Newspaper: U.S. scientists worried about Fukushima radioactive plume — Expert: West Coast our top priority, even over Japan — Alaska Hunter: “We are concerned about our health” — Senator: Testing necessary, but money ‘tight’

Published: February 12th, 2014 at 1:21 pm ET


Nome Nugget (pdf), Feb. 7, 2014: The lack of radiation data collected from Alaskan waters worries the public and scientists alike as the plume of radioactive ocean water from the failed Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant is predicted to arrive on the U.S. West Coast in spring of 2014. […] Despite public worries, no monitoring is done or concerted effort is being made to track seawater or subsistence sources for radiation. […] The lack of data is not comforting […]

Dr. Doug Dasher, Research professor at University of Alaska, Fairbanks: “The public concern is valid and needs to be addressed. We need to gather data in Alaska and not rely on the data coming out of the State of Washington.”

Ken Buesseler, senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: “There is a disconnect what the government is saying that there are no concerns, but the public is still concerned […] We even have had interest from the public as far away as Japan, New Zealand, Guam, and one sailing vessel traveling from Hawaii to Japan this summer, but the West Coast time series is our highest priority.”

US Senator Mark Begich of Alaska: [He’s] concerned about continued leakage from the power plant and supports efforts to continue to monitor […] spokeswoman Heather Handyside said that the Senator had repeatedly called on the EPA, NOAA and the FDA […] monitoring is necessary, but […] “funding for such research is difficult to find in this tight budget environment.”

Merlin Koonooka, subsistence hunter in Gambel, Alaska: He is very worried about the effects radiation may have on the marine mammals that are a food source for most residents […] “We sure like to see someone out there taking water samples. We are concerned about the health of marine mammals and our own health.”

Gay Sheffield, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Marine Advisory Program agent: “The public is upset […] I am concerned about the lack of data, the lack of a coordinated and comprehensive response between state and federal agencies.” […] this is an issue of food security.

See also: [intlink id=”previously-unpublished-fukushima-plume-map-govt-scientists-almost-all-radioactivity-shifts-eastern-pacific-next-5-years-rhodes-scholar-one-imagine-effects-continued-flow-plant-will-sea-life-other-vid” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 12th, 2014 at 1:21 pm ET


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92 comments to Newspaper: U.S. scientists worried about Fukushima radioactive plume — Expert: West Coast our top priority, even over Japan — Alaska Hunter: “We are concerned about our health” — Senator: Testing necessary, but money ‘tight’

  • Nigwil

    Its all BS isn't it! The 'authorities' know that No Data is the only safe place for them to hide. I mean the monitoring required is not that hard to do is it?! A counter and a bucket and note pad will get it done. Then for all those animals that wash up dead and dying a few slivers of lung and kidney tissue exposed on a piece of film will find those pesky bits of radioactive material that have trashed their immune systems and left them exposed to whatever ills they catch.

    An ignorant population is bliss, they say, until election time!

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      It's hard to believe not one scientist or student out there has decided to go to Alaska to help teach these concerned people how to take readings for themselves. Certainly they could crowdsource and among a single town or outpost come up with funds for at least some testing.

      I just find it really hard to believe anyone is still waiting for the government to step up.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        I agree 100%. I'm absolutely floored by the fact that NO ONE has stepped up. The silence is absolutely deafening. It's like a bad dream.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yes, AND/BUT… You need a GOOD Geiger counter to at least get SOME readings. Radiation is pretty complicated — 2000 dangerous radionuclides, also alpha/beta/gamma. All that has to be done is test for just one or two things, under-estimate, and call it all clear. Which would be a total lie.

        Civilians would not be able to test for INTERNAL emitters either, which stays in the body and work like an ongoing buzzsaw to create cancer.

        There needs to be coordination to even EDUCATE people. Though anyone who can do ANY independent testing, I also say, go right to it!

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          I'd love to go right to it. But a decent GC like the Inspector Alert is $700. And I'm sure for us, the money is indeed tight. I'd rather take a congress critter and hang em by her heels and shake the money out of 'em. The majority are millionaires, no?

          • atomicistheword

            My friend, government agencies would pay more than $700. for a study to see whether they want a cheesecake or chocolate ecclair. They are so far from reality that they won't react until a locust bites them on the nose.

            Pathetic, the dream is over!!!

            • Angela_R

              are you aware that the Australian government recently announced that they will no longer test Japanese food for radiation?

      • MochiMadness

        Skyewar…others…I understand completely what you're saying and I agree that it's difficult to believe that no one will do it, but consider the reality of the situation.
        Most of us in the radiation business know that even if we measure and it comes back (and we know it will) obscenely high–(and don't get all crazy mad about this next question)—What would you like us to do about it?
        It's the best known secret ever that there is no remediation. There is no "clean up". There will be no plugging the holes. The radiation in the atmosphere and environment is there already and Fuku will continue to add to it each and every day.
        So we measure.
        Ok. I tell you that every sea creature is going to die within 5 years and if you eat any of it, you'll go soon afterwards, probably in a terrible way—unless you leave.
        Now what?
        Are you packing yet? No? Not a surprise. Unless it effects you or your immediate loved ones in a smoking gun style way–people DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE.
        See, nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to hear–you leave or you're on your own. People want to sue someone, force them to "make it right". Well, there is no making this right, no matter how we measure.
        It is up to each and every one of us to make the decision for ourselves. You all can read and understand radiation levels–even these "mistaken" levels that ended up being tens or hundreds of times higher–
        Is anybody packing yet? No. We need more measurement. >:(

        • MochiMadness

          As far as why nobody is going out there?
          We already know what is there–and probably worse. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The smart left a long time ago."

          They're not stupid. Did anyone see "Contagion"? That little feisty Kate Winslet character running out there in the middle of an epidemic, "because she wants to help" "she wants to find out what's going on and stop it if she can". Know where she ended up?
          People's survival instinct kicks in when they KNOW what is coming. These scientists/students all know. Everyone I know in radiology understands very, very well what is happening. Would you run into a building that is actively collapsing? Knowing that you're going to probably die in a most painful way?
          No. You're going to grab your spouse, your kids and GTFO.If you don't do that, at the very least, you hide. You "prep". You create "bolt holes" to wait out the problem.
          Anyone going out there is walking into an ongoing disaster–and to have the proper protection would be OBVIOUS (to photogs or newspapers)–and then, you always have the added danger of another disaster happening while you're up there. This time, flights may be grounded. You're stuck there. Nowhere to hide. We're not getting accurate information as it IS from TEPCO–since we can't do anything ABOUT IT–why go out there and risk your own life?

          I hate this reasoning, but there it is. My colleagues say it all the time. We could do it, but why?

          • GQR2

            Hey Madness,
            The first thing you all could do is talk about honestly vs. with a superior air. Most people depend on your ilk to get the word out.

            a big mistake as your comments demonstrate.

            • GQR2

              They will come to their own decisions IF they are given the accurate information in a timely manner without fanfare. The Industry has a moral responsibility regardless of how the law reads. so why should you all do this is a moral question and clearly you are bankrupt.

              • MochiMadness

                GQ–the measurements that are being given right now? Should be enough to scare the living shit out of everyone. Yet it doesn't. Have you asked yourself why?

                It's cognitive dissonance and simple denial. They are coping mechanisms. What I am saying is that no matter how many measurements that I do for you, no matter how bad they are–you won't believe it is that bad.

                You're talking about the way that society "should" be vs. the way that human nature "is". I know how society "should" be–where everybody takes responsibility for their actions.

                Is this reality? No.

                Honesty. TEPCO is giving you ridiculously obscene measurement readings on contamination…and that's not enough. Okay–say they are completely, totally, 100% transparently honest about every single emission that has happened and will happen. Right now.

                Now what. It's in the environment. What did that 100% accurate information do to change anything.

                Did I say that they should not? No. Did I say that I agree with it? No.

                I said that even if they did do exactly what you want them to do–will this change things for you? I wish that it would. I wish that by "being honest" about an accident that was a result of natural disaster–it would change the outcome. I hope that all nuclear is shut down–but IT WILL NOT CHANGE FUKUSHIMA. Ever.

