AP: Radiation levels outside Fukushima “exceeded the annual limit for nuclear workers” — Residents now demanding help

Published: May 21st, 2013 at 3:07 pm ET


Title: Hundreds outside Fukushima affected by Japanese nuclear disaster seek compensation
Source: AP
Author: Mari Yamaguchi
Date: May 21, 2013

Hundreds of people living just outside Japan’s Fukushima prefecture say they have been denied adequate compensation after the country’s 2011 nuclear disaster despite suffering elevated radiation levels. […]

The Hippo residents [in Miyagi Prefecture] said some radiation levels in their area exceeded those in Fukushima towns. Hippo district is about 50 kilometres (30 miles) northwest of the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. […]

Radiation levels in Hippo district are comparable to areas in Fukushima subject to voluntary evacuation, where residents are entitled to receive up to 720,000 yen ($7,000) for every child and pregnant woman, and up to 120,000 yen ($1,180) per adult. After months of negotiations, TEPCO has agreed to pay Hippo residents about half the Fukushima amount. […]

The radiation level in Hippo exceeded the annual limit for nuclear workers. […]

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Published: May 21st, 2013 at 3:07 pm ET


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102 comments to AP: Radiation levels outside Fukushima “exceeded the annual limit for nuclear workers” — Residents now demanding help

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    No amount of money can compensate for what the radiation does: heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, leukemia, thyroid removal, etc, etc.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    And some Japanese people think their government cares what happens to them.


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      An so, we come finally to what has been the real. Issue all along:
      "Who will pay for all of this?"
      Because TEPCO didn't want to pay, cleanup has proceeded at a snail's pace.
      Which sold out public safety for conservation of corporate capital.
      Instead of trapping the corium by freezing the mudrock, which would have been effective and expensive…
      Corium1,2,&3 were allowed to melt through the mudrock into the seabed.
      Which has and will contaminate the entire Pacific Ocean for all time (for thousands of years anyway).
      Because the Japanese Government didn't want to pay, too few were evacuated.
      Which sold out public health for conservation of the public treasury.
      In the end, TEP.gov worked together to keep panic from setting in.
      Even when TOKYO was under an evil cloud of fallout from triple melt-through, and evacuation was needed,
      TEP.gov hesitated, and nothing was done.
      Now, even remediation from ongoing radiation doses is not being practiced.
      But support by eating (contaminated food) is the new norm.
      For a few lousy yen, TEP.gov sold out Japan, and the whole Earth.
      Japan is toast.
      For the love of money.

      • hbjon hbjon

        Man will do just about anything for money. For money equals food, clothing and shelter. Money buys freedom and happiness. Earning money is what people do for temporary survival. Producing electricity satisfies many strong survival dynamics and the temporary profit will produce enough satisfaction to overcome the potential pains of future mishaps. When the environment reaches the saturation point, the miraculous processes by which cellular division occur will be interupted and cease to divide. At first there are mutations (cancer), then completely non-functional models of cells will be produced. The half-life of all matter will decrease to the point that makes biological systems impossible to survive, let alone, replicate themselves. Wars among humans must end. Societies are dependent upon each other. The collective problem solving abilities of all are required here and now. Give to charity and help thy neighbors. Peace to all. And to all a good day.

        • hbjon hbjon

          No amount of money can fix the problems at Fukushima. As horrible as things appear, the reality is much much worse. The culture has been and always will be to throw money at a problem until it goes away. If money doesn't work, throw people at it (people hurl themselves at the enemy), when all fails, blow it up. History, (when or if civilization emerges from the current dark ages) will say that the pompous baby boomer alcoholics nearly drove man into extinction.

    • Jay

      " And some Japanese people think their government cares what happens to them . Sad. " .

      If you replace 'government' with 'god' wouldn't you be closer to reality ? Unless you believe in DNA instead .

      The large sign posted among the tornado rubble in Oklahoma as seen on TV made me lose my appetite , it said " PRAY ! " … and instead I almost choked Loughing !

      It didN't say ' Fight for better Construction Codes ! " ….

      • Cisco Cisco

        Jay…Construction codes? Some are predicting we will see a new paradigm developing of underground habitats to shield us from the ever more hazardous weather, radiation and other airborne pollution.

        • Jay

          Cisco , underground shielding habitat : one of 007 James Bond movies shows an underWater sphere as the place and methode chosed by the 'elite' to survive even glaciations … recently a portion about the Indian Ocean near Diego Garcia island military base was declared a Protected Habitat …

          Thousands of years later when emerging after the 'whatever catastrophe' , the 'elite' will not need more than just Laser Pens to mesmerize and enslave the remaining primitive humans on the surface , never mind showing them an I-Pad with hi-res live video cam .

          By show of wisdom , how many believe that Perpetual life was already achieved by the certain 'elite' ?
          I mean , when you have $$ Trillions there is only one thing left that will keep you , literarly , awake : the fear of losing them by death . The Cancer cells , the Sperm/germ cells and certain Stem cells are truly immortal , so the solution was given to us like on a 'silver platter' … funny that us , the 'average' , are not Reaching for it when we could .

          Remember , both the Aggression and Empathy genes are already known for a few years … if you are lucky to have a December 2012 dated 'Recipe for a Nation' you already know what happened to humans , and what Can happend too .
          ( " The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison " ).
          I do not use 'Bing' for searches .

          • Jay

            " The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison " , it's Assay ( besides being an Essay ) because it has Fifty-Fifty chances of being True : if , after many tries , at the end YOU still can not Control Your Own dreams ( as you Will be falling to sleep ) it can Only mean :

            1) most of us have an alter-ego that we can not control ,


            2) our dreams are controlled by somebody else , most likely advanced Aliens as the essay describes , giving both the Reasons And the way ( via the Superfluid Universe ) to do it .

