AP: Ceiling collapses at WIPP nuclear waste dump — Officials: Roof has separated — “Ground control a significant concern for all of us” — 6 other areas at risk due to ‘significant bolt loss’ — Failures are exceeding safety levels (VIDEO)

Published: January 23rd, 2015 at 2:30 pm ET


Dept. of Energy, Jan 21, 2015 (emphasis added): Roof Separation Highlights Bolting Priority — January 15 [we] discovered that a portion of the ceiling in the Panel 3 access drift had fallen… The roof fall… was estimated to be approximately 8’ long by 8’wide and 24” thick… no WIPP personnel were present at the time of the fall. The area where the fall occurred is also known to contain low levels of radioactive contamination… WIPP geotechnical inspections conducted in November 2014 identified seven areas… where access was restricted due to significant bolt loss… The area where the roof fall occurred was one of the seven locations…

AP, Jan 22, 2015: Ceiling Collapse At WIPP… ceiling at the federal government’s underground nuclear waste repository in southern New Mexico has collapsed. The U.S. Energy Department’s Carlsbad Field Office… announced the finding Wednesday, saying it highlighted the need for workers to continue with roof bolting operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

Carlsbad Current Argus, Jan 22, 2015: WIPP discovers fallen roof… “The roof had already fallen before the geotechnical staff found it,” said Tim Runyon, WIPP recovery communications manager. The fallen piece of ceiling was found in the Panel 3 access drift… Runyon said that problems in the restricted areas of the underground were anticipated… According to the news release, during these inspections, seven areas in the underground were identified as restricted areas due to significant bolt loss… Jim Blankenhorn said at the January town hall that crews have removed over 300 damaged bolts… WIPP officials have stated that bolting is a priority in the recovery process to ensure safety in the underground.

Jim Blankenhorn, Nuclear Waste Partnership – URS, Jan 8, 2015: As many of you know, ground control has been a significant concern for all of us, in that we all realize that the mine itself is going to continue to creep with the pressures on the salt depositsnot bolting for a period of time potentially raises some concerns. We’ve been working pretty aggressively… As part of ongoing inspections of the ground conditions… they’ve identified some of the – not the backs… but the ribs, the actual sides of these driftswe had one specific area that had a large section the was starting to come separate from the wall itself… so that was about a 200 foot area that we put new bolts in… We reported earlier that the areas right outside of panel 6 had lost a number of bolts and we needed to do bolting in that area… We’ve looked at all of the areas of the underground and the areas that are highlighted in orange are areas where we’ve seen a sufficient of bolts fail… we’re making these areas a priority… when we look at the safety tables that we have, the number of bolts per linear foot has started to exceed the tables in terms of our safety measures.

Watch Blankenhorn’s presentation (at 22:00 in)

Published: January 23rd, 2015 at 2:30 pm ET


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457 comments to AP: Ceiling collapses at WIPP nuclear waste dump — Officials: Roof has separated — “Ground control a significant concern for all of us” — 6 other areas at risk due to ‘significant bolt loss’ — Failures are exceeding safety levels (VIDEO)

  • rogerthat

    Federal agencies reach agreement on Parks nuke dump cleanup

    By Mary Ann Thomas
    Friday, Jan. 23, 2015,


    Corps advises to haul radioactive waste out of Parks Township dump

    … While the Corps has continually assured the public that the cleanup was safe, there was a near dangerous nuclear chain reaction when, according to the Corps, a contractor mishandled some waste in 2011.
    Plus, the Corps refuses to tell the public what it is digging up…

    Read more: http://triblive.com/neighborhoods/yourallekiskivalley/yourallekiskivalleymore/7628345-74/corps-dump-waste#ixzz3Plku6G1F
    Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

  • rogerthat


    The Exelon-Pepco merger: Big, nuke-heavy utility looking for new ratepayers to fleece

    By David Roberts 23 Jan 2015

    Get ready, people. We’re about to make utility mergers sexy!

    The short version: Exelon is a big, crappy utility company that’s in trouble because it’s saddled with a bunch of uneconomic nuclear plants. It wants to buy Pepco, a smaller, better utility, so Pepco’s ratepayers can help pay for those uneconomic nuclear plants. Ratepayers and activists in Pepco’s service territory — especially Washington, D.C. — rightly see this as a bad deal. Exelon has argued otherwise, but now a new independent think-tank report has pretty much destroyed the company’s case.

    The long version: … hey, where are you going? Get back here. This is a hot political story, with scrappy grassroots activists fighting a corporate deal everyone said was invevitable! Also there are important lessons about contemporary electricity markets embedded in here. So stay with me. It’ll change the way you think about utility mergers! …

  • rogerthat


    January 24, 2015
    Promising nuclear waste cleanup stalls at Hanford
    Annette Cary Tri-City Herald

    – snafu

  • rogerthat


    Editorial: A bellwether VA moment
    January 23, 2015
    Bob McDonald must turn around the VA.

    New Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald has the Herculean task of trying to right his scandal-plagued department, a mighty challenge forcefully defied by institutional resistance to change and a bureaucratic belief that its core mission is to serve the best interests of the government rather than those of the men and women who served the country in uniform.

    VA's latest success in embarrassing itself involves the Air Force's fleet of C-123 aircraft that sprayed the toxic defoliant Agent Orange on the jungles of Southeast Asia in the Vietnam War.

    After the war, the planes were scrubbed down and kept in service, with 1,500 to 2,100 troops flying on them before they were retired for good in 1982. Many of those troops are now sick with cancer and other illnesses that they've long claimed were caused by toxic residue lingering in those C-123 airframes.

    That charge was backed up in 2012 in a government report. In customary fashion, VA's response was complete denial. Now, a new scientific review has come to the same conclusion as the earlier report — "with confidence."

    It's the latest in decades of VA health controversies: depleted uranium, burn pits, tainted anthrax vaccine, and more. …

    • rogerthat

      In the pointed words of Rick Weidman of Vietnam Veterans of America, VA's standard approach to veterans' environmental health issues is "delay, deny, wait 'til they die."

      McDonald somehow must turn around this massive, calcified outfit that still lacks vision, accountability, and, most importantly, trust among many of the veterans it was created to serve.

      VA officials promise to respond to the newest C-123 report. That response will go a long way toward determining whether McDonald can effect the changes so badly overdue at VA.

  • rogerthat


    Forum: Depleted uranium continues to kill

    Jan. 23, 2015

    Ten years ago, on Jan. 19, 2005, my son left for boot camp at Fort Sill, Okla. Eight months later, he was deployed on his first tour to Iraq.

    He served two tours. Every night that he was there, I had to take medication in order to sleep. If I didn’t, I would lie awake worried and imagining that Aaron would be shot, hit by an IED, or be involved in a Humvee accident.

    It never crossed my mind that he was slowly being poisoned to death by his own country, but that’s what was happening. Daily exposure to depleted uranium (DU) caused a rare cancer that eventually killed him in 2011.

    Since his death, I have learned of thousands of deaths caused by DU, both to our own servicemen and women and countless Iraqi citizens. It also causes horrific birth defects.

    Our government has known of the dangers of DU since before the first Gulf War, but just as with Agent Orange, has continued its use. We know how well that worked.

    The U.S. also refuses to sign the United Nations treaty that requires banning DU, along with an investigation of the damage it has done.

    In Indiana, the Jefferson Proving Ground is covered with 160,000 pounds of DU, leaving local citizens at risk. The Army does not want to clean up this site because it is too dangerous. The VA even admitted that DU caused my son’s death. …

    • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

      They used du rounds to assault earthen masonry buildings and light vehichles. Essentially waging war on peasants. This is monstrous insanity. How do we stop this wickedness? Congress simply does not give a shiite. They won't rock the boat and risk losing their places on the gravy train. It is a dismal state of affairs we fing ourselves in.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        I saw a video of an 'insurgent' on a road in Iraq, a frame caught three rounds coming down on each side about shoulder to waist, when the smoke and dust cleared there was nothing left of him to see. 🙁

  • rogerthat

    I have written many letters to our elected officials, hoping that someone would introduce a bill to care for our veterans. I have written many letters to newspapers hoping to spread the word of what our veterans were exposed to. How many more must die?

