AP: Officials “admit deadly Fukushima meltdown coverup” — TEPCO President: We lied about meltdowns, “It was a cover-up… This is a grave issue” — “It’s an unprecedented nuclear disaster… about as bad as it gets” — Revealed “unpardonable breach of trust” (VIDEO)

Published: June 22nd, 2016 at 12:55 am ET


The Times, Jun 22, 2016 (emphasis added): Fukushima nuclear meltdown was covered up, plant operator admits — The company responsible for the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant has admitted lying about the meltdown of its reactors five years ago, in a deliberate cover-up

NHK, Jun 21, 2016: TEPCO admits meltdown cover-up — The president of Tokyo Electric Power Company has admitted the company concealed the reactor meltdowns at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant… TEPCO President Naomi Hirose said at a news conference on Tuesday that the company’s concealment of the meltdowns at the order of its then-president is a grave issue.

AP, Jun 21, 2016: The utility that ran the Fukushima nuclear plant acknowledged Tuesday its delayed disclosure of the meltdowns at three reactors was tantamount to a cover-up and apologized… “I would say it was a cover-up,” Hirose told a news conference. “It’s extremely regrettable.”… TEPCO has been accused of a series of cover-ups in the disaster…

CBS (AP), Jun 21, 2016: Fukushima meltdown apology: “It was a cover-up

CBC (AP), Jun 21, 2016: Japanese power company TEPCO admits it lied about meltdown after Fukushima

Hong Kong Standard (AP), Jun 21, 2016: Japanese operator admits deadly Fukushima nuke meltdown coverup

Shanghai Daily (AP), Jun 22, 2016: It was a cover-up, says Fukushima chief

Asahi Shimbun, Jun 18, 2016: A panel investigating Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s response to the triple meltdown during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster revealed an unpardonable breach of trust by the operator of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. But there is still a lot more work to be done by the panel to uncover the full scope of the utility’s apparent meltdown cover-up. Immediately after the catastrophic accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant, then TEPCO President Masataka Shimizu instructed employees not to use the term “meltdown,” leading to a delay in the official announcement, according to a report compiled by the investigation panel commissioned by the company. A reactor meltdown, or the melting of nuclear fuel in the core of a reactor, is about as bad as it gets. The panel’s report suggests that in the middle of this unprecedented nuclear disaster the top official of the plant operator was trying to conceal the severity of what was unfolding from the public

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: June 22nd, 2016 at 12:55 am ET


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650 comments to AP: Officials “admit deadly Fukushima meltdown coverup” — TEPCO President: We lied about meltdowns, “It was a cover-up… This is a grave issue” — “It’s an unprecedented nuclear disaster… about as bad as it gets” — Revealed “unpardonable breach of trust” (VIDEO)

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Yahoo! https://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=ge+Interactive

    General Electric Company (GE)
    29.82 -1.37(4.39%) NYSE – As of 4:00PM EDT
    After Hours: 29.73 Down -0.09 (0.30%) 7:37PM EDT

    Bloomburg http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/9501:JP

    Tokyo Electric Power Co Holdings Inc
    395.0 JPY

    (for 24 June) at 2 AM

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    Will pay after proven performance.

    $20 bucks, ok?

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    • pure water

      This spam wake me up for the nucler is absolute spam from the start. When miracles are offered, sane person jumps alert. Miracles are from and within the spiritual realm, physical sticks to the cause-effect mode.Simple, but crucial.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


    2014 SASKATOON – Cameco (TSX:CCO) is stopping some work at its Cigar Lake uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan after discovering that ground freezing used to prevent water from entering the mine hadn’t advanced as quickly as expected in some areas.

    …Cameco is the majority owner and operator of Cigar Lake, with a 50.025 per cent stake. Areva Resources Canada Inc. owns 37.1 per cent, Idemitsu Canada Resources Ltd. holds 7.875 per cent and TEPCO Resources Inc. owns 5.0 per cent.


    A tangled web we weave…Just type in "tepco owns uranium mine" or "US sells uranium" or "US sells land rights uranium" into your search engine.

    Not to mention, foreign corporations are buying up natural gas from the US.
    To be blunt, the US is pimping our land, raping it for LNG and selling it off to the highest bidder. Another can of worms that brings us full circle. The US and it's land, waters and air is for sale to the highest bidder with the worst potential for abuse to our mother, earth.

    Gotta run.

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    Wall Street ‘fear gauge’ sees sharpest jump since 2011 after Brexit

    Apparently a "typo" in the title let slip what they were really thinking.

    Anyone have a stock reort chart for 311?

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Shikoku Electric begins loading fuel at reactor for late July restart
    →National Jun. 24, 2016 – 03:00PM JST

    Fairly strong quake hits Kumamoto; no injuries reported
    June 13, 2016 at 11:20 JST

    Quake scale may be underestimated in calculations for nuclear plants: Ex-NRA official
    June 17, 2016 (Mainichi Japan)

    Nikon says April’s Kumamoto earthquake will delay two camera releases
    By Hillary Grigonis — June 25, 2016

    At least six dead as rains batter quake-hit southwestern Japan
    by Reuters
    Wednesday, 22 June 2016 02:26 GMT


    W. Virginia Rain Holocaust..

    Nuclear Radiation & Atmospheric Chaos

    Continuous recordings of atmospheric electric parameters were carried out in Uppsala, Sweden. Because of the accident in the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, USSR, a rainfall on April 27, 1986, caused a considerable increase of the radioactive background radiation in the surroundings of the recording station. A pronounced influence on the atmospheric electric field, the conductivity of the air, and the space charge density is reported.

