Alaska refuses to test radiation levels in fish, says banana is riskier…”and who doesn’t love bananas?” — Officials: It’s forecast to hit U.S. right about now; People are concerned; We absolutely need cautious monitoring

Published: January 23rd, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET


Juneau Empire, Jan. 23, 2014: The Department of Environmental Conservation isn’t actively testing fish for radiation, Commissioner Larry Hartig told the Senate […] Hartig said the state is relying on data and analyses from other coastal states, British Columbia and federal agencies […] Still, Sen. Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, said her constituents have come to her with concerns. Hartig said in an interview that the department tests fish regularly, just not for radiation. […] Hartig said it would be too expensive for the state to undertake a testing program that would be “statistically valid.” […] he’s concerned that people are being misinformed […]

Cesium-137 emits 10 million times more radiation per unit volume than does potassium-40 found in a banana. (SOURCE: Steven Starr, Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri)

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Alaska House of Representatives (Sitka), Alaska Dispatch, Jan 22, 2014: […] Fukushima radiation is a classic example for which the solution to pollution is in fact dilution. The vast Pacific Ocean is diluting Cesium-137 radioactivity by nearly 200 percent by the time the Kuroshio Current carries Fukushima water to our side of the Pacific. Water contaminated by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant is forecast to arrive on the West Coast, well … right about now. Computer models predict that Fukushima-contaminated water washing up on the West Coast has between 1 Bq/m3 and 30 Bq/m3 of Cesium-137. (Remember, 7,400 Bq/m3 is the EPA limit, and 2 Bq/m3 is the naturally occurring level.) Early data gathered up and down the West Coast corroborates these predictions. […] To be clear: there may well be more radiation in a banana (and who doesn’t love bananas?) than off our Alaska coast. […] But we absolutely need to cautiously monitor the situation. There are legitimate reasons to be concerned about Fukushima, and the Department of Environmental Conservation should play a visible, proactive leadership role. It has not. […]

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Jan. 23, 2014: […] Hartig said the state has not seen concerning radiation levels […] and has no plans to launch its own radiation monitoring […] “you get more radiation risk from eating a banana” [He] said that monitoring in the Lower 48 and by the federal government have not shown there to be radiation meeting dangerous levels […] Radiation from the disaster has been a lasting concern for many, including Interior residents. People have worried that water-based and airborne radiation will contaminate food sources and pose a health risk to people. University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher Douglas Dasher [said] modeling that showed radioactive cesium-137 would begin hitting Alaska soon, although he said researchers said it is still many times smaller than accepted federal guidelines. Dasher did, however, point out a concern about the lack of research and monitoring being done in Alaska.

More from Dasher here: [intlink id=”alaska-marine-expert-really-need-look-whats-happening-ecosystem-fukushima-radiation-increases-forecast-models-address-ongoing-daily-releases-plant-ships-sampling-everything-radionuclides-coul” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 23rd, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET


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109 comments to Alaska refuses to test radiation levels in fish, says banana is riskier…”and who doesn’t love bananas?” — Officials: It’s forecast to hit U.S. right about now; People are concerned; We absolutely need cautious monitoring

  • bf9 bf9

    I propose this as Alaska's new state flag…possibly the entire US!

  • OldFool

    It would be funny if it was not so sad. Cs-137 does not equal K-40.

    • Daisy207

      Tritium does not equal K-40 and how many banana factories blow up and release Plutonium

    • OldFool

      If my archaic memory is correct, if you were to ingest one atom of Cs-137 and one atom of K-40, for the total time they are in your body, the probability of a radioactive decay of the Cs-137 would be more than 100 million times higher than the probability of a decay of the K-40. Comparing them this way is more accurate, comparing them per unit of volume or per unit of mass would be somewhat understating the differences in their danger.

  • norbu norbu

    Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, if you think a banana has more radiation in it than the fish from the Pacific Ocean why not test it and prove it? I will pay for the test myself. You have to empty out the bullshit out of your mouth to speak the truth.

    • They can't do that, will never do that. Because fish in the ocean are even better potassium sources than bananas.

