AP: IAEA inspectors at Iranian nuclear facility say no explosion -Source

Published: January 29th, 2013 at 7:44 pm ET


Title: UN agency dismisses reports of explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility
Source: Associated Press via Fox News
Date: January 29, 2013

The U.N. nuclear agency is dismissing reports of a major explosion at Iran’s fortified underground nuclear facility.

International Atomic Energy Agency spokeswoman Gill Tudor told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Iran’s denial of “an incident” at the Fordo uranium enrichment plant is “consistent with our observations.” […]

A diplomat familiar with the issue told AP that the IAEA’s information came directly from IAEA inspectors at Fordo. […]

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Published: January 29th, 2013 at 7:44 pm ET


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107 comments to AP: IAEA inspectors at Iranian nuclear facility say no explosion -Source

    • Ivanvondoom

      Anne works for AIPAC can't you tell? Let's pray that Hagel gets confirmed as Defense Secretary so IsraHELL can't kill anymore of our kids for their ridiculous wars. Nitwityahu belongs in a NUTHOUSE and Joey Farrah of WND is a closet zioNUT. Just saying… Now if you want some REAL news finde a website called whatreallyhappened by Michael Rivero. That's where I found this ENE story anyway.


        while she MAY be posting material, Ivanvondoom, that's in support of the the neo-con agenda, such personal accusations cannot be substantiated, and as such, not acceptable. Though others (my self included) may agree with your political position, someone could easily ascribe unfounded motives to your good persons, as well. Therefore, until such time as you're made privy to information that can support your claims, I'd recommend avoiding such character assassination and confine your efforts to the contesting of her points.

        As a great metaphysicist once said, "The truth will out!"

        • Ivanvondoom

          "Attitude adjustment assimilated Chief!" LOL! "Demolition Man"

          In addition to WHATREALLYHAPPENED I also humbly suggest rense.com as a healthy alternative to Joey Farrah's tripe at WND.


            agreed Ivanvondoom. Though Michael does get a bit repetitious; still thinks he's at the head of the class. And yes, Jeff does a great show…


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I'm 72 years old, am totally disabled and am not getting paid anything at all for my time on the internet and am only inspired by the Truth and Life. Other people are reading the news, and posting a news story is just that, a post, not necessarily a belief in a particular story. Why some people don't want the news stories brought to their attention remains a mystery to me. Attacking me won't make the news go away. I prefer to know what the news stories are saying.

        I hate war, will never own a gun, and I hate everything nuclear. I don't even know what the initials are standing for that you are claiming that I am working for.

        I find that looking for the truth involves knowing what the opposing sides are saying. The real stories seem to be buried and the opposing political rhetoric is just a red herring to keep people from learning and focusing on the most important news.

        I refuse to let anyone govern what I believe. The Truth will reign.

      • gladys a milyon gladys a milyon

        Michael rivero works for aipac. Look up his ancestry.


          do us a favor, gladys a milyon, post links that support your accusations. Anyone could accuse you of being 'hasbara' and close with a 'look it up' statement.

          Personally? I can't stand Michael Rivero. I find him a bit too pompous for my liking. What you won't find me doing is standing-by, while others sling shit on people they differ with. Try countering opposing positions with something more than unsubstantiated evidence. And, even if he (or anyone else) has a Hebrew lineage, such genealogy would not color my view of their character. So, while I might be swayed by an individual's actions or stated affiliation, I refuse to accept that an individual's heritage is their sole defining attribute. They may be fooled into accepting tribalism as their raison d'etre but eventually, survival of both individual and tribe can only be achieved through cooperation with others. (Humans are about to discover this reality.)

          There are many Jews who struggle (both privately and publicly) for truth and justice for – all – people. The fact that Zionist sociopaths have managed to (temporarily?) coerce, and in turn, co-opt a people (they'd claim to serve), does not equate being Jewish with being a supremacist.

          Applying the intractable logic of race heritage to any people would find each of us with a missing eye…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Iran Fordow Nuclear Facility Explosion: Did It Actually Happen?
    10 hours ago
    “New details have emerged on WorldNetDaily regarding reports that a massive explosion at Iran’s Fordow plutonium enrichment facility on January 21 caused huge damage to the plant and trapped 240 personnel underground.
    “Now, WND’s source claims that 16 North Koreans, including 14 technicians and two high-ranking military officers, are sealed underground with the Iranian staff.
    “The White House has denied reports of the blast at Fordow; White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Monday that “we have no information to confirm the allegations in the report and we do not believe the report is credible.”
    “Ali Reza Nourizadeh, a senior researcher and director of the Centre for Arab & Iranian Studies in London, confirmed Monday that an explosion occurred and that while damage to the facility was limited, the entrances are destroyed and an unknown number of personnel remain inside. According to Nourizadeh, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has encircled the city of Qom and arrested eight to 12 journalists who leaked news of the incident to the international media.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “WND’s source claims that an entourage of North Korean nuclear technicians and military officers were sent to Tehran on January 15 and 17 and visited two enrichment sites – one unknown to the West to be revealed by WND, and the other, Fordow, where the North Koreans were to witness the activation of 174 newer, high-tech centrifuges….”

