Asahi: Gov’t funded researchers “have sounded the alarm” — Calling for “immediate” monitoring — 175 Billion becquerels flow PER DAY in just one river in one city 60 km from meltdowns

Published: November 27th, 2011 at 10:27 pm ET


Cesium levels hit tens of billions of becquerels at river mouth, AJW by The Asahi Shimbun, November 25, 2011 (Emphasis Added):

  • Researchers have sounded the alarm over river water containing cesium levels at tens of billions of becquerels a day flowing into the sea near Fukushima Prefecture
  • They called for immediate and continued monitoring of the situation.
  • The daily radiation levels are equivalent to the total of amount of cesium in low-level contaminated water released into the sea in April by TEPCO

50 Billion Becquerels of Cesium Per Day… Outside Fukushima Prefecture

  • The Abukumagawa river runs […] near Koriyama and Fukushima [60 km west of meltdowns…] and flows into the Pacific Ocean at Iwanuma in Miyagi Prefecture.
  • The researchers estimated the level for cesium-137 at 29.1 billion becquerels a day and that for cesium-134 at 23.4 billion becquerels a day–both at the mouth of the river
  • Cesium levels are lower at the mouth of the river

Even Higher in Date

The estimated levels near Date [60 km NW of meltdowns], a city situated at the middle reaches of the river, were 92.5 billion becquerels a day for cesium-137 and 83.8 billion becquerels a day for cesium-134.

Happening Now & Later

  • Yosuke Yamashiki, associate professor of environmental engineering at
    Kyoto University… “The inflow will likely continue for some time. But
    the content can be reduced”
  • The researchers said cesium is continuing to contaminate the river water after it fell to the the ground in the watershed area and was carried into the river by rainfall
  • More cesium could contaminate the river during decontamination operations and tilling of rice paddies in preparation for transplanting young rice plants, they added

Other Study Information

  • The monitoring was commissioned by Japan’s science ministry
  • Cesium tends to accumulate in areas where there is a dam


Published: November 27th, 2011 at 10:27 pm ET


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39 comments to Asahi: Gov’t funded researchers “have sounded the alarm” — Calling for “immediate” monitoring — 175 Billion becquerels flow PER DAY in just one river in one city 60 km from meltdowns

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    From the Heart of this worthless human being to those People who are suffering in Japan and those around here that care.

    Stand by me for Japan.


  • arclight arclight

    the spread is predictable as this type of creeping contamination is already accounted for in previous water studies, dams, estuaries, lakes tributaries..cerain land formatins.. they know the soil types that will release or hold onto the isotopes.. the only have to follow the experience of other types of pollution…. shame they didnt interview a japanese pollution expert… that would have been interesting!!
    lots of contamination history etc on enenews… heres a sample

    • …The 2007 site assessment report was part of an extensive cleanup costing several hundred million dollars that is tentatively scheduled for completion in 2017. Part of it reads:

      “A hazardous substance is considered to be present at a concentration significantly above background levels when one of the following two criteria is met: (1) the hazardous substance is detected in the contaminated sample, when not detected in the background samples or (2) the hazardous substance is detected in the contaminated sample at a concentration equal to or greater than three times the maximum background level, when detected in the background samples.” (Emphasis added)…

  • Mauibrad Mauibrad

    Bad, very bad.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Looks like the initial releases of cesium are starting to wash out in rivers. This will really screw the ecosystems of the water supplies. No water = no human life. This is an important bookmark in the timeline of a out of control fission reaction. I am wondering if the recent releases of iodine detected also contributed spreading contamination with other isotopes that were not reported by TEPCO or any insider workers. This is really out of control if billions of bq are flowing down stream. If a human consumed 16 ounces of water containing levels like this how many miliseiverts worth of internal exposure would they have to endure? High enough concentrations consumed could make one drop dead I would think.

    • Mauibrad Mauibrad

      Yep. This thing is totally out of control. The incompetence of the Japanese Govt. and TEPCO are killing their countrymen, far beyond just Fukushima.

      • tony wilson

        the more you look at the inaction the pathetic lies,the shuffling and mumbling bungling total lack of any plan,that you start to think crazy things like.
        that is the plan inaction.
        they must of had a chit chat about the potential for a domino effects failure after failure as each site becomes to lethal to work in.without humans onsite without cooling more failures.
        5-10-20 reactors going down.
        the plan can only be the dr strangelove one with a cackling wheelchair bound david rokerfeller deep underground with his mafia henchmen from london,paris and washington.

        • Grampybone Grampybone

          The wealthy are just as likely to get raped by rads as anyone else. Fallout shelters don’t work because eventually they will run out of food and water. No society can live a sustained lifestyle underground. In fact the wealthy will likely be more exposed to radiation because of air travel and the undocumented amounts of contamination still falling out of our upper atmosphere. I relish in the thought of the wealthy people visiting Japan right now. The more the higher income class rides in their jets the faster we here on the ground can watch them absorb rads.