    My son should have been 30 on Feb. 9. Happy Birthday, Aaron. Love, Mom
    Kimberley J. Schisler

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Why all war should be banned worldwide..end it, just like all Nuclear!

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Amen, brother ben! War…huh..Good God. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing…except enriching a handful of psychopaths. It is good for that. Fomenting narcissistic rage, I guess it's good for that. Creates jobs for doctors and the drugs…we need to find a cleaner, kinder way to run the economy, imho. I know, instead of killing and impoverishing people, we tried to make them happy and less blowed up…

  • patty from oregon

    I had a friend who was drafted and sent to Vietnam…he came home a few months later and told me with a big smile on his face that he was allergic to Vietnam! He had gotten a rash all over his body … he was so happy to be out of the service but I doubt he had any idea of what was going to happen to him. He was a good looking 18 year old with beautiful blue eyes and a wonderful smile. It makes me cry.

    • West Aussie West Aussie

      It's a pattern of abuse, patty from oregon, that has been recycled throughout history, as far as I can see.
      We are treated as cattle being herded through particular gates that we can't see until it's too late.
      I feel for your friend. What happened to him?

  • patty from oregon

    I don't know what happened to that young man West Aussie but I'm sure agent orange did a number on him like so many other veterans. I lost touch with him when I fell in love and moved from N.Y to Oregon in 1973.
    You are so right about not finding out about the abuses done to us until it is too late…that is what is happening to all of us, each and everyday with nuclear chemical and environmental toxins.
    The good news today is the sun is out and I'm happy to see it.
    Good day to you West Aussie.

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    I knew an Australian Vietnam Vet and he died of an aggressive brain tumor about 25yrs ago. Crazy guy but fun to be around. Fuck, I hate war. Won't participate. It's just ritual slaughter. Someone, sitting in a comfortable chair behind a large, safe, desk makes those decisions. Let them duke it out. But of course, this 'war on terror' is really just the latest development in their psy-ops to convince the 'western world' (read coalition of Nazionist controlled governments) to go to war AGAIN in the ME.
    Those people must be insane…….I was going to continue, but I think I'll just stop there! Cheers from Perth, pfo!

  • Gasser Gasser

    Top Ten WIPP Bolt questions

    10. What are the bolt size and length
    9. How are the bolts driven in the salt
    8. What material are the bolts made of
    7. How deeply in do the bolts penetrate
    6. How are the bolts held in secure place
    5. At what foot pounds are they torqued to
    4. How big a section does 'one' bolt support
    3. How big is the bolts backup plate or washer
    2. What is the bolts Rockwell hardness number
    1. How long will bolts withstand the Wigner effect

  • rogerthat

    This appears to take this story a lot further:


    Roof Fall in WIPP; Problems Just Beginning: This is What Happens When you put Waste in Salt! And, this is Nuclear Waste!

  • patty from oregon

    Thanks rogerthat for the link on WIPP. After reading about the latest mess at WIPP with the salt roof cave in, I followed the link to the Bayou Corne sinkhole debacle.Looks like there will be an additional sinkholes thanks to the exceptional work done there. Apparently they also forgot to tell the employees at the site and the local residents about the radioactive sludge that is in this "yuck".
    Governor Jindal must be planning on throwing his hat in for 2016 race since he is finally going to the area to meet with officials… but has no time to meet with the victims of this fiasco…. way to go Bobby.

  • 10 to one odds NESS arguing with Anne, and trying to confuse everyone that Fukushima was NOT a nuclear explosion of the prompt moderated criticality type……

    is a troll.

    Argonne National Labs proved and filmed how even just a uranium fueled reactor can go prompt critical.

    In reality, it is a runaway heat event which creates an extremely exciting steam "explosion"

    Anyone want the bet?

  • This is a ridiculous statement, from ness

    This cannot happen because fuel isn't packed like a bomb. Such a bomb needs devious tricks to explode because Pu and U do not explode when going critical unless you go out of your way to make it detonate. Instead, Pu an U will BREED. In a self sustained reaction. That never stops. Which is far worse imo.

    Oh yeah….the bomb that never stops.

    Lie spotter on the job, don't be taken in

  • weeman

    Ness I do enjoy your posts and have opened my mind to many new avenues of understanding,
    I do hope you continue to post and enlighten the masses, it is your duty.

  • bowling

    Here is a link about criticality accidents

    Weeman and ness are trolls and shills that accompanied socref

    • weeman

      No I am a Hobbit, not tall enough to be a troll, sorry.

    • Ness Ness

      Though your link says exactly what i say, Bowling. Thanks for the back up. And read that link? "Though dangerous and frequently lethal to humans within the immediate area, the critical mass formed is still incapable of producing a nuclear detonation of the type seen in fission bombs, as the reaction lacks the many engineering elements that are necessary to induce explosive supercriticality. " Now isn't that exactly what i am saying all the time?

  • Mincing words?

    "With the exception of research and experimental reactors, only a small number of reactor accidents are thought to have achieved prompt criticality, for example Chernobyl #4, the U.S. Army's SL-1, and Soviet submarine K-431. In all these examples the uncontrolled surge in power was sufficient to cause an explosion that destroyed each reactor and released radioactive fission products into the atmosphere."

    Add Fukushima to this mix…

    Call it a nuclear explosion if you want, because if neutrons and fuel escapes containment, you have a GLOBAL FUBAR

    And 100 TONS of nuclear anything coming out of containment is not chicken feed, or steam, or hydrogen.

    • Ness, how many nuclear bombs worth of fuel material were ejected out of #3?

      And how does that compare to the amount of nuclear fuel material in a nuclear bomb, such as

      The Hiroshima bomb contained 64 kg (141 lb) of enriched uranium.

      How many nuclear bombs worth of radioactive material are in an average nuclear reactor?

    • Hiroshima nuclear bomb;

      "Less than a kilogram of Uranium underwent nuclear fission, and of this mass only 0.6 g (0.021 oz) was transformed into a different type of energy, initially kinetic energy, then heat and radiation.[21]"

      Ness, are you saying that the explosion from #3 did not have any nuclear fission going on, from all of the TONS of fission materials that were going out of control inside of the reactor, including plutonium, uranium, etc?

      • Ness Ness

        Oh there was fission going on for sure because the pools were dry. Probably a melting down of the rods as well. But fission is a very weird process. It's a chain reaction, a fusion/fission reaction. Meaning the elements inside the rods morph from Pu to U and back again and every step produces heat. That heat will cause the cladding (zirconium) to react and produce enormous amounts of hydrogen. This in itself won't affect the chain reaction at all.

        238U picks up an alpha and transforms into 242Pu. When that Pu gets hit the right way it releases the alpha and the result is 238U. This stuff has no REASON to detonate but it has every reason to keep on chain reacting provided there are enough neutrons flying around. You can give it a reason to detonate but as i said before, that takes some devious tricks. Not saying what. That would come down to teaching everybody how to make a bomb, you see.

        • Ness Ness

          There are more reactions possible; an element that picks up a particle, neutron, elektron, whatever, actually morphs into another substance. And by decaying it morphs again. There are numerous chains of reactions and a lot of them happen inside reactors. The examples i give are the simple ones.

        • Please let us respect differences in understanding without calling one another trolls. We can debate civilly by pointing out assumptions and testing evidence and warrants.

          It makes perfect sense that the melted fuel is now having sub-critical chains that aren't capable of producing explosive force, but release considerable heat. That is why atmospheric emissions are so visible during cold rains. TEPCO has essentially admitted to this, especially when they announce nitrogen injections (usually unit 2).

