All 10 children tested in large city 60 km from Fukushima meltdown have radioactive urine — “High possibility” that children in and near city exposed to internal radiation

Published: June 30th, 2011 at 9:47 am ET


Radioactive substances detected in children’s urine in Fukushima, DPA, June 30, 2011:

A small amount of radioactive substances was found from urine samples of all of 10 children in Fukushima surveyed […]

David Boilley, president of the Acro radioactivity measuring body, told a news conference in Tokyo that the survey on 10 boys and girls aged between 6 and 16 in Fukushima city suggested there was a high possibility that children in and near the city had been exposed to radiation internally, Kyodo News reported. […]

The city is located 60 kilometres north-west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station […]

Published: June 30th, 2011 at 9:47 am ET


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25 comments to All 10 children tested in large city 60 km from Fukushima meltdown have radioactive urine — “High possibility” that children in and near city exposed to internal radiation

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    i can’t even say how disgusted i am

  • SteveMT

    By their standards, that means a 99.9999999% possibility.

    By ours, that means a 100% certainty.

    When is someone going to go to jail or worse for committing these crimes against humanity?

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    No, no! Too sad for words. Surely stones will weep.

  • 17 infants die in 48 hours at 1 Indian hospital
    AP – 11 mins ago

    NEW DELHI (AP) — At least 17 infants have died in the last 48 hours at a government-run hospital in eastern India …Television news channels showed images of weeping and wailing parents outside the B.C. Roy Hospital …
    The hospital head D. Pal told Press Trust of India the babies were either premature, suffering from septicemia or had low birth weight problems. He denied any negligence by the hospital.

  • markww markww

    This is what happens when you have a culture of slaves in a country and the government does not do a thing to help it’s people

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Good news in the bad is that it’s also posted on NHK…

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Crimes against humanity.

  • These crimes against humanity are being done on purpose and even intentionally made worse. I ve published a new article where NHK and Kyodo confirm all that was reporting about.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Excellent work!!!

    • What may become frighting is ‘Where to and When’ they may transport these highly radioactive materials !
      Much write ups to the transport to Japan from France then, and now we are sure many of these may be highly damaged and much more venerable to the environment or to anyone near these remands of the disaster !

  • pg

    If they have radioactive urine they have been exposed to internal radiation for months. High iodine diet or not, they will never reproduce…if they survive.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      We do not know whether they will reproduce or not. Low levels of radiation in urine are common among uranium miners, for example. It is a sign that soluble radionuclides are being flushed from the body. Major problems arise with insoluble radionuclides, because the body can’t flush them out as well. Thus, when a melted or highly heated particle is lodged in tissue, insoluble, it stays there longer, like DU or plutonium that has come from a fire.

      The big problem with very low levels of radiation is we do not always know where the particles will lodge. If they lodge near reproductive cells, it is possible for them to alter the DNA, thus producing the mutations we will begin to see. We saw plant and animal mutations outside Windscale in 1956 and Three Mile Island 1979. Animal mutations have been discovered near the Nevada test site. Human mutations have been associated with the French, UK and US nuke testing in the Pacific, as well as in areas of Soviet and Chinese testing in Kazakstan and Lop Nor, respectively. Animal, plant and human mutations were clearly evident in the aftermath of Chernobyl (1986) and low level radionuclides of U238 (poss cntaminated with Pu) have been associated with DNA abnormalities in the Gulf Wars (1990s-2010s).

      The short answer is yes, they may reproduce even with some low levels of radiation in their urine. However, because of the proven internal exposure they have a slightly increased risk for reproducing humans with chromosomal abnormalities, as well as an increased risk of cancer, as well as an increased risk of various other human diseases associated with very low levels of radiation, like diabetes and asthma. Australian aboriginal peoples living near the UK test sites suffer increased levels of these non-cancerous outcomes, for example.

      Small amounts of radiation in urine are not uncommon among human beings; the ionizing man-made isotopes being released at Fukushima, however, increase all our risk of negative health consequences, especially for the long-suffering peoples of Japan.

