Asahi: Gangsters cashing in on Fukushima disaster — Involved in “disposal of waste”

Published: January 31st, 2013 at 8:45 am ET


Title: Gangster illegally hired workers for decontamination projects
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: January 31, 2013

Criminal organizations are cashing in on the disaster that shook Japan nearly two years ago by sinking their claws into all aspects of recovery operations to skim off handsome profits.

Police have just turned up an instance of a gang member brazenly providing laborers to help clean up contaminated areas in Fukushima Prefecture, and pocketing part of their wages. […]

“The recovery operations involve a lot of money, so they are a godsend for gangs that have trouble making money due to a police crackdown on gang activities,” a gang insider said.

The man said these groups have been involved in the demolition of buildings and the disposal of waste in devastated areas. […]

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Published: January 31st, 2013 at 8:45 am ET


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6 comments to Asahi: Gangsters cashing in on Fukushima disaster — Involved in “disposal of waste”


    when compared to those who brought-about this catastrophe, these 'gangs' are the equivalent of street-corner pot dealers. Curious how far the police will get in their investigation of the organized crime entity, commonly referred to as TEPCO? Oh…that's right…they're not being investigated! Oh well…where'd that joint go?

    • or-well

      Hi AFTERSHOCK, mind some thinking aloud?
      I'm not sure there is an equivalent to Japanese organised crime in N. Amer., and that's one part of the problem in acquiring a "fully digested" perspective on their society, for many outsiders, me included.
      I'd rate their significance higher than you do.
      It's organised, it's criminal, it seems integrated into economic life…(err, our Banksters?)…it seems tolerated/accepted at "street" or "kitchen" level to the degree that small-time pot-dealers are accepted by many in N. Amer.
      Heh, corporate headquarters, logos, fans and fanzines?!?
      Maybe that's a bad example. Nevertheless, there it is, and it's a headshaker WTF? kind of thing for a lot of non-Japanese.
      I don't think it can be looked at separate from the less-than-stellar regard given the Police there or what we'd think are oddities in the criminal justice system, where confessions (and obtaining them) are critical to convictions (as opposed to solid, evidentially-based prosecutions.)
      Then there's the acknowledged integration into the process of staffing nuclear plants, of all things…
      I expect they'll be right there in the mix, participating in Abes' infrastructure spending, the reconstruction pork-barrelling, just as they'll continue to be part of "decontamination" work.
      Sorry no links, just thoughts distilled from a lot of reading.
      Criminality, cronyism, complicity, corruption all seem administratively well embedded.


        sorry for the delay in returning or-well. Day's been super busy on my side of the fence.

        You'll be surprised, but I totally get what you're saying. Better yet…I agree with all your points. My only caveat is-in not allowing those who are truly responsible for these events, to find fall guys; even if they're from their own ranks.

        No need for references to back your points. They're all spot-on…

    • Jay

      I listened for two hours at Detective in-hiding Sebastian Pistone ( Serpico ) testimony after twenty years of infiltrating Mafia , and two things stuck to my mind :

      1) he warned us that those criminals do not feel remorse : they Actually believe that the crimes they do are natural , the survival of the fitest

      2) organized crime is adding up to twenty % to our cost-of-living /inflation !!

      P.S. : both Agression and Empathy genes have been discovered … so , what should we do with them ???


        good post Jay. I'm sure if you adjust for all hidden factors, organized crime is likely costing us each ninety cents to the dollar…

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Other criminal syndicates like this?

    Nuclear Corruption In Texas–even-the-mafia-was-more-circumspect-glenn-shankle-goes-from-regulator-to-lobbyist

    Mafia sank ships full of nuclear waste


    Oh, and I fail to see any difference between the two situations above. If one was to define 'organized crime', it fits a large number of current situations.