    The study shows that krypton-85 from nuclear fission enhances air ionization and, thus, interferes with the atmospheric-electrical system and the water balance of the earth atmosphere. Krypton-85 content of the earth atmosphere continues to rise.

    Photoionization: ionization produced in a medium by the action of electromagnetic radiation.



    The Toxicity Multiplying Effect..& other Nuclear Death 'Stuff'

    In my opinion, it is not just the radioactive contamination from Fukushima directly poisoning the sea and causing the large Pacific Ocean die offs, it is a combination of interrelated factors, because everything is interconnected.

    On the scale of the Fukushima, it affects the dynamics of the entire biosphere. Biologically, one toxin plus one toxin, does not equate double the toxicity effect. Studies show you can get a multiplying toxicity damaging effect 10 to 20 times greater. The organism becomes overloaded dealing with too much toxic stress at once.

    Earth: Thermal Imbalance
    Thermal Imbalance is indicated by recent record breaking extremes in worldwide hot and cold temperatures.

    Extreme UV
    Extreme UV levels are now being detected in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, spring and summer. I am suggesting that the increase in Northern hemisphere UV has been caused by atmosphere damage, from the large amount of ionizing radiation released into the Northern Hemisphere upper atmosphere, by the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe.

    Note: Krypton-85 (85 Kr) is a radioactive noble gas which decays with a half-life of 10.76 years, emitting mainly β -particles of mean energy 251 keV. The main sources of Krypton-85 are the nuclear fuel reprocessing plants and various nuclear reactors.


    Fukushima..at worlds end

    There is no escape for anyone. Civilization and life on Earth will end.

    Trudging slowly over wet sand
    Back to the bench
    Where your clothes were stolen
    This is the coastal town
    That they forgot to close down
    Armageddon—come, Armageddon! Come, Armageddon! Come!

    Everyday is like Sunday
    Everyday is silent and grey

    Hide on the promenade
    Etch a postcard,
    "How I dearly wish I was not here."
    In the seaside town
    …that they forgot to bomb
    Come! Come! Come—nuclear bomb!

    Trudging back over pebbles and sand
    And a strange dust lands on your hands
    And on your face, on your face, on your face, on your face

    Everyday is like Sunday
    Everyday is silent and grey…

    Morrissey..for "On The Beach"

  • Some news not being reported:
    Tg exclusive

    Here in washington our department of agriculture is recording record leves of full crop collapses. Bacterial infections, apple maggot, and viral complications are at an astounding level.

    Our international partners will no longer be importing multiple crop yeilds.
    This is information provided to me via a whistle blower of sorts.
    The masses of information is quite public information, however the scale is diabolical. From washington to california we are seeing complete failure of agricultural yeilds at this time.

    Might want to start stocking fruits and grains at this time. As well as fully inspecting all produce provided by these states.
    Just news from a dedicated viewer.

    • GOM GOM

      Hey Tacoma. Hope you are well.

      Other non-reported:

      93 dead in 2 days from lightening!


      and the nuclear climate chaos beat goes on…

    • GOM GOM

      USDA Diaster Map Shows Almost HALF of the US In Dire-Straights

      This is NOT a PDF.. It is a Map


      Stock has often talked about "getting the seeds in". Tacoma has now issued a warning. My posts on ' weather chaos' should be taken seriously.

      My local Wallyworld has a bizarre limited amount of canned fruit. Peaches down to two brands, few cans. Tacoma is right. Fresh fruit now comes from Mexico, it's costly in both low & high end stores. Nuts are VERY expensive, the trees are dead [Cali]

      Pre-made salads come in sporadically. Or not at all. Seeing lots of mold. WW just had to throw out large bin of black mold potatoes after I ointed out the OBVIOUS health threat.

      This is just observations from the trenches.

      • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

        I have been avoiding products from the west coast to the best of my ability since I saw the reactors blow up. The toxic load should be steadily increasing till eternity! The problem is most of our vegetables come from there…what now?

        • I am not well. Ive really hollowed out inside.
          A formulation of poor diet and balanced social contacts. Individuals outside this website have attacked my spiritual health.
          Within reason ive met both the devil and god this year. A savior, and ones that sought to end me.
          To my hero you are forever in my heart. Yet to this vixen thats bejeweled me.
          Time is not your friend.
          My contact is a biologist from a state department of agriculture. There are warming waters engulphing the puget sound now. From marine biologists standpoints we are seeing vast species dieoffs. This manifestation is perplexing. Our dam systems are allowing disproportionate levels of stagnant waters to warm crucial areas of wildlife. Wetlands are failing and various pests are brewing in the warming conditions. From viral complications and mutations, to explotive and evasive species; the warm air is driving the threats inland.
          Fear is setting in on the global scale with enviromentalists.
          Decaying sediment is providing excellent conditions for future intrusions of agricultural failure. While irradiated foilage is proving an excellent breading ground for wilfires; saturating the landscapes downwind.
          Do we even understand if plants get cancer? Maybe I will collect some bugs for microscopic inspection.
          Compare and cross reference with chernobyls studies…
          Hard to find a control sample at this point in the game. Who knows…


    US States of Emergency..