            So , which option do You chose as 'painted-in-a-corner' as we are ?
            I chose Aliens ( because I would never torture myself with nightmares – I prefer tropical islands with beautiful naked women , a dream that NEVER occured , dam it , and the Aliens were Never Courteous enough to make it happened ! ) .


              @Jay: found online references but not the actual essay, itself. Do you have a link to it?

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Time Is Short,
      'A Japanese court has dismissed a lawsuit demanding that the government pay for the re-settlement of children from the city of Koriyama, 60 km from the site of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which suffered a meltdown in 2011…'

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Yes Time Is Short, some Japanese people do think their government cares what happens to them. Just like some people in every Country.

      PhilipUpNorth, what can I say, except that I agree with you.

      hbjon, yes as horrible as it is, the reality is much worse in Fukushima. I believe that many people are working on this, that someday maybe they will be able to fix this, and give something to the people to eliminate the radiation exposure. I still have hope they will accomplish this.
      We'll probably not see that, if it does happen.

      Jay, these people in Oklahoma have been kicked in the gut, they need the strength to fight for codes, plus strength to get their life back in order. For some people, they pray to get the strength they need, to do what is needed and to get through this.
      We all deal with things differently. Yes, I agree there needs to be new codes. I would like to know why anyone would want to build on tornado alley?

      andagi & We Not They Finally, that is criminal.

      Is this becoming the new normal, don't protect the people, instead protect higher ups who knowingly make the unwise decisions, that hurt others.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Obviously our government doesn't care either as they are building two more of these death traps in Georgia. Unreal

    • Lion76 Lion76

      American "corporate government" is too busy price gouging us and keeping record profits coming in for Big Oil


      • Cisco Cisco

        Be sure to get to the Gulf of Mexico this year and get some of that good, fresh fish brought to you by the scumbags at BP, and sold to you by those dirtball restaurateurs whose only goal is to keep those cash registers ringing. Hey, whada gona do? Somebody's going to sell them that nice fresh fish.

        The good news is the Gulf is fine and open for business. The bad news is, oil is the only good business the Gulf has to offer, now.

  • That's true what you say Big Picture but the issue is more complicated then that. I am assuming you live in North America where there still is lots of land. Worse case scenario happened in USA anyone with a decent 4 wheel drive and a hunting rifle could just run away but in a place like Japan its not so easy. That money is needed by many to move away. People are stuck and government is tied to Tepco as I believe they are stuck shovelling money to the enterprise of avoiding a much worse disaster.
    So they are minimizing the danger and letting Tepco screw around with compensation . The people are in a daze because there is no perceptable danger, radiation is invisible right? Your home is still standing and the flowers smell pretty.
    No doubt some activists are sounding alarm bells while government minimizes danger. Who to believe? I feel pretty ignorant on radiation and nuclear power but how many average citizens even know as much as me? Seems the bottom line is people get exposed to radiation when an accident happens and you can't trust the government, any government because with radiation invisible the temptation to lie is to great not to.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      especially when people of the community want to snicker and laugh at the people who are empowering themselves with proper detection equipment and trying to warn others of the signs of danger. Social peer pressure.. you thought it was just in high school.. but NOPE!

      • We Not They Finally

        Again, Lion76, you are WAY TOO SENSITIVE. Almost EVERYONE who posts here would NOT be making fun of you for testing. Go to it! The more people do testing, the better.

        • Lion76 Lion76

          I am just an extreme introvert and I take everything to heart. I also am affected by other people's energies probably more than others are. I try to keep from being "self centered" and dismissive of the ignorances of others, if I close off I don't feel like I am doing my part. Being confrontational and fighting "fire with fire" is not something I like doing but the world needs warriors right now. Having been on the internet for a long time and being used to being "attacked" I can handle the emotional toll it takes so long as I know I am doing it for the right reasons.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        I support you doing your testing and soon I hope to have a station up at my home. I have it pretty easy when it comes time because of all the information posted on this site about setting up detection equipment. Thanks to all of you who shared your experiences so that I don't have to learn the hard way.

        I will say it again, you are better off letting some people just hang out there with their comments so everyone can see how ridiculous they are. I learned I am better off to just read, disagree and not reply to some individuals. It defeats the tactic of drawing people into name calling in order to get them banned.

      • Jebus Jebus

        I have a data logger running 24/7 and I have my other geiger in my car allways…

        It's interesting to see the difference between solar and night time counts…

        It's the new "normal", of any good weather station now.

  • jec jec

    Will 7,000 dollars in compensation cover all medical costs for radiation damage/illness, for DNA damage, for their future children? Or LACK of future children? And to read about "thyroid cancer" is curable..is a lie. Its not curable, its treatable with surgical removal, radiation treatment, and daily medication to TRY and replace missing hormones. I say TRY because the synthetic does NOT fully replace the natural human hormone; has anyone asked about the potential of a woman post thryoid removal in being pregnant and safely delivering a normal baby? NO? Thats because it is so difficult if not impossible without extreme medical intervention. So compensate at 7K to children, for all medical and health issues..a true scam by crooks trying to hide their terrible crime towards humanity.

    • Trawling4Trolls

      jec, your recounting of personal experiences is the best testimony going against these nuclear fools.

      The hubris of the nukers is at least as great as Wall Street's. They think nothing of even the possibility of doing such things to peoples' children.