      The 'concentration' of K40 anywhere on this planet never changes. This is a 'primordial' element, its radioactive component (0.0117%) doesn't change no matter how much some nuke dumps. Now, if some of the natural potassium in a banana or a fish gets replaced by the potassium-mimic cesium, THAT adds to the dose. Maybe Alaska's bananas are heavily contaminated with cesium?

  • corium pudding corium pudding

    I didn't know that bananas have uranium and plutonium in them. Live and learn, I guess.

    • bf9 bf9

      There's a good chance they do now!

    • Ontological Ontological

      Correct. They rot very fast now even in a green bag. I guess toxic radiation only kills seals, bears eagles, fish, etc. Thinking like these shills must be so depressing. They watch in horror as 10's of thousands of animals die, and debunk any logical cause if it's on the bought off list.

  • dka

    1- Some fish conctrate radionuclides more than others
    2- fish travel and may very well come from a higher risk region, and be eaten by a salmon (travelling on not) who ends up being cough on the West coast.

  • Mack Mack

    All of this downplaying/minimizing reminds me of the scene in the movie Jaws where the mayor is downplaying the shark attacks:

    The mayor: “You yell barracuda and everybody says “huh, what?”

    You yell shark and we’ve got a panic on our hands…”

    Apply this to Fukushima and they are yelling “bananas” instead of “dangerous radiation.”


      you get today's prize, Mack! Notice how "Hartig said it would be too expensive for the state to undertake a testing program that would be “statistically valid.” […] he’s concerned that people are being misinformed […]". Now, here's a guy who's tasked with ensuring that Alaska remain conducive for business. So, rather than be proactive in ensuring that one of Alaska's critical sources of revenue (fishing) remain stable, he dismisses the public's concern with the excuse that testing would be too expensive and as other regional government's are already testing for radiation, it's also redundant. There are people out here who have setup their own radiation testing of various types of food. Is he saying Alaska is incapable of footing the bill for what others are doing with their personal finances?! The man's obviously received his marching orders from some very powerful players…

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    The DEC is not concerned with the radiation from Fukushima because it's an international issue. They're concerned with in-state issues. No leaking nuclear/chemical plants in Alaska, then no testing. Not shilling for either side, just pointing out the obvious.

  • Tiza Tiza

    They are in a state of denial. I know one doesn't want to have dangerous radiation in our food. Can't they get it through their thick heads that the potassium-40 in bananas is just not the same stuff like the Cessium-137 & 134, the Strontium-90, etc., and all the other man-made bad stuff? Our bodies use what it needs in bananas and eliminates the rest.

  • Stupidbutnotbumb

    They don't want to test because they'll risk losing their fishieries, I mean money, I mean taxes… They don't care about safety… It's all about the money.. Money is life to these sick, sick people. If one of them were to stand up and say something you'll never here about it and they'll lose their job.. The only way for us,, the public to learn anything about this thing.. Nuclear.. Are places like this and people posting anonymously. Thank you all and may god bless you.


    One does not have to look very far to see why we are the laughing stock of the world…

  • orsobubu orsobubu

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but humans didn't evolve to swim through seas of bananas (or tile, granite, kitty litter…) or walk through walls of bananas all day long. And even if they did, those bananas, granite etc would not have entered *inside* their body. Also, man evolved to eat *some* bananas at most during the day, and only natural and good-looking yellow bananas without plutonium, strontium and hundreds of other horrible artificial nuked f***g by-products. I don't care eating some bananine radioactive potassium because I was already born made of 0,01% of potassium myself, and surely without shitty plutonium 239.

    • bo bo

      I like your tardigrade avatar

      • orsobubu orsobubu

        Heehee, really cute little creatures, how did you know them? "These tiny weirdos have been frozen to just above absolute zero, shot into space, RADIATED, boiled alive, you name it. But stop the abuse, add water, and all is forgiven. The tardigrade continues about its business as if nothing has happened…" Previuosly I had seen them only in electron microscope photos, but in standard enlargements they resemble nice colourful gummy candies… From side view, they are similar to bears, and my nick "orsobubu" is the italian for Boo-Boo Bear, a planti-grade…

        I discovered Bdelloid rotifers are also better to make a living in our after-Fuku future global ecosystem

    • SadieDog

      @ orsobubu – Very smart post.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Not that I trust the EPA, but here's what it states about Potassium-40.

