Asahi: ‘Major problems’ with radiation testing for children

Published: May 25th, 2012 at 9:33 am ET


Subscription Only: Fukushima municipalities forced to go it alone on radiation testing
AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
May 24, 2012


Even if tests are conducted properly, there are still major problems with the reliability of some results. At a meeting of officials of municipal governments and hospitals responsible for WBC checkups and experts at the Fukushima Medical University on April 23, issues with the reliability of tests on young people were discussed.

Although children, who are believed to be more vulnerable to radiation than adults, are being prioritized, the equipment is not designed for them.

Ryugo Hayano, professor of atomic physics at the University of Tokyo who took part in the meeting, said: “WBCs were originally developed for adults. So it is difficult to measure (radiation levels of) small children accurately. We are now studying better methods.”


Earlier in the article, data is reported for tests conducted in Fukushima Prefecture during March 2012:

Cesium above detection limit

  • Adults: 9.9%
  • Children: 0.8%
Published: May 25th, 2012 at 9:33 am ET


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6 comments to Asahi: ‘Major problems’ with radiation testing for children

  • arclight arclight

    "…Although children, who are believed to be more vulnerable to radiation than adults, are being prioritized, the equipment is not designed for them…"

    Japan Chernobyl Foundation

    "…If there were in Japan, if the necessary drugs to hand, there was also a lot can save children's lives. We are medical professionals, physics, called for the cooperation of people who the general public, began studying the situation with the medical staff of Berarushi disaster area, have been donating medical supplies, medical equipment, support activities such as training of doctors beneath. In collaboration with actor, singer, photographer and painters, to convey a message from the affected areas in Japan, but also to expand such activities can have with people involved in the disaster area at the same time. There is no border of a nuclear power plant accident. Please listen to the voices of people who had been harmed. …."

  • goathead goathead

    I think it would be best to presume that everyone in Fukushima, if not the rest of Japan, has been affected adversely and therefore treated with some modicum of respect and integrity!! Of course this really amounts to total evacuation!! After all, what are they really expecting from the results and what are they prepared to do as a result even if the equipment was designed for children???

  • multiple studies of the effects of radiation on children and the unborn

  • Myme

    We adults have failed here again, not having child optimzed equipment, despite knowing greater risk of radiation to them.

    In medicine, including dental x-rays, we have permissible child dosage and guidelines established at least. Why haven't we done more to develop equipment can be used by kids or to measure children's exposure?

    Now we have so many nuclear power plants. Each resident, each household near the plant should be given a geiger counter and iodine supplement. That would reinforce the safety net, and the power companies should be happy to do so.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Yes, Myme, we adults have failed our children miserably when the it comes to nuclear power.

      I would say, however, it was the very act of APPROVING the venture into nuclear power as a whole, that was THE biggest failing. Why should ANY parent or child have to even WORRY about how much radiation they've been exposed to?

      This is truly a crime against all humanity and we need to recognize this, and do the right, responsible thing: SHUT THE NPPS DOWN and bring the criminals who have perpetuated these crimes to justice.

      Just my two cents. 🙂

  • Myme

    OT, here is one of the Chernobyl children who now lives in Japan and promotes anti-nuclear message through her beautiful siging.

    Nataliya Gudziy (Ukraine /Belarus) was 6 years old when the Chernobyl accident happened. The villagers were kept unaware of the nuclear accident for 3 days. Then the authority told them that they're being evacuated "just fo precaution". They're told "come with us right away, no need to pack or bring anything with you, it is going to be a just one night stay, you'll be back home next day.." Of course, they were never allowed to go home since then. The village where she was born and lived has since been wiped off from maps.

    She tells this her personal history in perfect Japanese in this video (this one is in Japanese only, but it has photo gallery of her lost village and friends)

    The song is from the Japanese animation movie "Spirited Away" by famed Hayao Miyazaki. The first youtube link I posted here has English lyrics.