AP: Anonymous IAEA official says iodine-131 release appears to be continuing across Europe

Published: November 12th, 2011 at 12:25 am ET


Nuclear agency reports low, but unusual, radiation across Europe, Associated Press, November 11, 2011:

“The International Atomic Energy Agency […] said the cause [of the radiation across Europe] was not known but was not the result of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster” […]

“However, an official familiar with the matter, who asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to comment, said the release appeared to be continuing.”

“The agency said that it was investigating.” […]

Published: November 12th, 2011 at 12:25 am ET


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61 comments to AP: Anonymous IAEA official says iodine-131 release appears to be continuing across Europe

  • TraderGreg

    It means that there are radium bottles all over Europe.

  • The German

    Ha ha ha ha

  • lam335 lam335

    Why are they so confident that it is not from Fukushima? They say iodine from March would be gone, but ignore the fact that it was fissioning just a couple weeks ago. Either they are just feigning ignorance about Fuku’s most recent fissioning or they know more than they are letting on about another likely source.

    Either way, if they are trying to diminish/cover up something, why did they even make public the fact that iodine has been detected?

    • ocifferdave

      I think its from Turkey because of the earthquake. They do expirments/research with radiation at the very least.

      • 1st quake, magnitude 7.2 that occured on 23.oct. it seems. My first bet was on the recent one, but new info states that it has been ongoing for at least 14 days.

        That puts Metsamor, Armenia back in perspective.

      • radegan

        Turkey? I don’t think the wind blows that way. But if you’re going to have magic radium bottles that pop up when needed, why not magical winds? With magical winds, the trades might’ve blown backwards in March and April and that all that fallout was really from some Cheese-Eating French reactor, not Fukushima. Or maybe all those protestors – they’re drinking from old radium bottles they’ve found and peeing Iodine alongside medical cases protesting because they’ve lost their coverage.

  • Lee Binder

    so here’s what I don’t understand: there’s a multitude of measurement stations with sensors etc. across Europe. ONE of them will have detected the I-131 first, then the next one, etc., and others will have detected it hours or even a day or so later. Thanks to millions being invested into the weather monitoring system across Europe, with – let’s say – 95% of winds that blew the past few days, known, the PATH of the radiation *must* be TRACEABLE, which again means it should allow to at least roughly narrow down the DIRECTION out of which the i-131 came. Right? If not, then all these “scientists” out there are all dis-organized, and the system is dysfunctional (which apparently then it is). Once more: big sigh …

    comments please. Educate me (and the rest of the world which is wondering *why*, in this age of supposedly *everything* being monitored and traced, the technology and the people utilizing it are failing ..)

    • HamburgGeiger

      You are completely right, Lee Binder. They know exactly from where the I-131 came. But they don`t want to tell us.

      After half a year of all these lies I question every news this way: What worse are they trying to hide by telling us seemingly facts?

      Usually they only tell us what we knew for month and what now no longer can be denied.

    • jimbojamesiv

      Great comment, Lee.

      Way to use your head.

  • Lee Binder

    @ lam335: because the contamination seems to be concentrated in Europe from what I understand. If it had come from Fuku there would have first been much elevated levels in Alaska, West-Canada, US West coast, then further across the north Am continent continuing into Europe. And that did not seem to have occurred (anybody with data correct me with links to your sources).

    Naturally *any* nuke facility in Europe can leak nuke shit. However, I am of the primitive and naive opinion that then the sensors right at that station should go off.

    (yes, I am aware that I-131 needs to be lab-determined from filters)

    • lam335 lam335

      I’m not convinced that the people who operate the U.S. monitors would necessarily announce it to the public even if they did detect a spike in Iodine over the past week. After all, a report about post-Fuku radiation levels in Kansas was just released last week–seven months after the fact. That data wasn’t made available to the public in a timely way. And the EPA stopped their special monitoring back in May (that’s not to say they aren’t still monitoring internally, but they stopped sharing with the public data regarding the levels of specific isotopes detected long ago).

      This is not to deny that there are many other possible sources (even within Europe) that could be the source. I just want to emphasize that the fact that we haven’t been told (by the EPA or U.S. nuke plant operators) that there was a recent spike in iodine does not mean that there wasn’t one.

      We don’t KNOW that an iodine cloud did not cross our country last week. We only know that we have not been informed about one.

      • Lee Binder

        you’re 100% right! Thanks!

      • jec jec

        You are sooo very 200% right on non-reporting. The EPA has a vested interest in keeping US citizens in the “dark”. Too costly for the government. Just get OBAMACARE –it will cover the cancers caused by FUKU fallout, and from the other radioactive leaks from US nuclear reactors. The new use of dosemeters by the US public must really be making the EPA upset–dosmeters will be the next item to be banned in the USA..