          • Misitu

            Exactly, for the spoilt rich who get all the silly jobs done for them by the unfortunately poor, there will be no life after enough of the world is poisoned by fallout. Nobody to fetch and carry, nobody to maintain infrastructure, nobody to deliver fuel to filling stations … etc. … and best of all, nothing to threaten and blackmail the “slaves” with either.

            We rely much more than we’re aware on the physical infrastructure that now exists, but once it cracks all that remains is hunting fishing and gardening. And for that, avoid areas of fallout. … ? …

        • Misitu

          It is now time that a good sized zone around the plants was cleared, and I mean cleared, so that the plants can be dismantled and the rubble stored nearby.

          This could have been thought about earlier but regrettably everyone is still frightened of being affected by the radiation. Tosh and Balderdash! We now know that lots of experts from their own mouths are not going to suffer radiation sickness due to their positive attitude. Those people need to set the rest of us an example.

          Whether the above was serious or otherwise, my punt is for a 4Km radius cleared zone around the plant with the outer 1Km acting as a “firebreak” of sorts, the middle 1Km for rubble storage, and the inner 1Km to help protect the “site staff”.

          Another poster on Fukushima Diary posited the clear zone to be 10 not 4 Km.

          Even a 4Km semicircle includes two towns and lots of other settlements. Well, are they viable now? I haven’t looked at a 19Km zone yet.

          From the way I see it, and who am I to say anyway, the only way out is to clear all the buildings, separate and identify the components by danger level, and then start to search for the coriums by excavation.

          Yes, I know, this is going to be a hot job.

          No, for clarity, I am not volunteering. But I can put my brain at the service of humanity. Is this a cop out?

          I think not, because there are others with much greater stakeholdings and culpability.

          Anyway, that’s what I think is about the only plan left.

          “Do Nothing Is Not An Option.”

          • Misitu

            Typo should say “I haven’t looked at a 10Km zone yet.” in 5th paragraph, apologies, distracted. Will try to have a look later today.

    • and the waters will turn as the blood of a dead man !

  • sworldpeas

    175 billion bq? can anything survive that? seems like it would kill everything in the river…

  • Sickputer

    I have avoided drinking tap water as much as possible for the 40 years of my adult life (and I am not OCD). This revelation about the massive radioactive poison in the surface drinking water of Japan should trigger another massive wave of the Tokyo Flight. The exodus has been happening quietly and steadily among the intelligentia. Survival of the smartest. Those who flee might live. Those who stay will surely die a wretched pain-wracked death on Honshu.

  • I am quite sure that the next report will be that the meters were not calibrated properly and that the radiation was actually just sand getting stuck in the meter, or that they found an old radium bottle on the bottom of the river. All readings will be called ‘normal’ and ‘safe’.

    Nothing to see here.. move on. It is just the fear of the radiation that kills people, radiation is quite healthy for you, according to Ann Colter of Faux News and other scientists she refers to.

    Better get some of that river water to her quick… she is looking forward to drinking more highly radioactive stuff like this, to ‘improve’ her health.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Billions of bequerels of Cesium.
    Plus billions of bequerels of which other radioactive substances?

    P.S.: nuclear waste train still on the way to the temporary dump in Gorleben…longest protest ever…more than 100 hours now

    • arclight arclight

      making life difficult for the nuke industry!! 🙂 NO NUKES!!

      🙂 peace

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi arc, just 5 mins. ago we received a wonderful news:
        So far, there are 102 Castor units in Gorleben. 11 new ones are about to arrive with this current transport.
        Greenpeace AND officials have measured the radiation around the Gorleben site weeks ago and found out that the radiation limit for this year has been already reached and therefore it’s illegal to store even more nuclear waste there.
        The Ministry refused to publish their own (wrong) calculation they used for allowing the transport.

        Right now at a press conference the region’s public attorney announced that based on his own calculation the radiation limit exceeds this year’s maximum. He follows Greenpeace’s argumentation.

        What now? The Castor units are currently put on a lorry for the last 20 km to the Gorleben site. They are literally at the door step! And now they can’t put it in? Return to sender? Huh?