    "Unavoidable, Low Risk

    The human body is born with potassium-40 in its tissues and it is the most common radionuclide in human tissues and in food. We evolved in the presence of potassium-40 and our bodies have well-developed repair mechanisms to respond to its effects. The concentration of potassium-40 in the human body is constant and not affected by concentrations in the environment."

    Someone needs to do their homework about this in Alaska and all the other folks saying it's the same as eating bananas.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Radiation flowing straight to U.S. and Canada, non-stop, 24/7.

  • weeman

    If the natural background of 2 bq/m3 of cesium137 is the standard and you are going to try and tell me 7,400 bq/m3 is safe according to EPA. You are insane. Don't forget to add the fudge factor to totals.
    Now if the 3,000,000 disintegration they released yesterday get into ocean and it will and they state that dilution is 200 times less by the time it hits west coast of north America, I will let you figure out what the the levels observed on west coast would be.
    Please remember there is more radioactive isotopes in water as well as cesium 137 and that is only for cesium 137.
    If I ate 20 bananas a day, every day would I get radiation poisoning, no I would not, if I drank 20 glasses of water from Fukushima everyday, would I get radiation poisoning, I would think and dead man walking.

  • Sickputer

    Alley Oop sez: "No need for stone hammer. Me go boom with banana weapon!"

    SP: one day those nucleorats and scientists who disseminate such drivel will be exposed and deposed instead of being "pillars of knowledge" in their field of ignorance.

  • Nick

    “It would be a tremendous expense for a risk that we don’t see.”

    What radiation? I don't see any radiation? Do you?

    Alaska has been hammered by Fukushima.

    If you live anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, you too, have been hammered.

    No other reality should be entertained.

    Is it not obvious that the pitiful people in power DO NOT WANT YOU to know?

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    Jonathan is a shill payed by nucleorats.
    He must be aware that he is also the helper of criminals in their murderous actions..
    Shame of human being..

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Send his a fresh catch of fish & tell him to eat them! Make sure they are bleeding from their eyes & gills & yellow! I sure he wil be fine, the same color as a bananna!

  • Nick

    "Fish and shellfish from Alaskan waters and beaches are not affected by the nuclear reactor damage in Japan and are safe to eat.."

    " The great quantity of water in the Pacific Ocean rapidly and effectively dilutes radioactive material…"

    The has spoken!

  • Alas, SP. While radiation is indeed an "Equal Opportunity Mass/Serial Killer" that doesn't care one bit how rich and powerful any of its victims are, the modern world's Neo-Feudalist caste system allows that the privileged have far better access to proper care and treatments (and cures they may or may not have told the rest of us about) than we pleebs do.

    So when you're talking LD50, our system demonstrates that the 50% who don't die will overwhelmingly be among the privileged caste(s).

  • many moons

    F–k'em…. if they don't want to test….Boycott boycott boycott
    …eat a banana instead!

    • Holygeezer

      No need to boycott. Simply stop eating fish for your health. I immediately stopped eating seafood from the Gulf after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and then stopped eating all seafood from the Pacific after Fukushima. I no longer eat any seafood from any part of the world. It's a shame as I used to like eating seafood back in the day. But it is no longer an option due to health concerns.

      • All our foods are contaminated to some extent from Fuku's monstrous airborne plumes, the waterborne plumes may be in the end represent far more crap, but we don't live in the ocean. Or, I don't. Minimizing exposures however we can is good – I grow a lot of our food, trashed the spring crops and fallowed the rest of the year in 2011. It's not above background now most of the time, my drainage is excellent, and I'm back in business. We've gotta eat. If all of it's radioactive, we can choose the least contaminated.

        I won't eat Pacific seafood, have long been leery of all other seafood as well since it's all got some kind of garbage in it. Do eat local trout, as often as possible. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with fish that isn't intrinsically wrong with everything else. Just choose your sources.

        • harengus_acidophilus

          Avoiding seafood creates another problem

          Yes, it's a MUST to avoid seafood, but, if you don't find any other source of iodine, you will get problems with your thyroid. What would you suggest?


          • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

            @harengus_acidophilus use Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt "Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt because it contains the full spectrum of 84 minerals and trace elements just like Mother Earth intended. It is an unrefined, unprocessed "raw" salt that's hand-mined from abundant salt caves that were formed 250 million years ago as ocean salt settled in certain geologic pockets around the earth."

            "Full-spectrum salt is a crucial preparedness item. Your body cannot live without salt, and in a crisis situation, real salt may be very difficult to come by in many areas. Storing full-spectrum salt is not only good for your health today; it's a type of nutritional insurance against future food shortages."

            "Iodine deficiency, by the way, is the No. 1 most preventable cause of mental retardation. Eating processed salt that lacks iodine, in other words, can cause your offspring to be retarded."

            "Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt contains 84 minerals and trace minerals, including iodine! "

            "This product stores for years. It's naturally shelf-stable as long as you keep it relatively dry and unopened. Store in a dark, cool place for longest shelf life."


            • Angela_R

              Warning to readers, the below is sarcastic, the logical/stupid gene in all (some?) can ascertain:

              Ah salt! Chlorine is an explosive gas and has a radioactive isotope, sodium is poisonous, should I eat salt (NaCl)?

              I don't know the full chemical composition of bananas, it apparently depends on soil type, but I learned a long time ago that it had a radioactive isotope (K40)

              some others?
              that staple – potato, have checked chemical composition but it also contains (K40)

              (memo to self the 'I'
              "oh, do go on!"
              me "oh, no I couldn't"
              quietly, "but you've tempted me…"

              Magnesium has 19 radioactive isotopes and it is found in….
              Scattered Thoughts:
              Do any foods contain Uranium
              I wonder what happens if you irradiate bananas…

              Oh, do stop it, Angela!

            • razzz razzz

              MaidenHeaven: Any day now, I expect you to learn the difference between organic and inorganic. Just because minerals came from a natural cave, doesn't mean they are organic. They are always exceptions to what your body can use and not use but I will let you figure it out on your own learning curve. But to get you started off in the right direction, plant life uses the sun to perform photosynthesis and attach a hydrogen to inorganic minerals from say, the soil, and miraculously makes those minerals organic which you body will happily put to use if it needs to.

              And just to make a point, take an ounce of an avocado and an ounce of your favorite meat, side by side: Which one do you think will contain the most protein?

              • Angela_R

                Actually razzz, just in case anyone thinks my rant was in any way ridiculing MaidenHeaven's recommendation, I had put Himalayan Pink Crystal salt on my shopping list. I was merely using her reference to salt, to launch my diatribe against the stupidity of the comparison of bananas to cesium. A comparison, no doubt, you can see as ridiculous.

                I have recently quizzed the source of my salt.
                When one starts to be concerned about pollution of soil and water, I would prefer MaidenHeaven's suggestion, to buying mixes of trace elements in bottles. That is unless the radionuclides have found their way inside the caves.

          • razzz razzz

            You can post here and ask questions but you can't do a simple search? Let me help you out…

  • Nick

    "..Facebook is good for photos of your best friend's impossibly cute newborn baby. But for Fukushima information, take it from Dr. Buesseler of Woods Hole: the Pacific is safe, and so is our seafood."

    The Pacific is safe!

    Pay no attention to Facebook alarmists.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    But what of the other radionuclides?

    Fukushima's Secret Radionuclides
    May 16 2011

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here it is reported to be 31 different types…
    At 1:27.

    SOS from Minamisoma part 2 "What is the most dangerous?"
    Aug. 8 2011

  • American Phoenix57

    Here is a goldmine of mind boggling information.

    Page Contents:

    What Science Learned at Bikini

    Fate of the Marshall Islanders

    Statement from Lewis L. Strauss, chief of the AEC

    Weather modification for fallout control

    Explosions at Fukushima Japan, March 2011

    Human Experiments

    Low-Dose Danger, Radiation Injury

    Fallout Effects and fallout map links

    Fallout in Milk — fallout in baby teeth

    The Story of Three Mile Island

    The Battle of Chernobyl

    Fallout from weapons –excerpts from the 1960 book Fallout, editor John M. Fowler

    Read, Save and Share

  • Shaker1

    What's more dangerous, to stand in the face of available knowledge and be comfortable with simple acceptance? To be frightened, distressed, and uneasy with what knowledge brings but find the alternative as unsettling and remain ambivalent? Or to simply think that the deficiency is a discrete choice, irrelevant to one's life unless directly appropriate to a particular moment so don't bother? I might think that danger is more in what one would be willing to know, acceptance and strained ambivalence situations available to change. The effort has to be made. 'Not bother' as default is avoiding responsibility at the very first level, especially if one has the materials and means. It's a crime to not allow the accepting to face other facts if they exist, or the ambivalent to find reason to formally choose which side of the fence they must occupy.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Sometimes …

    I want to feed them with bananas until they blast!


  • bo bo

    I tried to comment on this and I just couldn't. can't talk about bananas any more… I'll go insane.

  • Mica

    In Feb. 2013, the AK Senate voted to abolish cruise ship wastewater standards in AK waters. So the cruise industry now is no longer held responsible for dumping over a BILLION gallons of untreated sewage & other hazardous waste products into AK waters annually. So not only is the fish likely radioactive, it is also likely bathed in toxic sewage.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    The banana eating Monkeys at the NRC and the EPA should be forced to be put on a Pacific Ocean seafood diet. Take about 5 minutes for them to start telling the truth.

  • Ah yes, trotting out the old banana lie

    how weak

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      stock: Which is why we need someone here to convert bpm, sieverts, whatever to Bananas Per Minute (BPM). So when someone says, Oh background is 5000 BPM, people will think, that's high as hell. Who could eat 5k bananas a minute?

  • mairs mairs

    We could all pitch in and buy the state of Alaska a $3,000 Polimaster PM1406, call a press conference and deliver it to them with a package of frozen Alaskan-caught fish.

    What utter nonsense… it's too expensive to test the fish.

  • mairs mairs

    You know when a random state official brings out the banana lie, they've become one of the pod-people for nukes.

  • Nick

    I admit it, I have foolishly clung to the idea that we will be told the truth about Fukushima.

    As we approach the 3rd anniversary of 3/11/11 it should be obvious to those of us who care, that WE WILL NEVER be told the truth.

    The truth is more than any of us could bear, and I am afraid the earth's biosphere as well.

    None of us expected to be alive at this point in history; a point where nothing from here on is what anyone expected to see, ever.

    The deliberate downplaying of Fukushima by the world's officialdoom (sp = intentional) is enough evidence for me to realize it is game over.

    Got it?

    We can cling to antiquated views of our lives, or we can move forward into the new post_Fukushima nightmare.

    I know it sucks. But the facts will reveal themselves despite the constant drone of shilling we all have to endure.

    For me…… the results are in.

    I have too much of an imagination to NOT know how dire things are.


      you are correct, Nick. It's far worse than can be disclosed to the general public. They weighed-out the first of the incoming situation reports and realized this was an unprecedented catastrophe.

      When I discovered that monitoring stations (around the world) were being shutdown for 'maintenance' purposes, it because obvious they'd decided to 'ignore' these meltdowns. Had there actually been a need to take such preventative maintenance steps, they'd not have taken these stations down all at once. I'd even heard reports that independent monitoring stations (being operated by universities and peripheral agencies) were strong-armed into shutting their monitoring equipment down. Such actions were the giveaway that something monumental was in motion.

      I can only surmise, they weighed the socioeconomic implications against the possibility the general public would react in ways they'd not be able to control. It's likely, all those privy to the truth of the matter, simply went out and bought boatloads of stock in the pharmaceutical/medical industries…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Yes, we have no regular bananas, but over here, we have some nuclear bananas. These are the enriched ones. Good to the corium.

    Carefull, don't drop it. The last one's destroyed a nation…

    Better Bananas?

    You can't make this shit up…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Jebus….I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw that video.

      wth is wrong with science.