    • radegan

      Lee – a series of high measurements was taken across the US and posted here about ten days ago – counts above 800cpm. Now our folks don’t have sophisticated equipment to test for specific isotopes but we can be sure Iodine 131 was among them and given that the fallout was following the jetstream, it’s entirely logical to believe it came from Japan where Mankind’s Great Experiment with the Open Air Reactor Complex continues.

    • Bobby1

      Another possibility for the iodine detection comes from Potrblog. The large amounts of cesium in the upper atmosphere from Fuku may have been hit by protons from the recent solar storms, which create iodine isotopes. The iodine-131 found would just be one isotope out of a whole cocktail of them.

    • jimbojamesiv

      Not necessarily, Lee,

      The winds could have kept the radiation aloft quite easily over N. America.

      I’m no expert, but I believe it’s not only common sense but accepted wisdom that where the radiation lands, no one knows, because of geography, wind, temperature and probably humidity, etc.

  • I-131 has been detected for the last 14 days!

    Experts said the origin of the radiation — which has been spreading for about two weeks — remained a mystery but could come from many possible sources ranging from medical laboratories or hospitals to nuclear submarines. ….

    Officials in Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, France, Britain, Switzerland, Poland and Norway said they had not detected any abnormal radiation levels. Romania’s watchdog said there had been no incident at the country’s sole nuclear plant.


    • ocifferdave

      i like going to your site through out the day and seeing if there is any new posts. what time do you usually post your articles?

      • Working on the page in my spare time, so can’t set an hour really, could be 2am in the morning or 4pm in the evening.

        Should have more time during the winter to organize the page and post regular updates, that will start approx 6 a.m. gmt.

        And thank you for your kind posts about radioactive.eu.com. Much appreciated!

  • Novamind

    Sounds like a new player in the Holy@#$%&* Nuke Game.

  • watcher watcher

    If the release in Fuku was larger then they are saying, (much larger, I suppose) then there would still be traces of iodine lingering about, no?

  • lam335 lam335

    What strikes me about all of these stories is that none of them indicate what sort of medium this iodine was detected in–i.e., was it detected in air, precipitation, drinking water systems, local rivers/creeks? Unless I missed it, I don’t think any of these articles make this clear. But that could be a significant clue as to its source.

  • TraderGreg

    If winds blow north from Fukushima (and they do sometimes), they can take the radioactive contamination directly to Europe via the Arctic Ocean without (almost) depositing it on the North American continent. This also would be the shortest flight route from Japan to Europe.

  • pure water

    World jet stream forecast.
    If I-131 is from Fukushima it should be transported with the jet stream and rains or snows are most likely to bring it to the ground.

  • matina matina

    The Data picked up is most propably from Drnovo NPP

    I’ve been watching this NPP in Drnovo ( in Slovenia)
    in horror since August 17th this year
    Since Fuku I’ve made it a habbit to watch everydays values that are being updated

    Drnovo has been releasing since 17th of August high amounts of I-131, CS-137, CS-134, Co-69, T Alpha Art+T Beta Art
    I’ve contacted various departments to NEVER receive an answer

    As an example the measurments for today 12th Nov ending time 12.00 are as follows (i report max values)
    Location name SIAIR Drnov
    Station Name Drnovo
    LOngtude 15.5
    Latitude 45.9

    I-131 o.oo831 Bq/m cubique
    CS-137 0.446 ”
    CS-134 0.671 ”
    CO-60 0.347 ”
    T Beta art 0.0338
    T Beta art 0.467

    This are extreemly high values and for all this months nobody ever reported anything

    Today the station in Rovanjemi has also been picking up I-131, CS-134(5.4299E-07 Bq/m cub.) CS-137 (5.23E-07 Bq/mcub)and CO-60(7,o7E-07 Bq/mcub) but in very small amounts

    All values have been taken from EURDEP site

    • pure water

      I have checked the link. Strongly possible! What are the regulators doing all this time?!

    • arclight arclight

      nice post matina

      T Beta art 0.467bq/m3 beta? really?….?? thats not good!! is it??

