AP: Fukushima children flee radiation; “Getting nosebleeds, growing pale and lethargic”; Mistrust of officials high — Father: “Cases of cancer are up… we are worried” — Mother: I don’t believe it’s as safe as gov’t claims, raising questions can get you branded a troublemaker

Published: April 9th, 2014 at 10:36 am ET


Associated Press, Apr. 7, 2014: Fukushima children start school, flee radiation — [Residents of Koriyama, 50 km west of Fukushima Daiichi,] Yukie Hashimoto and her husband sent their daughter 300 kilometers away […] mistrust of the authorities remains high […] eight students – seven in junior high school and one in elementary school – began their new lives this month […] The project is the brainchild of Mayor Akira Sugenoya, a medical doctor who performed more than 100 thyroid-cancer surgeries [after Chernobyl.] For those outside the largely off-limits 20-kilometer zone, taking such a drastic step is relatively rare [and] divided both their family and entire communities. Hashimoto was nervous about speaking to a reporter, because raising questions can get one branded as a troublemaker. She requested that her daughter remain anonymous […] Children are far more vulnerable to radiation than adults. The girl’s grandparents and her college-age brother find the fretting about radiation ridiculous. […] the girl started getting nosebleeds and growing pale and lethargic. That may have had nothing to do with radiation, but it made Hashimoto decide to get her out, and her husband relented. [Kokoro Kamiyama] is happy she can run around outdoors in Matsumoto without wearing a mask.

Kokoro Kamiyama, 13-year-old evacuee: “The air feels so clean here […] I love playing badminton. And tag.”

Hiroshi Ueki, former Fukushima resident who moved with his wife and two children: “The bottom line is: No one knows for sure. What we do know is that the cases of cancer are up, and so naturally we are worried.”

Yukie Hashimoto, mother of evacuee: “I didn’t really believe things are as safe as the government is telling us […] We made our decision with her future, 10 years and 20 years later, in mind. […] The low-dose radiation is continuing. There is no precedent. We don’t know what effect that will have on our children.”

See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-terrifying-cancer-data-for-fukushima-statistics-are-astounding-especially-for-young-girls-growing-concern-around-cancer-risk-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 9th, 2014 at 10:36 am ET


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120 comments to AP: Fukushima children flee radiation; “Getting nosebleeds, growing pale and lethargic”; Mistrust of officials high — Father: “Cases of cancer are up… we are worried” — Mother: I don’t believe it’s as safe as gov’t claims, raising questions can get you branded a troublemaker

  • OldFool

    It appears to be total reality denial. I could find no mention of hot particles or any Fukushima radiation numbers in the Japanese media during the time I was in Japan. The Japanese apparently feel that it can't be helped, so there is no benefit in talking about it. The parents who know the ultimate consequences for the kids must be living in horrible guilt.

    • Socrates

      Make them lose face. Guilt is a Western concept.

      • jonnyboy jonnyboy

        to be guilty in thier culture = suicide.

      • Tarangela Tarangela

        Na, they do guilt. Collective guilt. When I was in Korea they had a teacher/murderer, and every teacher I knew was sleepless and stubbled with guilt. But going against the grain in that part of Asia, (it's much easier in S.E.Asia)is tantamount to being mentally ill. And if you don't start out mentally ill, the reaction by your peers to your independent streak would eventually make you mentally ill.

    • OldFool

      Most Japanese do feel guilt in harming their own friends and relatives. And their enormous fear of peer attacks is entirely justified from experience, since anyone who has been attacked by a gang of shit-heads knows how unbelievably horrible it can get.

      • We Not They Finally

        Kudos to anyone who stands up and BREAKS that wall of fear, whatever the consequences. Would they rather be socially acceptable or would they rather live?

        The mothers need to organize. Timidity does not cut it, WHATEVER their fears. There are bad consequence to standing up? What is that compared to DYING? Or worse, having their CHILDREN die?

        I've actually been "attacked by a gang of shit-heads" (never mind the back-story)and know how "unbelievably horrible" that can get. But fortunately, the damage was "only" emotional and mental and could heal in time. This can't.

        • We Not They Finally

          I say this in compassion for the frightened people, incidentally. It is terrible to be that afraid and it can seem impossible to break the grip. But every now and then, even over there, people do scream. I would just so support anyone who does.

    • SnorkY2K

      Many of the Japanese believe that there is no problem. If they don't believe that there is a problem there can be no guilt. My brother-in-law in Chiba sent my wife a large assortment of Japanese chocolates while she was in the hospital. Although my wife ate most of the chocolate before we got there, my kids asked me to test it for radiation anyway.

      I placed 1 piece of chocolate/strawberry next to a bottle filled with europium doped quartz. The PET bottle should block most alpha. We left the bottle with one conical piece of chocolate about a half inch high and about 3/8 inch at the base with the chocolate spaced 1 inch from the bottle.

      Two nights later we opened the dark closet and checked the bottle for illumination still in the dark and with a blanket over our heads to prevent exposing material to light. The side of the bottle facing the chocolate was dimly illuminated fading to imperceptible about 3 inches up the side of the bottle. The material was charged about an inch deep into the bottle. Since we would expect x-rays to penetrate further and PET should have block most of the alpha we believe that it was mostly gamma emitted that was charging the material.

      This was just a test of some candy. It wasn't radioactive enough to set off alarms at customs. However, I am concerned that I was able to tell that it was hot with such a simple test.

      • bo bo

        SnorkY2k – thank you for sharing
        I am not a scientist and not familiar with this method of testing for radiation but read with interest as my sister lived in Chiba ( now evacuated to Australia)
        My father is also visiting from Japan right now and on the kitchen counter is a box of cookies he brought for me 🙁 ( 'from your favorite place!' He smiled… sniff )

        I am actually curious to know how Hershey's milk chocolate fares in this test.
        I recall Dr. Caldicott said that Hershey's is right by Three Mile Island and that since their milk is sourced from that area, it was highly radioactive in the 80s. I have always been curious how it is today.

        • name999 name999

          bo, that is funny about the cookies! Really can relate to having this inner monologue running when folks are so completely in denial about the problems in the food supply. (trying not to look alarmed…sniff;-]]

        • bo bo

          Name…Each family reunion has been increasingly sad 🙁

          • GQR2

            wow bo, that sounds like a dilemma those cookies..Its Shakespearean in way. The first excuse that flew into my head was to say you were saving them for a special occassion..kind of weak but it might work. a new food allergy?
            that's compelling.

            • bo bo

              GQ – I ask my father: 'there's something called pandora here in the u.s., I can make a radio station for you. What musician would you like to choose ? ' 'oh! Great! Simon and Garfunkel. Papa's favorite.'

              First song that comes on Pandora: the sound of silence
              He starts humming along.


              • GQR2

                This too shall pass? Sounds intense!
                i have a visual on this whole scene somehow. and now audio. This could be sad overload however try to see something poignant in it you may get that moment to bring up the stuff you want to yet. It is profound.

              • name999 name999

                bo, he sounds sweet…I am reading these backwards;-]]

              • bo bo

                Latest from Kevin Blanch – sound of silence

                I love you Kevin !!!


                • GQR2

                  i saw that title too and doncha know thought of your scene too !!
                  yes all the syncroncity and same frequencies or near friquencies we vibrate on 🙂 It is uncannyyyy grrrl !
                  i want to know what's on tap for the visit today? but if you answer probably OT thread would be the ticket 🙂

                • Tung Jen Tung Jen

                  Bo, synchroncity seems to be happening to me all the time….Was teaching "the Graduate", for a number of years at Sophia! Spring 2012 the last year of the, "
                  The Sound of Silence."

          • name999 name999

            Bo, I am sorry to see humor when it pains you. I have to kid myself about it sometimes, but not truly funny…

      • dfong63

        did you also measure a control sample? some types of food (eg bananas) have enough naturally occurring potassium 40 to set off a geiger counter, and perhaps it'd be enough to register in your setup too. your food can be radioactive without any connection to fukushima or any human-caused event. what happens when you measure chocs that are not from japan? (this comment is not meant to imply that japanese chocolates are fine to eat, but only to suggest that detecting radioactivity in food doesn't prove where it came from.)

  • wildandfree wildandfree

    Hard to believe, the children, our children and theirs are the future. People are so self centered, they, we sacrifice our future for our own issues today. This must change or our world, changed as it is now, will be gone forever. Every article I read, energizes me more for making a difference. We all need to do what we can, go out of our way, in what ever methods that are available to us, as a society, everyone needs to make a difference. It is way past time.

    • Socrates

      Yes. You must get active to fight the machine. The nuke-liars have figured out how to make a killing financially by subsidizing war-related technology. Einstein tried to expose them.

      • Exactly, our comments here have educated many, converted many, brought many lurkers out to be smart enough to want to talk about this kind of complicated subject….

        But we need to take the fight to them, educated the massive that would never visit a "conspiracy" site. I laugh at that phrase.

        stock 2014 TM "If it is not a conspiracy, it cannot possibly be the truth"

      • Tarangela Tarangela

        I don't know anymore Socrates. I come from a family who fought the machine for light exercise. I can remember being in civil rights rally's in Cali when I was like, 5 yrs old. I remember a crowd hanging an effigy of GOV Ronald Reagan. We went to anti war rally's, anti nuke rally's worked on this or that. What good did it do? As an adult, I see the few who have the responsibility not ONLY fighting the causes of our downfall, but we have to fight the MANY who we are fighting FOR when they join their OWN enemy. We are outnumbered.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      .. 🙂 Nicely spoken..

      • GQR2

        we could call it collusion analysis ! Some of us are collusion analysts. systems analyst. There are many kinds of systems,not just IT right?

        or crime investigators as the case in point is the greatest crime in the history of the planet,so great and final is the ongoing assault.

  • Socrates

    The nuke-liars are throwing the children of Fukushima under the bus; world-wide ALL children are being thrown under the bus by the nuke-liars. These are war crimes. The fat cats made their money. Let them have their assets forfeited to pay for the mess they created. May they lose their freedom as well. People want justice. Why are we slaves to obsolete technology? Nuclear energy was the misbegotten son of a misbegotten weapon. The "big" men with their "big" weapons kill children. Bravo! How brave they are!

