Asahi: Highest cesium levels in a year detected in Fukushima — 1,780,000 Bq/kg on downtown rooftop

Published: July 5th, 2013 at 3:45 pm ET


Title: Scientists detect highest cesium levels in a year in Fukushima
Date: July 04, 2013

Radioactive cesium levels found in moss on a rooftop in downtown Fukushima exceeded 1.7 million becquerels, the highest levels detected in a year, researchers said.

[Ryoji Enomoto, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo’s Institute for Cosmic Ray] measured radioactivity levels there on June 8. […]

A nonprofit group based in the city confirmed the original results; their tests detected 1.78 million becquerels of cesium.

Radiation levels of about 0.5 microsievert per hour were also measured a meter above the moss. […]

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Published: July 5th, 2013 at 3:45 pm ET


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28 comments to Asahi: Highest cesium levels in a year detected in Fukushima — 1,780,000 Bq/kg on downtown rooftop

  • Trawling4Trolls

    "The researchers used a simplified gamma camera to detect the radiation."

    Since Japan likes to burn everything it is important now to find these hotspots and decontaminate as when they replace the roof in the future they'll probably burn everything removed. Probably won't be testing then.

  • .5 µSv/hr is 5 times background here in Vancouver. Since that translates to no immediate danger nothing much will be done. Extra people will get sick in the future but as long as TEPCO/taxpayers won't be held liable I don't see why politicians will really care.
    Enomoto, the Japanese proffesor says de-contamination work should continue to "reassure the people". No mention of peoples health or even if power washing radio active buildings actually works. And no mention in the article what health implications this discovery has. So appearance and spin are most important for this proffesor. This is how the nuclear tragedy is being managed. Will be no different in any other country.

    • Trawling4Trolls

      Assuming cesium alone, that's a 30 year half-life?

      People making decisions to not seek and find hotspots are not the sort I'd want around myself.

      Senseless gambles.

      • We Not They Finally

        But that's just part of it. It CAN'T be just "cesium alone." It's a whole devil's brew. The drip-drip-drip is exasperating and so very dishonest.

        • Trawling4Trolls

          And it all gets launched back into the air in 20 years with a new roof.

          A good whack-dose that could hit you like a big wtf.

    • We Not They Finally

      Mark, if anyone really wants to "reassure" those people, the only way to do it is to evacuate them OUT of there! So-called "decontamination" is a sham over there, as well as being poorly done. So your home is supposedly "decontaminated"? Then what happens when you step out into the street, or breathe in hot particles, or get something to eat?

      • Trawling4Trolls

        The very definition of their world gone wrong. Inability to trust anyone's previous actions around themselves because 'everyone' made the wrong decisions.

        That's what you get when 'everyone' is a stealth Operative engaged in revenge served cold.

        Seeking & finding hotspots is a no-brainer. Only people who are undergoing brainwashing in the present would not make it a priority.

        Operatives. In Japanese patriotism.

        Patriotism is a religion, an opiate, a false relation.

      • H H


        From Steven Starr's presentation @ the Symposium on the "Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" >>>

        * Cesium cannot be excreted faster than it's ingested.

        * From a daily ingestion of 10 Becquerels of Cesium-137 per day, in 500 days there will be 1,400 Becquerels in the body

        * Just from ingestion of Cesium-137 daily, it will bioaccumulate in the human body

        * Cesium- 137 = water soluble; quickly makes its way into soil and water; mimics potassium; quickly becomes ubiquitous; causes cancer, leukemia, genetic mutations, birth defects, malformations

        * Ingestion of Cesium-137 is particularly injurious to children – causes irreversible damage to tissues in heart and other organs – bioaccumulates in the endocrine system, heart, pancreas, kidneys, intestines

        * Cesium-137 also concentrates highly in the Thyroid gland and contributes to Thyroid Cancer (from research by Professor Bandazhevsky, M.D.)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Keeps getting worse. And worse.

  • Trawling4Trolls

    And so what did the Japanese govt. do in the midst of this omnipresent need to find these hotspots? It made acquiring a radiation meter difficult.

    Instead of making them freely available.

  • Trawling4Trolls

    We've seen how many reports on this site for outrageous detected levels in Minamisoma, and this mapping does not acknowledge it,

    instead implying Minami's levels are .5 microsieverts/hour or less. Tokyo area is implied the same on this mapping so can we assume Tokyo's levels are similar to Minamisoma's?

  • ftlt

    Here is the July report from the Japan Travel Advisory..

    This is a snapshot of the entire world and the way it is presented to us…

    We are doomed by our own ignorance and hubris..

    How many friends do you have that think, you are negative because you talk about things like Fukushima – They just don't want to know about it and the rest of what is happening around them…

    It will never affect their lives or there is nothing they can do about it… Is their mindset…

    They tell you, we vote… For what??? They have no idea…

    • ftlt

      If you scroll to the bottom, take a gander at the orgs and agencies quoted/referenced… It is the same old litany of industry controlled names we all know..

      Palm out, see no, speak no, hear no, poopoo peddlers…

      O yeah, the food is safe too..

  • Sol Man

    It is never-ending; for that is how many times that this extremely radioactive stuff can be thrown up into the air only to land and accumulate in order to be injected into the air (or water) again to start the cycle yet again. What is the weight of a smoke or dust particle that can deliver this nastiness into living organisms?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Radiation Contamination is now everywhere! Be careful with what you buy…if made in Japan.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Its apparent that the site is either being censored or is down. Information from Japan has been censored now since July 11 and it will get much worse in the future.

    If the entire Island is now contaminated then so are many of the products being produced.

    The degree of contamination will vary based on the products manufactured and the plant locations, just like the world's current radiation contamination background readings have seen varying swings based on the jet stream and rain fallout patterns.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Very nice article. I thought these were eye opening quotes:

        "The potential impacts on international trade would be far reaching."

        "In this regard, in January, Russian officials confiscated irradiated Japanese automobiles and autoparts in the port of Vladivostok for sale in the Russian Federation. Needless to say, incidents of this nature in a global competitive environment, could lead to the demise of the Japanese automobile industry which is already in crisis."

        "While most of the automotive industry is in central Japan, Nissan's engine factory in Iwaki city is 42 km from the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Is the Nissan work force affected? Is the engine plant contaminated?"

  • mungo mungo

    Tritium levels on steep rise at Fukushima Daiichi

    The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says the level of radioactive tritium found in nearby seawater is the highest it has been for 2 years.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company says it detected 2,300 becquerels of tritium per liter of seawater collected from a port near the nuclear plant on Wednesday.

    That's twice the amount detected about 2 weeks ago, and the highest since monitoring began in June 2011.

    But the figure is still about one-twenty-fifth of the government-set limit for water to be released into the sea.

    The tritium found in seawater stayed at around 100 becquerels per liter for one year through April. But it started to rise in May.

    On Friday, TEPCO workers tested water collected from a well near the port. They detected 900,000 becquerels of radioactive substances, including strontium, per liter.

    That's the highest level ever found in samples from observation wells.

    TEPCO officials say they have yet to confirm the cause of the spike in readings, but they cannot rule out the possibility that contaminated groundwater seeped into the sea.

    The company plans to build more observation wells and solidify the ground to prevent underground water from reaching the ocean.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Thanks anne!

    The original link appears to be working this morning.

  • As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Cesium Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems; via @AGreenRoad

  • Fukushima Black Dust or Black Fungus Tested – Over 5,000,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium Found; via @AGreenRoad

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I wonder if Redpill ever thought of checking out any of your Greenpill links?

    They are all great and nice work!

    Some people/children are clueless…….