          Here is my question: are the sub-critical chains that are occurring in the melted fuel producing the rising TRITIUM levels?

          The rising STRONTIUM levels measured in fresh water at the site are probably deriving from dissolution of the melted fuel, too much of which is in direct contact with water running under the site.

          But since tritium is a gas it seems to me that rising levels must indicate ongoing production. Is that correct?

          • Ness Ness

            The tritium is produced by the splitting of water; tritium is 3hydrogen. http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/001.3/index.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tritium

            The melted fuel is fully critical and even super critical; it cannot explode for reasons i've already described. It is simply not explosive material. It can be MADE to explode, forced to, but chain reactions will continue without the coriums exploding.

            • Ness Ness

              Tritium production is a result of reactions with water that comes into contact with the coriums. But matter from the corium isn't used. The water molecules are split by a bombardment of neutrons from the core. These coriums will 'rpoduce' tritium in this way forever if the coriums aren't stopped in some way. Moderating them will do no good either. Moderation cannot stop the reaction only slow it down a bit; the only way to stop the reaction is to physically PART or divvy up the mass.

            • Tritium is not produced by the "splitting" of water

              Tritium is technically a gas by itself, 3H2, Just like hydrogen gas is going to be H2. Tritiated water is produced by normal water H2O being activated by a loose neutron with that neutron being captured by one of the H atoms. It is then called T2O or HTO

              As a gas T2 would normally float up and away, and not be a harm to most folks, so its the tritiated water that is the real problem.

              It is physically indistinguishable from water for all intents and purposes. It can exist as liquid water or water vapor, or ice for that matter. It won't stay in your body though, so if you stop the exposure, it will leave over time like all water does, 7 to 28 is a good enough rule of thumb

              IN a non critical blob of corium, there will be Alpha, Beta, Gamma from the various radio-isotopes and yes there will be some neutrons generated. In the rigth configuration areas of the corium could "go critical" and sometime, such as during earthquake, this appeared to clearly happen. So nearby water can become tritiated water, just from normal U235 decay, it doesn't need a full on criticality

              TEPCO reportings are just so whacked out that it is hard to determine just what they mean, however under the nukepro TM Shake and Bake we do believe there have been instances fission criticalities.

              • Ness Ness

                " Tritiated water is produced by normal water H2O being activated by a loose neutron with that neutron being captured by one of the H atoms."

                Well here we agree. That is what i said using other words. "Some neutrons" is quite an understatement though. If you bombard water with neutrons, tritium is what you get, and it will form an unbreakable bond behaving like a watermolecule.

                These bonds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borromean_rings

                A while ago i've said something on the subject in a convo with Angela. But the correct word to use is 3H. It is super heavy hydrogen and poisonous in any form, gas or liquid.

                • Ness Ness

                  Very very poisonous. The bond forms with 2 tritium atoms instead of normal H atoms and 1 oxygen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tritiated_water

                  • I certainly wouldn't call it very very poisonous, certainly cesium and strontium are much worse.

                    As a gas it is of minor concern…how much hydrogen in air do you think stays in your lungs, almost zero, same with tritium

                    So you are greatly exaggerating, not sure why. Doom porn?

                    In water vapor form or water it is 15000 times worse than "almost zero", with a bio half life around 10 days, more in cold climes.

                    And not to mince words but I wouldn't use the term poisonous, I prefer to separate poisonous for a chemical reaction like heavy metals, and radioactively dangerous for items that are hazardous due to the alpha beta or gamma emitted.

                    I think "very very poisonous" is just wrong. It is a weak beta emitter.

                    And no, what I said is not what you said….you said that it was "from the splitting of water" which makes no sense no matter how one looks at it, and could really diseducate someone who was listening to your "teachings"

                    We all don't have to be perfect, but to pretend that you are in expert in a matter your are clearly wrong in, is a diservice to this site and the people who use it.

                    you may have good intention, but it's more than just the thought that counts.

    • Angela_R

      The most eye catching statement I read in the above exchange was this:

      "A criticality is a CHAIN REACTION and it produces enormous heat. And it gives not a sh1t about this heat but simply breeds on and on and on. Which is much more dangerous than anyone here can imagine because it NEVER STOPS."

      I will repeat the last sentence : ""Which is much more dangerous than anyone here can imagine because it NEVER STOPS."

      If Ness's belief, cited @ 10.33pm, is correct – Why is it being missed?

      • Ness Ness

        Guess… The rats did not expect 3!! *China syndroms*. They have been keeping a lot of knowledge from the public. A 'China syndrom' is a wild breeder.

      • Angela, that one did catch my eye also.

        for a different reason. it is an obvious lie

        Of course all processes will "stop"

        I think it is an attempt to incite a higher level of "its all over", learned helplessness

        Per Ness response "Their nature is to breed, 'prosper' and grow."

        No, coriums will not "grow" nor will they "prosper" will is just a silly word, and based on prior Ness assertion of forever….he is trying to create the illusion of a never ending process of a growing corium.

        I don't know the endgame of this type of misdirection.
        Coriums will decay as their radioactive isotopes half life away….coriums will also dissolve into the river waters that bathe them, they will have an outer crusty shell that will insulate and protect against water contact, but this will not be perfect either and especially earthquake events will jostle them and break them open. Coriums will cool down over years, as their shortest half-life components release their energy and halflife away.

        • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

          Well I'm the least knowledgeable of any of you but lots of heat melting metals into liquids then exposing those melted metals with a very violent explosion sending molten (and a shitload of solid) chunks droplets everything not including the twisted mass of whats left of the I-beams, it looks really bad to me no matter how you slice it! Lots of shitium flew the coup!

        • I call it "Despair porn". It's better than Kryptonite.

        • Ness Ness

          I am pleased to see i made it to the beforeitsnews site lol

          "Coriums will decay as their radioactive isotopes half life away….coriums will also dissolve into the river waters that bathe them, they will have an outer crusty shell that will insulate and protect against water contact, but this will not be perfect either and especially earthquake events will jostle them and break them open. Coriums will cool down over years, as their shortest half-life components release their energy and halflife away." <– that is not what is happening at Fukushima at all. These things decay and fuse, decay and fuse, in an endless cycle and they cannot be 'flushed out' because they are incredibly heavy. They breed more fissile material over the years, and are capable of turning matter that is heavy enough, like iron, lead and such, into fissile material too. Plenty of neutrons to go around.

          • Wow NESS you found that really fast, same as socref found his troll article on beforeitsnews within hours. I remember these things.

            Heh, if you are in Dutch-land, why did you go to bed at 12:30 PM CST last night?

            • Ness Ness

              I found that site by googling the quote. I am surprised you do not know the trick. Takes about 3 seconds. I stayed up all night because to talk to Americans i need to go on night shift.

              • Just curious why you thought to google the title?

                socref knew how to google a title, he threatened me with legal action if I did not make a third party retract their article, lol

                • weeman

                  My guess academic trick of the trade?

                  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                    No trick at all, my friend.

                    February 20, 2014 at 8:33 pm · Reply
                    Makes me mad when I read this tripe, you tell me that was not coached all the articles are like clones.
                    They don't have a clue, no cameras down in the mine? why the delay on report, it is already late by standards, they know more than they are letting on, but not the extent, in my humble position.
                    It's like a old episode of hogans heros, I know nothing, not to be believed.

                    We've been covering this a long time.
                    I thought a year or 5 might fix this thing.
                    I think never is a better estimate.

              • Ness Ness

                I googled that QUOTE because no link was given and i was curious about the author. I don't know anyone with a nick socref so plz do not involve me in your problems with that person. Is it forbidden knowledge to google a quote??

                • Really, I didnt see that as a quote anywhere here, only a title at nukepro.

                  Did I post more than I thought I did here?