    What was to be used on Hitler is being used on children. How "green" is that?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Not very green… 🙁

    • NondiPloom

      No one intended to use nuclear weapons against Hitler, only the Japanese . . . and then only reluctantly with the thought of saving the lives of an invading military. Ironically, the Japanese were about to surrender.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yet Shinzo Abe and his family (grandfather was apparently a notorious war criminal during WWII according to Yoichi Shimatsu)really DIDN'T "surrender." They thought they should have won, and they want to fight all over again. Now he is lobbying to change the Japanese constitution so they can re-militarize for "defense."

        How further tragic that even after that hard, hard experience which no population should have to endure, that it's the people who learned absolutely nothing who have grabbed the reins over there.

  • Cdog Cdog

    We do know what effect it will have on the children, we only need to look at the children of Chernobyl. Fukushima = 300 + tons of uranium and plutonium lost with at least 30% going sky high when reactor 3 blew. I believe Chernobyl was 65 tons of uranium, essentially no plutonium. It's 4 1/2 times worse.

    • Fukushima Low Dose Radiation Causing Unusual Changes in Children; via @AGreenRoad

    • razzz razzz

      Cdog: Would like to see some links for your figures or how you drew your conclusions.

    • We Not They Finally

      It's way worse than 4-1/2 times Chernobyl. Plus HOWEVER that is calculated, NOTHING has been done to remediate this and now it is pouring endlessly in the world's largest ocean, in quantities they do not even pretend o accurately measure — just that the "estimates" keep getting exponentially higher. Plus numerous SPENT fuel poosl of ghastly hot radionuclides.

      Really skittish about the Chernobyl comparisons. After 27 years, we've still had a world relatively in tact. Doesn't look that way this time around.

  • Cdog Cdog

    Old Fool, this is the same attitude 99% of the people here in California also have. "What can we do? Mine as well just go on with life." Yet by not looking deeper at the problem the people/my friends and family, will never know what they could have done to mitigate, and have already "cast the die of their fate." Defiantly frustrating and depressing.


      @Cdog – I agree, people in the US believe this is a Japan problem. It upsets me most that strangers seem to take my words more serious than friends and family but that fact of human nature is biblical.

  • GQR2

    The mother states 20 yrs later. No its not 20 yrs the effects will be far more immediate than that. Where is UNICEF ? the WHO ? March of Dimes, Red Cross, Sisters of Perpetual Guilt? The Pediatricians, Where are they ?

    All of these organizations are corrupt with the Lucis Trust the biggest villain of all.
    All the Disney "its a small world,buy the world a coke" crap was just that a big cover for Imperialist Expansionism and 70 yrs of Nuclear Industrial Waste and Murder. The con job that their purposes were good for their ministrations over the globe. The world is seized with either an apocalyptic madness or some other type of induced Trance Formation.
    Censorship,the war on journalism and mass surveillance does not help to save these Fukushima Nuclear Refuges.

    • Seraphine Seraphine

      I find it telling that one of the people listed as a nut who endorses this "conspiracy theory" is Helen Caldicott.
      Side note: 'rational' my foot. How very condescending. A site made by & for the crowd that reassures itself by belittling those who don't wolf down "accepted" reports…

      Like many well-known & respected NGOs of today (notably HRW), the WHO is also made to mouth Western narratives &, through use of emotional imagery – think videos of gassed, dying children in Syria – generate support for certain military campaigns. This is why it was so useless with providing information on the actual parties behind the chemical attacks in Syria.
      /political rant before starting in on Venezuela
      My point is: don't look to NGOs for help from or attention on Fukushima. Not one of them will step up & say the F-word, much less the N-word. Criticism of things nuclear is still a dangerous venture. Even if they one day admit the presence of radioactivity as a culprit in cancer cases beyond Japan that can be SHOWN to involve radionuclides from Fukushima, all we'll hear is "We found radioactive ___ in our river but have no idea how it got there! Derp!" {See: "No one could have predicted…" –Condoleezza Rice
      Okay, I'm done w/the politics here, I promise!)

  • Socrates

    Nuclear energy is a systemically generated problem in our society. Originally used to justify trillions spent on a stupid Cold War, it is subsidized by those nations with large investments in this technology. So long as profits are privatized, and true costs are externalized (socialized) under the legal scheme, this juggernaut will continue its devastation of the planet. Coal, oil, gas and nuclear are all programmed to devastate the planet.

    The centralized utility company is the problem. Our species will self-extinct using such fuels to generate electricity. These monopolies are holding our heads underwater to make their profits. They will gladly go to war to ensure their profits.

    We live in an energy dictatorship driven by corporate profits that do not have to take into account the damage done. A few changes in the legal paradigm would change all this. But first, people must understand the dynamics and be willing to change the dynamics. Few are aware or committed enough. We will have to learn the hard way.

    • J.

      IMHO, the best chance for rapid, fundamental change is through application of new technologies. Thanks to the Internet, I think these will not be suppressed if they are put into the public domain. For example, here are some remarkable, documented claims — with schematics — about novel circuits that greatly extend the life of ordinary batteries, in ways that are not yet understood. These circuits may make solar power even more feasible and desirable than at present.


        no links J….

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          if I could do anything, AFTERSHOCK, I would seriously hook up with Eric Dollard, and simultaneously the Correas at aetherometry

        • J.

          You can use a search engine to find info on the "joule thief" circuit. I ran across the research because I keep an eye on one particular researcher. Here's some information about his work:


          I don't have the hands-on experience to comment more. I can say that almost all of the "free energy" information I've seen in the past has seemed pure rubbish. There are always claims of suppression, of classified patents, and so forth. Typically, there's a "black box"s setup, and "trade secrecy" prevents full disclosure. In contrast, the schematics for the device linked above have been published online, the parts are cheap, and just about anyone with basic electronics skills and a top-notch oscilloscope can verify — or rebut — the claims.

          That's the key. It's open source, and it's true or it's not, and we can find out. If it's true — and I happen to respect the researcher — and if it can be scaled up, we may see major changes in near future. I think making devices of this kind can win some young folks prizes in science contests. I look forward to seeing that.

          • J.

            By they way, it may be better to listen directly to the claims from the inventor:


            I don't recall offhand where the schematics are posted.


                thanks J. While perusing the PESN site, I came across one of their lead stories that featured a system that runs on water and produces millions of watts. As you're aware, there's a million scammers out there. But I'm think'n of traveling-out to where these guys are, and check'n their system out. It looks very cool. Basically works by 'exploding' water and capturing the light (plasma) with photovoltaic cells for conversion into electricity. While most would think in classical terms that such would require more energy than is derived through conversion, it could equally be successful if the plasma source is bright enough to exceed the efficiency of the PV converters. This falls in line with Over Unity concepts.

                My only reservation is in how long the PV array remains viable. I can't imagine they'd last long when subjected to such high levels of illumination. Think putting your eye up-against a white LED. You'll see the light for a while, but eventually the eye's light conversion mechanism (rods) will be overloaded and ultimately destroyed. (NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY INTO A WHITE LED!!!) In the case of PV cells, the valence band of the semiconductor junction (p-n) will be disrupted by ion-migration and eventually destroyed.

                Thanks again J.



                • J.

                  You're very welcome.

                  I've been hearing about Black Light Power for quite some time. My strong impression is that it's not a scam outfit. Time will tell. I don't have the expertise to evaluate their claims, and they are proprietary and confidential.

                  That's one reason I have so much respect for those who put their claims into the public domain for fast verification or falsification. I have no objection to anyone getting rich from great inventions, but in the energy field the stakes for humanity are very high, and the faster we can change the paradigm, the better. Sometimes good people need to give away good ideas and forego profits — a concept utterly alien to the cartel behind the Fukushima catastrophe.

                  And speaking of giving ideas away — we wouldn't be having this useful communication if Tim Berners-Lee were a greed head. His beneficence has greatly contributed to a a better world. I'm profoundly grateful for the ways in which the Internet has expanded my world view, though the process has sometimes been painful.

  • Dick Shenary

    Fukushima was a black swan event. For those not familiar with this terminology, this is an event that is highly improbable and, should it happen, has highly devastating consequenses.
    Unfortunately, our species may witness an entire flock of black swan events during the rest of this century. With climate change, we estimate that sea levels will rise at least 1 to 3 meters this century alone. Almost all of the world's nuclear reactors are located next to large bodies of water or large rivers due to their constant cooling needs. We as a species are either going to have to shut them down or move them. Somehow I don't think just moving them is an option. So let us get on with it and SHUT THEM ALL DOWN. Also, do not fall for the newest bs coming from the nuclear industry that Thorium reactors are the "green" solution. This is complete hogwash and actually mimics the old "Atoms For Peace" propaganda.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      .. 🙂 "So let us get on with it and SHUT THEM ALL DOWN."

      This "is" the only intelligent decision/response/direction..

    • sworldpeas

      A sobering thought
      A flock of black swans drowned
      Devastating life

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Fukushima was predicted and was a sure event. The safety checks were avoided and lied about. There were previous scandals and people fired for suppressing safety check failures. It is sure that another devasting nuclear accident will happen any day now. Why does anyone think Germany has already shut down nuclear reactors and all the rest are soon slated to be shut down? There are a few countries who refuse to kill their own citizens with nuclear reactors. Unfortunately, radiation spreads around the globe every 40 days and everyone and everything is continually being increasingly contaminated with radioactive nuclides. And all the nuclear waste will be increasing the radiation exposure for another million years.

      Why has the US abandoned its citizens and all the other citizens of the world? And this includes all the nuclear governments who have abandoned their citizens: China, Russia, France, UK, Canada, North and South Korea, Iran, Ukraine, Pakistan, Israel, India, and all the idiot governments who are planning to build more nuclear reactors and who allow uranium and thorium mining.

    • We Not They Finally

      I don't concur that this was a "black swan" event at all. It was "an accident waiting to happen." After many accidents that DID happen and still no one put on the brakes.

      NOT "black swan." Just evil in plain sight for decades that finally dumped its nastiest, most abundantly poison upon us all now in an unstoppable flood.