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        I can just imagine the scene:

        NOOOOO! Not that red Butto..Kaplooie!

        Boy don't I have egg on my face!

        It worked fine last time we turned it on I swear! No don't leave, We'll sweep up the mess and run it again. You'll see. We know what we are doing and we are good at it. They will all see, one day!

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Iranian expert confirms blast in Fordow uranium enrichment facility.
    January 28, 2013 – 6:02 PM
    “Update about the explosion that reportedly rocked the Iranian underground uranium enrichment facility in Fordow
    “Iranian expert confirms but US government denies Fordow was the scene of an explosion
    “Dr Ali Reza Nourizadeh a senior researcher and director of the Centre for Arab & Iranian Studies in London confirmed during a telephone interview with Missing Peace that an explosion has occurred in the underground uranium enrichment facility in Fordow Iran.
    “Nourizadeh, who is a commentator for Deutsche Welle and the Voice of America and has an extensive network of contacts in Iran, told us that the explosion has caused relative little damage to the uranium enrichment facility itself but that the blast has blocked the entrance to Fordow. He confirmed that more than 200 personnel are trapped in the plant and that there is a unknown number of casualties….”

  • ftlt

    Pray this report is true…

    Any attack on a major nuclear facility anywhere is a first strike in a nuclear war… Regardless of what weapons or methods are used in the attack..

    If the USA and Israel have plans to attack Iran's program, it will be a nuclear first strike!! It is that simple…

    This is Strangelovian madness!!!

    There are serious questions if the USA used tactical nukes on the caves in Afghanistan – I have no proof of this.. But, it is certainly discussed enough for concern… We know, the Bush Admin. pushed for their devepoment and deployment for cave fighting..

    This issue goes beyond patriotism… It is just plain wrong for any nation state ever to be the first to use nuclear weapons or to attack nuclear sites…

    It is an anathema to anything that is righteous…

  • Their denial of an incident will ALWAYS be consistent.

    How long did it take Japan to admit there had been multiple meltdowns?

    How long has it taken the US government agencies to talk about the non-stop fallout from Fukushima?

    If, an incident is somehow proven, then the next sentence will be…
    "There is no immediate concern".

  • behappy1

    IAEA inspectors at Iranian nuclear facility say no explosion

    That should be the end of this foolishness
    but nooooo

    no wonder people are beginning to think enenews has become
    another quack site.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      "…IAEA inspectors at Iranian nuclear facility say no explosion…"

      Hmmm…. that's odd. There are no inspectors in Iran and haven't been since last year.

      No IAEA mention so far:

      Reuters originally reported this:

      "We understand that Iran has denied that there has been an incident at Fordow. This is consistent with our observations," IAEA spokeswoman Gill Tudor said in an emailed statement in response to a question.

      So was she referring to Fordow, or to Iran's denial?

      Reuters edited the story soon afterwards adding this paragraph:

      "…IAEA inspectors regularly visit Iranian nuclear sites, including the one at Fordow, and the U.N. agency suggested in its comment thatthey had been at the facility after the reports of an explosion there…"

      That's some crack reporting by Reuters. Quoting a spokesperson's non-committal answer and then 'helping' you understand what it suggested. The other 90% of their story helps remind you about how evil Iran might be.


      Not that Reza Kahlili's original story is any more believable. The one 'confirmation' from Ali Reza Nourizadeh was parroted by London and German papers because he comments for them on Iran. The Times went the extra step of a second confirmation… from Israeli Intelligence 'sources'.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Nuclear accidents happen because nuclear technology is unsafe. Blaming explosions on sabotage is living in a dream world. Human error, parts that are defective, earthquakes… The reasons for an accident are numerous. All nuclear facilities should be shut down immediately.

  • behappy1

    right anne,
    just like no one could have imagined flying airplanes
    into buildings, only in a dream world.

    the inspectors are at the site, they say
    no explosion

    let it go

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I guess we should believe that Fukushima is in cold shutdown, and that there is no excess radiation in the US. Do you think we should just eat, drink everything from Japan and Ukraine and everywhere where there is radiation all over the place? After all, you can't see it. Do you think we should stop trying to stop nuclear proliferation and new nuclear power plants? After all, you can't smell it.

      I'm sorry. I'm grieving over the death of someone who suffered from Sudden Death Syndrome from all the fallout in the Pacific North West of the US. And I actually care about the people in Iran and whoever may be downwind from any of the nuclear facilities anywhere in the world.

      Ostriches aren't my favorite bird. And when the news media stops reporting, I won't have any more articles to post. I don't understand how no one wants to read the news.

      • behappy1


        I don't know whats going on in Iran
        Im pretty sure its nothing Israel says it is.

        My point to you is
        To make a statement like
        Blaming explosions on sabotage is living in a dream world
        is foolishness.

        its already been done


        admittedly by Israel and the usa

        Do I believe the IAEA, lol, about as far as I can throw them

        Don't think for a minute the goal of Israel is not to take out the nuke facilities in Iran, it is.

        And they will do that no matter how much radiation is spread
        its just a matter of time.

        sorry for your loss, and yes I agree they should be shut down

      • WindorSolarPlease

        I'm sorry to hear about your loss anne.

