Asahi: Grave situation as highly radioactive ‘mystery steam’ and water are released into ground, sea, and air from Fukushima plant — Tepco’s entire focus should be to prevent contamination from escaping — “Appallingly shoddy handling… Glaring ineptitude”

Published: July 31st, 2013 at 12:31 pm ET


Title: EDITORIAL: Incompetent TEPCO should never be allowed to handle nuclear energy
Source: The Asahi Shimbun
Date: July 31, 2013

[… Tepco’s] appallingly shoddy handling of radioactive water that is leaking from the crippled plant into the sea.

[…] At the No. 3 reactor, highly radioactive “mystery steam” has been spotted.

The fact that radioactive substances are still being released into the ground, the sea and the air is irrefutable proof that the nuclear disaster of March 2011 is not over. The responsible parties must take this situation gravely […]

The utility’s glaring ineptitude with crisis management was noted right from the start of the Fukushima disaster. […]

[…] we have zero faith in the utility’s reliability as an operator of any nuclear power plant. In fact, allowing the company to handle nuclear energy is simply out of the question.

The entire company now needs to be focused on preventing radioactive substances from escaping into the environment. […]

See also: [intlink id=”asahi-reminded-anew-huge-scale-contamination-released-fukushima-plant-impossible-recover-pre-disaster-environment-radiation-levels-dropping-areas” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 31st, 2013 at 12:31 pm ET


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29 comments to Asahi: Grave situation as highly radioactive ‘mystery steam’ and water are released into ground, sea, and air from Fukushima plant — Tepco’s entire focus should be to prevent contamination from escaping — “Appallingly shoddy handling… Glaring ineptitude”

  • domjox domjox

    Yehaw! Git 'em…

    • Teddi Teddi

      What is the "mystery" about the meltdown that is still occurring and that the Japanese Govt has done nothing about ?

      I hope it takes down their economy…

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    "Incompetent TEPCO should never be allowed to handle nuclear energy"

    We have been seeing these comments all along, yet nothing is being done about it. The Japanese government stepped in.. whooooo. Tepco is owned by the same people that are running the government and NRA. It's just like when they "kicked out" the Yakuza from providing workers, then awarded the contracts to companies who sub-contracted the Yakuza owned companies. It's all a shell game to them but there is no seed, and the lives of the world is the stakes. They think it's a win-win to them because they always come out with the money, but it's a loosing game for the world.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Big ogre NUKE was making a big pot of stew. The little ENE fish in a bucket saw steam a risin from this pot. Aint that steam? They says. NO, no it aint steam, thats FOG says NUKE. Few minutes later the fish say, hey its gotta be steam, radioactive steam you got boilin. Huh, well goofball I be, it IS steam, but dont worry, its SAFE, not radioactive. The little fish are gettin pretty suspicious about this steam, wishin they had a better view. So NUKE lifts the bucket of fish for a birds eye view. I be damned, it IS radioactive, and then he dumps the whole bucket right in, watchin as the little fish turn all colors and die. Then NUKE adds some whale tongue, baby thyroid, raven feathers and all, dash of salt and leans back to look at the night sky. Life is good

  • weeman

    Funny how we get more information and criticism after the general election,

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "The utility’s glaring ineptitude with crisis management was noted right from the start of the Fukushima disaster."
    ENEnewsers agreed on one thing, right from the start of all this on 3/11/2011, TEPCO bungled the cleanup.
    Yes, there was a large earthquake and tsunami.
    But both could have been forseen.
    The glaring design flaws of the GE Mark I have been known from the 1960's.
    Backup generators failed, their pumps drowned, load centers blown, and fuel tanks washed away.
    Emergency cooling takes power, as do temperature and pressure guages.
    Controls require power, and operators need information on which to make decisions.
    Without power, the whole house of cards falls down.
    TEPCO tried to preserve shareholder value by not spending money.
    Hundreds of tons of groundwater flows past corium, through corium lava tubes, and out to sea every day.
    No effort was made to stop the flow of corium, nor to contain it.
    Only now is a cofferdam being installed to block groundwater from flowing into the harbor.
    Two years too late to save the Pacific seafood fishery.
    Humans work in space, but all we have at Fukushima are tyvek suits and resperators.
    And excuses and apologies.
    And endless contamination of a small planet.

  • I think it's important for EVERYONE to look at this one thing… it's published for the consumption of JUST the energy-generation types.

    This chart CLEARLY shows the the Nuclear power plants USE far MORE power, than they actually GENERATE during the peek-load hot summer season!

    ALSO !? With a six-month push we can easily replace what the DO produce with GREEN systems! Not what they are ABLE at FULL-TILT to generate… But what they in truth ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE!

    The truth of it is.. NOW they are a serious DRAIN on our total power grid system!

    • NPP's are also a DRAIN on our…

      ecosystems, health care systems and several other systems for generations to come I'm sure.

      The cascading costs can no longer be calculated.

    • m a x l i

      @PattieB, what you say sounds interesting. But what this chart seems to "CLEARLY" show to you remains hidden for me. This could be because I'm ignorant. Could you please shed some light onto this matter?

      I think for the "Net generation" column numbers in your link to make sense, we need to replace the decimal point by a comma, so that "37.941" becomes "37,941". After that step, I can see how much the plants a producing. How do I find out how much they are USING? Your link doesn't tell me.

      For comparison, I found the according numbers for the year 2009 (yours are for 2010) here, by the way:
      (The table in the middle of the page, no point-comma confusion here…)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Mystery steam?
    Are they trying to say that none among them have any idea of the activity uncontrolled nuclear material.
    They had no idea that the reactors unable to contain..let alone cool the material?

