Professor: Concern that Fukushima is impacting Alaska; “Unusual animals showing up dead… Seals w/ unknown disease… 1st ever cases of avian cholera” — Govt investigating ‘rare whale beachings’ in Alaska — Japan Paper: Mysterious sea creatures found one after another (PHOTOS)

Published: May 10th, 2014 at 2:41 pm ET


Nome Nugget, Mar. 27, 2014: Radiation sampling to happen for Bering Strait — Regional concerns about the possibility that Bering Sea waters could be radioactively contaminated […] “People throughout our region have repeatedly asked for testing of our subsistence foods and water,” said [University of Alaska, Fairbanks professor Gay Sheffield]. “Seals fell sick with a still unknown disease, we’ve had the documented first cases of avian cholera in Alaska, we’ve had unusual animals like the beaked whale showing up dead on the beach near Gambell and each time people throughout the region expressed concerns about the effects of Fukushima either in the air, and now with the approaching plume in the water,” said Sheffield. […] Gambell Tribal President Eddie Ungott agreed and said that his village is very concerned about radiation. […] IRA President Paul Rookok, Sr. said they are worried about the health of marine mammals […]

Nome Nugget, Apr. 17, 2014: Sheffield also noted that a rare whale washed ashore near Gambell […] a species that has never been seen this far north.

KNOM, Apr. 24, 2014: NOAA Investigating Rare Whale Beachings — Three rarely seen whales beached on Alaska’s coast last year […] The Stejneger’s beaked whales beached last fall: one on St. Lawrence Island and two in Valdez. […]

Yomiuri Shimbun, May 9, 2014: Denizens of the deep surface in mysterious profusion […] Giant oarfish over four meters in length and giant squid with massive tentacles… Deep-sea creatures whose biology is still cloaked in mystery have been found one after another along the coast of the Japan Sea since the beginning of the year. Experts believe that a change in sea temperature has had some kind of effect, but the cause remains unknown. “It was weak but still alive. It spewed water as if exhaling heavily,” Yuji Kawaguchi, 65, a fisherman in Sado, Niigata […] eight giant squids have been found in waters off Niigata […] 11 giant squids have been identified over the five decades until last year and this year has been exceptional.

KNOM broadcast on the NOAA investigation here

Published: May 10th, 2014 at 2:41 pm ET


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29 comments to Professor: Concern that Fukushima is impacting Alaska; “Unusual animals showing up dead… Seals w/ unknown disease… 1st ever cases of avian cholera” — Govt investigating ‘rare whale beachings’ in Alaska — Japan Paper: Mysterious sea creatures found one after another (PHOTOS)

  • dosdos dosdos

    "Oh no, it wasn't beauty. It was greed that killed the beast."

    • bluetick

      nothing unusual with deadliest catch,,,if bering sea is hot then those guys are now frying…

  • bf9 bf9

    One by one, these creatures and species are turning up where they never should be. They're running for their lives.

    Like dominoes, we sit and the end of the line. When we get knocked over with that kind of momentum it won't be pretty.

  • yeppers. already 3 years gone by with ocean contamination by Fukushima and people still don't know… USA Feds absolutely fail their people. BIA? hm.

  • Certainly, "approved" – most published – marine scientists are the dumbest creatures yet heard from. Woodshole being the worst yet…

  • lovE lovE

    In about a 100 years I wonder if anyone will be able to recognize what today we call "human" as this Frankenstorm of new births slowly work its way into the gene pool. Pity the innocent that will also participate in this latest folly of nuclear Apocalypse.

    Let's start by giving a low five to the ObamaNation of Desolation that has purposely downplayed this catastrophe.

    • lovE lovE

      As Helen Caldicott has noted we have embarked on "Random, compulsory, genetic engineering for the rest of time."

    • demise demise

      We will not be here in 100 years. We have reached our human history peaks in the 1990s. We are on an evolutionary downturn. Now that we are politically, financially and morally bankrupt with no leaders left in the world which is not too polluted to live in.
      Less than 5 years to a major collapse. I won't be around to say "I told you so".

  • Crickets Crickets

    At least there will be a lot of material for low-budget science fiction movies. Move over, Sharknado.

  • OldFool

    The pre-earthquake sightings of deep sea creatures rarely seen have been a fairly frequent indication of an impending major earthquake along coastlines. This has been noted in historical accounts in Japan and other countries for many centuries. Another big one could possibly be coming this year. The watertanks at Fukushima and the other reactors along the coastlines are at serious risk.

    • Crickets Crickets

      Ugh, can you imagine what a repeat of 3/11 would be like? The sea swallowing up what is left of Fukushima, the missing reactor cores, the buildings, the rickety tanks of waste. The nightmare scenarios are too numerous.

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      …..if anyone has lived in Japan long enough, they'll know that in the Sendai-Fukushima region another big one magnitude 7 and up is a sure thing at least within 10 years.

      These days, as we've been seeing with all the quakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide, faster wandering of the north magnetic pole and so on, the frequency period has to be decidedly shorter.

      No one in their right mind would wish for this, but it's hard to avoid the rational logical view of it.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Discovery TV's show, the "Deadliest Catch" will be replaced with Discovery's new Fall's show…"The Hottest Catch".

    How's that Alaskan King Crab lookin' to you, now?

    • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

      I really liked king crab. Remember when it would go on sale for $2.99 lb. back in 1980. Until fukushima I would buy it a few times a year for deluxe surf n turf. Was partial to sugar cured smoked king salmon as well. Nothing finer with a good chardonnay. When I come down with terminal cancer I'll start eating those things again…

      Still horrified by the widespread die off of evergreens here in Minnesota. We are talking large white and red pines, spruce and cedar. The DNR claims it's drought but it's happening to trees in wetland areas too. Like Bob Dylan sings – "everything is broken".

      • Runningonlove Runningonlove

        Got stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (aka chemtrails) overhead?
        Bigtime aluminum toxicity equals sick trees. Dane Wigginton ( lives in northern California and has documented tree die-off over the last 10 years.

  • id8

    Is it possible that some of the increased activity was caused by this? "100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean as part of a geoengineering scheme off the west coast of Canada in July (2012)".
    Everyone showing for the all you can eat buffet.

    • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

      Wow, and they have that to contend with on top of Fukushima contamination. They're trying to get away from the plume. Sad, so sad.

  • We Not They Finally

    At least the animals knwo better. Humans seem to be hopeless.

  • Seeker


    Has Simatsu had anything important lately? Say, on the cult, or on the plume? I just can't afford the bandwidth to listen. Thanks much, Seeker

  • Ron

    Speaking of mysterious sea creatures, there's a new Godzilla movie out with relevance to Fukushima.

    "The new 'Godzilla' reflects our current fears of nuclear and natural disasters"

  • weeman

    Don't forget humans are animals toooooooooooo.
    What goes for animals goes for humans toooooo.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Not the first time for oarfish to beach themselves:

    Maybe There's another big one in our future or maybe they're sensitive to more than just quakes. Either way, we should listen very closely.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here it is ..straight from the mouth of the Pentagon..
    We need more nuclear to prevent climate change.

    Is Climate Change Real? The Pentagon Sure Thinks So
    May 11 2014.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I wouldn't want to be a false hero..when the 'seas rise up'. at their heels.

  • Nick

    Cosmic Charlie…

    I have noticed more dead or dying evergreens of late.

    Now we are being told that the COLD killed 'em.

    Huh? I thought it was climate change? A fungus? A beetle? Etc.

    Radiation is a stressor on all organisms. Our beloved scientific community is scrambling to explain these die-offs as "natural."

    I know of a white pine blight. A pine-bark beetle infestation.

    But when you see different species dying, it is cause for concern.

    I refuse to accept the "COLD" winter excuse. How is it that all of a sudden a cedar tree gives up the ghost?

    Once a mature tree dies, you are talking a LONG time for a replacement to reach the same size.

    We had best all be logging tree demise.

    The deaths of birds and animals can't all be due to climate change.

    • yep its a bummer, I have a LOT of pines

      also did 10 fresh Arbor Vitae last fall, and 2 have already been removed from ground, dead, and others that I thought would green up are getting more brown.

      Will probably try a pumped in liquid fertilizer to try and save them all, but obviously their systems are stressed.

  • demise demise

    The first signs of a dying ocean. It is the greatest tragedy in human history and it will eventually kill the Pacific ocean. Don't think that it can be stopped. Over and over again the people who know better say it can't be stopped. Why do you thing the US government are building large interment camps and heavily stocking up on food and ammo in under ground bunkers? They are trying to keep it quiet, but they know what's coming.

  • demise demise

    Here is a question for everyone. How long do you think countries will be civilized internally and to each other when the Pacific Ocean is no longer a food producer due to radiation poisoning and ecosystem collapse? The economic, financial and social impact will be so great that every country bordering the Pacific will have great economic upheaval leading to a world wide depression. We have less than 5 years left until this is a reality and Tokyo will have to be evacuated due the radiation poisoning in just 2-3 years. Japan will collapse do to this!