  • Jebus Jebus

    White House Debunks Iran Nuclear Explosion, But Iran Denies Planting Story
    Jan 29, 2013 8:49 AM EST
    There was never an explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility. So where did the sensational story come from?


  • kez

    Thanks Ene Admin for the followup.

  • Jebus Jebus

    White House fails to get word of Iran explosion
    Multiple sources confirm disaster, but Carney has 'no information'
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/white-house-fails-to-get-word-of-iran-explosion/#oEE6Gu5IgecZVbK6.99
    WND’s exclusive report by Reza Kahlili, a former CIIA agent in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, that a key Iranian nuclear facility was devastated by an explosion last week was confirmed by Israeli intelligence officials speaking to the Times of London.


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    "Sources in the Islamic regime previously have revealed exclusively to WND the existence of:

    "• A secret nuclear site in Najaf Abad.

    "• A list of Iranian scientists working on a nuclear bomb.

    "• A secret uranium enrichment site in Khondab, where the Russians and North Korean scientists are helping with Iran’s nuclear bomb program.

    "• The secret bio-weapons site in Marzanabad, where, with the help of Russia, Iran has mastered production of eight microbial agents, arming its missiles with biological warheads.

    "• Another nuclear site at Bonab, where, with the help of Russians, uranium enrichment is taking place using laser technology."
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/white-house-fails-to-get-word-of-iran-explosion/#qFIrwFUukGt1IO3v.99

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Secret Iran nuclear-bomb plant expanding
      Neutron detonator, warhead design for missile nearly completed
      Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/secret-iran-nuclear-bomb-plant-expanding/#jJFRCqkeJPDPxK2w.99

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Russia helping Iran accelerate nuke program
      Scientists establish 2 laser sites for enrichment work
      Published: 01/22/2013
      “Iranian scientists – with Russian help – have set up two sites to use laser technology to enrich uranium for the regime’s nuclear bomb program, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit.
      “The Russians had argued that due to IAEA monitoring and Western countries’ lurking satellites, it would be wise to use lasers to enrich uranium as, the source added, it is 16 times more productive, requires less space and energy, and is much easier to hide.
      “In 2010, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boasted that Iran possessed laser enrichment technology, but the regime refused to respond to demands by the International Atomic Energy Agency to explain its laser program.
      “The IAEA in a visit to a laboratory in Lashka Abad, Iran, in 2003 had noticed work on laser isotope separation but could not determine the full extent of Iran’s research and development with laser enrichment technology.
      “Hans Ruhle, the German nuclear weapons expert, in a commentary published in the daily Die Welt last May, argued that Iran can enrich uranium using laser technology, which would be more difficult to detect. He also stated that American spy agencies in 2000 discovered a pilot program for laser enrichment between Iran and the Russian D.V.-Efremov Institute in St. Petersburg.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        “The laser technology SILEX (separation of isotopes by laser excitation) is used to separate uranium isotopes and refine fuel-grade uranium to weapons grade in fewer steps and, since it produces no distinctive chemical or thermal emissions, make nuclear proliferation easier.
        “’Laser enrichment technology provides the Iranian nuclear weapons program with a highly efficient means of producing weapons grade uranium (WGU) using a process that is relatively easily concealed and yet potentially can deliver more WGU faster than the now-public gas centrifuge enrichment sites at Natanz and Fordow,’ said Clare M. Lopez, a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.
        “’As the IAEA has been seeking verification about Iran’s laser enrichment program since 2003 while the Iranian regime consistently has obfuscated and stalled for time, the maturity and scope of its laser enrichment pathway to a nuclear bomb must remain a serious concern,’ she said.
        “’The Iranian intelligence service learned well its denial and deceit tactics from the Russian KGB, whose response to discovery of the massive Biopreparat biological weapons program in the early 1990s, for instance, was to open wide certain installations to international view – while hiding away its real, continuing program at other secret sites.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The same pattern of behavior is evident with the opening of the Natanz enrichment facility to IAEA inspections while other enrichment sites, including laser enrichment facilities, likely remain undetected and uninspected.’
        “According to the source, one of the two sites using laser technology for the nuclear bomb program is in the city of Bonab in Iran’s East Azarbaijan province….”
        Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/russia-helping-iran-accelerate-nuke-program/#ugsi2FDeEms7P3d6.99

  • behappy1


    wnd, wnd, wnd.com

  • behappy1

    anne, even if iran has a bomb, and away to deliver it
    they havent attacked anyone in a long time.

