‘Growing concern’ over worker shortages at Fukushima Daiichi by gov’t and Tepco -AP

Published: July 22nd, 2012 at 3:27 pm ET


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Title: Japan Probes Alleged Nuclear Cover-Up
Source: AP
Author: Mari Yamaguchi
Date: July 22, 2012


Labor officials said Sunday that an investigation had begun over the weekend following media reports of a cover-up at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant


A subcontractor of plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., or TEPCO, acknowledged having nine workers cover their dosimeters with lead plates late last year so the instrument would indicate a lower level of radiation exposure.


The issue reflects a growing concern among the government and TEPCO about how to secure a continuous flow of workers to finish cleaning up the plant. Officials say it will take about 40 years to decommission the plant’s four wrecked reactors — three with melted cores and another with a spent fuel pool in a shattered building.


Published: July 22nd, 2012 at 3:27 pm ET


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69 comments to ‘Growing concern’ over worker shortages at Fukushima Daiichi by gov’t and Tepco -AP

  • weeman

    40 years not acceptable,

  • richard richard

    Well there's a kindergarten up the road. I saw the kids were already trained to look out for radiation, although one little girl will need some discipline, her nose was exposed. But otherwise their conditioning, ah sorry, education seemed to be going well.

  • andagi andagi

    Dear Admin,
    Is it possible that folks here might refrain from innocent banter involving children? As much as I appreciate this, it pains me so deeply.
    I believe that if individuals really listened to themselves, they would somehow find they might, possibly see this as much as a humanitarian issue as it is a technical one. …jus say'in.

    • richard richard

      Andagi, the children are victims here and will be highlighted in what ever way necessary or that suits the context.

      We, the commentators, did not create this catastrophe, the nuke industry did. Maybe ask them to avoid damaging or involving children in the operation of their business.

      This is a seriously heavy drama that affects all aspects of life. You need to have the stomach to face it.

      And the children will be used in the future. I was only half joking. By the time these kids are 25 they will likely be slaves to the radiation spewing fukukuku machine, trying in vain to 'decommission' it. Seriously. And they will be old and frail before the job is done. I will be long dead, so will you be probably.

      Hard truths, get used to them.


        @richard: "Hard truths, get used to them." Sadly…you are correct…

        • arclight arclight

          i would add this as a balance to dealing with hard subjects..

          from the dalai lama

          “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.”

          its an objective to aim for maybe.. gotta go now

          peace to the enenewsers!
          saikato hantai! (preferably for the morning to cheer me up a bit.. 🙂 )

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            Really? The Dalai Lama?

            Where is he on this issue? Where are his statements regarding the end of life on this planet? The infliction of great amounts of rad disease on the children?

            He has forfeited his title. He is just another human avoiding the truth of this disaster. Nothing more.

            He casts a great shadow over the entirety of Tibetan Buddhism by his silence on this. Shameful.

          • gotnuttin2lose

            Beautifully simple quote from a beautiful man. I will commit that to memory! Thanks.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear Richard,
        Thank you for being here.
        'Stomach' you say??!
        Over 30 years nursing. I'm trying to 'stomach' all you learned folks teach me daily and still stay true to my mission!
        I can say without doubt …my heart is bigger than my stomach. And, my stomach has withstood the test of time!!
        So, where are the medical proffessionals???

        • JustmeAlso

          Andagi, the WHO said radiation doses are too low to cause cancer….

        • A very brave doctor from Hiroshima has spoken loudly about the crisis

          Megumi IIzuka. A-bomb doctor warns of further Fukushima woes. Japan Times (2012, July 12), http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20120712f3.html#.T_-lU_V0jwl

          • andagi andagi

            Dearest Majia,
            Please help me understand. Sometimes there are only partial answers. Sometimes there is only partial recovery.
            Thank you for writing. I celebrate all of you here.
            Sometimes it's learning to live with what you have left.
            Facing a new day.
            Yet, I and many, have cared for countless persons facing these mortifying issues …every day.
            Sorry …where are the health professionals here???
            These wonderful, gifted, dedicated, astounding folks at ENENews have grown very tired in their multifacited ways to tell the world that the Fukushima 'event' is a significant one.
            Please, healthcare professionals 'Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!'. On top of everything else, 'It's time to rise and shine.'
            Staffing? …Physicians? …medications? …Pediatrics …Hospice? …oh my… (can we, just for once, not be about profit and go back to caring?).
            Thank you ENENews.

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              "An event has happened, upon which it is difficult to speak, and impossible to be silent." – Edmund Burke

              • gotnuttin2lose

                I think Sir Edmund Burke, also said that Patriotism
                was the last refuge of a scoundrel(l). Well, the most patriotic people in Japan (the Yakuza) have been in charge of recruiting anyone they can to shut down those roman candles.
                Didn't he also say something about seeing infinity in a grain of sand?
                Edward Gibbon described him as the most eloquent AND rational madman that he had ever known.
                I understand why you quote him so often.

            • john lh john lh

              yes, very tired indeed.

              Without a heart and soul to find ,to knock for the truth, to move for the solution, even truth will lost its power to be repeated.


            good one majia. Disappointing that this lone man has spent fifty-plus year struggling to get the truth out to us all. What is encouraging is that it's finally coming out…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      This site is the Red Pill. If you want the Blue Pill, it isn't here.

      Sorry, but that's what the deal is. No one here, who's watched this horror unfold since 3/11, hasn't been through the same heart-wrenching trauma. And there's more to come. But we come back and share what we can, in the hope that there can be either change, or some form of self-realized acceptance.

      Early awareness allows preparation. Late awareness, well, most will experience this part.

      • gotnuttin2lose

        What about the purple pill? you are marginalizing peoples input before they ever have a chance, genious boy. Some of us are just getting started. You sound like some Drill that is trying to weed out the worst before they have a chance to be the best.
        Give this Andagi Babe a chance. (S)he is thumping away in a second language. And she is doing quite well. Begging to learn something.
        Be a gentleman, and give a 30 year vet nurse some respect & a chance to contribute.

        • richard richard

          fair call. it can get a bit heavy for new comers.

          we don't always know what people are bringing to the forum. everyone has questions though. the answers seem to come without sugarcoating, i'd agree. not sure there'll ever be a resolution though.

          if we're lucky, things wont get any worse.

      • gotnuttin2lose

        Some of the people on this site have not just watched it like you in "THE LIVING ROOM WAR". Some of us here have lived it. Get off your punk-ass high horse.

    • desara3

      It pains me to see those children. I see them as if they were my own. I would be so angry beyond human words.
      We have all believed and counted on those in charge to morally protect us and keep us safe.
      They have the choice and power to do the right thing. We ourselves have believed this forever.

      Now some of us see the truth for what it is(Some only)

      The children are as innocent ,as we all were. Most adults do not have the means to know anything other than what they are told.

      Ignorance is bliss. I wish I could UN KNOW a few things.

    • Max1 Max1

      I mean no ill will for or toward the children. Yes, they ARE innocent. I feel that the powers that be (TPTB) are the ignorant ones. When I said, "Hands, feet, dust tracked around" I meant it as an observation. I can comment at length about the video, I felt brevity was better.

      • Max1 Max1

        If the school was opened AFTER the decontamination, if you can call it that when they ALLOW children to play in a field that has vast areas that are contaminated, you can bet TPTB are responsible for their future. The women shown in the video are doing their best with the knowledge they have. 10:1 they were TOLD by a government rep. that the center play field would be OK, "but stay away from over there, and there, and there, oh, and there, too…" or something to that effect. Even the children knew that much. How did these children learn this? Their care takers there at the school. My point is… How much were these teachers and care takers told? Even the main interviewee appeared disgusted in the whole situation. They know the water needs to be bottled… Is that what they've been told? 10:1 yes. They know the perimeters of the play field are NOT safe… Is that what they've been told? 10:1 yes. So, what of the play equipment? The kids know where the radiation collects… Is that what they've been told? 10:1 yes.

        It surrounds the children… and the Japanese government says it's OK… Is that what they've been told? 10:1 yes.

        My jaw drops ever time I think of this reality.
        It's not banter.
        It's a harsh reality leaders in Japan refuse to acknowledge.

        It deserves to be discussed.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "So, where are the medical proffessionals???"

    Andagi – Where indeed. Sorry to say they are only as informed as the PTB allow them to be. So much info is censored. So much is withheld. So many lies and so much deceit.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear StPaulScout,
      Thank you for writing. Please think about my post.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        There won't be any sugarcoating here. We're all going to suffer from rad sickness. It kills the kids first. If you don't like it, contact your elected officials and ask why they still support nuclear power when it's killing them and their families.

        Cowards that take paychecks (campaign contributions are the majority of their income, tax free, too) from their and our killers.


        • andagi andagi

          Dear Time is Short,
          Perhaps, yes you are correct. But then, again not. Your honesty and courage may see you through. It's rough!

          • andagi andagi

            Dear Time is Short,
            I thank you for your ultimate courage. I thank you for doing your best to contribute to the world, your expertise.
            Thank you for responding.
            I'm doing my best to assimilate the facts that come my way. I have grown to trust this at community of ENENews.
            None of this is easy. For most of us, I believe, it goes beyond our normal comprehension …daily …ongoingly. This is not a 'one time & it's over' …'just fix it' event.
            Only very special folks will be able to comprehend the magnitude of this. I believe these are the most brilliant, inspired and gifted of all.
            I have been here from the beginning. This is a dynamic forum and it continues to evolve. It welcomes all.
            What can we do?!!

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    They're going to have to find dumber and dumber idiots to work at Fukushima. They'll import them in, pay them nothing, and subject them to inhumane levels of radiation. Only a moron would do this job.

    Similar to DHS and TSA in the US, advertising for employment on pizza boxes. That NWO crap is looking a lot like the Dark Ages with shiny weapons.


      @TIS: "…looking a lot like the Dark Ages with shiny weapons." Truly brilliant…

    • pierre

      or the terminator future with crappier robots.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear Folks,
        I understand the pleasures of banter, but in this seemingly dire time, could we possibly less negative, or is this the way you all desire to go?
        Jus say'in.


          @andagi: you should know, humans have a neat trick of surviving the worst of conditions, with-what you refer to as 'banter'. Perhaps we'd be better positioned to take-in this nightmare from a tall building?

  • charlie3

    the Dalai Lama is a politician, one who has admitted being on the payroll of the CIA in the past. I wouldn't expect too much of him regarding Fukushima.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Charlie3,
      Agreed. It is individual. Within each of us, our own answers.
      Okay, there are worker shortages. So …banter, or help?!
      I've gone on the record and 'flubbed up', yet am actively participating in doing something.
      It's one thing to 'try to act like an armchair quarterback', but there are dear children at stake! …even our own:(
      Is this now becoming a forum of skeptics?
      I'm a lifeforce person. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for your skepticism and lack of faith in the human capacity.
      ENENwes is doing all it can to provide the best information regarding Fukushima during these challenging times. The world has access to the brilliant minds who offer themselves here.
      These inspired and intrepid folks gingerly present complex information common people like me, whispers of facts and potential possibilities.
      We would respect them if we might grow to embrace the reality they see and present these great minds with possibilities rather than outdated jibberish. …jus say'in.


        so andagi, "Is this now becoming a forum of skeptics?" You spent the last couple of hours berating many, here, for voicing their thoughts. You'd be well advised to "…to embrace the reality they see…" and refrain from your own apparent skepticism…

        Peace out…

    • richard richard

      Hi Charlie, do you have a link for the DL/CIA comment please?

  • patb2009

    they can fake all the reports they want. Have the workers cover film badges, have dosimeters that are rigged to undercount, put styrene cups over outdoor counters, undersample radiatin in food.

    won't stop what's happening.

    "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.
    Richard P. Feynman

  • richard richard

    I wondering just how many people may be needed.

    "Recommended limit for radiation workers every five years is 100.00 mSv"

    "Natural radiation we're all exposed to, per year is 2.00 mSv"


    I read that as MILLI sieverts, not the micro sieverts per hour I read on my dosimeter.

    (my calculation gives me 0.854 mSv per year. 0.10 microSv/hr times 24 hours times 356 days)

    So a radiation worker is 'allowed' 10 times the annual recommended dose of a civvie.

    Following the 'bots ..


    They were exposed to levels of 18 to 324 millisieverts/hour.

    So, in a worse case here, one worker could recieve 5 years dosage within 20 minutes,

    Considering you may want to get an eight hour day done, that's 24 people required. They would then not be able to work in the industry for five years.

    Say it may take a year to 'decomtaminate', cough cough, the area. That would take 8760 people to perform the work of one-man-year. One person.

    You'll need a team of half a dozen, not one. So that now makes 52560 required for one area for a year. That's almost 150 disposable people per day.

    Add a five year salary to that 20 minutes .. say $30,000 a year. times 150 a day.. that's $4,500,000. A day. And you can't use those people again for five years.


    • richard richard

      So, in short… over 50,000 people per year required. at $4 million a day = $200,000,000,000 in wages/compensation. To 'decontaminate' cough cough, one area.

      (please let me know if my maths is wrong)

      • richard richard

        there should be bus loads of workers arriving at this site every day.

        we should be seeing hundreds of workers on the tepcam.

        all we see is the hedge grow, but don't be alarmed now.

        the spineless and pennyless agents of tepgone use duct tape and blutak with pvc piping to 'repair' a 'facility' that will take 50 years to remove, if ever.

        anyone wanna donate a can of WD40 to the cause?

        it's not just the silence that's deafening, it's also the inaction that's overwhelming.

  • norbu norbu

    we must not except this as our future. we must stage a world wide general strike. If we do not support there system of carnage it will dissolve. We create the demand, we must stop. It's time to stand up for our rights as living being's. Not a million human march, but a global human march. I would go without power to stop this madness, I would give up 2 meals a day for others. Power to the PEOPLE. NO MORE NUKES

    • richard richard

      I'm with you norbu.

      But I don't think you'll ever get the people to wake up. Not ever.

      I always thought a disaster might wake them up, but fuku hasn't, whatever will?

      We are sailing on a ship of fools, literally.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        "A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." – Saul Bellow

        The need for denial is great. In the case of global nuclear death, greater than the personal need for truth.

      • norbu norbu

        Richard, remember a long time ago something inspired a man to gather 2 from all species, no one would listen, he did the work, they perished.

        • richard richard

          well, apparently norbu. without touching that topic other then skimming, i think the outcomes could still be the same.

          i know i'm not always optimistic when it comes to the general pop. but against that, i still keep wanting to look for change in an 'eventuallity'. It doesn't actually mean 'giving up' to accept that most others aren't paying attention.

          to be honest, they're a pretty busy lot, just like me, trying to keep head above water. so i don't mean to be derogatory and i'm going to try to halt that expression.

          others before have suggested, 'ignorance is bliss'. i've since read, 'it's just ignorance'.

          tough life really. and we sit at the pinnacle of global communications and space travel and mass population with abundance of food and general health unseen in history.

          but many are too busy to notice someone holding the pin to the ballon. can it continue?

      • rambojim

        Sad but true..

  • JustmeAlso

    Ironic to see an ad today for the course: ''Nuclear Power explained – a comprehensive training course delivered by distance learning
    The Nuclear Energy Industry: Knowledge Needed!''

  • Sickputer

    There will also be a serious shortage of healthy civilians everywhere in Japan. The monsters from Pandora's box are not hanging around one little island.

    Radiation is such a fearsome enemy. Finding willing volunteers to work at the plant is difficult. Especially when your own leaders are culpable in the disaster. This tragedy has no easy solutions and almost certainly the coming years will be a test of will for the Japanese people. When leaders betray and fail their countrymen then the soul of the nation is shaken to its core. The people have long memories when their very existence on earth is threatened with extinction.

    Great sacrifices will be necessary to save Japan, but so far the government is unwilling to lead by example.

    • rambojim

      The Japanese fearless leaders should be the first to clean up the plant. Cover up their dosimeters with a lead shield before they go in.

  • john lh john lh

    Already the Japan government given multiply visa for any Chinese whom is the first time to visit North Japan ONLY!

    They just need to move 1 step further ,to give some benefits,such as free ticket and work permit as study students in North Japan, and they will get plenty of Chinese to be killed by Fukishima ,

  • CB CB

    ”Secure a continuous flow of workers” ..never seen that comming.

  • true2U

    Someone mentioned, when the government and media start talking about something multiply x 10 the severity.
    I think this "little leak" is prepping us for the real truth?
    The reactors probably are unsafe for even the workers.
    So, they are going to have to let it explode.