        • john dpugh

          Mochimadness What you just wrote is so wrong in so many levels that i cant even begin to explain .
          Are you sure you are in the nuclear business?
          Are you seriously claiming that its better to hide the facts cause there is nothing to do about it ?
          I am just speechless.

          • MochiMadness

            please read what I said.

            ABSOLUTELY. It is WRONG on "so many levels". Okay? Did I say it was "morally correct" (which is what you're asking).

            "Radiation Business" is what I said. AGAIN–please read.
            I have been in Radiology for 24 years.

            AGAAAAAAAAAAAAIN. READ. Did I SAY that it is "better to hide the facts"?

            NO. I did not. I said that "THIS IS THE WAY THAT IT IS." IT SUCKS.

            Please stop with the kneejerk reactionary garbage, attacking anyone who says that eating bentonite clay isn't going to save you, or "fixing DNA" is a matter of drinking the right kind of tea.

            If you don't take the radiation out of the equation—all of the "feel good measures" that you could possibly take—SHORT OF LEEEEEEEEEEAVING the area of contamination–you're spinning your wheels.

            Just because we can MEASURE something, does NOT mean that we have any way to CONTROL IT.

            This is just another thing to hide behind in order to not make the hard choices and face realities. How high do these readings need to be in order for you or anyone else to get out of the contamination area? A million times the readings TEPCO gave you? A trillion? People dropping in front of you like flies?

            THEY HAVE SAID ALREADY that there is NO REMEDIATION. What else would you like to happen?

            • john dpugh

              mochim What else would i like to happen is that people in radiation business would first of all feel their responsibility towards everyone and tell the truth .
              I am quoting from your message "
              '' Most of us in the radiation business know that even if we measure and it comes back (and we know it will) obscenely high–(and don't get all crazy mad about this next question)—What would you like us to do about it? ''
              First of all you !!must!! report it . Otherwise its a criminal act .People have the right to know .

              Imagine a murderer killing someone and than the judge says "so that guy is dead , we cannot do anything about it , so lets just let this murderer walk " Is that ethically correct ? Well what can you do about it ? can you bring back the dead guy to life ? SO lets just leave all the murderers get away with all the crimes . What would you like us to do about it ?
              How do you mean what can you do about it ? You can see and understand that radioactive isotpoes are ruining out this whole world and by being honest and giving those "obscenely high " measurements you can inform people . Let everyone know how obscenely high those numbers are so that !!! at least !!! they can stop building new ones ?
              How can you say its not important to let people know about the obscenely high numbers ? How can you even think that ? How can you not realize that if there is one way to stop this madness is by getting the information out ?

              • MochiMadness

                John, You're talking about ETHICS and MORALS.

                First, I agree with you. I'm sick to my stomach…all.the.time. I KNOW what is happening.

                But you're talking about people here. I have talked to many like you that simply cannot wrap their minds around the idea that just because you elected someone who acted normal or this CEO is just such a smart guy–that they are not psychopaths.

                And John? I'm going to say this just once more. I NEVER said that it is not important to get information out. NEVER. STOP ACCUSING ME OF THAT–your arguments are losing credibility.

                I do report accurately in my job. It's not just a regulation, it's a moral responsibility.

                AGAIN. You seem not to be able to grasp the concept that there are morally bankrupt individuals in this world. They own companies. They are elected officials. They are priests and doctors and school teachers. THEY DO NOT DO THE RIGHT THING—-EVER.

                And yeah. They are scientists who are worried only about their funding. Or they've been threatened by authorities (we all know that storyline).

                It does not MATTER how "moral" something is–if there is a threat to your personal survival, you will, in all likelihood, choose to do something that you would find "morally reprehensible".

                I don't agree with it. I simply stated a fact. You don't like it. I get that. It doesn't make me wrong and it doesn't reflect on my character. But you need to take a step back and see this situation for how it really is.

