafe.

      Nuclear is unsafe and already proven. The no brainer is/would be to ban the use of this technology from our only inhabitable planet we call Earth!

      Stay the course! 🙂

    • pure water

      I came across exactly the same case last week. It could be a stroke, a brain tumor or a deformed newborn, but it is what you speak about.

    • Runningonlove Runningonlove

      Homolumina, and Johnny Blade, and all Enenewser friends,
      I hope that this short rundown of my personal anti-cancer campaign
      will be of healing use to someone:

      I was operated on to remove a cancerous tumour in May of last year.
      A major wake-up call for me. When, last August, I was advised that the surgeon wanted further action, removal of several lymph nodes to be precise, I said, "Alternatives, please?"
      No response from surgeon. After some research online, I've found 6 or 7 viable alternatives. I am now doing ALL of them. Results are very good!
      Another major wake-up call, thank God, this time, a positive one…

      FYI, here's a brief list….

      1. BCX Ultra, by New Earth Technologies "Rife-type" frequency therapy machine.
      2. Silver Pulser, a blood electrifier/colloidal silver maker by Sota Instruments.Based on Robert Beck's research.
      3. Essiac Tea, an herbal blend of anti-cancer-properties plants.
      4. Carnivora, based on Venus flytrap extracts.
      5. Budwig Protocol, a cottage cheese/flax oil blend.
      6. Coldwell protocol, a maple syrup/baking soda mixture.
      (As Onto calls it "poor man's chemo"..and a hell of a lot
      better tasting)
      7. Diet: all-vegetarian, lots of miso, green tea, tumeric, supergreen powder,kelp, and vitamins C, D, E, zinc, selenium, and CoQ10.
      I sure hope this helps someone. With Fuku spewing for Lord knows
      how long, plus toxic geoengineering skyborne crap, we are going to need all the anti-cancers we can muster. Anyone want…

      • Runningonlove Runningonlove

        to add to this list, please do.

        • PlowboyGrownUp

          Hemp oil
          Diatomaceous earth, after obewan got some. He has a link posted a day or two ago.
          Best wellness wishes

        • ISPC

          Yes. Runningonlove. Thank You. Inspiring. Peace

        • harv33021

          You have really done your research well and you will win this battle. Here are a few other things that have worked for some people. Ozone shots or IV, you can learn to do this at home. You can make medical grade ozone at home for less than $600. See Ed McCabe's book FLOOD YOUR WITH OXYGEN….A PEMF device, that delivers frequencies, similar to your Rife device., about $750….Here is a real winner, MMS See his cancer protocol. This is fast and cheap, less than $50.You can do this along with the other things you are doing. Also coffee enamas…. My wife had a spot that covered 1/3 of her liver. The Dr. was trying to get her scheduled for a liver transplant when she said BS on that. Instead, she was treated with frequencies delivered by a laser that our Alternative Med/mentor/adviser made. She also changed her diet and took lots lot of vitamins and minerals. Her health is perfect today. My brother overcame colon cancer with Essiac Tea…Here is the bible on cancer, Hulda Clark's, The Cure For All Diseases. Good luck to all who do the research…IF I had cancer today I would start with the MMS Cancer Protocol, The EarthPluse pemf device and Dr Gordon's Vitamin C (I am talking mega doses of C). Because I have no problems tolerating the mms I am confident that, that, alone would work for me. However, loading up on the other stuff won't hurt.

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            Black Walnut Hull

            This is an ancient medicinal herb proven to be very effective. It has powerful anti fungal/parasitic properties. Most widely used by herbalist for deworming.
            It contains: Tanins and one aspect of this is control of diarrhea
            Also: Iodine a known antiseptic, this allows it to attach to ineffective bacteria and kill them.
            Also: A powerful chelator
            It Oxygenates the blood! This is believed to be partly how it kills parasites….fungus/parasites thrive on sugars…… oxygenated blood is also known anticancer agent
            It has also been said to be effective against Lymes Disease….another fungus/parasite in the body
            It is not recommended for daily maintenance but for known symptoms or a cleansing regiment.
            Peace and be well

        • Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate

      • J.

        "After some research online, I've found 6 or 7 viable alternatives. I am now doing ALL of them."

        A few comments:

        1) I've followed SOTA instruments for many years and respect their work and their products. They're in business for the long haul. In addition to devices you mentioned, they make an ozone generator that may be worth trying. You'd think O2 would encourage oxidative damage, but I've been told that it actually has an anti-oxidant effect.

        2) FYI, the Beck protocol has four components, all easily researched online.

        3) I read today from the Natural Society that activated charcoal is an excellent chelator of various toxins, and some people use it regularly. That's something worth looking into.

