AP: Amount of radiation released from Fukushima is still unknown — Recent studies suggest Japan continues to significantly underestimate scale of disaster

Published: December 27th, 2011 at 6:55 pm ET


No-man’s land attests to Japan’s nuclear nightmare, AP, Dec. 27, 2011:

[…] The total amount of radiation released from the plant is still unknown, and the impact of chronic low-dose radiation exposures in and around Fukushima is a matter of scientific debate.

Recent studies also suggest Japan continues to significantly underestimate the scale of the disaster _ which could have health and safety implications far into the future.

According to a study led by Andreas Stohl the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, twice as much radioactive cesium-137 _ a cancer-causing agent _ was pumped into the atmosphere than Japan had announced, reaching 40 percent of the total from Chernobyl. The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety found 30 times more cesium-137 was released into the Pacific than the plant’s owner has acknowledged. […]

Published: December 27th, 2011 at 6:55 pm ET


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21 comments to AP: Amount of radiation released from Fukushima is still unknown — Recent studies suggest Japan continues to significantly underestimate scale of disaster

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    “According to a study led by Andreas Stohl the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, twice as much radioactive cesium-137 _ a cancer-causing agent _ was pumped into the atmosphere than Japan had announced, reaching 40 percent of the total from Chernobyl. The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety found 30 times more cesium-137 was released into the Pacific than the plant’s owner has acknowledged.”

    We should ask him who what or why did they suddenly stop sharing the info on the plume and dispersion maps? Knowing this was worse than what was being told and being accomplice to the cover up makes them as guilty as the rest of these killers that continue to perpetuate this cover up and distortion of truth.

    The question now could also be, why the continued cover up in the face of all this information that we all have long known about?

    • Destroyed Spent Fuel Pool SFP3 of Reactor Unit 3 at Fukushima Daiichi 8 May 2011



      Assume for a second, that unit 3 is GONE completely.

      Assume for a second, that the spent fuel pools are also gone..

      What is the total radiation released from this MOX FUEL reactor and spent fuel pools associated with it?

      MOX fuel is 1-2 times MORE DANGEROUS and TOXIC than uranium..

      So why is this organization focusing on cesium? Why not focus on what the real danger is?

      Why ignore the above evidence of what happened?

      This could be another case of industry insiders protecting each other.. Do not just swallow stuff because some ‘expert’ spouts it off.

      After all, we are in cold shutdown, but no one knows where the melted corium is, whether in the soil 100 feet down, how much radiation is being released daily from vent stacks or spent fuel pools, or into ‘cooling’ water…

      What does anyone know about FUKU?

      NOTHING.. it is all Bull#*#*& coming out of there. NOTHING SCIENTIFIC at all.

      There are NO radiation meters downwind.

      There are NO radiation meters on the vent stacks.

      There are NO radiation meters over the spent fuel pools.

      No data is being released as to total radiation released based on INSTRUMENT READINGS, other than UP WIND..

      Again, this is not SCIENCE.. This is all Bull##*#.


        MOX plutonium fuel used in Fukushima’s Unit 3 reactor two million times more deadly than enriched uranium

      • Kevin Kevin

        There is an official story, supported by a myriad of reports internal and external The story holds that three hydrogen explosions affected secondary containment, however most radiation was captured inside the containment vessles and the spent fuel pools when mentioned remained intact and are constanlty being cooled with a steady flow of water, resulting in little to no radiation release. The fault was not the quake or even really the tsunami but rather human error and some built in problems in the safety system redundancies, which worked but the containments captured the hydrogen versus venting it and the workers were unable to reverse that, time ran out. BOOooom.

        Since the time of the explosions every thing has stabalized and they continue to keep things. Meltdowns were denied until many months later status of the pools is a as obfuscated as the cold shutdown claims. The story can easily be found anywhere and the BBC does a remarkable piece of propoganda framed as an independent scientific analysis that simply repeats the official story and roles in any number of bold face lies. See it here:


        Remember, Britian is building is 8 new plants.

        But I have found the same narraitve everywhere which is why people look at you funny when someone starts talking anythingi outside the box.

        The focus has always and is the BBC doc, on iodien and cesium, like that is all that was released. Its right across the spectrum. This industry employs the best mind benders in the business, it was the only they were able to get the thing of the ground to begin with. Lies upon lies since day one.

        Listen to this podcast, it is exactly the same as the BBC story to the letter.

        No one has died.
        Hydrogen explosions
        Containment has been achieved
        Human Error and minor mechanical drawbacks becuase its old
        No reason to impact nuclear power
        Without it you will have to move to a cave
        Chernobyl remains the worst disaster

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer


  • dosdos dosdos

    They’re getting pretty close in guestimates. After you enter the range of exabequerels, it’s pretty much drop in the bucket after that.

  • Here’s a clue in relation to Chernobyl release !

    …Women and children actually played in the puddles of yellow rain after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl
    …The accident was originally caused by a small testing error that resulted in a chain reaction in which highly pressurized steam literally blew the top off of a nuclear reactor.

    “The result was the release of 100 more times radiation than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, according to the United Nations issue brief on Chernobyl.”

    Among the unstable elements released were iodine-131, caesium-137, strontium-90 and plutonium-239. Scientists say that exposure to such elements, especially in such high doses, impairs critical cellular functions and damages DNA.

    When these elements first reached Sergieff 20 years ago, they came in the form of yellow rain. …

    If this is so, we can figure 9 months and 3 reactors Plus SFP’s !

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    OUTNOW just posted this:

    Pubmed has a searchable data base of medical abstracts.

    Here are a few that pertain:


    Check out 1293879 and 11319049

    There are dozens of others.

    Concensus thinking is not science. If it were, blood letting would still be popular. It does work for hemachroma­tosis, however.

    The Wall Street consensus led us into the financial collapse. It is political, not scientific­.

    Inhaled particles are very important as a health risk.

    (going to bed – BAD TOOTH)

  • From video above; He found serious under reporting of radiation levels even 100km away from Fukushima. He found radioactive Cesium at 1000 times higher concentrations in places like Tokyo than the air concentration at the peak of nuclear weapons testing fallout.. This is serious fallout, but is being ignored by Japanese authorities, who are looking only at exterior dose rates, and nothing else.

    There is a very serious radioactive contamination. There was a place in Tokyo that had higher levels of radiation than in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

    Steam is coming out of Fukushima with radioactive sulfur 135. Fission is taking place. They are producing very large quantities of radiation. Releases are many times above what they are reporting officially.


    I have not seen any counts yet, that total ALL radioactive emissions from FUKU, based on realistic scenarios. NO actual data from monitoring equipment has been released yet. There are NO monitors downwind, and none on the ‘vent’ stacks.

    How much has been released?

    On site water storage tanks
    Air over ocean, all nuclear materials, not just 2 out of 100
    Japanese ground
    Groundwater under plant
    Sprayed radioactive water on forests
    Water in tanker boats, taken where????
    GAS emissions
    Dust emissions
    Nuclear explosion(s) emissions and dust from MOX fuel
    Hydrogen explosions emissions
    Emissions coming from spent fuel pools
    Radioactive releases from criticalities in spent fuel pools and/or hydrogen and/or nuclear explosions
    Emissions going up vent stacks at all reactors 1-5?
    Filter emissions filtered out of vent stack
    Ongoing emissions into air, water, see above

    NO ONE has yet even attempted to TOTAL ALL OF THE ABOVE…

    Anything less is NOT SCIENTIFIC, and that is all that has been done.. They…

    • Oh and how about the various out of control Radioactive fires that happened at various times and in several reactors, IN ADDITION TO the explosions and the invisible/out of sight melted through, up to 65 ton corium blobs in various reactor buildings?

      What do we think was burning out of control for several days in more than one reactor building? Wood chips, paper files from the office, fleas, flies, ants and crickets? … Ummmmmmmm geee.. The fires were in the same place where the reactors were.

      Just one example; Reactor #2.. Even the NRC admits that an out of control fire happened WITH SMOKE for several DAYS.. but handed out no HARD DATA, NO RADIATION MEASUREMENTS, NO ESTIMATES on the amount of reactor core burned off and released into the air.


      This was just ONE fire… One fire was white smoke… Another fire was black smoke… in another reactor.. Several reactors melted through, as opposed to Chernobyl with just ONE reactor core… Yet the media keeps reporting only 10% of Chernobyl.. Yea right… Thousands of tons of spent fuel and multiple out of control reactor cures melting through, MOX FUEL, multiple explosions, multiple out of control FIRES, and it is only a small fraction of Chernobyl? Who are they trying to kid?