            • john dpugh

              mochimadness That there is no remediation , what else would i like to happen ? That this whole thing does not repeat itself , that is what i would like o happen . Isnt that motivation enough ?
              Yeah its a terrible disaster and there is not much anyone can do . SO ? Isnt that the more the reason to get those number s, to get the truth out and to stop this madness?
              If you know there is no remediation , and if you are in the business yourself , than you must also know that this will repeat itself , again and again , as it allways did . Just like it did by chernobyl and by three mile island etc . And the reason why we have fukushima now is because everyone thought there was nothing one could do to change those terribly obscenely high numbers right ?
              There is nothing we can do about , there is no remediation , until we get hit by another one ? Is that your way of thinking ? How about trying to stop it happening again . ? How come that does not come to your mind ?

              • MochiMadness

                <sigh> John. Again.
                There is no remediation. I didn't make that up. That's not my "opinion". That is a fact, that is repeated ad nauseum via TEPCO and others. You can accept that, or you can just hold your breath until someone says it's really just not true.
                Like I said. I go out there. I test for you. I come back with a billion times worse than what TEPCO said it was.
                Now what. Would you like me to filter the ocean for you? How about the entire atmosphere? What about the entire species that have gone or will soon go extinct–maybe I can learn genetic cloning of a million different species in a few days and repopulate the ocean? (well, I have to filter the ocean first so the new ones don't die)

                Yes. I am being facetious–because what you're saying is that if we rub "their" noses in the measurements—then all of this will magically go away. They will admit they were wrong, the environment will clean itself up (or we'll just somehow find a way to do it) and everyone will live happily with no nuclear accidents.

                That's not reality. If we knew how to clean up even a small accident–Chernobyl would not be getting a new sarcophagus right now. It's not like we don't know radioisotopes are lethal. You're confusing information with action. In this case, information (measurement) will not lead to the action that you want. Fukushima will never be cleaned up or remediated.

                • GQR2

                  Don't you think this subject is a little to serious to speak in such a patronizing and fictitious tone?

                  People here know "the way it is" that is what got us all into this ELE in the first place. That's what the President probably said to Einstein. One day you will look back and maybe have some other thoughts about the way it is. Wait until it visits you my dear.

                • john dpugh

                  mochimadness Accept that , well yeah i know there is not much to do to clean this mess up . Everyone here knows it . How about the rest of the world ?
                  Well i REALLY have to go ,,
                  to be continued
                  take care
                  bye for now .

            • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

              "Just because we can MEASURE something, does NOT mean that we have any way to CONTROL IT." Huh. I'm in awe of your omnipotence. How do you know what someone can "control"? How much "control" is necessary to live a descent life? You're sound very young and naive. Noted.

        • zogerke zogerke

          mochimadness…with all due respect and not at all wanting to blow anyone's privacy…what do you do in the radiation business?

          • MochiMadness

            Zogerke, it's okay. My privacy isn't an issue here. I don't care who knows what.
            Originally, I was just a Rad Tech-trained at B&W in Boston. I did research there are Harvard for a few years and then got interested and certified in PET/CT and Nuclear imaging-as I was married to a NucMed Radiologist at the time. Did a lot of research with him at Dana.
            I worked for awhile at Case Western, clinically. Then I divorced and moved where I am now–at a very large, very well known NC teaching hospital.
            I've never done anything else, and pretty much everyone I have ever associated with is in this same circle, including my ex.
            So–respectfully speaking (please don't take offense)–I have a pretty good f**king grasp on human nature as well as radiologic issues.

            I work with some really talented people–and we discuss Fuku a great deal. The facts are what they are. Just because someone doesn't agree with them, or like them—they are still facts.

            I presented a few facts regarding how some of these scientists may be feeling based on what I hear within my own circle of professional colleagues–and how I would react quite possibly if I were asked to get on a plane and go to Alaska to test the water.

            This discussion could go on all day–but scientists aren't these altruistic warrior types that everyone seems to think that they should be. That's a sad fact. They have mortgages and families just like you.

            • zogerke zogerke

              thanks mochi: i'm actually jealous and admiring of the fact that you and coworkers speak of fuku and those dangers. NO ONE i mean no one in my circles of professional industrial hygiene -and occupational safety- is talking about this. I need some wider circles. Which is why i am here .

              • MochiMadness

                Zogerke–I was at lunch yesterday and was crying about the kids at Fuku–we were discussing the levels of contamination in the food. How would that make me feel if I knew each bite of food I handed my child was lethally contaminated with isotopes.