                  OK I am done for the day, got solar to do

              • Ness Ness

                "Coriums will decay as their radioactive isotopes half life away….coriums will also dissolve into the river waters that bathe them, they will have an outer crusty shell that will insulate and protect against water contact, but this will not be perfect either and especially earthquake events will jostle them and break them open. Coriums will cool down over years, as their shortest half-life components release their energy and halflife away." <– this quote. It is nonsense. As the half life of uranium 238 proves: 4.5 billion years. I've debunked that quote in this same thread somewhere and i am not going to repeat myself. And now i am afk.

          • weeman

            Me to a publicly schooled individual, I've never been published before, that's a first for me, it's lonely in left field.

  • bowling

    and obviously ness all of the nuclear material did not go critical. so stop with the obfuscations and lies shill. shill ne gone

  • stock here….i can be wrong, but I have never been wrong in identifying a troll

    I state that Ness is a troll

    stock out

    • Angela_R

      Ness has given some very pertinent facts, even though some might disagree, is the right of debate. Drowning the debate is what I would term a troll.

      • @Angela, If I am wrong this will be the first time, and I will admit it. Time will tell.

        I have over 5000 hours of training in nuclear and radiation matters, so when the BS starts flowing, I know it for a fact.

      • weeman

        I second that motion, I am not afraid to debate them or think for one minute WE can not hold our own, yes we may need to concede some points or add a variable to the discussion.

    • Sam Sam

      My dog too has a good nose and is suspect of Ness.
      Tells me Ness comes across with "impressionable"
      nuclear technical knowledge that appears to be
      credible and convincing but with further analysis
      is designed to create doubt and lead one to
      dispute the facts of Fukushima. The Socref
      crowd wants to deny that Unit 3 spread Mox
      around the world, that nuclear plants are not
      nuclear bombs. She is drowning the debate
      with technical misdirection. Comes across as
      authoritative, authoritarian and stern.
      Ness is a heavyweight formidable TROLL.
      My dog won't go near.

      • "drowning the debate with technical misdirection"

        well said Sam

        yes, the nuke cartels biggest fear is exposing MOX for what it is. It is their hope to get rid of the spent fuel which we wallow in. Yet its failures in all of the attempts at MOX processing plants are astounding, tens of billions wasted on a lousy plan.

        They look at MOX as the savior of their precious, in fact it also serves as the end of their cartel, their power privilege, ego, hubris and large incomes.

        Expose MOX for what it is, joust on fellow warriors exposing truth.

    • ISPC

      Yes. stock. TY. Obvious Troll. Peace

  • Ness Ness

    I can be wrong too, but i'd never expected such ignorance in people who have been truly concerned about Fukushima for years. Do not take this the wrong way, but has no one EVER taught ANYTHING about the subject in ANY thread???? This knowledge does not come easy, it has to be explained. But at least someone must have explained a simple chain reaction (??) The difference between fissioning and fires?? The way nuclear science is related to quantum mechanics??

    • Ness Ness

      K well then let me explain about fission and fusion. Usually fusion is understood as a coming together of 2 different elements that produce a 3rd element and this clash produces energy. And fission is shooting a neutron into the core of an atom so it splits up in 2 different elements.

      This also produces energy. But a chain reaction is a fission/fusion event, not of 2 different elements but of one element grabbing hold of a small fragment, and morphing into a new element. These new elements are unstable so they will release that fragment or another one by decay, almost instantly, all the while producing energy.

      Some elements are shot to smithereens and will not partake in the reaction anymore but they keep releasing neutrons and elektrons and protons and more. And because it all happens inside one rod all that stuff keeps flying around, and each hit releases energy and each partial fusion too, and if for some reason energy is needed, there is plenty around.

      Some split halves fuse again and form the original element. In the end, a fuel rod is 'spent' when it contains too many byproducts, but that does not mean all the uranium and/or plutonium is gone, on the contrary. The rod just doesn't produce enough energy to boil water anymore.

      So there's plenty left but it is of the wrong type, not 'fissionable' anymore (but very radio-active), wrong spin, wrong parity after so many collissions. A load of fuel can spent years inside a reactor before it is exhausted in…

    • No put downs needed.. just teach if you have something to share that you see lacking.

      This group represents the cutting edge on the citizen scientist side.

      No one here is perfect and there is always some disagreement. That is the nature of humanity, correct?

      • Ness Ness

        It wasn't meant as a put down. No one knows everything; i am adding the science i am good at, maths, structures, abstract ideas, QM. It just amazes me that people are not just NOT informed but MISinformed. Nuclear plants are not bombs and when they get hit by a bomb the cores will not detonate for any reason i can see. They will melt down, together with the spent fuel, which is much more dangerous as Fukushima proves.

        • Sam Sam

          In layman's terms; Melt downs, melt throughs are not innocuous
          messy melted cheese sandwiches. Whether it is a nuclear detonation
          or a melt through or melt out does not matter; there will be
          fucking radiation spewing everywhere whether by air and
          water currents and land deposition. Close all Nuclear Down
          Now. Nuclear Plants Can Go Critical! KaBoom like Unit 3.

  • Ness Ness

    this way. Now i'm off to bed.

  • bo bo

    I'm staying out of the unit 3 discussion since I don't quite comprehend it – which shows my inferior comprehension skill compared to you heavy hitters so perhaps I am not fit to even comment on the following.. but.. with respect Stock & Dr. G.. I thought I learned a lot from Ness on the Zaporizhia thread .. and actually.. on that Zaporizhia  thread 'Praise the Truth' ( anne / VanneV) was the one who acted strange, insisting on protecting Westinghouse from liability at every turn of the discussion.. ( continued )

    • bo bo

      This curious behaviour stood out to me because in the past 3 years ( the duration I've been on enenews) I also had noted how she often defends GE: I fought tooth & nail against VanneV ( now called Praise the Truth ) on the USS Ronald Reagan thread when she kept insisting GE has no blame in Fukushima Daiichi's reactor design, and should be left OUT of the list of the lawsuit by the sailors. She was curiously very passionate about PROTECTING GE from blame, bending over backwards to prove their innocence regarding Fukushima..

      • bo bo

        In the end I was able to point out how she was ( knowingly or unknowingly ) misquoting a link she provided, and proved GE's liability on that thread.

        Few months after that, the good news that the Reagan sailors added GE into the lawsuit by the sailors (!) was reported on enenews. VanneV ( Praise the Truth) commented 'Thank you, enenews members, for your tireless research in making this happen.'  I almost wanted to say then: 'And thank you, VanneV for tirelessly working to protect GE from lawsuits by subtly misinforming people every day on enenews under the holy guise of being antinuclear'

        Oh well.. I said it now 🙁

      • bo, Anne is not perfect, but is not a troll. If she is wrong on something, it is not an intentional wish to mislead. I feel 99.985% correct on that

  • Why does anyone believe that Ness is a she?

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    How about an it?

    • I don't think this one is a bot, although I did note a few repeated intentional spelling errors….not typos

      • weeman

        You don't think,, as with every new theory on any subject, it is hard to change the preconceived concept held by the scientific community?
        The good people on this site, do a exceptional job of bringing the perils of nuclear to light, I prefer to try and find answers to the state of corium and how we can mitigate or reverse the situation, you can complain about spilt milk, rightfully so, I prefer to find away of preventing the milk from spilling in the first place and or how we can soak up that milk without cutting yourself on glass and dying from infection?
        I am a publicly schooled individual with a inquiring mind, nothing more and my spelling that another story.
        I am not always right, but will keep a open mind and you should to, it may lead you down paths you had not considered before.
        Waiting on cruxifiction from you all for crimes against the collective, I am thick skinned but keep it clean, thx.
        I am on your side, forgive me if I am in left field.

        • my comment is strictly about the Ness
          I believe you to be in the clear and a long time contributor

        • Sam Sam

          What IF there is no mitigation nor reversal?
          What if nuclear is the end game for humanity
          here on Earth. In the mean time do we
          entertain false hope and pray or be
          bloodly realistic and come to terms with
          and find a way to live out our lives with
          meaning, love and kindness.

          I would like to believe in Saviors but
          often times it is a false promise

          It is true that the human spirit
          should never give up the quest
          for answers.

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Anybody wanna stick their head in there and take a look? I don't think so! Whats still in could be determined on what is out. Right? All we have on that is theories, estimates etc. Real accurate measurements of the earths atmosphere and surface and water bodies from maybe a satellite or two or three! They have the instruments up there don't they? Is this something that anyone can prove me wrong on? Common instruments am i not correct? They read gamma coming from distant galaxies, don't they? I can dig up articles on this am I wrong?

  • another noted attribute of the type of sociopaths /pychopaths that not just occupy the nuclear cartel, but go out of their way to come here and lie and try to misdirect and confuse….is that they don't even have the empathy to understand the importance of someones name and how it is spelt.

    is there a single real person here who doesn't realize that i humbly spell my name with a small s "stock"

    Trolls often assume, in the ego and hubris world, that one must make themselves more important and use Capitals…nothing wrong with capitals, but to see trolls consistently morph my name into Stock is telling in a way.

    stock out

  • olddays

    Ness is a troll or an Arto Lauri type.

    Arto was outed as crazy years before Fuku.
    Sure, he's antinuke and even a broken clock is right twice a day, but he spouts pseudoscientific gibberish and fools the gullible, such as some here.

    Ness is juvenile-minded, supremely egotistic, and spouts scifi genre woo-woo pseudoscience along with some fact.
    My vote goes to male and `troll`.

    And weeman has been here a long time, asking pertinent questions and being open-minded but never exhibiting troll or shill behaviour.

    I was reading here when there were no comments on the threads.
    MVB`s recent comment about persistent longtime disruption was accurate.

  • Sam Sam

    My Dog has a great Nose.
    He is onto the scent and will
    tell in layman's language
    what he picks up.
    No bullshit for him.

  • Ness Ness

    I'd like to point out one thing to everyone: i am not answering silly accusations, i'm here to share knowledge; but all this BS about trolls is keeping people from commenting on that knowledge, discussing it and asking questions. Whining about trolls is totally off topic and does not get anyone anywhere. It does not lead to an understanding of what is happening at Fukushima. So i will simply continue my uhm lectures; i was talking about fuel rods and why after some time they are called 'spent'. I will pick up on that shortly, after a break.

    • ness, could you refresh and elaborate on your statements that the coriums will "grow and prosper forever"

    • Sam Sam


      Spent Fuel rods still have radioactivity in them.
      they have zirconium cladding that can catch on
      fire if cooling water is not there. case closed.
      Spent Fuel Rods is Nuclear Waste that can
      never be safely stored nor de-activated.

      no need for fancy lecture. Thanks Prof.
      My dog just got a treat for simplicity.

  • Ness had this to say to Anne

    January 13, 2015 at 1:51 pm · Reply

    The link works and you are a troll, Praising the lie, accusing another troll – this duff character – of trolling so together you can spoil the site. That info is from 2011, and the PDF clearly states Zapa is planning to use Westinghouse fuel. The second link you give – https://db.tt/IT7KIYVe – is the SAME PDF with the date removed. Shoo! And take your global warming BS with you.

  • Bo what is Ness' website or blog, i couldn't find it

  • Sam Sam

    The Dogs are on the Hunt
    Golden Retriever and German Shepherds
    Loyal and Honest.

  • Heh all, when did Ness first show up? I saw a comment around Jan 13 just when Duff was reaching new heights of insults and just before I put in a serious push for troll-be-gone.

    The Ness says it is here to teach and lecture to us, but also says it only knows math and some Quantum mechanics, and it says it knows nothing practical. I won't argue with every point it makes, lol.

    But funny if Ness shows up just as Duff is cruising for a banning….

    • bo bo

      Please study this thread from page 1 through 3, this is when she first appeared. Duff kept on bothering us then, but I was able to have a good conversation. Lots of contribution from her then. I did not think it was disinformation but then I am not experienced. The only impression I got out of this thread was that both Duff & VanneV were disruptive. http://enenews.com/tv-documents-reveal-radiation-leak-europes-largest-nuclear-plant-reuters-officials-could-comment-documents-authentic-claims-spike-radiation-days-exceeding-permitted-norms-16-times-video/comment-page-1#comments

      • TY Bo that was a lively discussion back then.

        Being that NESS is so anti MOX it is unlikely she is a paid troll of the nuke cartel. But that may have been a cover out of the gate. The timing with Duff is curious, but I will keep an open mind, although my German Shepherd have 4 ears up and are very alert.

        She does say stuff that is incredulous from an engineering and science perspective. She taught HS math, I have 6 more years than that.

      • Ness Ness

        I see i did not reply to later questions; that's because i couldn't find the thread anymore as the forum is quite chaotic. Feel free to ask again if i haven't answered the questions in some other thread.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Please explain the reverse of the E=mc2 formula and how and where it is applied throughout the universe.

          • Ness Ness

            Obewan that explanation is very lenghty and it is my own theory so you won't find it anywhere else. What i am saying about coriums and such is 'normal' and accepted science.

            If i am using this new concept i will say so. For the last 2 days i haven't, i use the information that is already in the public domain or can be extracted by reading the formulas if it is not explicitly stated.

            But it is not about reversing e = mc^2 it is about integrating it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antiderivative

            I am using f(t) dt as the integrand with t = 0 being the limit that has to be defined http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral#Terminology_and_notation

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I do not need the from the technical standpoint of how it would work, just your brief explanation on where the reverse is seen within the known universe and where it is being applied. Within Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Black Holes etc. interactions.

              • Ness Ness

                http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmology plz read.
                The concept of the universe is wrong. No one can find this 'theory of all' because that Big Bang gets in the way everytime; as long as scientists are forced to align their ideas with that BB nothing will happen, and nothing has happened since the BB was *discovered* because one cannot reconcile ANY theory with total nonsense.

                These people base their insanities on 5 % measurable stuff and the rest they haven't found yet – after 100 years, and no explanation is given either! The theory i worked out has been discovered before, i am 100% sure. In fact it is so easy to see – for a math addict – that i fear quite a lot of people have been murdered to shut them up.

                The theory would explain the missing dark matter and energy, the 'expansion of the universe', a lot of anomalies and place black holes where they belong – they are the centers of gravity and reside in every sun or planet with a core that can move freely inside the mantle.

                Any other theory in any field would have been discarded if it rests on such meagre data, except the BB. Because the BB is religion disguised as science.

                "On 1 December 2014, at the Planck 2014 meeting in Ferrara, Italy, astronomers reported that the universe is 13.8 billion years old and is composed of 4.9 percent atomic matter, 26.6 percent dark matter and 68.5 percent dark energy.[12]" I declare BS on the lot of them.

                  • Ness Ness

                    I am not at all sure if that explanation is correct. 3 billion lightyears is an enormous distance; gravity simply cannot reach that far, no matter the mass of the supposed hole. Certainly not in the light of the new found directional time dilation, which in fact is the same as directional distance dilation. A black hole without a coat of matter can't exist imo. I think what they call black hole is something else entirely. QM theory doesn't even allow for black holes but that is tolerated because QM WORKS and leads to new and handy inventions.

                    The BigBangers are keen on 'finding' black holes because they prove their theory. But the Big Bang is the only theory that NEEDS black holes to stay alive. Searchers for black holes get grants therefore they find black holes or the money runs out. So I tend to think this is all just propaganda, like the Higgs boson nonsense. That was never found. http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.1093

                  • Ness Ness

                    "My' – i hate to call it mine because i insist it has been invented many times before – anyway, my theory has the black hole as the singularity point inside the core of planets and suns.

                    And this point moves or wobbles, leading to all kinds of phenomena like geomagnetic field distortions. But it is not a hole it is a gate, a connection; and seen from a rather crazy time/mass perspective it is the spearpoint of the planet with all the matter lagging behind it, the heaviest stuff first and the atmosphere coming in last, barely holding on.

                    The gate is the connection to 'the future' (actually this future is more like cheese) and that is where that missing energy and mass is hiding. The future is forever beyond any perception because all our senses and instruments are fixed on the past; everything lags. We do not perceive the 'now', we always perceive a past 'now'.

                    But the future insofar it concerns us can be calculated. We 'eat' a way – just one – through that infinite cheese of the future but we do have a very limited view. And that view – and this fleeting moment 'now' – is the QM field of interest and expertise.

                    As with nuclear mass, a planetary body goes 'critical' when it has a certain mass. The sun has plenty of mass which is why the mantle is plasma and the product is light; Jupiter did not have enough mass to become a sun but it is a gigantic (non-ignited) gas planet nevertheless. The spearpoint of the sun is at 8 lightminutes in our future.

              • Ness Ness

                Using this theory – it is a mathematical construct – i can take the fast track when confronted with a new science. But because this theory incorporates all the known laws of nature everything can also be explained in a 'normal' way, so i will stick to that from now on so as not to sow confusion.

                But when QM is involved, the theory applies perfectly as well. And QM laws are incredibly strange and counter-intuitive. Breeding of nuclear fuel belongs in the field of QM laws though.

                What i did was expand the spacetime in which movements take place. Most QM movements do not fit so i made a bigger 'coat' that can include those as well. A bigger matrix to use a popular phrase. Though the word matrix doesn't apply.

                I DOUBLED the 'universe' and accepted that there are things we cannot measure. But they can be calculated and i made room for those calculations.

                Nuclear physics is borderline QM and there is a lot of maths involved so it's not too difficult to pick up in my case. I love the science and hate the use of it. It is beyond criminal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPBzj90Su8A

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Ness, you expanded the increment of space-time moments to include quantum mechanic movements? This is how it reads.

                  In physics, the Planck time is the time required for light to travel, in a vacuum, a distance of 1 Planck length. You doubled the plank time?

                  And you placed black holes in the center of planets and suns with freely moving cores?

                  I wonder…what is the most interesting philosophical/naturalist ramification of your theory….for example, does it affect time dilation, age of earth, size changes of the earth etc or produce any practical outcomes, like energy source/harvest, propulsion ideas or whatever…

                  • Ness Ness

                    Actually all i did was make that equation e = mc^2 valid for all t (the t hidden in c = distance/time) by defining the minimal distance for a moment in time, or the shortest duration of time possible. Because that is where the equation gets the hiccups. (at c = 0/0 or where distance goes to 0 and time goes to 0 as well)

                    That can be done without giving time duration a value by using the squeeze theorem; even without a given value for this shortest duration of time (a time quantum), the shortest possible distance and with it the smallest possible volume is defined, so movement or mass is guaranteed to exist.

                    As it is now we can only use half of that equation, the rest is forbidden territory; but by redefining the limit c (c is an absolute limit written in percentages, or: 80% of c equals 120% of c and so on) both 'sides' of the equation can be used.

                    The rest follows from that deduction. I've given *the future* a place. That's what i mean by doubling. Now the entire equation can be used, integrated, differentiated, anything you like – but you may end up in 'the future' with your calculations and take that idea future with a grain of salt. It is only OUR future when absolute time is congruent with our relative time.

                    Or: i have given c = 0/0 a value in this specific case, 1. That means that e = m for t goes to zero.

                    For time dilation, see this: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2015/01/was-time-faster-in-the-past-a-new-alternate-theory-of-dark-energy-1

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Your link didn't work on my computer, and there is nothing about c=0/0 or e=m at this:


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      There needs to be an equation to find dt. This isn't hidden in c without an equation.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      E=MC2 Fallacies and the Non-Conversion of Mass to Energy
                      “…Fallacy # 2: E=MC2 means that mass can be converted into energy and energy can be converted to mass.
                      “This also is not true…
                      “There is no conversion of mass to energy because mass always remains constant both before and after the decay….”

                    • Ness Ness


                      "That means that e = m for t goes to zero." should be: means e = m for t and d both going to 0 – this trick can only be used once, and only in this specific case.

                      I'm ignoring your statements PTT. Debating this is useless, and we've been through this before. This is just a short explanation, the whole story is a lot longer, and i am not going to explain it to you.

                    • Ness Ness

                      On c: (don't read this PTT it will totally confuse you) if c = 1 is the absolute limit of 'speed', speed can be seen as a hill, with 0 at the bottom (no movement) and 1 at the top. What we perceive is limited to our view of this hill or slope. Anything going over the top and down at the other side cannot be perceived. Which is not to say it stopped existing. So 120% of c can be explained as 80% of c 'going down the hill at the other side' or in imaginary or "minus" time. That way, the function e = mc^2 is repaired and usable over its entire domain. Per particle.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Is theory in print, c =0/0=1 understood by anyone in the universe? Is it in print? Is there a link or a citation. Your citation refers to faster time in the past, not no time in the future.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      “E = mc2 only applies to objects at rest. Light can never be at rest (any observer will see it travelling at the speed of light), so it will never be subject to that equation.
                      E = mc2 is a subset of a more complete equation,
                      E2 = (mc2)2 + (pc)2,
                      where p is the object's momentum. For an object at rest (p=0), this becomes E=mc2. But for a massless object, like a photon, this becomes E=pc, which is a well-known formula relating a photon's energy to its momentum, which is in turn related to its frequency.”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      “…Now whenever mass disappears energy is created, according to Einstein's formula E = mc2,,,:”

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Really interesting stuff. Whole lotta can this, can that. Mathematics , sure insert here sounds good. Einstein did not know how the universe operates and neither does anyone else. That is why we are fuckEd. Silly humans thinking they know how to control anything. We can't even control stupid little machines we claim to need. Fuck off humans!

                    • Ness Ness

                      The speed of light is invariant. The guy on reddit missed that; maybe he doesn't understand invariance as he insist on 'seeing it from an observers position'. I'm seeing it from the point of view of the particles themselves; as they reach the speed of light they become invariant/at rest at the 'top of the hill'. I've explained this already.

                      But this is not about the behavior of light or even particles it is about the behavior of a mathematical function that gets the hiccups/is not defined when t and d are going to zero, in this subset as well as in the function this one is derived from.

                      It needs smoothing so it can be used even when that happens. It needs to be given a value at that very specific minuscule moment. In fact i am saying time always exists and that t = 0 as in t does not exist/ t is empty is nonsense and a wrong way of looking at time. T = 0 is just the definition of a balancing point in a time sequence.

                      In that case using the limit 1 is allowed, on my authority, for whatever that is worth. You can search the net forever but you won't find this explained anywhere; i am the only one to have written about it so far, to my knowledge, and in Dutch. That is the meaning of (not so) NEW THEORY, okay?

                  • Ness Ness

                    @CodeShutdown: it affects the big bang nonsense directly. Those guys insist time can be zero or non-existent so their god must have created it; but in maths time can be seen as a forcing sequence with the 0 in the middle.

                    At point 0 the sequence is not dead or gone, it remains but at 0 you've reached the exact middle of the line that is formed by tiny moments of 'now', stretching out to past and future. Time as such has not been defined yet by our dear scientists (!!!) because they cannot define it and be in accordance with the bb at the same time.

                    So i defined time as a sequence here (and only here; time is spherical by nature) and use that idea to smooth functions where if you take that zero literally, the function falls apart.

                    There's more to the theory but this explanation will have to do because if i start on that i can't stop anymore.

                    As for time dilation, it is not reciprocal as was proven by clocks in satellites (check link) and with that, Einstein's special relativity theory is also dead. It seems every gravity center has its own time, exactly as i predicted a while ago. In Dutch.

                    The big bang died the minute the fools assigned an age to the universe. Either the universe expands, or it doesn't. A universe with a fixed age cannot expand. It's that simple. 14 billion (light) years is the limit of our perception of time duration, in the same way that 14 billion years is the limit of our half-life perception (of thorium). afk

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      OK, Ness, thanks for the description. Unfortunately I have too much of Einsteins "second most dangerous thing"; ignorance, to be able to grasp Einsteins equation or your alterations of it.

                      If you would like the humor of a layman's perspective, the first thing that pops out is that the speed of light seems self referential, > IF < speed of light is the primary constant, and time dilation brings time to a halt at light speed and speed is distance/time. Thats to say if time is relative to speed, then…well its a little like having the clock and its numbers turning around at the same rate as the hands, no matter what. Actually distance then is also gone because you can go anywhere in no time and the material universe would seem to be two dimensional. So obviously I dont have the first conceptual clue to your head bending mathematical theory…too bad you cant run it by Einstein, but Hawking and Michio Kaku are still around…

                      But I always wondered how the universe could expand faster than light speed…one of the requirements, I hear, for the big bang to work out. Faster than light was supposed to be forbidden but they use it pretty freely for the BB. And, yes, all instrumental and sensory perception and thought propagation is limited to past events…a slight problem for those who claim to be in the moment. If you live a millisecond in the past, it might as well be a year…its still hopelessly in the past

                    • Ness Ness

                      "The speed of light" is more like soup than speed lol

                      If you are an onion inside a bowl of soup and you float, you 'have the speed of light' but if you sink halfway to the bottom you move at 50% of that soup/speed. And when you are at the bottom, you move at less than 0.0001% or rather at 'normal' speed.

                      Speed is usually seen as going from here to there but speed is more than that. A point on the surface of a ball spinning moves at a greater speed than the center of that ball because it travels more distance than the center.
                      Yet it's the same ball – with many speeds if you move along the radius.

                      Spinning around an axis is movement too, and things spin around with a certain measurable speed. So speed can be seen in many ways. I see it as soup when it suits my purposes 🙂

                    • Ness Ness

                      I forgot vibration and waves. Speed is involved there too…

  • freebywill

    Found out why Arkansas 1 is showing 0 power, seems spring refueling has started early.

    spring outage targets


    4|Arkansas Nuclear 1 |01/25/15
    3|La Salle 2 |02/02/15
    2|Hatch 2 |02/08/15
    1|Calvert Cliffs 2 |02/10/15
    3|Palisades |02/11/15
    2|Brunswick 2 |02/14/15
    4|River Bend 1 |02/23/15
    2|Browns Ferry 2 |02/25/15
    2|Catawba 2 |02/28/15
    4|Wolf Creek 1 |02/28/15
    3|Quad Cities 1 |03/02/15
    3|Perry 1 |03/09/15
    2|North Anna 1 |03/11/15
    2|Saint Lucie 1 |03/23/15
    2|Farley 1 |03/28/15
    2|Harris 1 |03/28/15
    3|Braidwood 1 |03/30/15
    4|Palo Verde 3 |04/04/15
    4|South Texas 2 |04/04/15
    1|Limerick 2 |04/05/15
    1|Hope Creek 1 |04/10/15
    3|Monticello |04/11/15
    2|Sequoyah 1 |04/12/15
    1|Pilgrim 1 |04/17/15
    4|Fort Calhoun |04/19/15
    1|Beaver Valley 1 |04/25/15
    3|Clinton |04/27/15
    4|Columbia Generating Station |05/09/15
    2|Robinson 2 |05/09/15

    with this info current power slips now make sense

    ANO1 refueling sequence in process
    La Salle 2 hasn't shown any movement yet
    Hatch 2 currently at 92% in walkdown

    ANO is listed as a dry cask storage location but I couldn't find it on the map.

    There are 2 EPA stations close to ANO, Ft Smith to the west and LittleRock to the southeast, There are several private stations south.

    Arkansas Nuclear 1
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkansas_Nuclear_One http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.311343&lon=-93.230495&z=15&m=b

    • Sam Sam


      Is it not true that when reactors
      are refueling there are more
      emissions emitted in the process.
      What is the air borne hazards
      for all life in the circumferences
      from the reactors.
      Don't take the dog for a walk
      near a refueling reactor!

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Good morning weeman, always good to see you. So, someone says youre a troll, now? LOL. Does thaat come with a Darth Vader costume?
    As a member of the Feline/American community I would be most interested in the geographic llocation of any spilled milk.
    Just being silly,folks. Apparently its going around. weeman a troll? C'mon, that is being silly

  • Ness Ness

    So, on spent fuel: i'm taking one rod with Uranium inside as an example. While the rod is in the reactor it is in critical condition (criticality), meaning the tiniest particles swirl around in a much more than random fashion, a bit like electrons when they go through a copper wire.

    The U atoms pass on specific particles to the next one and if the reaction is kept at precisely critical the rods cannot breed. If they do breed they form plutonium and some other actinides/transuranics and this is called the 'yield'.

    When there has been too much accidental yield and too much U particles smashed completely the debris builds up and prevents the flow of sub-atomic particles so the rod does not produce the energy required. Then it is taken out of the vessel and the criticality stops.

    That is when the U inside rearranges itself. Because the rod had a certain weight to begin with and a certain volume, belonging to exactly the isotope of U used, the U inside comes back to its normal state, but it is "twisted" in perculiar ways and highly radioactive, worse than before. It has to be cooled for quite a while to "untwist" it.

    But it is Uranium all the way, with some debris addded. This debris can be separated from the U and the U can be reprocessed but it is cheaper to just use new. This reprocessing is used to extract the Pu produced. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_reprocessing

  • Sam Sam

    The dry objective description of spent fuel

    in the reactor the uranium in the rods
    become used up or gummed up with
    debris and must be removed and cooled
    for a long time and then the plutonium
    removed in reprocessing.

    • Angela_R

      Sam, is this a mock up or what you think?

      • Sam Sam

        I was quoting Ness without putting the quotation
        marks around it. My thoughts are above and below
        the quoted passage from Ness. sorry for the confusion.
        I have developed an intolerance to "dry" "objective" scientific
        descriptions of deadly things. I know that in describing
        anything with Nuclear that scientific language must be
        used. Often times people resort to pseudo objectivity to
        deceive, cover up and avoid the harsh realities of what
        they may be describing. That is what I react to. There is
        enough of that out there. This site I would hope does not
        participate in it or allows this to go on for too long.

  • Ness Ness

    **this twisting is not the same as decaying. On decay: if you have a kilogram of an u-isotope with a half life of say 10,000 years, decaying means that half of that mass will have morphed into the next element of the decay chain, but the other half is still in original state.

    But check this graph: http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/092.238/index2.full.html The half life of 238U is 4,5 billion years; so a rod with this stuff inside morphs into radioactive thorium for half of the mass and stays 238u for the other half over that period. Next, the thorium decays into pro-actinium; this thorium has a very short half life: http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/090.234/index2.full.html but the decay chain continues.

    In the end it all morphs into lead. After an immeasurable time period. So do not think coriums decay easily because they absolutely do NOT. That used uranium is here to stay for a period of time longer than the planet is old. And THAT is the mafia's problem. Once created, it never goes away.

    After an immense amount of time, all

    • Maybe if we all just took a longer nappie times? Maybe that would help pass the time faster as all of this decay happens.

      Old man rip van winkle did it. So can we..

      Let's just all go to sleep and wake up when it is all decayed to lead.

      Set your watches now.. to wake up in, oh, let's just say;

      238U is 4,5 billion years x 12 = 54 BILLION YEARS


      • 93 Longest Life Radioactive Elements, A Decay Chain Problem For Billions Of Years

        Who volunteers to guard this nuclear waste for the next 54 BILLION YEARS?