    why do you think they would want to turn their country into
    a glass parking lot by launching a nuke

    inspections have found nothing to support what wnd and israel says

    what is your point

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I've read for years that Iran already has nuclear bombs and has had them for years. So much for all the theatre.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        NEWS BRIEF: "RUSSIAN GENERAL CONFIRMS IRAN HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS!", Stratfor Intelligence, Week of June 4, 2002.
        "A Russian general's statement about Iran's nukes fails to register with media. Sometime a slip of the tongue is so incredible that no amount of doctoring can explain it. And sometimes a slip of the tongue is as intentional as could be. Take an appearance by Russian Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky. He gave a briefing on Friday in Moscow during the Bush-Putin summit and was asked about whether Iran actually fired the Shihab-3 intermediate-range missile in a successful test earlier this month. The second question was whether Iran can threaten Israel, Russia or the United States with its nuclear and missile programs.
        "Then the Russian general takes a surprise turn: 'Now, as to whether or not Iran has tested something like that. Iran does have nuclear weapons,' Baluyevsky said. 'Of course, these are non-strategic nuclear weapons. I mean these are not ICBMs with a range of more than 5,500 kilometers and more."
        “Now this is shocking news, indeed! This Russian general has just confirmed that Iran has nuclear warheads and theater missiles with which to deliver them! And, he seems not to be concerned because these warheads cannot yet hit Russian soil. If Iran has nuclear weapons and the missile capability with which to deliver them to Israeli targets, then the entire calculation of military balance in the Middle East may just have changed…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        NEWS BRIEF: "Saudis build desert city around CSS-2 Chinese missiles", World Tribune.com, March 27, 2002.
        "Saudi Arabia has constructed a desert city around a complex for the deployment of long-range missiles. The Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot reported on Wednesday that the complex was built in the Al Sulial desert about 500 kilometers south of the capital Riyad. The complex contains huge missile silos, residential areas and factories in King Khaled City, Middle East Newsline reported.
        "The newspaper published photographs from the Ikonos satellite of what was identified as two missile bases and a complex of 33 buildings, eight of them capable of storing Chinese long-range missiles. Yediot identified the missiles as the CSS-2, reported to have a range of between 2,500 and 3,500 kilometers. The missile, 24 meters long, is capable of carrying a nonconventional warhead."

      • behappy1

        I think if Iran did have nukes they would make that fact known, like yesterday.

        Look at N. Korea, no one really messes with that country. They launch what they want, when they want. They test bombs at will.
        There kinda in there own world, a little waco I think but no talk of invading them.

        But all these middle east countries and now even Africa seem to be the threat to civilization, not Russia, China, N Korea or any country that has nukes, not even the USA or Israel.
        Japan has enough admitted to enriched uranium to be a much bigger threat then Iran could ever be. And unlike Iran, and its stated religious beliefs prevent them from using such weapons, Japan has, lets just say motives to have such weapons. But no concern there either.

        Propaganda comes in many forms, but its goal is to blur the truth, to promote an agenda. Be-careful

        I wasn't attacking you, Im not even the anti semite some think
        I just happen to think WW3 is not to far off, seems sabotage and false flags have become the method of choice to get there.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Iran already has nuclear weapons since 1993 – why do people in the UN and in the news act like they don’t? Why is Iran trying to buy time? – nuclear assets, nuclear weapons, nuclear missiles and parts, nuclear power plants, enriched uranium – they’ve had all that for over sixteen years now –

        “…March 1993
        "The Arms Control Reporter reports that by December 1991, Iran had imported four nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union, including a nuclear artillery shell, two nuclear warheads that could be launched on Scud missiles, and one nuclear weapon that could be delivered by a MiG-27 aircraft. [Note: See 24 May 2002 entry.] The report says that fissile material was exported from Kazakhstan to Iran and the rest of the components were exported from other republics of the former Soviet Union through Turkmenistan. Although the codes to arm the warheads were not provided with the missiles, the report says two experts from Russia arrived to bypass arming codes….”

  • papacares papacares

    friends, this whole thing just gets more bizarre, the whole world has now been informed there are International Atomic Energy Association agents inspecting Iran's Nuke facilities – these same IAEA inspectors proclaim according to AP they have observed nothing out of the ordinary. (Excuse me there are IAEA inspectors onsite?) Then the AP report says, "…the IAEA's information came directly from IAEA inspectors at Fordo. He demanded anonymity because he was not authorized to comment." (is it just me or is there a lot of anonymity being spread around?)"Iran is enriching uranium at Fordo to a level that is just a technical step away from nuclear warhead material. Tehran says it is enriching only for reactor fuel and for scientific purposes and denies accusations it wants nuclear arms."

    Something is just not right. At this point it appears everyone is lying. One thing is certain with this much smoke blowing around a lot of cigars have been lit in a dark room somewhere.

  • behappy1

    well that clears it up
    thanks papa

  • kez

    Anne … you would truly prefer to poof into dust in a nuke armed WW3 attack than give up your point here or admit some middle ground position wouldn't you?

    You claim peace but your mania to outlink w a lot of junk the rest of this forum just to say you win or you are right even among calming voices speaks volumes.

    OK .. PRESS ON BY ALL MEANS .. you win. You win. FRY honey. Burn honey. To a faceless horror of a crisp. Imagine it. As you revel in your RIGHTNESS (I win I win I win) and I was RIGHT … and your skin melts off your bones (unless you are lucky enough to die) …

    Or the starvation freezing mutated violence anarchy of being a survivor of WW3 … you can still congratulate yourself … you win.

    I WAS RIGHT as you dance on limbs with oozing sores … and cough and choke to your lonely death … I TOLD THEM SO. I WAS RIGHT.

    The rest of us are idiots to doubt you.

    All bow to such a bleak future. Press on Anne.

  • Pierpont

    Man, you will just not give it up, will you, Anne. You just keep spreading this WND crap like it's syrup on warm waffles.

