Asahi: Gov’t survey shows Fukushima fallout has spread throughout Japan — Now confirmed at Okinawa 1,700 km away

Published: November 26th, 2011 at 11:21 pm ET


Cesium from Fukushima plant fell all over Japan, AJW by The Asahi Shimbun, Nov. 26, 2011:

Radioactive substances from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have now been confirmed in all prefectures, including Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture, about 1,700 kilometers from the plant, according to the science ministry.

The ministry said it concluded the radioactive substances came from the stricken nuclear plant because, in all cases, they contained cesium-134, which has short half-life of two years. […]

But the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s survey results released on Nov. 25 showed that fallout from the Fukushima plant has spread across Japan. […]
The ministry also said Nov. 25 that it will conduct aerial measurements of cesium accumulations in soil in regions outside the 22 prefectures starting next year. That is because small amounts of cesium have been detected in dust deposits in Hokkaido and western Japan.

Survey details:

  • Included the cumulative densities of radioactive substances in dust that fell into receptacles from March – June.
  • No figures were available for Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, where the measurement equipment is said to have been not operating.
  • Only one measurement station was used for each of the other 45 prefectures.

More to come…

Published: November 26th, 2011 at 11:21 pm ET


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8 comments to Asahi: Gov’t survey shows Fukushima fallout has spread throughout Japan — Now confirmed at Okinawa 1,700 km away

  • Noah

    Fallout in Okinawa

    The fallout in Okinawa endangers the Chlorella products produced in the Okinawa aqua culture farms.

    The technology exists to keep airborne radiation from contaminating aqua culture pools, but the Japanese have been slow to use it in their farms allowing probable contamination of harvested algae from airborne radioactive dust.

  • jonjon

    I’m sure the radiation had already spread to Okinawa in April. In fact, if anyone remembers, during April 6th to 8th the wind blew from the North all the way to Okinawa along with heavy rains. I was myself in the Ryukyu islands and warning people not to stay under the rain or to drink water collected from the rain. People looked at me as if I was an idiot, while in Korea they were closing schools due to the fallout which was quite obvious from the forecast simulation. In Japan, people didn’t have a clue. Fukushima was a problem confined to Fukushima. Little did they know the fallout from Chernobyl had spread to western europe over 2000km away.

  • Dr. McCoy

    Can someone please report on what is going on with the tens of thousands of American troops and their dependents? Cable news will preempt regular programming for a missing blond girl, but for this nada. What a joke.

    The doctor thanks his lucky stars every day for enenews. Dear admin, thank you for the work you do. It is truly a most valuable service to all who choose not to be sheeple and run with the ignorance is bliss crowd. Keep it up. The world needs you.

    • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

      I have a cousin over there, and as of last week (Thanksgiving), there is nothing going on. I got a puzzled reply when I brought up Fukushima.

  • tony wilson

    quote henry kissinger.
    “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
    daddy bush,Brzezinski,clinton,cheney,rumsfeld,rothschild,oblimey odear obama,tony liar blair and daddy David Rockefeller.
    do you think they care what happens to the american troops in japan.

    japan the mafia state 17-25 different usa bases on one little plutonium rich island.
    they became part of the experiment in march..
    if you pull the usa out gee wizz even the bbc might have to give some reason why it is happening.

    a great little book to read is called war is a racket by the highly decorated us soldier smedley butler.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Its all a racket; all govt agencies worry about is appropriations and avoiding budget cuts; all indusry worries about is lobbying against regulatIon and for govt contracts…we’ve created monsters hell bent on self preservation at the expense of the healtH and safety of our children

      Even NASA and its band of astro geeks sent that Mars rover Science Lab powered by plutonium off target of the planet just in case cause they didn’t want to crash land and contaminate that planet too the way they did Earth…thank God they’re looking.out for those little Martian tykes!

    • jonjon

      That’s the quote of the day… have to tweet this one: “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
      HOwever I think it’s also very dumb of henry kissinger to separate himself from these dumb stupid animals, and to believe himself superior. In the end, they are the one leading humanity and the military herd towards the destruction of civilization.