Asahi: Even Prime Minister startled by size of protest — “It is such a huge sound”

Published: June 30th, 2012 at 5:49 am ET


Subscription Only: Even Noda startled by size of anti-nuclear protest outside his office
AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
June 30, 2012

Even Noda startled by size of anti-nuclear protest outside his office


Chants of “Saikado hantai!” (We oppose the restart of the reactors) filled the street from 6 p.m.

People from all walks of life–homemakers with children, middle aged businessmen and the elderly–came over to join the demonstration until the crowd was spilling out onto the street.


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda seemed to be taken aback by the noisy chanting as he left his office for the nearby official residence around 7 p.m.

At one point, he turned his head in the direction of the chanting, telling a police officer who was guarding him, “It is such a huge sound.”


36-year-old woman from Tokyo attending her first rally with her two young sons

  • “The government never cares about our lives”
  • “I have been a silent observer so far, but I cannot stand aside any longer”
Published: June 30th, 2012 at 5:49 am ET


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31 comments to Asahi: Even Prime Minister startled by size of protest — “It is such a huge sound”

  • mungo mungo

    in the uk. you would only know this if you read the daily telegraph, or listen to the bbc worldservice… mention on the bbc website of course….

    • arclight arclight

      hi mungo
      you are of course reffering to the viral bbc radio broadcast that the bbc managers banned and deleted …

      Exclusive: Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics

      the bbc has ALWAYS been in the pockets of nuke censorship.. as well as other forms of "illegal" thoughts… even the panorama documentry team wouldnt touch it!! no bad thoughts about the olympic… these "media" companies are doing the same thing all over the world (mostly) and being "advised" by big PR.. the same formula bullshit for every bit of news ..

      now people are waking up in japan, i hope it is catching, spreading all over the western world… noe that could be interesting

  • cossack55

    This sound will be dwarfed by the sound of the impending explosion at Fuku. But is is sooooo unexpected by the experts.

  • Urban27

    There is no mention i media in Sweden either – The so called "free world" – is silent..

    • kongrufus kongrufus

      Danish media doesn't mention it either – So i sent a complaint to our version of PBS/state media (DR) 🙂

  • nedlifromvermont

    The "free world" has been prostituted and sodomized by the corporate capitalist nuclear thugs who raped science for their greedy and perverted world view.

    Who is a terrorist now? Jeffie Immelt and Jamie Dimon, twin horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    Guess they'll be next on Dancing with the Stars ….



      love your rants nedli! None should be surprised by the silence from MSM. (Yesterday, I suggested that they'd be silent on this momentous event. Again, they haven't swerved from being the predictable scum that they are.)

      Keep in mind, we don't need MSM recognition or approval. In fact, going as far-back as the early seventies, most activists (from the freedom fighters to progressives) have ceased all cooperative contact with them. Most don't know this. It was long-ago established, MSM has no interest in informing the public and only serves monied interests.

      Any contact with MSM (observing or participation) only lends credibility to them. We never talk to them or give them any story leads. Like the stories they ignore, most activists consider MSM non-existent…

      • arclight arclight

        "..most activists consider MSM non-existent.."

        more like the msm is becoming irrelavant

        great rant aftershock and ned

        nothing on the greenpeace uk site about any news from japan!! ??

        nothing on the cnduk site either except this old PR piece???

        i am so ashamed now! 🙁

        trident ploughshares too???? noooooooo!!!!!

        mrs Muto ASKED you NOT to FORGET THE PEOPLE OF FUKUSHIMA!! GRRRR! and she asked with passion and conviction…

        and friends of the earth, nothing nuclear..

        no wonder people in the uk havent a clue!!

        and the biggest uk demonstration at hinkley, was bloody small because the web activists are NOT doing their jobs,,

        uk security and private security firms are running rampant across our democratic rights to know and they are obviously supported bu anti nuke (using the term loosely here) uk..

        check the links if you dont believe me..

        its staggering…


        thank god for enenews!!