      • matina matina

        you are right, even more so if you add to this continous release the data that the stations in Netherlands are picking up
        I’ve been watching them and they have been measuring every day
        a continuous stream of T-Alpaha art + T Beta art that has been flowing past
        today as an example they measured at
        VREDEPEEL station T-Alpha-Art 0.301 Bq/mc and T-Beta-Art 0.321 Bq/mc
        WIJNANSRADE station ” 0.968 ” ” 0.930 ”
        take in to account that they have 12 monitoring stations and all of them are picking this up since FUKU

        so, we here are dying a little less then the people on the west coast and japan but never the less, millions of children are inhaling this


  • jec jec

    The problems with the worlds nuclear plants, as they age, must be giving the powers that be nightmares. Guess controling the media and such is a problem when people actually test for themselves or are able to get nuclear contamination results from outside their own countries. Guess the next step is for the UN to ban all countries from posting radiation problems with nuclear plants…..

  • I wonder what they are seeing in canada

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Situation update:
    Perhaps:Marcoule is worse than they let on…
    I want to know what happened to the situation of elevated radiation in airspace Pakistan.

    • arclight arclight

      hi heart found this

      Czech trade minister quits over funds scandal
      Reuters – Wed, Nov 9, 2011 6:10 PM EST
      Political elite hit by financial scandals
      Government to keep pro-nuclear stance
      By Jan Lopatka

      “PRAGUE, Nov 9 (Reuters) – Czech Industry and Trade Minister Martin Kocourek resigned on Wednesday, the latest victim of a string of financial scandals that has engulfed the country’s political elite and sparked public anger.

      Kocourek, a prominent member of Prime Minister Petr Necas’ centre-right Civic Democrats, quit after Czech media reported 16 million crowns ($854,249) had been deposited in an investment account held by his mother several years ago.”

      And this nugget

      “The Czech Republic ranks 21st among the EU’s 27 countries on a corruption index compiled by anti-graft lobby group Transparency International, measuring how people regard the extent of graft in their own country.

      The Czech secret service said in its annual report this year it had identified cases of asset-stripping by state representatives in state firms and institutions, and rigged tenders.”


      and on page 11 of this report on czech nuke safety

      “Since early 1990s, nuclear safety level has been reassessed in the form of analyses or
      evaluation within the framework of international activities. This particularly involves the
      IAEA and WANO missions as well as nuclear safety evaluation within the framework of
      accession to the European Union.”


      phew! I feel so much better knowing that the IAEA have been on the case….obviously didn’t get the memo from Czech secret service! Or were the IAEA part of the investigation too?? 🙂

      • arclight arclight

        to clarify…my posit is that the IAEA has something to hide… quite alot actually!! but t is being found!! sod you the IAEA complete bunch of crooks… couldnt deny it because criirad are still on the case!! so an admission! might have been some guilt showing there too!! maybe!!

        of course NILU has a state of the art trackinhg and monitoring…oh they are pro nuke now…password protected server…watch the elite flee europe … meeting in south africa errr now!! dont forget the private monitoring companies working with nilu have vast resources, improved equipment and shit loads of tax payers money! but a highe

        milk anyone? thinking bio accumulation here!!

  • Sickputer

    The almost identical cover story carefully written by the world nuclear cabal is the main story, not the news of the Fukushima iodine that we know is the real source. Their multiple lies are a masterpiece of disinformation worthy of the Orwell prize for Big Brother journalism.

    Their multiple theories for the dangerous radiation will be enhanced in time. The NASA reference to cosmic radiation is especially easy for the uniformed gullible public who frankly probably doesn’t give a damn about causes for the iodine cloud. I am sure as the radiation increases they will come up with even more fabrications.

    The Japanese government is taking notes… their 60-year-old radioactive radium bottle “discoveries” pales in comparison to the real spin doctor pros of the world nuclear cabal.

  • JonPol JonPol

    This is Scotland. There was a breakdown in nuclear plants.

  • charlie3

    I see that the professor quoted in the Reuters article, one Paddy Regan, a physics prof from the University of Surrey in the UK, says that the radiation can’t be from Fukushima, because that is so past tense and all over and done with – check it out:
    “It would be very unlikely for it to have come from Fukushima since the accident was so many months ago and iodine-131 has a brief half-life,” he said.
    Anyone in the UK who can call this guy and ask him if he is unaware that Fukushima is an on-going problem with continuing emissions of radioactivity?
    His university email is p.regan@surrey.ac.uk

    • gr81 gr81

      Advised p.regan@surrey.ac.uk via email, that the reactors X3 are in cold shutdown only because their cores have melted their way out and are currently MELTING their way DOWN THROUGH THE EARTH….lest he live under a rock!

    • Nigwil

      Ah but remember; the Japanese are just starting the incineration of all that irradiated waste material – millions of tonnes of it. SImply sending the concentrated radiation stuck onto flakes of hot ash high into the atmosphere is to my mind a very likely source of radiation fallout planet wide. Awful.

  • matina matina

    the data i have been following since fuku on EURDEP is the data provided for the PUBLIC
    unfortunately i can not access the PRIVATE DATA for members only!
    don’t we all wonder what that may be?
    so, i also wonder if eurdep is fanded only by taxpayers money, it probably is,so how do they justify the private data?
    and why is this thing having two gears, one for the sheep and one for the sheppheard?
    They don’t even bother hiding the fact that they have a different set of data for Private eyes only!
    anyway i was able to visit 2 of this measuring stations and get them to let me in……confronted them in a nice way with the data and asked them what they think (this guyes are family man with little children) i was really surprised that they thought that the measurments where only ‘statisticly significant’ and that they had no adverse effect on people, they really believed that………this guyes brains have been thoroughly monopolised, we can really not expect any one from the nuke industry to help us as they can not even help themselves……..BUT FIGHT WE MUST

  • arclight arclight

    “unfortunately i can not access the PRIVATE DATA for members only!
    don’t we all wonder what that may be?
    so, i also wonder if eurdep is fanded only by taxpayers money, it probably is,so how do they justify the private data?”

    BANG ON!! same for the norwegian tax payers and volunteers that supported NILU over the past 25 years.. its a slap in the face… i know that the server is now password protected for that file system… there is no media coverage in norway… the rain in norway this year has been dreadfull and 90 percent of fallout comes down as rain…hence the avatar!!

    Jeg elsker Norge, men du må våkne opp!

    • arclight arclight

      last post for the night…seemed right here!!

      from the author of norwegian wood!

      Nuclear Disaster Was of Our Own Making, Murakami Says
      Written By: Website Administrator11-10-2011

      “Novelist Haruki Murakami on Fukushima and nuclear energy use in Japan: “this time no one dropped a bomb on us… we set the stage, we committed the crime with our own hands, we are destroying our own lands, and we are destroying our own lives.”

      What Haruki Murakami said is absolutely correct, and not just of Japan. People of the world have constantly failed to speak out, failed to live within our planetary means, failed to feel an appropriate level of fear for the consequences of our collective actions, and failed to insist we end the use and production of nuclear energy and weapons. Now we have run out of time. We must speak out now or it will be pieces, not peace, we will hold forever. We have safer energy production technologies. Japan has safer energy production technologies available to them. We start using them now or risk losing everything……”



    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Arc: I wish a way could be set up where we could email individual members.

  • arclight arclight


    Operation of the beacons: situation at November 13, 2011 6:00 YOU (7h local time)

    – Operational Beacons: 6 out of 6.

    – Results of controls: no contamination was detected by the beacons of the valley of the Rhone. They are measurements taken uninterrupted and in real-time and the limit of detection is thus relatively high (about 1 Bq/m3).

    The analyses in laboratory of the filters and cartridges of the beacons allow a control much more precise (cf below)

    Note: the IAEA announced on November 11, 2011 that iodine 131 was detected on very low levels in the ambient air in Central Europe “these last days”. According to the Reuters news agency the competent services of the Czech Republic detected traces D ” iodine 131 at the end of October. Low iodine 131 levels would have been measured in north of Germany and in Hungary. The origin of this contamination is not established. The laboratory of the CRIIRAD is in reinforced vigilance.

    Recent results concerning the control of iodine 131 in the ambient air in Valley of the Rhone:

    Analyzes at the laboratory of the CRIIRAD of cartridges with activated carbon:

    Avignon (Vaucluse) (taking away of November 2, 2011), Iodine 131 < 0,3 millibecquerels per m3 Toll of Roussillon (Isere) (taking away of November 2, 2011), Iodine 131 < 0,08 millibecquerels per m3 Toll of Roussillon (Isere) (taking away of October 25 to November 2, 2011), Iodine 131 < 0,12 millibecquerels per m3 Conclusion: the results above do not reveal contamination by iodine 131 higher than the limit of detection (<) on weekly countings of samples. This does not make it possible to exclude from the contaminations on levels which would be lower than the limits of detection but makes it possible to consider that if there were presence of iodine 131 it was on extremely low levels. more here...

  • Jebus Jebus

    I think Matina is spot on on this, The Denial Machine is in full swing in the Czech Republic…

    It looks like Conan is pushing the envelope today!

    Search is on for source of mystery radiation in Europe
    Trace amounts of iodine-131 detected, could be from nuclear plant or weapon

    The uptick in radioactive iodine was first detected in late October by the Czech Republic’s Office of Nuclear Safety, and has since been measured elsewhere, the IAEA said.