      Barbarians. Something monstrous was born of WWII.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        new study says weve lost 14 IQ points since the victorian era. Soon humanity will be like ORCS from Tolkien's middle earth, going at each other with clubs. DEVO crack that whip

        • We Not They Finally

          Radioactivity itself decreases IQ. Leuren Moret talks about that. Babies being born out of this may be less able to cope not just physically, but mentally. We don't know where it's all leading. It's just important to educate best we can.

          • 16Penny 16Penny


            Around page 100

            "Developing forebrain, 0.18-0.55 Gy (estimated dose to prenatally exposed Japanese atomic bomb survivors): Seizures in childhood; reduced school performance at least through age 11 years; some cases of severe mental retardation by age 17 years"

            "Fetus, 1 Sv, 8-15 of gestation: weeks 40% probability of severe mental retardation; IQ score lowered 30 points."

            and much more in this paper

  • On July 31, 2012, TEPCO was substantially nationalized by receiving a capital injection of 1 trillion yen (US$12.5bn) from the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund, a government-backed support body. The Fund holds the majority (50.11%) of voting rights with an option to raise that figure to 88.69% by converting preferred stocks into common stocks. This Japan's biggest utility had received by July 2012 at least 2.2 trillion yen in state support since the tsunami. The total cost of the disaster was estimated at $100bn in May 2012.


    An interesting read, Tepco knew what would happen with a big tsunami but wouldn't invest $25 million for safeguards.

    The disaster is expected to cost $200 billion and the taxpayer is on the hook as they are
    now the majority shareholders. So they are hiding behind the perception TEPCO is being privately run when it is in fact controlled by the government. Nobody will get fairly compensated as the money simply isn't there. Tepco is the fourth largest energy company in the world and is now a liability owned by the Japanese tax payer. What a sad state of affairs. Forget about compensation for the Japanese citizen, if those spent fuel pools go North America will have a big problem and I can only see further lies and inaction by a Corporate friendly government trying to protect Big Banks interests in maintaining the high value of real estate in California and BC

    • We Not They Finally

      There is NO WAY that that money should have been given to TEPCO control, "nationalized" or not. Instead, all TEPCO $ should have been CONFISCATED; clean-up in the hands of other, outside parties; and MUCH compensation given to citizens. The world still does not seem to realize that "too big to fail" usually means too monstrous to support.

  • what a disgusting offer! and the representative of the japanese delegation to the UN said this just on April 25 2013 that ;
    …..With regard to the Fukushima disaster, the Government had provided financial and medical support to Fukushima residents. Japan would spare no effort in making further improvements in its situation of human rights…….


    And on the 30 April they said this

    “…radiation was at the level advised…”

    “… there was financial support available for refugees…”


    And the radiation bit wasnt a lie

    Japan had been using the ICRP standard (20mSv/y) during the emergency situation after the Fukushima disaster. Now two years passed, they don’t want to change 20mSv/y standard in the highly radioactive contaminated areas in Fukushima Prefecture.
    Now they have applied that UNSCEAR recommend (up to 100mSv/y is safe.) 


    meanwhile in moscow

    The European Commission proposed that the Codex Alimentarius should reconsider strontium and iodine. In the discussions,it has become clear that the Codex Gls had not been followed, in particular for iodine


    • http://nuclear-news.net/2013/05/19/codex-and-food-safety-the-hidden-world-of-radioactive-food/

      so what are the new levels for nuclear workers? if the level for everyone else is now 100 mSv/y ??

      As a side note i had a discussion with a childrens chariity that lobbies the UN.. the catch is that you have to submit peer reviewed of main stream articles.. now i know why the papers are careful not to use the word children and fukushima in the same sentence/article

      it stops charities lobbying..

      It also explains why no one is talking about the slight increase of the increase to 100 mSv/y from 1 mSv/y prior to fukushima and ramped up mox processing and medical reactor malfunctions

      Of coure if charities cant lobby the UN against the lies of the Japanese government because no one is breaking down the details/technical aspects in a summary form, they cant challenge such statements as above! And peer reviewed science is not getting funding for any alternative viewpoints as seen in the meeting to discus the levles of radionuclides, and specifically concerning effluents .. 2 people said it should be included as should strontium 90 etc and they were shut down by the other members of the committee Fortunate for tepco that they dont include the outpourings of nuclear stuff in liquid form and at 100 mSv/y they will get more mileage out of their workers.. and sued less too!

      • irhologram

        I can't recall anyone here posting Geiger readings of grocery store food. Has anyone do that? Can you? Will you?

      • irhologram

        I can't recall anyone here posting Geiger readings of grocery store food. Has anyone done that? Can you? Will you?

      • We Not They Finally

        Arclight, the U.S. recently greatly raised the so-called "acceptable" limits of radiation as well. Nothing has ANYTHING to do with safety, of course. It's all about power. Anyone suddenly mandating that ONE HUNDRED TIMES AS MUCH exposure as the previous limit is "safe," is someone unfit to still be labeled "human," much less a "safe" human for the rest of us. But there it is….

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          WeNotTheyFinally, where did you source the info. about the acceptable levels of radiation being increased? We've all seen online reporting stating such, but no one has every (to my knowledge) produced the "smoking gun" of proof, or FOIA reports proving this claim.

          If you have solid information proving this claim, please share it with us. There are many of us who have wanted to substantiate (or disprove) this claim for a long time.

          Thank you.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Sorry, I meant levels for food being increased for the U.S., as well as whatever is considered "normal" radiation exposure (external dose exposure).