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          Hi J. Ozone treatment has shown great promise for many disease. It was reported to have been able to stop ebola in Africa. One of the countries had it ready to go but supposedly the health minister stopped it. The Pharmaceutical industry will not be denied.
          I believe Dr. Mercola did a report on it.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Yes, many more to come. Not so rare a disease anymore.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    From above! 🙁

    Pure bullshit, since this manmade radiation contamination can not be cleaned up..never!

    None of the fish or other life/species in the ocean wear white jumps suits either! Morons! 🙁

    If any of this was safe, then why would they be wearing white jumpsuits, in the control rooms? 🙂

    "The International Atomic Energy Agency recently said TEPCO has made 'significant progress' in cleaning up the plant, but suggested that Japan should consider ways to discharge treated waste water into the sea as a relatively safer way to deal with the radioactive water crisis."

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • We Not They Finally

      Safer for WHO? Did the Pacific Ocean get to vote?

      • hbjon hbjon

        The Pacific Ocean should vote. So should the fish and birds.

        Great talking point for the lawyers that will lobby for healthcare for the Pacific Ocean. Has it not been proven that the right pills can cure disease? Are fish getting a disease from Fukushima? Can we dump pills in the ocean and profit? 1+1=2. Let the misinformed and illiterate children and barbarians vote on the matter. If given the choice between pills and food, Americas seniors, disabled, ill, handicapped, poor, and misguided have the choice made for them by the pharmaceutical industry. Your feeling very sleepy America. Pills good. Smart Americans are healthcare consumers. Doctors will heal you of the problems old people get. You won't remember you have been hypnotized. (finger snap)

          • hbjon hbjon

            There are millions of splitting atoms per second in an active reactor core. About half of those are barium, and the other half are krypton. If each event creates two free neutrons to produce plutonium, strontium etc. that is a lot of toxic waste being created that must be contained indefinitely. Strontium must be the burn up of krypton within the core as everything within a reactor core burn up into something very unwholesome. Krypton is a noble gas that is created by the splitting of a U235 atom. The atom of krypton stays in the fuel unless the fuel gets atomized by some crazy event. Shake a can of soda pop and see what happens with carbon dioxide when you open the can.

  • We Not They Finally

    This is from reactor no. 1? We thought it was supposed to be reactor no. 4 that was doomsday. Oh, by the way, we thought that the discharges prior to this, and then prior to that, were doomsday.

    Thanks for the corrections, you psychopaths. Now at least we have a clear read that this particular new doomsday is "contamination levels up to 70 times greater than the already-high radioactive status seen at the plant" the last time around.

  • Food was hot even by mid 2012. They changed the limits here in the USA to lethal levels @ 1200 Bq/kg…

    Rads in raw sunflower seeds in 5 2012:

    Tuna Rads 4 2012:

    Rads in garden veggies mid 2012:

    Graphic images of mutations:

    Get used to gnarly living folks it is the neo norm forever!


    Comments as to the images of me in this ELEmentSky site must be kept to reasonable English, and kept in compliance with ENENEWS rules! TY

    I am doing OK in recovery. I have returned to normal weight. The Fibula bone the used to replace my cancer effected skull bone IS attempting to regrow in my jaw, and the pain of extreme TMD/TMJ is intolerable.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Seriously, with radiation levels going up and up, what's in store for that island?

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    The recent earth quakes in Eastern Japan more than likely do play a part in the spike of strontium-90. Those old tanks got a good old shake, and one sprung a leak……

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Just a week after a serious earthquake? But then , doesn't TEPCO announce a new world record for high radiation every month or so?

    p.s. I may have accidentally reported a comment, WNTF maybe? Apologies, no immediate danger.

  • ISPC

    Yes. Everything is out of TEPCO's control. The Nations that would be most helpful, those that have the most to lose, in the Northern Hemisphere, are not stepping up to aid Japan, or themselves. This is a big problem. We have two disasters, then. The first disaster is progressing as the disaster it is. TEPCO's feeble attempts at glossing over the scope of the problem only does that, and their attempts at "decommissioning" only compounds the problems. The second disaster is that the World stands by watching; doing nothing. Together, both disasters leave us with one reality. The reality, the one that we see, is that the situation at the FDNPP is beyond control, and only worsens day by day. Peace

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Have you given much thought to the fact, that there could well be, no way to do anything about it. Go re-watch the reactor explosion videos. When 3 went up, it was game over……

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Every single LOCA ever modeled ended with the reactors exploding. All except one. And in that modeled event, there was no fuel in the reactor.

        • ISPC

          Yes. StPaulScott. TY. Yes, just today I considered the possibility that nothing could be done to stop all the radiation coming from Fukushima. That idea may preclude trying, but it shouldn't prevent it.

          If it were up to me, I would fix the problem; given the power and money to do so. Myself, PhilipUpNorth, and others here, have ideas we would like to try before, well, giving up. Call me an optimist if you will, but maybe, just maybe, more could be done. (I love a good understatement.)

          Meanwhile, we could focus our attention on shutting down the remaining Rattletraps. That might buy the Human Race some time.


    • Arizonan Arizonan

      ISPC, well put, well put. Those are the two disasters, absolutely.

    • ispc, i would love to know for sure if it is 'out of our control', because these same criminals that are getting away with GEnocide, are the same ones with the access to the tax payer funded black budget projects.
      they certainly don't seem too concerned with how this is unfolding.

  • name999 name999

    Leukemia for everyone!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes Sir!
    How is the cash flow this month? Are we seeing enough sick people?
    Well Sir, the cash flow is tight from the end of the year.
    Bobby how many Leukemia patients this last month?
    Sir not enough, just not enough! You will have to put off buying that plane Sir.
    Damn when is that Fukushima Radiation going to make me Rich!
    Sir, I hope soon since I know you really want that plane.
    Bobby bring me more Leukemia right now!
    Yes Sir! Should I contact the drug rep for you?
    Yes and ask him if I can mark it up another 25%, since the current $110,000.00 per year is a little light on our books! I need that plane!
    Yes Sir! Right Away!

  • razzz razzz

    Yahoo picked up the latest news feed about Daiichi…

    'Fresh nuclear leak detected at Fukushima plant'

    "…Adding to TEPCO's headaches has been the persistent flow of groundwater from nearby mountains travelling under the contaminated plant before washing to the Pacific Ocean.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency recently said TEPCO has made "significant progress" in cleaning up the plant, but suggested that Japan should consider ways to discharge treated waste water into the sea as a relatively safer way to deal with the radioactive water crisis.";_ylt=AwrSyCXhAOpUflAAAwnQtDMD

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Here is the real deal concerning Manmade Nuclear anything… 🙁

    If the Earth's/Planet's background radiation readings are now 600% more than they were before 1945, when we started playing around with this Nuclear stuff, that means nothing has been cleaned anywhere simply based on the increased "caused by man" increased background radiation readings that Dr Goodheart and Stock have demonstrated with real numbers. 🙂

    We are all being lied too! 🙁 Simple really!

    Pay no attention to anything coming out of any Nuclear authority on this subject like the IAEA.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      I always turn off the sound when I look at jack hole video.
      Let your eyes lead you first.
      Then and the sound after a few runs.
      It is amazing what shit a mouth can push out.
      We are being made fools of, it is total bullshit.

      Trained mouth assassins. 🙁

  • bowling

    Why would a jerk tell a bald face lie like this?

    A person could not get within 30 yards of a half pound of unshielded used fuel rods and each nucpp makes 20 tons a year.

    Why does the media let a lying rotten devil saying this?
    James Lovelock on nuclear waste

    "I have offered to take the full output of a nuclear power station in my back yard."

    – Professor James Lovelock as quoted in the London Sunday Times

    According to today's Times, the outspoken British environmental scientist, author and founder of the 'Gaia' theory of planetary homeostasis has a cunning plan to overcome any objections to a new nuclear power plant being built in the vicinity of his neighborhood. The good doctor has volunteered to take the radioactive waste off the plant's hands and use it for domestic heating requirements.

    With Prime Minister Tony Blair's recent call for more nuclear power in Britain, some people are worried about the toxic byproducts. But according to Lovestock, he and his neighbors could save a packet by taking in the wayward waste.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Guess I was wrong again…I thought if I got blasted enough on a mixture of opiate-based pain meds & klonopin with half a dropper full of Ativan that I would sleep well & have enough of Big Pharma's wares still actively blocking panic-anxiety attacks that start every day out since 311 & worsening since my dearly beloved was afflicted by cancer in the 1st wave of non-stop,ongoing assaults on everyone I know & love and/or those I never knew but would've been lucky to meet & bestow with friendship,loyalty & trust that comes with instinct and an aura of undeniable goodness that only shines from those who possess a soul & kinship I feel whenever I'm blessed with their presence and another ally in this fight that only seems complicated & confusing until thought of in terms of what/who is right or wrong or quite simply "GOOD" OR PURE EVIL"[?] There's only 2 ways to respond to 311 & nuclear-supporting forces and "neutrality" or "denial" is another form of pro-nuclear support that the dark one's consider is in their favor & emboldens them to proceed with an agenda that doesn't take the pain,suffering,deaths & molding of our world into their abomination funded by the money-mad profiteers of doom! 🙁 "Neutrality" bred by public apathy still prevalent in this fouled,post-311 world is a vote in favor of pro-nuke kooks & their agenda and we ALL lose,no LIFE & the ability of Mother Earth to sustain it is lost when all that "could've"been said & done WAS NOT! 🙁 Nitemares…

  • dosdos dosdos

    A country that runs nuclear power but doesn't have a permanent disposal program actively taking care of the cooled spent fuel has been likened to a condominium without toilets. Hey, we know the toilet is….