    Gill Tudor, is a respected nuke inspector with the IAEA who is currently on the ground (or under the ground) inspecting Fordow. AP has quoted him as saying what I said yesterday "Nuthin' here." And you double down on this WND BS.

    Please read Ephron's Daily Beast article that Jebus links to above. Here's an excerpt:

    "An Iranian exile who goes by the name of Reza Kahlili reported the alleged blast in Fordow four days ago on World News Daily, a far-right website known for publishing conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace."

    That is a well written article and points to a couple of Israeli military dudes who say if you don't have at least two credible sources, you don't have squat. And you don't have squat.

    As you so adroitly point out above, this nut-case Kahlili has been "disclosing" secret Iranian sites for years. I don't think a single one has ever been verified but people like you keep giving him bandwidth. Why? He has promised to reveal yet another one this week, I'm sure you'll want to get taken in on that one, too. He's ginning up an attack on IRI and you're stroking him.

    Your obsession with promoting WND and this Fordow fraud is very interesting. Fortunately there are a number of objective folks here that will keep you from turning this into a nutter conspiracy site.

    • heheheh!! ehawww!!

      gill tudor got eurdep changed because we were getting to close to the hungary budapest medical isotope institute..

      i set a fiesty young german lass after said gill tudor..

      however, my favourite article on fordow was this one.. the video is pretty good too! 😉

      More “no news” from the BBC -Fordo enrichment facility (nearly a week late)
      I am bringing you this “breaking report” of reassurance and confirmation (again) of something the IAEA is “reported” to have said (You can read the article for that bit though) .. This is pure propaganda design to reach all the people currently clicking on confirmation of this “breaking” story NOT mentioned by the media and NOT taken seriously in Isreal by any one with a brain or an internet connection.. I believe Christina gave a good balanced account of the “non story”on this website.. this BBC article/propoganda piece does at least give a reason as to why the story might have come out!


      just a little something i put together to lighten the mood.. click on the header on the link for the latest nuclear stuff.. cos im going to bed now!!

      thanks for the clarification admin.. even if it is good old gill!! (i hope bnb doesnt find out!! ?? )

      peace light and luv to all here! 🙂

  • NoNukes NoNukes


    I have no reason to trust the IAEA or Kahlili, but wow are all these names attacking you today over this.

    I'm so sorry for your loss, anne.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Israel: Iran slowing nuclear program, won’t have bomb before 2015

    "Previous assessments were built on a set of data that has since shifted," said one Israeli intelligence officer, who spoke to McClatchy only on the condition that he not be identified. He said that in addition to a series of "mishaps" that interrupted work at Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iranian officials appeared to have slowed the program on their own.

    Reports that Iran’s nuclear facility at Fordow had been damaged in a nuclear explosion were still being investigated Monday, Israeli officials said. Satellite imagery shared with McClatchy showed that new fortifications had been built around the perimeter of the facility.

    "This is already Iran’s most heavily fortified facility," said another intelligence officer, based in Israel’s central command. "The new construction we are seeing here is meant to prevent access to the facility through land routes."

    He speculated that Iran had taken special care to protect its facilities in Fordow because it was a "highly attractive target for an attack."


    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      McClatchey (Miami Hearald) is usually pretty transparent – I'm not getting their spin on Israeli Intelligence Service's sudden kinder, gentler stance on Iran's nukes. How can they say Iran is slowing down their nuclear program. Iran is still furious over Stuxnet and has been expanding their enrichment capability ever since.

      The 'fortifications' comments are odd as well. Fordow is built in the side of a mountain a quarter-mile deep in solid rock and probably has a dozen entrances. It's surrounded by Revolutionary Guard bases in the middle of nowhere. Nobody is going to bomb or attack Fordow with any effect. Even the U.S. MOP can't touch it through that much rock, and they have no idea where it is situated exactly underneath the mountain.

      Nothing from CNN either. They're probably still pondering the perplexing question they posed last week: "Who is killing nuclear scientists in Iran"?

  • papacares papacares

    stranger still, just out from The Telegraph UK
    "One theory put forward by Shlomo Aronson, an expert in Israeli foreign security policy at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, is that Tehran had deliberately leaked false reports about a blast to prevent international inspectors from entering the site."

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    Petition to save nuclear-news.net and antinuclearnews.net

    Petitioning Ashursts Australia and Paladin mining -Greg Walker
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    freedom of expression is under attack and antinuclear.net is being sued for an article that it posted from the main stream media.. the owner of the blog is a 75 year old lady who is having what little she has for her retirement under threat from these corporate bullies who dont like free speech.
    Among other things, the Ashurst letter accused the anti-nuclear campaigner of imputing that Mr Walker was ‘’insensitive’’.

    In any case, these kinds of threats to muzzle free speech are on the rise. At a time when the mainstream media is under pressure from falling revenues, lawyers are threatening and shutting down websites around the country at an alarming clip…….


  • kez

    F yeah! We Rock on Rock on then!

    Fringe rules … extremist rules …

    Wait … fringe, extremist … ah who cares. Allah Heil! I seen the light! Yay! I am a convert to … wtfcares … bliss nirvana … I have found the answers to the meaning of LIFE!!!