      This industry has no "white swans"! So how could this be a "black swan"?! Really!

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      …time for only one reply for the moment, and for that can't quote you from memory any sources just now, unfortunately, but it seems certain research is showing sea water rise for this century far above the current standard expectations. That's because of the great increase in the accelerating trend for warming now showing up in the Arctic regions. This is the grim reality. The increase is so dramatic that, were it to continue, the melting of the vast stores of ice in the Antarctic would result in an upwelling of the oceans easily above 10 metres. In other words, if it can be put this way, it's acceleration of acceleration now taking place, in 2014 especially.

      If I can get back to this Enenews post, will try and look for an appropriate reference link first.

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        …just quickly here, not the link I wanted but gives the view just discussed above.


        Laden's is a detailed exposition, and this is NASA research, with proper reference.

        So, yes, Dick, those nuke plants by the water……

        • name999 name999

          pacifistic, the coastlines around the world are threatened. Some of the most coveted and
          magnificent places in this struggling world will soon enough be under water.

        • Angela_R

          Hi again PaciFistic,
          While I also wonder, as others do, about the effects of nuclear on global warming, I suspect that the holes in the ozone layers and the breach in the magnetosphere may not have been factored in.

          btw. I did reply to the link you previously left, however forgot to put it on O/T and left it on the thread where we had the discussion. Re the photo. I regard that as the body's force field's ability to protect by repelling.

          • PaciFistic PaciFistic

            Angela_R…..have been strapped for (by) time. Thursday nite will be better, though shouldn't promise, and about photo, might try O/T, having at least already checked it out. Did see your reply to link, thanks.

            Concerning your comment above, there are factors we and scientists even are not aware of. E.g, why is the north magnetic pole shifting so much to the west now. This suggests something going on in the molten magnetic core, movement there. Likely so, thus multiple volcanoes discharging recently.

            A seriously dangerous time, it feels. Northeast coast of Japan dropped a little at 3/11, and moved laterally about 8 feet. Could easily happen, just as new islands are now forming in the Pacific, Japan could simply drop lock stock and smoking Fukushima (as per Edgar Cayce), enough to be underwater either wholly or partially, as tectonically they are situated at perhaps the most active spot on the planet.

            And yes, name999, coastlines are threatened, especially around Pacific rim.

            Must go, take care.

            • Angela_R

              PaciFist, will check on O/T in the next couple of days.

              Re: movement. I suspect that the problem is manifesting in different ways and may have a number of contributing causes. I have been following the increase in movement of the north magnetic pole for some years. I view the emerging islands as bulges, possibly connected to submerged underground volcanoes; maybe squeezing up through widened tectonic plates. The inner core is possibly bubbling, however I suspect the outer core is leaking. There was an article on 20 August 2013, titled "Massive Iron Plume in South Atlantic Ocean" published in http://www.ibtimes.com, which could be one reason. The causes could be multiple, including the possible increasing pull on earth's gravity due to planetary movements, man's follies and the breach in the magnetosphere.

              I have an interesting theory re the old story of the Israelites crossing of the Red Sea, it centers around an earthquake and a tsunami, the waters receded and then swamped the Egyptian Army as it crossed. There's a fault line that would probably indicate the likelihood of such an occurrence.

              However, I have no specialised knowledge in any given scientific field.

  • "The girl's grandparents and her college-age brother find the fretting about radiation ridiculous." – AP article

    I do not understand this attitude. ???

    It's not 'fretting', is what I would say.

    IMO – It's concern over an unseen contamination that has been unjustly thrust upon us and is continuing to spread globally. It's ramifications will be seen, this FACT we know.

    • Who owns AP and Reuters, too? The calculated blackout is HUGE!
      Designed to down play and hide truth. Carry on you.

      And the Japanese stand up against the Yakuza?
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL-5t5utUOo … i don't think so.

      Say it all together now . . . North Korea.. …Iran,,,Syria… Ukraine … chemnukes from afar oh no we must support our DU contaminated soldiers.

      Look the other way now . . . Fukushima who?

      How do you wake people up en mass to confront blood thirsty opportunists who have been in charge for centuries. I don't know. So one by one … and some guts to contact our plantation managing "representatives". And encourage others to do so . . . repetitively. Share until you're blue


      Not a lot of that here on ene … a lot of woe is me.

      In addition to the finest finest research around.

      But approximately 22k likes on facebook and about the same number of daily top story viewers .. .. ene is no bastian of activism and encouragement for getting the rad word out…no matter how good the news or analysis.

      All together now . . ."STOP NUKES NOW". A little venting.
      Like a rad Fukushima burp. Feel better now?

      Nuke navel gazing abounds. And seems by the threads there's no concerted effort to inform newcomers on how to/what to do. The deepest bow to those of the few here who do. You are the few of the few. Aloha.

      • We Not They Finally

        chemfood, you're VERY frustrated. So are we. But right in the middle you say that you "don't know" what to do.

        Better that people talk and share than that they don't. Whatever we can or cannot effectively do, it's silence that's the worst.

        I'm sure that you take this in the right spirit.

    • name999 name999

      chasaha, they think we are fretting. Stay away from bananas and smile as much as you can!