            • hi ho taters its new news UNreported

              about the acceptable levels of radiation being increased

              the links are
              *UN approves radiation advice


              Moscow, Russian Federation, 8

              12 April 2013

              The Committee noted the importance of involving the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other relevant organizations in this work


              from the nuclear-news links

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Arc, thanks so much. Appreciated.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  BTW, Arc, looking at the levels in Bq they are proposing as allowable for foodstuffs — damn, those are scarey high levels.

                  My interpretation of the 100mSv/yr expsoure is, well, we (UNSCEAR) don't see clear cut harm being done by external expsoure to radionuclides, therefore 100mSv/yr exposure levels are acceptable. Their way of clarifying their own guidelines.


                  • We Not They Finally

                    It's a pattern to virtually IGNORE ingested particles which become internal emitters that damage the body ongoing. And of course all radioactivity is CUMULATIVE, whether external or internal exposure. It's all like using accounting tricks to kill people. It's appalling but we're unclear on what recourse, if any. (Run into the street screaming? Like THAT one ever worked….)

            • the Japanese limits are based on the assumption that 50% of nationally distributed foods are contaminated

              and 10 pwecent of the rest of the worlds food too!

  • Jebus Jebus

    I guess, if you outline the Fukushima prefecture, on a map, with a lead pencil, it stops the radiation from spreading to neighboring prefectures…
    And now you don't have to compensate them from your bankrupt greasy government subsided nuclear nightmare company…

    Hundreds outside Fukushima affected by Japanese nuclear disaster seek compensation


  • We Not They Finally

    The Japanese taxpayer allegedly "owning" TEPCO is like the U.S. taxpayer "owning" the putrid nuclear industry in the U.S. because no insurance company in its right mind will go near it. Like how dare ANY country use massive sums of citizens' money for death and destruction of their own populace? Bad enough that populations are forced to pay for wars against others. But now populations are forced to pay for their own suicides? Globalization has turned out to be pretty grotesque.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Economists have a difficult time coming to grips with the fact that the Fukushima Disaster is bringing down the Japanese economy. Here is what The Economic Collapse Blog had to say this morning about Japan:
    "For multiple decades, Japanese bonds have been considered “risk free.” As a result of this, investors have been willing to lend money to Japan at extremely low rates. This has allowed Japan’s economy, the second largest in the world, to putter along marginally.

    "So if Japanese bonds begin to implode, this means that:

    "1) The second largest bond market in the world is entering a bear market (along with commensurate liquidations and redemptions by institutional investors around the globe).

    "2) The second largest economy in the world will collapse (along with the impact on global exports)."

    Wrong cause, right outcome.
    As Japan's economy continues to falter, the combined weight of
    Government Debt,
    Corporate Debt, and
    Consumer Debt,
    Becomes too great to be paid off with
    Falling taxes,
    Falling profits, and
    Falling wages,
    While the rest of the world becomes unwilling to invest any longer in Japanese Debt.
    The inevitable result is default at all levels.
    Japan will become impoverished, in the end,
    A third world nation.
    With a falling population.
    Burdened with health issues.
    From Fukushima.

  • irhologram

    http://intellihub.com/2013/05/21/first-human-engineered-meat-burger-to-be-consumed-in-london/. SOOO. I have not heard folks here swear off meat…just dont drink the milk, although we know radiation bioaccumulates UP the food chain….and that cows and chickens are fed slaughterhouse by products. No steak, no KFC, no fish-eating fish. I have yet to hear of any one of us doing radiation testing from his/her local grocery…just skinny reports here and there about cinnamon or other small impact stuff. What about meat and potatoes? Not that you can eat potatoes because they're GMOs. SOOO. Maybe they can take a calf (which already has rads passed down, but Oh, well, gotta start somewhere), feed this calf only hydroponic indoor grown grain…then kill this one poor animal…eliniating further slaughter, and replicate it for hamburger. But dollars to donuts, they'll do some gene revisions and cross the calf with a spider or something. Really! They crossed a goat with a spider so the milk comes out spider silk.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Irhologram: A geiger counter cannot accurately measure radiation in foods.
      "If your Geiger Counter picks up radioactive food or drink, it is definitely unsafe to eat or drink. Geiger Counters are not sensitive enough to detect the very small amounts of radioactive contamination in food or liquids that can cause health issues. Unless the food or liquid is considerably contaminated, or has fallout on the surface, your Geiger Counter won’t show anything above your normal background level. That being said, friends and I have detected radioactive contamination on food and goods with our Geiger Counters in 2011 and 2012!
      "You really need a scintillator spectrometer or better, to properly test food and liquids for radioactive contamination, plus skills to work this equipment properly. Food contamination is specified in Becquerels per Kilogram or Litre, and the safe level of contamination can vary from 20 Bq to 500 Bq/kg range, depending on the isotope.
      "Two parallel Geiger counter SBM20 tubes which are more sensitive than the average Geiger Counter can measure down to 2000 Bq/kg activity. This is a factor of 100 too insensitive for detecting radiation in food that could cause health issues. A scintillator can detect radiation contaminated in food. Also the scintillator needs to be in a lead shielded environment with the food sample during testing. The lead shielding is to help screen out background radiation noise." http://technologypals.com

        • We Not They Finally

          PhilipUpNorth, that's all good advise. People who do do regular testing and seem to have sophisticated equipment, are Michael Collins and his wife Denise, at enviroreporter.com. He may well have some good tips about this.