        What will that cost?

        • Sam Sam

          You are too kind here to Ness.
          Sugar coated descriptions of Decay
          Sophisticated misdirection interspersed
          with little truth nuggets like;
          1. in the end it all morphs into lead.
          2. Once created it all never goes away
          My dog can't stand this crap!
          Nuclear Rods are deadly death
          dealing monsters longer than anybody
          will survive on this Earth!

          • bo bo

            I am so confused. I shouldn't even be commenting really because I don't comprehend the finer points of this discussion but Sam.. what are you pointing to? As far as I see in the above post Ness seems to be saying it takes an eternity for uranium to decay & that's why it's so deadly? Am I going insane ?

            • Sam Sam

              no you are not going insane.
              Ness writings have bits of truth in
              them though they are written to
              soften the deadly impact of what
              is being talked about.
              Ness is a master of language to
              put one to sleep while reading it.

              We here on this site want language
              that does not put people to sleep
              but arouse , is truthful and direct
              Truth has to be spoken to Power
              and that at times requires forceful
              direct language.

              • bo bo

                Sam, I have been on enenews for 3 years now and have seen different kinds of shills come and go. I am aware that they come in different shapes and colors, and have seen, in the past, those types of 'sweet talk / obfuscation' trolls you describe. Why I say I feel like I'm going insane is not because she is confusing me – I say so because your observations are confusing me. I actually don't see Ness doublespeaking, but you seem to say she does. Of course, she may not be right about everything. But I actually don't see her doublespeaking or deceiving. What am I missing ?

                • bo bo

                  I hope that doesn't sound harsh, I seriously sincerely want to understand your point of view, that is all.

                • bo bo

                  From Ness' s post above, quote:

                  In the end it all morphs into lead. After an immeasurable time period. So do not think coriums decay easily because they absolutely do NOT. That used uranium is here to stay for a period of time longer than the planet is old. And THAT is the mafia's problem. Once created, it never goes away.After an immense amount of time, all (end quote – truncated post , I believe)

                  Then.. you say that Ness deceives, because she said

                  1. in the end it all morphs into lead.
                  2. Once created it all never goes away

                  I don't follow the logic. My brain is freezing. 🙁

                  I wonder if it's a language thing, her English is outstanding but maybe sounds distant or cold to some, and guards go up? She seemed to sound much more casual and animated in Dutch cursing MOX and the nuclear industry.

                  • bowling

                    Because you know that is terribly misleading bo. Spent fuel rods are incredibly dangerous and require tons of chemicals like nitric acid to be refined which then also becomes radioactive waste. The fuel cycle, spent reactor fuel is reprocessed to recover the uranium and plutonium to fuel nuclear reactors using the PUREX process. 

                    Table 1 – Composition Spent Nuclear Reactor Fuel

                    Spent Fuel %

                    Type of Waste

                    Transuranic elements


                    Depleted uranium

                    Pu isotopes


                    Fission products Cesium strontium etc

                    High level

                    Depleted uranium

                    After 3 years in a reactor, a fuel rod assembly containing 264 rods weighing 1,450 lbs would contain 12.9 pounds of plutonium, 5.07 pounds of fission products, and 1,367 pounds of U-238.  Separating the plutonium and uranium from the other products addresses two major issues.  The plutonium can be used directly as nuclear fuel and the uranium can be reprocessed to produce additional fuel.  However, reprocessing raises concerns about the production of fissile Pu-239 which can be used in nuclear weapons.  It also produces large volumes of chemical and radioactive wastes.

                    • bowling

                      http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Development_Details/Approaches/ChemCases/Nuclear_Chemistry_Discovery_of_the_Neutron_(1932)/Nuclear_Chemistry%3A_Reprocessing_Spent_Fuel. YOU ALSO KNOW THAT SOME OF THOSE RODS PROBABLY burned at fukushima. you know that each reactor makes 20 tons of this stuff a year and that unshielded one vannot get close to it.

                    • bo bo

                      Thank you, bowling for taking the time to respond.. I give up. When these things arise, it's best for me to pull away and let others duke it out. I guess my main impression is that she seems to disagree on how things transpired/will transpire at fuku but she seems to hold the position that the situation is FUBAR either ways.

                      I just never got the impression that she had an agenda, when discussing zaporizhia with her, and of course, you think that is all 'just part of the act'. But could it be that the friction that's occuring could be the manner in which she presents her knowledge ('I'm right, you're wrong')? Unit 3 → beyond my pea size brain. 🙁 So I will comment no more and stop interjecting my annoying comments.. wake me up when it's over. Apologies to all.

                    • Ness Ness

                      I was talking about a fuel rod, not a spent fuel rod, Bo, if you care to reread my post. And it was an example for a decay chain, and how long that takes. 238U hasn't been used yet inside a reactor.

                      When it comes to spent fuel rods the story changes because it all depends what will happen to them – they can be kept in a SFP for years or decades, or cut up in pieces, of which i have also given an example and a link, about burping waste stashed at that WIPP.

                      It is hard to explain when ppl twist my posts so that the intention is lost. I will be even MORE careful next time. Read it as an example of a decay chain, halving times, because that is what is what meant to be. I don't talk much about radiation because people here know all about it already; i've got nothing to add to it. That does not mean it doesn't worry me.

                    • bo bo

                      Thank you for the clarification, Ness.
                      I'm seeing there are more respectful discussions happening today, I'll try to follow as much as I can. All I can say is if one person claims 'just because my dog thinks so!' Then another can just as equally say 'but my cat thinks not!' & that does not get us anywhere. So gratitude to those who are discussing. Bo out.

        • weeman

          Nothing? no one will be around to cash the check.

  • Reposting what I'd stuck in wrong thread earlier. 🙂
    A lot of versions and/or word semantics going on today causing accusations. And defenses, lol.

    Since I can't get reply windows to respond to individuals at the moment, I'll just say please chill people, but continue to offer opinions. We have a lot to consider as usual.

    Regarding the WIPP cave ins: Doesn't matter how good any bolt initially is or if it maintains that original strength and design integrity. IMO whole slabs of humongously heavy salt in flat roofed chambers are failing to stay put because of the nature of geologically compressed salt combined with other escalating factors.

    I wouldn't be surprised if robot cameras or ground penetrating radar devices would show huge very thick broken up salt slabs complete with bent netting and fairly pristine bolts poking through the salt layers now resting on barrels. Like a bunch of puny bobby pins and hairnets that some engineer promised would hold up cement.

    I think about natural sequences of unvaulted ceiling weight pressures, increasing creeping moisture pockets, EQ's or nearby fracking tremors, plus corrosive new chemical fumes from the burbling burping barrels containing unknown mixes of radioactive waste.

    WIPP's a live nasty dragon breathing in an underground lair.
    Above ground, on sites around the world, are multitudes of baby dragons temporarily contained in fragile shells…dreaming up their own hatching I suppose.

  • We Not They Finally

    We fled NM after Radiation caused severe issues with loss of Serotonin the feel good brain hormone that as it fails cause all sorts of misery..
    WE are back in the east coast.Very happy we left Albuquerque.

    It saddens me that our govt would rather cover all the truth regarding radiation and loss of food chain and loss of oxygen in the atmosphere as
    Planckton continues to die in our Ocean…
    People should do whatever they need to do to make the best of a hideous unfolding of the errors of Foolish and committed subversion of all our freedoms and liberty that is being taken from us as the earth collapses.

  • We Not They Finally

    My wife and I had lived in Nm since 2001..After we had serious results in Albuquerque from WHIIP we fled NM and left for the east coast..I worry for our friends left in NM…

  • jec jec

    4.0 EARTHQUAKE near WIPP 2/8/2015. 9 km deep, LAT 32.25. Long 107.30 , WIPP is 32.22, 104–so close and likely disturbing underground salt areas. Good WIPP problem summation follows at:


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