TV: Chaos at Fukushima; Is it too late for world to help? — Asahi: Plant workers wearing radioactive underwear; ‘Health concerns’ blamed for recent failures

Published: October 14th, 2013 at 5:51 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, Oct. 14, 2013: A series of recent mishaps at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may be symptomatic of declining worker morale. A major reason for this disturbing trend is the health concerns held by workers […] “If we exceed our radiation exposure limits, we will simply be disposed of as workers,” said a man in his 30s […] there has also been an increase in workers whose skin or underwear has become contaminated with radiation. […] He has with him a tablet computer on which he keeps an image of a person who died after being exposed to a large dose of radiation […] “I work while thinking that is how I might end up,” the man said. […]

Channel 4 News (UK), Oct. 14, 2013: The world is responding to Japan’s call for help […] Channel 4 News asks: is it too late? Last week, the Japanese government finally admitted what many feel it should have done more than two and a half years ago: it cannot cope with one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters of all time alone. […] Channel 4 News can reveal that the Japanese government and [Tepco] have already quietly drafted in an international body of experts to try to contain the situation. […] Experts in Japan say it is about time the situation is taken seriously, after months of denials and obfuscation from the authorities. Professor Komei Hosokawa, who wrote the Fukushima section in the 2013 World Nuclear Report, told Channel 4 News: “The situation is not under control. Almost every day new things happen, and there is no sign that they will control the situation in the next few months or years.” […] But even those who believe the situation is under control – or at least, that it will be soon – admit that there is still a sense of “chaos” at the plant. […]

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Published: October 14th, 2013 at 5:51 pm ET


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40 comments to TV: Chaos at Fukushima; Is it too late for world to help? — Asahi: Plant workers wearing radioactive underwear; ‘Health concerns’ blamed for recent failures

  • dka

    President Abe called for help a few days ago.
    No MSM reported it, no country responded.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I suspect it may be a case of…

      1 – "We offered to help before, but you through it in our faces… So F**k you!!!"

      2 – They don't trust Japan to pay up when the bills comes due.

      3 – No-one wants to get lumbered with having to deal with Japan's version of "The never ending story".

      I think 3 is the most likely, though 2 may also be a good contender.

    • russia offered to help from the beginning if not the first day…
      let's get real…

    • markww markww

      I emailed the gentleman at his private residence from the USA have heard Noting back in a week.

      Japan is not doing much at all,all talk to action so far Markww

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    “If we exceed our radiation exposure limits, we will simply be disposed of as workers,” said a man in his 30s.

    Yes, they will all be disposed of, eventually in a big trench since land is too expensive for burial and there will be too many of them to burn.

    This is going to be a nightmare quickly. Japan is just getting started on what we all know is coming.

  • Mats

    The world is like a deer caught in the headlight.

    Especialy the japanese society.

    WTF they are doing there?

    If this was in germany, or in a lot of other countries I think, we have rallys marches demonstrations all the time all over the country until the whole society tooks all efforts needed.

    But in Japan they are doing nothing.

    Sorry, japanese peolple, but you have to change something.


  • Nigwil

    I guess a 'minor' problem with calling for international assistance, is that one of the first bits of advice they will receive will be to evacuate all humans Tokyo and all points between there and Fukushima.

    Arnie's very quick explorations of radiation levels around Tokyo, plus the results of many other local people with rad meters confirms that the Japanese have been in deep denial about the true extent of the effects of the ongoing disaster. They have sterilised the heart of their nation, and don't want to admit it.

    Abe should be brought to stand front and centre at the UN and accused of crimes against humanity, as by his inaction he has killed more of his own people (fast, and/or slowly), and put more citizens of the Earth in peril than all previous 'users' of Weapons of Mass Destruction combined.

    Afterall; Nuke Industry == WMD.

    • Nigwil

      …humans FROM Tokyo…

      • Sickputer

        +311 Nigwil

        The truth hurts. The decisions on human safety in Japan have been based on economics, not medical science.

        The allure of business and real estate is more important to the leaders in Tokyo than human lives. Most of the major countries of the world might experience the same kind of genocidal behavior, but because of 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is especially tragic for the Japanese public to experience this despicable coverup.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Abe has been the Prime Minister during just part of this ongoing disaster. The blame should be laid on the shoulders of Abe, as well as his predecessors.

      Naoto Kan was the P.M. when 3/11 occurred.

      "Naoto Kan took an increasingly anti-nuclear stance in the months following the Fukushima disaster.[36] In May, he ordered the aging Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant be closed over earthquake and tsunami fears, and he said he would freeze plans to build new reactors.[37]"

      • We Not They Finally

        But also check Yoichi Shimatsu about Abe's role in bringing MOX fuel to Japan illegally, through the Cheney cabal, and his relentless pro-nuclear stance through the years. (He was PM before.) There are a lot of bad players there, but Abe is still amongst the worst of the worst.