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Here in this shithole the toilet is the best seat in the house! 🙁
      Anything deposited properly in it with the cover up & seat down is disposed of properly. TEPCO likens the Pacific Ocean to/as their personal toilet they continually flush out the Shitium with freshwater from above and let the tides coming in/going out do the rest. WhoTF appointed TEPCO as the Captain or "Tidy Bowl Man of the Sea"??!! An association of broke-ass Japanese fishermen that they paid-off when they became desperate enough to accept the nuke-puke's blood-money to support their lost livelihoods??!! Maybe they can cover my wife's medical co-payments & burial expenses when she succumbs to "Round #2" of her "new" cancer of the lower intestines should they decide to start asking those outside of Japan "permission with a hollow apology" for what they've done & what they continue to fail to prevent from harming all others within and/or outside of Japan & its territorial waters & forever ruined traditional fishing grounds??!! 🙁 effin' bass-turds! So far all I've learned about allegedly "superior" nations,cultures,economies,with the haughtiest,most advanced technology & GNP is that they're led by the most ignorant,genocidal,self-centered P'sOS wrapped in human skin yet devoid of souls or compassion or sympathy for their victim's in existence! No big surprise here since the Japanese nuke-puke industry is modeled after the worst offender of the money-mad,nuke-happy lot,the USofA!! 😐 FTA!…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

      Magnitude M 5.1
      Date time 2015-02-22 19:43:35.3 UTC
      Location 39.79 N ; 143.34 E
      Depth 20 km
      Distances 272 km NE of Sendai-shi, Japan / pop: 1,037,562 / local time: 04:43:35.3 2015-02-23
      188 km E of Morioka-shi, Japan / pop: 295,172 / local time: 04:43:35.3 2015-02-23

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

      Here is an earlier one reported by USGS

      M 5.0 – 141km ENE of Miyako, Japan
      2015-02-22 02:53:42 UTC
      40.087°N 143.501°E
      10.0 km

  • I'm hoping like hell now that the cams at Tepco don't get shut down to block the watchers! Going to be some interesting harbor fireworks I think. Oh, plus the sinkiness quicksandium issues with the geology EQ shakeups lately.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    I wonder if loose fuel 'everywhere' has any effect.
    I wonder if they removed fuel from R3 fuel pools.(I don't think so)
    I wonder how those fuel pools look.

    Damn, not so good. Well, they won't need to be careful moving those fuel rods.

    New form of disposal is dispersion,,,, everywhere ? 🙁

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

    Feb. 22, 2015

  • Cdog Cdog

    I love how in the video we get an explanation of action taken to, and we are thus left to assume, reduce or stop the "leak," and thus everything at the plant appears organized and under control..

    I still contend leak has never been an appropriate term for any of the quantities of water discussed. It's highly unlikely theirs any containment and these surges will always appear until all of the cores are washed away and diluted into the ecosystem.

    It's heart stopping to finally see a more recent close up of the sprawling facility and death tanks. All that hot water bouncing against the metal walls creating a fire storm, or sunshine, of gamma radiation.

    RunningonLove, great list but I'm not sure the costs are worth the benefits when it comes to green tea, kelp, and miso.

    Ontological, Thanks for the info on sunflower seeds, a salad will never be a great again but I gotta add them to the super hot dirty list of sea products, dairy, and mushrooms.

    • amberlight amberlight

      Cdog, Miso Master organic miso is made in Asheville, NC.

      Numi organic green tea is fair trade sourced from China, not known for stringent product safety standards—China, that is—but Numi is a reputable brand.

      The kelp we use was last harvested by us off the coast of Mendocino the summer following the Daiichi meltdown. We haven't gathered any since, so we use it sparingly. Even the guy that used to harvest and sell seaweed at our farmers market has folded up his tent. Last time I saw him his conversation indicated that he had come to grips with the reality that the pollution was never going to stop. One more small business providing a valuable product down the chute…

      May the perpetrators of this catastrophe and all others like it suffer EVERYTHING they are inflicting upon others!

      • HOpefully you tested that dried kelp?

        • amberlight amberlight

          No, and we still live on the left coast. Appearance and taste of the kelp is normal and so far no illness, but I come from a hardy bunch. I am an upbeat person in spite of it all; eat organics; sun gazer; alternative medicine, etc.

          The pollution is everywhere, and not just radiation. I can't live what's left of my life running scared. Besides, most of my kids & grandchildren live in Oregon or California. I won't abandon them. They are the ones I really worry about, not myself. Fortunately they have shown no signs of disease, but time is not on our side…

  • amberlight amberlight

    And I am STILL running into people who get a puzzled look on their face when I mention Fukushima—"Oh that! The earthquake and tsunami? That was, um, how many years ago?"—believing that it was a past event that doesn't affect them.