    So I shall merrily dance a circle mindlessly … I am HEALED now! My eyes are opened my ears unstopped. All questions answered. So easy … how did I miss it before?

    I done seen the light and I am right now. Fixed. Whoohoo!

    Fringe on!! Extreme on!!

    Fuck the middle. You might actually get something done there.

    Fringe … Extreme. Yep. Got it.

    Got it.

  • kez

    No didn't actually have psychotic break … would be funny except so much true.

    I don't find any of it funny at all … actually. We are closer to WW3 than ever. Compromise essential.

    So rock on tin hats. Mock on to those who find this amusing or fluffy.

    Carry on to those who recognize truth.

    Gotta go.

    Take care.

    • WW3 is a currency and economics war….its already on

      • guezilla

        The World War terminology works with fairly rigid concepts of what a "war" is (though it must be mentioned there were numerous wars meeting the definition of World War *before* WWI, so they are not a categorial definition but conceptual one), so calling every latest thing the "world war 3" is little silliness… If we allow the definition to be relaxed, then Cold War would unquestionably have been World War III and Sept. 11 with its aftermath is a good candidate for WW IV. By some considerations, we're still in WW IV.
        Of course, there's also economic wars going on all the time, and each of the mentioned "wars" has had their economic reasons. Cold War was fought over superiority of economic systems, and it basically ended because of the other side going bankrupt. To be sure, every war ever has been fought over what the aggressor saw as "resource", be it women, land, oil or sheep. If you want to see current situation as somehow different, then those differences have been given the name "Globalization". Perhaps that should be called the World War V?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Yes..It's be currency and economics war for a long time.

        Zimbabwe checks its bank balance, finds only $217


  • skizexq skizexq

    wnd is fox news internet style with the Cass Sunstein inflitrator stance. BS Iran has nuke weapons. CIA people and ISISreal people all sed so those who should know.
    Hagel is a threat because he is not onboard w/AIPAC as far as I have been able to discern.
    Yes, all is a confusing mess. People I talk to about ANY of it get glassy eyed or instantly depressed and can't see the puppies anymore, through the window.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    This newsletter says that Iran will never be attacked. The propaganda is to keep oil prices high. However, that doesn't mean that nuclear facilities are safe or free from catastrophic accidents.
    Copyright © 2008
    NEWS BRIEF: "Oil market is saturated: Iran president", The Sydney Morning Herald Online, June 24, 2008
    "Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dismissed calls for oil producers to ramp up production in response to high prices, saying the market is over saturated with more crude than it was consuming … '…oil prices are going up artificially. There is a game going on behind it', said Ahmadinejad in an interview with state television…"
    “Of course, there is a "game" going on behind these record high oil prices! Cutting Edge has been saying this for a very long time. Indeed, this specific Illuminati agenda is revealed perfectly in the DVD, above, "Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos". Over a decade ago, Henry Kissinger stated that the Illuminati was going to use high energy prices to control nations; those days are upon us now.
    “This next quote from the Iranian president is quite revealing as to why a sudden upward swing in global tensions was needed — and needed quickly — to keep oil prices going upward.
    " 'The market is now over saturated and oil is being pumped beyond consumption. Consumption growth is less than production', he said."

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “When the market is over-saturated, and when oil is being pumped beyond consumption, that means crude oil is sitting on the market because it is not being purchased. Oil exporters and oil refiners operate their companies for a profit, and that means heir buyers will not be purchasing unneeded crude.
      “Not only is a considerable quantity of crude being pumped and not being sold, but other recent articles indicate that all the extra storage facilities within the Middle East region are full to capacity. Therefore, the oil market was poised to crash and crash strongly. All these propaganda stories telling us that high global demand was the reason for the run-up in oil prices were coming apart at the seams.
      “Some other factor was urgently needed to keep crude oil prices from falling dramatically.
      “Enter the current rhetoric about a Western attack on Iran….
      “Can you see how both these propaganda principles are being used daily to keep crude oil prices high?
      “…Cutting Edge has long maintained that there will be NO attack on Iran — in any way, shape or form. We have listed our reasons before and do so again here.
      “…5) This entire crisis is sheer propaganda, and every Western leader knows it.
      “We would like to end our discussion here. During all this huffing and puffing during the past five years, American leadership knows that Iran already possesses nuclear bombs and the capacity to deliver them. It seems clear that Iran purchased her nuclear bombs

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      It seems clear that Iran purchased her nuclear bombs "off-the-shelf" from Pakistan in the late 1990's and the missiles from North Korea. Remember our oft-quoted remark from a Russian general in mid-2002, as he admitted that Iran possessed nuclear bombs….”

      • kez

        Cutting Edge is as tin hat as they come. According to your quote above Anne, they can confirm that there is no real threat of global escalating tensions over Iran's nuke program because … wait for it …

        The Illuminati plot has already been exposed.

        Read it again. The Illuminati …

        BTW the President of Iran is a known conspiracist also.

        It might be part of the problem in negotiating resolutions that might actually work in the Middle East … attempting to overcome some of the disinformation and distrust and paranoia.

        Or maybe the aliens will either squash us or save us. Probably the Illuminati have already conspired with them already.

  • skizexq skizexq

    ok so everyone in the region has their hands on a nuke. esp ISIS RA EL who does not beleive in the IAEA in THEIR pitiful stolen country.

  • skizexq skizexq

    the meat of the bones is we have a global system that is an organized crime syndicate. And none of US in the US can stop it, without mass protest and storming of the studios. Seems plain and simple to me.

    no AR15/Bushmasters necessary, Sandy Hook psyop hyped crap, take our sovereignty BS.
    Fuck MOssad and ISIS
    Chew them up.

  • skizexq skizexq

    …spit them out in to the dustbin of eternity.

  • behappy1

    well there you go anne

    way to work the crowd
    keep those fires of hatred burning

    best advice I can give to anyone is to ignore your post
    I know why you do, and I know I will

    • Pierpont

      Amen to behappy1

      If you review the three posts ENE has put up on the Fordow fraud over the last few days, you will find 57 comments by Anne, virtually all of them promoting WND's idiocy.

      This is called hijacking a thread, and this is moderately extreme. I mean spreading disinformation like this is time-consuming. Gotta' make you wonder what's the motive. This don't look like a First Amendment freak out for a stroll to me. Maybe thar's gold in them thar keyboards.

      Since 2009 the Israeli disinformation spooks have been hiring people to spread disinformation online. So when you see someone over the top like Anne, ya' gotta' ask yourself what's going on.

      Here's a 2 min clip on LiveLeak where a couple of Zionists are interviewed at a "How to Punk Wikipedia" course put on by the Israeli government. These are called "human drones." Looking back at Anne's endless cluster-bombs on these threads and the way he/she is droning on and on and on …. you can sure see the analogy.


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        There aren't nearly that many posts by me, even if you count the thank yous to people who expressed their condolences to me because someone I cared about died.

        You just don't want people to know that nuclear reactors are having accidents in Iran and elsewhere, and radiation is killing off all life on earth. This is my message and it is a message that opposes the actions of every government that takes money away from its people to build nuclear reactors. And it counteracts every piece of propaganda that artificially raises the price of oil.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Pierpont, how do you explain this pro Ann Counter post you made?

        Pierpont January 29, 2013 at 12:49 am
        “Here's what one well known political commentator loved by all of America had to say about him:
        " ‘after Farah published private emails between himself and Coulter, Coulter called him a “publicity whore” and a “swine” in an email to the Daily Caller blog’..”

        Ann Coulter stated on TV that radiation is good for you, a statement that will kill anyone who listens to her. She said it with an expression on her face that indicated that she knows that this is a lie.
        Ann Coulter Says 'Radiation Is Good For You' & Suggests Radiation-Bathing In Fu

        Everything you post is to support Ann Coulter and the nuclear industry.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I think if you count up all the white, male, serial and mass murderers you will arrive at a different picture that Ann Coulter tries to paint.

        Ann Coulter’s narcissistic, empty-headed race card:
        “If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium,” Coulter said. “So perhaps it’s not a gun problem, it’s a demographic problem.”

        And your camoflaging "Amen to that", when you obviously don't support anything to do with religious freedom or human rights is a double whammy.

      • Pierpont

        @ anne: "There aren't nearly that many posts by me, even if you count the thank yous "

        Here's the breakdown:
        Jan27 — Report of huge explosion . . .
        anne: 8 comments out of total of 44 = 18% of all comments

        Jan29 — Top British paper . . .
        anne 23 comments out of total of 114 — 20% of all comments.

        Jan29 — AP: IAEA . . .
        anne: 26 comments out of total of 83 — 31% of all comments.

        TOTAL: 24% of 241 comments in this extended thread.

        From the numbers it is evident you are trying to turn this website into your own personal syndicated column to promote fraudulent stories justifying Zionist attacks on Persia, and you don't like those of us who don't agree with your "facts" or technique.

        Speaking of syndicated columnists, as far as my comment about the other "Ann" — who shares many of your objectives and techniques, BTW — we all know that she is one of the brightest people in America today, next to Pam Geller, or course. As Sean Hannity so often reminds us, Coulter has written eight NYT national best-sellers, she is a lawyer, has worked on the Senate Judiciary Committee, she is a REAL syndicated columnist. Please go to the following link to book her for a speech or to see a wonderful full-face picture of her. So what's not to like?


        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Sorry, I don't believe in war and I am not advocating any attack on anyone or any nation.

          " So what's not to like?" What a joke. Killing people by telling them that radiation is good for them is the sign of depravity. Appealing to the worst nature of others is also the opposite of beauty. And self-aggrandizement is the ugliest of all.

          Please do not create straw arguments.

          I am trying to save my children from dying horrible deaths due to radiation poisoning. (I'm anonymous and not a political commentator.)

          No one is going to attack Iran and Iran is not going to attack anyone because they all have nuclear weapons and although the radiation is killing off everyone, these weapons are deterrents to war.

          Playing the race card by mislabeling me as a Zionist is your stock in trade. Divide and conquer. Mislabel and appeal to emotion.

          I am a pacifist and don't believe in war. And if you had actually spent the time to read my posts you would know that I consider any attack, whether with the use of depleted uranium or other toxins, spreading radiation poisoning around the whole world.

