AP: “Japan poised to flood Pacific with 1 Million tons of nuclear water contaminated by Fukushima” — Newsweek: “Experts want Japan to push a Million tons of radioactive water Into ocean” — Release could kill fishing industry (VIDEO)

Published: November 27th, 2017 at 9:00 am ET


AP, Nov 26, 2017: Japan is poised to flood the Pacific with one million tons of nuclear water contaminated by the Fukushima power plant… The Japanese government is being urged by experts to gradually release radioactive water in to the Pacific Ocean… The water is stored on site in around 900 large and densely packed tanks and could spill should another major disaster strike. The government has been urged to release the water into the ocean… Local fishermen are extremely hesitant to this solution… Fumio Haga, a drag-net fisherman, said: ‘People would shun Fukushima fish again as soon as the water is released.’…

Newsweek, Nov 25, 2017: Experts Want Japan To Push A Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into the Pacific Ocean… The government has been urged by experts to gradually release the water to the Pacific Ocean…

AP, Nov 27, 2017: Fukushima meltdown: Japan urged to dump radioactive waste in Pacific Ocean by nuclear experts; Nation at a loss with how to dispose of tanks of toxic matter left over from 2011 disaster… Experts advising the government have urged a gradual release to the nearby Pacific Ocean… Local fishermen are baulking. The water, no matter how clean, has a dirty image for consumers, they say… The fishermen fear any release would sound the death knell for their nascent and still fragile recovery… The amount of radioactive water at Fukushima is still growing, by 150 tonnes a day. The reactors are damaged beyond repair, but cooling water must be constantly pumped in to keep them from overheating. That water picks up radioactivity before leaking out of the damaged containment chambers and collecting in the basements… “Our recovery effort up until now would immediately collapse to zero if the water is released,” Iwaki abalone farmer Yuichi Manome said…

Metro.co.uk, Nov 27, 2017: Japan could pump 1,000,000 tons of radioactive water into the sea from Fukushima — More than six years after a tsunami devastated Japan’s west coast and overwhelmed the Fukushima nuclear power plant it has been revealed radioactive water could be pumped into the sea… Experts have advised the government to carry out a gradual release into the Pacific Ocean… Fishermen are still trying to recover from the disaster but the release of water could kill the industry…

Watch RT’s broadcast here

Published: November 27th, 2017 at 9:00 am ET


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420 comments to AP: “Japan poised to flood Pacific with 1 Million tons of nuclear water contaminated by Fukushima” — Newsweek: “Experts want Japan to push a Million tons of radioactive water Into ocean” — Release could kill fishing industry (VIDEO)

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I saws me a box of Aspartame at the discount store down the street. You meenies are sellin pure Aspartame? I'll pass… holy shit me thinks

  • Isthmus

    Gasser. I was hopeing you'd take off on my frustrations over the almost daily intensifying of increased control over the sheep, even though I'm not a blind one I'm still one of their sheep . So, let me tell you what's on it's way. When you go to the checker with your cart of groceries no check register you continue to the doorway and everything in your cart is charged to your bank acct. NO CASH. !I just

    • Isthmus

      The industrial revolution didn't cultivate anything but an ever increasing necessity for material minds, material anything never includes anything spiritual which is where you will find wisdom. So we find this planet currently in a retarded spiritual childhood . So get busy everyone and get on that spiritual path . It's Christmas get out and help someone. To that degree. You help the whole Earth .


    If anyone still interested in nuclear issues..



    Why are they going to entomb Oak Ridge in concrete?

    Aug 2014:
    ..Unexpected airborne release of radioactive material at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant.

    'News' of the incident..Dec 14

    This is a "secret"..classified. What they were doing when multiple staff were nuked.

    Contaminated Molten Salt Reactor Experiment may be entombed in concrete


    • GOM GOM

      Actually, the above link
      Is recent news..like
      Dec 14th

      And this is curious:

      5 a.m., June 28, 2017

      Warnings go unheeded at sensitive Idaho nuclear plant

      The inhalation of plutonium by 16 workers is preceded and followed by other contamination incidents but the private contractor in charge suffers only a light penalty.

      The private contractor is Union Fcking Carbide?


      Found this:

      ..Y-I2 stockholders in Union Carbide who have bought the stock through payroll deductions. Groups Are …. ian of the Oak Ridge National. Laboratory Technical Library in the Y-12 Plant.


      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Nice link. What a bunch of clowns, those nuclear people are…and we pay for them.


      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "A similar shipping and labelling error preceded the notorious radiation leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico on Valentine’s Day in 2014, which exposed 21 workers to low levels of radiation and shut down the nation’s only repository for radioactive nuclear weapon waste for years. It resulted from the explosion of a drum of waste from Los Alamos that was improperly packaged and inaccurately described in the paperwork that accompanied it." https://apps.publicintegrity.org/nuclear-negligence/shipping-violations/

        Ohhhhh, really? I don't remember that from the WIPP discussions.

        Hey maybe that's what happened to the long lost nuclear cores at Fukushima: They accidentally shipped them somewhere.

        Ya'll check your mailboxes now. It's Christmas time. A lot of pressure on Santa. He might not inspect the packages properly. He might ignore safety warnings. He might get a check from the government now


    The Nuclear Assassins are killing us off, along with their now chummy kissy-assy Earth murdering chemical brothers-in-arms.

    I have a headache..