    Shakes head and walks away…

    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      The cover ups, lessens and lies told concerning Chernobyl is history repeating itself in a most ugly way reminding us not to mess with nuclear power! We know what to expect, only this time it's a whole lot worse and getting worse for eternity! We will be denied accurate useful information and rewarded with much higher "safe" limits for our food and water. Thanks to our wonderful "atoms for peace" What a sham!

  • rogerthat

    – this is worth reading for the comments, among which this:


    Funny you should mention Tuna…..

    I am on the east coast and go out regularly to fish for Tuna. On our last trip, we were met at the dock by some "academic" type, claiming to be doing a study on tuna migration and so forth.

    I tend to state the obvious and said "shouldn't you be testing for cesium 137 instead?" The look on his face said it all. He eventually came clean with us and told us they were checking the carcasses of Tuna on the east coast to check for elevated levels of……….cesium 137. Do date, he said nothing they have sampled tested positive. Who knows whether or not to believe.

    Once the first tuna is caught on the east coast with elevated levels…..that's it for me. No more tuna fishing.

    • and where is this guy from?

      They all claim that they are NOT TESTING, and getting no money for it.

      Was he wearing a large black cone shaped hat?

      Did he carry a magic wand?

    • Well that's kinda something to ponder. Hmmmm. Thanks for the sleuthing. 🙂

      Bet there's a few prickled people at some level wanting all the bad rumors to just go away…then might be there's a few that are quietly wanting to check just in case, too. After all, they have, or know families that have experienced more illnesses than usual by now. Heartbreaking for anyone who suffers a radiation factor.

  • bo bo

    Ok.. here's a tweet dump before bed.. Via@TOHRU_HIRANO after this strontium leak reported in fukushima radiation in surrounding towns started rising at monitoring posts.

    Interesting gradual 'incline', different from the 'normal spikes', different pattern from usual.

  • dan dan


    Proof positive that no matter how bad the disaster,

    It can still be guided, nurtured and steered

    Toward an all encompassing, raging, out-of-control conflagration by


  • dan dan


    If I had one hundred acres , I could grow lettuce or tomato or maybe some rice and make a comfortable living for me and my family while feeding my village.


    *buys one hundred acres, builds a 1960's era death machine and FUX the world.

  • rogerthat

    Symposium 61 years after Bikini Atoll nuke test

    Feb. 22, 2015
    A symposium has been held in Tokyo to mark the 61st anniversary of a US hydrogen bomb test on the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.

    The United States carried out the test on March 1st, 1954. Local residents as well as the crewmembers of a Japanese fishing boat were exposed to radiation.

    About 100 people attended the event at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo on Saturday…

    – this nhk report is a sad parody of journalism.

    Compare NHK's pap with this, from the Asahi Shimbun a year ago:

    Or this, from the Mainichi today:

    Feb. 23, 2015
    As I See It: Gov't must delve deeper into radiation exposure from Bikini Atoll incident

    Sixty years have passed since crew members of the Daigo Fukuryu Maru, a tuna fishing boat based in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, were exposed to radiation following a nuclear test that the United States conducted on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. At the time, the Japanese and U.S. governments played down the damage …

    • rogerthat

      caused by the incident, announcing that the Daigo Fukuryu Maru was the only vessel affected by "death ash" even though nearly 1,000 vessels, including Japanese freighters and fishing boats, may have been exposed to radiation.

      Now, the Japanese government is underestimating Fukushima residents' exposure to radiation following the outbreak of the crisis at the tsunami-hit Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, while making haste to restart idled atomic power stations across the country.

      This suggests that the history of placing priority on national policy over people's health is being repeated in Japan. The government should conduct a detailed survey on people's exposure to radiation in the Bikini Atoll incident and learn lessons from the case.

      In January this year, Hajime Kikima, 69, a doctor living in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, examined an 88-year-old retired employee of a company that owned the Daigo Fukuryu Maru, and felt that his patient was suffering from the effects of a radiation-related disease.

      The patient was involved in work to remove water from the tuna fishing boat over a period of two months after it came back to the Yaizu fishing port.

      At the time, he felt dizzy and lost a considerable amount of his hair, but did not receive any treatment. After he passed the age of 60, the patient suffered from stomach and colon cancer as well as a thyroid gland disorder. Workers at a local public health office who looked after crew members of the…

      • rogerthat

        who looked after crew members of the boat are also reportedly showing symptoms suggesting they had indirect exposure to radiation.

        A health ministry survey shows that 856 fishing boats across the country dumped fish they caught because of the nuclear test on Bikini Atoll.

        Some researchers point out that over 1,000 vessels were affected by radiation from the nuclear test in one way or another.

