AP: Louisiana sinkhole continues to grow — Now 7,500 square feet of land has crumbled and fell in

Published: February 13th, 2013 at 1:47 pm ET


Title: Assumption Parish sinkhole gets bigger
Source: The Associated Press
Date: February 13, 2013

[…] John Boudreaux, director of the Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security, said roughly 5,000 square feet of land sloughed off into the sinkhole Tuesday morning, and that by the afternoon, the land-loss had grown to an estimated 7,500 square feet.

Boudreaux said he hadn’t measured the sinkhole, but it possibly could cover as many as 9 acres after the 75-foot-by-100-foot parcel of land crumbled and fell into the slurry hole on Tuesday. […]

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Published: February 13th, 2013 at 1:47 pm ET


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66 comments to AP: Louisiana sinkhole continues to grow — Now 7,500 square feet of land has crumbled and fell in

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Bout time for a new flyover from the folks at assumption police jury.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      With the projections of this disaster heading into several years, why haven't they just started doing cameras on weather balloons tied down with a tether? Or rent a drone once a week. Or hire professional photoshoppers from tepco? Or buy a toy helicopter with a camera?

      Feel free to add more ideas for them to pilfer from below.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Why hasn't Texas Brine at least offered buyouts to those that want to leave? They're suppose to have some kind of insurance or a surety bond in case of stupidity like this. The DNR is suppose to make sure they have that kind of coverage.

    Has the DNR or Texas Brine ever addressed the surety issue? Maybe the big secret is that they bribed… er, 'lobbied'… the DNR to weasel out of adequate coverage like Gulf South. In that case, the taxpayers are going to take the hit anyway – why doesn't the DNR buy out the Bayou Corne hostages? They're going to have to do this eventually.


      @Paveway III. Think about it. If you had a few people at every meeting allowing a free pass to Texas Brine and LDNR every time there is a meeting, would you be so quick to offer them anything?

      There is no fuss, no protests, no people marching around their offices, and LDNR never gets pinned to the wall. Not one official documentation has been presented to them on any video, nor given to David Mitchell, (The Advocate), who was at the last meeting, proving Texas Brine and LDNR knew this could happen, and in spite of the danger and to public safety, chose to keep Oxy #3 running until a disaster did happen! And there is plenty of documentation.

      So why would anyone get in any hurry if the have a complacent and compliant people that are easily controlled? The most Press coverage they had was from Simoneaux, for raising a stink.

      They are probably counting on most of them to be dead, dying, or in the hospital before this would ever get to court anyways. From stress if nothing else!

      The people need to organize and find a spokeman among them to be effective. It's time they raised a stink as well.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        "…The people need to organize and find a spokeman among them to be effective. It's time they raised a stink as well…"

        I humbly suggest this guy:


        I wish they hadn't yanked the video already. The protesters were dumbstruck and started leaving. The Department of Homeland Security undoubtedly took this terrorist and his kid out with a Predator drone's missile a half-block away.

        • FREEDOMROX

          @Paveway LOL, that is so true in many of the eastern states, and as for the topic state…well the Spanish and the French did so before any English or Irish came over, and Canadian-French (Acadians) afterwards, but point well taken. All were Europeans. The dude has a good point, but will ultimately go nowhere in this atmosphere.

          Have to love him for the truth though.


        I want to amend my earlier post above. I have spoken with a nearby resident and have found my eyes opened! These folks have been treated like mushrooms, and we all know how those are grown.

        So many of them work and are not told, or informed of anything until it happens. LDNR and Texas Brine space the meetings so far apart, that when they do show up, then they are subjected to Shock and Awe tactics.

        They never told any of them that a VSP was going to be performed, and a host of other more shocking details.

        I find that morally reprehensible and a complete 'breach of trust' between LDNR, and Texas Brine. (Insert Paveway's Sarcasm Here) 🙂

        I will not name any names, but the story of 'Ground Zero' is becoming more horrific as the real story unfolds. Additionally, a certain someone has witheld a whole lot of information that could have educated us in the 'outside' world as to what was truly happening behind the scenes and chose not to.

        More later as it becomes available.

    • sentinelle sentinelle

      Hi Paveway, some time back I looked up eminent domain in Louisiana. Recalling from memory, so you'll need to do your own googling to get the facts. It seems the laws have been changed in the past few years that relate to eminent domain and to businesses causing a situation so that a place is considered blighted etc. etc. Study these things and some lightbulbs will probably go off.