                My co-workers are good people. They're scared, just like me, just like you. We may have white jackets and Bachelor's Degrees (and some M.D.s and PhDs too)–but we're all just people in the end.

                Some are paralyzed–I'm not in that boat–I am selling my house and leaving as soon as I can–I've learned a lot from enenewsers–since I am not a nuclear physicist or engineer–these folks know their stuff and I'm grateful to have found this place.

                It's just hard interacting with some that refuse to see–it's simple denial, and that's okay, it's human–but it's extraordinarily frustrating.

                • tsfw tsfw

                  Mochi please excuse my abruptness, but you know as well as I do there's no time for bullshit so- do you have any inside scoop on the animals ie; polar bears, seals, conjoined whale calves, starfish, sardines, oarfish, orcas, dolphins etc?
                  Writing all those out and knowing I'm missing a bunch, is really depressing.

            • john dpugh

              mochimadness You do not have to tell about your private life / or give any private information here . Internet is not a safe place.
              Yep you are right , scientists are like that . Well most of them are . Many of them would not even care if their "creation' would even kill millions . They have created nuclear bombs have not they ?
              I know all that , do you ? Cause when you say it would not make much difference since they admit there is no remediation , you do not sound like you do .
              You talk about them being all ethically wrong and all that but you also defend the points they make . I think you must decide for yourself where you stand . Unfortunately your way of thinking does not not sound like you are on the right track . No offense .
              You really have to change your whole attitude.
              By saying "even if the numbers are so high there is nothing to do so why bother informing people" , you are being a part of the crime .
              Remediation may not be possible for this crime , but do not be a part of the next one .
              I really hope you can understand and see what i am trying to tell you .

              • MochiMadness

                I do John, I see what you believe you are trying to teach me. I am respectfully going to disagree with you again that I defend any of their thinking (I don't.) That I don't know where I stand (I do.) That I am on the wrong track (I'm not.)
                I never said that informing people is a bother or irrelevant. I said that if we did, what would it change. That's all.
                I wish you luck. I really do. There are some good people left in this world–you need to understand that there are some really bad people in some really important positions–and that they really, really, really–do not care one iota.

                Hedge accordingly.

                • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                  You reminded me of a quote:
                  “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” — Mark Twain

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Rad Techs know what is going on and yes its all very bad concerning Nuclear Radiation Contamination and the climbing cancer numbers/future projections prove out such facts. Looking at controlled radiation is one thing/discovery, looking at spewing non stop uncontrollable radiation releases from Nuclear Power Plants are another. 🙁

              One you can stop, the other you can't, and billions will now die from horrible cancer/diseases…humans made a huge mistake! 🙁

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              MochiMadness, I'm sorry to see you're having to endure all these criticisms of your comment above. I for one did not find it unreasonable.

              Am wondering if some here don't grasp what the field of radiology is.

              I hope you stay and continue to comment. Your perspective is valued here.

              IMO some reading your comments read things into your statements that just weren't there.

              My first cousin used to run a project at Hanford. I spoke with him a couple of days ago. He told me NRC and DOE personnel are on site at Fukushima, and have been almost since day one. He also said don't be fooled into thinking there isn't an international response, and no one cares.

              What this tells me is that you're likely correct in saying this will never be remediated. If all those experts are there with their boots on the ground, then the situation must be serious indeed, and there is presently no solution.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          I was talking specifically about measuring to the extent that the situation demands. This is not being done. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is happening, which indicates malicious intent to deceive. Move? Done it – several times. Tornados, radiation, crime, etc. I've lived near these gov't supported dirty bombs. And when it became apparent the people supported gov't wasn't going to fix the problems they promised to, I left. But I won't forget.

          You make it sound like there's no reason to inform people since who will heed the warning? This is nobody's decision to make for any reason.

        • humptydumpty humptydumpty

          This is just one of many grave threats snowballing down the pike. I am not going to pack up and leave, because I don't have any resources to do that and I would rather live out my limited days with the people I know and love. That's not "cognitive dissonance" but a realization that one is at risk almost anywhere you go. I will take reasonable precautions to avoid contamination, but I'm not panicking.