        Naoto Kan is remorseful. We watched him speak on Skype for Helen Caldicott's conference this past March, and he was anguished about the decision whether or not to evacuate Tokyo. He may well realize by now that his decision was WRONG, whatever it did to the economy. If there are no people left, it will hardly matter about the economy.

  • Usefulbreather

    Everyone one is concerned about a sinkhole forming because of the amount of water accumulating beneath the plant. Wouldn't a giant sinkhole be a possible solution at this point? Once created, the entire site could drop a few thousand feet and then be covered in a Borax and Concrete sarcophagus. Drastic problems call for drastic measures, but in this case it seems casual broom pushing seems to be the current strategy.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      OK, but what would keep the contamination from getting into the ocean and ground water?

      • We Not They Finally

        Exactly. The plant is built on an underground aquifer! With the coriums likely sunk into it. There were A LOT of things that might have been done early on that may no longer be possible. I don't see how they can just "cover over" coriums that are re-fissioning, or thousands of tons of water rushing towards the sea. And by now, many parts of the plant are too radioactive to even get near, much less remedy.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    W O R S E . B Y . T H E . D A Y

    Never was a way to counteract meltdowns.

    Sad situation we're in, thanks to nuclear.

    • larry-andrew-nils

      there was always a way

      they used lead in chernobyl and it was bad

      now we know that gold can be used, but people want their gold until they die even no matter what.

  • timex

    Few things really bug me about the armageddon accident of Fukushima, there are some who say that the going " critical" was not even possible in Fukushima, and i believe in general in most of the nuclear plants all over the world, but obviously that was just the case in reactor#3 ….so what the hell really happen ?? was there a nuclear bomb ??

    If i read and understand right the plant itself had systems that would run even without power since it would use steam as power, and of cource it have lots of steam becouse the corium runs all hot day and night.

    I read some disturbing storys there was a stuxnet virus that basicly shut down all critical vents, or give false readings to operator machines…

    So , looks like the world is getting destroyed becouse some dumb ass psychopath country planned a sabotage by wrting a stuxnet virus and get it somehow to Fukushima…

    I just want get the bottom of this before we all die ,why, what really happen..

    Secondly, if they succeed to remove all the fuel rods from reactor #4 , could the situation at least go better if , use 2 nuclear bombs to 2 seperate hole that they would first drill in to ground west from the plant, could the explosion melt the ground stopping the groundwater river , and just blow the whole plant in to the ocean so they could at least maybe( a big maybe ) go then find the coriums from sea and maybe even pick them up in some miracle way ?? . Well if we go like this where nothing is done the groundwater…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The earthquake broke the cooling pipes in the aging reactors. Without water, there is no steam. The tsunami took out the backup generators. The computers at the site were not sophisticated enough to accept the stuxnet virus and the Japanese have said that they were not infected with Stuxnet.

      Reactor #3 was an old reactor that was never built to accept MOX fuel which is part plutonium. Plutonium is very unstable and without water the plutonium detonated. Also they were trying to use seawater to cool the reactors, and sodium reactors have universally failed.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        No. that's not true. There was a sodium cooled reactor at Hanford for which I have not found evidence of an accident.

        Do you have proof of that statement? You keep saying every sodium reactor has failed. That may be a mistaken assumption.

        Please, let's be accurate and stick to facts.

        I'm anti-nuclear, but take issue when blatently false statements are parroted over and over.

        If I'm mistaken then please accept my apologies. If not, please stop saying EVERY sodium reactor ever built has failed.

        We all lose credibility if we keep repeating inaccurate, non-factual statements.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Please read here on the FFTF facility:

          That being said, I'll be happy if they are ALL SHUT DOWN.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          “• Ensure that the FFTF is permanently shut down
          While Secretary of Energy Abraham decided in December 2001 to permanently close the FFTF, the reactor so far remains on standby. Until it is shut down, the facility could divert attention from the cleanup mission, siphon funds away from cleanup, and if restarted, could undermine cleanup by adding new waste streams and missions for the site.

          “Proponents of restarting the reactor have tried to convince the public that the FFTF could produce useful medical isotopes. WPSR has gathered testimony from top experts in radioisotopes who conclude that all the radionuclides needed in this country for medical treatment, diagnosis and therapy are currently available. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine lists isotopes already being made by other facilities,5 showing that there is nothing that the FFTF can produce which other facilities cannot. The isolated location of the reactor on the west coast makes it inappropriate for the production and transportation of short-lived medical isotopes for the nation. The Institute of Medicine concludes that the FFTF should NOT be restarted for medical isotope production.6

          “In 1993 the Department of Energy itself acknowledged that there was no financially viable use for FFTF and it should be shut down. In 1997 active citizens stopped a proposed FFTF mission to produce tritium for nuclear weapons.