    • Sickputer

      Re: Jebus reports on the loonies…IAEA radioactive "enhanced banana plants"

      "The IAEA regularly supports crop improvement programmes in some 100 Member States. One of these crops is the banana. In the developing world, bananas are an important source of nutrition and a staple in many diets. But the plant is threatened by many factors."

      SP: I love that hat last sentence…from my pulpit I see the biggest threat factors are the loonies who worked on that Dr. Moreau plant modification.

      Next experiment…radioactive bacon. No need for the microwave…just pull the package open and short-lived radioisotopes fries it until you insert the boron toothpicks. Get it done exactly to your taste. Exceptionally good for thyroid cancer patients who need a little snap crackle pop throat therapy.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        SP—I think I know some people who would buy that bacon and then brag how much easier it is…

      • Jebus Jebus

        Mad, loony, crazy, psychopathic, nuts, batshit crazy, evil, stupid, banana drunk, monkey.

        3 choices to get what a hungry planet needs…

        Natural Selection
        Natures way.
        Survival of the fittest.
        Tender loving care.
        Worked for millions of years.

        Logical Selection
        Here's the way I see how genetic engineering by humans should be.
        The old way, whereby knowledge of what cuttings, clones, grafts, and seeds are effective at selectively growing a specimen that survives best and produces the best.
        Tending the garden.

        Nuclear Selection
        Destructive game of teter totter chance.
        Blasting a specimen with a massive dose of radiation from a nuclear source and hoping that the DNA that you damage and or destroy makes what you want and not creating deleterious results.
        Gambling with probabilities.

        Only a banana drunk monkey would choose the nuclear option…

  • Saga

    Gee….I hope this Fukushima problem does not hurt the Alaska "banana crop".

  • What's 'CLASSIC' is this overly repeated misinformation…

    "Fukushima radiation is a classic example for which the solution to pollution is in fact dilution." – from above
    (Note: This is NOT a fact.)

    This is FACT:

    1. It spreads
    2. It accumulates
    3. It's a mixture of goo
    4. It's insidious and it does not stop

    Note: Radiation contamination does not stop until such time as the 'decay rate' is no longer hazardous to life. In the case of Cesium-137 that is estimated to be more than 300 years.
    PLUTONIUM is a lot more. 🙁

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    I know I'm kinda spamming this out, but I'm so sick of the 'radioactive' banana and people comparing it to the Fukushima contamination. It's a intro to radiation, types, effects, etc and compares the radiation from the K-40 in Bananas to Cs-137.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Testing? We don't need no stinkin testing!

    Testing = collapse of Alaskan seafood sales

    "Deadliest Catch" TV show would have to come up with another plot, or maybe a spinoff show like "Hottest Catch"


      I see it differently, Cisco. If they – don't – do the testing, others will. Then, they'll have to step-over the results of those tests to reassure the public that the numbers are wrong. By then, the public will have zero confidence in whatever they're being told and ultimately fall-back on a 'safer-then-sorry' position. Fact is, being proactive in testing would allow Alaska to 'tweak' the results of those tests. (Shhhhhh…I never said that…I wasn't here…)

      • Cisco Cisco

        AFTERSHOCK…"'tweak' the results of those tests'"…SOP from day one, and forever. Right now, any testing done by un-"official" sources showing dangerous levels of radiation will be characterized as not in conformance with "official" testing methodology, and therefore, inaccurate and erroneous. Official test results will continue to be fudged and under reported. With that strategy and the preponderous of disinformation, the nucleocrats and their shills can/will control the debate for more time than we and they have.

        Not until the Alaskan and Pacific beaches are awash with hundreds of thousands of rotting corpses of sea creatures everyday, will there be a reckoning.

        • Cisco Cisco

          AFTERSHOCK…"'tweak' the results of those tests'"…SOP from day one, and forever. Right now, any testing done by un-"official" sources showing dangerous levels of radiation will be characterized as not in conformance with "official" testing methodology, and therefore, inaccurate and erroneous. Official test results will continue to be fudged and under reported. With that strategy and the preponderance of disinformation, the nucleocrats and their shills can/will control the debate for more time than we and they have.

          Not until the Alaskan and Pacific beaches are awash with hundreds of thousands of rotting corpses of sea creatures everyday, will there be a reckoning.