    Oklahoma – State of Emergency Declared for 9 Counties After to Floods and Storms

    Governor Declares Emergency in 44 Counties After Floods in West Virginia

    President Declares Disaster for 12 Counties After Texas Floods

    Lloyds Calls for USA to End National Flood Insurance Program


    click menu for global..& US

    • GOM GOM


      What we are seeing in terms of fast moving uber storms..

      Derecho Storms

      A derecho is a large, violent, fast-moving, complex of thunderstorms that follow one another along a path of at least 240 miles, with wind gusts of at least 58 mph. Although derechos are very difficult to predict, they often form along the boundary of a large, hot air mass near a jet stream air current.

      Scroll down for more images


      After some research, I have concluded these storms have morphed into smaller..more deadly rain amounts. Maybe less wind at times. Compliments of new nuclear enhanced weather systems..

      A derecho (/dəˈreɪtʃoʊ/, from Spanish: derecho [deˈɾetʃo], "straight") is a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a land-based, fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms. Derechos can cause hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, heavy rains, and flash floods.

      NWS: Derecho brought high winds, heavy rain to West Virginia Thursday morning


      • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

        And when these storms pass by bodies of water or cities the intensity can increase, or decrease, without HAARP (assuming it works) the weather would be more like it was before 2009. A time lapse of the jet stream from 2000 to 2015 would be interesting to see! I haven't found it offered free since before then.

      • You may be right GOM

        Overall, due to global warming, the air can now hold much more moisture and that means bigger storms, plus more water coming down.

        There seems to be a pattern forming of storms dumping a months worth of rain in ONE day, or even more, all over the world on a more and more frequent basis. Japan, EU, USA, Australia, etc.

        Get used to floods happening much more frequently, and it may be a good idea not to buy property in a flood plain, next to a stream or river.

        If it gets much worse, the dams might not be able to hold what comes down..

        Fighting Mother Nature is not wise.. She always wins in the end.

        • DUDe DUDe

          "..Fighting Mother Nature is not wise.. She always wins in the end.."

          She is also losing..all her finetuned "work"..thanks to the severe disbalance we caused on all levels..


    No humidity in Cali? Next to the ocean? Burning up!


    Krypton-85 removes moisture. Look to Fukushima.. a constant source

    • hbjon hbjon

      "Krypton-85 removes moisture". Suggests that ongoing fission is still occurring. Significant contributions of Radon and Xenon as well. All exposed uranium sheds radon gas that eventually becomes airborne. Assuming oceanic releases will bubble up (as opposed to bubbling down) Radon gas has an energy of its own as it bounces around the fluid we call our atmosphere, and decays into an energetic isotope of Polonium. Uranium fuel must always be contained to prevent the Radon gas from escaping.

  • Anything south of san fran is desert. Desert areas are DRY. With the drought killing trees and beetles killing millions of stressed and sick trees, everything down there is now a tinderbox and getting drier.

    With wind, there is NO WAY to put it out.

    Only bright spot is that a lot of reservoirs filled up due to El Nino, but not all

    • GOM GOM


      South of SanFran, to N. LA, mostly N. of Santa Barbara, are highly agricultural areas running about 60% humidity. Off into Monterry agri areas, cold & damp. Cali is not cohesive in terms of climate nor is it arid or dry.

      Ex NV/Cali native..

      • Try flying from SF to San Diego these days. It sure looks like desert from up there.

        Maybe this is the new norm. Maybe what used to be is no longer there.

        Last drive from SF to LA, there were tons of empty fields in the Central Valley, dry as a bone, tons of dead fruit orchards, all dried out. Lots of signs, blaming politicians for the dryness and no water.

        The land is sinking as desperate farmers drill wells and pull out massive amounts of water..

        Maybe you have memories of how it used to be. Come visit. Fly from SF to San Diego. Drive the Central Valley and tell me how green it is.. It might be green spray paint at this point.

        Friends near San Diego are talking about how wells are drying up, and so are streams

        Maybe this El Nino put a little water back into reservoirs, but until the land stops sinking, and ALL reservoirs are full for a few years, AGR is calling this a continuing drought, and everything below SF a desert.

        CA. is going downhill in slow motion in part due to unsolved and unsustainable very wasteful water uses.

        • GOM GOM

          10 years ago:

          Driving from Las Vegas, 20-30 min to Cali line. This turns into Death Valley for a stretch. The drive is 'pure desert'. One must cross the Sierra Nevada Mts. Now you would be in coastal Cali. Our agricultural gem.

          When I was there, aside from the cities, all agricultural areas were green with a fire here & there. LV bore the brunt of the smoke. Humidity always hovered around 60%, give or take. The desert 'floor' runs about 4% humidity, no fluctuations. Keep in mind that sea spray travels 15-20 miles. Guess it is not helping much now.

          I firmly believe that cumulative deadly EMF radiation, gases, years of testing [ground & space] leaks, and so on, have come to a cusp. What I thought was the start of planetary failure turned out to be a full blown abrupt climate shift scenario. This can be as little as a few years according to new research.

          We are in a lot of trouble Doc. Our Earth systems are failing. Nuclear super-charged energy has reeked havoc on Earth's protective shields, atmospheriic layers, electrical system and so on. This same energy is responsible for rapid extinctions of planetary Kingdoms.

          And there is not a damn thing we can do about it..


      • aunavoz

        Sorry GOM .. but you are wrong and this fire has nothing to do with Fukushima. My sister lives within 15 miles of the fire at.Lake Isabella. She works at the local Kern Valley Hospital.