  • jec jec

    Take funds from the NSA and IRS! Homeland Security means to protect the public from threats..this radiation is a threat..or will be soon. So monitoring is key. Forget NSA monitors! And the IRS-has anyone made a cost benefit analysis for all the wasted employees for Obamacare? Since its not being implemented for years,re-direct funds to monitoring for radiation…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      jec…if the US government took all the money they have been spending on 1+ billion rounds of ammo for DHS, FEMA, IRS, and USPS for use on American soil,and spent it instead on shutting down all the nuclear plants and cleaning up 60 years of spent fuel, the world would be a better place.

      But by now, everyone knows the Nuclear Cartel of Tepco-GE- Hitachi- Westinghouse, Goldman Sachs, Duetche Bank et al will not allow their bought and paid for politicians and scientists to ever conquer these killing machines. Not as long as their is one cent of profit available will there ever be a solution to this nightmare.

    • tpak tpak

      Agree! Let's demand homeland security pay for testing! Fantastic idea JEC 🙂

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      I think "they" already have been testing — the military is just not telling the public (nor the politicians) the results. In the next stage they will be observing the consequences of exposure. We are the guinea pigs.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        "It takes a worried man, to sing a worried song, I may be worried now, but I won't be worried long."

        See my post with link to video above.

  • norbu norbu

    The same old story different day. NO Money? Bulls#%^t. Still wearing my rubber boots, it's deep. We have all herd this now for almost 3 years. They have been spending money, countless Billions, not on this on going ELE. Once again, Time to wake up people….

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA


      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        chemfood… It may be hard to wake people up…

        "One phenomenon all ponerogenic groups and associations have in common is the fact that their members lose (or have already lost) the capacity to perceive pathological individuals as such, interpreting their behavior in fascinated, heroic, or melodramatic ways. When the habits of subconscious selection and substitution of thought-data spread to the macrosocial level, a society tends to develop contempt for factual criticism and to humiliate anyone sounding an alarm."

        – Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology

      • pure water

        Some will listen, and some not. Spread it anyway! I was told after Chernobyl happened that hot particles are present. Many people told me I am stupid to drink mineral water and avoid salads, milk and meat.The logic was as simple as this – better stupid in their eyes, than sick.I am sad seeing others suffer. Many people passed away in great pain, others still suffer. It is their choice, our is to share the information.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ~~~Build a Bigger Breakwater NOW~~~

    It's an election year in Alaska & the sitting incumbents have boosted the state employees pension fund by $3billion. And they're spending $10billion to get a 10% cut from BigGasOil on a gasline [2.5% less than AK-royalty Art-8 AK-const]

    You would think the idiots currently running Alaska would have thought to chip-in $500million to help build a bigger breakwater around F-shima to try to save Alaska's own $10billion fishery, and the entire Pacific Ocean ecology.

    The monetization-fools in Anchorage are more interested in mortgaging the GasTransport system for $65billion and grabbing that loot from the banks before the elections… The proposed gasline can be built for less than $2billion, because it runs parallel to TAPS-pipeline, and we already did all the hardwork building the ROW in 1970-77.

    Adak-Aleutians is contaminated almost as bad as Hokkaido.. and these clowns are just trying to get more $$$ for doing more studies & studies & more endless studies.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


      "The monetization-fools in Anchorage": priceless.

      Those fools run a commodity producing state, but haven't figured out that the bankers keep the monied states wealthy at the expense of foreign and domestic resource producing states, by suppressing commodity prices.

      Anyone who "sells" resources at these prices is a fool. Better to save it till we can get a fair price. Better yet, start an Alaskan State Commodity exchange that's free of bankers, HFT and derivatives. . .

  • Michele

    NewsblackoutUSA, Actually put in writing as to priority of our politicians who have been paid to do as they are told.

    "Anything we can do from a policy standpoint that can reduce excessive public concern about an event has huge economic benefits." Quote taken from a funded Home Land Security report

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Testing won't make radiation go away.

  • w

    It's time we hold Obama and the Congress responsible for not testing a radiation polluted environment on the public's behalf.

  • w

    We need to get organized and file charges in the international court againest the Obama and Abe administration for crime against humanity!

