Epidemic causing mass die-off along California coast — “Nasty, cheese-like lesions” prevent birds from eating, breathing — Newly discovered parasite being blamed — Experts: “Surprising… Very concerning… Sudden increase is disturbing” (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Published: February 21st, 2015 at 11:38 am ET


San Luis Obispo (SLO) Tribune, Feb 18, 2015 (emphasis added): I am a volunteer at Pacific Wildlife Care… there is an ongoing problem throughout California with band-tailed pigeons that have grown sick or are dying of Trichomoniasis – a protozoan that causes lesions to form in the throat and nasal passages.

San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 2, 2015: Mass pigeon deaths alarm biologists — An alarming increase in the number of dead and dying band-tailed pigeons along the California coast… apparent victims of a parasite… The sudden increase in mortality is disturbing, [Krysta Rogers, Calif. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife] said… “[It] is very concerning… Right now, it’s really hard to estimate mortality because… if there are deaths in remote locations, we’re not getting reports.”… [The parasite] lives in the mouth and throat of infected birds, causing lesions in the mouth or esophagus that eventually block the passage of food. Infected birds die from starvation or suffocation.

L.A. Times, Feb 3, 2015: The parasite causes lesions in the mouth and throat of infected birds… from the Bay Area to San Diego… state veterinarians are also concerned about the risk of spillover to hawks, falcons and owls.

Noozhawk (Santa Barbara), Feb 8, 2015: Thousands have been discovered since mid-December… scientists have been investigating the large-scale deaths of the birds… It’s unclear what is causing the parasite… more may have perished without having been reported.

Bay Nature, Feb 9, 2015: Trichomonas gallinae [is] a single-celled microscopic protozoan that creates nasty, “cheese-like” lesions in the beak that eventually block the bird’s airway and esophagus… In fact, we’re in the middle of an outbreak right now… [Calif. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife] and UC Davis are applying genetic testing methods to die-offs from these large scale mortality events [and] they recently found a new strain of trichomonosis affecting the population… the birds are being hit by multiple variations of pathogens at once. Scientists don’t know for sure what triggers an outbreak of avian trichomonosis.

UC Davis, Jul 2, 2014: A new pathogen has been discovered by scientists investigating major die-offs of pigeons… The die-offs occurred during multiple epidemics [of this] emerging and potentially fatal disease that creates severe lesions… preventing the bird from eating or drinking [or] leading to suffocation. The disease may date back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth… “The same parasite species that killed band-tailed pigeons during the outbreaks were also killing the birds when there weren’t outbreaks,” said lead author Yvette Girard… “This indicates there may be other factors at play in the die-offs.” “We are now investigating what triggers these die-offs…” said principal investigator Christine Johnson… Between winter 2011 and spring 2012, there were eight mortality events… “we expected to find a single, highly virulent species of Trichomonas in birds sampled at outbreaks,” Girard said. “Having two species killing birds at these large-scale mortality events is surprising.”

View the study here

Published: February 21st, 2015 at 11:38 am ET


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140 comments to Epidemic causing mass die-off along California coast — “Nasty, cheese-like lesions” prevent birds from eating, breathing — Newly discovered parasite being blamed — Experts: “Surprising… Very concerning… Sudden increase is disturbing” (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

  • Sickputer

    Over 30 million humans live on the western coastal plain of North America. Extinction level events in lower species has to eventually trigger survival instincts to kick in for the smartest humans.

    What is in the water that is responsible for billions of animals dying? There are clues for the wisest naked apes. Unfortunately invisible threats are almost always not enough to trigger thousand-year old survival instincts.

    But some people who can't or won't move can take food and movement precautions. The government is never going to issue restrictions on certain activities. But a few individuals will self-restrict on their own. Others will follow.

    • name999 name999

      Even those who are willfully ignorant will no longer be able to ignore this mass extinction. But what they will do is to lie about the causes. Evade all responsibility and point the finger at someone else.
      As if their ridiculous pitiful money and gold can ever account for the destruction of everything and everyone they know, rely on, work with, love. The natural world…decimated.

      We pay the price of lying gorging para militaries, a murderous corporate capitalism, secret governments that obey no laws. Life on this planet will suffer, but those who commit these
      atrocities will not get away either although they may think Mars is starting to look pretty good.

      Please you fucking lying killers, go to Mars now.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      So many too pick from after Chernobyl, now Fukushima, and thus the many species ongoing demise that we see today..shut all these Nuclear Reactors down now worldwide! 🙁

    • J.

      "Unfortunately invisible threats are almost always not enough to trigger thousand-year old survival instincts."