        • We Not They Finally

          HoTaters, you may need to look into the nuclear disaster at the Santa Susana Labs in southern Calfornia in 1959! (Also called Rocketdyne.) And which was WAY worse than Three Mile Island, just not publicized. I believe that that was a sodium reactor. There is no reason for ANY of these NPP's. They're just handmaidens of the defense industry. They're destructive of humans, every last one of them.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Russian Leader Implies Japan Earthquake was Triggered by Secret Weapon
      “Four months ago on Russian TV, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the controversial leader of Russia’s ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party and the State Duma’s deputy speaker, went on a rant threatening to use new, secret weapons that can “destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes.” [1] Zhirinovsky said that with these weapons there would be “no explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of laser, not lightining. It’s a calm and quiet weapon instead with which whole continents will be put to sleep forever.” [2]
      “A recent Financial Times article titled Cameron’s missed Moscow gambit focused on a specific area of the Zhirinovsky interview relative to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami:
      “’Russia, he said, had developed a new secret weapon that would soon unleash non-explosive but massive destruction on the world. What was it, asked the interviewer, with some interest? Mr Zhirinovsky replied that it was secret, but one only had to look at the Japanese tsunami for a clue – and then to think about Russia’s dispute with Japan about the possession of the Kurile Islands.”’[3]
      “Here’s a partial transcript:
      “Zhirinovsky: ‘Russia with lots of money, resources, and new weapons, that no one knows about… not yet. With them WE WILL DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of a laser, not a lightning.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        It’s a quiet weapon instead with which whole continents will be put to sleep forever. That’s all, for now.’
        Reporter: ‘There was that tsunami in Japan, right?’
        Zhirinovsky: ‘I say, if you want even the tiniest Kuril Island from us, you will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of their buildings. And, 120 million of you will all die! And, that goes for the rest of the world too. Everybody should start thinking about their future.’
        “Four islands, which Russia calls the Southern Kurils and Japan calls the Northern Territories, have been the subject of a dispute between the two nations since the end of World War II. The dispute arose due to ambiguities in Yalta agreement and subsequent disagreements about its meaning….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The GE employees at Fukushima Daiichi took off as fast they could go after the earthquake:
      Fukushima 2, Nuclear Whistleblowers, Health and Safety

      Eyewitness Accounts; Fukushima Pipes Burst, Reactors Damaged By Quake
      July 3rd, 2011
      "Jake Adelstein and David McNeill authored a ground breaking piece that debunks TEPCO’s claim that the damage at Fukushima was all due to the tsunami or that it could not have been expected. What is most shocking about the article is the first hand accounts of staff working at the plant when the quake hit."

      • richard richard

        Thanks for that link anne. I've had quite a few people argue that the tsunami was the key cause. Looking at the video.. it's still not immediately clear, but it certainly shows something is going on prior to the wave impact.

        It's steam at the least, maybe smoke. Could be a waft of cloud as well. So glad to see this link though. I'd lost access to video like that over time. Looking forward to taking it to those who've been pushing the tsunami line.

        • We Not They Finally

          In the larger picture, the tsunami and/or earthquake were really only secondary causes. The primary cause was building a huge nuclear power complex on an aquifer, on porous ground, next to the sea, barely above sea level, and on an earthquake fault. And then keeping FORTY YEARS WORTH of spent fuel on site?

          The recklessness, the insanity, the hubris are all maddening. You set up that kind of a tinderbox and sooner or later, there will be a match.

      • bo bo

        Thank you anne for all this

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Fukushima Explained – by Finnish Nuclear ex-Employee Arto Lauri (HAARP & more)

  • Socrates

    Nobody ever envisioned a fullscale meltdown adjacent to a major population center. They knew that there was a risk…. It was small but large consequence event.

    I discussed this in late 70s with nuclear types. 99.9% safe they said. What about the black swan event…. the perfect storm?

    They took many risks which were independent risk variables…. over time, these risks multiplied. They arrogated to predict Mother Nature's actions.

    Then the worst man-made industrial disaster, the worst environmental disaster ever, happened. All bets are off now. Now the only question is when the radiation gets here in the ocean and food chain.

    They waited too long to take what steps would have helped such as evacuation and blocking uphill water. The future imcludes random patches of radioactive intrusions into North America. The Northern Hemisphere will have cesium circulating…

    Barring a sudden collapse, the process will be slow. With a big event, the end will be sooner. There is hell to pay forever virtually.

    • We Not They Finally

      Why was anyone risking planetary annihilation AT ALL? To gain WHAT? It's been seventy-years-plus of lies by now, and still counting. This is what the human race has come to?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Your last two posts sum up just about my sum total thoughts. I am really embarrassed to be from this planet. However, I believe the answer to your question, " To gain WHAT? " is rather obvious.

        Radioactive underwear.

        Our token gift to the galaxy.

  • I'm picturing Homer Simpson here..