          Unlike you, I don't believe in killing even one of the creatures on this earth.

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's really funny to see the small minded ones go ballistic, just because somebody posts something they found. The intelligent ones know, the posts are only put up here for discussion, not gospel. Some just can't handle that, for whatever reason. An intelligent person knows, thats how you get to the truth. Closed minded righteous idiots, can't handle that…

    • Anthony Anthony

      Totally agree.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Except for the idiot part! 🙂 I often want to sat that but REALLY need to be pushed to go there. Much peace.

        • Jebus Jebus

          It's Ok, they won't know who, as long as you don't name name's…


          one eventually learns, Anthony, that we're all composites of what we choose to believe; not what we – should – believe. Such lack of 'self awareness' is only exacerbated by the thunderous noise of 'information' that we choose to consume. From the moment we're exposed to the imagery of predecessors, the process of conditioning continues.

          An objective intellect eventually discovers, it's impossible snapping others out of their perceived 'awareness' of the 'truth'. As such, we must all endure the destructive effects of our specie's collective delusion, before moving to more productive grounds.

          What we're now witnessing in the denial by those who support nuclear technologies is but an single example of this social phenomena. And not unlike what we'd ask of those who support such deadly technology, each-and-everyone of us must reconsider what we've come to accept as being righteous…

    • behappy1

      Good Point
      Jebus christ I can't understand how some people can't see that

    • kez

      Let me just assume for the sake of argument your post was intended to me Jebus. I don't know … perhaps I am your small minded idiot … you may confirm or deny … I don't actually care one way or the other.

      If you were in a position of such grand authority as to decide world altering events such as the Iranian nuclear acquisition … especially with your self proclaimed high intelligence …

      You would entertain and allow your constituency to entertain every fringe conspiracy theory? You wouldn't consider it a waste of time to explore the Illuminati connections?

      How many days months and millions of tax dollars would you spend on this in your hypothetical administration before making a decision?

      Why throw crap like this into the mix at all? Why have to weed through garbage noise?

      Have you ever done google on Illuminati conspiracies and websites? It's huge and prolific and weird. It's our modern version of the Salem witch hunts and far far far too many people buy into it.

      My apologies if I offend and/or you are actually into that sort of thing.

      • behappy1

        Hi Kez
        As jebus christ says
        ( by the way jebus I find that and your dog offencive)
        An intelligent person knows, thats how you get to the truth.

        Thats bs,
        As Pierpont clearly shows its clear the truth will never be found on an explosion, (the thread) by over posting anti Iran pro israel propaganda.

        I don't blame you at all for going off
        take care

      • Jebus Jebus

        HAHAHAHAHA! I rest my case…. 😉

  • This is all very simple to fix.

    We take all the radioactive wastes… and do just what the DOD wishes us to do with it! RECYCLE!

    We build all new government buildings with it, and it becomes a self-regulatory system! The more of this crap they perpetuate? The more of these monomaniacal nuclear pushers will die in their own shit!

    SO!?… who's on-board for this new agenda… I'll call it agenda 13.

    • Anthony Anthony


      Government and Industry Accountability In Action.

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield

      Also all the chairs in the buildings that the politicians use, and we post little radioactive signs underneath where no once can see them unless they turn the chair over. And under that the comment "No concern for alarm"

      • No!, NO!… endorsed by FEMA, EPA, And FDA as harmless!
        Imported From Japan.
        Some readings may vary.
        Consult 3/11/11 PaK Updates.
        CTD Inc.

        (Clinton Trade Deficit Incorporated.)

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        We should pass a law banning the use of chairs in government buildings completely. They have done quite enough sitting on their ass already. Build drinking fountains out of the scrap. I hear if you are gonna get that stuff in your body ingestion works best.

        • That reminds me of a book by Robert Heinlein, The moon is a harsh mistress… in it there was a suggestion that the folks who wish to govern others? They pay for it out of there own pocket! 🙂

          THAT'S an idea that I could GET BEHIND!

    • incredulous_gasp

      "We build all new government buildings with it, and it becomes a self-regulatory system! "

      How do you know it is not ALREADY in the concrete? Radioactive basements, attributed to 'natural Radon', anyone? Or howabout in your silverware, or napkin holders?

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    With the amount of weapons grade uranium and plutonium that went missing after the break up of the former USSR, I wouldn't be surprised to find my next door neighbor with a nuke let alone any extremest country. Couple mil, some well places anti US sentiments, and voila from Russia with love. Meanwhile we're arguing IF the country that already has a uranium enrichment program has nuclear weapons. Look at the history of nuclear power and nuclear weapons: the first nuclear weapon detonation was in 1945, the first nuclear power plant opened in 1954.

  • behappy1

    but its ok, U.S. and Western officials said they believed Damascus would hold its fire and not respond to the Israeli strike, pointing to President Bashar al-Assad's non-response to the 2007 attack on the nuclear site.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Whether any Xplosion happened anywhere or not, I can only conclude that it is all lies.

    "What is real, asked the rabbit, one day when they were lying side by side? Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick out handle?" "Real isn't how you're made, said the skin horse…"

    Real is quite something else indeed.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      But that's alright! We'll be in an entitrely different reality very shortly, at the rate we are going~~~~