All 54 of Japan’s nuclear reactors may be closed by next April

Published: June 9th, 2011 at 7:27 am ET


Japan mulls closure of N-reactors by April, Reuters, June 9, 2011:

All 54 of Japan’s nuclear reactors may be shut by next April, adding more than $30 billion a year to the country’s energy costs, if communities object to plant operating plans due to safety concerns, trade ministry officials said on Wednesday.  […]

[C]oncern among local authorities has kept nuclear generators from restarting at least four reactors […]

Although a reactor is legally cleared for restart once it receives approval from the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, a trade ministry watchdog, nuclear operators always seek local government approvals as well […]

Published: June 9th, 2011 at 7:27 am ET


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49 comments to All 54 of Japan’s nuclear reactors may be closed by next April

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Gentlemen: Stop your engines.

  • anyone think this is because idk they might have to abandon soon…

    • Misitu

      Kind of… last one out switch off the lights. And don’t worry about paying the bill.


    • Don’t use this link…

      I didn’t post it. If you have to put a password in quit your browser, and change your password.


      • ocifferdave

        That isn’t very clear. What is going on? put your password in that link you didn’t post? What? (I *think* I know what you might mean but for clarity for all please be more clear.)

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Just so everyone knows…this is an audio only news story.
      The chemical/nuclear details are at 3:54 into about 5 minutes of audio.
      The guy interviewed said that the govt was doing a mile and a half radius evacuation.
      Witnesses saw two jets, as the area is used for USAF training exercises. Apparently one pilot ejected and his plane hit a restaurant.

  • James2

    Folks, The hackers still have this site.

    That’s not tacoma. It’s an idiot.

    F16’s of course don’t carry nuclear bombs – they are a light fighter plane – fun to fly, BTW.

    And this thread isn’t about Wisconsin – it’s about Fukushima.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      If you listen to the video, obviously above your ability to check out a story, it was a witness to the crash that reported the chemical and nuclear weapons on board.

    • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

      Sorry, but F-16’s can, and do.

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        Yes, F-16’s carry concealed weapons without a Permit.
        New doctrines at War College have dictated meeting the
        “Asymmetrical” threats with like distributed, smaller
        platforms, dispersed scattered attacks. Kinda like they
        needed the MX missile network to throw off Targeting
        of our missile sites, these small asymmetrical units, like
        one F-16, can deliver as much destruction as a B-52 was
        designed to bring. Of course a lumbering big plane is
        a sitting duck, a fat, slow Goose.

        • I recall a report that a Jet and powerful nuke missile disappeared over western US with the pilot and that to date it has never been found that I know of, there were a lot of coverage about at the time !
          And without permit happen often, like the plane that almost went down just off the coast of Ga. that dumped a atomic bomb so that it would not crash because of weight to stay up in the air during an anomaly on-board ! The bomb was never found !

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    B61 4/5/10

  • mudge911

    This is like closing the barn door after the horses already ran away

  • James2

    Oh, an eyewitness says the F16 crashed and had chemical and nuclear weapons onboard, so it’s true for sure.

    That’s funny.

    Now can we get back to real news…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Thanks for the tip about Sarge.
      Maybe he’ll learn something….in all the snooping.
      Many don’t know that “business intel” is also alive well.
      Such as this company..
      Truth makes one bold….
      They can’t handle it.

      • Erin

        “Truth makes one bold….
        They can’t handle it.”

        Well said! 🙂

        Greetings folks,

        I’m a wife and mom of five amazing kids, and I’m just trying like most (all?) of you to figure out exactly what’s going on and what we can do about it. Many thanks to all of you who have spoken out and contributed to my continuing nuclear education. My family and I greatly appreciate the helpful links, resources and discussions! 🙂

        And Mr./Ms. Hacker/Profiteer … I’d like to add a very special thank you to you as well! I was sitting right there — I mean RIGHT THERE on the fence, trying to decide whether to just read and research or to join in and to try to find ways to make the world a little bit better, a little bit healthier. Thanks to you, I was so outraged, so furious that you would make money by purposely misleading the public about this vital issue — I had to sign up right away. It just burns my backside to think that a moron like you can make a living off of the suffering of others, while good, intelligent people like my family struggle to make an HONEST living! SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR MINIONS!!! I’ll pray for karmic balance to find you and teach you what I cannot with my meager, unpaid words.