      One of the best ways forward is an invention that makes radioisotopes visible, routinely, easily, and cheaply.

      One person on this site claims to photograph spectrum changes in the atmosphere. Some kind of eyeglass lens or Google Glass software to let people see A/B/G emissions could be more powerful education than anything any of us could write here.

    • 4Yahshua

      2~24~5997 (out of 6000) in this "Silent Doomsday"!
      Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yahshua Son of Yahweh
      Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED!
      Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

      This weekend thousands of red crabs (mostly dead) lined the shores of Balboa Island (near here). Yesterday and early this a.m. we had some rare heavy rain. Weather channel said 1/10" possible. We had nearly an inch. I used to love going out in the rain ~ BUT SADLY NOT ANYMORE because of radiation.

      We are now in a Silent Apocalypse but will we have a
      "Silent Spring" brought to us by Fukushima??


  • RaDiaTed JeWeLz RaDiaTed JeWeLz

    Could it possibly have something to do with, huh, just a wild guess… the radiated water that has begun mutating every lifeform in it, including diseases, bacteria, and viruses.

    • amberlight amberlight

      Well, we all figured that out, but the science pundits have yet to experience that brainstorm. What does it take to be considered an expert? A degree in willful ignorance and denial? The inability to add 2 plus 2?

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        The lowness of the bribe/otherpressure it takes to turn you in a spokesman for psychopath's…?

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          typo "you" = not you or anyone here amberlight , i mean't offcourse THEM = "soon to be declared expert's" lol darn i'm speaking out loud in public again , must focus..

      • tinfoiled tinfoiled

        If 2+2=5: you are an "expert" and/or a "patriot"

        If 2+2=4: you are a tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist nut-job.

      • Gabe Gabe

        They are simply ignoring the truth so as to keep their job. They value being a whore to truth.
        As well, the 1% sit by laughing hysterically at the fools who stay at the coast. They know that allowing this slow radiation kill to occur is an expedient and inexpensive way to rid the planet of 30+ million here in the US.

  • dunkilo

    Another animal to add to the Fuk-nuke gumbo,with extra cheesy toumors….as the crock pot simmers on.

  • dunkilo

    Birds?Who needs em? ESP pigeons…Always pooping on windsheilds!!
    Enjoy the birds while we still have em 😉

  • Sickputer

    Please excuse this fish illness insertion here in the bird article, but I don't think Offtopic is preferable for this latest ELE sealife story:

    SP: Yellow jaundiced salmon still found on the west coast.

    And this just in about farmed salmon:

    Norway’s fjords flooded with escaped, diseased farmed fish


    "first, the papers reported that just one farm had spilled its captives into the fjords. Then it was farmed Atlantic salmon and steelhead from four farms. Initial estimates of tens of thousands of escapees escalated to a potential 1.5 million and Norway had just announced a zero-escape farm salmon policy."

    "…Askøy Hunter & Fisherman’s Association decided to find out for themselves why these escaped steelhead looked so sick. They sent seven to Dr. Are Nylund of the University of Bergen. Nylund is a leading salmon disease scientist. It was Nylund and his team who tracked the ISA virus from Norway into Chile where it eventually caused $2 billion in damages.

    “All of the fish that I have analyzed were very sick,” reported Nylund to the Norwegian newspaper BA Bergensavisen.

    One of the steelhead tested positive for pancreas disease (PD), a highly contagious viral disease, causing epidemic losses to the salmon farming industry."

    • amberlight amberlight

      It's all connected, Sickputer. Here in Mendocino County (California) I have noticed a decline in the last few years in the number of wild animals, such as deer and raccoons. There is far less road kill in my rural area, and I don't think it's because animals have taken to looking both ways before crossing… and I can assure you that it isn't because drivers are being more careful of late!

    • bo bo

      Hi Sickputer, I'm confused by the salmon article. .. so all the farmed salmon in Norway is sick.. but where's the wild salmon ? & ho w do they know which is which ? One line that caught my eye

      'The fishermen caught thousands, but not a single wild fish. They worried all the farm fish blundering around had caused the wild fish to flee.'

      Fish fleeing out of fear.. ? Strange comment..

      • Sickputer

        Yes, I think fish are fleeing in many areas for reasons of prey loss and pollution. Sardines and anchovies are scarce in many areas on the west coast because their food sources are dead or contaminated. All that food chain activity at the low end moves up to affect larger fish and mammals. And we know the top predators: Orcas, birds of prey, polar bears, and humans at the very apex. Disrupt links in the chain and the ripple effect goes both ways.

        Remove man and the food chain begins to heal. Our species is racing at breakneck speed to exterminate itself. Despite great intelligence we can't stop the global suicide of our species. Out of control like the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

    • 2015 – Record Level Of Dying, Sick, Injured California Seals And Sea Lions, Mass Die Offs Continue, Started In 2011 After Fukushima

  • lam335 lam335

    What is meant by “'cheese-like' lesions"? I am having trouble picturing what that would look like (and the photo is too grainy).

  • Jebus Jebus

    Hello World! 😐

    A place where this is broken and we don't know why.

    The land of opportunity, where mother earth has married murphy.

    Fish heads rule to school. They fuku the fish, and sky.

    The backyards a nuclear dump, out front's a three legged turkey.

    Nature's balance has been tipped and we're gonna fry…

  • Sol Man

    The technology that has brought death of all that is sacred has paid the all of the agents well.

  • Dr. Sternglass And Gofman; Total Numbers Of Infant/Child Deaths From X-Rays, Nuclear Power Plants And Nuclear Bomb Testing

    15+ Worst Global Life Extinction Risks, Planet Earth Emergencies

  • *the birds are being hit by multiple variations of pathogens at once*

    Need sequence of electron microscope images of damaged DNA strands in various animals….make posters to plaster everywhere.

    • I'm an idea person: A series of "Inside them….Inside you" posters and handouts with damaged strand images. From the tiniest phytoplanktons to the top of the food chain mammals.

      Another good series…."Look above you" (the changes in our skies)

      I simply don't have funds or physical abilities and access to the type of workshop needed to actually create posters. I wish someone who already does public education activism would run with my idea.

      • norbu norbu

        LCTiNW, I have many chemtrail photo's from 2008 on. Good idea, a calender, posters ect.. with all proceeds and awareness going to help. I will work on it. Got high tech computer programs. Thank you for inspiration.

        • Thanks…I always look at any attractive eye catching 8×11's people stick up on public bulletin boards….or give away at their fair booths. Usually simple, bold top line and pic titles, bright but soothing colors (not harsh insanity causing combos, lol), legible font design…with a damn good photo or 2, smaller row maybe of dated thumbnails, comparison photos to prove a difference. (Especially to young people who'd never know such changes have been happening)

          Maybe a few small links to trusted info sites at the bottom edge? IDK. Just brainstorming. I don't even have a junk e-mail addy yet. What's the best free one…I try to stay away from Gooooogley type monsters.

          Some handouts or easily printed out ones are still too wordy. Or they shame people with name calling. I hate the *sheeple* stereotype blame stuff for instance. What good does blaming or guilt tripping do? LOL The idea is to have a great sound bite header that makes people WANT to be educated and willing to pass that info to people they love as well as provide for strangers.

          OH boy, now I'm the one getting wordy. 🙂

          • Cartoons making a general point are good too if no actual documented electron photos are available of currently damaged strands of a particular species.

            Two DNA strands (reproductive gene components) are talking. Can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME? says one. Other one whose tellorones(sp?) are also torn and frazzled is yelling back over and over, say again….SAY AGAIN?!!!

            Radioactive throbbing bubble blob guy has them both trapped inside itself.

          • General User General User

            @ lastchants
            I agree a good photo does not need a 1000 words to obscure it.

            A good source of "how it was back then" is a DVD of any movie with John Wayne. It seems the movie director always captured a greater portion of sky. Perhaps John insisted that it be filmed this way?
            It would be great if iseepinkclouds stumbled across some of those sites during 'his' Geiger counter treks. A photo of NOW and then!

            I do have an E mail for use here, broken up with inserted spaces to confuse the bots, see below…

            Lastly, I just changed my avatar photo, this is from a TV commercial seen nation wide on American TV.
            LOOK AT THE SKY in the windows!! pink, orange and grey.
            Watch the commercial- pink sunshine splashing across the lockers behind the actors! pam stengle at juno dot com This is a clear example of brain washing, pink sky! WTH

            Peace All

            • Ugh to the pink, grey, orange we see. My mid day sky clouds today had that blinding white flare from barium that Onto describes.

              Before and after movie references are great sky visuals.

              Some like the older ones were even filmed on ground proven to have been already saturated with radioactivity way back from the bomb testing days and actors and crews filming there later died of cancers. (John Wayne was one of them but I don't have the link.)

    • norbu norbu

      Instead of pathogens put in "form's of RADIATION" that about doe's it.