  • Dick Shenary

    "Research has not shown the children to be in clear danger from exposure to low-dose radiation, but mistrust of the authorities remains high." Mistrust of all news articles published under the AP (Associated Press) banner also remains high.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Well let see what the research shows…and lets go 8 generations of research. 1900 on..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Here you go.. 🙁
    How is this working out for our women?
    What about this and is this a reflection of a multi generational result?

    Sorry, but we have all been lied too and its ongoing 24/7 and the curtains being drawn are huge.. 🙁

  • Nick

    I am somewhat skeptical that Japan has a viable (and verifiable!) handle on actual radiation exposures across the country. They like to publish a given number and compare the reading, to say, New York City.

    But I don't get the impression that inhalation or ingestion of nano-particles is factored in to a given "yearly" dose.

    We know that Fukushima NPP's innards went global. Given that this fiasco has been obfuscated since day one, I can't help but wonder what these children's adult lives will be like.

    My own son says I tend to focus "too much" on Fukushima/WIPP/Hanford/DU/etc.

    I do, but I honestly don't think I have much of a choice. I refuse to ostrich with an issue that will impact entire ecosystems forever.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Nick, you are the leading edge of the knife needed to change the future direction of our planet.. 🙂

      Was there a knife in the news today? 🙁

      Better get to banning all knives.. 🙂

  • Fukushima Released Massive Amounts of Plutonium; Being Found In Japan, The Pacific Ocean And Inside Many US Cities; via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2014/01/fukushima-released-massive-amounts-of.html

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    And of course there are these statistics that "certainly prove" that Nuclear Radiation Contamination in any dose causes massive damage to the biological genome and in a multi generational fashion..

    Since 1945 bomb blasts in Japan and then the installation of 50+ Nuclear Power Plants emitting Radiation Contamination 24/7 in low and high quantities. 🙁

    Ergo: The Facts!

    1. For every 3 people that die in Japan one dies from cancer. 25% die from cancer. 🙁

    2.127,000,000 current population means 31,750,000 japanese citizens will die from cancer. 🙁

    3. Current birth rate for Japan is 1.36 births per women. 🙁

    4. All nations/cultures need a 2.17 birth rate to maintain their populations.

    5. Japan is now dying and is simply toast and it's now proven to be multi generational and low dose does effect all ages and all age brackets. 🙁

    This is simple basic research that you will not see coming out of any peer reviewed institution.. 🙁

    The "Curtains" being drawn are huge!

    • Gasser Gasser

      By the time humanity ever gets to the point to shutdown all NUKE reactors and stop all nuclear testing, I feel that ever "increasing" world wide Microwaving activity in all forms will be the next invisible slow death phenomena to deal with…invisible microwave smog is now thick like the air you see China breathing…this is and always will be a nasty planet to live on, no matter what inventions we come up with to survive, there's always unending compounding complex negative consequences to follow…bottom line> pick your poison.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        They come up with the inventions to make money, and to depopulate the world.

      • We Not They Finally

        See Barrie Trower on the slower, yet sure, catastrophe from EM technology, including microwaves, cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, etc. You're correct. It's just somewhat slower, less horrendously overtly aggressive than Fuku. But we're still going in the wrong direction.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Infertility is caused by exposure to radiation contamination. 50+ nuclear reactors in Japan and numerous nuclear accidents and huge build up of nuclear waste will decimate Japan and the rest of the world much faster than anyone is predicting.

      “…The Japanese now have one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, and at the same time, one of the highest longevity rates. As a result, the population is dropping rapidly, and becoming increasingly weighted toward older people. After peaking seven years ago, at 128 million, Japan's population has been falling — and is on a path to decline by about a million people a year. By 2060, the government estimates, there will be just 87 million people in Japan; nearly half of them will be over 65….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Japan is rapidly losing population—and half the world is about to join it

      Only immigration increases the population:

      “…The exception to this demographic trend is the United States, which has similarly low birthrates, but is taking in more than a million immigrants a year. Because of that factor—which could change dramatically depending on the fate of long-stalled US immigration reform—the US is one of eight countries that are expected to account for half of all population growth between 2013 and 2100. The other seven are Nigeria, India, Tanzania, Congo, Niger, Uganda and Ethiopia….”

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "Mother: I don’t believe it’s as safe as gov’t claims, raising questions can get you branded a troublemaker"

    Once again the Japanese prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are the stupidest people on this planet.

    Your children will die if you don't take action. Do your own children mean so little to you that you will sacrifice their lives just as long as your not labeled a 'trouble maker'? Are all Japanese as fucking insane as this stupid bitch? Truly unbelievable. They apparently really do deserve their fate of annihilation.

    • OldFool

      All human beings are essentially gullible and stupid. However, I have lived with the Japanese for many decades, and I would say they are among the more intelligent and least stupid people on this planet.
      They are mostly trapped in a country with a foolish and dishonest government (same as in every other country) that still believes that nuclear power is their only economic hope of survival (in terms of their foreign trade balance) in an era of high energy prices. Their news media is totally controlled by the government and corporations (same as in every other country), and they are constantly bombarded with deliberate misinformation and lies (same as in every other country). There is no true democracy there, or anywhere else in virtually the entire world. Most of them do not have the money to move to another country, and most of them do not have the job skills to find a decent job to survive in another country (same as the people of every other country). Over the next 20 years, several millions of them will die from the radiation, and the same will happen in North America at least. The astounding world-wide coverup of what really happened will fail to prevent the greatest tragedy in human history.