      • sentinelle sentinelle

        I did post links here at the time but that was weeks and weeks ago. I don't post much, so if someone knows a way to look back though my posts they'll find them.

        • Sickputer

          Just use Google and in search box use:

          1. Poster name
          2. Unique words from desired article
          3. Enenews.com

          Works well:

          ""Again, there is an atty for some of these people who should be investigating this and jumping up and down yelling at these people."

          And maybe for explaining Louisiana's eminent domain laws that were changed in 2006.

          "Proposed Constitutional Amendment retains existing law and provides that except for purposes of industrial development, establishing and furnishing industrial plants, operation of public ports or providing movable or immovable property for pollution control facilities, property shall not be taken or damaged by the state or its political subdivisions for predominant use by any private person or entity or for the transfer of ownership to any private person or entity."
          Evacuating for safety and health concerns is wise, but can the land be condemned for residential use if abandoned?"


          • FREEDOMROX

            Actually, sent and SP…very good points. They could just condemn the whole subdivision for a reclamation and 'immovable property for pollution control facilities', and problem for LDNR is solved.

            Again, I would be protesting, but that's just me, I reckon, before they decide to do that very thing. Then what will the residents have?

          • Sickputer

            Sounds like pretty standard exception to allow civil lawsuits:

            "Proposed Constitutional Amendment provides that in every expropriation or action to take property, a party has the right to trial by jury to determine whether the compensation is just and the owner shall be compensated to the full extent of his loss. Further provides that the full extent of loss shall include, but not be limited to, the appraised value of the property and all costs of relocation, inconvenience, and any other damages actually incurred by the owner because of the expropriation, except as otherwise provided in this constitution."


            • FREEDOMROX

              @SP, Isn't that still a 'buyout'?

              Not just limitations of liability and amounts paid, but a true Forced Evacuation?

              • Sickputer

                FR sez: Forced Evacuation?

                SP: That is the general principle in any eminent domain action. The government compensation is not as easy to ramrod through the court system. What the lical yokel judges and state judge view as "damages" may differ farther up the line. It's still a long crapshoot in any event.

                While not an ED case the Hinckly folks in California can be representative of pollution case lawsuits. they got their damages in different groups and time frames. About a 3 to 15 year time frame.

                The original pollution began 56 years before the final settlement. Those big boys have deep pockets. But in TB's case they are much smaller as I wrote several months ago. This may be why EB doesn't see much of an incentive to join the Cajuns and sue on their behalf for pain and suffering damages. TB will probably just go bankrupt under a long court case and there will be very little compensation. But my guess is from 700 miles away. The home folks have information from their lawyers that may or may paint the same picture.

                • FREEDOMROX

                  Actually, to me, SP, that is why it is so important to bring in the Owner, Occidental Chemical, for their deep pockets, for no matter the indemnity by Texas Brine with the State, Occidental is liable for all damages as owner of the Oxy #3 Well.

                  People must be justly compensated, since no remedy is at hand. It is not like you can bring Halliburton in and Bentonite the whole area, and expect it to be all right.

        • razzz razzz

          sentinelle: Example, use Google to search for part of anything you said in a post, even a few key words that you can remember posting then add your user name here sentinelle and then add enenews to the search. Google will find it or hits close to it for you to checkout.

          • sentinelle sentinelle

            Thank you Sickputer and Razzz!!! 🙂

            What was also important were the changes made in 2006 that benefited industry.

            What or who came up with the idea to insert new language that added industrial development? Is the salt dome cavern business an industry?

            • Sickputer

              Pretty standard fare for ED laws. It might be interpreted as such… The law is what courts say it is.

              In Texas we would see the same wording for seizing land right of ways for the electric high voltage lines needed to carry wind farm juice from my neck of the woods to Dallas. Still… Special Interest squeaky wheels sonetimes get exceptions and routes are rerouted. The right to sue is still inherent. If you can convince enough juries you can win. The PTB win a lot, but they lose some also. Not like in Russia… You lose your land and if you bitch you wind up dead or in the gulags.

              • sentinelle sentinelle

                I posted this in that thread also:



                •Each piece of property must be a threat to public health and safety to be condemned for blight.
                •Condemnations for industrial parks and port facilities are forbidden on residential property.

                • sentinelle sentinelle

                  "Instead, the state’s blight laws must now ensure that eminent domain can only be used for the removal of a threat to public health and safety caused by a particular property."
                  Quoted from the article at the link in my last post.