    A 'woft' from the past..

    Fukushima Daiichi Strange Smokes and Light – 20 July 2011

    Ya….Let's talk mystery steam.

    • Anthony Anthony

      This whole chapter has been rife with codes and code talk. For me, this phrase and the actions of the govt and press suddenly against and scapegoating tepco… the writings on the wall that their shit has literally hit the fan. That they will not remain in collusion with tepco any longer because the cant maintain it anymore.

      Shes gonna blow. In multiple directions. Like PattieB says, the salt is being stripped out of the ocean, years ago I posted how the ozone was being killed off. Its a miracle a complete environmental collapse hasn't already happened. We will find the truth of it soon enough. Their posture adjustment is noteworthy and a sign.

    • Sickputer

      That date was a good example of Unit' 3 and Unit 4 burning up fuel rods. A lot of the fissile fuel splatter and spent fuel rod assemblies burned to the skies from March 2011 to February 2012.

      Here's another date five weeks earlier than your cited clip that was a scary day for web viewers. Well worth watching the whole 3-minute clip:

      June 11, 2011 at Fukushima Daichi. It was early in the Friday afternoon of June 10, 2011 in America. 14 hour time difference. It was the day I knew Tokyo was going to eventually be abandoned because of dangerous longterm radiation. Hasn't happened yet, but it still looks possible.

  • Charles Charles

    I'm surprised the Japanese government MADE TEPCO handle it for this long. Power reactors are ran by operators who barely understand the fundamentals of physics. The world, never mind the Japanese government should have saw that they were in over their head over 2 years ago. Stop blaming TEPCO.

  • jackassrig

    We have aerospace engineers, automotive engineers, nuclear engineers, enviromental engineers, oil patch engineers, etc. but we don't have run-away-nucs engineers. The temperatures are too high and the rads are too high. These damn things should have never been built.

  • or-well

    "Singin' in the rain…"…BOOT.
    Pile on Droogs!
    And then?
    Who pays, who pays,
    who gets the bones with some meat left on 'em,
    who gets Kashiwazaki Kariwa restarted,
    who cares for the new Hibakusha neglected,
    or those living where they should be evacuated,
    who pays for care when health problems detected,
    which cronies get contracts for remediation
    what new Alliance or Conglomeration
    gets what is juicy, who gets the scrap
    when they finally shut off Tepco's tap?

    Do they become a shell-corp for shmoes
    with a few non-nuke assets making them dough
    while tax-subsidies keep them on the go
    as they front the decades-long "clean-up" show
    with everyone happy to point their fingers
    blaming them for all the displaced who linger
    in inadequate housing, in contaminated conditions,
    ill-served by Medicine and complicit physicians
    or will those people even be mentioned?

    Tepco can't afford to meet their responsibilities,
    even if they do get K-K restarted.
    The displaced will get token compensation at best.
    Those who should be evacuated won't be.
    The contamination will spread thru debris & the food supply.
    The PR will relentlessly spin every angle.
    The cries for restarts will grow louder.
    The entire nuclear establishment in Japan has locked themselves in to no-win and they will fight like rabid dogs to be the survivors at the top of an ever-shrinking pile of what can be looted.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Truly hallelujah. We have waited a very long time for this kind of thinking.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I get the feeling that all of this finger pointing IS in fact being done just to set the stage for something very, very, bad being disclosed. They certainly appear to be setting TEPCO up to take a major fall. We'll see what happen in any event.

  • Cisco Cisco

    What's with the suits, all these educated legends in their own minds, thinking that the clowns that caused the disaster are competent to clean it up. The geniuses within the US government and agencies did the same thing with BP.

    Who in there right mind would choose the perpetrator to fix the crime they committed? The perpetrator's main objective is to get away, and never considers the victim's best interests. Conflict of interest never entered their minds, nor the MSM, because the government and its agencies are all part of the criminal coverup. They are conspiring partners; their common interests are aligned/the same. How absurd is this rationale?

    "Drill baby drill", and with nuclear power generation…"Stoke 'em up, don't interrupt the cash flow…it's a goldmine".

    And, the frogs in the pot (us), will just go to sleep and die.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    ..that's more like it…

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima clean-up turns toxic for Japan's Tepco

    Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:58pm EDT

    * Tokyo Electric Power confronts many unknowns at crippled plant

    * Japanese public also in the dark over clean-up, say critics

    * Utility says radiation makes it hard to reach all parts of facility

    * Says trying to explain clean-up problems to the public

    * Chair of third party panel blames incompetence, not deliberate policy

    By Antoni Slodkowski and Mari Saito

  • Cavebear Cavebear

    Oh yes well, the mystery steam!

    As fas as i know there needs to be some elevated temperature to create steam from water? If my memory doesn't deceive me, there was a term called 'boiling point' where this miracle should take place.
    Now what. Does that mean there's a place inside the ruins with elevated temperature near the boiling point of water? No, no nonono. Can't be, because the whole thing is under control and in a kind of 'cold shutdown'. My guess is, that the devil's grandmother was cooking a meal. Sitting on the molten fuel and laughing about TEPCO's ”Glaring ineptitude”………

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    For those who are as high up to the hierarchy that theay are obliged to positive thinking, I found a little hymn

    The magical mytery steam:

    The magical mystery steam is coming to take you away,
    Coming to take you away.
    The magical mystery steam is dying to take you away,
    Dying to take you away, take you today.

    Guess it's from the late 60th or early 70th.

    No offend.