        The policemen are at the end of their nerves, they even ask the protesters for cooperation, as they’ve been busy all night to carry thousands of people off the rails. 🙂

        • arclight arclight

          this sort of action does look like the way forward for the rest of us!! what are they gonna do with the stuff now?? i feel sorry for the police as they are caught in the middle of something that the politicians are paid to sort out, also worried that a longer exposure to the train for staff, police and protesters.. but this is good news! well done mr/mrs public attorney!! this is turning out to be a wierd week!! lol 🙂 seems as though the censorship is breaking as the editors realise they been hoodwinked by their corporate and governmental bodies!

          anyway good news! job well done to all those activists! 🙂 🙂

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            “At a confiscated tractor blocking the road, police forces have accidently operated the tilting device for the loaded manure instead of ignition.”
            LOLOLOLOL 🙂

            *B&B hopes they have shovels with them

          • Mack Mack

            Hi arc – I wonder if they’ll send the German nuclear waste to Oak Ridge, Tennessee:

            from article July 26, 2011

            The city of Oak Ridge, Tenn., is anticipating the arrival of nearly 1,000 tons of nuclear waste from Germany. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a plan in June for an American company to import and burn low-level nuclear waste from Germany.


            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              @Mack, they’d rather send it to Chernobyl – I just read an interview today with Prof. Pflugbeil, who’s been to Chernobyl and saw a huuuge area prepared for storing nuclear waste.
              He said that already back in the 90’s he’s been approached by several people from the government who were asking if he was able to make a first contact with the Russian authorities (Mr Pflugbeil is from eastern Germany and speaks russian).
              In the interview he said he has the impression those structures were there to accept nuclear waste for payment.

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              And, Mack, the waste currently on its way to Gorleben is high-level waste. The 11 wagons contain 44 times Fukushima.

              • HamburgGeiger

                Hi B&B,

                are you sure? How can that be? In Fukushima we have hundreds and thousands of tons. You can`t put that in 11 wagons. And I don`t think there is something so much more radiating that 11 wagons of it compare to 44 times Fukushima. Can you explain it, please?

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    that are the real
    no way to live sure in this part of JP
    no one can protect for
    and it will go heavy up soon ..
    give supporters and leaders spoons.
    they can place in front of her delicious soup spoon…
    and we can look at how dangerous it is
    a spoonful of corium. makes you happy and we are free
    some River fish for lomg live ,some river water for feeling free,
    and some …(Fu.k)
    Some lie for the folk that is not struggling

    why do not you defend finally folks from JP?
    I had always respectful to “preserve the face”
    But no longer. they preserve masks, but not the face!
    go so I accuse my government (German)
    NO EXPORT of JP anymore, we do not want their accumulation!
    I sent it to parties, automobiles clups and distributors
    and allother i now
    in the company where I work, now nothing will ever bought from there, all suppliers must prove that nothing is known from JP and I will raise the Quallität Controls Automotive

    radioktive materials, disseminate, here is criminal! a positive measurement, and everything is stopped( i will surch to found some,)
    I hope that many will make it so
    around the world, to stop the economy in JP.
    the only fear they have before

  • dosdos dosdos

    Masao Yoshida, plant director of Fukushima Daiichi, hospitalized.

    • arclight arclight

      “A Tokyo Electic Power Co (Tepco) official declined to give details of Yoshida’s illness but told a news conference there was no indication that it was caused by radiation exposure.”

      nice post dos… wonder if hes cracking under the pressure of workload/stress/guilt.. ?? be interesting to get more details…

      • dosdos dosdos

        Well, considering that so many doctors in Japan seem to be woefully ignorant of the health effects of radiation, and considering how much it is desired by TEPCO to keep such diagnoses under wraps, I wouldn’t give too much credit to the “no indication” statement. Then again, he has to have been tortured by the enormous stress he’s experienced this year. But if it wasn’t radiation, why are they being so hushed about it? Seems they would have been eager to dispel any rumors with a firm public diagnosis. So until some real data comes to surface on his illness, it will be difficult to speculate.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    175,000,000,000 / 86,400 = 2,025,462.96 becquerels per ?????.

    And what is ?????, a liter? a cubic meter? then entire river? It would be nice to know in what volume this count is occuring in.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I am not an expert, but really, I think not even God himself, let alone TEPCO, could have ‘fixed’ a nuclear contamination event of this magnitude. Yesterday a couple of people posted here explaining that ‘decontamination’ is actually pie-in-the-sky – even small scale, it is very time-consuming and expensive and on this scale it is just not possible.

    Inevitably the radiation will continue pouring out… I have not heard any realistic suggestions that there is an end in sight… and it will spread uncontrolled all over the globe carried by wind, rain, and ocean currents.

    The fact that people are getting sick and dying after short exposure- eating the food for instance – indicates that the contamination is very severe, heavy. People only die that quickly when they have been massively exposed.

    You just don’t have to be a Ph.D. to see that this is possibly the end, at least of the world as we know it.

    But go onto and and you see the elites still progressing ever more rapidly, installing a police state in the USA and in the midst of a serious and long in the planning thrust for WORLD MONOPOLY GOVERNMENT. Not sure how much will be left, or how many oligarchs will be left to govern the ‘Wasteland’ …