      • irhologram

        Phillipupnorth. Thanks for that. Please share what the contaminated food was. Are you still measuring for these extraordinarily high readings, so high even a Geiger counter can read them? Happened twice…could well happen again. What I want is a wand to take to the grocery. I know, I'm dreamin'. Lead casing for a scintillator? Sounds a bit challenging for me just now, but food content is what I'm most interested in, especially since contamination moves in higher concentrations up the food chain and because animal protein is fed to big agra animals…and because ingestion of radiation has more serious health consequences. Do you avoid any particular foods after your two food detections? Do you still drink milk? Logic (which science seems to contradict), seems to tell me that any animals in the area that produces contaminated milk would also present with contaminate eggs and meat… Now eggs we have a chance to know are from hens in the immediate area. But meat? Who knows where it's been? Lol Are any here considering becoming vegetarian because of radiation??

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          Irhologram: Although I own a geiger counter, I am not a big expert. I have struggled with those same questions you pose, and want one of those magic wands you mention for the grocery store.

          In a nutshell, the problem is that gamma rays are coming from every side, from space, from fallout in the air, from fallout on the ground, even from old fallout and isotopes underground. I once callculated that each of us receives 250,000 hits per minute from alpha, beta, and gamma rays that hit our body. And this is just from so-called "background radiation"!

          With all this background radiation, the contamination in foods, which might be harmful to us, is simply undectable with a geiger counter. Hence, the need for a major investment in a scintillator spectrometer, plus lead shielding in the lab to keep the background radiation away from the sample. You also need a big sample of several pounds to test, more of anything then I usually buy, including produce.

          Big universities have such equipment, but they are bought and paid for by the atomic energy industry, and they cannot, or will not, use the equipment to monitor food for radiation on behalf of the public. So we have to set up our own labs. Can I suggest setting up a cooperative? Perhaps in corner of your health food store?

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            If you do find a radio source in food, it will likely be a hot particle, a dust mote containing many radioactive atoms. The geiger counter will pick up a hot particle from about an inch away, but the geiger counter tube must be pointed right at the hot particle. If background is, say 10 or 15 cpm, a hot particle will register 30 or 40 cpm. If you discover a hot particle in food, don't eat it. Throw it away.

            Arnie Gundersen is the best authority on hot particles.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    How To Prevent Any New Nuclear Power Plants From Being Built And Close Existing Ones; via @AGreenRoad

    10,000+ People Filed (Fukushima) Lawsuits Against TEPCO and the Japanese Government; via @AGreenRoad

  • ftlt

    This report does not include the massive risk of ingestion of radioactive particles for these people on the ground there… A much greater health risk in many ways…

    It is just speaking to measurable external exposure

    • We Not They Finally

      They do do that. To fool people as to the dangers. A single "hot particle" of plutonium ingested can lead to lung cancer because it is an ongoing internal emitter. Some high-profile expert (may have been Gundersen, don't remember for sure)said that in Seattle, for example, people breathe in about ten "hot particles" a day. What we would like to see is MASS TEACH-INS about radioactivity. But even in the sixties, there were no teach-ins about the Vietnam War until masses of kids got drafted against their will and blood began to flow. But if anyone can spearhead such a movement nevertheless, we're all for it.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        I am gonna beat this drum until someone at least skims this paper.

        "The greatest uncertainty in dose estimates from the ingestion of long-lived alpha emitters is the values used for their fractional absorption from the GI tract (Harrison 1991). For transuranic elements, the fraction of the ingested material that was assimilated by the whole organism was always less than 0.01% and usually nearer 0.003% (Whicker and Schultz 1982b). The major hazard of plutonium nuclides to terrestrial organisms comes from inhalation; uptake by plants is low, and further uptake by humans through the gut is low (Noshkin et al. 1971). Americium-241 is an artificial, toxic bone-seeking radionuclide produced by beta decay of 241Pu (Schoeters et al. 1991). Because of its long half-life, its high-energy alpha irradiation, and its accumulation in the liver and skeleton, consideration should be given to 241Am in risk estimates of latent effects such as induction of liver cancers, bone cancers, and leukemias. In comparison with 226Ra, 241Am is 20 times more effective in reducing the life-span in mice and 13 times more effective in the rate of death from bone cancer (Schoeters et al. 1991)."


        • 16Penny 16Penny

          Page 113

          • connectdots connectdots

            16Penny, I'm going thru the doc you linked. It's excellent. Thanks for beating the drum otherwise I might not have noticed it 🙂

            • 16Penny 16Penny

              I acknowledge that it is dated. I think that works towards it's credibility as it was composed before the concerted effort to bury the radiation story and slacken the allowable levels. Although this paper is focused on impacts on life other than humans, it does contain quite a bit of data about human exposure and reaction to ionizing radiation. I haven't even started looking up the references, that's going to take a while. Thanks for looking at it!

              • connectdots connectdots

                Everyone really should read the doc 16Penny linked.

                Learn a lot, including this:

                ** Within 2 weeks of nuclear testing in CHINA, Ruthenium-106 was found in clams in NORTH CAROLINA.

                This is yet another example of how quickly nuclear radiation moves around the globe and enters the foodchain.


