ANOTHER NUKE PLANT: Fukushima Daini has 3,000 tons of radioactive water in reactor buildings

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 6:53 pm ET


Fukushima II (Not I) Nuke Plant Wants to Dump 3,000 Tons of Water into the Ocean, EX-SKF, June 7, 2011:

Did you even know that there was water in the basement of Fukushima II (“Daini”)? And that water needs to be treated to remove the radioactive materials? […]

From Japan’s TBS News  […]:

It has been revealed that TEPCO wants to release about 3,000 tons of water in the reactor buildings (and turbine buildings, according to the news clip at the site) of Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant. However, fearing the negative effect on marine products, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is strongly against the plan, making the negotiations between TEPCO and the Ministry difficult. […]

This salt water is estimated to be about 3,000 tons. Since it has been sitting in the basements for long time now, the power supply equipments in the basements may degrade. […]

TEPCO says it will remove the radioactive materials in the water to the level lower than allowed by law before releasing it into the ocean. But the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is strongly against the plan, fearing the effect on the marine products.

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 6:53 pm ET


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100 comments to ANOTHER NUKE PLANT: Fukushima Daini has 3,000 tons of radioactive water in reactor buildings

  • Nigwil

    Indeed, HOW COME the water in the basements is so radioactive that they have to treat it before they release it?

    And how come its sea water?

    If the reactors themselves were leaking then I would expect the event would trend towards Fuk 1’s condition fairly promptly.

    A more likely source is one or more spent fuel pools, since they are full of radioactive water, and probably now cracked by the earthquake, and apparently being cooled with sea water!!!!!

    3000 tonnes accumulated (unnoticed, apparently, which seems strange?) over the last 84 days works out to be 35 tonnes a day, equals about 25 litres a minute. Thats a decent leak.

    Ooh darn!

    • WhatNow

      Your speculations sound the most likely – a cracked spent fuel pool. Instead of contaminated groundwater leaking in, that could explain the contaminated water in the basements of Fuku 1 reactors 5 and 6.

      Hmmm, which is a worse nightmare scenario? More damaged spent fuel pools with all their nuclear poison just waiting to take wing. Or, containment at reactors 1-4 that’s already failed so badly that contaminated water has already moved 500 meters underground. Ahh, I think it’s a draw.

  • James2

    Hey Sarg. Just one more thing.

    This water diversion – it’s getting pretty lame.

    Be creative! use some nuke terminology. Gamma bursts or something.

    Anything so that people don’t know that the MOX fuel blew all over Fukushima prefecture and that the half life of the plutonium is about the next 500 generations of man…

    And then your handlers can keep turning nuke bombs that the public has already funded into MoX rods and then selling those rods back to the public as electricity….

    It’s the ultimate double dipping profit machine – take something the public owns, change it, and sell it back to the public again….

    Except for when the pesky thing blows sky high 6 months after you load it with the MOX – that’s a bit of a problem.

    I know – maybe you can convince the public that this whole Fuku thing is proof positive that those MOX rods are powerful… They would never question that one…It’s the truth!

  • James2

    You know,

    This conversation must be working well. Google adsense just flashed an Uncle Sam United States Marines recruiting ad to me!

  • arclight arclight

    hahaha dont ya love the internet… looks like youve put the cat amongst the pigeons james….was this the guy going on about kiddy porn or whatever a couple of days ago…if so what a wanker….were on this site so we can protect our kids….has this troll\nsa guy got any understanding of “projection” (in a psycholgical sense)…ive been fukin angry about that bullshit….keep up the good work bro…. to everyone else, sorry about the swearing…had to make a strong point..dont these fuckers realise that not only adults look at this site…wankers!

  • arclight arclight

    oh and sorry any young persons that are reading this…its usually much more serene here!! love light and peace