        Back to the good people (or those like myself who try our best to do the “right things,” even when no one pays us to do so ;-P ) … can anyone tell me whether the “DONATE” button is safe? I’d really like to thank the administrators/owners for providing this forum and all of the valuable updates a bit more practically, but I saw that the login page was hacked, and I’m afraid of giving out my credit card info to the wrong person. As long as the address bar doesn’t include the word “redirect …,” is it the real thing?

        Again, many thanks to you all,

        • radegan

          Now just how do I get a job as a paid web commenter? Damn, I could use the money. I know those folks are watching, and I can do it:

          “Bananas are every bit as bad for you as plutonium, why if you have ceramic tile anywhere in your house, you probably glow while you sleep. Just sitting in an airplane makes you more radioactive than touring Three Mile Island.”

          There, it’s easy. Bullspouting 101. I need 20 bucks an hour with benefits or 30 in cash with no bennies. So contact me, will you? And let me know how to sign up.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      WISN the ABC affiliate does have this story on their web site. The witness said the Army was evacuating a 1.5 mile radius around the accident site because THEY said the plane had chemical and nuclear armaments onboard.

  • I believe this is just a stunt to quite the mases that are of growing anger the place Tepco and Gov. has placed them in, the cover up, danger and heath affects !
    I do not think they can build and supply a new electric industry in a year to supply the Industries and the Peoples needs !

  • Buck-O

    Nuke Plant Lost Spent Fuel Pump In Suspected Fire

    Read more:

    ATLANTA — A nuclear power plant in Nebraska briefly lost the pump used to cool spent nuclear fuel during a suspected electrical fire.

    Utility officials said the fire Tuesday damaged an electrical system used to run a pump at the Fort Calhoun Station that recirculates water in a pool holding hot, radioactive nuclear fuel that has been used.

    The pump was out of commission for an hour before the system was restored.

  • Hope this is for real. The equation between murder or slow death by rads and electricity is to leave electricity to be generated within(the living body). Hope all the world’s nukes will be closed down now in an orderly fashion and decommissioned. The entire world must cooperate. Nukes must not be a choice. But a great deal needs to change. The life style and consumerism. See
    Try try again. Put the emperor of death back into the bottle.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Very well said Ramaswami. It seems it is an electrical checkmate though in terms of actually decommissioning the world though… you need plants electricity now to even cool off turned off plants, or Fukushimas happen. Checkmate. I think we may have lost this one, hundreds of times over around the world. I’m also super grateful nothing became of the solar storm event, very grateful.

  • Yes indeed, Anthony. We must all come to entomb, make them cease and not allow them to live for a moment longer to deal death blows or slow lingering painful suffering. But it must therefore be an orderly shut, not another fiasco creator. There are other sources of electricity for cooling off. Sacrifice in the face of extintion level events is called for so we and -all life can go on. Worldwide Input Ooutput matrix must be drawn for survival, now. In this age of instant comm this is indeed possible. We must be proactive and cannot allow quakes to destroy again an operating set of reactors. Also people must wake up and be alert not to create a “meltdown domino” in Japan. Note another great quake may occur between June 12 to August 26 this year(2011) in the Pacific Rim. If feasible, shutting down all nukes everywhere is ideal. Event planners come and pitch in!

  • Ruffcut

    So what are they going to do for juice?
    I doubt they will do this.
    The shutdown prosesses take many years and still need cooling and electricity to shut it down.

  • In the job’s difficulty lies its possibility. That man who fought Hitler said after WWII said: The work of fifty years was done in five. The world can all come together(WANO like) to plan the great set of milestones so the project nukefree is finished in a couple of years…

    • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

      Mr. Kumar
      I bow to your Continued Integrity and Positivity.
      If indeed a Karmic reality allows us to pass on to
      a re-run scenario, or a whole new World, I would
      hope you would be among the Management Team.
      I find myself agreeing with your Sentiments,
      but I also find myself affirming prophetic Revelation
      warnings-made-real. It is as if your Shakespeare quotes
      were part of scripture, it is all Vanity, the Greatest
      Minds, King’s Horses and King’s Men cannot put
      Humpty back into Pandora’s Djinni’s Safety Deposit Box.
      “Human conduct is ever unreliable
      until Anchored in the Divine.
      Everything in Future will Improve,
      if you are making a Spiritual Effort, now.”
      –Swami Sri Yukteswar

      • Sri Yukteswar was the teacher of the guy who wrote “Autobiography of a Yogi” (Paramahansa Yogananda)[?].

        • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

          Yes Pu239,
          I was fortunate to be first handed a copy of
          Autobiography of a Western Yogi by Yogananda’s American
          student Kriyananda who became the leader of the
          Self Realization Fellowship.
          After reading that book, I went on to read
          Autobiography of a Yogi.
          Good stuff.
          I once attended the SRF services at the Sunset Shrine
          and heard Dennis Weaver give a talk.
          I think serious Christians should consider this book
          required reading. God is Love. Halleluyah.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    A terrorist organization could not have done a better job detonating a series of dirty bombs…

    So, why isn’t Janet Napolitano sitting on Jeffery Immelt’s desk at Godzilla Electric with a shotgun stuck in his nose ??

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Night lights (or power?) on Fuku #1 just went off at 814am pacific.

    And for those who don’t know, the Tepco camera, when shaking slowly for 15-30 seconds, is acting as an earthquake detector, which quake can be verified or excluded by going to USGS below, then posting back to ENE for all to see

    • pg

      Good point. I own a semi-decent telescope which is what I believe they have that camera fixed to. I think the Mt. top they are on is 20 miles away. When looking at something through a telescope at that distance, it shakes at the least bit of disturbance. I used mine once or twice to look across the valley (7 miles) and do some spying just to see what it was like. I watched people mow their lawns, fix their house and could even get plate numbers.

  • pg

    They better shut them down now. Next year is too late. Domino effect is well under way with STRONG roots.

  • Re your observations on the way forward,Elenin Velikovsky, I wholeheartedly agree. Indeed if we put our best foot forward and go the righteous path- that is, follow the all embracing integrality, we shall indeed be protected and shall be destined to lead a good life for a long time. But if we do not, even then we shall pass on from the present age of untruth- Kaliyuga’s endgame to the coming age of truth or Kritayuga. But a lot of lives may be lost in the process and the remaining will perforce see wisdom and live by the truth. This is the reading of three great men who lived in different times and climes(Vyasa(3500 B.C), Vira Brahmendra Yogi(1560 AD) and Nostradamus(1560 AD). But our duty is to to be done conscientiously,renouncing attachment( so we can be unbiased).

  • I imagine in Japan that conservation is going to take on a whole new meaning. The Japanese are so innovative. If they put all their innovative energy into energy saving technology, they can greatly reduce their need to produce alternatives. I am looking forward to this technology spreading to where it is most needed, in the United States of Piggydom and Canada too.

  • Flawed Westinghouse Nuclear Reactors Pose Threat
    New York Times May 21, 2011
    new AP1000 reactor, illustrated
    The commission had previously said it expected to approve the AP1000 design this summer. But on Friday a spokesman for the commission, Scott Burnell, said the decision would be delayed for a period of time that he could not specify until Westinghouse submitted a third round of revised calculations.

  • Lee Binder

    How come Germany (at least the official fraction) thinks they can’t do without until 2022? Greenpeace over there says it’d be possible without too much losses for the economy until 2015 – maybe they’re right?

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Lee, Great question…I say Big CONTRACTS, with
    military overtones and underlayments, are controlling
    these decisions. little things like “does Germany actually
    have any National Sovereignty, given EU forces and
    German Mind-control as to their Freedom to call
    Israel a SPADE…?”
    Lee…huggies to you, ok?
    We will not be completing this year with any
    semblance of normal reality, economy, population, anything.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    I’ve commented before that dosimeter badges should be issued to all north island Japanese.

    Maybe this local (Date city) decision to put badges on all 8000 children is an idea whose time has finally come, and other cities will follow suit.

    The badges are read after one month; authorities will probably declare the results invalid, or attempt to raise the acceptable reading, or suppress or alter the data, but hopefully this physical, visible detection method, worn by the kids and seen by everyone, will find public support and finally free the public from the oppressive (U.S. supported), deadly mind-control by the authorities: