Argentum-110m detected in marine life: China researchers — All water samples contain strontium-90

Published: August 24th, 2011 at 3:51 pm ET


Excessive Radiation Found in Sea Organisms Near Japan’s Nuke Plant, Xinhua, August 24, 2011:

Biological samples taken from waters in the Western Pacific region east of Fukushima, Japan show excessive radiation levels, said a statement from China’s State Oceanic Administration on Wednesday.

The administration suggested that government agencies intensify radiation testing of marine products from the targeted waters to protect public health in China.

According to the statement, the levels of strontium-90, a radioactive isotope of strontium, found in squids are 29 times higher than the average background level of samples taken from China’s coastal waters. […]

The samples were also found to contain argentum-110m [radioactive silver] and cesium-134, which are normally difficult to detect in biological samples from China’s coastal waters, the statement said. […]

  • Cesium-137 detected in all water samples
  • Strontium-90 detected in all water samples
  • Cesium-134 detected in 94% of water samples
Published: August 24th, 2011 at 3:51 pm ET


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28 comments to Argentum-110m detected in marine life: China researchers — All water samples contain strontium-90

  • bmurr bmurr

    TEPCO EXECUTIVES need to jailed for what they have done to our planet. Only then will the rest of these folks take saftey seriously.

  • theypoisonus

    Strontium-90 we know what an evil monster that isotope is.

    so off I go to wikipedia and c/p Argentum-110
    wiki says:

    The page “Argentum-110m” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

    I will find another source after I finish watching Thom Hartman on RT.
    please someone beat me to it, I don’t understand
    1.legaleeze either ! πŸ™‚

  • This news came out 2 weeks ago, I posted a link to the article !?

    • Isotopes of silver

      Naturally occurring silver is composed of two stable isotopes, 107Ag and 109Ag, with 107Ag being the most abundant (51.839% natural abundance). Silver’s isotopes are almost equal in abundance, something which is rare in the periodic table. Silver’s atomic weight is 107.8682(2) g/mol.[6][7] Twenty-eight radioisotopes have been characterized, the most stable being 105Ag with a half-life of 41.29 days, 111Ag with a half-life of 7.45 days, and 112Ag with a half-life of 3.13 hours. This element has numerous meta states, the most stable being 108mAg (t1/2 = 418 years), 110mAg (t1/2 = 249.79 days) and 106mAg (t1/2 = 8.28 days). All of the remaining radioactive isotopes have half-lives that are less than an hour, and the majority of these have half-lives that are less than three minutes.
      … more

    • SnorkY2K

      Even in most undergraduate level coursework, the discussion of isotopes and metastates rarely comes up. For instance, hydrogen is usually said to have three isotopes. However, that has changed with research and over seven have been discovered. Fukushima’s event has forced many of us to review and update our knowledge of radionuclides and their safety.

  • Of greatest importance are 90Sr with a half-life of 28.78 years. (meaning hazardous for over 200 years) 90Sr is a by-product of nuclear fission found in nuclear fallout and presents a health problem since it substitutes for calcium in bone, preventing expulsion from the body.

    It was among the most important isotopes regarding health impacts after the Chernobyl disaster.

    Strontium-90 is a “bone seeker” that exhibits biochemical behavior similar to calcium, the next lighter Group 2 element.

    After entering the organism, most often by ingestion with contaminated food or water, about 70–80% of the dose gets excreted. Virtually all remaining strontium-90 is deposited in bones and bone marrow, with the remaining 1% remaining in blood and soft tissues. Its presence in bones can cause bone cancer, cancer of nearby tissues, and leukemia.

    from wiki:

    Strontium 90:

  • A new video of Artur Lurie was just released earlier today. In it he states: “In Japan they should have carried out immediate evacuations.”

    “And if this accident is 300-1000 times worse (than Chernobyl) we might lose a number of citizens equivalent to the total population of Europe.”



    • Sickputer

      Pretty interesting…he still makes assertions about ten US reactors he says are burning for which I would like names and places and the claim about Russia’s share of uranium is wrong.

  • Misitu

    Probably China is the only nation with the motivation, apparatus, know how and sheer clout – financial AND [sorry] military – to make anything happen now. Let’s see?

    • theypoisonus

      I would not count out Russia if I were you.

      just saying….. they are very cozy with some other nations too like Kim Jong Ill is there now visiting.
      Putin (who just busted the US for actions there that they worked to sort out without regiem change)

      AND, as you state, Russia and China aren’t enemies either, totally.

      • theypoisonus

        GAWD , now I”m posting to myself.. typing too fast.
        Putin busted US over LIBYA… that clarifies it more, right ? πŸ™‚

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      China has a small military, are you kidding? Their Navy has ONE air craft carrier. Their army is small and pretty much defensive.

  • Nukeholio

    More hapless news from Fukushima…

  • theypoisonus


    Yes, I agree. I must say though, that some of this was caused by measures that TEMPCO took on initially after the quake/tsunami and very poor maintance it appears for a good time beforehand. πŸ™

  • john lh john lh

    It is not news but olds.

    In this Chinese news ,they are talking about the time frame of those radioactive water reach China coast, say “it will take another 300 days, and may be already dissolved to below background level”.

    This is just another typical Chinese propaganda: Everywhere else are bad, but China is and will be good.

    hehe ,goood lucky everybody.

  • Bobby1

    I actually ate some of that Chinese squid a couple of months ago.

    Strontium-90, eh? Nice to know.

    • Let’s hope you’ll be fine !

      Squid is a huge business in Japan also !
      They have a ceremony before the ships go out so to have a good catch !

      Huge business in all Asian countries !
      China is already having shortages of seafoods for some years now !

      : |

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    Just a thought… While we are sitting at our computers exchanging ideas, billions of bacteria and viruses are mutating due exposure from radiation.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Meanwhile, TEPCO decides to do a radiation survey using old-fashioned metal tubs….oh yeah, and they have decided to monitor the air above the plant for radiation!! Really! See end of article: