AP: Crucial equipment shockingly feeble-looking — Mended with tape — Reactor No. 3 like ashtray filled with cigarette butts

Published: February 28th, 2012 at 4:30 pm ET


Title: Tour of ‘fragile’ Fukushima nuclear plant shows shocking state of disrepair
Source: Mari Yamaguchi
Author: Associated Press
Date: 02/28/2012 01:05:48 PM PST

[…] Journalists given a tour of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant on Tuesday, including a reporter from the Associated Press, saw crumpled trucks and equipment still lying on the ground.  […]

“I have to admit that it’s still rather fragile,” said plant chief Takeshi Takahashi, who took the job in December after his predecessor resigned due to health reasons. […]

But the equipment that serves as the lifeline of the cooling system is shockingly feeble-looking. Plastic hoses cracked by freezing temperatures have been mended with tape. A set of three pumps sits on the back of a pickup truck.

[…] the Unit 3 reactor, whose roof was blown off by a hydrogen explosion, resembles an ashtray filled with a heap of cigarette butts.

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Published: February 28th, 2012 at 4:30 pm ET


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75 comments to AP: Crucial equipment shockingly feeble-looking — Mended with tape — Reactor No. 3 like ashtray filled with cigarette butts

  • kintaman kintaman

    Is anything about what is happening at Fukushima shocking anymore? I would not be surprised if they were using McDonald's straws taped together for pipes. Total idiots.

    I am getting the feeling that they are near giving up (or have long ago) as it is a lost cause and are simply doing what they can to make it look as though they are doing something.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Kinta: No, it's not shocking anymore, I'm very sad to say. The CIA, Nuke Industry and other government and NGO bodies massaging the information disseminated, where even disseminated, to the public have been 100% successful, kudos assholes (not you Kinta), in "normalizing" (preventing appropriate revolutionary response) Fukushima. Information managers hope all previous, and future equally bad or worse, definitely inevitable, events coming in the somewhat predictable dissolution of all aging nuclear reactors, plus emissions from incinerators (>10x worse just letting the irradiated garbage lay there), plus groundwater to sea or fresh water substrate horizons, from old and new waste dumps, will be treated with the same utter and total lack of even remotely appropriate action by the truly all powerful 7B who are not billionaires! I still have hope that this state of stunning lack of revolution over the most serious cataclysm to ever afflict humanity after a genetic narrowing 75,000 years before, WILL probably soon enough, fingers crossed, end. We will throw off capitalism, the cause of Fukushima-runaway global warming-mass extinctions, and the illegitimate super psychopathic idiots running the extant hegemonic political systems of the planet. Allll corrupt at the very top. Great wealth, axiomatically equals great corruption of the world destroying kind after the the beginning of the so-called "industrial" age around 1760 to the present. No human exploitation-based (exploitation of other humans or of our ALWAYS finite ecosystem) system with hoarding and diminishing compassion and ecological common sense is in any way at all valid.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        For exmaple, I was in a friend's car just a few minutes ago listening to a radio broadcast about Fukushima by some BBC MI5 hack videographer/documentarian. He was blathering calmly, as is the way on the Public Broadcasting System on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) using all the dumbing down, minimization he could stuff into each of his minutes on air. Very disappointing; but not at all unexpected. Remember U.S. Americans that NPR is quite entangled by funding, for all it's talk of being "public" funded, they mean by corporations who are legally defined as "persons" in the U.S. whose charters we cannot revoke w/o revolutionary uprising to re-assert that right at this point. Such corporations include but are not limited to: Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, ADM, the Carlisle Group, General Electric (FukuDai), etc. ad infinitum. Besides these funding sources, there is also a small annual stipend to PBS/NPR via the CIA! Informative information? No, dreck all!!!

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Always remember people that if it's a calm response or apparent solution from working INSIDE or WITHIN an extant political/socioeconomic system that brought you the nuclear meltdown, mass extinctions or anthropogenic thermal maximum (global warming) in the first place, it is not change and nothing is solved; actually things are guaranteed to get worse even if you may personally, individually (particularly if well off or middle class) be mollified by any symbollic, rhetorical, but always misleading if from within systems, action or rhetoric about actions to be taken.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes kintaman,…you can hear a 'resignation' in their voices finally.
    They don't seem as strong,….not even able to 'put on a good show'.

  • Gee, I wonder who will end up fixing it in the end? (and paying for it)

  • Dr. McCoy

    Unit three looks like an ashtray filled with cigarette butts? Would those be plutonium Lucky Strikes?

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Pallas; I could not have said it any better……………


  • or-well

    enenews looks damaged badly. I hope you can get it repaired, or up in some form, and all that information that was here is still somewhere.

    • Or-well et al … ene site maintenance seems to happen every few months with admin adding forums and rearranging. Site goes down for a bit then back up again with amendments … more than once until it seems admin deems it's 'fixed' and all is back mostly where we were all used to it with some added benefits. I've come to see this 'interruption' as a helpful way to develop patience 🙂

  • or-well

    I will look under the most recent thread for any word from Admin.
    No comments are showing, but the most recent headlines are still up.


    My home computer may have been invaded this afternoon when I turned it home and opened firefox after being at work all day.

    I got a warning from my computer that my system usage was way up and a message that a scan was occurring.


    The timing of the invasion is worrying given what has happened at Enenews today.

    Strange events occurred at the Lessons of Fukushima conference. I think the Japanese are cracking down…

    • Bobby1


      I enjoyed your talk, majia.

      • Thank you Bobby1

        I don't know if you saw other speakers but the Japanese consul for the area was there and stated "Cold shutdown" was in effect.

        A prof from Tokyo university was very flustered during his presentation, which described the radiation levels experienced by the children of Fukushima. He only mentioned psychological effects, but I bet he would have said more if the consul had not been there.

        There was a woman from the ngo Mercy Corp who went on and on about how they were helping fishermen and farmers in northern Japan resume their businesses.

        When i asked about the radiation that might being contaminating their fish and vegetables, she replied that was "not their [ngo's] responsibility."

        A troll woman from Japan who somehow came from Fukushima all the way to Oregon as an "independent researcher" insisted that Iodine-131 no longer threatens kids in Fukushima because of its 8 day half life, despite my powerpoint slide that showed Iodine-131 was detected in snow in Tokyo in Jan.

        Very strange and unsettling.

        • Bobby1

          "Mercy Corp"… it sounds like the mercy camps from "A Canticle For Leibowitz"… euthanasia camps after a nuclear war.

    • Kevin Kevin

      I concur with this warning.

      I am barely able to access this site anymore.

      When I am able to get through it barely functions properly.

      The home page comes up and says


      Bugs I have noticed.

      – missing avatars
      – comments column on right disappears
      – Tips box is unnaccessible
      – comments show in column when column appears with multiples of same comment
      – commenting is delayed for many minutes
      – my favourites link to this page is not functional anymore

      There are others but these are the ones I recall.

      This has been happening for a few days now.

      Any comments admin?

    • arclight arclight

      majia, sorry i didnt sort out those details you wanted.. same time as a datamining expedition for tptb!! one thing came out of it though! if they control your email too much or cut you off they become inneffective.. i have data backed up in a number of different ways though!! but the electronic warfare front will have a short life under overt surviellance.. i wait for them to sort my email out remotely, i dont do it myself.. i only contact the internet engineers to get the problem logged for later litigation…

      it was great you attended ok.. really interesting the comments
      take care

  • that is, when i turned it on…

    • Kevin Kevin

      What happened at ENENWS today, that you refer to Majia?

      I am unable to access much of the site so may have missed comments on what is going here and why the site is no longer functioning right.

      Thanks in advance!

      • or-well

        Kevin, majia may know more, I did see a note from Admin about 20 hours with no sleep, and referring to site problems.
        Both "events" seem to me to be preceded by the "latest comments" coming up in duplicate or quadruplicate, and then the site freezing on a comment click, and then being unaccessible from my favs list after clearing my history etc.

      • I didn't have a problem at Enenews because I was at work and couldn't access it.

        When I came home today I turned on my computer and opened an internet browser, firefox. I believe my computer was invaded from outside and scanned.

        I received warnings of unusual CPU activity and scanning.

        • Kevin Kevin

          Well something is definately up.

          I see a new posting has been put up so Admin must have gotten some rest.

          That said, I dont mean to pressure him but it would be nice to know if it is on the sites end or ours, as Majia suggests.

          Somebody is not happy I suspect and this site could well be a target as a result.

          This site is not obscure. In its infancy it was rated as 163,000 on the web, that sounds like way out of the pack but there are a gazillion sites.

          And for the topic that is an amazing placement overall.

  • or-well

    Homepage here, you see what?
    I see "sorry you are looking for something that isn't here"
    Doesn't sound like an Admin message to me.

  • or-well

    Anybody want a rhyme while we wait?

    • Bobby1

      The same thing happened in Canada, a farmer wanted to get his soil tested, no lab would do it.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      From page 36 of the NRC "knock it off" transcripts…

      CHAIRMAN JACZKO: Okay, thank you.
      At this point, again, we probably need to be prepared —
      we'll need to be prepared for what it means.
      How are, we doing on the — running the analyses and various scenarios?

      MR. DORMAN: We have results for the 10 percent unfiltered release, and the 40 percent, which would be the more comparable to TMI.
      We'll have to take a look at what we might assess out of the images that we're seeing here. The TMI scenario is a higher source term, but still based on a leakage of containment.
      Based on what we're seeing.

      It appears that Mr. Dorman seems quite confident that TMI was a 40% release???!!!

      I doubt he thought that his meeting transcripts were going to make it in to the public domain.

    • or-well

      Heart, I saw that. Seems odd, folks suddenly found dead on streets. I mean, late at night? deserted streets? where was he? Not Ginza! Nobody saw him fall? Mean streets…

      • Fukushima Diary posted last week that a Tokyo city council person who was testing radiation in parks and posting on his blog was found dead with a bag over his head.

        I have no confirmation of the truth of this story but anyone who speaks Japanese could search and verify.

      • Bobby1

        Hard to tell if it was radiation or the yakuza, both are lethal.


      @Heart: this is a major story! Why isn't it up-on today's feed?

  • charlie3

    I remember someone here posting about online lifeboats, places where we could meet and re-group if this site temporarily went down. Anyone remember where those sites were?
    Majia, how exactly are the Japanese clamping down on info about fukushima getting out? What occurred at the conference?

  • charlie3

    Majia, thanks. i love and value this little site and its community. Thanks for doing your bit at the conference.
    How the forces of darkness expect to keep the destruction of Japan a secret for much longer is a mystery to me – I mean, when the Japanese begin to get sick in large numbers and give birth to deformed things, how do they expect the nation and the world to react?

  • charlie3

    stock@hawaii.rr – thanks. I didn't think that this little site was important enough to hack either – after all, very few people come here.

    • or-well

      charlie3, I saw some info that this site gets 25,000plus hits a day. Who knows, not me. I bet a lot more lurk than comment. I know I lurked 8 or 9 months.

