Asahi: 220 milliSv/hr on TOP level of Unit No. 2 — ‘Puddles’ on floor of reactor ‘believed’ not to be from accident (PHOTO)

Published: March 4th, 2012 at 7:20 pm ET


Title: Robot detects high radiation level in No. 2 reactor
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: February 29, 2012

Quince 2, a robot searching the top floor of the crippled No. 2 reactor building of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, detected radiation levels as high as 220 millisieverts per hour, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. […]

The images appear to show puddles on the floor of the reactor, but TEPCO said it believed they were caused by condensation rather than by the accident. […]

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Published: March 4th, 2012 at 7:20 pm ET


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34 comments to Asahi: 220 milliSv/hr on TOP level of Unit No. 2 — ‘Puddles’ on floor of reactor ‘believed’ not to be from accident (PHOTO)

  • jec jec

    Puddles are not as important at this point in time (or the reason)–they are there. BUT THE 220 mSv/h…NOW that is critical information. And the steam coming out of Reactor 2–in the webcam videos..wonder HOW much radiation is spewing out..220 mSv/h? More? Less?

    Puddles..heck..rain..condensation..jello..or am I missing something the puddles stand for?? Is there some giant taking baths in the Reactor 2 hottub of fuel pool? Any water from the tsumani or March 2011..would certainly have evaporated by now..

  • captin_krunch

    If you look at the floor plan where the 220 mSv/h was detected, it is where they took that "double image" photo. Go back and look just above the "double image" at what looks like a long puddle of water. If you zoom in real close, it sure looks like a crack in the floor.

    • omniversling

      The crack in the floor/step that is visible at the left of the image is a 'clone' of the area directly in front of the robots tracks.You can just see the start of the crack near the 'beak' of the bird-shaped blue patch of what looks like peeled paint or torn material. The full length of the crack is shown in the cloned image above and to the left. This effect is achieved in Photoshop when a 'rubber stamp' tool is used. This tool is used to 'airbrush out' imperfections or areas that the user doesn't want, or copy (clip from the original pic) areas…for example to extend a railing or architectural detail, line of forest etc to 'complete' or repair an otherwise awkward composition.

      The tool selects from a scaleable 'ring' in the palette, which has adjustable 'sharpness' (or blur) and transparency. If the user 'over saturates' the area that they're modifying, the area BEYOND what they selected to be copied (or used to superimpose on the original) starts to emerge. Exactly as the blue patches and the crack appear on the left of the pic. You can even see where this new copied layer of the patches covers the original crack that it copied, and how it has totally obliterated the white line on the floor.

      My opinion as an experienced user of Photoshop is that this picture is photoshopped, and I can identify the tool that was used. The purpose is not obvious, because something has been covered up (ringing any more bells there TEPCO?). It could have been done to reduce the patch of lens-flare of the robots camera pack by copying a patch of shadow and the steps that the crack is in, and unwittingly 'imported' the copied blue patches. However, I suspect that there's something under that second patch of blue shapes that we're not supposed to witness..

      • Misitu

        atomfritz is a thoughtful poster on ex-skf and has been involved in disussion on physics forums and originally came straight out with the photoshop theory, however, and strangely, has revised this after comments by others re: this is a capture from a video. I think we would do well to look for the original video if possible.

        But in this case what you indicate is true, that one portion of the image has been overlaid on another.

        • Atomfritz Atomfritz

          Actually I didn't look carefully enough at first, didn't zoom deeply into the picture first to recognize the jagged patch of the double image.

          So I thought at first that it would be due to photoshopping.
          So, as the video itself seems to show nothing particularly interesting, I came to the conclustion that a double transmission/overlaying of that image tile due to radiation malfunction of the camera/image processing electronics could be probable.

          But, after some more careful watching and discussion about the tile stitching I am now quite sure that there was some manual retouching.
          However, why?

          There could be several reasons.
          -overdoing of Tepco press release editor
          -or an actual crack at the RPV bounds, as some suspect.

          This will have to be examinated more in detail…

          • Misitu

            Cheers, sorry to drag your name in here, I was going to look myself but got distruacted. All the news is coming thicker and faster from fuxu, difficult to keep on top.

            An acquaintance who deals with photoediting for his work said he'd have a look at this as well.

            I have not got a clue as to why anyone would WANT to spoil a photo like this, unless it's to conceal something, or else to distract. The latter is dubious imho. So we go down the road of concealment.

            What could be concealed here I wonder.