        It is extremely arid and dry there now .. and hot. The wind whipped this fire massively out of control in a very short time Thursday and Friday. The wind has been more forgiving to firefighters to day.

        I am watching closely .. in fact watching the news conference now.

        The Kern Valley had just enough rain to give the grasses a chance to grow and then dry out during the first summer heat wave .. plenty of tinder .. and as GH said .. the trees are quite dry as well.

        It's called drought.

      • hbjon hbjon

        The humid and cool overcast never makes it over the mountain range and usually burns off by noon. This is why the central coast grows the best strawberries and grapes in the nation. 30 degrees hotter on the other side of those mountains.

  • Many farmers south of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to get 5 percent

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/state/california/water-and-drought/article69451732.html#storylink=cpy

    And this AFTER an El Nino year.

    Like AGR reported; desert south of SF and SAC.

    Whatcha gonna grow with only 5% water and 95% dry air, dried out ground?

    Dust bunnies maybe?


  • California Farmers Irrigate Crops With Chevron’s Oil Wastewater in Drought-Stricken Central Valley

    Desperate farmers do desperate things.

    Combining fracking with farmers and what do you get?

    • aunavoz

      Please stop fearmongering.

      Is the drought bad .. yes.

      Are most folks looking to conserve water .. yes.

      • Posting links to articles about sinking land, fracking water used on crops and farmers getting little or no water is REALITY Mr A., sorry to say.

        Better wake up and smell the dust. But feel free to attack the messenger all you want, as that is normal and expected.

      • aunavoz


        Do we all need to guard water as precious .. yes.

      • GOM GOM

        Recycled oil field wastewater is clean, Chevron test results show

        Look at it, go ahead Aunavoz.


        DocG is not fearmongering. And.. Desalinization of Pacific coming. Pacific wastewater enhanced with Tritium for flavor..

        • arbol1989

          It may sound like I am attacking some, but it is just for edification. Aren't desert areas drought regions by "nature". So Cal for the most part save some coastal regions as well as the few rain forests in Nor cal and in Yosemite.—desert areas. San Joaquin valley and the valley to the west of the mountain range there —- desert areas. Most mountainous regions in so cal are low humidity areas like lake Isabella area—prone to drought; like mountain regions in central NV, central AZ and so cal. Where there are areas of low humidity (norm) then you have drought and occasional wildfire if there are sources of fuel, such as grasses, bushes, and pine trees. Prior resident of CA/NV/AZ/NM. The canyon from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella is a prime example of low humidity/fuel source availability.

          • GOM GOM

            No one feels like you are 'pickin'.

            CA, AZ, NV, UT.. complex geology/climates. High desert regions that snow yet maintain constant sun & low humidity, think Flagstaff. Desert floor no humidity. Think Nevada. But when you head to Cali, the weather, mountain ranges, .. well, it's always changing, dependant on area and the Pacific atmosphere as well.

            My post yesterday from the LA Times:

            Cali-LA area -now humidity 81%!
            next 2 weeks humidity 56%
            San Fran- humidity 75%
            Santa Barbara- humidity 93%
            San Deigo- humidity a whopping 100%

            Family in San Diego also states massive heatwaves. Family in Santa Barbara confirms report. Seems the entire Cali coast weather changes daily now. ?..

        • Hey, that oil wastewater has a great flavor; do they add artificial orange flavor to hide the oil and arsenic overtones?

          Makes great water for wine and beer; sterilizes everything. NO washing needed for bottles.


  • Where there used to be fog and humidity, it disappeared.

    Weather extremes triggered by the prolonged drought have caused much of the damage to crops in California’s Central Valley in addition to lack of waters, says Doug Benik, a farmer and crop insurance agent from Fresno County.

    While most assume that the absence of rainfall is largely behind much of the crop damage and losses in California, much of it has actually been caused by the absence of any moisture in the air – due to a lack of rainfall – that has produced weather extremes the area rarely sees. “The lack of moisture in the air allows air temperatures to get much colder in the winter and much hotter in the summer,” said Benik. “And it prevents the cooling fogs from forming when many of the area’s trees need those conditions during the winter,” he said

  • 2016 FRESNO – Farmers in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley are bracing to receive no irrigation water from a federal system of reservoirs and canals for a third consecutive year and looking to El Nino to produce the very wet winter they need.

    • Silverlok Silverlok

      Are you familiar with the specifics of construction of the Friant-Kern canal Aunavoz? I am. It stretches from just north of fresno ( at the friant dam ) all the way to the grape vine ( the road through the hilly area just north of the L.A. basin). It is located at the junction between the 'foothills' ( where the water reserve snow pack is ) and the central valley flat lands.

      Before it's construction the water from the snow pack melted from the mountain tops and flowed under the central valley filling the central valley aquifers.

      The friant-kern canal was constructed with concrete venturi orifices in it's bottom so as it travels south it vacuums almost all ground water (aquifer replenisher). It is soo effective that the canal ends with more water than left the friant dam.

      In the early eighties central valley farmers wells in Fresno were anywhere from 10 to 200 feet deep , today those same farmers are having to go 1000 to 1500 feet deep and are starting to hit salinity saturation ( water unusable ).

      no matter how much hail mary snow pack happens , as long as the friant-kern canal still supplies L.a. those aquifers will never be replenished.

      As a side note: If you live in the L.A. basin the water coming to you is the result of massive concentration of radionuclides, as it is 'crowd sourced from almost half the physical surface area in the state of California…

  • California will have to do much more than just conserve water on the residential side, which only uses 5% of the total water in California. Yes, conservation is happening, but the proof is in the sinking land, that not enough is being done. Proof is in the drying out and dying farms and trees that not enough is being done.

    Proof is in the oceans dying, not enough is being done. The Earth and it's support systems for life are decaying away, because not enough is being done. Mass die offs in the oceans are proof that not enough is being done.

    When Congressmen say it is time to frack more, drill more and that renewables are not the answer, and we need to go for nuclear, that is a huge part of the problem.. Many of the people now in office are part of the problem and making it worse.

  • Fukushima news; PACIFIC OCEAN NOT DEAD, DYING, 99 % collapse in the Sardines GEnocide

  • New: Fukushima vs. Red Tide & Domoic Acid w/ Rense, Yoichi Shimatsu, & Dana Durnford May 23, 2016

  • Here are three reports that explain why there have been very dynamic changes to Earth's biosphere, since the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe!

    These changes have seriously affected the weather, the food supply, and the Earth's protection against solar events.

    These articles provide evidence based research papers.

    The Pacific Ocean Is Dying!


    Planetary Thermal Imbalance & Extreme UV Levels.


    Smaller Solar Events Now Dangerous To Earth!


    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      Since 2009 the jet stream has been fluctuating from straight across the ocean to neatly swooping up to Just north of Anchorage, Alaska. It goes up and down rather quickly sometimes or for a few days at a time. That's when California gets it's rain. When it goes up to Alaska looping over the same spot every time, the jet stream comes down east of the Rockies and all hell breaks loose in southern and eastern states. The midwest crops have been faring quite well since 2010. In 2009 the jet stream was continuously making it's way up to Alaska the whole year without variation. That made it too cold and crops failed. Atlanta had a once in 10,000 year flood. Prior to 2009 the midwest had about a 100 mile wide strip of drought in northern Illinois and neighboring states. This drought lasted about 5 years and was unlike weather I had seen ever before, going back to the 60's.

    • GOM GOM

      You should appreciate this.

      A radiation detector left on the 19,423-foot-tall (5,920 meters) peak picked up the extreme spike in UV-B radiation during the Southern Hemisphere summer.

      A UV index of 43 is more similar to surface radiation on Mars than typical conditions on Earth.

      Blazing World Record: Strongest UV Rays Measured in South America


  • from a distance from a distance

    Zero comments so far submitted on the EPA re-funding Radnet for $2.5 million

    Do you think RadNet has been effective?

    Submit your comment here


  • rogerthat

    paul gunther and kevin kamps
    15min video interview


  • rogerthat


    In the Bittersweet Days of the Summer Solstice
    Posted by Brenda Norrell – June 25, 2016

    … Are the news rooms empty in the United States? Where are the journalists whose calling requires them to be present and out there covering the news. Are they on a permanent holiday in their easy chairs? …

  • rogerthat


    … critics said the settlement fails to take into account key concerns raised during a public comment period, including enforcement loopholes and stifled opportunities for public input.

    The document leaves little room for debate: It says the public cannot comment, appeal or hold judicial hearings to modify the deal.

    The 2016 consent order, first released in late March ahead of a 45-day public comment period, replaces a 2005 order to clean up contamination and waste left after Cold War-era nuclear weapons research and development at the lab. Cleanup deadlines under the previous agreement passed without much of the work being completed. …

    Under the new consent order, the state and the Energy Department will agree on 10 to 20 cleanup milestones each year, but it also says the goals can be altered if they are “technically unfeasible,” too costly, hazardous to workers or “any other basis that may support a finding of impracticability.”

    And it says the targeted deadlines are not enforceable.

    At least one comment submitted in May asked the department to remove some of this language and to set specific deadlines, including a final date when all waste would be removed from lab property.

    “[The] proposed 2016 Consent Order allows the federal government to leave Northern New Mexico contaminated forever …

    • rogerthat

      if DOE and its management contractor, in this case, LANS, believes that cleanup is too difficult or costly,” wrote Joni Arends of Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety and geologist Robert H. Gilkeson.

      The state and federal agencies “have taken away genuine long-range enforceability,” said Jay Coghlan, director of the nonprofit Nuclear Watch New Mexico, which filed a lawsuit over deadlines that went unmet under the prior order.

      “How can there ever be genuine cleanup without long-range enforcement?” he asked.

      Coghlan said the document will allow the Energy Department to skirt cleanup by simply citing insufficient funding. The state’s agreement with the department is “coddling the nuclear weapons industry in New Mexico,” he said.

      He’s also concerned about the lack of opportunity to appeal the agreement.
      “We believe the Environment Department is now violating its own public participation requirements,” he said.

      Allison Scott Majure, a spokeswoman for the Environment Department, said one of the “enhancements” in the final consent order is “opportunity for public comment by adjacent stakeholders … should the agreement be modified in the future.”

      However, the language of the document limits input only to new cleanup projects proposed by the agencies, and not to the consent order itself.

      Contact Rebecca Moss at 505-986-3011 or rmoss@sfnewmexican.c­om.

  • rogerthat

    highly recommended:


    Jun 24 2016

    WSJ Fakes a Green Shift Toward Nuclear Power

    By Miranda C. Spencer

  • rogerthat


    Nuclear royal commission: Protesters voice opposition to SA waste dump outside citizens' jury

    Anti-nuclear protesters have confronted SA Premier Jay Weatherill on his way into a citizens' jury which is meeting to consider a controversial proposal to build a nuclear waste dump in the state. …

    The citizens' jury is made up of 50 people selected from about 1,100 registrations by research organisation newDemocracy Foundation, and is part of a public relations exercise organised by the State Government. …


    … South Australian Opposition Leader Steven Marshall condemned the use of citizens' juries to advance the issue.

    "Let's be quite serious. The citizens' jury gave us cycling on footpaths here in South Australia. We do not think that this is the right methodology of making a decision as significant as a nuclear waste repository," he said.

  • rogerthat


    No accountability in nuclear industry
    JUN 25, 2016

    Following the June 16 quake in Hakodate, Hokkaido, nuclear plant operators in the area reported no damage, but even if there were problems, because of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s new anti-democratic secrecy law, they would not necessarily report them, nor would they feel any compunction to do so.

    The Nuclear Village Idiots can cover their backsides very nicely with this new secrecy law. …

  • rogerthat


    Protest at Australian government 'weasel' act on nuclear bomb ban

    Friday, June 24, 2016
    By Jim McIlroy, Sydney

    Protesters gathered outside the Lowy Institute building on June 20 to condemn the federal government's refusal to support a proposed international treaty to ban nuclear weapons. At recent United Nations meetings to discuss a new legal instrument to prohibit nuclear bombs, the Australian government was part of a loose group of "weasel" nations opposing a ban treaty.

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop addressed a Lowy Institute forum that day. Among the demonstrators was a "giant weasel" handing out leaflets exposing the government's stand to passersby. …

  • rogerthat


    JUN. 25, 2016 BY MIKE FAHER

    VERNON – Several times a week, a tanker truck leaves Vermont Yankee carrying 5,000 gallons of tritium-tainted groundwater.

    But there may be a more convenient – and likely, more controversial – disposal option in the works: Entergy administrators and state officials have begun discussing the idea of discharging the contaminated liquid into the nearby Connecticut River.

    Those discussions came to light during a Thursday night meeting of the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Committee. …

    “We will work with Entergy on this proposal like we would any manufacturer who is proposing a discharge, ensuring that the proposal is lawful as well as protective of public health and the environment before authorizing the discharge,” said George Desch, the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s deputy commissioner. …

    • rogerthat

      The issue first was disclosed in the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s January inspection report. The scale of the problem became apparent the following month, when photos submitted to VTDigger showed that administrators had resorted to using swimming pools to store some of the so-called “intrusion water,” which is contaminated with low levels of radioactivity due to ts contact with the turbine building.

      The swimming pools are now gone, replaced by industrial bladders and steel tanks. And Entergy has contracted with a Utah-based company, EnergySolutions, to haul away the water for out-of-state landfill disposal.

      On Thursday, Vermont Yankee Government Affairs Manager Joe Lynch reported that almost 200,000 gallons of intrusion water has left the plant. “Currently, we’re shipping about 20,000 gallons per week, …

      • freebywill

        RE: The contaminated water at Vermont Yankee,

        " While Entergy administrators had expected some water to seep into the lower level of the plant’s turbine building after shutdown, they hadn’t anticipated flows that reached thousands of gallons daily earlier this year. "

        [ Why did they expect water seepage AFTER shutdown ? Was there a seepage issue during operation ? If so, what were they doing with the water ? ]

        " Entergy has contracted with a Utah-based company, Energy Solutions, to haul away the water for out-of-state landfill disposal. "

        " Vermont Yankee Government Affairs Manager Joe Lynch reported that almost 200,000 gallons of intrusion water has left the plant. "

        [ Where is the landfill ? Is the contaminated water going to just one landfill ? Do the people living near the landfill(s) know rad contaminated water is being dumped there ? What is the contamination level of the water ? ]


    In 2166, they'll apologize for having covered-up ongoing fissioning under the site. And how did they arrive at "600 tonnes missing fuel" anyhow, when Units 1, 2 & 3 COMBINED… only contained just under 480 tonnes…? Or is 2 + 2 realy 5 now? That and more in my latest ramble of sorts, sprinkled with EURDEP data:

    @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/eurdep-fukushima-600tonnes/

    – Michaël Van Broekhoven ("MVB")

    • Cooter

      Are the SFP's included in this assessment?

    • razzz razzz

      It is bad reporting with writers to lazy to get the facts straight.

      RTV article says, "…The official estimates that approximately “200 tons of [nuclear fuel] debris lies within each unit," which makes in total about 600 tons of melted fuel mixed up with metal construction elements, concrete and whatever else was down there…"

      So, that 600 tonnage number includes whatever ended up in the (3) melts besides just the original fuel rods. In other words, if concrete and steel was not radioactive before the disaster, it is now.

      Units 2&3 had about 90 tons of working core fuel and Unit 1 slightly less before the great quake struck. Reporters never bother to state if they are referring to weight of the actual fuel pellets or individual fuel rods or collective fuel assemblies.

      As to the fuel pools, the few references I have read or listened to said all the fuel and fuel rod debris found after the explosions were from working core fuel rods and not from stored spent fuel held in the pools.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    WSJ Fakes a Green Shift Toward Nuclear Power
    Jun 24 2016


    • DUDe DUDe

      As long as TPTB can tell us we NEED this much energy and lifestyle and economic infinite growth..an economy that does nothing but funneling wealth to the top and destroy the planet..and the population nods in agreement..there is no use hoping for common sense..

      There should be a new test in the making..to test the "boiling frog" level of individuals..the higher their level..the less their vote count or something..

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        When I was born, my parents had a metal canister vacuum made by Electrolux. I bought one at an estate sale. The hose is worn a bit, but it's rugged, and has no holes. It works great and it's quiet. 50+ years old.

        I'll bet it still runs great when every plastic vacuum made after 2001 is long dead.

        But breaking shit puts money in corporate pockets over and over and over and over. Except nuclear power plants. That's going to cost them. Dearly.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm always reminded of this video.
    And this is just operational status..

    Arto Lauri 88. Face of TVO


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Now..I see your post up above ..rogerthat.


    Important new research on abrupt climate shift.

    Nov 2015

    The past shows how abrupt climate shifts affect Earth

    Centre for Ice and Climate at the University of Copenhagen's Niels Bohr Institute, shows how interaction between heat transport in the ocean and the atmosphere caused the climatic changes to be expressed in different ways across the Southern Hemisphere. The results shows how forcing the climate system into a different state can trigger climate variations that spread globally and have very different impacts in different regions of Earth.


  • rogerthat


    Understanding Brexit: The Powerless Press Their Thumb In The Eye Of The Power Elite

    Jun 27, 2016
    Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

    The sense of having a real say, and possessing actual agency, is very empowering, and very rare, for members of the lower-middle class and the working class today.

    The premier strategy for retaining power is to give the powerless a carefully managed illusion of decision-making and autonomy. Having a say over one's life and choices is called agency, and it is the illusion of agency that makes democracy such a powerful tool of control.

    The second most effective means of maintaining power is to limit the choices offered the powerless. Offering the powerless false choices, i.e. the choice between two functionally equivalent options, provides the comforting illusion of agency while insuring that the status quo Power Elites remains in charge, regardless of the choice made by the powerless.

    For example, give the powerless a choice between Tweedle-Dum (Republicans/Tories) and Tweedle-Dee (Democrats/Labour). Whomever they elect, the self-serving Power Elite of entrenched interests and wealth remains firmly in charge, for the Power Elite speaks with one voice through two mouths, one Establishment Democrat/Labour, the other Establishment Republican/Tories) and Tweedle-Dee (Democrats/Labour). …

    • rogerthat

      Whomever they elect, the self-serving Power Elite of entrenched interests and wealth remains firmly in charge, for the Power Elite speaks with one voice through two mouths, one Establishment Democrat/Labour, the other Establishment Republican/Tory.

      If the powerless get restless, make them fearful. This is easily managed via external threats and dramatic predictions of economic doom should the Power Elite be threatened.

      If fear has lost its edge due to over-use, then whip up social controversies that divide and conquer the powerless. Divisive, hot-button social controversies are easily staged and media-managed; these serve to distract and fragment the powerless in endless culture wars.

      The powerless get very few opportunities to express their dissatisfaction with their gradual impoverishment and powerlessness, and few opportunities to register their disapproval of the Power Elite. They know complaints go nowhere, petitions are ignored, and demonstrations accomplish nothing.

      So when a rare chance to stick a thumb in the eye of the Power Elite comes along, they take it. The Brexit vote was just such an opportunity.

      Though the benefits that flowed from membership in the European Union may well have been substantial, many people did not have any direct experience of those benefits, which largely flowed to a handful of privileged classes: young, well-educated workers in finance, people who bought housing in London before the huge run-up in valuations, …

      • rogerthat

        and workers providing services to the wealthy foreigners and highly paid financial professionals.

        Many households have seen their quality of life and living standards stagnate or decay during the U.K.'s membership in the E.U. The benefits touted by the Power Elite are either illusory or too modest to matter to these households, and their rage has only grown as the Power Elite tried to browbeat them into approving a membership that yielded no benefits to their households.

        The Power Elite simply repeated what has worked well for 60+ years: tout the systemic benefits of E.U. membership, confident in the belief that some of these benefits have trickled down to the lower economic classes, and stoke fears of economic decline if the Powers That Be don't get their way.

        Unfortunately for the Power Elite, the benefits of E.U. membership, financialization and globalization have been concentrated at the top of the pyramid: the already wealthy got wealthier, and the young, well-educated, mobile, entrepreneurial class had enhanced opportunities to generate private wealth or at least secure an excellent salary.

        A third privileged (i.e. protected) class includes all those benefiting from direct E.U. subsidies.

        Those outside these classes saw little if any benefit.

        The slow decay of living standards and social mobility was crystallized into anger by the Brexit vote, which was intended to be yet another rigged, illusory choice. The masses were supposed to be persuaded …

        • rogerthat

          by either the list of goodies that flowed from membership or from fear-mongering about the catastrophic consequences of Brexit.

          But neither worked as planned: the benefits were too diffuse or too concentrated in the hands of a few to be persuasive in terms of self-interest, and the fear-mongering only increased awareness of how much the Power Elite wanted a Remain outcome.

          Will Brexit hurt the classes that did not directly benefit from E.U. membership? Perhaps. Perhaps it was not in their self-interest to vote for Brexit. But the immeasurable pleasure in depriving the Power Elite of their "democracy" legitimacy was worth any potential sacrifice.

          The sense of having a real say, and possessing actual agency, is very empowering, and very rare, for members of the lower-middle class and the working class today. the wealthy and powerful are accustomed to vetoing anything that impairs their wealth or power, and they're accustomed to either winning over or distracting the powerless.

          Thus it was a shock when the powerless took the rare opportunity to stick a thumb in the eye of the Power Elite by depriving them of something they wanted.

          Is this childish, or self-defeating? Perhaps. But when the system erodes a citizenry's sense of agency, they have little to lose by relishing the chance to use the same power the wealthy constantly wield without any qualm or hesitancy: the power to say "no."

  • laconic93 laconic93


    Radioactive cesium fallout on Tokyo from Fukushima concentrated in glass microparticles.

  • Sol Man

    Laqconic, interesting article, but still all of this stuff is ex-containment.

    How small are the micro-particles, I wonder? They can easily be airborne and enter into humans bodies, fall upon their skin, eyes, and go wherever dust may go. Dissipating throughout the environment.

    What about the other 1,945 radionuclides and their daughters that have also been so forcefully delivered?

    Welcome to glovebox earth.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      The microspheres are about 2 to 5 micrometers in diameter, approximately the size of red blood cells. Hair is roughly 75 um, bacteria range from 0.2 to 3 um.

      The article says cleaning the ground was the right thing to do, but any child of 12 can realize there is no way to clean the earths surface. Too big!

      nuclear fallout is highly radioactive per weight. Consolidating billions of atoms into red blood cell sized particles means point sources of radioactivity that are completely different than any radioactivity plants and animals have been exposed to naturally.

      The article hints that this changes the ramifications of radiation dose models. This is further proof that science doesnt KNOW the health effects from fallout. Fallout cant be compared meaningfully to background radiation or X-rays or airplane travel.

      Only the epidemiology after 10, 20 or 50 years of exposure to mass populations will reveal the impact of global poisoning from nuclear fallout. Yet it will be impossible to separate from the impact of all other pollutants. Nuclear plants and bombs continue to be built. Thus mankind rushes toward its extinction

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    This article refers to 'glassy soot', which I assume to be the black soot that was everywhere underfoot as the reactors burned early on.
    The origin of this material was the thick black smoke rising from the ruins. (ie, It was not deposited by rain.)
    Arnie Gundersen found this material all over Tokyo, finding it extremely radioactive, as you would expect from the soot from burning nuclear fuel.
    Speaking of Arnie, these glass beads likely became the 'hot particles" that would do long-term damage in the lungs of those who happened to inhale any of this soot. (Everyone in Tokyo at the time.)

    "The leading edge observations by nano-science facilities presented here are extremely important. They may change our understanding of the mechanism of long range atmospheric mass transfer of radioactive caesium from the reactor accident at Fukushima to Tokyo, but they may also change the way we assess inhalation doses from the caesium microparticles inhaled by humans. Indeed, biological half- lives of insoluble caesium particles might be much larger than that of soluble caesium". Prof. Bernd Grambow

    Meaning that it is very much more lethal than previously thought.
    Meaning that Tokyo is toast.
    The glass component of these nano-particles is presumed to have come from concrete burning at 2200 K.
    It could be that the source for the Silicone glass was from sand in the mudrock under the reactor building ruins.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      CodeShutdown said:
      "Only the epidemiology after 10, 20 or 50 years of exposure to mass populations will reveal the impact of global poisoning from nuclear fallout."

      Gigantic epidemiology experiment underway as 55,000,000 Tokyo and Fukushima residents are now 5+ years into this study.

      Bet very few, if any, of their deaths will be traced to the nuclear plant ruins when they die…

      Japan is toast.

      • laconic93 laconic93

        Yes Japan is toast. I also wonder how much of those nano particles reached Hawaii, Alaska, the West Coast and the rest of the world. They detected these hot nano particles in air filters in Tokyo. Seattle where I live had hot particles detected as well which were reported from Arnie Gunderson. Google Seattle Hot Particles

    • GOM GOM

      Iron and its compounds present as pollutants in the atmosphere can cause deleterious effects to humans, animals, and materials. Iron concentrations in body tissues must be tightly regulated because excessive iron leads to tissue damage, as a result of formation of free radicals. Iron has the capacity to accept and donate electrons readily. The content of body iron is regulated primarily by absorption since humans have no physiological mechanism by which excess iron is excreted.

      Iron's toxicity is largely based on its ability to catalyze the generation of radicals, which attack and damage cellular macromolecules and promote cell death and tissue injury. Organ death.

      ..Therefore, the target organs for both ZnOAE100(−) and ZnOAE100(+) are considered to be the stomach, pancreas, eye, and prostate gland. Nano-materials are associated with problems, including toxicity and their environmental impact. 'Heavy accumulation in the liver'.

      International Journal of Nanomedicine
      Silicon Glass:
      .."mortality within 30 days" [mice studies] These results clearly show that the dissolved silica (Si4+) from the glass, monomeric or low molecular silicic anion, is highly toxic. The SiO2 component in biomaterials has toxic potential when dissolved in the body.

      Short Abstract

  • from a distance from a distance

    The Age of Fission with Lonnie Clark: Ron Fruend Speaks Out for St. Louis 6-27-2016


  • demise demise

    Can you believe it! The UN (that's right) the UN is mobilized on US East Coast highways to quell expected unrest. What!

    Well, financial unrest due to collapsing UK and Europe which will collapse an over extended US with no help from a feeble Fed and broken US army.

    An almost instantaneous response means they saw it coming, but why the UN???? The new world order is calling the shots now and the irradiated masses won't resist too much if they are hungry.

    Don't eat fish! Who can afford it in a recession anyway.

    I always told you the dominoes will fall quickly this time and there is nothing to prop them up since they are artificially propped up by the propaganda machine.

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