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    This is a preview of another awful way us humans can look foreword to having to endure as "the canaries in the coal mine" die from it before we do. Just wonderful. Thanks nuclear science for all those "atoms for peace" come back to bite us in the ass! What the hell is left to do besides watch and cry? I'm glad I lived a colorful and interesting life, there's so much more I would love to do I have a feeling I may have to shorten my bucket list…peace out ENE newsers this is a sanctuary of sanity for me in this insanely messed up radiated polluted world we live in…I almost wish I was uninformed and ignorant like so many people roaming this soon to be wasteland!

    • Angela_R

      Hi tinfoilhatbrian,

      I was just listening to Chris Hadfield on TED TALK. Here is an extract:
      “there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.” So how do you deal with the complexity, the sheer pressure, of dealing with dangerous and scary situations? Retired colonel Chris Hadfield paints a vivid portrait of how to be prepared for the worst in space (and life) — and it starts with walking into a spider’s web"

      However, I prefer the following rendition to the one he played at the end of his talk;
      acoustics are better.

      • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

        Thanks Angela great article and yes, I am a David Bowie fan and have been fortunate to have seen him perform many times! My fears are more for the future generations than for myself, fearing that all hope is lost. I wish and hope that something or someone can fix the world but it seems hopeless and nothing seems to be getting done about it. Staying informed is a good thing. If everyone was informed the cost of doing something anything would be overlooked.

        • Angela_R

          I've got to get my head 'up' again tinfoil, so I go looking for those whose acts, many only one time events, inspire.
          However, though many people have faith they don't use it to inspire, they use it for gain. But some do…

          David Bowie's words still echo: "Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing left to do"

          Here is another video, you may have seen it before. In this one I am with this man's thoughts – "that is where I want to be, on a magic carpet"
          a half a million volts pass over his body….
          you may have seen it before

          • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

            Amazing video I have seen the linemen videos not this one! I'm of a similar personality as these men only working even in dangerous jobs they are working with known obvious dangers. These major die-offs "baffling" the experts without a mention of radiation being the possible culprit is the most frightening part. I can't imagine they don't suspect it or maybe even know it is the cause. Publicly admitting so to the general public in their estimation i think may cause great economic and social harm. That was the reasoning to lie from the beginning. People are under and uneducated by design. Easier to lie to. It's not easy news to break to people!

  • ISPC

    Yes. I think it is radiation exposure that is destroying the birds Immune Systems. A compromised Immune System allows Pathogens to Increase to the point of Debilitating the birds. Also, radiation causes Cell Mutations which lead to Cancer, and many serious illnesses.

    "It attacks DNA and “behind this energy particle is left a trail of free radicals that destroy receptor sites and cytokines directly.” Note: Cytokines are communication molecules of the immune system. The immune system doesn’t function well, if at all, without their activity."


    I think I should be paid for belaboring the obvious. That's a paying job, right?


  • harv33021

    Parasites are one of the few things that do well, initially, when exposed to radiation. And so it is. Check it out.

  • razzz razzz

    'An ingredient in olive oil that appears to kill cancer cells'

    "…LeGendre, a chemist, provided the answer: The cancer cells were being killed by their own enzymes. The oleocanthal was puncturing the vesicles inside the cancer cells that store the cell’s waste. These vesicles, known as lysosomes are larger in cancer cells than in healthy cells, and they contain a lot of waste. “Once you open one of those things, all hell breaks loose,” Breslin said.

    But oleocanthal didn’t harm healthy cells, the researchers found. It merely stopped their life cycles temporarily — “put them to sleep,” Breslin said. After a day, the healthy cells resumed their cycles.

    The researchers say the logical next step is to go beyond laboratory conditions and show that oleocanthal can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors in living animals. “We also need to understand why it is that cancerous cells are more sensitive to oleocanthal than non-cancerous cells,” Foster said.

    It will also be interesting to explore the implications of this study for research suggesting beneficial effects of ingesting fullerenes dissolved in olive oil.

    According to the World Health Organization’s World Cancer Report 2014, there were more than 14 million new cases of cancer in 2012 and more than 8 million deaths…"

    (Quite the uptick in cancer rates noted)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    West coast got nuked, land and sea.

  • norbu norbu

    TBP, yes it did horribly, thank you for continued support.

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    before i started to comment on this video, i got video of a bird being sick, here is the link..
    more of a description there

  • ISPC

    Yes. razzz. TY. So, our food really is our medicine. Here is a video of Dr. Andrew Weil explaining the importance of choosing high quality Olive Oil, and what to look for.


    And this recipe calls for a tablespoon of Olive Oil:

    Stir-Fried Rice with Tofu

    This traditional Chinese favorite is a wonderful vegetarian entrée when prepared with tofu. Use either firm tofu or the more flavorful baked, pressed tofu if you can find it. Serve this simple dish with a salad of sliced cucumbers in rice wine vinegar and steamed asparagus. Sliced oranges make a great dessert.