      Maybe it was just TEPCO employees roasting weenies? That is the way the mass media portrays things like this, when actually it was very likely nuclear core burning and exposed to air via leaking containment, breached nuclear core, etc.

      If we can live through this potential life extinction event, and we make it a few years to possibly a many decades down the road, (assuming some pressure is applied to learn the truth) we MAY find out what really happened.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Excellent points, AGreenRoad….unfortunately, it is always most beneficial for someone like Tepco (and even the government) to underreport…

        What does it benefit them to accurately document the magnitude of their massive blunders?

        Taco is right, we need to do it ourselves; that’s the only way it will be done right. They will never tell us the truth.

    • kintaman kintaman

      Good list AGreenRoad. We can also add the following to it:
      – The incineration of radioactive waste in Tokyo and other prefectures.
      – The contaminated food being sold locally and abroad.
      – Other Japanese products that may very well be contaminated but not reported and then exported. Many companies (Canon, SONY, Honda, Alpine, etc) have manufacturing facilities in the Fukushima area. No doubt though we will soon see “Made in Japan” mislabeled as “Made in China”.

  • dosdos dosdos

    A few unrelated links that caught my eye:

    Alaskan seals ill with mystery ailment, being tested for radiation.

    10,000 free flights to Japan canceled, defeated in Diet.

    Mega-quake off Tokyo in the near future.

  • 60 million curies of radiation released from Fukushima — 50 million curies at Chernobyl


    I personally think that they are off on this too (way too low) because they are still not including all sources, and it is not up to date. They do NOT include any nuclear explosions where part of the core or spent fuel pool go up in the air, which everyone KNOWS happened. Why IGNORE this?

    The cores are FISSIONING, and have been since the start. They are NOT including this in the estimates, or am I mistaken? Since there are no monitors measuring downwind, and none on the vent stacks, no one can argue about any figures, because they are all just guesses. NO ONE KNOWS. Well, maybe the company knows but they are not releasing any data from the monitors that would give precise data, like those downwind of the plant and those up in the vent stacks, or those on airplanes or airborne radiation counters flying over after the accident.

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    Every thing is about money. If money were unlimited then maybe they would have handled this situation differently. Who will pay? Now thats the question to ask.

    “Almost all of Japan has been back to normal and ready to welcome visitors. We are sincerely looking forward to having you to see Japan with your own eyes.”

    Any takers???

  • James2

    Despite the fact that Fukushima radiation release now dwarfs Chernobyl, The fact is that Fukushima has only released less that 14% of its radiation so far.

    84% of the stored radiation is there – precariously being cooled and waiting to be released.

    I can only guess that about 2/3 more sits across town at Daini in and unknown state.

    If that additional 84% of the radiation is released – either quickly or slowly – then we are even more in trouble than we are now – because it will not only make Japan unihabitable, but it will make all the other nuclear plants inoperable, and not only inoperable – but they could not be defueled, they could not be cooled, and if they weren’t they would melt down too – each adding another extinction level dose of radiation to the environment. We could easily kill life off 100 times over with a single melt down.

    This is the dominoes that are set to fall if we have a catastrophic meltdown at a single one of these nuclear powerplants and it is the reason that no one should have the authority to make any decision but to focus 100% of the world’s attention and capability on getting this thing under control immediately. That means telling the TRUTH!!!

    • Destroyed Spent Fuel Pool SFP3 of Reactor Unit 3 at Fukushima


      NONE of the figures released include ANY nuclear core or spent fuel pool explosion..

      What do you think? Are either one of these still around? Watch the video.. Believe your own eyes..

      What is the total radiation released, if both #3 nuclear reactor blew everything inside into the air, and so did the spent fuel pool next to it?

      HOW MUCH MOX FUEL WAS RELEASED, based on this assumption based on EVIDENCE, rather than the guesses and estimates made by the nuclear industry?

  • unspokenhermit

    The amount of radiation released is unknown because government was reluctant to disclose the real scenario in and around the Nuclear plant. We believe government is still not sharing every single incident taking place inside the plant.

    I just stumbled upon this study detailing high altitude radioactive contamination from Fukushima. It uses TEPCO and MEXT emission data to develop dispersion models of the radiation. If the models are correct the concentrations of contamination at upper altitudes are orders of magnitude higher than the concentrations at near ground levels.