        A citizens group in Kochi Prefecture, where about one-third of fishing boats operating around the atoll were based, claims that many former crew members of these vessels are suffering from cancer or other diseases. The organization has joined hands with Hiroshima University in investigating whether and how former crew members' exposure to radiation has affected their health.

        Not everyone affected by radiation in the incident is known. If the government had conducted an extensive survey, the results could have helped conduct better surveys on Fukushima residents' exposure to radiation following the nuclear plant accident.

        The government should have identified those who are suspected of having been exposed to radiation in the Bikini incident and examined their health conditions.

        However, the testimonies provided by those involved in efforts to get to the bottom of the incident highlight the selfishness with which the United States, a nuclear superpower, attempted to cover up the incident, and the cowardliness with which the Japanese government went along with …

        • rogerthat

          went along with such attempts by Washington.

          At that time, less than a decade after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the United States feared that the Bikini incident could ignite anti-U.S. and anti-nuclear sentiment.

          Amid the Cold War, Washington was extremely wary about details of the nuclear test on Bikini Atoll, such as how fishermen operating nearby were exposed to radiation, coming to light. The Daigo Fukuryu Maru is now on display in Tokyo thanks to a preservation campaign by citizens, even though the United States had proposed that Japan sink the fishing boat for the purpose of protecting secrets.

          In January 1955, less than a year after the incident, Washington paid a total of roughly 720 million yen to crew members of fishing boats and people in the fisheries industry across Japan as "consolation money." Since then, Tokyo has maintained the position that the matter has been settled.

          That same year, Tokyo and Washington signed an agreement on bilateral cooperation in promoting the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and Japan enacted the Atomic Energy Basic Act, based on which the country began nuclear power development as a national policy while drawing the curtains on the Bikini incident.

          Sixteen of the 23 crew members of the Daigo Fukuryu Maru have already passed away. Most of them died of liver cancer and other liver ailments. The majority of medical experts believe that the crew members were infected with hepatitis C…

          • rogerthat

            through blood transfusions as part of their treatment. However, the government recognized the death of only Aikichi Kuboyama, 40, chief radio operator of the vessel who passed away six months after the nuclear test, as being directly related to the incident.

            "The Japanese government has followed U.S. nuclear policy because of the bilateral security arrangement and for economic reasons, and has turned a blind eye to its own people's exposure to radiation," says Hiroko Takahashi, a lecturer at the Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University, who conducts research on atomic bombs and U.S. nuclear tests.

            "The government has failed to proactively release the amounts of radiation that Fukushima residents have been exposed in the nuclear crisis. Its attitude has remained unchanged since the Bikini incident.

            Following the Bikini incident, Yaizu-based fishermen were forced to discard fish that they had just landed at the local fishing port. Local residents reportedly tended to regard the Daigo Fukuryu Maru as a nuisance. Some local residents even looked coldly at crew members of the vessel saying, "Fish in Yaizu are no longer selling well because of you."

            One of the former crew members, 87-year-old Susumu Misaki, opened a tofu shop after the incident. One local branded his tofu "nuclear weapon tofu." The Bikini incident dealt a serious blow to the nation's fisheries industry as a whole.

            Now, the agricultural and fisheries industries in Fukushima …

            • rogerthat

              in Fukushima Prefecture face harmful rumors about their products, and it is ordinary citizens who are being made to pay for problems deriving from national policy.

              Some people may have died even without knowing that they were exposed to radiation from the nuclear test on Bikini Atoll. Documents on the mariners' insurance program provide details on the crew members of ships, the period and locations of their operations and their health conditions. The documents are preserved at the Japan Pension Service, which falls under the supervision of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. The government could clarify the causal relationship between crew members' exposure to radiation and their health problems if it closely reviewed those documents.

              Kuboyama passed away after saying, "We should be the last victims of atomic and hydrogen bombs." To make sure that no more people will be killed by radiation, the government must get to the bottom of the Bikini incident. (By Yuta Hiratsuka, Shizuoka Bureau)

              May 17, 2014 (Mainichi Japan)

  • dan dan

    Clap clap clap clap clapclapclapclapclapclap.

    (That's what I'd like them to catch.)

  • rogerthat

    LONDON–Britain's Prince William will visit Japan this month and tour Fukushima Prefecture and other areas devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster, the Royal Household said.

    The Duke of Cambridge is scheduled to arrive in Japan on Feb. 26 and stay until March 1. He will then visit China from March 1-4.

    It will be the first time William has visited the two countries alone. His wife, the duchess of Cambridge, will not accompany him as she is in the latter stages of her second pregnancy. She is due to give birth in April.

    – well i hope the palace reminds him to pack his lead lined knickers, and i am glad kate and her baby-to-be have the good sense to keep their distance.