        (non denominational god that is 😉 )

        • arclight arclight

          heres the rubbish foe site that is not looking at any radiological causes to the bee decline this year in inner city spaces (not caused by countryside spraying)

          so how can that study be fully relevant/rant


          • arclight arclight

            oh and the uk press hasnt informed people of cesium contamination of the tuna nor any plutonium contamination of other fish species..

            i wonder how the scottish sheep cesium levels are doing this year?? maybe a tad above 1024 bq/kg perhaps??


              morning arclight! thanks for the kind words and links. I must advise against preemptive judgement against AMO (alternative media outlets), as they're likely still in the process of gauging how this (these events) march fits within their specialized interests. There's also the issue of resources. Unlike MSM, AMO have extremely limited resources. I've been pulsing the ones I watch to see how they handle these events in Japan. So, lets not loose faith in the little guys; likely they're still having their morning coffee…

              • arclight arclight

                hi aftershock

                its not a question of just loosing faith.. i understand the constraints of charity "aims and objectives" but the time for these uk "alternative groups" to move on this has long since past..

                the worlds alternative media has let the side down BADLY.. and the WPP`s of this world are laughing all the way to the laughing banks.. imo

                the way forward is by individual actions supported by information posted on websites like enenews, exskf, max and stacy, zerohedge (sometimes) and the few others..

                we need critical thinking individual activists swamping the security/military datamining ops to even begin the battle against this behemoth! imo

                "groups" are OLD.. they always ultimately fail or make little difference.. their constraints do not allow them to see the bigger picture, or acknowledge it..

                an informed and critical populace of individuals can see the bigger picture or at least get glimpse of a properly managed future. its not really happening at the moment.. hence the shame… we let the children of kazahkstan, belarus and now we are in the process of letting the population of fukushima down..

                most depressing..
                but a reason to keep on blogging and supporting sites like enenews.. "no sites like this in the free and democratic uk" 🙁
                and i havent the hours in the day to administrate 🙁
                enenews admin really cares about the people of fukushima and has (no doubt) walked a long hard road.. as an individual.. see what i mean?
                peace AS

  • nedlifromvermont

    Good point Aftershock. They are really infested with nuke money.

    GE owns/controls NBC
    Westinghouse owns/controls CBS
    Disney owns ABC …(they ought to break with the others, since Japan Disneyland and California Disneyland are contaminated …)

    Nuclear money has bought the silence of PBS and NPR (the fools)

    Fox is mouthpiece of Rupert Murdoch, biggest scumbag of them all

    But we got enenews … secret weapon … gonna turn them predator drones on the true predators … BIG NUKE CORPORATE LYING DEATH-DEALING SHILLS



      @nedli: didn't want to go into the specifics of who owns who in the MSM. Suffice to say, they're all in someones back pocket, or they couldn't secure government licensing (FCC in our case) to spew their poison.

      I am glad that you've highlighted whose the whores are. Since 911 (yes…going back that far), I stopped using all of them (including Pacifica) as sources of news. When I saw how silent they – all – were when the US government refused broadcasting rights to AlJazerra within the US, I realized just how 'progressive' they really were. (And the funny thing is, AlJazerra is considered 'moderate' by many within the Arab world! BTW. No mention of these marches there, either.)

      Finally, your closing remarks on Murdock are spot-on! I despise him and never bother with any of his media outlets. But I must confess, I still watch COPS as there's nothing more exciting than witnessing how our 'benevolent' police state operates, in all its naked glory…

      Keep up the good fight nedli!

  • So, will "huge sound" translate into action?

  • or-well

    Huge sound reaches PM Nodas' ears
    but not the sound of Japans' childrens' tears.
    Deaf he is to nuke-induced suffering.
    What filters in his mind do the buffering,
    so that what he thinks he knows can't be assailed?
    Or is he a psychopath, immune to their wails?
    Is he really too stupid to continue learning,
    to realise Nature can be nuke plants overturning?
    Does it simply not matter that once nuke plants shatter
    dreams, hopes and lives are irrevocably scattered?
    Is he really so small inside that he drinks
    only from wellsprings of Ego and thinks
    he deserves respect, obedience and clout
    when he is little more than a blind, hollow lout,
    in corruption and denial of truth most complicit?
    Or to illusions of Power is he addicted?
    By too many under-the-table deals conflicted?
    The "Big Man" of a system neo-feudal, illicit
    that ignores Fact, Science, Physics, Biology, Reason –
    deserves a fate resrved for Human Treason.


      love your stuff or-well!

      • or-well

        Hi AFTERSHOCK! re: you @ 8:51 & AlJazeera, I believe there's some who feel AJ is co-opted by Emirate money backing them.
        (forgive my memory, one of the Sheikdoms anyway) and criticise AJ for their line and approach to certain regional stories.
        Well, my point?

        There's Truth – full, partial and missing all over the place
        and it takes time to get used to just one outlets' face
        (tho some very soon reveal themselves as disgrace)
        and there's such a palette of shades of grey
        when the shills for ad dollars yell "Sound bites away!"
        leaving truth hits and misses and collateral damage
        so it's best to many news sources scavenge.

        That's a big problem for the time pressed and marginally involved.
        Plug here for Enenews and linked sites for nuke news.
        I quess that's my "take-away" – we're must search widely and critically examine and compare and build our own knowledge base.

        As for the "little guys" of alternative media – we must protect the internet for with all its flaws without it we'd be at the mercy of corporately controlled Propaganda/Industrial Complex!
        I know you knew that. I'm spouting.
        And Thank You.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      The sound of silence……..

  • Ganxet Ganxet

    by any means of communication, the news has been spread in Spain. people only interested in the European Football Championships. ignorant people, and media purchased by electric companies and lobbies.

    I have 2 months trying to get a station "RACC1" which is heard by 750,000 people a day, the latest report of marine pollution studies.
    But there is no way they answer my emails or my phone calls.

    I think humans have just what we deserve … die slowly by nuclear contamination.

  • Replacant Replacant

    Not surprised that the protests are ignored by MSM I California we are finally hearing about massive protests in Mexico regarding the upcoming election and fears of the PRI taking over again and their cortiin of the election.

    I hope it continues in Japan, we need to start in the US to shut down all the nuke plants. What to do with the waste is another thing.

  • CB CB

    or-well says, Huge sound reaches PM Nodas' ears
    but not the sound of Japans' childrens' tears.


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Whether it be ten protesters, or ten million …radiation is spewing and spreading as we speak. Non stop.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Keep trying everyone in your own way …

    Once you know what you know, you can't keep silent …

    Shout it from the roof tops … make them answer

    Peace to all the 'newsers, on this poor contaminated planet …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    May the huge sound get louder and louder…may it ring in the ears of the the Prime Minister and his corrupt goverment…until it reverberates into the very center of their weak and pathetic souls.
    May they go mad from it.

  • Ron

    If anyone needs…

    We've all heard the comforting reassurances from the pronuke crowd about the safety of the industry. Here are some typically bold and overly confident quotes from them which soon after making them were proved emphatically wrong. And quotes from their victims after realizing that they'd been lied to.

    • arclight arclight

      thanks for the link ron
      heres a video from the 25/6/2012
      some really good interviews here

      Experts warn of another disaster awaiting at Fukushima

      part transcript

      "…TOMOHIKO SUZUKI, JOURNALIST (voiceover translation): When I went undercover as a worker at the Fukushima plant, I wore protection gear, but over my sleeve I wore this watch, which has a secret camera inside.

      MARK WILLACY: With his secret camera watch and other hidden devices, Suzuki recorded life inside the Fukushima plant. Working next to the reactor four building, he was shocked by what he was told about the fuel pool 30 metres above him.

      TOMOHIKO SUZUKI (voiceover translation): I spoke to a worker who helped reinforce the reactor four building. He said the spent fuel pool has vast amounts of heavy water in it and that the steel support frames were damaged, but he told me that the reinforcement of the pool was jerry-rigged, so if a typhoon or a tornado hits, it will be dangerous…"

      looks like the Australian Broadcasting Company is a REAL news media outlet..
      good to see

  • petate

    The data sets are indicating that prior to July 10th {ed note: error rate is 3 days plus or
    minus} the tone relative to the [ongoing Fukushima disaster] will change to one of [conflict] and [trouble] just as the [disaster] word shifts within the [public consciousness] over to [catastrophe], or [cataclysm].

    PD All the above material is copyrighted