AP: Grim gov’t estimate says Japan population to shrink by 40 million in next 50 years (VIDEO)

Published: January 30th, 2012 at 11:57 am ET


Title: Japan population to shrink by one-third by 2060
Source: The Associated Press
Date: 10:01 a.m. Monday, January 30, 2012

Japan’s population of 128 million will shrink by one-third and seniors will account for 40 percent of people by 2060, placing a greater burden on a smaller working-age population to support the social security and tax systems.

The grim estimate of how rapid aging will shrink Japan’s population was released Monday by the Health and Welfare Ministry.

In year 2060, Japan will have 87 million people. […]

Read the report here

Title: 40% of Japanese to be over 65 years old in 2060
Source: NHK
Date: Monday, January 30, 2012 12:23 +0900 (JST)

A newly-released report predicts that Japan’s population will shrink by about 40 million in the next 50 years while about 40 percent of the people will be aged 65 or older. […]

It predicts the number of people between the ages of 15 to 64 years will fall by nearly 50 percent to 44 million in 2060. […]

The institute says with the aging population and lower birth rates, the decrease in population will continue.

Watch the report here

See also: Belarus Foreign Minister Uladzimir Syanko said country’s birth rate has fallen by half as a result of the April 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster -Chicago Tribune, 1995

Published: January 30th, 2012 at 11:57 am ET


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32 comments to AP: Grim gov’t estimate says Japan population to shrink by 40 million in next 50 years (VIDEO)

  • Stephengn

    “The institute says with the aging population and lower birth rates, the decrease in population will continue.”

    Much much MUCH lower birth rates

  • Many more birth defects and problems associated with that.. 80% of all newborns have problems around Chernobyl area..

    Factor that into the statistics..

  • bleep_hits_blades

    As much as possible, I’ve read that deformed/mutated newborns in Japan are being/will be immediately ‘euthanized’ and parents told they were DOA & not allowed to see them.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    This reduced population is EXACTLY what the ruling global elites want.

    Fukushima = ‘blunt instrument’ human population reduction op. Might even have a clever code name. Operation Banana Split or something similar, as they joke, celebrate with drugs & boy/girl toys, and pat themselves on the back for their own cleverness.

    The elites are accustomed to creating wide paths of destruction on the path to global monopoly government/monopoly control of planetary wealth/sources of wealth. Whatever it takes…

  • This article and video explains it really well !

    The end of an era for Japan *Good Zakaria VIDEO*

    Wherever you are in the world, you’ve probably used or coveted some Japanese product – a Honda four-wheeler; a Toyota Prius, a Sony, a Panasonic TV, a Nikon camera. Since the 1950s, Japan’s exports have flooded the world and fueled an economic miracle at home, making that country one of the wealthiest in the world. Well, this week marks a turning point – one of the world’s great export engines has run out of gas.
    What in the world is going on?
    For the first time in 31 years, Japan has recorded a trade deficit. In simple terms, that means Japan imported more than it exported last year. Now this is not that unusual for some rich countries: the U.S. has had a trade deficit since 1975, and yet we’ve grown. But the U.S. economy is not built on exports. Japan’s economic rise on the other hand, has been almost entirely powered by exports.
    So what has changed …


  • anne
    January 30, 2012 at 10:15 am · Reply
    ‘Satire’ Article Quips ‘At Least 2 Billion Must Die’ to Save Earth

    • vivvi

      That ain’t the half of it. The new world order monument, the Georgia Guidestones, insists as its first commandment that humanity should be maintained under 500 million. If you do that math, they want to kill off six and a half billion of us. Certain ELITE want you to die so they can have the whole planet for themselves and their offspring. Those who are awake know who those people are.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re this ‘over-population’ issue, I’ve read that the situation is not a grave as the elites say.

    Ironically, the elites are the ones who are wasting resources! Fracking uses up huge amounts of water … they lay waste to the planet with their reckless methods of doing just about all they do. (like suppressing cheap energy technologies).

    MOST important – if the elites were not raping the 3rd Worlders of the value of their natural resources & their LABOR, these people would reduce their own birthrate; with higher std. of living comes more education, people learn about birth control & use it just as 1st world nations’ people have done.

    The elites themselves have created this big fat ‘over-population problem!’

    Fact is, they do not want to have a lot of us pesky proles to have to manage, lie to, control & give benefits to. (& they certainly don’t want to give us a fair share of the profits of the production! – which uses our labor.)

    Also due to automated production & bots, droids, & nano-technology, etc. they need fewer workers.

    They want to RE-WILD the planet – for their own enjoyment. Imagine if the plains states of the US went back to being covered with grass, & supporting huge herds of buffalo & antelope… imaging being able to vacation there and see that!

    That’s the kind of thing the elites want to do with ‘their’ planet…

    Remember throughout history might has made right, regardless of rhetoric; so the elites are just being realistic as they see it.

    The game has always been, Grab the goodies quick before the competition does…

    Frankly I do not disagree with their analysis, but I do believe
    deep in my heart, as they say, that there is a ‘moral order to the universe’ & that we as the only creatures on Earth who have the capacity to do so, should & have a duty to try to be fair & honest & kind & compassionate in our dealings with other sentient beings. I personally fall short of the ideal – we all do – but we should try.

    • alexa


      The moral order of the Universe likely is watching and saying: people are really working hard towards apocalypse ASAP. Those that will be fair, honest and compassionate will survive the Appocalypse event. Enenews may be.a meeting point for good people -this is why it is important to stay in touch.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    xdrfox – Re our economy ‘not being built on exports.’ That is a situation that the elites have contrived, with NAFTA & GATT, etc.