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        StPaulScout could've been Japanese in a former life which for some reason he didn't enjoy.

        OldFool, I also have lived among them, found they were highly intelligent. They're a group-directed people still somewhat tribal despite a strong tech orientation, the yin to the American yang, and of course the latter are individually directed. It's not generally known Japan was the first nation to develop / deploy a flattop for naval war. Similarly, just after WW II it was discovered they had developed the first submarine capable of circumnavigating the world seas without needing to surface, and of course the US got a hold of that technology.

        Being group-directed, they have difficulty initiating change and standing out as individuals. Those who succeed therefore really stand out. Having lost the war to the US, Japan has had a certain amount of gratitude to the way the victors treated them, and thus their current strong ties. Unfortunately, Japan for the most part has been right-wing dominated, and that element has made a number of very bad decisions for their country. There is an enduring segment of idealists in that nation, whose voice has not really been heard.

        Unfortunately, as a friend of mine put it, Japan is "the canary in the coal mine." And Pluto (more toxic than Plutonium), the Lord of the Underworld is its nemesis due to heavy karma, sad to say.

        Not necessary to add to their fate by dissing them using low-level understanding.

    • We Not They Finally

      StPaulScout, maybe slow down a bit. Relate to your exasperation big-time, but the whole world is mostly silent while the Japanese genocide their own people out. But not silent out of stupidity, so much as out of corruption and greed.

      In a way, Japan was the worst place this could happen, because of the long-engrained cultural compliance to authority. But where is the outcry OUTSIDE of Japan? The silence is deafening, along with the lies and cover-ups.

      People outside of Japan may not have quite the SAME restrainers on them as those inside, but it's also pretty much an international disgrace. Is this what it has really come to, to be an Earthling?

    • name999 name999

      st paul, that is easy for you to condemn as you aren't there. The Japanese people are prisoners.

      • bo bo

        Note: article is from 2014

      • bo bo

        Do these 'f**king insane b*tches deserve to be annhialated' ( sorry, I'm just borrowing your own words ) for not googling the hell out of 'snow' and getting informed about radiation ? No. They are just victims of brainwashing, media blackout and damage-control PR campaigns.

        Oh… but those 'f**king b*tches' that started to send death threats to poor Radchick who tried to inform them of dangers, and accused her of robbing their children of normal childhoods … well…perhaps maybe they deserve it. But I'll try to be compassionate.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Chronic lethargy has become the norm. If you're energetic, consider yourself lucky, for now.

  • Nick

    The other day I was trying wrap my head around how ionizing radiation effects cellular functions.

    Decaying atoms are not a good thing to play with when children are nearby.

    Mother: Johnny, you are so lazy lately. Go out and play.

    Johnny: Okay.

    Mother: Make sure you wear a full-body suit and change the filter on your respirator.

    Johnny: Okay.

    Mother: Boy, I just don't know what has gotten in to him lately. He doesn't do anything with zest anymore……

    • We Not They Finally

      Nick, we really took note of what you said about sleep patterns. I don't even know what a "circadian rhythm" is anymore, or whether I'm supposed to be sleeping a.m. or p.m., morning, afternoon or night.

      I'd LIKE to know if the neuro-hormones like serotonin are disturbed by radioactivity. I'll bet that they are. Well, something to research.

    • name999 name999

      nick, this is what happened to the children who survived near Chernobyl in Kiev as was reported in a Swiss documentary that was posted here by Captain Nemo…Capt, can you repost that link?

  • Ontological Ontological

    I find every day that I should have gone with the grim reaper when I had the chance in the hospital. The cruelty and uncaring of this world is completely unbearable. I feel like one of Gallagher's sledge O matic watermelons. kids under or around 20 years old have become like aliens on those phones. This world is Fukued, WIPPed, and ruled by assholes. Who in their right or left mind wants to remain here?

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, A LOT of people want to remain here, especially younger people still in good health. It was heartbreaking to read what people on this website even feel they are able or unable to tell to their children. The world is still a relatively huge place. And most of us do not know how much time we have, or whether it is fortunate to go sooner or later. We just have to extend compassion to the suffering. Also be so very sorry for people like yourself who have already had to bear the brunt of serious illness.

      Sometimes life really is, there but for the grace of God go I.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Ontological I often feel that way too, but look at what I just found; a reminder that there are good people out there.


    We can directly help the kids of Fukushima get to an area where they can play outdoors, even if only for a few weeks. These kids to need to run free and breath fresh air … yea I know that's relative these days, but we can give them and their parents a break from the doom and gloom in the least.

  • Nick


    Laugh while you can. We is one batshit insane species.

    I'd give you a piece of my mind, but I lost it already!