                • connectdots connectdots

                  More important points from the document:

                  >> “consumption of fish that contains a dose equivalent greater than 0.02 uSv/kg fish flesh is not recommended”

                  >> “In the United States, the estimated annual whole body human radiation dose equivalent is 1.61 mSv, mostly from natural sources (0.85 mSv) and medical sources (0.70 mSv) but also from fallout (0.03 mSv)” 1985

                  >> in 1952 the United Kingdom exploded a nuclear device in Australia

                  >> in squirrels exposed to 1 Gray of radiation, emotional stability, vision and learning were impaired

                  >> Aerosol exposures of mice, rats, dogs, and hamsters to RADON and its decay products resulted in lifetime shortening, pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and respiratory tract carcinoma

                  >> "ionizing radiation has produced mutations in every studied plant and animal species"

                  >> "Radiation-related mental retardation is the most likely type of behavioral abnormality in

                  >> "Many radionuclides preferentially accumulate in certain organs or tissues, but the critical organ is different for different radionuclides: liver for 54Mn, erythrocytes and spleen for 55Fe, liver and kidney for cobalt nuclides,liver and prostate for 65Zn, skeletal muscle for 137Cs, and GI tract for 95Zr"

                  >> Am241 causes liver cancers, bone cancers, and leukemias

  • Jebus Jebus

    Hey, something must have happened at that place called Fukushima, according to the UN.
    They are setting up a Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Centre.
    Wow. Pretty smart they are…
    Who are the unlucky sods that get to be incarcerated there?
    You pronukers had better tow the line, or the industry will send you to the Island of Dr Yamashita…
    Relax, smile, this will be good for you…

    Fukushima: UN to Open Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Centre
    Thursday, 23 May 2013, 10:48 am
    Press Release: UN News


    It's good to see a fascist entity, right on top of things…

    • Jebus Jebus

      No one should worry about any data or statistics leaking out of there now.
      They brought extra shovels…

      • connectdots connectdots

        Kudos to U.N. rep Anand Grover who wants Japan to:

        (a) expand examinations of internal radiation exposure

        (b) do blood and urine tests, not just thyroid gland tests, to look for and deal with other diseases like leukemia

        (c) wants the thyroid tests given to the parents without the parents having to go through a bunch of red tape to get the results

        (d) wants Japan to limit radiation exposure to 1 millisievert

        (e) wants Japan to make the evacuation limit 1 millisievert or less

        (f) wants Japan to offer housing, educational and medical assistance to people in zones with radiation doses of more than 1 millisievert


    • andagi andagi

      Dear Jebus,
      We are all making a difference folks! I found this yesterday and posted in general forum. (Translations available!)

      'Take Action at Fukushima: An Open Letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon'

      'Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, I urge you to use your unique position as the head of the United Nations to galvanize political will and organize an independent assessment team of international scientists and engineers to solve the Fukushima radioactive spent fuel rod issue before we are forced to reckon with the fallout of another disaster. Japan and the world should not have to suffer more because we choose to wait.' -Akio Matsumura.


      Folks, keep up the good work!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Last week TEPCO announced at a press conference that they would be unable to build the underground wall hoped to block some of the water infiltration and leaking at the plant. TEPCO’s current worry about the plan is that it would create a situation where the highly contaminated water in the reactor buildings could flow out. There was an earlier plan mentioned where they would create some sort of underground clay walls around the reactor buildings to stem the movement of water. It was not clear if this idea has also been ruled out. TEPCO commented at the press conference “We wish anyone could suggest any good idea in this discussion.“


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Pounding a steel cofferdam near any residual corium might have created a problem.
      Lowering the water table near any residual corium might have created a problem.
      Emptying the water out of torus basements and generator buildings might have created a problem.
      TEPCO has taken the decommissioning of Fukushima about as far as they can.
      TEPCO is now out of ideas. 🙁

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "The crippled reactors onsite are still releasing enormous amounts of radiation both aerially and into the ocean and TEPCO officials are unable to determine the amount of seepage taking place underneath the devastated reactor buildings where radiation levels are too high for humans to enter and investigate. Due to its close proximity to the ocean, these underground leaks pose serious contamination threats and increase the possibility of leaking radioactive water to be affected by rising tides and elevated groundwater levels, which are unstoppable." Juan Carlos Lentijo, IAEA

  • Cisco Cisco

    A little more radiation over here. TEPCO & Cabal are running out of fresh meat.

    "Stricken Japan Fukushima nuclear plant struggles to keep staff"

    Next are ads in newspapers like "Radiation Technicians needed for foreign clean-up operations. Paid travel, paid housing, healthcare benefits, and much more. $30,000 annual salary plus rich bonus…1 year contract open to renewal. Must be willing to travel.

    Meet these qualifications and we’ll hire you:
    Age no restriction, but able to breath and walk unassisted. No experience required. Know the words "yes, no and OK" in Japanese.

    If you qualify, CALL NOW: 800-LASTJOB

    • Cisco Cisco


      TEPCO & Cabal are running out of fresh meat.

      "Stricken Japan Fukushima nuclear plant struggles to keep staff"

      Next are ads in newspapers like "Radiation Technicians needed for foreign clean-up operations. Paid travel, paid housing, paid meals (delicious fresh locally grown vegetables and meat), healthcare benefits, and much more. $30,000 annual salary plus rich bonus…1 year contract open to renewal. Must be willing to travel.

      Meet these qualifications and we’ll hire you:
      Age no restriction, but able to breath and walk unassisted. No experience required. Must learn the words "yes, no, OK and run" in Japanese.

      If you qualify, CALL NOW: 800-LASTJOB

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hey Cisco, why are they running out of meat? There are plenty of rats around. Maybe they should try harvesting those rats.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          BTW, did you ever read the novel, King Rat? Great book, iMHO.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Cisco, you are too funny.

          • Sickputer

            King Rat: Great book and movie also.

            Cisco got it right except any foreign worker Japanese language requirements will be less than the four words (yes, no, OK, and run). Simple hand signals will suffice.

            Hand signal one (Point to own face or co-worker):

            "Your (or My) nose is bleeding like a blown artery!

            Hand signal 2: (Point to chest):

            "I am having a cesium-induced heart attack! Got any nitro tablets?"

            Hand signal 3: Point to buttocks.

            "I have Fukushima's Revenge! Do you have butt wipes?"