      • captin_krunch

        Not the little crack left of the image, but the long dark area ABOVE/RIGHT of the image. It starts ABOVE/RIGHT of the double image and runs along the cement lip. It stops at that big chip of paint farther to the farther above/right. It looks like a long pool of water, until you zoom in. You have to look at the photo and not the video.

        • Atomfritz Atomfritz

          captin_krunch, you mean that brownish-reddish looking puddle visible between the two protruding bolts at the fence?

          • captin_krunch

            Maybe, it looks to be between the 2 bolts in the fence but closer to the cement curb away from the fence(maybe a meter away). It starts just right of the left double image and continues up to the white piece of paint that fell(maybe a little farther). If you zoom in real close on the photo, the puddle(more of a stream) looks more like a big crack, maybe a an inch wide. I thought it was a puddle at first, but it is too rectangular. Looks more like broken cement.

  • The color yellow of the stained floor is more disturbing in that it may be the yellow nuke mistaken for pollen in the beginning at Chernobyl and parts of Japan last year !

    • Misitu

      If I recall correctly [=too lazy to go look right now] the common oxide of uranium is yellow.

      (of course, is the colour of the paint on the reactor cap).

      My 2p

  • CaptD CaptD

    I wonder if the yellow is a canard, maybe even yellow coloring "planted" to get everyone all excited, while TEPCO does a slight of hand some where else on site to conceal a rear problem like another major temperature spike!

    This is a "simple" chemistry problem, one that can be easily solved by taking a very small sample and getting it analyzed…

    If TEPCO waffles on doing that I believe it is because they want to misdirect the folks like US that are following every PR release!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Seems unlikely, at least if we believe that the area is so "hot" that only a robot can get access. Hard to plant a messy yellow blob, and even harder to take a sample unless the robot is custom designed for the task.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    OK Tepco, the puddles were caused by condensation, but, um, what caused the condensation and why is it yellow?

    • Misitu

      Sorry aig, just a snap response here, the fourh shot in the Asahi shows a nearly dried up stream of water from a (drying up?) puddle at top left. The yellow in the centre of this stream could be uranium oxide though I have no idea why the whole stream should not showthis colouration.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Yeah, as always we have too little information to work with, and the "partially yellow" bit is particularly puzzling. I've been looking at a grainy, pixellated enlargement which leads me to add:

        1. The puddle or stain of condensation with the yellow patch (or whatever) runs diagonally, but the overhead beams that we can see run orthogonally. What could possibly drip condensation in a diagonal pattern?

        2. From my very murky view, it looks as though the origin of the (almost) dry yellow stain is more likely to be something at the far left wall, where there appears to be a reflecting puddle of clear liquid on the floor. Perhaps someone knowledgeable could explain what pipes or vents are at that wall.

        I'm assuming that even Tepco would admit that condensation is not normal in the building, so their claim that puddles were caused by condensation and not by the accident is just verbal gamesmanship. Had the accident not occurred, the puddles would not have occurred. Had the plant never been built, the puddles would not have occurred.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Please take a look at the Asahi article from the "read the report here" link – there are several photos that will show captions if you hover a mouse over them. Two of them purport to show the spent fuel pool for R2. I'd be interested in any observations people might have about what can be seen.

    None of the photos has a date-taken stamp, as far as I can tell.

    I'm intrigued that they are now almost casually showing us photos of R2 after the recent temperature spike "broken thermocouple" scare.

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  • Fukushima Diary is reporting that there were rumors that reactor 2 exploded again but the rumors were denied as quickly as they erupted..

    Any missing time noted in the tepco webcams?

  • Weigh in, speak your mind on what you think of nuke power in this 30 second poll. Nuke Truth, we need more of it.

  • goathead goathead

    So the steam coming up from reactor 2 is the result of the corium eating its way, merrily into the earth and vaporising any ground water that it comes into contact with???

    • Misitu

      My take is that the water they are pouring in is getting heaterd by you know what, and don`t forget there was an explosion = there is a hole = in the suppression torus so the water can go anywhere, including back up as steam. No need it this case to invoke the burrowing corium, though it may or may not be happening, which is another argument.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    There is a lot going on in these images. Don't know if TEPCO is trying to give everyone the impression that things aren't as bad as the alternative anti-nuke sites would have people believe. The comments along with the posted images (refutes) that idea in that they clearly say that there is debris on the 1st floor of the CRIPPLED reactor building. Enough said right there as a crippled reactor causes many nightmarish problems.