    • Ontological Ontological

      I lost my mind the first I heard of the Gulf Spill. My only remaining marble is kept on a sphere stand in a curio cabinet. lol

  • Dick Shenary

    Your work here on this orb is not finished. My proof is the contribution you make to this web site and the progress being made to wake-up the whole world. Please continue the good fight while you still can.

  • Nick

    WNTF and all,

    My suspicions about ionizing radiation messing with sleep patterns stems from a long term interest in tryptophan, one of the rarest occurring amino acids, a precursor to serotonin and melatonin.

    In a healthy organism, L-tryptophan is converted into serotonin, then as the day progresses, serotonin becomes melatonin (this happens in the pineal gland). If a human is deficient in niacin ( a B vitamin), the body converts the tryptophan into that at the expense of the neuro-hormones.

    Stress causes us to need more B-vitamins for our metabolic processes, hence it is crucial to keep loading the body with tryptophan.

    But it is more complex than that. Other amino acids compete with tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier. So you can have plenty of protein in your diet but still be "sleep deprived."

    Interestingly enough, eating sweets at the end of a meal tends to release tryptophan into the blood stream from it's albumin molecule carrier (which is why desserts evolved).

    • Angela_R

      Physical damage from radiation could be occurring. I have a friend who had a growth (its cause was undetermined), in the pituitary gland, it was operated on and removed. Since then, has battled with deep depression. Scar tissue would possibly inhibit the proper functioning of this gland as would, no doubt, any tumour.

      However stress, unrelated to physical damage, can also interfere with bodily functions.

  • Nick

    You can't just load up on tryptophan (like pills) since it is so rare and the body has other needs (the niacin metabolic pathways).

    When you look at a tryptophan molecular diagram you will see how electrons get shared across the structure, a type of resonance.

    It is this resonance that I believe (and think!) ionizing radiation can distort.

    So when an individual gets zapped, stress insues, precious tryptophan goes to ATP burns, etc at the expense of a more mystical and spiritual pathway that serotonin and melatonin can produce.

    I am no expert, just curious.

    • name999 name999

      nick, and in Kate Brown's book Plutopia she talks about the effects of radiation on mental health,
      mood, and aggression which is related to stress, rest and sleep. Will post more on that later.

  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    Keeping nuclear power going at all costs is all about being able to build nuclear bombs. Seems to me from the Japanese nationalist perspective, they're finally about to emerge from WWII as a regional superpower, as long as they keep their mouths shut, and so that's what they're doing.

    • name999 name999

      Alaskan, they could do anything. Frightening.

      But that is also a fool's paradise. That is built to spill.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Superpower.. 🙁 Just what this world does not need, a bunch of countries with Nuclear Weapons..

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    “…Russia is the second biggest builder of new reactors, with 10 under construction. There are six in India and a handful elsewhere in the world, such as France and Finland. The announcement that the Hinkley Point C plant will go ahead in the UK will give hope to other nuclear operators, notably Hitachi of Japan …”
    “…Despite going out of favour in some countries, 66 new reactors are under construction, most in China.which is eyeing other sites….”

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV


    • name999 name999

      VanneV, very bad news. Complete indifference and denial.

      We keep struggling with this monster but it is so big and has so many heads.

    • J.

      Thanks for that. The post perfectly illustrates the failure of the existing power structure and the reality of regulatory capture. We need dramatic change — more direct democracy and far greater disclosure, at every level of the power structure.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      N.R.C. Never Really Cared

      • GQR2

        good one uni! On the subject of stupid people or cultures of people We are stupid as well.
        Look at what is gotten over on us,up to and including Agenda 21.
        So exactly who is stupid and who are the masses that are manipulated its every single one of us.
        How stupid is it to them raise the safety levels of radiation?
        How stupid is it to let all kinds of polluted fish get sold and fed to people?
        How stupid is it to turn our heads away from any Fukushima Radiation truth? How stupid is it to ignore visible damage on the West Coast but not wanting to address Public Health?
        How stupid is it to let doctors and epidemiologists deny the cluster birth defects?
        How stupid is it to eat Monsatan gmo food?
        How stupid is it to let the Supreme Court gut the Constitution and election process?
        How stupid is it to harass and threaten journalists?
        How stupid is it that big Corps are people and yet pay no taxes?
        i could go on.

        See there is no shortage of stupidity if that is what one wants to call it. This issue is global. The force of it is strong and gonna run an ugly course in the big scheme of things.

        Nobody can single out the Japanese for this unless the brain wash of american exceptionalism is
        So strong that the people will not see the stealth enemy that resides literally inside of them.
        They cannot believe the government does not care and has an agenda that is not the well being of the citizens and the country. They cannot believe they are not free.

  • MT

    I cant open off-topic or general discussion pages .
    My post on japan today

    t Apr. 10, 2014 – 03:58PM JST

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      From comment section: FightingViking says, in response to this quote, " Although two of the 7 reactors look likely to restart on technical grounds, the head of the local prefecture has accused the operator of 'institutionalised lying' and says TEPCO cannot be trusted to operate another facility."

      "Well at least they got THAT right!" Viking says.

      Great bunch of comments to which I might add that I wish there was a way to do away with most of the current governments of world. Just — poof! They all seem to be caught up.