    Bon Appitit.


  • Sol Man

    Avoid the dust and do not send it back into the air once it has settled out.

    That is the least that we can do.

    If it is unhealthy for the babies it is unhealthy to all.

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    From reading a few comments , Yes it is Radiation causing this but in the way mutating Parasites are doing the killing. i thought by now the world would be much different , yet the radiation has not stopped from Fukushima. what will be next ?

  • name999 name999

    I am speechless and breathless to watch the birds dying. To watch the seals and bees and salmon, the trees and insects and whales.

    Hubris is very hard to stop because it implies a combination of faculties and things that fundamentally include wealth. It is difficult to power over

    Holy shit, the birds are dying The birds are dying.

  • ISPC

    Yes. This line particularly caught my attention:

    “The same parasite species that killed band-tailed pigeons during the outbreaks were also killing the birds when there weren’t outbreaks,” said lead author Yvette Girard… “This indicates there may be other factors at play in the die-offs.”

    This makes sense in a lot of ways. In terms of the Immune System, the birds could fight off pathogens when they have a Healthy Immune System. It only becomes truly pathogenic is when it is reaching a large number of the population; which it appears to be.

    So, as Yvette Girard states, there may be other factors at play (other than Trichomoniasis, per se) in the bird die-offs. Yes. There is. It is Radiation from Fukushima, and to make matters worse, it is ongoing, with no end in sight. Radiation is increasing in the Environment daily.

    Dr. Timothy Mousseau's biological studies at Chernobyl and Fukushima were the subject of this article by RT.


    Dr. Mousseau presents his biological findings at the New York Academy of Medicine. If you haven't seen this video Dr. Mousseau explains how his data is collected, and what it tells us. It is in your face reality. It is real science. I have watched this video twice, and learned more, both times. Now, a third.



    • name999 name999

      I am fading and will come back to this tomorrow. It looks fascinating and full of proof;-]] Thank you for being here ISPC…you are still
      I see pink clouds … right?

      • ISPC

        Yes. name999. I enjoy hearing Dr. Timothy Mousseau speak about his biological research, and findings, in the exclusion zones of Chernobyl and Fukushima. In Chernobyl the bird population was decreased by 66% in contaminated areas, and the number of species, the biodiversity, decreased by 50%; Fukushima followed the same pattern.

        The big take away is that radiation contamination found in the birds, whether external or internal, paralleled the background level in the area the bird was found. There is a direct correlation between background radiation and biological consequences of it. Anyway, Dr. Mousseau is doing the work necessary to prove what some of us have thought must truly be the case.


  • 😐

    To think that people are not being affected by all of this would be naive.

    How many weird lesions get removed by doctors somewhere every day? I would wager the number has gone up, but we'll never know.

    IMO – It all SEEMS so far removed and of low concern by many because they think their derived risk is about the same as everybody else… well, until its you or a loved one that falls ill, then everything changes. 🙁

    • 😐

      A tribute video I made to a couple of love birds on the beach.

      Published on Jun 15, 2013
      Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Birds
      The Honeymoon – Final Flight Video #33

      Side note:
      The bird currently shown in my avatar I named Inno. Short for Innocent One. The first of many to suffer. She was perched on a bent light pole next to a blown up reactor on a foggy day in the spring of 2011. I sort of consider her life to be the ground zero point in time. All things from that point forward have changed because of Nuclear Power. 😥

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @ChasAha & The Group; It may be OT & one of those "you had to be there"situations,but I'll keep it short and try to finish posting before I get too F'd-up and have to crawl the last 10 feet & try to make it onto the damned air mattress that's looking farther away every time I look longingly at my pillow from where I'm sitting & wished I was shitting[the best seat in this overcrowded flophouse!]lol….gawd,wtf is wrong with me??!…anyways, a friend of the fam stopped by unexpectedly and I had the R1 TEPCOSCAM CAM on the monitor and this innocent,sweet little baby stopped paying attention to EVERYTHING around her!the dog,TV,babbling women,EVERYTHING that normally catches the eye of little ones but was staring in utter,diaper-filling horror that kept the baby transfixed in a terror-stricken trance that stopped all other conversation,activities & shifted focus onto finding the source that after about 10 minutes was determined to be the live fukucam streaming onto my pc of shit 10 inch laptop monitor??!! She just "KNEW" it was BAD,POISON,CACA,POOPOO~DANGER~!! at her pre-1 years old age??!! By then she began trying to look away but couldn't and began to cry in fear exactly the way our daughter did when the song & then intro to "Tales From the Crypt" at the scary sight of the Cryptkeeper!!! It freaked EVERYONE here out & already made its way onto a Facebook post and after confirming the cause I closed the pc down & helped calm the little baby doll down!Talk about…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd…TRIPPY??!! I just hope to God that whatever took the fear & logic that triggers such feelings in the youngest,most innocent & undamaged minds of infants NEVER "deprograms" that fear & terror rightfully felt by the youngest,brightest,most promising minds never "infects" or "corrupts" that baby girl's good sense & response to what immediately registered as DANGER and that she grows up & gets to live long enough to clue in others the way she did today for at least 5 of the 6 adults who were present & witnessed it for themselves & allowed me to get in more than 2 words on the issue without getting shut down & made to feel & look like a wacked-out asshole[??!!] FTR,I'm not into scaring babies or pissing off their parents with my "311-protection advice/lectures",but this eerie event served to inspire some skeptical,apathetic people far too preoccupied with protecting their chosen radiation-defense,"denial" to rethink their stance on the issues & their genius baby girl vindicated me just enuff to regain a bit of self-esteem & maybe produced a bit of [non-nuclear generated]"steam" with regard to a renewed vigor in my agenda & work even harder to get the word about "Pandora's broken,BS Promise" and what it means to every man,woman,CHILD & what it means to be a[good] PARENT & citizen??!! WEIRD,in a good way,aside from scaring the poor kid!!okay,NOW I'm gonna crawl under my blankie [I hope??!! 😉 ] GOOD NIGHT 'NEWSERS! I LOVE U ALL! 🙂

  • norbu norbu

    Alarming increase yes, I think the Alarm's should be much louder than they are now, I can't really here them outside of enenews. LCTiNEW, you gave me an idea, posters with pics, info ect..of this madness put up everywhere to bring awareness more. Add another project I must. I believe they use alot of these other things as "smoke screens" to cover up the real problem we are facing.

    • West Aussie West Aussie

      I try norbu, with my cartoons. But try as I might there seems to be precious little interest in such things. I'm lucky to get a couple of views every other day for the pictures I spend most of my spare time constructing.
      I just promoted my latest pic and not one hit so far.
      At least I got to publish something a little different.
      I think unless you have the reach of something like Facebook your endeavors will tend to be forgotten or ignored to a large extent. It takes a lot to self-promote with any success without it, I have found.
      The people who control the means of mass communication always seem to in a powerful position to dictate the message.
      No matter how hard we try the technology will always tend to be taken from our control and weaponized against us.
      The net is already being slowly dismantled by governments around the world eager to paint dissent as terrorism.
      Free speech has already gone from many places on the net to be replaced with net 'neutrality'. More like neutering the net so it can sing falsetto!
      This is my impression of the pro-nuke shill that parades as an environmentalist. Be nice if that ended up in their collective 'in box' https://horserotovator.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/with-a-shilling-in-my-pro-nuke-pocket-i-can-poison-the-worrrrrld/

    • Norbu, with your craziest chem trail sky pic, maybe you could photo shop some words being said by one of the plane's pilots (you know, a word bubble coming from it?) "If they think this is bad, wait til they realize there's nuclear radioactivity in the air too." or something like that

      Down below, a few more word bubbles rising from the ground…"I can't breath" Gasp…choke….

      At page bottom—> list of main chem spray ingredients identified so far. Plus maybe a couple of the most common isotopes a geiger counter measures, like Cesium 137 and Strontium 90.

      Norbu, I keep trying to think an easy way you can put one of your wildest photos to use, adding a bit to get the point across. Don't mean to sound all bossy with "whyenchas do this, whyencha do that". 🙂 I'm racking my brain over my own stuff and what might work actually.

      I've got pretty good radiated sky pics I took (so no copyright violations) that I could add a hand drawn cartoon character to, but omg, my fingers, joints, etc have seen their better day when it comes to detail work. (Whine, snivel 🙂 I'm going at it pretty slow) I'd rather sit here and read enews, lol. Anyway, good luck to us all, eh? Tiny arrows from all directions to attack the media blackout. Onward!

      • norbu norbu

        LCTiNW, cool more great ideas thank you. Yes I spend alot of time on these events telling people researching, more than I have ever in my life. Someone must in my family. Pushing forward…Thanks again for ideas feel free to tell me more. I do alot of things everyday day so it takes me a little time to respond. I will show prototypes soon…

        • All right norbu, great. I'm sort of in and out responding too. I get the "someone in my family" bit. No one else in mine has the time or inclination. We all come to earth with different plans so they should be glad there are a few of us that have what might be looked upon as obsessed….carriers of the "keep an eye on things" bug.

          I used to have my own little 11×17 newsletters printed up with dreadful pollution awareness factoids coming from the mouths of my little fishies and seagulls. Ha, the good old days. DDT melting the Pelican's beaks and disposable diapers that could not compost.

          My pre-computor pen name as small editor at large was *Gary Cranberry* (Famous for blocks and blocks around the neighborhood, I was. Heh.)


    HMMMM this new disease appears right in the backyard of a bio research center???

    "Band-tailed Pigeons (Patagioenas fasciata) wintering at Hastings Reservation in central coastal California during winter 2006–2007 died in large numbers between January and March 2007. Laboratory analysis of carcasses indicated that Trichomonas gallinae was responsible for the die-off."
    "Hastings is a Biological Field Station of the University of California, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) and Natural Reserve System."

  • reef_drew reef_drew

    For what it's worth, I spent 20 hours in the water snorkeling off Maui in December 2014 and 20 hours in November 2013… didn't notice any change in numbers of reef fish (plentiful) or health of the corals (good) from year to year. No strange lesions on reef fish or turtles either. Internally, who knows. Probably not returning to that theater of the Pacific again though. Keep up the fight.

    • We Not They Finally

      The world is still a big place. And not everything happens uniformly everywhere. We can hope for havens. It's just basically going south.

    • From what I understand of changes in jet streams (this year), Hawaii has been hit, this year. The info has been posted quite a bit, including right here, in ENEnews. Also , ask MissingSky101 (IN YT) about her sister's trip to Hawaii, a few weeks back…. Let's say she did not see what she expected and did see what she didn't expect.

      Yes, you may want to avoid diving or snorkling the Pacific, and i mean just about anywhere in the Pacific.

  • Ipunchglitterr Ipunchglitterr

    Utterly horrifying! I really… really hope that soon people will wake up and stop saying that Fukushima is too small of a nuclear reactor to do anything. We're not crazy. The media the crap that everyone trusts is crazy for not letting the people know, for not helping the poor creatures that are suffering. It's so appalling…

  • rogerthat


    ‘You should never hide negative information’: Edano

    – this is probably the funniest story i've read since the meltdowns

  • We Not They Finally

    Even though all stories like the one above have one unitary result (mass death,) no one can see what the unitary CAUSE is? Don't the trained people looking at dead sea lions, dead sea stars, dead mussels oysters and clams, dead insects, dead birds, dead whales, dead anchovies and sardines (etc. etc.) even TALK to each other?

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Radiation creates: weather Changes..viruses mutate..immune system weakens, animal/people deaths, mutations, DNA changes, contamination of water, food, air, and so on.

    Not surprised at Quote: Alarming epidemic causing mass die-off along California coast.

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN will be turning on the Large Hadron Collider at an increased power in March 2015.

    That's something to look forward to (SARC). I mean what harm can that do..PLENTY…We are trusting these people? Nuclear Power has done a bang up job so far on this earth.

  • jec jec

    Is there any mapping of these events the PUBLIC can input to? Like this one

    In fact, Japan citizens could log illness to that site as well. I just wonder if there is a list for environmental/extinction type events such as the birds, other wildlife/sealife like the seals..etc etc.

  • razzz razzz

    'Throat-Closing Ailment EoE is a Mystery That Must Be Solved (Op-Ed)'

    "…A decade ago, there were only a handful of documented cases of EoE. Today, data suggest the condition affects one in every 2,000 Americans. It's likely this number is actually much greater, as it often goes undiagnosed. While this might be the first time you've heard of EoE, we as allergy specialists are finding this is becoming a more common way for people's bodies to respond to allergy triggers…"

  • bowling

    while i was at los alamos i noticed a way higher than normal incindence of barretts syndrome which is a serious inflammation of the esophagus. it can close off the esophagus, liquify the esophagus, lead to cancer. the media in albequerque, santa fe , los alamos portrayed it as being caused by unknown bacteria but i think it was radiation. you cant live without an esophagus.

  • razzz razzz

    'The Non-Measles Outbreak That’s Not Making News'

    "…Yet commiserate attention has not been paid to a much more widespread and mysterious infectious disease outbreak in the U.S.: one that also originated in California. In contrast to the measles outbreak, which so far has no associated deaths, this outbreak has claimed 14 lives: Most of them children.

    What is the outbreak that has failed to make headlines, despite its reach and fatality rate?

    It’s the polio-like enterovirus EV-D68 that can cause severe respiratory illness. It has also been potentially linked to dozens of debilitating cases of paralysis.

    CDC and medical experts state that measles is very dangerous: for every 1,000 cases of measles there will be approximately 2 deaths. But the death risk among serious cases of EV-D68 may be several fold greater: at least 14 associated deaths reported among 1,153 cases.

    The CDC says it cannot explain why this particular form of enterovirus has surged to such an unusual degree in the U.S. The CDC also states that it has been unable to pinpoint its origin.

    Below is a side-by-side comparison of the “large” measles outbreak and the largely unnoticed EV-D68/paralysis outbreak…."

  • http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/08/us-usa-measles-disneyland-idUSKBN0KH01H20150108

    i read it was linked to disneyland, (same town that had their radiation monitors down for the entire spring/summer tourist season), my guess is they'll start requiring a "proof of vaccinations" or on the spot vaccines in order to be allowed entry into the park…

  • I wonder; how many species have to die before someone says, "Fukushima"?
    Seriously; last year, it was the brown pelican and the California blackbird. Now it's the banded pigeon…, and it's the auklet, and the sea-lions, seals.., and on and on.
    Will it take people dropping dead, on the beaches, for someone to tell the truth?
    Or, are these, "scientists", going through life with blinders on?

    • bo bo

      Hi AnneBeck, this was posted by 'W8R' last year on enenews on 3/11 anniversary

      As the W8R, I spent over two decades waiting.
      Knowing that place is like Santa Susanna and SL 1 and Hanford had polluted and killed, some by where I lived.
      I waited and I watched for the big one they couldn't hide.
      It came on March 11th.
      I knew within 4 days that they lost all 3 of them…
      Noble gases don't lie, unlike TPTB..
      So I waited for them to tell the truth.Another March 11th rolled by.
      So I waited for them to tell the truth.And another March 11th rolled by.
      So I waited for them to tell the truth.Can it be that yet another March 11th is rolling by???
      How can these bastards still not be telling the truth???
      Ladies and gentlemen Elvis left the building a long time ago..
      Something like a China Syndrome??
      Yeah, because in the China Syndrome they averted the meltdown.
      Can't compare to Chernobyl well that's true.
      Chernobyl was a tiny uranium firecracker compared to these MOX fuel monsters.
      This my friends is the worst 3 year anniversary in human history..

      Remove 3 & insert 4 next week.

  • well, aparently they are not dying fast enough… SONGS wants even MORE waste stored there. Let's turn it into a toxic waste dump.. oh thats right, it already is!! sarc. http://www.kusi.com/story/28182060/san-onofre-nuclear-generating-station-applies-for-permission-to-expand-facility

  • Marushka Marushka

    Radioisotopes cause rapid mutations in virus, bacteria, fungi… upsetting the balance of good bacteria (like friendly stuff in our guts that aid digestion), while making some microbial biota more harmful, against which species have no defense…. simultaneously damaging immune systems…

    Microbial Biota by Alexey Yablokov

  • Marushka Marushka

    of course lesions are caused by radioisotopes..

    Health Consequences of Chernobyl

    2. …increased morbidity & prevalence of diseases:
    • Circulatory system (radioactive destruction of the endothelium).
    • Endocrine system (especially nonmalignant thyroid pathology).
    • Immune system
    • Respiratory system
    • Urogenital tract and reproductive disorders.
    • Musculoskeletal system (including pathologic changes in the structure and composition of bones: osteopenia and osteoporosis).
    • Central nervous system (changes in brain, diminished intelligence & behavioral & mental disorders).
    • Eyes
    • Digestive tract.
    • Congenital malformations and anomalies (including once rare multiple defects of limbs and head).
    • Thyroid cancer (rapid onset and aggressive development, striking both children and adults)
    • Leukemia (blood cancer
    • Other malignant neoplasms.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      neoplasm |ˈnēəˌplazəm|
      a new and abnormal growth of tissue in some part of the body, esp. as a characteristic of cancer.
      ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from neo-‘new’ + Greek plasma ‘formation’ (see plasma) .

  • Marushka Marushka

    As Chernobyl, so also Fukushima:
    "3. Other health consequences of the catastrophe:

    • Changes in the body’s biological balance, leading to increased numbers of serious illnesses owing to intestinal toxicoses, bacterial infections, and sepsis.
    • Intensified infectious and parasitic diseases (e.g., viral hepatitis and respiratory viruses).
    • Increased incidence of health disorders in children born to radiated parents, especially those radiated in utero. These disorders, involving practically all the body’s organs and systems, also include genetic changes.
    • Premature aging in both adults and children.
    • Increased incidence of multiple somatic and genetic mutations.

    Health Consequences of Chernobyl

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