    Radiation detected in Czech Republic

    …A Czech official said they were “100 per cent sure” that the iodine-131, which in high doses has been linked to cancer, had not come from any source within the country….

    Speaking anonymously to the AP, the source said tests were being carried out across the country to try to identify a source.

    Prof Malcolm Sperrin, Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, said the most likely explanation was that the iodine had escaped from patients who had undergone medical treatments which use the radiation.

    He said: “The amount or concentration of the isotope is not stated but the response of the competent authorities suggests that the risk is vanishingly small.

    “The fact that it is reported at all may be an indication of the sensitivity of the environmental measuring stations and the current interest in the aftermath of Fukushima.”


    • arclight arclight

      after finding out about the slight 🙂 amount of corruption and dodgy buisness practise in the czech repulic… i would tend to agree… given wind patterns it is plausible that it would take a few days to register on CRIIRADs monitor in avignon…the timimg is right…wonder if the secret service in that country is still doing there investigations!!
      we are missing something here though…itchy feeling!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Elevated levels of radiation detected over Europe; Iodine-131 found in atmosphere but source remains unknown
    The Czech Republic and other areas are searching for the source of an isotope generally found near nuclear plants

    Higher than normal levels of radiation have been detected in the air in several parts of Europe — but officials said they don’t believe the public is at risk.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency said in a statement Friday that “very low levels of Iodine-131” have been found in the atmosphere, the Associated Press reported.

    The radiation has been detected in the Czech Republic and in other parts of the continent.

    The IAEA said the cause of the radiation is unknown, but the increase in normal levels does not appear related to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, which showered the globe in radiation in March.

    The EPA said Iodine-131 can get into the environment after leaking from cracked fuel rods in nuclear plants. But the radioisotope will lose much of its radiation in roughly eight days.

    Ingesting it in higher doses can lead to thyroid problems.

    The AP quoted an unnamed official, who asked for anonymity, as saying that the release of radiation seems to be continuing. The IAEA said it is under investigation.

    The AP also quoted an unnamed official at the Czech State Office for Nuclear Safety, who said he was “100 percent sure” the radiation did not come from within the country.

    The Czechs have been planning to dramatically increase production of nuclear power. Currently, the country has six nuclear reactors that provide a total of 33% of the country’s electricity.


    • 33% of Czech power comes from nukes…1/3rd! And for other countries that percentage is? It’s no wonder the sheeple stay sleeping over the nuke disasters. Shut all plants down right now, we say. Sheeple: no electricity then? Shut them down … no fing way. A lightbulb vs. A dark cave … not gonna happen today.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Krško Nuclear Power Plant

    The Krško Nuclear Power Plant (Slovene: Jedrska elektrarna Krško or Nuklearna elektrarna Krško) is located in Krško, Slovenia. The plant was connected to the power grid on October 2, 1981 and went into commercial operation on January 15, 1983. It was built as a joint venture by Slovenia and Croatia which were at the time both part of Yugoslavia.

    The plant is a 2-loop Westinghouse pressurized water reactor, with a rated thermal capacity of 1,994 thermal megawatts (MWth) and 696 megawatts-electric (MWe). It runs on enriched uranium (up to 5 weight-percent 235U), fuel mass 48.7 t, with 121 fuel elements, demineralized water as the moderator, and 36 bundles of 20 control rods each made of silver, indium and cadmium alloys to regulate power. Its sister power plant is Angra I in Brazil.[1]


  • Jebus Jebus

    It seems that the Slovenian reactor had an issue in 2008 and they had a “human error” in reporting. The used a form that indicated it was just an exercise and the did not warn Croatia correctly. There was an uproar about this false reporting and I think that they are skittish to report anything now. Krsko is their only nuclear power plant.

    Croatia complains it was kept in the dark after Slovenian reactor incident, while others were told leak was an ‘exercise’

    ….Most Croatian media fixed at least part of the blame on the Croatian national electrical utility for keeping the incidents under wraps. “The national electric company HEP kept the incident secret more than three hours,” one radio broadcast reported.

    But most of Croatia’s ire came down on the SNSA.

    Krsko’s chief executive, Stane Rozman, told Slovenian radio Thursday morning that the incident was not unusual for a nuclear power plant, and that the shutdown was standard procedure, according to the Earth Times.

    He however refused to comment on the handling of the incident by the national nuclear authorities.

    The Luxembourg gathering of environmental ministers, however, are not willing to let it go at that, and focused on the confusing information that Slovenia was apparently issuing to different countries..

    “We will certainly have to ask: ‘Why did you do it?'” said German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, even though he conceded: “I prefer to have an unnecessary alert, than to have too few alerts.”