  • bozzy54

    I can't remember which year or if it was the program 20/20 or 60 minutes but, the program had to do with a banana farm down in the south America in which one worker would hold up a flag on a very long pole in order for the pilot to see the line to fly to spray I'm guessing insecticides. I think it was about the worker holding the pole who get's sprayed and covered in this solution. My guess is that this solution was fairly toxic with radiation? Since when dose a banana have potassium in it's meat? And why?.

    So I have an idea to load a boat with bananas accompanied by 6 monkeys, let's say from LA up the coast around to Alaska then to Japan and equip them with radiation testing equipment. Yes a money will pilot the boat out of fairness. My bet is that we would get the same bull s hit readings we have today?

    By the way if you're looking for answers folks look up the nation debt clock, upper left cornner you can check your state debt as well. There you will find all your answers.

  • pattersonp

    Alaska already has Plutonium testing conducted in 2008 and it was FOUND supposedly from nuclear testing. There is also considerable petro-chemical sedimentation from drilling/wells, etc.

    So even if they FIND radioactive isotopes they'll just blame it on something else anyways. Also, I am REALLY REALLY tired of the banana/brazil nut argument. Its so foolish to equate naturally occurring to MANMADE poisons.

    I find it hard to believe that in 2014 the worldwide fishing industry is still that 'good' considering how much we have depleted fish stocks. They are not not testing because of the fishery, they are scared to death that people will find out their nuclear experimentation can go wrong at ANY time at ANY plant. People are still sleeping to this fact.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Water is perfectly healthy and natural too. Hold someone's head under it for a few minutes and he'll tell you how healthy it is.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    It's sorta funny…they refuse to test…citing the cost.


    they scrap together a cool 20 mil to buy it & to test it on the homeless.

    Class fuku act.

  • shamwow shamwow

    "We need no stinking badges! " – Blazxing Saddles the movie quote

    We need no stinking tests! – Alaska Gov

    Another great line from that movie was Mongo saying "..we are just pawns in game of life."

    It is becoming evident.

  • Jack Jack

    like comparing bananas and oranges? Idiocy.

  • Jack Jack

    The fishing industry hardly wants to find out anything that would affect $$$. That's as wanton the Chinese export of contaminated food stuffs.

  • Socrates

    Alaska does not want to discourage customers of their fish.

  • Palin probably loves a little radiation! They don't want you to know what's really in your food there, particuarly their seafood, which is their specialty. I say test it for yourself and the heck with them that don't care about your health. Care for yourself, and if you find a lot of radioactive foods there, consider moving to a safer location or consuming a lot of zeolyte!

  • atomicistheword

    ”and who doesn’t love bananas?”

    My little magpie birdie in the garden, I gave it a bit and I've never seen such disdain on its beak before.

    You know a good Geiger counter only costs about 700bux, are you that impoverished government officials? They remind me of an ostrich burrying it's head in the sand hoping no one notices…

    Stop playing with your bananas and do what your paid to do!

    Here's an idea build a row of atomic banana powered stations on the new Madrid fault line and we all join hands singing…

    Ringa, ringa, rosie,
    A pocket full of posey,
    Atissue, Atissue,
    We all fall down!

    Then we could all shout, HORRAH: WE BRING GOOD THINGS TO LIFE!

    (and they perceived he was being sarcastic)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    fukushima radiation dispersal area part/1
    July 3 2013

    fukushima radiation dipersal area part 2
    Aug 13 2013

  • demise demise

    Government officials already know the bad news and are ignoring it as long as possible, because there is no solution. Just think about the economic and political effects of the announcement of "you can't eat anything from the Pacific Ocean anymore and stay away from the water unless you are wearing protective clothing."
    All hell would break lose.

    The Ocean is a huge food supply and economic force. You would have community anarchy and beach property values would drop like a rock. Unemployment would skyrocket and food sources from land only would be stretched. Migration inland to avoid radiation on coastal areas would be staggering. It would be a social breakdown. That's why they are ignoring it. Only the independent testers are doing testing that is current and publicly available. It is interesting that they all see the same thing and the 'officials' are all nay sayers. It makes you wonder, who is kidding who.