                  I'd think toxic gases bubbling up in your back yard is a "thread to public health and safety"

                  Perhaps I'm a 'conspiracy theorist', but it sure looks like the dominoes were set up to fall a long time ago…

                  • Sickputer

                    Yes, that is hot button topic for a jury, but does TB have enough funds to pay for longterm exceptional damages? I doubt it and in any event force majeure will be invoked by insurers snd owners alike.

                    Got to go after deep pocket folks to get a reasonable settlement. Whether Chevron could be liable is a good subject to pursue. They have made lits if money off all of us and Bayou Corne reparations would be watch pocket money to them. Perhaps they would be a better source for compensation.

                  • FREEDOMROX

                    @sent, that is a very precise and chilling analogy. It sure seems like a 'catch all' for the oil, gas, storage, pipeline, etc.., ad nauseum, industries. I believe PW is correct, and you as well.

                    Eminent Domain is one very high probability in this case, if TB does not cave to the demands to have horizontal drilling, instead of a bunch of tiny wells all over their subdivision and ruining it to the point they don't want to stay anymore.

                    Either way accomplishes the same goal. Very ruthless, if true.

            • PavewayIII PavewayIII

              Hmmm…. now why does 2006 ring a bell?

              Oh yeah, the big Napoleonville ownership/operator shuffle.

              "…Is the salt dome cavern business an industry?…"

              There is no such thing, but solution mining *is* an industrial development use, and underground hydrocarbon storage is another.

              "…What or who came up with the idea to insert new language that added industrial development?…"

              The Louisiana politicians that serve the lawmaking needs of their pimp owners: chemical and petro.

              Lawmaking is a service provided exclusively to corporations. The only part of that peons need to worry their little heads about is law enforcement.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        @sentinelle – thanks. I do recall the discussion here, but would be horrified to see Louisiana invoke eminent domain. That forces *all* landowners and homeowners within some arbitrary boundary to sell whether they want to or not. There must be some people in Bayou Corne that would never sell their property and leave. They don't need the DHS Stazi kicking in their front door at 3 A.M. and blowing their pet dog's head off to 'enforce' any dictate of Louisiana's corrupt, crony courts.

        A state declaration of eminent domain is also an absolute guarantee that everyone else outside the boundary is totally screwed. The state's 'problem' is now solved – nobody outside the boundary has a state-recognized problem anymore. Tweet the EPA if you get blisters all over your body – that's a pollution problem.

  • cheykenzie cheykenzie

    Freedomrox…..how the hell do you know what goes on here??? Do you live here? Are you dealing with any of this personally? For your information, there are MANY residents that have raised a whole lot of hell! You seem to think that you have this whole thing all figured out. How about you bring your happy, get sh*t done, a** on down here and lets see what kind of difference you can make. You think that those meeting videos is the only damn thing that goes on here?! How naive. There is so much more that goes on than you are aware of, but you don't know that because you are not here! Yet you waltz around the internet throwing your "facts" like they are engraved in stone somewhere. I have had just about all I can handle of you trashing the people you claim to want to help! You are nothing but a glory hound. If you truly wanted to help anyone around here, you would be a bit more respectful of them, and not cry like a little b***h every time someone calls you out on these snide little comments you insist on making. Gee…i wonder why its so hard for the residents of bayou corne to accept your "help"…js


      Finally, at least someone shows a little backbone, at least here. No, I do not live there, nor does most of the rest of the civilized world.

      "Not one official documentation has been presented to them on any video, nor given to David Mitchell, (The Advocate), who was at the last meeting"

      This what the rest of the world sees of you. In today's society, if it isn't documented, then it pretty much does not exist.

      I see you are taking the same stance as Rain, that this is 'your' disaster, and that comments are directed at 'you' personally, instead of it being a National Disaster, as many of you want it declared. I agrre it should be, because of the rampant contamination of all the lands south of the stinkhole to the Gulf of Mexico, nor even to mention that much of the nation's energy interests come from your area.

      But, you will not attain national recognition until you make it a national issue, and stop thinking of it, as 'Your Personal Disaster Area' and attacking those that don't live there, just for that very fact. It is known as 'cutting off your nose to spite your own face'.

      You are correct…I did reach out to help, but never to take any position away from any of you, just helpful hints on strategy, as a leader must come from within. You don't want my help…your business.