  • rogerthat

    … SANTA FE – The federal Department of Energy is taking the position that any state fines it pays for a radioactive leak at the nation’s nuclear waste repository near Carlsbad will come from money appropriated to clean up decades’ worth of contamination from nuclear weapons work in New Mexico.

    “Any fines and penalties assessed on the EM (environmental management) program would be provided by cleanup dollars, resulting in reduced funding for cleanup activities,” says a 2016 budget year summary presented earlier this month by DOE’s Office of Environmental Management. …

    • rogerthat

      this stuff is unbelievable:

      … Under the DOE’s stance, the $185 million that LANL is budgeted to receive for fiscal year 2016 for cleanup of radioactive and hazardous waste would be reduced by the $37 million in fines that the state wants for LANL’s role in the WIPP leak. NMED has also fined WIPP $17 million.

      NMED Secretary Ryan Flynn has previously argued that the fines, which the DOE is appealing, shouldn’t come from cleanup dollars. In that case, he said in November, “you’re not punishing the people who caused the problem, you’re punishing the people of New Mexico who benefit from the environmental cleanup work.”

      He added in a prepared comment provided Friday: “Essentially, DOE is threatening to punish states by doing less cleanup work if states attempt to hold it accountable for violating federal and state environmental laws.

      “States like New Mexico welcome federal facilities into our communities with the understanding that these facilities will respect the health and safety of our citizens by complying with federal and state laws.”

      Flynn told the Journal last week that the DOE’s resistance to paying the WIPP-leak fines sets a dangerous precedent, breaks with past practice by the DOE and is at odds with the Obama administration’s tough stance on other kinds of environmental problems. …

      • rogerthat

        WIPP Radiation Leak: the USW had to test its own workers for radiation contamination
        21 Feb 2015

        The United Steelworkers Union (United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International), which now includes Karen Silkwood’s Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union (OCAW) [1] is present at the WIPP nuclear waste site and was forced to test the unionized workers itself, after the WIPP radiation leak, as described in the article below. The USW appears more focused on safety than some other unions.

        The USW local 7-669 at the Honeywell site in Metropolis, Illinois, demonstrates the potential for unionized workers to act as collective whistleblowers at nuclear sites. They have been locked out by Honeywell, since August 2, 2014, apparently due to their whistleblowing efforts to protect Americans and the environment, at the dangerous Honeywell uranium hexafluoride facility in southern Illinois, along the Ohio River. They remain unsung heros. [2] Nonetheless, as made apparent in the New York Times article, linked to at the bottom of this post, fear of unemployment exists in tension with safety concerns, even within unions. [3]

        We suspect that it was the USW’s presence at the WIPP site, along with multiple State and National entities, and multiple contractors, which kept the WIPP …

        • rogerthat

          which kept the WIPP leak from being hidden.

          At the end of January 2014, radiation was so high at Sellafield, in Cumbria, England, that non-essential workers were kept away. Then, it was stated that the radiation at Sellafield, one of the most highly contaminated nuclear sites in the world, was “natural” [4] . …

          – well documented. amazing stuff, worth a look

      • we MUST hold these government agencys and corporations ACCOUNTABLE in these failures. there should be NO QUESTION that the fines should not come from the clean up dollars!!!

  • rogerthat,7399

    SA nuclear royal commission a farce
    Noel Wauchope 22 February 2015

    The South Australian government’s royal commission into our nuclear future is a farce, and a dangerous farce, warns Noel Wauchope.

    FIRST OF ALL, it is not the province of one State to determine by a State royal commission that a nuclear industry should be introduced in Australia. That is a protected issue as a 'A Matter of National Environmental Significance' under the National Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

    Secondly, this royal commission would be a mammoth waste of money for South Australia, The cost would run into hundreds of $millions. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was allocated over $434 million in 2013 for its first four years of operation. Given that nuclear issues are the province of national law, not South Australian, this is a totally unnecessary expense.

    Thirdly, the 'public involvement' in the terms of reference for this royal commission is a farce in itself. Just look at how this was dealt with by the South Australian government: …

  • rogerthat

    The Indo-Lanka civil nuclear agreement would not permit India to dump its radioactive waste in Sri Lankan territory, Minister of Power and Energy Champika Ranawaka said. …

    -good luck with that lol

  • rogerthat


    Japan Continues to Tremble; Japan is No Place for Nuclear Reactors February 21, 2015

    Fluor Hanford Paid $1.1 Million to Resolve Allegations of Improper Lobbying February 20, 2015

    US Government Intervened in False Claims Lawsuit Against Fluor Companies February 20, 2015

    Texas-Based Fluor Corporation Agreed to Pay U.S. $4 Million to Resolve False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Act Liability February 20, 2015