    They forced American workers to compete with people who live in cardboard boxes and earn a dollar a day – and in countries that do not takes such a big huge bite out of profits as the USG does. (and in countries that do not have anti-pollution regs etc, and so can manufacture things more cheaply for that reason too). The elites deliberately, methodically moved production out of the USA with policies and actions such as these.

    Saying that they were anticipating trends, they CREATED the ‘trends,’ which showed that the US was ‘going to have’ a ‘service economy’ – which as I read somewhere means WHAT, exactly – we will prosper by cutting each other’s hair and waiting tables or what?

    Production is the lifeblood of any economy. Obviously products as well as services must be generated. So – more BS mumbo-jumbo from the elites to hide the truth, and their agendas…

    BTW Onion satire is funny but I believe it was Alex Jones that made the point that it is not really a laughing matter. This satire tends to trivialize it, deflect us away from the ‘dead’ seriousness of the situation.

    • blades,
      NAFTA & GATT,shipping jobs over sea’s.
      You know I was telling people in the early 80’s, when I used to have in the Auto Salvage Company, people would be going through hard times in the later 80’s it started happening,( losing job up north moving to N.C. or not making enough money or cut in hours ) (First was Texas then Ohio, then West Virginia, then Virgina, moving to Charlotte, at a point the city was absorbing 500 week !) I would tell them, I see this all the time, people having these same problems and having to sell their vehicle rather then fix it or better to furnace another cheap vehicle, In the end I would say, We will all be working fast food or changing bedsheets before it’s over ! It’s been evolving ever since to this scenario !

    • blades, I think the video say U.S. hasn’t exported more then it has imported since the mid 70’s !

  • Sickputer

    Back on topic (although I enjoyed all the elitist theories 😉

    With bad news pouring out of Fukushima Daiichi almost as fast as cesium clouds…does anyone besides me think the 50 million population decline might happen much, much sooner? The tipping points are escalating at breakneck speed.

    As I observed a month ago…the frozen filtering pipes spells disaster for the poisoning of air and ocean around the island. It’s got to be a depressing madhouse on that island for the workers. Finding replacements who are real technicians will become increasingly difficult. The trained workers are almost certainly sick or dead in my opinion. YMMV

  • arclight arclight

    2012 January 18 – 24 [POLITICS]

    Japan-U.S. military alliance lies behind a secret protection bill

    “Union workers in the media industry on January 17 held a study meeting in Tokyo to discuss the danger of a “secret protection bill” that the Democratic Party of Japan is planning to submit to the next ordinary Diet session.

    The Mass media Information and Culture Union (MIC), consisting of confederations or councils of unions in the newspaper, printing, broadcasting, publishing, film, advertising, music, and computer industries, hosted the event.

    The “secret protection bill” will enable administrative organ heads to designate any governmental information in the category of “special secrecy” and will impose a severe punishment on information leakage.

    The bill will authorize the invasion of privacy in order to determine the trustworthiness of persons who deal with secret information.

    Tajima Yasuhiko, Sophia University professor, criticized the bill as obstructing news gathering activities because it will intimidate public-sector workers or potential whistle blowers into not providing information that may be in the public interest.

    He said, “Not only information leaks but also attempted leaks alongside conspiracy, abetting, and agitation will be subject to penalties. This will obviously have a negative impact on the freedom of the press.”


    • arclight,
      They really want to suppress the future, pass truths, government’s cover-ups, it’s becoming the Horror show of all time and it is important to keep a lid on it from the rest of the world !
      News Blackouts will be common, lines up with other government’s as to overall MSM blackout and control issues !
      I said a week ago news would start to come out at breaking speeds and this past week it has, they know that too much and too many are willing to speak out and inform the world !
      More have become outraged and are speaking up, this is not good for the Japanese gov. and they must try to continue to make deals with other country’s for the economy, to not appear to be cold and disconnected to other countries !

      • arclight arclight

        true xdr

        the pronukebanker forces are moving on many front to gain control of the information.. i believe my recent hacks were a not to subtle warning… of things to come maybe?

        the governments are using their at war powers… and keeping the press inline… big pr is buying up all the universities and therefore the “peer review ” process… the internet is being squeezed.. activism has become generally illegal.. a brave new world!!

        no nukes!!

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    @arclight that is government & corporate speak for Cover_Your_ASS & protect the flow of cash.

    As you know it allows them to coverup much more than is being covered up now. They are desperate to stop even the news we are getting now. Imagine if we knew nothing about what has happened in Japan or the trail of investors ect. *Various types of these laws are being brought forward all over the world. The current ACTA bill that they are trying to pass will allow businesses to control what links you are allowed to share in case it can damage a business. http://www.avaaz.org/en/eu_save_the_internet_spread/?wMRvEcb

    ACTA could also ban lifesaving generic drugs and threaten local farmers’ access to the seeds they need.

    Well the information we share here damages the Nuclear industry for example. And by limiting seeds (enforcing GMO’s) & generic medicines they will make trillions.

    @Sickputter I agree that the population will decline much faster. Tepco reports 7 tons of water leaked from R6, we know to inflate those numbers & to inflate all others as well.

    Agreed bleep_hits_blades

    This type of article & more that will appear, they are meant so that no one questions where they went. Mind there will be the elite that will move into the newest resort in India. Hopefully more Japanese really will leave, but most will never be able to. But we will hear about increase in immigration of Japanese into various countries. These will be inflated numbers, to hide the number of deaths in Japan.