      I will still write in the national interests, and still watch the videos, as will others, and wonder.


        I am sorry if you in any way think I am demoralizing the community. That is not my intention, nor my goal. Division is the last thing anyone would want, except Occidental, Texas Brine, and LDNR.

        None of my articles has been derogatory to you folks. Questions have been asked, but no accusations made.

        One thing that puzzles me most is how you can detect emotional content, or the intent behind words in any article on the internet, nor of condenscenion. I am sorry if you think you detect that, but it isn't true.

        I understand you do not like me, and that is just fine. I am not in a popularity contest, nor any competition with anyone.

        If your attorney's tell you not to speak, then do as your conscience tells you. Gut insticts tell most everyone else, that you are not being served well by them, since they remain in the shadows and never put forth relevant questions on your behalf, nor have we seen any injunctions, court orders, or it would be reported upon, plus one person does just that every week for the area. But if you feel you should wait years for litigation to bear fruit, then that is definitely your choice.

        Enough of the attacks upon my character and integrity though. I do not attack yours. If you feel you have been sleighted, then I apologize. Otherwise, I shall continue to write and offer any assistance I can.

        It's just the right thing to do.

        I will not answer to these type posts anymore. You have said your piece, and I have said mine.

        • cheykenzie cheykenzie

          I never said I had an attorney, nor that I was told to "hush". Just that Im sure some people have. Your articles may not be derogatory, but many of your comments are. I don't feel slighted in the least. I am only speaking up for a community whom most of its members are not even on the internet, so have no way to defend themselves when someone calls them spineless. I do not need to be able to "detect" anything in your text. After months now of watching how you interact with people, it's quite obvious how you work. Its ok for you to accuse an entire community of being complacent, but no one can call you a glory hound? Sounds like a one way street to me. My advice to you is that if you want to help people, you should be much more careful of how you speak about them. And no one else decides when I have said what I have to say…. that's my decision.

          • FREEDOMROX

            Sure thing RainbowDays. Please remember I have the same rights and respect them.

            • cheykenzie cheykenzie

              I am not rainbeudais. Yet again stating your false "facts". I do know rain, and have watched the communications between the two of you closely, but Im sorry to disappoint you on that one. I can assure you that I am a completely separate person. Funny though….rain told me that you would think I was her! Lmao!

              • FREEDOMROX

                Never said it was a fact. Just inferring from your writing style, that you are one and the same mind, if not the same person. I have no problems with it either way.

                You have more problems to deal with, than me.

                Actually read the thread above. Others that come at this from different standpoints are more knowledgable than I am on those issues have chimed in, and it does look bleak.

                Maybe you should pay a little more attention to other's, rather than continue launching a campaign against me.

                You might learn something.

                Believe it or not, I was warned about attempting to contact Julie or any of you.

                Thanks for proving them right, and me wrong.

                See? You win and lose all at the same time.

                • cheykenzie cheykenzie

                  Don't flatter yourself….there is no campaign against you. Lol! Was merely speaking in defense of the community. No you didn't state it was a fact, but your "writing style" makes it appear as though it it is. The only thing that has been proven is that your are an arrogant ass. We welcome help in the community, but not from those who run around the net calling the community spineless. Good day sir.

  • cheykenzie cheykenzie

    I do not attack anyone that does not attack the community first. No I don't see this as "my disaster". I am just tired of watching you trash people when you don't agree with the way they say and/or do things. You claim to want to help, and that we need to speak up more….if that were true, what good would it do when there are people like you running your mouth about the people in the area, and undermining the credibility of the community?? Your mouth overloads your a** and I find you are detrimental to our cause with all of your condescending remarks. In truth, I flat out do not like you. mainly because you are arrogant, and believe that although there are hundreds if not thousands of people worldwide, working on this, YOU have it figured out. That is fine. Your arrogance i could look past. It's when you start attacking the community in general that I will speak out about it. You have no idea what these people are going through, so how dare you presume to judge. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps some of them have been advised by their lawyers NOT to raise the hell you are suggesting? There are more diplomatic ways of dealing with things than raving like a lunatic on camera for the world to see. Back off the people rox. if you want to help, that's fine, but stop demoralizing the community!

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      I haven't been warned not to contact anyone so here goes, raise foot to head level, open mouth and . . .

      What I want to know is why one of you spiny bastards haven't pinned them down on the source of the hydrocarbons yet. Granted, you don't need to respond and I'm ok. I just get annoyed every time the lie surfaces.

      Proof you ask?


      Date of report: Oct 15, 2012

      3 samples submitted:
      "Two samples and a comparison product were provided for analysis by GCFID (modified 8015), PIANO and
      Alkylated PAH." (first paragraph page 2)

      Samples and control are similar:
      "Samples 041-092212-01 and 041-092212-02 have the same chemical pattern and are contaminated with the same organic compounds. They contain components of the comparison standard but are also contaminated with another lighter hydrocarbon component that is not in the comparison standard. Samples 041-092212-01 and 041-092212-02 have a number of compounds present at retention time 4 to 7 minutes but the comparison standard does not," (second paragraph page 2)

      Way down at the bottom, the chain of custody page states that the samples were turned over by Cindy Olavesen of Pace Analytical to an illegible signature aparently from SPL.inc. The field for "Samples Collected By" is left blank on the custody form.

      Someone has known since October.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I was wondering if the gator hunters (Landry and the bunch on History Channel) of Pierre Part have noticed any bubbleing, hydrogen sulfide smell, oil sheens and or pollution from the stinkhole since they are just downstream of the catastrophe. They run up and down those bayous more than anyone. Sure would like to get some feedback from those guys. A question I would like to ask their producers of the show is this – recently they aired an episode and were talking about waterway called stinky bayou. A name given from the smelly, stinky aroma that prevailled in that area that they said comes from natural methane releases there. Well we all know now that methane has no odor untill processed commercially, therefore their must be another source of smell other than methane. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs, I sure hope that it indeed is not that. Their new season (Swamp People) starts tomorrow. I wonder if they are going to mention the sinkhole, consequences and the threat to them, being such an important factor in their existence, livelyhood and way of life. Would be a great way to get national attention and possible federal involvement (as in Army Corps of Engineers and or the Navy Seabees). Just my 2 cents for the day 🙂


      Actually Troy Landry was in Bayou Corne chasing a gator on the show last season, (for 2011), so a really good point, TM2020. Why do I have a feeling not a word will be uttered about it? Too jaded? We'll see.

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    Well it's got a long way to grow.

    I'd put the likely maximum extent of the sinkhole as being equal to the depth of the bottom of the cavern–about 1400 ft radius. Or about 140 acres, about 15 times the present area.

    If they let it go, The maximum likely extent of subsidence would extend twice that radius, or 2800 ft or some 560 acres. This is the zone of cracked walls, slabs, roads, sticking doors and windows.

    Keep pushing TB to build that dike all the way around and pump it down. It's the only way.

    Sorry, I don't have anything to say but bonne chance — good luck — mais amie.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Ya, I don't think their worst case estimate accounted for the eventual collapse of the whole salt dome. Needless to say I think their worst case scenario is on crack.

  • Sickputer

    Quote of the Decade from Erin Brockovich: " The EPA is, I don't know, poorly run, mismanaged, broke, doesn't do their job, is an agency that in my opinion and many instances has failed us."

    SP: Has anyone in the affected area contacted Erin at her website?
    Easy to find: http://www.brockovich.com

    Erin has been working on another Hinckly-style chrome six contamination lawsuit in Midland, Texas.

    I know I would want Erin on my side against the liars in power. She knows how to cut through the power brokers and get the victims day in court (or a reasonable settlement). This sticky situation might interest her company.

  • Sickputer

    Lots of good discussion… If I were living there I would try and get every affected resident to pool lawyer resources and figuratively and literally leave no family behind. They like to pick off victims one by one and they are good at it. But if you want justice, then band together and stand for a common goal.

    Because you've got to stand for something…or you'll fall for anything (Thanks Aaron Tippin).

  • irhologram

    If you want to know the eventual size of the sinkhole, might it be useful to chart…to map…every coorelation of EVERY bubble location to potitioning over salt domes…ooops, wouldn't that be the entire Napoleanville Dome, (since they've given us the heads up in their parsed, linear information control that this next stage can no longer be concealed: the individual caverns are likely to be in dominoe collapse). The "bubbles" should be categorized by size…from individual bubbles to gurgling bubbles, to water-main size gushing. Property owners could report to a citizen or journalist Data base using real estate plats. This area would extend at least all the way to Lake Peigneur, where along that 40 mile distance, bubbles have been reported, and, also, unusual spontaneous little fire plumes have been sighted throughout at least one other bayou area… i know of no index that charts each gas release, just the releases immediate to the sin(k)hole. Since the clay over sand can only withstand 15 psi, the prevalence of these bubbles and smoke plumes indicate pressure from below over a broad expanse. Private initiative seems the only recourse to know how far that area is… IMO when you map the areas of gas release, you''ll find the areas at peril for further structural damage, as well as H2S hazard. I DON'T THINK FOR A MINUTE that industry hasn't ALREADY done this, but for citizens to have this information, we'd have to do it ourselves.

  • irhologram

    From the top down?
    Activists arrested at the Whitehouse protesting Keystone pipeline


    Kirkland's win in the Dow Chemical matter resolved a high-stakes battle between the company and a Dow lessee's insurer, Oil Insurance Ltd., and showcased the firm's methods.

    Oil Insurance had sought in a Louisiana trial court subrogated damages from Dow related to the 2003 rupture of an underground gas storage chamber operated under lease from Dow by Gulf South Pipeline LP.

    Oil Insurance alleged that Dow was liable because it had constructed the gas well improperly. Gulf South's cleanup costs and lost profits related to the rupture, which released millions of cubic feet of gas and resulted in the evacuation of the surrounding community, amounted to more than $145 million.

    Kirkland stepped in as lead counsel in 2007 on Dow's behalf and convinced the judge to set up a phased approach, under which the firm proceeded with two attacks on the insurer's claim that ultimately led to the case's resolution.

    The firm first used discovery to produce key admissions from the insurer's damage expert, leading the court to scrub some $80 million in damages for a purported failure to present underlying documents.

    Kirkland then successfully argued in a summary judgment motion that an additional $30 million chunk of Oil Insurance's claims should be stricken based on a waiver of subrogation clause.




    Having twice sided with Oil Insurance on the issue earlier in the case, the court, which rendered judgment last March, made new Louisiana law for the manner in which it applied the waiver of subrogation to the insurer's claims.

    Following the court's decision, the parties settled the remaining claims, with Gulf South and Oil Insurance assuming all liability for litigation currently underway with area residents.

    Additionally, Dow settled its own claims against Gulf South in a confidential settlement.



    Bayou Corne residents had best pray that Texas Brine has a good Insurance Company. I was put onto this decision by one of the residents today, and it pretty much sets precedence for Occidental Chemical to weasel out of liability for the caverns they own.


    See, this Gulf South case was over the Casing and Well, (while Dow owned the cavern and land rights), and not the actual cavern. I believe the fact that Occidental owns the cavern, and it was a failure of the cavern itself, then it is entirely possible the residents have a case involving Occidental, Texas Brine, and LDNR.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Interesting short BBC documentary regarding natural methane releases from the earth. LOL turns out that methane is actually bug farts 🙂


    Poke a hole in the ground (drilling and fracking and such), your going to release trapped methane pockets. The bubbleing in folks yards and in the bayous are obviously very flammable however it does seem to need a close source of ignition which in theory makes the flareing somewhat safe. There is massive methane releases coming up in the bayou corne community and in all bayous near that area on both all sides of the sinkhole. There are also many reports and sightings of some of methane geisers that have found ignition sources become flames shooting up out of the ground throughout southern louisianna. This is one of the positive sides in that the swamps are keeping the fires contained at this point. If that were happening in a drier environment we would be having much greater fire and explosion problems. SURE WOULD BE NICE TO GET A NEW FLYOVER????? Guess they don't want us to see the situation with all the recent new rains. Waiting for the water to go down before we can see what everything looks like with the new slough ins?

    • Thad

      "There are also many reports and sightings of some of methane geisers that have found ignition sources become flames shooting up out of the ground throughout southern louisianna."

      Do you have any documentation of this– I live in southern La, my backyard borders on swamp– am in constant communication with the people/ residents of Bayou Corne and we have no knowledge of this- have seen nothing in the media.
      The people of Bayou Corne need your help– any docmentation– help the stubborn ones to make up their minds to leave– and help them in forcing a settlement with TxBrn—

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Gas removal at sinkhole reaches 940,000 barrels
    Feb 15 2013


    • Thad

      Even the newspapers can be mis-leading – the 940,000 bbls were not removed from or at the sink hole. It is the butane moved fron CrossTx #2 to CrossTx #1

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Just posting the news..it's the Advocate..the best they have…it seems.
    What can I say?