    Whiskey & Hiking are Heart Healthy, Nuclear is a Heart Killer February 19, 2015

    Plans to Dump Nuclear Waste in Scotland Opposed in Dumfries: Radioactive Material Not Welcome at Chapelcross, say campaigners February 19, 2015

    Offshore M6.7 Earthquake Near Multiple Japanese Nuclear Power Stations February 17, 2015

    Scotland: Remote Location for Old UK Nuclear Sub Reactor Pressure Vessels? Deadline for Comment Feb. 20th February 17, 2015

    The Ongoing Saga 48: News, Updates, Tidbits & Trivia February 15, 2015

    Plans for New Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant at Faslane Submarine Base (Scotland) February 14, 2015

    Tourism, Milk and Cheese or Nuclear? February 13, 2015

    German Vatican Ambassador: Evil Brain Behind Dumping German Nuclear Waste on Poor in USA, Plagiarized Dissertation on Ethics; Doctorate Revoked February 12, 2015

    Largest Tropical Ice Cap, Quelccaya; Ancient Rock Art Endangered by Uranium, Lead, and Silver Mining …

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I'm sure there has been multi alarms going off in Fukushima. Peoples alarm should be going off around the world, with all the Nuclear Plants in the World. Why have these Uncontrollable Monster Plants!

    People are lulled to sleep with thinking this won't effect them for another 100 years and they won't even be here, so why worry. Don't count on that it won't effect you. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that it doesn't effect, do you really want to put the future generations under a bus.

    The Nuclear Power Radiation People are playing dangerous games with this World. They are continually working to get more dangerous power that could easily wipe us out, from Nuclear Plants to what they are doing at Cern.

  • Nick

    "Giving the complex situation at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS site, associated with large uncertainties in
    relation to radiological and physical status of the facilities, long term decommissioning planning has
    to include consideration of numerous options and scenarios. There is a need to optimize planning
    efforts by narrowing down the number of options for consideration. Identification of future
    configurations of the Fukushima Daiichi decommissioning process would provide a contribution in
    that direction. The IAEA team encourages all stakeholders to continue discussions, initiated in the
    previous period, considering the future configuration. In addition to reduction of the number of
    options for consideration, identification of such future configuration will be an important input to the
    development of strategies and plans for management of very large amounts of radioactive waste,
    present now and expected to be generated during the decommissioning process."

    Let's reread this tid bit…..They basically have NO CLUE how to proceed.

    Pure, 100% horseshit.

    When you consider the fact that TEPCO fudged the rad readings for so long, how in the hell does one even believe them for one millisecond?!!!

    No, the nuclear cabal is NOT going to let three awol nuclear reactor cores slow down the cancerous tendrils of this bizarre technology.

  • Nick

    "The utility suspects that contaminated water in the channel may have leaked into the port."

    "the improvement and expansion of systems to clean contaminated water;
    the installation of new, improved tanks to store contaminated water;
    the operation of an underground water bypass system;"

    So, the IAEA praises TEPCon for their water efforts. Will they rewrite their report to reflect this latest "leak."?


  • Nick

    "The utility is investigating the cause of the rise of radioactivity in the channel."

    Define investigate.

    Any chance that three awol nuclear reactor cores have anything to do with the spike?

    I suggest that all stakeholders reconvene around a large cherry wood conference table and frantically produce new power-point presentations to reflect a sense that something of merit is ACTUALLY being accomplished at the site that used to be one of the world's largest nuclear electrical generating plants.

    Sadly, my sarcasm is pretty close to the actual truth in this horrid affair.

  • rogerthat

    This is the Japan Times yarn, pulled together from three news agencies: It may add some clarity.

    Fresh leak at Fukushima No. 1 highlights Tepco’s struggle to decommission plant

  • rogerthat

    March 8 NO NUKES DAY -Unified Action Against Nuclear Power! Remember Fukushima & Halt Restarts! via Metropolitan Coalition Againt Nukes

    March 3 NO NUKES DAY Remember Fukushima & Halt Restarts

    Date: March 8, 2015 (Sunday)
    Place: Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo (Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall; often abbreviated as Hibiya Yaon) in Hibiya Park. It is near Kokkaigijido (houses of parliament (Diet))

    Organizers:Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, Sayonara Genpatsu 10 Million People’s Action and Genpatsu wo Nakusu Zenkoku Renrakukai …

    … Join us on March 8, 2015 for NO NUKES DAY and take part in nationwide action around March 11 for NO NUKES WEEK.

    Don’t forget that the Fukushima disaster is ongoing and the devastation remains.

    Let’s make it clear that we, the people of Japan and beyond, do not want or need nuclear power.

    Now is the time for us to band together and put further pressure on the government. If we all come together, we can make a difference and create a better, safer world free of nuclear power.

    More details at March 8 NO NUKES DAY -Unified Action Against Nuclear Power! Remember Fukushima & Halt Restarts!

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