Analysis: Prepare for Fukushima’s economic consequences, worst may be yet to come — Pay close attention to latest scientific data from plant, it could become even more tragic — Examine impact on rest of world

Published: September 15th, 2013 at 6:00 pm ET


Title: Will Investors Fear the X Factor in Fukushima?
Source: Wall Street Sector Selector
Author: John Burne
Date: Sept. 13, 2013


  • The recent news reports concerning the out-of-control situation in Fukushima, with hundreds of tons of radioactive groundwater and waste water from leaky tanks flowing into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis […] is something investors should keep in mind.
  • World Economic Forum held its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. […] One of the World Economic Forum’s communities is the Risk Response Network. […] 78-page report for the 2013 annual meeting entitled, Global Risks 2013 — Eighth Edition. The report’s topics included: […] The Dangers of Hubris on Human Health and Building National Resilience to Global Risks.
  • The ongoing radiation leakage from Fukushima and its impact on the rest of the world were surprisingly not included on the list.
  • Nothing provides a better example of “The Dangers of Hubris on Human Health” than Fukushima. The plume of radioactive water from this disaster is expected to hit America’s Pacific Coast duirng the first months of 2014.
  • Investors should be prepared for the economic consequences of this disaster because the worst may be yet to come.
  • Bottom line: Cautious investors should be paying close attention to the latest scientific data concerning the ongoing risks posed by the continuing radiation leakage from Fukushima because the economic consequences could become even more tragic than they currently seem.

Full report here

Published: September 15th, 2013 at 6:00 pm ET


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27 comments to Analysis: Prepare for Fukushima’s economic consequences, worst may be yet to come — Pay close attention to latest scientific data from plant, it could become even more tragic — Examine impact on rest of world

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    while the World Economic Forum (we can profit from the working man even while eating a five course meal) didnt mention Fukushima they did mention that weather modification is here (chemtrails) and it could be used by a rogue state or even single person. hmmm, funny huh? They also mention extra terrestrials, but for Fukushima it is radio silence

    Elsewhere this wall street magazine predicts we will have a 90% financial collapse.

    They want a collapse so that they can buy land for pennies on the dollar. What we really need is to remove profit as a political and investment motive. The illusion of making money upon money, or creating wealth from nothing is at the foundation of the big boys who rammed nuclear down our throats and ruined the world.

    Try petitioning them to give up their billions…
    Ha, cant believe I signed that AVAAZ plea to the UN. Suckered into the matrix

  • Mack Mack

    An ex-World Health Organization employee gives an insider's view of the W.H.O, IAEA, Security Council…and nuclear-radiation policy, conflict-of-interest, and Chernobyl + Fukushima.

    This is a powerfully educative interview:

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TY, Mack. I did listen to the whole interview.

      IndependentWHO – Health and Nuclear Power

      • Mack Mack

        Great! Here are some notes on the interview with Alison Katz, and recommend listening to the entire interview:

        * The WHO is complicit in cover-ups
        * No independent reports are released by the WHO; they're written by the IAEA
        * There were 2 conferences on Chernobyl; one in 1995 in Geneva, one in 2001 in Kiev – final reports were never published

        * People have no national or international authority to turn to for the truth. The only source of reliable information is from independent scientists.

        * ICRP members are all from the military or nuclear physicists

        * Ionizing radiation always causes mutations at the cellular level

        * She met with the WHO Director General, Dr. Chan, in 2011.

        * Dr. Chan said ALL radiation causes damage; that there is a difference between internal and external radiation; and she didn't believe herself that only 50 people had died from Chernobyl

        * In the WHO health report on Fukushima,

        (a) the WHO ignored the thyroid abnormalities in Japanese children (the 44% of Japanese children with nodules and cysts)
        (b) they were supposed to sample food products for levels of radionuclides, and only 17 eggs were sampled
        (c) they ignored bioaccumulation in fish
        (d) they ignored ongoing problems at the Fukushima site
        (e) every one of the 30 authors of the WHO report works for the nuclear establishment; most for the IAEA; many for national regulator and nuclear authorities

        • Mack Mack


          * 10% of the 800,000 Chernobyl liquidators were reported dead by 2001


            excellent summation Mack. And though it doesn't surprise me that the Soviets would've sacrificed that many human beings on the nuclear technologies pyre, I'm a bit stunned that eighty thousand are projected to have died since then. Do you have a reference that I can checkout? I figured they were hiding numbers that ran into the thousands, but eighty thousand plus is hard to fathom.

            Again…thanks for the above info…

            • Mack Mack

              Hi Aftershock, thank you:

              About 1/2 way in the interview, where she discusses the huge discrepancies between what the WHO reported and real life examples of deaths from Chernobyl —>

              She says the liquidators were largely army recruits, average age of 33, and the Chief Medical Officer of the Russian Federation reported that 10% of the 800,000 liquidators were already dead by 2001.

              That's 80,000 dead by 2001. Wonder how many have passed since then?

              Some more interesting points from the interview:

              * She says genetic health effects INCREASE through generations; Chernobyl animal experiments show after 28 or 30 generations, the genetic effects are worse!

              * the neurological system is damaged from radiation

              * the immune system is damaged which affects every biological aspect of the body

              • Mack Mack

                Again, highly recommend everyone listen to this interview.

                It's incredibly informative.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  relevant to all petitioners; for seven years, ten hours a day, wonderful activists have been holding vigil outside the WHO, with their signs etc, reminding the WHO of their duty. ….seven years, 10 hours a day and the corrupt are still not getting it! Dont miss this point!! To think that after seven years the people inside dont grasp it, and all they need is more petitions is simply ludicrous. This is the problem with corruption; they dont care about our signs and signatures, our hopes for a healthy world. Meanwhile the Redpills of the world (majority) buy into WHO corruption and the travesty continues


                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    agreed CodeShutdown. You've only to look back to the days of the Nixon administration's formation of the EPA, to witness how the public's desire for accountability is being dismissed by these scum…

  • isogoodhumans

    Removing GDP as a measure of an economy's health and replacing with wealth would be an improvement.

    Under GDP:

    -if a govt borrows like mad and spends, GDP shows a strong economy, such as going deeply in debt to build nuke plant
    -if a country does something for shortterm that is hugely negative for long term. in shortterm growth looks good, such as running a nuke plant for 40yrs only to have a quake cause more damage than could ever be repaired
    -if GDP excludes some data from calculations (eg cost of remediating pollution) but wealth factors that in, then wealth would not allow such activity to occur but GDP would, such as a calculation of wealth that included Fukushima farmland and the Pacific ocean as a healthy part of the biosphere rather than the currect GDP calculations which pretend they are irrelevant

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Sounds about right, but what is wealth?

      Building a house is a huge project. If money was equal to work, after you pay the bank usury fees, you end up building two or three houses, just to have one house. The bankers get the extra two houses you "built" by working to pay off interest. This concept extends to the entire monetary concept unique to humans; elites can get a free lunch….at the expense of the others.

      Here is the way forward, if only mankind would do it; get money out of the hands of unscrupulous bankers and federal reserve. Create 3-d printers that can self replicate, using basalt fiber and nano cellulose from bamboo to create 90% of material desires. Go open source. Nature and the sun is "open source" and man only fears this because of profit loss. Lease land, nobody lives forever, and "making money" on land is a non sustainable concept.

      All of energy wants can come from solar and methane and some wind and wave, period. Oil is to lubricate machinery.

      Yes, it would destroy "wealth". sheiks, kings, queens and CEOs would lose their wealth yet they would have plenty, as would everyone else. This is the root of the nuclear problem, the oil problem, the fracking problem, the middle east, the war, the poverty, big pharma, big agri biz, monsanto. Its the only way to save the mortally wounded patient; mankind. Sorry, was that off topic? Ill bring it back; Paying attention to Fukushima financial impacts on your portfolio wont do any good if…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        no more dolphins, whales, and what to say plankton in the ocean. Instead of hedge funds, try truth for a change, you might like it ('you' in the global sense)


      excellent thoughts isogoodhumans. You've touched on something (hidden expense of remediation) that I've been pointing out about the incurred costs of fracking of shell gas. Chemically induced diseases will likely be hidden from the public, when that bill comes due. Eventually, the high cost of a clean glass of water will more than offset any gain that's being exploited with 'cheap' fracking processes. Again, thanks for the valuable thoughts into how this 'game' is being played-out on humanity and this planet's precious environment…


    Residents near Colorado are reporting that the recent flood has taken out multiple fracking sites, releasing toxic chemicals.

    According to the Denver Post, “Oil drums, tanks and other industrial debris mixed into the swollen river flowing northeast. County officials did not give locations of where the pipeline broke and where other pipelines were compromised….. One pipeline has broken and is leaking, according to Weld County Emergency Manager Roy Rudisill. Other industry pipelines are sagging as saturated sediment erodes around the expanding river.”

    Flood waters can topple facilities and spread oil, gas, and cancer-causing fracking chemicals across vast landscapes making contamination and clean-up efforts exponentially worse and more complicated.



  • ftlt

    Business as usual… Right???

    Welcome to the Global Empire for the profit of the few…

    Would you like to have another war??? They really are the most fun..

    I get tired of breaking unions, imprisoning or rubbing out dissidents, killing of species and starving people everywhere.. That's all so everyday boring…

    Maybe some nice huge catastrophic ocean oil well failures and spills or 2 or more new nuclear power disasters at once ??? That gas plant failure in India was really super – only the next one should be bigger and better…

    How about a renegade GMO plant or disease that sweeps the world – wouldn't that be fun???..

    Or do you just want to wait around counting our money until the climate really changes???

    I'm bored… I'd trade you 1 trillion $$$s of mine for a good war and global disaster any day of the week…

    We can always make money but great disasters are hard to come by…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Never let a good crises go to waste!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Economy won't matter if the island is glowing. And same with the U.S. after the coast becomes deserted.

    • mopar69 mopar69

      Ah, but that would mean seeing "The Big Picture". Survive the moment regardless of future consequences is the mantra of (some)industries. Let the future fend for itself…and the future is now.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Correct! Shut them all down…. Now!