            Hand signal 4: Point to private parts.

            "My testicles are the size of lemon seeds! Excuse my high-pitched voice!"

            Further notes from Tepco HR:

            "The Japanese cystom of bowing has been suspended for all workers. Fifteen workers have bumped heads and fell into the spent fuel ponds at Units 3 and 4. Anybody who wants to be a lifeguard will receive an extra ration of greenling and shrimp from Fukushima lagoon."

            "It has come to the attention of management that employees have been found dying on the job and are either refusing or neglecting to fall down. This practice must cease forthwith, and any dead employee found in an upright position will be removed from the payroll immediately as it is now impossible to differentiate between dead and living employees!

            If in future a Tepco boss notices that an employee has not moved for an hour he will immediately investigate the cause as for some employees it is difficult to distinguish between death and…

  • Jay

    No trace-color added to underground water to see where it comes from and out : add color to water up-stream while chking for radiation , find where it comes out and measure it's radioactivity again .

    I said before it is logic that the groundwater can not be stoped if 'other' nuclear material is located Below the Official floor-plans – a hidden basement – , now we know that's indeed the fact .

    Look at the floor plans to see if anyting is bellow surface and if so , by how much .

    To state they can not built a cofferdam in that area is sooo silly … but they have no choice … will the CIA take this annoncement as a Clue as well about hidden nuclear material ?
    Will the West offer to built the dam ? I think so , and I bet TEPCO will reject it !

    Remember the normal thought after being nuked twice : only a retarded nation , which Japan is not , would allow a future position where they could be nuked a third time … and knowing that US is controlled by banksters the Japanese understand their nation is a target , see the Yen saga while the governmnet holds 1.2 trillion US dollars in the nation's piggy bank .

    When US obviously doesn't care about its Debt , not even for the 'show' of a 'responsible' capitalistic system while the Spectators/Germany/UK/France/etc are Applauding , it is clear that we live in a Sham world that it's so strikingly corrupted that is beyond repair . I am talking DNA repair …

    • Jay

      Hidden nuclear material , why would be such a great surprise ?

      " … Around 95 terabecquerels of radioactive caesium has found its way to the sandy ocean floor near the plant .

      How it got there , Kanda says , no one is sure … "


      Source : Ocean still suffering from Fukushima fallout

      Continuing leaks and contaminated sediment keep radiation levels high.

      Geoff Brumfiel

      14 November 2012

      " … Second , the plant itself is leaking around 0.3 terabecquerels (1012 becquerels) per month, he estimates … "

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "TEPCO plans to build a mock reactor in Fukushima to work out issues related to removing fuel and dismantling the reactors. The facility will include a to scale model of the GE Mark 1 containment system used at Fukushima Daiichi. The facility will also be the basis for developing the robot technology needed to conduct the work. Both the government and TEPCO will be working on the project. NHK doesn’t say where it will be built but a worker at the plant hinted it may be in Nahara. "
    Couple of problems coming for TEPCO as they try to decommission Reactors1,2,&3.
    1. The radiation is so intense that the robots will have to be shielded better than those used in space.
    2. The fuel they will be looking for is no longer inside Reactors1,2,&3.
    3. The fuel they are looking for is no longer inside Containments1,2,&3.
    4. The fuel they are looking for is probably deep under the seabed well out into the Pacific Ocean.
    5. The plan will be to load the reactors onto barges, and dump them at sea. Anybody see a problem with that?
    6. TEPCO will end up filling Reactors/Containments1,2,&3 with sand/concrete, and building a sarcophagus.
    In any case, most of the money spent studying how to decommission Fukushima will just be wasted.

  • NEWSFLASH – Japan radiation leak affects 50 people –

    "The Japan Atomic Energy Agency said the accident occurred Thursday in its Hadron Experimental Facility at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex in the town of Tokaimura, where at least two previous radiation accidents have occurred."

    Read more: http://phys.org/news/2013-05-leak-japan-lab-small-impact.html


    The sad thing is that when I googled "Japan lab radiation leak", Google autocomplete gave me incidents occurring over several years: 2011, 2012, 2013…

    This is a country that suffered so much from radiation sickness at the end of World War Two, but in spite of that it has fully embraced the nuclear industry with what appears to be rather casual oversight and infinite tolerance for mistakes.


    • Jay

      TracyW , that attitude is almost universal , Iran now is building a Second reactor , in a country plaqued by earthquakes and Israeli gunsights … and without S-300s since day-one …

      Considering that it was already proven that Pesticides reduces IQ , we can understand why the descendents of Persians , the inventors of Chess and digit Zero , are now building nuclear plants in a both tectonic and political instable environment , and with the fourth world Oil/Gas reserve in their ground !!! Ohhh , … ( druling ) .


      " … Official Underlines Domestic Design, Construction of Iran's 2nd Nuclear Power Plant ….. "

      The Pesticides that made homo Sapiens ( the Thinker ) into homo Dormant are the same world wide , pass along the links to your favourite politician and demand Organics/GMO-free food NOW :




      • I agree with you regarding humanity's lack of good judgment. Too many lack even a sense of self-preservation!

        As kids we used to look up to adults (most of them, anyway) because they seemed to know right from wrong. But as we studied 20th century history we started to wonder. Those leaders and their followers unleashed so much destruction and misery everywhere, either by default or by design.

        And then we grew up. Surprise! We found that from bosses to political leaders, too many of them are either weak, greedy, egocentric, bumbling idiots or corrupt.

