Gov’t: “Alarming” release of radioactivity from US nuclear site — AP: “Uncontrolled spread of contamination” — Official: Contains “high levels of radioactive isotopes” (VIDEO)

Published: February 24th, 2016 at 8:31 am ET


Tri-City Herald, Feb 21, 2016 (emphasis added): The Environmental Protection Agency has called the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford “alarming” after a Nov. 17 windstorm. Surveys six miles north of Richland after the winds subsided found specks of contamination… The waste came from research and uranium fuel fabrication work… [W]inds were worse than usual… and Hanford officials knew they were going to have issues… “Washington Closure Hanford went out and started surveying to understand how far the contamination had spread,” said Stacy Charboneau, manager of the DOE Richland Operations Office… The waste had high levels of radioactive isotopes that grout does not bind well, said Dennis Faulk, EPA Hanford program manager.

AP, Feb 22, 2016: Radiation blown onto highway at Hanford ‘alarming’ to EPA – [EPA] says the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford after a Nov. 17 windstorm is alarming. The winds pushed specks of contamination beyond Route 4, the public highway… EPA in a letter says the uncontrolled spread of contamination “is a matter that is alarming to EPA and requires further investigation and discussion.” It has given the Energy Department until the third week of April to prepare a report on its loss of control of radioactive material.

AP, Feb 22, 2016: [EPA] says the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford after a Nov. 17 windstorm is alarming… [The site] made plutonium for nuclear weapons [and] had problems with previous contamination spread from the 618-10 Burial Ground as early as summer 2014… The waste came from research and uranium fuel fabrication

KREM transcript, Feb 22, 2016: November’s wind storm spread radioactive waste from Hanford past a nearby highway. The EPA calls the situation alarming — they say small specks of debris spread past Route 4… [The EPA] has given the Energy Department until the third week of April to prepare a report on the radioactive material that spread.

Watch KREM’s broadcast here

Published: February 24th, 2016 at 8:31 am ET


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332 comments to Gov’t: “Alarming” release of radioactivity from US nuclear site — AP: “Uncontrolled spread of contamination” — Official: Contains “high levels of radioactive isotopes” (VIDEO)

  • rogerthat

    on the subject of nuclear waste disposal, i found this piece by Gordon Edwards really interesting:

    • Jebus Jebus

      "The questions posed are good and sensible ones. Unfortunately there are not equally good and sensible answers" – Gordon Edwards

      That's all the truth I need…

      • Hanford, Jebus! I thought this was Indian Point NY! Was gonna pick on the Bern, but alas, Hanford… west coast … obviously no one there gives a sh*t either.

        Keep on truckin! We got Fukushima, People!

        For those finding themselves here who care, Japan's just a skip over from Hanford and has been in TRIPLE NUCLEAR-MOX POWER PLANT MELTDOWN since 3-11-2011.

        Fukushima Day 1812. Please help Us Get the Rad Word Out, People…

        Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

        These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out and leave randomly about, where ever you please. Distribute liberally. Post to all social media. Only 63,498 downloads,
        so thank you.

        P.S. For those in the U.S. etc motivated to contact "Elected Officials"

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Chem, are you able to reformat your Fukushima cards using a lighter background, with darker text? I'd love to print and hand out more of them, but they use a LOT of expensive toner on my printer.

          I really appreciate your creating the Fukushima awareness cards. Thank you!

          Would it be OK to use your format and re-do the cards in a different color, maybe send you the file when I'm done? I have some older Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop programs. They're pretty easy to use.

          What did you use to create your file with the cards?

          Just curious.

          • Hi Hotaters!
            Yeah, done in Publisher, and probably too heavy on the ink.
            Feel free to reformat as you wish. I've seen you drop an email
            here? I'll keep my eye out when you say you're done and email you.
            Apologies for the toner tragedy. I'm no pro, but if you re-do them
            I'll take a look and probably reformat from my end. I need a visual 🙂
            Thank You!

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                mt1000, 115,000+ downloads from the fontspace site TODAY.

                Is "it" being tipped?

                • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

                  I do believe we are at or near the tipping point in our righteous fight against the nuker PR lies. With both the news of the Tepcon officials being indicted and Indian Point leaking radiation into the water making Yahoo, NYT and many other MSM outlets we are may be seeing the tip right now. I am hopeful. Some of my friends, who passively follow my activist emails, are now coming out of the woodwork and sending me links to MSM stories about Fukushima. Now that it is "cool" to be anti-nuclear some of the conformists are jumping on the anti-nuclear ship. We must keep spreading the verifiable truth: health studies, Plume Gate book link, enenews links, protesting in person, handing out Chemfood's biz cards. Every little thing we do matters. Each action we take makes a positive difference. Never give up!
                  Ban Reactors Forever!
                  Clean Up the Waste!
                  Prosecute the Criminal Nukers!

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Yo, Chem-bro, I have your contact info. If it hasn't changed.

              Just found out my Dad passed away which threw a monkey wrench into the works of my life this week.

              Am going to put the card reformatting on my do list. That will be one of the more "fun" projects. Enjoy doing the artwork.

              Do you know if Illustrator files can be converted into Publisher files? (I haven't used Publisher. Still in the Adobe Dinosaur graphics age.)

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Can get a screen shot of your file (it's saved) and work from it to create a new card format.

                Want to stick with your original intention and wording, as I think it's great and very effective. Just change the colors and maybe the contrast a bit.

                Totally open to suggestions. Thanks for your permission to tinker with it, i.e., dither the artwork!

  • rogerthat

    this is a real eye-opener:

    The Committee on Waste Disposal was set up at the request of the Atomic Energy Commission to study the possibilities of disposing of radioactive waste materials on land and to indicate what research was needed to determine feasibility.

    In September 1955 a conference was held at Princeton which included representatives of AEC, members of the Department of Sanitary Engineering of Johns Hopkins, representatives of the U.S. Geological Survey, industry and many individual scientists competent in relevant fields.

    Informed opinions were rendered at the conference on the questions asked by AEC so the present general report can be a brief summary of the main conclusions. The factual data resulting from the conference are included in this report as appendices. …

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Thanks, HHD. This (below) is interesting. An updated version. I want to build one of those pipe percussion thingies they're carrying. Looks pretty easy to do. But then I was the misfit kid who used to run around our place and play the garden hose. Repurposing common objects into musical instruments always came naturally. Yeah, I think I'll build one and walk around the neighborhood with it. Paint my face blue, and hand out Chem's Fukushima cards. That ought to garner some attention!

        Probably should make some Hanford, WIPP, and St. Louis landfill fire cards, too while I'm at it. And add issues in the Carolinas, Indian Point. Where to begin with such a lovely variety and vast number of issues to choose from?

        Or just make a list of all the nuclear accidents and dangerous storage facilities, worldwide waste dumps, illegal dumping in violation of treaties. Could just do bullet points. That ought to keep people busy for awhile. (Provide links of course so people can get credible info. on all of this.)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Kevin Blanch said the other day the DOE is ready to throw up their hands and call nuclear everything a loss and a failed experiment. He said the waste is being trucked out of the Savannah site, all over the place. Where does the DOE expect to send all this waste?

      Just found out the DOE has repeater stations all over the country, and they have responsibility for helping ensure the electrical grid keeps functioning.

      There is an installation about four miles from where I live. An old timer over there told me the DOE did extensive excavation under the site when it was being built. The said he thought they were building a bomb shelter. There are a lot of outbuildings, and what used to be a rice silo looks to me like a large dry cask storage facility. (There are two of them). If that's really what is there, they have at least four large dry casks on site, stored upright.

      Hoping I'm wrong on that one, and it's just an abandoned grain silo. The appearance seemed a lot like some of the upright dry cask configurations and descriptions I've seen.

      What's under the buildings, I wonder? The DOE is slated to move this facility sometime soon. They want to move it down near "Grapevine" wherever that is.

      Where are they sending all the waste, and what if the National Labs call it a wash? Does this mean the DOE will just abandon it all? Kevin said the fund for cleanup has been LOOTED and there is no $$ left to make meaningful efforts at cleanup.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        If what Kevin B. said is true, we may be in for more deep doo-doo, and St. Louis type problems, all over the country.

        Will want to follow Kevin B's intelligence gathering and know if there is substance to his reports. He has a lot of connections, and he's usually right.

        Wondering what the DOE will have to say about this, or the other related regulatory agencies. Or do they think they can just cut and run, and make it our problem, w/o even informing us? (That would be SOP for them, IMO.)

        • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

          If we can inform more people about the reality of storing radioactive nuclear power reactor waste for hundreds of thousands of years that might make more people question the sanity of nuclear power. If people understood just how dangerous it is to be trucking spent fuel and nuke waste on the public highways there would be an uproar. The $1.4 BILLION in nuker PR money is used to hide the truth. It is our job to expose this. Wait till a nuke waste shipment crashes or catches fire…. That section of highway will never need deicer ever again.

      • Sam Sam

        Grapevine is down there in Kern county at the base of Interstate I 5 before once climbs
        the grade into the LA metropolis.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Sam, yes, that's what I thought. Just had the impression on the DOE site they wanted to keep it vague. Maybe because of security concerns. There is a lot of security on the local site here. Which is a good idea, given they are controlling or watching over the repeater site near here.

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        They should go solar and invest the surplus to clean-up of "that other energy".


        [dəˈvest, dīˈvest]

        1.deprive (someone) of power, rights, or possessions:
        "men are unlikely to be divested of power without a struggle"

        synonyms: deprive of · strip of · dispossess of · rob of · cheat out of ·
        Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press

  • rogerthat

    Questions on nuclear waste storage: salt more permeable than previously thought?
    water-radiationOil research on salt permeability raises questions about nuclear waste storage, The Daily Texan, BY CLAIRE ALLBRIGHT, 1 Dec 15 Salt may be more permeable than previously thought, raising questions about whether salt isolates nuclear waste effectively, according to a new study released by researchers at UT.

    Soheil Ghanbarzadeh, doctoral candidate ​in the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, was the lead researcher and author of a thesis sponsored by Statoil, which set out to analyze if salt serves as a good seal for petroleum. The thesis findings have implications for the nuclear waste industry as well.

    Currently, Germany and the United States use salt to trap nuclear waste since it was thought to be impermeable. However, if waste can flow through the brine, there is a possibility the waste can contaminate ground water, spurring a renewed interest in research about salt use. …

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      rogerthat, it's mind boggling to consider these scientists can even debate whether or not salt caverns make safe geological repositories. Salt gets wet, it melts. Duh.

      Or Doh! Go figure, geniuses at work, apparently no common sense whatsoever. Can they tie their own shoes without tying one foot's shoe lace to one on the other foot?

      Fall down, go boom!

      These people make me want to …. Arrgh, sometimes I have an uncontrollable urge to ….

      Devo – Uncontrollable Urge Lyrics

      Album: Are We Not Men? We Are Devo

      Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good.

      " Yeah
      Ya Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!

      Got an urge got a surge
      And it's out of control
      Got an urge I wanna purge
      'Cause I'm losing control

      Uncontrollable urge
      I wanna tell you all about it
      Got an uncontrollable urge
      It makes me scream and shout it

      I've an uncontrollable urge
      I've an uncontrollable urge

      It's got style, it's got class
      So strong I can't let it pass
      I gotta tell you all about it
      I gotta scream and shout it

      Ya Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!"

  • rogerthat – The real story

    Got a quarter of a trillion dollars? Or a half?
    By Patrick Malone, The Center for Public Integrity | 15 hours ago

    The environmental damage caused by decades of nuclear weapons production will take at least 60 more years to clean up and cost taxpayers nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars, according to the Energy Department’s latest estimate, disclosed at a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing on Feb. 23.

    The $240 billion tally was included in prepared testimony by an official of the Government Accountability Office, who estimated that an additional $280 billion dollars will be needed to finance the U.S. government’s planned modernization of its nuclear warheads over the next 25 years.

    David Trimble, who directs the GAO’s Natural Resources and Environment Division, … said the Energy Department’s estimate of cleanup costs — as large at it is — was billions of dollars short of what the government will actually have to spend, because expenses associated with fixing some additional damaged sites were not included.

    Trimble also noted that the government’s estimate of the final tally has been growing as the work proceeds. Over the last four years, for example, it grew by $77 billion. …

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      over $15 BILLION spent at Hanford to clean up nuke wastes yet hundreds of radioactive waste tanks leak ever more and the DOE's stupid vitrification plant is not even remotely close to being completed. It is many years late already and now they are re-evaluating the engineering because their idiotic plan might cause an explosion and spray high level waste everywhere. Nuclear is criminally insane. Nuclear is a death cult propagated by greedy psychopaths who will risk giving their own children cancer just to get a paycheck… and get their PRECIOUS PLUTONIUM FOR THEIR MEGALOMANIACAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS TO HOLD THE WHOLE WORLD HOSTAGE UNDER THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. NUCLEAR IS CRIMINALLY INSANE

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    You are so right GOM people are so distracted by their media they can't see what's really happening clearly. Trump's rise could only have happened from his stupid reality show that I could never watch, or just about any of the others other than antique and car themed. Those are staged (duh) but I learn from them. Haven't watched any in years tho. Decided when I was a teen in the 70's that the media was all about making people stupid and distracted and didn't watch it at all for 25 years. And we want people to understand even the basics of the nuclear nightmare? It's a losing battle the deaths coming will be blamed on Zika or some other shit and the nukes will chug along belching poison for eternity!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      tinfoilhat, have not regularly watched television myself (except for news in the 1990's and comedys shows like "Living Color." Stopped at about age 14. It was amazing seeing how dumbed down my peers got and how media-trivialized their thought processes & focus got, as they continued to watch TV. Now I think it is hypnotic & allows people to zone out and not own their own reality. Just accept the one on TV, and forget about your life, your true state. TV alters brain wave patterns, and studies have shown brain patterns get entrained by whatever is happening on TV. I'll assert there are also subliminal messages in commercials (which is supposed to be illegal). However, if your brain is responding normally and you don't watch TV often, you can watch commercials and catch some of the subliminal images and sound as they go whizzing by. Subliminal messages flashing by in a couple of frames in a TV commercial. Nasty stuff. Practically out of the 1984 "war is peace, slavery is freedom" playbook. Don't want to get too much into it here.

    • Dr. Peter Phillips – Deliberate Propaganda, Project Censorship, Mass Media 'Programming' And Takeover Of Levers Of Power

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Tiny heads for everybody in the future..Thanks Nuclear!

    Ice Age? Chop!~Chop!

  • Keyhole

    Med Alert: Cancer Now Contagious

    This is the article Jones was referring to in the video above:

    Scientists Ponder the Prospect of Contagious Cancer

    Anyone have an opinion on that?

    That could be a game changer on BALKO!!!

    • Keyhole

      Fascinating comments from the YouTube video above:

      "We have known cancer is caused by bacteria and viruses for a while now – what we haven't known is the extent of contagion or how many cancers are microbe related. I strongly suspect – and have for many years – that we will discover that ALL cancers are bacterium related. Brush your teeth, floss and gargle religiously – it is the number 1 way to reduce mouth, esophageal and some forms of stomach and bowl cancer – more so even than quitting smoking."

      ""We known cancer is caused by bacteria and viruses for a while now"


      "What? You think this is a scientific forum? Do I need to provide a bibliography to a youtube comment, LOL go research for yourself – it's widely published."

      "widely published"!!!???

      Anyone know anything about that?

      • irhologram

        Keyhole. Well, for one, I linked a series of proofs of the prostrate/cervical connected cancer contagion a month or so ago. It's the reason for the controversial (and many times deadly) vaccine, Guardasil inoculations for young girls and boys.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        So these images were from bugs and not Radiation Contamination? Sure..not buying it.

        Been a ton of study in these regions affected…maybe they are still looking for the bugs responsible?,+deformities+and+mutations&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjds-XEppPLAhUXwWMKHd9VDUIQ_AUIBygB&biw=1015&bih=548

        Let us send in our very best bug doctors into all these regions to stay for about 10 years and then check them for bugs. 🙂

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Maybe these people needed to carry fly swatters where ever they went?

          Somebody better tell the U.S. government they had it all wrong! No money for anyone!

          Downwinders Compensation Programs~ Nuclear Testing!

          Where are all these bug doctors when you need them?

          Got cancer and gone? You bet!

        • irhologram

          Obe. Just because there are multiple sources of cancer doesn't mean it isn't caused by radiation. If we go what others might see as "all fanatic" by denying ANY other predictable cancers, or more importantly still, radiation's role in weakening the immune system (which has been proven), creating vulnerabilities to opportunistic viruses, we may not be helping our case. It is useful to establish causality. It's not that complicated if we just insist on

          Not only that, if certain populations don't "get" that Prostate cancer is like spreading VD to women (who may or not succomb to the virus) who then infect other men, the sex whose vulnerability to the virus is higher …we may be serving a depopulation agenda for elder folks.

          Why not just say even low dose radiation compromises immunity and stresses all body systems, leading to ANY NUMBER of diseases, including cancer, and very often itself directly results in cancer. READ: It causes cancer, any way you look at it. By viewing it IMHO more accurately, we see that many, if not MOST diseases besetting us as we are exposed to increasing cumulative doses, are CAUSED BY RADIATION.

          That's a whole plethora more of cause-effect disease…both fatal, as well as disabling ailments and birth defects that rip our lives apart. We've pieced that together from the West Coast animal deaths and/or malaise. I believe it applies to us, as well.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Irhologram, of course you are correct and it usually a combination of events/carcinogenic that create cancers.

            All you say is true and/but what ever the cause of cancer a series of mutations must take place at the cellular level for that cancer to activate within the body.

            Manmade Nuclear Radiation Contamination is a known Class 1 Mutagenic.

            70 years from 1945 and cancer is now a black plague roaming the entire Earth.

            When you know an industry is spewing poisons worldwide that has no defined borders the best course of action is to shut down that black plague industry responsible.

            We should all have clean air, water and soil and the Earth can create clean sources of energy so there is no need for mutagenic poisons anymore.

            Earth can't take much more!

        • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

          So, since Fukushima went BOOM X4, we have all these stories about what causes cancer, which is skyrocketing ever since Fuku. The NIH is changing the definition of "cancer." Many cancers are now classified as "solid mass" or other non-cancer language. It is a blatant attempt to manipulate cancer rate stats. All the sea life in the Pacific is dropping dead but it is a "mystery". No mention of Fukushima or radiation. No word on plutonium or strontium levels in these mysteriously dead sea creatures or birds. The Pacific is being annihilated in slow motion. Thousands of nuclear weapons worth of radiation are slowly being dissolved into the oceans. Cancer is skyrocketing in the US and Japan. People not smiling enough lol. Iodine 131 is STILL FOUND IN TOKYO SEWAGE SLUDGE!! Definitely not nuclear though… It is "processed meats". Smoking (which has decreased). Drinking. "natural background radiation." The Sun. Zero mention of radiation levels being linked directly to cancer rates. Zero mention that we got zapped BIG TIME in 2011 and continue to be exposed to Fuku rads in the air, water and food.

          • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

            By the way, if the TPP trade treaty passes, it will do away with "Country of Origin" labeling requirements. TPP will allow Japan to legally import radioactive fukufoods into the USA. Our kids could be eating radioactive food if the TPP passes and we would have no way of knowing. Hillary is pro TPP. Much of Congress is pro TPP. They are waiting to vote on this controversial bill until after the election. Between the election and Obama's departure, the TPP will be voted on. WE MUST RAISE THE ALARM ABOUT THIS AND LET OUR CONGRESSIONAL REPS KNOW THAT IF THEY VOTE IN FAVOR OF THIS TPP TRADE TREATY THEY WILL BE OUT OF A JOB AND FOREVER MARKED.

      • Gasser Gasser

        Repost> relative to Cancer/Fungus…Maple Syrup/Baking Soda

I've had some request, so I just made this life extender video for folks to get a better handle on the most important things needed to do in making this recipe right and easy..

        Director International Medical Veritas Association

        Disclaimer> this does not cure Cancer, it kills the Fungus that's living off the dead cells that got Radioactive element Becquerel discharge bombarded continually for a Fungus to move in and live off the dead cells and sugars.

        There is no cure for Cancer, because man made Radioactive elements are everywhere in everything…meaning Cancer is a none stoppable recurring phenomena relative to radioactive elements a person is exposed to.

        In this video I miss spoke saying I had Pancreas Cancer…meaning to say "Thyroid"

        I've had Colon, liver, Thyroid Cancers over the years now @ 74 I'm still riding gnarly off road because of this simple recipe.

        Ahui Ho

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          Thanks Gasser ! I usually just mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in about a pint of water for 5 days in the morning every other month. It has definitely helped but I will try this recipe if needed in the future
          I do my concoction just as a sort of gap stop

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            Ok it will be needed in the future/present

          • Gasser Gasser

            earthsmith…The main crux of the video is the binding of the two elements via slow cooking it down to a thick "Carmel" consistency insuring the Trojan Horse effect on the sugar loving fungus that is also feasting on dead cell's from chronic Radioactive particle discharge bombardment in that area~~~*

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Certainly a possibility when one mutates all the bugs on the planet with Manmade Nuclear Radiation.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Dr, Royal Raymond Rife and his associates proved at least some cancers were caused by viruses in the 1930's. At the time, it was mainstream media news. See Dr. Rife's story and the cover of the L.A. Times, from the time Dr. Rife cured hundreds of cancer patients. If memory serves, his cure rate was greater than 90% even for the "terminal" cases.

      His colleague developed a vaccine which cured cancers.

      The establishment went after both of them, got their medical licenses revoked, and hounded them to their graves. A worthwhile study if one has time to research it.

      Of COURSE they don't want us to know about this. I'm not a bit surprised to hear many cancer viruses and immortal cell lines have become bioweapons. Not a bit.

      • Runningonlove Runningonlove

        Yes indeed, Ho, Royal Raymond Rife is an unsung hero
        of modern medicine IMHO. What the AMA did to him was criminal, and has deprived God knows how many cancer patients of life-saving treatment…probably millions.
        You probably know that several versions of his ray-tube frequency generator devices are available now. I've got one, a BCX Ultra, and have been using it for 2 years now, with pretty good success, combined with several other natural/alternative anti-cancer protocols. I've made a little low-rent mini-doc about them all:

        • DUDe DUD

          Interesting , thanks for that Runningonlove..

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          You can get plans for making one for under ten dollars .andpartsif you need them as well as built onesthwr are books too ..just ask I'll connect you also guigercounter plans for under ten parts and built ones..awholelot cheaper that what you have out there ..being an electrical engineer is helpful or highschool diploma

  • rogerthat

    Key evidence in EU's risk assessment of glyphosate must not remain 'trade secret'
    Corporate Europe Observatory

    22nd February 2016

  • rogerthat

    bend the rules, curb the watchdog:

    … Senator Alexander, who leads the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development that oversees funding for the NRC, focused on the need to ensure regulators are prepared to: review licenses for new nuclear waste storage sites, safely extend existing reactor licenses, review licenses for new reactors, such as small modular reactors, and reduce the NRC budget to reflect its actual workload. …

  • rogerthat

    Florida Power & Light Co. and Duke Energy Florida have been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging that millions of dollars in nuclear construction costs the companies charge their customers are unlawful, the suit filed Monday by consumer rights law firm Hagens Berman says.

    The suit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida still has to be certified by a court. It accuses Duke Energy and FPL of overcharging through alleged unconstitutional price hikes that increase customers’ electricity bills to fund nuclear plant projects.

    The named plaintiffs are William Newton, a Duke Energy customer who resides in Clearwater and is deputy director of the Florida Consumer Action Network, and Noreen Allison of Naples, an FPL customer since 1991 and a retired U.S. National Park Service worker.

    Since 2008, the Florida Public Service Commission has authorized the two utilities to collect more than $2 billion in nuclear costs from customers. The lawsuit alleges that Florida’s nuclear cost recovery system violates the Commerce Clause and is preempted by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 under the Supremacy Clause. …

    • Every time….sue the bastards!
      Wish someone knew how to get a 50 state nuke lawyer network going.
      Sue them all at once! Sickputer?

      • SLAPP them!

        Or – take away their incorporation rights –
        "By What Authority is published by the POCLAD. The title is English for quo warranto, a legal phrase that questions illegitimate exercise of privilege and power. We the people and our federal and state officials have long been giving giant business corporations illegitimate authority. Today, a minority directing giant corporations and backed by police, courts, and the military, define our culture, govern our nation, and plunder the earth."

    • jackassrig

      Duke sold 2 billion dollars worth power plants to sick sick Dynergy. Dynergy has been bankrupt more than D. Trump. Approx 1 year ago Dyn was selling for $29.00 and now sells for approx $8.00. Dyn looses approx 100 milion a quarter and the stinking regulators approved the sale. Everyone is sniffing each others tails. What a contortion act.

  • rogerthat

    The End of the Nuclear Age
    Even before the Fukishima disaster, it was clear that nuclear power was dangerous, unreliable and too risky for civil use. The growth of renewable energy is now rendering them obsolete, argues Handelsblatt's energy expert. …

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    On February 18, 2016, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Enterprise Assessments’ Office of Enforcement issued a Preliminary Notice of Violation (WEA-2016-01) to Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC for violations of DOE’s worker safety and health and nuclear safety requirements associated with two events an underground fire involving a salt haul truck and a radiological release that occurred at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    NASA explores nuclear space waste in the 70's.

    Where's Taffycat?

    • Sickputer

      The nucleoapes did spend a sizable fortune analyzing space disposal of nuclear waste. But even a ten-year-old kid could point out a mission failure and radiation falling over a major city is not an acceptable risk. Until they can mount a huge cannon in the middle of the (now dying) Pacific Ocean and shoot debris into space with absolute certainty…then space waste will never happen. Our puny human race knows how to poison the world, but isn't proficient enough to send waste into space with 100% success.

      Only in deep space does the concept of Dilution is the Solution truly exist. Getting there without failures is the insurmountable puzzle so far.

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        The space waste disposal idea is the worst. Even if they could "safely" shoot it into space it could eventually come back as a radioactive asteroid. There are all kinds of unknown celestial bodies out there that could alter the projected course of our rad waste projectiles. Bottom line is we just need to stop making the shit then find a remote geologic storage location and cover the waste with lead and put ultra durable death monuments all around it so our ancestors never settle nearby

    • HHD…

      Thank You!

      My mantra (one of them) is:

      Get this nuclear waste shit off the frigging planet!

      This PDF is fair warning, and if we had improved the space program as we developed our PU manufacturing we would have safe parking orbit storage. To not have listened is typical of those whom care nothing for anything but their precious money!

      Please read this folks:

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        "Can't fix stupid."

        I don't see how they're ever going to get away with this. Completely blind and in the dark about any kind of a solution to making sure it doesn't destroy the planet~ like it was intended.


        • DUDe DUD

          A smart sentence i found in that pdf..

          "..the technology required to attain space travel is more complex than that required to generate
          nuclear waste.."

          And here we are suffocating in nuclear waste now..hmm..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Bang, bang..
    Bang, bang.
    On the corral door.

    Another day to describe death by radiation.

    Bang, bang.
    To return to well-spring. (I don't know where other's find theirs.
    I find mine in music, dance and LOVE.

    Bang, bang.
    So great the urge to live..

    "When they ask why we did it. Tell them we did it for love".

    R. Kelly – Step In The Name Of Love

    Morning..Enenews. ..LOL.


  • A Nuclear Triad Is Obsolete In The Age Of Transformation; The False Logic Is That Nuclear Weapons Somehow Protect Anyone From Anything – This Is The End Of The Toxic Nuclear Age

  • Nick

    Nuclear anything is shrouded in secrecy; power plants never let you know when they refuel, often venting radiation as routinely as farting. When the bomb grade goodies are ready for extracting from the spent fools´ pools; weaponizers deposit huge profits ad nauseum, regardless of whether a bomb ever gets tested or, heaven forbid used! When a bomb gets old…..beg for trillions to upgrade the arsenal.

    And so forth.

    Forget the hideous deception around waste disposal or the environmental toll from uranium mines.

    I know nuclear energy is concentrated and is quite useful for space probes.

    I am not sold on irradiating food knowingly or unknowingly with it, however.

    Medical uses only serve to continue our nuclear insanity.

    Many humans, do not think this way about it all.

    So we all are spiraling into an abyss from which there really is no return, beta,alpha,gamma oh my.

  • Nick

    In a sense, our Climate Change hysteria is a huge distraction from the toxic loading of our biosphere.

    Sure Climate Change is a problem….but it ain´t gonna extinguish us.

    Toxins are.

    Look at the recent hysteria over lead in H2O supplies.

    TATAL. We cringe at readings of 30ppb. Societal focus locks onto lead, ignoring the rest of the sh*t we dump into the biosphere.

    On the other-hand….maybe lead IS a way to learn the masses about TATAL stuff…??

    When you realize lead is NOT biologically beneficial, you begin to
    see what minute amounts of invisible stuff can do:

    If we truly are compassionate beings, we owe it to our children to learn about biology and question authority on ¨safe¨ levels of anything!

    TATAL is just that.

    • What Does Climate Change Really Mean? Jet Stream, Temperature Extremes, Rainfall Extremes, Higher Winds, Abrupt Climate Changes Can Happen In Just One Year, After Tipping Point Reached

      Just wait until the carbon fuel tipping points accelerate. They will end up being TATAL, without nuclear anything.

      • One of the largest extinction events happened with increasing CO2 levels, just like we are starting on now.

        • Our global carbon reserves – including coal, oil, oil shale, tar sands, gas and coal-seam gas – contain considerably more than 10,000 billion tonnes of carbon (see Figure 5). This amount of carbon, if released into the atmosphere, is capable of raising atmospheric CO2 levels to higher than 1000ppm. Such a rise in atmospheric radiative forcing will be similar to that of the Paleocene-Eocene boundary thermal maximum (PETM), which happened about 55 million years-ago (see Figures 1, 2 and 4). But the rate of rise surpasses those of this thermal maximum by about ten times.
          The Paleocene-Eocene boundary thermal maximum event about 55 million years ago saw the release of approximately 2000 to 3000 billion tons of carbon to the atmosphere in the form of methane (CH4). It led to the extinction of about 35-50% of benthic foraminifera (see Figure 3 and 4), representing a major decline in the state of the marine ecosystem. The temperature rise and ocean acidity during this event are shown in Figures 4 and 6

          Read more at:

          • 4c in the arctic —
            Many self feeding out-of-control events going on, feedback loops.
            And Americans still get huffy if you put clothes on a clothesline. They think conservation is unsightly.

          • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

            The oceans and plants absorb much of the carbon emissions. Worrying about "climate change", which used to be "global warming", which used to be "global cooling", is a huge distraction. Let's focus on getting rid of nuclear FIRST, then go after coal and oil. I think we may need natural gas for a long time but maybe not if battery cost and tech improves rapidly.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Shore is and I have lived in the exact same area for 30 years and I have personally witnessed zero climate change..nada, zip, zilch.

      I have however witnessed a ton of pollution from manmade machines and created junk though and witnessed some of the stupidest expenditures of taken by force tax dollars by all government bodies involved.

      Nothing is is all much worse.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        'Nothing is is all much worse.' So very true.

        When we finally wake up to reality, there may be some hope. Maybe.

        More rats in a cage is not 'more' better,,, ever.

        Every problem we have, stems from 'too much'.

        Too much energy use.
        Too much mining.
        Too much load on a fragile water cycle.
        Too much need to increase food yields.

        Too many wanting more money, exponential resource destruction, all for the sake of converting to a dollars 'worth' of something, anything, no matter how 'worthless' the end product is. $$$$$

        Two things are as plain as the nose on your face.

        More people does not make a better planet.

        Less people does not support our current mindset, or goals.

        'Nothing is is all much worse.'

        I would add:

        Nothing else is possible.

  • from a distance from a distance


    " A full-length NUCLEAR HOTSEAT SPECIAL report on the Atoms Next Door symposium on the St. Louis Nuclear Nightmare – World War II-era highly radioactive weapons manufacturing waste illegally buried in a flood plain of the Missouri River. It has been invisibly poisoning residents for over 40 years, resulting in cancer clusters, brain tumors in children, autoimmune diseases and more. St. Louis Community College in Wildwood sponsored the event. Dr. Helen Caldicott flew in from Australia to be keynote speaker; Bob Alvarez, nuclear workers advocate Denise Brock, and revered Missouri environmentalist Kay Drey (DRY) addressed an overflow audience of more than 300 people and livestream viewers from around the world, including Nuclear Hotseat listeners from Wales, Ireland, France, and New Zealand. "

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


      "…Radioactive elements react synergistically in the body with chemical elements…" Helen Caldicott

      • razzz razzz

        I listen to that. She wasn't clear or didn't explain further about the symbiotic on goings when radioactive elements enter a body, any body including plant life.

        I suppose the difference is Pu laying on the ground slowly decaying away has little affect on the inert surrounding area versus Pu entering a body where it can both lodge and transport freely to do damage plus again transport the damage like cancer to aid in its spread.

        That was a over simplification as there also must be chemical reaction going on making radioactive decay interactions even more pronounced.

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          Yes. Reacting internally, having, as quoted, synergistic and multiple compounding effects. 1+1 could be 10. Viruses, bacteria, parasites- can all be affected in different ways by different elements…Shown in heavy metal studies, concurrently. Co-viruses, co-pathogenisises, etc. Some bacteria thrive in certain heavy metal or other chemical environments. Tetanus, for example. Although sparsely understood in this comment section, it is wise to investigate such cause and effect when evaluating disease or nuclear contamination health effects. I expect radionuclides expand exponentially, the negative effects of co-pathogenesis and synergistic reactions with other metals, with my understanding of the negative genetic and other implications already proven. Wouldn't mind seeing more information here, in this respect.

  • Sam Sam

    Obama plan to de-fund Savannah River plutonium conversion plant draws fire





  • Sol Man

    The nuclear industry is to protect the cash flow with the addition of the disease and death for living creatures.

    How is life enhanced in the planning of death?!

  • Sam Sam

    Where is Donald Trump on all things Nuclear?

    Is he too bat shit crazy in denial of Nuclear?
    Will some one ask him that question please?
    Wake up you media guys out there and ask
    him his policy on Nuclear as potential future
    Presidential candidate. Even Noam Chomsky
    today is wary of the Donald as another demagogue
    contender coming to power in these
    turbulent times (more so than the 1930's)

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Very few people truly understand the breadth of the Nuclear problem..they just watch everyone die of varied cancers that surround them.

      Often they just hope science will catch up with all the cancer deaths before it's their turn to get cancer and die.

      600,000 in the U.S. hoped that science would catch up last year!

      They all died and rotted away internally directly from varied forms of cancers! 🙁

      Trump knows real estate..not the Nuclear Problem now plaguing the entire world.

      If he wins I hope he is a very fast learner.

      Bernie already understands..seasoned in the death by cancers.. and the whys.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    328,000,000 million U.S. population and 60 million not suppose to be here/not born here/immigrants. Actual true U.S. population is 328-60= 268 million.

    Shrinking from rampant cancers/various deaths. Thus the need for new uncontaminated blood/immigrants. State needs something to control and tax heavily…all of it is called human livestock.

    Numbers of cancer deaths over next 80 years for planet Earth. Pacific Ocean now almost dead thanks to 3+ Nuclear Core meltdowns that happened in Fukushima, Japan on 3-11-2011.

    Nuclear Industry still allowed to operate on planet Earth even with a dead Pacific Ocean pending in the near future. 🙁 Morons obviously in charge of things at the Federal, state and local levels worldwide.

    All highly educated scientists are somehow baffled.

    328,000,00 and 600,000 deaths per year from cancers with a 70 percent increase projected by 2030 in cancer deaths= 600,000 x 70% = +420,000 = 1,020,000 per year U.S. cancer deaths per year starting in 2030.

    Someone/baby born in the U.S. and that lives 80 years will see 81,600,000 million humans die from various cancers in his short life time in his own country.

    7 billion divided by 328,000,000 = 21.34 times

    Projected world cancer deaths after 2030 for entire world..

    =81,000,000 x 21.64 times = 1,741,344,000 ( billion) cancer deaths on Planet Earth from 2030 through 2110 or 80 years. 🙁

    Great future for all our kids! Huh?

    Might want to change up the game plan a little..don't you…

    • Sam Sam

      Great time to be a radiologist. (sarc.)
      One of the specialities that pay the
      most. Shut down nuclear medicine!
      What an insult to a dying body to
      go nuke it with the delusion of
      extended life when the months
      and years gained by nuking it
      is one of suffering from side effects
      of radiation.

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      The reason RNC likes illegal immigrants is because they are cheap labor that can be exploited, ripped off and otherwise treated unfairly with no labor laws protecting them. The big RNC donors want an open border so they can suppress wages and hire cheap workers.
      DNC likes illegal immigrants because they hope that many of them will stay dependent upon got handouts like welfare and obamacare which create more future potential DNC voters.
      Democracies fail once too many people realize they can vote to give themselves money from the treasury. Bankruptcy is inevitable once there are too many freeloaders voting to give themselves "free" stuff.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Think! 🙂

    Minor typos and I don't care as the big picture is staring the entire world directly in the face!

    Shut all these cancer causing Nuclear Rattle traps down.. now! 🙂

    Would be the intelligent decision.

    • mon ami

      Hang in there Obe! Many support you! I am sorry for Onto. I hope they can find a way to get rid of the cancer. I am sorry and your father obe. My mother died ovarian cancer. Some asshole will invariably ask if it ran in your family. Screw them. Like its my moms fault by heeredity. I say no, but there is plenty of radioactive shit everywhere in the united states that could have caused it. Screw em.
      I had a friend in his early 50s just go into cardiac arrest. No history of heart trouble. A vegetarian hippy type. Wth?

  • Sol Man

    One can not plan, or allow, for death and disease of anyone and, simultaneously, portray themselves as being for life. To do so is schizophrenic thinking, in the least, be they corporations real people with hands and feet.

  • theworldisalie theworldisalie

    They just need to smile more I think. Think happy thoughts and remember that the levels of radiation are pretty much harmless, similiar to perhaps a 50 bananas or 15 chest x-rays every day.

    It's nothing to worry about. I'm a guy with a stupid face and smirk, trust me.

  • razzz razzz

    Kevin Blanch is saying glassification (somehow encasing nuke wastes in glass rods to be stored long term) is a failed process. So Savanna River is clearing out stockpiles of nuke wastes meant for processing but now being (illegally) trucked (as is) throughout the US to staging and storage sites for eventual disposal. WIPP keeps coming up as one long term dump site for this nuke waste instead of their initial mission of storing low level waste i.e. gloves, tools, leftovers, etc. Hanford like Daiichi, I don't think anything can be done to ever clean it up..

    Truckers and manufactures of containment casks and canisters for nuke storage and trucking are confirming such events. Then he claims Japan's ground fallout cleaned up and bagged from their no-go zones are being shipped to the US through the Savanna port because it is a backdoor already approved to accept nuke waste shipments. From there it is to be (illegally) trucked throughout the US for disposal.

    Along with all of the above goes the money trail and deceptive coverups.

    Both Blanch and Caldicott implore the US Government to remove and bury nuke wastes in isolated areas or shoot it into space, anything to keep it away from populations.

    I don't think trucking it around undisclosed was the optimal preference because in secret they take less precautions for safe transport.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    How can they prove that bacon causes cancer, when they say that thyroid cancer in Japan can't be positively be linked to the Fukushima meltdowns, blow-ups, black radioactive fungus, etc?

    I mean the bar has been raised so high…

    They did not say bacon MAY BE possibly linked in some conspiracy minded individuals living in a cave in Antarctica.

    No they said bacon causes cancer.

    What methodology did they use to indict bacon? Can it be used with good results on tons and tons of toxic radioactive blown up nuclear plants?

    Ya feel me?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The earth is flat. Anyone got green slime and decent pump?

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Nuclear Waste Found In The Hudson River! (a fast rundown of Indian Point mishaps)

  • razzz razzz

    Excuse me but for your late night reading here is this…

    'Tripwire Alert – The RNC, GOPe, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Donald Trump'

    "…The person needed to RETAIN the viability of the GOPe, big ‘establishment’ as it is customarily known, is NOT in the current field. The GOPe have shifted approach from a nomination process, to an outright necessary appointment…"

    What the article is pointing out is that Trump needs to have all the delegates needed before the convention so on the first ballot vote he is nominated. If Trump does not win on the first ballot vote then they will try to replace him by appointing someone and all hell is going to break loose.

    Trump is truly an outsider breaking into the party. Even with Trump sounding like an East Cost mafia boss during his speeches, there is no stopping him so far.

    He certainly exposes all the hypocrites, esp. in the media.

    'Mexico Building Fence… on Its Southern Border'

    'Mitch McConnell Says Republicans Will Drop Donald Trump ‘Like A Hot Rock’ If He Wins GOP Nomination'

    Trying to make the entire world one sickly low paid genderless mass?

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Republican establishment "leaders" like McConnell are soooooooo out of touch with the electoral reality that they think they can control what WE the PEOPLE want! What that treasonous tool McConnell does not comprehend is that by his open hostility to Trump is only fueling the Trump rocketship to climb ever higher. If McConnell really wanted to hurt Trump he would endorse him. The GOP is committing a version of mass suicide. It's like a political version of Jim Jones offering his followers poisoned Kool-aid. If they go with the GOP leaders and drink the Kool-aid, they die politically. McConnell is a traitor. He snuck in a Martial Law bill during that massive snowstorm in DC. Not even his #2 Senate leader knew he did it. The Martial Law bill now is ready for a vote at any time. McConnell can move to a vote on this bill with zero notice and hand unlimited global war powers to the President. Unlimited use of US and UN armed forces inside the United States… I wonder why he tried to keep that secret??

  • EmersonUrry

    How The Department of Energy Incentivized Executives at Hanford To Sweep a Plutonium Leak Under The Rug (Pt. 4)

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