    New DOE rules: Will Trump move trigger a coal and nuclear buying spree?

    The cost recovery specification is critical here. As it would mean that grids would be required to ensure pricing that pays back coal and nuclear plant builders for all of their costs in putting up new facilities — likely meaning such operations would enjoy premium pricing.

    "enjoy premium pricing"



  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Repost to main thread..

    Macaques Have Been Monkeying Around With Deer In Japan, Researchers Discover
    Females may be driven by “sexual frustration,” scientists say.
    Dec 18 2017
    "This is the first time a pattern of such behavior has been seen between two such different animals."
    Where are the males?
    Do changes in the monkeys include madness?
    Three Ways Radiation Has Changed The Monkeys Of Fukushima
    Oct 30 2017



    An Orthodox priest blessing an excavator on the construction site of the nuclear power plant.


  • @GOM
    December 16, 2017 at 8:37 pm
    Yes it is end of days what with sinister dams multiplying the risk to melting and criticalities all the world over. The scenario is forbidding and people must pitch in to close down nukes NOW: See

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Navilu….acceleration of 5 million Gs…may be mathematically derived, but is it physically realistic? Likewise 16 million deg K rise? Something wrong with the time factor perhaps. Nothing occurs in an instant

      • @ CodeShutdown
        December 19, 2017 at 3:17 pm
        Exactly. Nothing occurs in an instant. But at some instant a thing that had been incipient or latent for some time gives way and all hell breaks loose. So to get at the root cause you first convert the massive water moment change to something that can be compared with a phenomenon that is recognised as abnormal. So convert all the giant water moment changes to temperature changes as if there were no conversion to acceleration. Use this measure to explain the phenomenon or its consequence. How? By taking a fraction of the shock as a contributor to the phenomenon. Similarly for the ground motion acceleration! So for example in the case of Fukushima Daichi's melts and explosion and differential concentration of plutonium leading to recriticalities. For those who are unfamiliar with the processes of direct heating up of the earth by dam surge phenomena, the earth's crust exists at sea floor level and below! And the heating of water by water moment changes converted to temperature changes of a block of the earth's crust begins at the sea floor! Similarly with the ground motion acceleration where this also contributed to the destruction of Fuksushima. The dams caused the Tohoku quake! See the synchronous dance pattern of the earthquake parameter globally: It is the same whether we consider the earthquakes worldwide or in portions of the globe and corelates significantly with the dam content changes.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Ballast displacement on a floating plate.

          Five people spread out in a small boat.

          One on the end gets up and goes to the other end.

          Wouldn't the combined mass of all the vehicles heading into and out of the inner cities each day cause the same effect?

          • Jebus Jebus

            How about all the aircraft above murica landing within an hour on 9/11?

          • Jebus and Air Sep Tech:
            Work it out with USGS data like the worldwide earthquake data base. Have you a similar data for the vehicles? As far as AST's comment, well tides existed before dam era and after. We are seeing the difference in the dam era. Its typical of those within the framework of modern civilization to deflect the cogent scientific explanations. Follow my articles and see the science of dams causing earthquakes and hurricanes and climate change for what it is: The disruptions of modern infrastructures by dams including dams themselves.There is a limit to the trolling.

            • Jebus Jebus

              Hey, only stupid questions are not asked.

              I'm all for some dam busting. They have changed a natural environment drasticaly. We love our salmon, so we blocked them with dams. Make 'em play chutes and ladders. Forced evolution.

              As an added bonus of ditching the dams all the nuclear plants along those rivers have to go. Floods and such.

              So, carry it on, maybe taking down the dams will finally pull the plug on the rest of the reactors…

              • Agreed. That thing about forced evolution or even stopping natural evolution in its tracks is typical of modern civilization itself. We have a number of comment about fishes threatened with extinction and also mammals. ITs the sixth extinction being brought about. Of course nukes cannot exist without hydros. I like your comments and some I have even quoted in my works.Thanks. Keep it up like as always.It would be excellent re ready availability of data about vehicle streaming.

              • Agreed. That thing about forced evolution or even stopping natural evolution in its tracks is typical of modern civilization itself. We have a number of comments about fishes threatened with extinction and also mammals. ITs the sixth extinction being brought about. Of course nukes cannot exist without hydros. I like your comments and some I have quoted in my works.Thanks. Keep it up like as always.It would be excellent re ready availability of data about vehicle streaming.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Yes we desperately need to attend to the garden.

                  IMO, the greatest force that could be created by mankinds movement of mass on the planets surface of moving plates would be caused by wave propagation.

                  I don't think the mass movement alone is enough to overcome the stiction of the greater mass of the plates stuck together.

                  Again, I'm just a country boy, but the heat and the pressure would be quite a number to add to…

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              I understand you have great passion for your theory.

              About how many dams should be de-commissioned?

              What might be the costs, human and other?

              • We should all confront this inconvenient truth.As the great Wendell Berry states in his work: The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture, the hands that undid groundwater dynamics and natural lakes with surface water storage and its poisons must undo diseuptive actions so nature becomes once again the bottomline of our civilization. Wendell stated that he holds this process of modern civilization of destroying itself in utter contempt. One way is to act simultaneously on several fronts: use dam waters to rebuild our forests over the next millennia with people's healthy organic coops. Phase out our cities so they blend organically with villages and small self sufficient communities. Sewerless systems. By having biodegrading excreta in composting toilets which double as biogas plants. Come back to decentralised happy chicken rearing and decentralised cattle sheds with physical free movement of cattle. Thus lawn moving with cattle. Replace wastage and throwaway culture with a wasteless ways of life.NOW.


    Dams cause earthquakes related to the extra water pressure created in the micro-cracks and
    fissures in the ground.

    Seismic activity is seen in dams over 330 feet.

    Hydrostatic pressure, possibly.. residual heating in the lower crust of the Earth.

    NOT at Fukushima..

    I don't care what Busby says. I won't play 'blame the dam'.

    The Tsunami destroyed FD, no ground acceleration from dams or undersea.
    The trench waves didn't and couldn't reach the crust on land.

    The velocity of S-waves decreases within a zone just below the lithosphere [planetary shell]
    Newtons Second Law

    "Dams cumulatively by direct heating up of the earth cause earthquakes and tsunamis and climate change"..

    Since I am open-minded, I will look into Center of Gravity of the water masses …

    Sinister dams..we shall see.



    Too many spooks..GOM out

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      GOM, I have a question below

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      why did you use one post to point to the one below it?
      See below my reason for asking

      • GOM GOM

        My phone is totally 'corrupted' from using this site. My posts go where they want at times. Spooks..

        It's a real effort, takes 2-3 tries at times with re-logging in.

        I use AVG with back-up. Don't help. My main notebook used for research, would never be used on 'sites'.

        I tire of it. Think Christmas is it, better things to do.

        Posting a song I wrote for Admin Saturday evening, then that's it.

        See ya

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Cell phones suck. I reset mine every morning now. Just takes a few minutes for "Ace Browser" or "CW Launcher" or some bullshit ad- belching app gets on it. I get annoyed by Google pop ups wanting me to let them access my data to make me "safe". I turn off wifi. I don't allow anything. The crap just appears. I want my phone just as it came from the store. I am tired of uninstalling these things. Insert f word here

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            I have a $9.99 go phone..who needs smart phone? Flip phone with no texting and only calls.

            Life is very calm and under my control..

            Still have never purchased one thing from a commercial shoved in front of me..ever.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Normal, aye?
    The new normal..no fish?
    Why doesn't that seem normal???

    Gulf of Alaska cod quota for 2018 drops by 80 percent
    Dec 19 2017


  • Jebus Jebus

    A tough break for commercial fishermen: Pacific halibut catches likely to drop next year

    It's going to be a tough year for many Alaska fishermen.

    After announcements of a massive drop in cod stocks, the industry learned last week that Pacific halibut catches are likely to drop by 20 percent next year, and the declines could continue for several years.

    The biggest drop stems from a lack of younger fish entering the halibut fishery. Stewart said the 9- to 18-year-old year classes that have been sustaining the recent halibut fishery are not being followed up by younger fish.

    "In 2018, and especially projecting out to 2019, we are moving out of a fishery that is dominated by those relatively good recruitments starting in 1999 and extending to 2005. We see an increasing number of relatively poor recruitments stemming from at least 2009 and 2010," he said.


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Secretly I want to scream. I want to bite. I get so mad I can't take it anymore. Then I want to poison everyone and everything, only to realize that the government is already doing it. So, I calm down and feel better knowing that someone is already doing it. Now, I can concentrate on paying my taxes and working till I can barely walk. While reading about murders and suicide in the nicest little home towny feeling city in the Souf.

    How not to settle family disputes: http://www.14news.com/story/37085283/coroner-confirms-mans-name-after-opd-respond-to-stabbing The guy tried to stab his pregnant girlfriend, but her mom got in the way. Local scuttlebut.

    and the young punk gangstas http://www.14news.com/story/37088647/23-yr-old-victim-identified-after-deadly-shooting-in-owensboro

    I remember being curious about radiation induced madness in Japan. Accidents from not paying attention or forgetting… http://www.14news.com/story/37104246/isp-more-than-200-wrong-way-driving-accidents-so-far-this-year

    Wrong way nukers…

    Best thing to do is stay home and don't breath

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Well before I go to sleep, I want to recommend this link for all those out at Fukushima trying to fix the leaks of radioactive death juice.


  • James Tekton James Tekton

    The heck with japan. Why bother to care about the nation that cares not about itself?

    Meanwhile, more important, the fires in CA are releasing a lot of rads into the atmosphere. It goes west, then hits the jet stream heading east. The rising counts on meters are showing massive upticks. Please register your readings on this map. It is easy to do.


    This, along with many other leaks, is also happening. It is all adding up to one big mess that the nation remains ignorant of. Member how radioactive propane and LG are. Do not use gas fired heaters indoors if you can avoid it. The four corners region is getting a lot of higher radiation lately.


    Please, very important, when fires burn, earth quakes, or volcanoes go off, place your updated readings on the map above.

    Pray for rain and snow.

    Turn down that darn sun simulator!


    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "The heck with japan. Why bother to care about the nation that cares not about itself?"

      Because they are upriver and we are on the rim of the toilet seat.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Humm…yeah…it is good to care about ALL people…but a little hard not to care more for your own families first. After all, the ignorance and lack of actually doing anything to stop this mess in japan was the origin of today's humongous mess. They did not fully implement anything when it might have been possible to abate these meltdowns, possibly even stop it from getting to the point is today. This is a slo-kill population elimination agenda of the rothschilds and other assorted babylonian banksters. The japanese because of ego, fear, pride, or whatever money based reason, did nothing to cure the problem. Isn't this what was said here the day after it happened? Everybody saw this coming. Sad for all people in this world as ALL will eventually suffer this ELE.

        Blessings and Merry Chrostmas to ALL.


      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        The Japanese are human livestock slaves just like all of us here..no different.

        We have Nuclear Reactors ready blow all over the place.

        These reactors were shoved up their ass..just like ours were shoved up.. our asses.

        Quit picking on the Japanese!

        Embrace all your fellow slave human livestock from around the world!

        They are all just as bat-shit crazy as we are..it is what it is.

    • @James Tekton
      December 19, 2017 at 11:21 pm
      "Please, very important, when fires burn, earth quakes, or volcanoes go off, place your updated readings on the map above."
      No,No. The root cause is the surge water moments and their changes caused by water masses behind the world's dams. They heat up the earth directly and then cause earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and FIRES with all their attendant catastrophes.
      See https://livingnormally.blogspot.in/2017/10/ignore-root-cause-get-root-shock-dams.html

  • Sad GOM has missed the point. Codeshutdown has a much better appreciation of my theory.Avtar code takes the theory to be OK for the so called intraplate quakes. If he had studied The science of dams causing earthquakes theory would be seen to be true for the globe.Temps and accelerations huge? They are full equivalents of the moments.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      navilu….then would it not be better to state the temps and accelerations as energy equivalents? That is easy to grasp. But when you suggest the extreme temps as cause of fires, while stating the huge temperature, which is in fact only an energy equivalent, then you will lose a reader. At least add a qualifier,…like; 'even though most of the energy is expended over a large area, I believe focal points…etc etc'

  • @ CodeShutdown
    December 26, 2017 at 12:47 pm
    Agree it is a good suggestion. Did skip a number of steps in describing the development.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      navilu…the moments on the plate tectonics are much higher due to tides vs dams. Thus there must be something specific about the dam induced moments which causes the problem. Besides the statistical correlation of earthquakes and dam moments, this unknown factor would be crucial in convincing the skeptics. I would look into the temporal change of elastic limit in tectonic plates, or changes in the stress strain constants over time. Conceptually, I see the daily flux of tectonic plate deformation by tides as a 'breathing', or maybe an elastic, linear stress/strain conversion. Perhaps, as a fist theory, the elastic limit is not exceeded in daily variations, but 'creep' over longer time periods creates a new 'set', which when altered by seasonal draw down causes the inelastic catastrophe.

      • @ CodeShutdown
        December 26, 2017 at 3:43 pm
        As I pointed out in my article earthquakes caused by dams, the forces and moments are matching or exceeding the so called tectonic forces. Have you seen the moment magnitudes involved? They have unleashed energies and heats and potential energy which are continuously making the numbers of earthquakes dance around and are completely in control. Much more than significance in the statistics they are backed up by science(Ref 1) over and above whatever the tides have been regularly causing in the dam era compared to the predam era.
        Whatever happens re tides is exacerbated many times over by the artificial dams created surges- the moments. Dams rigidly and deterministically control events- the determinism discovered through the rigid statistical robustness. The dams are creating continuously that extra force all over and are making the cratons also break up! Not only at so called plate boundaries! In fact there is no USGS analysis yet of many earthquakes within plateaus like the one which happened on 30th September 1993 in Killari! My dam surge explanations are robust.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          thanks navilu. I see the statistical correlation. I dont immediately see where you calculated tide moments. They seem, at first glance, much larger than dam forces, based on the changes in water weight over plates. However, you say they are equal in magnitude to dams. I would have to dig into the details to verify and this is not so easy to do.

          I am still having some difficulty with the wording…for example instantaneous…you appear to give a change of some 78 billion cubic meters in one second. Is that an actual calculated water draw down? Also, the same problem of not having a feel for how the summed center of gravity of all dams is meaningful in translating the forces you calculate. Im not arguing it, simply stating my confusion.

          But my reactions to your paper are not meaningful…someone with greater geophysics knowledge is required to critique the work. Thanks for bringing the idea forward, and I hope you continue to describe the idea in easily grasped descriptive ways.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            'What has increased, however, is the quality of surveillance. The USGS has more than 2,000 seismic sensors—many of which are in the U.S—and the agency plans to eventually establish a network of more than 7,000 sensors in the U.S. alone.'
            '…the ever-changing climate could very will shake up the Earth more in the future. As temperatures rise rise—along with sea levels—more stress will be put on the crust of the Earth'

            IMO much, but certainly not all, seismic activity has been occurring in much the same places, for a long time, much longer than we have been documenting it.

            As far as a solution to pollution, limiting/decommissioning dams are a great idea, 'people' are the pollution problem. Less food/power, less people.


  • @CodeShutdown
    December 27, 2017 at 3:32 am and
    One need not know anything about the quantification of tide moments because as I explained the tides and the planetary forces existed before the advent of modern civilization(mc) which is artificial(only man-made). And these tidal and other planetary forces continue through mc. So whatever their quantification of effects we are not interested. What we are interested is the extra dam era effect created by dams. Please read the comparative analysis of the predam era quake data with the dam era quake data with rainfall as given in my article earthquakes caused by dams. The total dam content changes are actual values for all dams in the world derived for each earthquake as explained in the articles cited above. Plate tectonic theory's forces are not sufficient to lift mountains. Dam surges are sufficient. See Ref 5 in
    December 27, 2017 at 4:16 am
    "IMO much, but certainly not all, seismic activity has been occurring in much the same places, for a long time, much longer than we have been documenting it."
    But the frequencies are radically different in the dam era. SEE the link on the science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change above.
    Further more people are not the pollution problem. Modern civilization is which is geoengineering the way of life to swift destruction . GO Normal.Reforest. Phase out dams.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Well its interesting that science has not figured out what drives the plates. Likewise, you dont need a robust theory…or any theory at all for that matter…of how dams cause earthquakes, fires and the like, all you need are the statistical analysis of what is happening. That wouldnt stop me from wondering about it however. I think the scientific mind would like to know how the dam mechanics is working. I thought the longer time period of seasonal dam changes vs daily tides was a promising investigation for differentiating the mechanics of the two.

      The drawdown rate is interesting. I take your word for it. As a reference, I see Lake Hoover (large dam) has a maximum drawdown of around 20,000 cfs and Bagnell dam at the ozarks is 36,000 cfs. It would seem to require over a million such dams drawing down simultaneously to reach your level. Again it would take some exhaustive work to check all the dams and then I suppose I would come up with your figures.

      And I guess Ill say it again…indeed the potential energy and rates in summation are huge, but without having at least a rough idea of how the energy dissipation is partitioned and how the moments would travel through the plates to a focal point, the magnitudes are not particularly indicative since by sheer magnitude, the tides would seem to be far greater.

      As such, the idea of sticking to the correlation and statistics seems a good one, rather than attempting a theory of action.

      I agree, dams are…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        dams are not natural and must surely interfere with the natural workings of nature on probably many different levels.

        I personally think that assuming humans can and should populate the planets entire surface, driving out other animals, piling up our huge waste, and simply being there is a megalomaniac atrocity. What is the ethical, or even divinely righteous ratio of humans to say tigers, elephants, seals, dolphins, gorillas? Do you see the extraordinary ego in mankinds assumption of a right to populate to the exclusion of the rest?

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          'Siri'….why is that?

        • @CodeShutdown
          December 27, 2017 at 12:27 pm
          A very pertinent question about the populations of various species.Unfortunately modern civilization(mc) is forcing poor people made poor by force to survive by multiplication if they can. And mc is controlled by a miniscule of humans who are powerful enough to exert dominance of mc. See how murderous some can be at the cost of others rather irrationally:
          And my observation:
          Nuclear reactors even during normal operations emit a significant amount of life threatening radiation which contaminate us internally committing cancer deaths of 100 Bhopals a year globally.The individuals of all species have a right not to be contaminated, especially when it is life threatening or when the ultimate sacrifice is futile or both: It is futile because society does not receive any energy outside of the nuclear industry, year after year in a growth phase even for thirty years from the commencement of the programme.Even a single nuclear station does not give any energy to society when waste management is considered. Contrast that with what human beings via the sun are capable of when they return their excreta to the earth from where their food came in decentralised fashion:7Bnx100W: 700000 MW.World nuke capacity: 350000 MW!+ infinitely dangerous wastes for all time.
          See Kudankulam and cancer deaths at:

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Navilu…the point about no net energy gain from nuclear is a good one. But the problem of human overpopulation was only marginally addressed. Before you implied the human population is not the problem. This time I think you implied that it is the bad 'men in charge' that create hardships thus causing poor people to procreate in order to just survive.

            I think sexual attraction is the main driver of the procreation problem. Also neuroticism and egoism caused by religious fashions.
            How can we hope to achieve a balanced and healthy coexistence with the rest of life if we dont admit and confront this population problem which is exhausting the resources and driving the animals to extinction?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      navilu "Plate tectonic theory's forces are not sufficient to lift mountains. Dam surges are sufficient."

      Yet it was plate tectonics and not dams that somehow made mountains. Unless of course you theorize that dams are making mountains.

      Apparently..nobody knows how plate tectonics or dam surges work

      • @CodeShutdown
        December 27, 2017 at 12:46 pm
        I referred you to Ref 5 in my article The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change where it is shown that plate tectonics theory is too weak to make them! Dam surges are strong enough to make mountains as you can see the archimedean lever effects exert such forces. Pl study Ref 5 and then support your contention that plate tectonics somehow made them!

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          navilu…surely you arent saying that dams have made the worlds mountains. I did read most of the paper you pointed me to. What I got from it is that science does not know. Simple as that.

          When I was in early school, plate tectonics was not yet theorized. But I looked at the map and asked my teacher why all the continents fit together like a puzzle. So In my own way I discovered plate tectonics by simple observation. Someone will figure out what drives the plates and how the mountains are made; you can see its still an early science. Do you know that most descriptions of what keeps airplanes aloft are incorrect and that its an ongoing debate?

          The lever. One side moves a great distance with little force while the other side moves a small distance with great force. Its in equilibrium and is a false economic principle of wealth creation! You never have described how you visualize the plates being levers for a mathematical centroid of the dam masses. Just as the temperatures and accelerations are not real but mathematical equivalents to the magnitude, so the location of the center of gravity is not real either. Imagine 100 polar bears jumping on 10 different ice sheets; the center of mass of the bears is not relevant to describe the movement, the tipping and slipping between the ice sheets. In my humble opinion, you would catch more minds if you created an illustrative model like bears on ice or stones making ripples in water or something to describe the phenomenon

          • @CodeShutdown
            December 28, 2017 at 2:45 am
            The difference:
            The question asks if islands float on water. The only island, if indeed it is an island, that floats on water is the ice that forms the North Pole. All islands that are made of earth, rock etc are part of the Earth's crust, as is the sea bed, which, if it were not for the oceans, would be seen to continuously envelop our globe, albeit in a fractured manner.

            • @navilu
              December 28, 2017 at 6:00 am
              Thus fulcra can be fortuitiously found in the progressive charge of surges of dam dynamic of dam content changes. And this is frequently invariably significantly found and then modern civilization relentlessly marches on to swiftly destroy itself. Robustness of statistical findings helps establish the truth of dams causing earthquakes, mountain building(via potential energy build up from dam moment changes), landslides, hurricane creation and movement…

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                navilu "Thus fulcra can be fortuitiously found in the progressive charge of surges of dam dynamic of dam content changes."

                could you say that in a different way? Where are the fulcra found? In the progressive charge of surges?

                Faults seem to indicate that the entire earth does not act as one plate. Thus, summing all drawdown values into one center of gravity does not seem like a valid assumption. Perhaps you have a visualization of how the mechanics works which justifies that step. What and where are the fulcra? Are the plates stiff enough to act as levers or are they more like rubber mats? The earth deformation from tides is rather significant. Perhaps 'creep' over seasonal time periods is enough to cause a new 'set' whereas daily fluctuations are within the linear stress strain energy movement transfer of elastic plates.
                Salt visibly floats up through rock over geological time periods. Perhaps there is a buoyancy effect. The fact that science has not figured out plate tectonics does not surprise me.

                • @CodeShutdown
                  December 28, 2017 at 6:42 am
                  Forget the plate tectonics. They need revision as I have indicated to you thru the ref above: Truth or Flight of Fancy. The dams see the earth as one earth albeit fractured! There are umpteen sticking points through which waves can pass. See earthquakes caused by dams as to how fulcra work. Example: Section titled The Relation of Seismic Moment to Water Moment Dam Era.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Refugees of an ADJECTIVE, a mythical entity?
    The masses don't deserve an answer as to it's cause nor given info on the actual PRESENT conditions in/of the Pacific?

    Gulf of Alaska ‘blob’ refugees may fish cod in Bering Sea


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Role of mesoscale eddies in transport of Fukushima-derived cesium isotopes in the ocean





  • Jebus Jebus

    Experts doubt lifting of Japan food ban – 2018/1/10

    Concerns linger about imports from nuclear radiation area

    The curbs on imports of Japanese food produced in areas hit by the country's nuclear crisis will not be easily relaxed or lifted, and Chinese consumers won't accept such imports given food safety concerns, experts said.

    The comments came after reports in the Japanese media said that China will probably relax import restrictions on Japanese food that were put in place after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, signaling an improvement in relations between the two countries.

    The AQSIQ banned imports of food produced in 10 prefectures in Japan including Miyagi, Nagano and Fukushima in 2011, amid fears of radiation contamination following the disaster.

    The Kyodo report said the talks were "a sign that the governments of the two countries are looking for ways to mend ties as they mark [in 2018] the 40th anniversary of the signing of the treaty of peace and friendship between Japan and China."

    But this view was seen as overly optimistic by some Chinese experts.

    Chen Zilei, deputy director of the National Association for the Japanese Economy, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the beginning of such talks does not mean an easing or lifting of the ban is imminent.

    • Jebus Jebus

      "The beginning of negotiations might signal an improvement in bilateral relations, but we have our own supervision standards and requirements for imported goods, which will not be changed," Chen said.

      Besides, Japan needs to publicize the accident-related information in a more open and transparent way in order to address the concerns, Chen said, adding that this would be a prerequisite for carrying out the negotiations.

      "It is also Japan's obligation to the international community," he noted.


  • Jebus Jebus

    Alaska fishermen bewildered, alarmed at loss of king salmon – Dec 31, 2017

    There’s an unsolved fish mystery playing out right now along a rugged, 300-mile stretch of Southeast Alaska coastline: What’s killing off the thousands of king salmon that, at an increasing rate, swim out to sea and don’t return to spawn?

    “There’s a big ocean out there,” said Tad Fujioka, a commercial fisherman in Sitka. “And it’s kind of a black box.”

    Alaska fishermen and scientists don’t know what, exactly, is causing king salmon returns to plummet across Southeast. But they’re trying to adapt to the consequences: closures for certain fisheries and new limits on catches, which hit the region’s commercial fleet and the recreational anglers who target kings with rods and reels.

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game last week released a set of grim salmon forecasts for a half-dozen Southeast rivers, from the Stikine near Wrangell to the Chilkat near Haines.


  • Jebus Jebus


    The ocean is losing its breath — here's the global scope
    In broadest view yet of world's low oxygen, scientists reveal dangers and solutions

    In the past 50 years, the amount of water in the open ocean with zero oxygen has gone up more than fourfold. In coastal water bodies, including estuaries and seas, low-oxygen sites have increased more than tenfold since 1950. Scientists expect oxygen to continue dropping even outside these zones as Earth warms.


    Tritium. Certainly doesn't add any oxygen.

    Spewing from every source thats water cooled for fifty years.

    I glance towards the top of this page and I see more…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Regulator urges Tepco to release treated radioactive water from damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant into the sea

    A decision should be made sometime this year over whether to release into the sea water containing radioactive tritium from the crisis-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, the chief of Japan’s nuclear regulator said Thursday, emphasizing it would pose no danger to human health.


    I see the Earth is in another lost battle…

  • Jebus Jebus

    "Over 90 percent of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is now imported, yet the FDA is only able to conduct in-depth inspections of about 2 percent of the imported lines of entry."


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Jan 4 2018


    Nothing that we all here do not know..

  • SadieDog

    "TOKYO – The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant says a long telescopic probe has successfully captured images of some melted fuel inside one of its three damaged reactors, providing crucial information for its cleanup.

    Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Friday the fishing rod-like device carrying a camera went deep into the plant's Unit 2 primary containment vessel. The images showed that at least part of the fuel breached the core, falling to the vessel's floor.

    Melted fuel has previously only been documented inside Unit 3."


  • Again thediscovery of another melted core piece: I am so deeply concerned since my last comment above after what Jebus and others have said and provided serious reading in the form of links. Plate tectonics is outdated. See how dams cause either normal(during dry season) or reverse faults during monsoon/wet season and so destructive regularly(Yet the govt shuts down everywhere in the world!):
    The starfish diagram is a revelation, is it not Steve?

  • SadieDog

    “OKUMA, Japan – The final pieces of a jelly roll-shaped cover are being put in place atop Fukushima's most damaged nuclear reactor.

    Huge cranes have been installed to begin removing 566 sets of still-radioactive fuel rods from a storage pool later this year. It's taken seven years just to get this far, the first concrete step toward dismantling the Tokyo Electric Power Co. nuclear plant, damaged in an earthquake and tsunami.

    Cleaning up the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant is a monumental task expected to take three to four decades.

    Taking out the stored fuel rods is only a preliminary step. Ahead lies the uncharted challenge of removing an estimated 800 tons of melted fuel and debris, six times the amount from the 1979 Three Mile Island accident.”


    • 1: There is no removing it, it's in the ground already.

      This stuff will break anything down in moments…
      Titanium has nothing on this crap.

      2: There is no cleanup, it's already dispersed so much poison that no one can get near it without dying in moments.

      A million (excuse me a multi million dollar robot) dies in moments? A several million dollar robot the size of a rat?

      3: How are you going to help a situation where the bombardment on a molecular level is so intense it will turn steel into the strength of aluminum foil in moments from the sheer molecular bombardment?

      Ya just can't, no one can.

      Seems to me the only REAL answer is to stop playing around the campfire that can not be controlled for ten thousand years…

      …STOP playing with heavy metal fire!!!!

      A no brainer for some, a ongoing mess for those that think they can continue and somehow get rich.

      And remember, ya just can't take it with ya.


    • Containment is NOT doable…

      And we already know it's not doable and we already knew better decades ago…

      Don't let em kid ya (sarc).

      Sarcasm has it's benefits :-).

      If ya still don't believe it, look at where these people are…

      Jamming on the nuclear reservation? Reserved because it will kill any children that try to grow up there?

      Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover)


  • slandermen Deadboy

    What HD is saying is that containment, to some degree, is definitely possible. It would help if people didn't lie so often, weren't so greedy, etc.

  • Garden Spring 2018

    I am a little extreme when it comes to the concept of what you put into your body actually affects your body. So here are some garden pictures, and a few dog pix to boot. The Shepherds are pushing 10 and 11, so they are doing great. Geriatric blood panels show no problems, and they get the obvious supplements for GSD, not to mention as much fresh organic asparagus as they want. They do <this year> self harvest, but it's the 4th year and the production is amazing.

    So I grow 80% of my own food and are careful on the rest.

    Here are a few snippets of the garden circa 2018 spring, it doesn't show the whole extent or the outer "melon and squash outskirts", but all I can do for now.

    Every year I create 1 or 2 more raised planters, 2 high or 3 high CMU blocks. Last year I got free Cinder block from Steins, what a deal! I fill them with tree and yard waste in fall, let them self compost and then top with on site made premium compost. At some point the garden will be all raised, except for plants that "bolt" from too much heat, keep them right in the ground, and in shade if possible.

    stock out, comments appreciated.


    Hawaii Update:

    We are now entering the Twilight Zone moment of truth. No one 'KNOWS' what to do..

    So what did the conscious do in Pompeii? Leave or die.

    New eruptions at Hawaii volcano send lava closer to power plant: 'No one has faced this before'

    Sounds like shit from the Fukushima euphemism bullshit.


    Sooo..Puna Geothermal plugged it's Wells with iron..that leaves a 'breach', a weak spot if you will.
    What is the melting point of iron? In a mile deep well? What is lava..like 1200°-1500°?

    I can 'read through' the controlled panic of the plant manager.

    Oh, and people are getting hit with lava bombs trying to save their shit.

    • danger kitty danger kitty

      "'No one has faced this before'"
      What, no one has faced stupid before?
      It DOES sound like Fukushima euphemism bullshit.
      Setting up an excuse ahead of time for a disaster they know will happen because they're too cheap to spend the money on large-scale evacuation.


    Hawaii: Toxic Gas Alert

    Better paddle your ass to another island, upwind.

    Trade winds in Hawaii are a phenomenon.

    Trade winds. Also called trades. Any of the nearly constant easterly winds that dominate most of the tropics and subtropics throughout the world, blowing mainly from the northeast in the Northern Hemisphere, and from the southeast in the Southern Hemisphere.

    This Interactive Map of Earth's Weather Is the Most Stunning Thing on the Internet


    • Gasser Gasser

      GOM, Fortunately I sold my property in January that is 8 mi North of the now active flow, a few years back when the Pu'u'O'o lava flow stopped short of inundating Pahoa town it was projected to head down to my house.

      My friends say it's hard to sleep with lava booming and hissing going on.

      After living on the Big Island for forty years three things prompted me to move to the mainland.

      Recent mainland overpopulation, DLNR fencing and gating off all my off road riding areas. and knowing rouge lava flows and nasty fumes would eventually wipeout the East side of lower Puna.

      I have ridden hundreds of different lava flows on Mauna Loa's flanks from sea level to 13k elev. cutting and making trails for the Rock Island Riders annual Mauna Kea 200 two day 200 mi extreme motorcycle endurance event, and was always amazed how much volume of lava this huge mountain oozes out time to time knowing someday it will bury Kona or Hilo.

      Mauna Loa's 1984 eruption was heading for Hilo town and stopped within a few miles, in 1985 we made a one foot wide trail over a 1.5 mile wide nasty gnarly still hot a'a' lava flow for our MK 200 event, 35 out of 89 riders DNF'ed on that trail section.

      Mauna Loa will erupt again, it has been rumbling lately, I'm glad I'm off the islands, now at 77 yr'old full time RVing and off road riding in Arizona and eventually all of USA.


      • GOM GOM

        Hey G. Long time.

        Arizona? Thats like a night/day difference weather wise. Watch them black centipedes. Beautiful deadly creatures.

        Glad your outta there. No ones talking Mauna Loa rumbling. Maybe due to a full Rift Zone eruption of the main 3 volcanoes?

        See why we need to talk to each other? How else will we survive? Or maybe that's the point..

        Yeah, I get the mobile life. Works for me. Shit starts..I'm gone.

        Stay in touch. Enjoy the big sky. I sure do miss the stars..


    Hey DK

    This thing is bad..real bad. Because Homo Stupidous triggered it.

    Still need to look into the Caldera that caused it's own 6.9 on the East Rift.

    Oh, and don't forget the Hilina Slip. Not looking good.


    So HEY ADMIN..Can we get a thread on this?

    • slandermen Deadboy

      On what, the implications of plutonium pit production and the effects on habitats, local populations, etc?

      The need for tritium in the oceans so as to accelerate the inevitable shift to modular fusion for everyone?

      How about we have an article about the economic capitalist success story of nuclear industry contributions. The disaster of chernobyl alone is speculated to have cost $9 trillion, according to some, that's $9 trillion of jobs, services, products and various derivatives.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      sorry, the admin doesnt live here anymore

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    you can own land and profit on it. Seems reasonable…or does it? Weve shown that its not reasonable because even a six percent increase in value per year will make all real estate impossible to purchase in just a number of decades.

    But heres the question; who has AUTHORITY to grant ownership? If I say I own mars, and some government says I dont, who actually has the authority? What if I have aliens on my side with super weapons…then I win and the government loses. See it? authority is arbitrary, yet we are all forced to live under some power tripping authoritarian rules. The power of weapons decides this.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      aggressive business men are the ideal presidents. Finally HD and stock agree on something.

      Lets elect this guy. Hes great, fantastic, a fabulous person, trust me

      Dennis Hope has made millions of dollars selling acres of real estate on the moon. As far as he's concerned, it's his to sell. he's sold more than 611 million acres of land on the moon, with about 200 orders coming in daily

      You might wonder who has the authority to grant someone ownership of the moon, or for that matter the earth. Well I do…because I said so. You might think the UN has the authority because they said so, but you see, I said so first, so first dibs.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Code Shutdown, THE ultimate authority, superseding all governments, clubs, agencies of authority, school boards, and authoritarian regimes, has granted these people the right of ownership. SOMEBODY had to do it. I have legally recorded my authority which makes it the rule of law.

        Chilean lawyer Jenaro Gajardo Vera became famous for his 1953 claim of ownership of the Moon.

        Martin Juergens from Germany claims that the Moon has belonged to his family since July 15, 1756, when the Prussian king Frederick the Great presented it to his ancestor Aul Juergens as a symbolic gesture of gratitude for services rendered, and decreed that it should pass to the youngest born son.

        Dean Lindsay made claims for all extraterrestrial objects on June 15, 1936, and sent a letter to Pittsburgh Notary Public along with a deed and money for establishment of the property. The public sent offers to buy objects from him as well. He had previously made claims on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

        James T. Mangan (1896–1970) public relations man and best-selling author on self-help topics publicly claimed ownership of outer space in 1948. Mangan founded what he called the Nation of Celestial Space and registered it with the Recorder of Deeds and Titles of Cook County, Illinois, on January 1, 1949.

        Robert R. Coles, former chairman of New York's Hayden Planetarium, started "the interplanetary Development Corporation" and sold lots on the moon for one dollar per acre.

      • slandermen Deadboy

        Are you telling me, that asshole has been involved with some dodgy escrow shit, on my property?

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