  • Nick

    Testing . One. Two. Three. Anybody testing?

    I get testy when we don't test for things that matter.

    Test not what your country has done to you.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Test what you can do for your country! Certainly give them lots more money, since it really "is" a party 24/7! Thats right they can just print what they need to pay their bills and we by law.. can't. 🙁

    • atomicistheword

      We are witnesses to the death of capitalism, the dark side of synthetic democracy.

      Capitalism, national socialism, slavery, fascism, communism… all the same thing.

      Social transparent democracy is the only model that can succeed this great tribulation. Obama knows this. Our one hit wonder PM in Australia has forgotten this, as he fiddles while his nation burns. Not even a sorry, even Obama turns up for a showing in a disaster. Your absence is noted Mr "climate change is crap". 😉

  • Ontological Ontological

    "The lack of data is not comforting" Agreed.

    A safe place many ask as to where that may be? In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it basically says, when reincarnating, be certain to find a place of Dharma. Illumination, Love, and Peace are all there.
    The opposite of dharma is "a-dharma." What this means is obvious. If children fail to obey parents, if parents do not train and discipline children, if the police misuse their power and fail to protect, if the head of state fails to act in the interest of the nation, then adharma exists, and when there is too much adharma, there will be a break down of the family, society or the nation. The nation, the community, the family and even individuals cannot prosper when too much adharma reigns. There is a saying, "Protect dharma and dharma will protect you."

  • bluetick

    Money is tight, unless you are a food stamp recipient.. NEW FARM BILL 800,000,000.00 is for food stamps, most of the rest for monsanto and just a we bit for the actual Farm Bill. What a bunch of BOZOS.

    Or of course we need to refill the sky sprayers jets… so they can put more hurt on the east.. all you sitting freezing with no power, feel comfort in knowing before power is restored another front will be on the way.. I will let you know when the spraying gets started…but money is tight for fukushima testing… Are the people for real in this country….

    wait till retail sales numbers come out.. this is how they are getting ready for the big collapse, Dollar is hanging by less than a finger nail, which we deserve every last little bit we get for letting our country get like this….and all they have to do is leave office and you forget about all of their crimes..most feel justice is LEAVING OFFICE! many should be jailed for life at angola..223,000,000,000,000.00 trillion and climbing every second. No wonder they dont care about fukushima. I hope they do give some immigrants citizenship. we need suckers oopps rich ones that can absorb some of our debt…all the gold is hidden in hawaii supposedly…just fyi…

    Nothing will reset the mindset of the people but a complete total collapse where they dont even have toilet paper to wipe the butt, then maybe people will wake up…

    Money is tight for testing… geeeeeze so the gobernuts want us to pay as individuals to…

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    "If you like your health, you can keep it!" –Guess

    As someone mentioned above we have several worthless agencies that spend billions each year, TSA, Homeland Security, NSA, apparently to defend us from whomever the FBI can scare up to play terrorist. But not a penny to do tests? Believe me if this was a single potential terrorist threat, say explosive fish bombs, billions would flock to the coast. And MSM would slobber all over it day and night until we wanted to vomit. And in the end it might turn out that FBI had managed to threaten some poor Hawaiian into making toy fish into bombs which he was going to drop off a ship near San Francisco. If . . . if he could dig up the money to get on a ship . . . and if he could afford the shotgun shells necessary for the explosive. Enough to put a hole in a wooden canoe!!

  • Daisy207

    The problem is that they created an industry that produces a very hazardous radioactive waste and there are only a hand full of labs in the WORLD that can perform the tests on samples of soil or water once the waste is released into the environment. IAEC only has three labs – two are in Austria and one is in Japan. The US only has two that I know of and Woods Hole is not one of them. The other problem, for very potentially hot samples, who on earth is going to collect them and transport them to a lab. Some of the results coming out of TEPCO on ground water samples suggests that none of those samples can be collected or handled by a human – needs a robot. Literally a small vial of water containing some of the most egregious concentrations reported (and then they are only reporting a handfull of potential components)- if opened in a lab occupied by people would be nearly lethal in a very short period of time. I don't know how we can ever get a handle on the concentrations of potentially hundreds of compounds that we could be, and probably are, exposed to. Certainly not by just getting gross alpha, beta or gamma readings – these don't tell us the source of the emissions or the compounds in the environment. If I see one more data set reporting Strontium in Bq/L instead of mg/L I may scream – I want to know what the damn concentration is – not the emissions so I can get an idea of the mass of the substance is that I might be exposed to

  • FXofTruth

    Tight budget?
    Trillions spent on wars.
    Trillions given to banker bailouts.
    Billions upon billions for tracking Americans in America but, when it comes to keeping Americans healthy…not a dime!

    So, the justification to explain why Americans will be kept in the dark about the oncoming radiation disaster is, US Senator Mark Begich of Alaska can't seem to raise money for testing but, he'll find MILLIONS to run for re-election soon….what a goofball.
    Alaska better recall the idiot and get someone in that position who cares about their health and safety and will make some noise about the problem….

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Tight budgets are for you..not for them. They have never seen/experienced or known what a tight budget really is.. 🙂 By law…

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    Business as usual. Can't even get a million bucks to protect NPP.

  • Foggyworld

    But we seem to have over $500,000 for a State Dinner and $12,000 for a dress for one night.

    It's time to start screaming that folks in power get the priorities straight.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    1. Utilities company that's trying to save it's ass.

    2. Testing and reporting from the government. Total fail there.

    3. Jive from large media conglomerates.

    4. Reasoned judgments by a scientist, a physician, and a nuclear engineer, i.e. Busby, Caldicott and Gundersen.

    "We’re going to see an incredible increase in cancer, leukemia, and — down the time track — genetic disease. Not just in Japan but in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America." – Caldicott –

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Pretty soon, nuclear stocks will be worthless….

    Hell, if you want nuclear power, just shovel a bucket of dirt from your backyard. Reactions a dime a dozen.

  • Speedy

    I feel compelled to remind the folks that understand and wake up new readers…any seafood from the Pacific ocean must be considered poisoned unless proven differently..My Inspector has proven twice in the last month, from 2 different stores, that fish have high cpm readings. 10 min counts were used, fish were both packaged ( product of China) and loose (pick your own pieces) which origin is not known….I strongly suggest if you have an itch for fish, go catch some your self, in the most remote body of water feasible. Test it if you can but avoid store bought, bar or restaurant served haddock. Again this is just a warning do with it as you will…I have informed the management of the 2 stores without any responce as to where the fish came from, do they test, would they feed the fish to their own families, can I check food in the store before I purchase. I did get questions from onlookers after the conversations with the management. This might be the best way to get the word out, let that counter snap and pop while doing your shopping, don't hide it. Make sure you test any fruits and veggies right in the produce dept. If someone shows interest and they will, have a printout available, referencing this site and some of the info here. I printed the one out for parents and students, it would be nice to have one for shoppers, no larger than 1 page..hey it's easy to sit here and type away but what really needs to happen is face to face coversation,let them see the fear..

    • +1

      "…proven …different stores, that fish have high cpm readings. 10 min counts were used, fish were both packaged ( product of China)"
      – Speedy

      Face to face, eye to eye, word of mouth!
      · The truth is a feeling that is best transferred person to person.

      One can show people videos and lead them to news articles and reports all day long and it won't do as much good as looking them in the eye and saying, "We should be aware, this serious!".

      • Speedy

        The management went on and handled the situations as ..just another returned product..BUT the conversations that spawned because of watching the return process were priceless…that is why I'll carry my Inspector with me in the stores now, speaker turned on, ready for questions..if someone shows enough interest to ask the least I can do is give that person an eye opening experience..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 Yes, they must all see the fear!

    • GQR2

      well they can't see or taste or smell the radiation.
      So they gotta see something.
      People should dress as inspectors! 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Excellent! 🙂 With all the white jump suits, masks, boots and chirping geiger counters seen in every mall/store in America.

    Bobby would love it as long as he doesn't have to get dirty! 🙂

    Bobby does not like to get dirty… 🙁

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Oh yeah, I'm a worried man, but I won't be worried long. Posting again because this is priceless in the context of this conversation, obewanspeaks.