    Also in the image with the puddle, it is evident that a great deal of chemical damage is happening within the reactor building. If one looks at the cross beams and the amount of damage that has already been done one can only come to the conclusion that #2 in still blazing somewhere in the belly of subbasement below.

    All structures not covered with protective coatings are undoubtedly being cannibalized by the corrosive smorgasbord of radioactive gases being released by the corium core.

    I'm sure that TEPCO went to great lengths to get the robot in there just after dumping a new round of water on the fuel rods so the images are clear of any steam rising from the pool itself. The leak they are referring to is no doubt liquid accumulating as a result of condensation of steam FROM the fuel pool as there is no doubt they are having a hec of a time getting any consistent flow of water over the damaged fuel rods. The steam being caused by the blazing inferno in the sub-containment is also responsible for the puddles.

    The whole story reeks of fluff for the public that 1) other than this pesky puddle on the 2nd floor of Unit 2 producing 200 mSv/Ph and 2) the debris on the 1st floor (wonder where that came from if there wasn't any type of explosion), everything in the #2 Reactor Building is fine and under control as it is in a state of COLD SHUTDOWN!

    Okay Homer, now it's time for another doughnut and six pack of Duff!

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      One more thing I'd like to add about the constant misleading images coming out from TEPCO distorted perception cams. They are always giving the novice viewer the impression the buildings are smaller than they actually are.

      Just so new people visiting the site know, you could fit an entire Walmart easily on one of the floors of any of these reactor buildings.

  • Atomfritz Atomfritz

    Let me ask some clarifying questions to help finding out what is going on in #2:

    1. Where are the "yellow spots" you talk about?
    2. Are you sure these are not paint marks on the floor?

    Regarding the "doubled picture":
    3. Can anybody see any more detail than a dark spot that looks similar to a bullet hole in the "doubled" section of the picture I am talking about?

    Regarding the puddles:
    4. Can anybody identify possible spots where water could leak from in the six videos?

    For example, the low res image at the top of this page suggests that water is leaking from some tube in the background. But it's difficult to see at the low resolution…

    Remember please that the conditions there are well suited for condensation, high humidity, low surface temperatures. So we need to identify possible leak spots that cannot be due to condensate dripping.

  • or-well

    What is that I see in the yellow stain on the floor? Oh…an image…a face…is it

    1 Japans' Emperor
    2 Prime Minister
    3 Jesus
    4 Satan
    5 Mickey Mouse

    Actually, it looks a little like Tepcos' Logo.

  • truthseek truthseek

    Mentions and concerns of a little puddle on the floor… amidst all of the rampant chaos of the entire FUKU complex, a scale that is nearly unimaginable to me. A life robbing – uninhabitable – unsafe worksite and the TEPCO ASSCLOWNS are dwelling in minutiae and distractions. Nearly like calling out the power plant as a dirty and unkept work zone. Stop looking at the floor, summon courage and lift your heads, look around a assimilate and dessimmanate the truth.

    This is nearly like visiting a trauma center with mortal wounds and them looking at the fingernails and uncombed hair, the the experts obsessing on the dying patients hygiene, overlooking or deflecting the dire nature of the actual situation. Screw the little crap… Let's (get them to) get to work actually addressing and managing this epic crisis…

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      "Let's (get them to) get to work" – how, exactly, shall we proceed?

      • truthseek truthseek

        Actions of any sort – not ongoing obfuscation…

        NOT generating fake press releases and photo ops…

        NOT simply turning their backs and on this.

        *respectfully, you missed my point.

        [its TOO LATE anyway]
        We are f!!cked…

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Hi truthseek. I may still be missing your point – I hope not.

          I believe that you feel that talking about puddles on the floor is analogous to fiddling while Rome burns. If so, I get it, but this is the "puddle on the floor" thread. I'm hoping that we may uncover some bigger truth by poking around in the puddle details, sort of like Feynman finding the O-ring problem with the Challenger Shuttle disaster.

          I now think that your phrase "Let's…" was not meant literally. At first glance, I thought you had some plan of action in mind.

          I tend to parse language very literally. Peace!

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      This caring for some condensate water and some paint remains is like overlooking the real problems.
      You also should not believe that it's only a puny 1/4th Sievert here, as the dosimeter is located quite high on the bot.
      Radiation near the vessel/pool fence was high enough to knock out the bot temporarily which is allegedly radiation-proof up to 2 Sievert.