Anonymous Senior Tepco Employee: No one knows what to do at Fukushima, it’s impossible to fix — Reactors not under control — “We just can’t deal with the melted fuel”

Published: March 10th, 2014 at 12:24 pm ET


ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Matthew Carney, Mar. 10, 2014: A nuclear industry insider has told the ABC that the situation at the stricken Fukushima reactor is still not under control […] At the risk of losing his job if his identity is revealed, a senior TEPCO staffer, who has worked at the Fukushima plant for more than 20 years, says the situation at the reactor is not under control and no-one knows how to fix the problem. […] The whistleblower says mistakes are made weekly, and contaminated water leaks into the Pacific Ocean every day. […] The insider says the damaged reactors can never be decontaminated and that people should not be moved back into the no-go zone, a 20-kilometre exclusion area around Fukushima.

Senior Tepco staffer at Fukushima Daiichi: “There are too many systems and they all have problems. For example, too many water tanks with too many lines – it’s very difficult to operate. It’s made worse because all the experienced workers have reached their radiation limits, so TEPCO has to rely on staff that don’t know the site and who aren’t trained. […] The other day when contaminated water overflowed from a tank, an alarm was ringing but they didn’t go and check. I couldn’t believe it. It was ringing for nine hours and they thought the alarm was out of order. […] I feel it is impossible to fix before my death. We just don’t have the technology to fix it. It currently doesn’t exist. We just can’t deal with the melted fuel.”

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Published: March 10th, 2014 at 12:24 pm ET


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137 comments to Anonymous Senior Tepco Employee: No one knows what to do at Fukushima, it’s impossible to fix — Reactors not under control — “We just can’t deal with the melted fuel”

  • Daisy207

    What is news about this information? ENE news has been saying this for the last three years. Its FUBAR. We just need to start accurately counting the dead and dying.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    What really happened at Fukushima is vitally important to everybody on Earth. Not just because of what happened 3 years ago but for what can be repeated … and for the nuclear blackmail we all face.

    What really happened at Fukushima can be overwhelming but many people just close their minds and see only "facts" they were told to see. Cognitive dissonance blocks thinking. Finding truth needs an open mind and healthy skepticism, the scientific way.

    The Siemens SCADA valves at Fukushima automatically opened without power. Fukushima COULD NOT overheat unless the Siemens SCADA valves were COMMANDED to close.

    Technicians in the control room at Fukushima saw no evidence of overheating.

    Stuxnet virus targets Siemens SCADA systems. Stuxnet also spoofs normal readings.

    Stuxnet was used to destroy Iran's uranium enriching arrays which are controlled with Siemens SCADA.

    Iranian technicians didn't know that the centrifuges were being destroyed. Normal was being spoofed…just like at Fukushima

    Stuxnet fits the cause, not earthquakes and tsunamis.

    A magnitude 9.0 earthquake is "devastating in areas several thousand miles across. Total destruction, Ground surface waves seen, objects thrown in the air. All constructions destroyed." – USGS. Look carefully at the tsunami videos at Sendai and note the buildings were undamaged prior to the tsunami. There was probably an earthquake, but not a 9.0. We were spoofed.

    Search terms: Fukushima MagnaBSP

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      You let accusations fly without having inside knowledge, but I think you assume too much based on a preconceived theory. You say, "Fukushima COULD NOT overheat unless the Siemens SCADA valves were COMMANDED to close." But what about broken pipes, inoperative pumps and controls the system depends on that were vulnerable to a large earthquake? You are now recanting your previous assertion that there was no earthquake, based on those videos showing undamaged structures, but it's possible those were designed to be resistant.

      I try to keep an open mind but I suspect you "whiteaglesoaring" are Jim Stone, who apparently has some kind of ax to grind and whose past religious rants (now removed from his site) I found disdainful.

    • mairs mairs

      If you know anything about earthquakes, you know that the energy is not applied with equal force everywhere. There is not a uniform level of destruction radiating outward. There are so many factors involved. In fact this earthquake caused water to shift in Scandinavian lakes, it was that powerful. I replied to a post of yours or a similar cut and pasted post awhile back, listing the affects this earthquake had around the world… observable, quantifiable effects. I won't go into them again.

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    This is pure negligence, not just lack of expertise or ineptitude. I don't believe that all of these technical problems are/were insoluble, only that Tepco and the Japanese Government have been unwilling to call for qualified help internationally and to devote the necessary resources. Arnie Gundersen made recommendations early on but he was ignored. Many good ideas have been floated here but ignored.

    The imperative of appearing to be in control when in fact they were way over their heads, demonstrates their priority to continue pursuing nuclear technology in spite of its grave threat to all life. Through this exercise in extreme futility and self delusion, the Japanese people are now doomed to live in a severely damaged environment, and the rest of the world's people will suffer enormously.

    The authorities, including the U.S. companies and agencies that designed, built, and consulted in this conflagration have lost more than "face" — in the long run, their efforts are self defeating because they will have lost all credibility. The whole world is watching, meekly and passively, but watching nonetheless.

    As more symptoms of ecocide and ill health appear and clearly point to radiation as the cause, nuclear power and weapons technology henceforth will be unacceptable. Unfortunately, it is too late for humanity to "ramp down" from the development that is underway in many countries, having passed another "tipping point" and thus assuring our demise.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You are very wise.. 🙂

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    The scientific community also is guilty of self delusion, misplaced optimism, negligence, and obfuscation of the facts. I accuse scientists above all of enabling the corporate profiteers and power-mad politicians to exploit the ultimate power of atomic fission, while knowing full well the extreme dangers inherent in its use. Not even the most grievous failures and their aftermath have convinced them to disavow their allegiance to this criminal cabal. They hide their conscience from the devastating harm they have helped to perpetrate. They accept bribes and security to remain comfortable while they ply their death-dealing trade and engage in the most cynical and evil ploys to fool the public. I CURSE THEM TO ETERNAL DAMNATION, if there is such a fate in the cosmos.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If we do not change course soon, then sadly we all will experience some form of an eternal damnation.

    Bioaccumulation… guarantees it! 🙁