AP: Steam blast at French nuclear plant — Kyodo: 2 employees burned, 6 others reportedly ill

Published: September 5th, 2012 at 3:41 pm ET


(Subscription Only) Title: 2 injured after accident at France’s oldest nuclear power plant
Source: Kyodo
Date: Sept. 5

Two workers sustained a slight burn after a steam-leak accident at the Fessenheim nuclear power plant Wednesday in eastern France, a spokesperson of the French utility that operates the plant said.

There was no fire at the plant, the spokesperson at Electricite de France S.A. said. There are reports that six others felt ill after the accident at the nuclear power plant, which is the country’s oldest.


Title: Steam blast at French nuclear plant prompts 2 small hand injuries _ and big debate
Source: Associated Press
Date: September 5, 2:16 PM

A steam blast at France’s oldest nuclear plant Wednesday left two workers with slight finger burns and revived calls to reduce this country’s heavy reliance on nuclear power.

Nuclear safety authorities said there was no threat of radioactive leaks and that the incident at the Fessenheim plant near the German border was minor.


Utility giant Electricite de France, which operates the plant, denied initial reports of a fire. EDF said in a statement that the incident occurred during maintenance when oxygenated water escaped and prompted a burst of steam. It said all nine people in the facility at the time were examined.


“The next stage is to look at what happened” to cause the blast, [Plant director Thierry Rosso] said in a conference call with reporters.


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Published: September 5th, 2012 at 3:41 pm ET


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2 comments to AP: Steam blast at French nuclear plant — Kyodo: 2 employees burned, 6 others reportedly ill

  • dosdos dosdos


    A bit of trivia. In the Dirty Harry movie The Enforcer, the terrorists used the phrase "Remember Fessenheim!" in several of their demand tapes. (The things our brains store away…)

    Still a pain all these years later.

  • abel

    Of course, feeling ill in a nuclear power plant is very bad news for your continued health. So the Kyodo headline should say "8 injured", at the very least. But so it goes.