        At some point some of us came to the conclusion that we're on our own, that those with authority, big or small, are leading us into a situation that is downright scary. No need to look at 20th century history to realize that thousands of years of civilization count for nothing, that we could lose everything in a second.


        Regarding the Middle East going nuclear, that is really alarming, since this is such a volatile area. The fact that Iran has taken that first step is only an excuse for others to follow. The nuclear arms race is on, no matter what. Jordan and Egypt, among others, are expected to get nuclear reactors at some point – for peaceful purposes.

        Now Saudi Arabia is ramping up the rhetoric with statements about their own need for a nuclear arsenal. Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Ambitions – http://netwmd.com/blog/2013/05/26/12241

        Thank you, Jay, for all your interesting links.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Greenpeace: Fukushima victims are victims once again
          3/17 2013

          Have people been given enough information by the authorities about how great the risk is?

          The health risks are played down, in part because it is something that can't be dealt with. It's not possible to decontaminate whole swathes of land, mountains, rivers and riverbanks. You can't get rid of that contamination. Now there is an effort underway to get people to accept the higher radiation levels. They say it doesn't have any effects, to stop people from worrying. In this respect, the victims of the disaster are becoming victims once again in that they are being encouraged to accept living in areas where the radiation levels are too high."


          • To Heart of the Rose. Some time ago I came upon the term "Normalcy Bias". It is a psychological state that occurs when facing a disaster – immediate or long term. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster and its effects, as well as the inability to cope, once it happens. We see that as the Fukushima disaster unfolds.

            Our own authorities are aware of this psychological trait and take full advantage of it by deliberately neglecting areas such as the nuclear industry and the possibility of an EMP event that could incapacitate the power grid. Since a real disaster is not imminent, they know we don't worry about it.

            They also know that we are excellent at adapting, so no matter what they throw at us, if they can give us enough time to get used to it, the easier it is for them to implement it, as it becomes the new normal.

            They have gotten us used to so much poison in our environment because it has been creeping on us incrementally, one thing at the time.

            Now it turns out 1 in 50 children is autistic, compared with 1 in 88 only five years ago. – Add to that all those diseases that should have no place in the first world. It's the price of progress, of industry, of convenience (processed foods). Now the economic slump gives governments another reason to cut down on environmental protection and assitance to the public affected by disasters or environmental sickness.

  • Jay

    Shocking disclosure about the J-PARC Lab accident : they ignored the alarm during four hours while continuing the experiment !

    Well , maybe That was the Experiment … successful too , with the major unanimous Conclusion that if you ignore the Alarm you'll get into pooppoo … reminds me of the Fukushima managers looking for the Permit to transport batteries while the plant was in melt down , same neuron 'activity' …

    " … Scientists at a nuclear physics laboratory in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture , ignored the ringing of an alarm that radioactive substances were leaking and continued with the experiment that triggered the problem for more than four hours, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency said May 25 … " .



    Wait , wait , is More ( as sad as that is ) :

    " … #Radioactive Leak at J-PARC: Staff Let 100 Billion Becquerels Escape Through Ventilation Fans

    To add further disgrace to what's already there aplenty, the researchers at J-PARC , Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, were fully aware that turning on the ventilation fans without any filter would release radioactive materials outside the facility , but did it anyway … "



    … but did it Anyway …

    … but it dumped radioactive water in the Pacific Anyway
    … but they built the nuke plant on tectonic faults and tsunami areas Anyway

    The only place that Anyway will lead us is to is…

  • Mack Mack

    Highly Recommended reading:

    "Nuclear Reactor Operators Don't Really Monitor Their Pollution – They Guess"


    Excellent analysis on radioactive gases that are released from nuclear power plants and how nuclear matter can escape from PWR's.

  • RT @RT_com: Emergency shutdown at #Russia's Kursk nuclear plant http://on.rt.com/nup829

    @CanadaForAll (my twitter handle)

  • Even the most averse to conspiracy theories has to wonder sometimes….

    MONSANTO-RESISTANT BEES ilegally seized by Agriculture Department of the state of Illinois.

    A private beekeeper who has spent many years studying pesticide effects on bees, owned bee colonies that were resistant to the damage produced by Monsanto's Roundup.

    So the Agriculture Department decided to seize the beekeeper's colonies WITHOUT A WARRANT, claiming that the bees were suffering from some kind of bacterial infection.

    The owner denies those claims, and could have proven that in court, except that after being seized, the bees are nowhere to be found and may have been destroyed. Years of bee research down the drain.

    While nobody at the Agriculture Dept. seems to know what happened to the bees, there is suspicion that they may have been handed over to Monsanto for further study.

    Dangerous bees, indeed, since they were resistant to Monsanto's chemicals at a time when bees are in rapid decline all over the world, which threatens the viability of many crops and the food supply.

    Read more: http://ottersandsciencenews.blogspot.ca/2013/05/government-control-news-monsanto.html

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi Tracy W , speaking frankly whats on my mind reading this will put me in guantanamo…or worse..

      Therefore , i will put a link to the flame of all flames instead , that is about an entirely different ballgame…

      But perfect nevertheless…


      That farmer should make a list of everyone involved up and down the foodchain…for eventual future processing… " useless enforcers of the industrial dictatorship "

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        @MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL DICTATORSHIP ! , please talk to us .. HOW are you going to solve the collapsing Earth dynamics … ?
        I know its only a semi-real detail in your perception but … ,
        i still would like to hear it , you must have some long term vision/ expectations too… ?

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          NOTHING…? Yep , nothing ! Finito , that silly electro-chemical loop in your brains you call your conscience can't compute anything that is not running on the capitalistic algo-ritme …
          It was nice cough cough , living with you on this planet..