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    The recent discovery in Mexico of a bizarre-looking shark fetus that boasts what appears to be a single eye in the center of its head has created a stir among scientists, and is sure to pique the interest of anyone who catches a glimpse of the images.
    The three-foot-long fetus was …
    Is it related to radiation ??

    • SteveMT

      It is amazing what the combination of toxic waste and radiation will do.

      The Fukushima baby clock is ticking away with less than 5.5 months to go before the first possible delivery since this disaster.

  • pg

    Everyone should be taking an increase in iodine. Particularly males under 21yo. Americans are deprived of iodine as it is. Start with 250mcg (kelp) 3 times a day, then slowly increase your intake to potassium iodate. I took one 250mcg before every meal, then went up to four before every meal. From there I started splitting 85mg iodide tablets in half, then split those in half. I take 12.5mg before each meal. Iodate has ‘additives’ designed to help sooth the stomach. Iodide is pure iodine with an added binder (like rice flour). I take 50mg a day of iodide and have been for months (as a dietary supplement). I am a grown male. After realizing it cured around 5 things I had wrong with me, I studied it further and realized Americans are iodine deficient. Aside from improving my health, I am now radiation resistant. DO NOT believe that the “local health authorities” should approve your iodine intake, just do it. Some people may be allergic to iodine, but I would have to guess because they are taking grams per day (there are mcg, mg, and gr) or something along those lines. I have read where people take up to 1000 grams per day during tests and all they did was loose weight. I take 50mg. Your thyroid controls everything in your body. Obesity, balding, resistance to disease and cancer and more. It will be grateful that the iodine is coming back. Certain food supplements added by the FDA destroy iodine in the body. Be smart, be your own doctor, and not sitting ducks. 85mg of iodate usually contains 50mg of iodine.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      We are thinking pretty much the same on this. And your points are well taken.

      However, “I am now radiation resistant.” is beyond realistic.

      Yes, you have almost certainly made sure that your thyroid will not be taking up any I-131.
      It stops there.

      Radiation is radiation.
      There is no stopping it.
      Especially when a radioactive element gets inside of some one.

      Any more than a wind breaker jacket stops the wind. Or stops the wind from being as cold as it is.

      I have been studying this very issue off and on for over 40 years. I have always thought I had dodged a bullet in that I had never had to actually apply my knowledge of radiation and it’s adverse effects on health. Now I am in the thick of it.
      I just don’t want any of the newcomers to this topic to get any ideas that there is such a thing as resistance to radiation.

  • alasanon

    @pg or anyone out there:
    Is it true that you need 50 mg to reach maximum intake of good iodine and to block ALL intake of radioactive iodine?? I guess that standard depends on your size, age, and any pre-existing deficiency?

    I understood that 12.5 mg has been deemed the optimal daily amount for an adult human….But, current events are extraordinary, so?

    Also, EPA & UC-Berkeley measurements of I-131 have declined to undetected after May, even on the West Coast, as the multiple meltdowns go into different phases. I do understand that the Radioiodines are the most prolific and quickly transported of all isotopes in a nuclear disaster, but are they still coming at the same rate 4 months into this?? I know it was very bad in March and April…
    Many things may remain contaminated with radioactive iodine and there is some continuing fission in Japan to produce new waves… It’s always good to stay protected and strengthen your thyroid!!

    Plus, if Calhoun, Cooper, AND/OR Los Alamos blow their tops, nasty I-131 will be a primary threat in the U.S.!!

    *actually, not sure about the exact composition of fallout from Los Alamos?…

    • alasanon

      Any input appreciated! I asked a regular doctor–He said “don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about”
      ??? Ha!

      • Just like the oil-corexit, they got their orders, or they do not want to get involved in any lawsuit’s down the road takeing them out of the office and away from making money !

  • moonkai

    I cannot believe I am assisting a crime against humanity only 200km above my head ! I am so angry, I am gonna go postal !! And all those freaking ignorants and vain people are walking the streets of Tokyo shopping and dining as if nothing wrong is going on. I am mad …mad as hell !