    • gr81 gr81

      Most are probably like me: don't really know enough to contribute educational or helpfully pertinent information, but are EXTREMELY concerned about the obvious MULTI-government collusion/coverup/corruption involved in the CONTINUING NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST in Japan which WE KNOW adversely affects the populace of many nations.
      My main concern is of course the locations in America where my friends and relatives live and work.
      I find SEVERAL of the "regular commenter" technical contributions very helpful towards my understanding of not only the present nuclear disaster, but also provides me with additional knowledge with which I can assist in ENDING NUCLEAR POWER, for the sake of our kids, grandkids etc.
      I see ENENEWS as ESSENTIAL to the TRUTHFUL KNOWLEDGE we all need in order to make PRUDENT DECISIONS.
      I hope all of us who aren't making those educational and informative contributions ARE at least hitting the DONATE button instead.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Charlie, just something to consider. Not so important IMHO how many visit here as what's being said here.

  • charlie3

    The nuke industry must be VERY scared and insecure if they are going to such lengths to shut down a site like this.
    Surely if they are telling the truth and nuclear power is safe, then such measures are unnecessary.

    • Bobby1

      They're scared to death that they will have to pay compensation. This is the reason for the "eat Fukushima food" campaigns and all the other things.

      • parwie

        That's it!
        They are trying to make as many people as possible go to Fukushima (big posters e. g. at Tokyo's stations, unfortunately I can't post pictures here) and eat Fukushima products and -I think that's the most dangerous thing- they are burning radioactive waste everywhere in Japan.
        And why is that? Because they want as many people as possible everywhere in Japan to become sick and not only in Fukushima so that they can say: "We will not pay any medical treatment to people in Fukushima because everybody in Japan is ill and that can not be caused by Fukushima."
        It's about money and that's the reason why there's no government in the world that will bring Japan to justice for that! Each and every country is afraid of losing a big trade partner. A trade partner that is murdering.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          @parwie…yep ..it's all about liabiltiy…the bottomline..
          and they would rather kill everyone including themselves to maintain it. INSANITY
          Well..as the saying goes.."You can't take it with you."
          … and I doubt the Creator would be impressed …

        • Bobby1

          Say if 100,000,000 people were affected by Fukushima, and they would have to pay $100,000 to each of them, that would be 10 TRILLION DOLLARS.

          And not just Tepco, but GE and other manufacturers too.

          It's cheaper to lie about it and force children to be exposed to radiation, than it is to pay.

          That's why I don't expect truth to ever come out these corporations, or their puppets in government either.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, think of the chain of potential liability. GE, Westinghouse, Toshiba, Tokyo Electric, and many more "players."

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Majia was the only speaker at that Willamette conference that addressed the lack of information regarding Fukushima. Warren Binford did OK in the kids rights legal arena too. Most speakers just gave "feel good" or "pat my organization on the back" talks. Thanks majia for telling it like it is.
    And, yep or-well…I get the same message. All I can access is latest headlines.
    Enenews has been going real slow the last couple days. I don't freak out when I can't access it like I used to. It has always come back on, but another day of this and I might just freak some!

    • The scholar from Japan, Pablo Figueroa (who is from Argentina) did a good job discussing the poor crisis communication. I was glad he spoke because it substantiated my analysis.

      I do plan on posting my powerpoint at Powerpoint presenter. I'm making final notes and it takes about 1 week to actually go live after presenting there. I do acknowledge Enenews!

      You all have been so vital for developing my understandings, as well as my sanity.

      I'll post the link when it is up.

      Thanks Stock@Hawaii (Nuke is a 4 letter word) for offering backup in the event Enenews goes down again…

      night all…

  • charlie3

    And the admin hasn't yet issued a statement about what's going on?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    See above right hand corner..site experiencing technical difficulties.

  • charlie3

    Got it. Thanks.

  • or-well

    CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL as somebody said in a movie.
    There's a new topic up and comments to it!
    And a notice of site difficulties at the top righthand sidebar.

  • A Great Sin

    I think Iran is actually onto something here:

    Iran says making nuclear bombs a 'great sin'

    Likewise, those attacking this site are committing a great sin
    against free speech and the survival of mankind.

    Otherwise, a regular day in paradise …

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      And to think TPTB are trying to provoke a war with Iran, and possibly a nuclear war at that!