Asahi: ‘Mind-boggling’ cesium levels far from Fukushima plant — Japan Times: “Health ministry in denial” — Interview: “They force us to forget everything”; Gov’t radiation levels “complete fiction”; “Mass media is biggest criminal… worse than Tepco”

Published: March 2nd, 2014 at 4:02 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, Feb. 25, 2014: CAPTION: Radioactive cesium of mind-boggling 370,000 becquerels per kilogram of soil has been detected in the mud of the Myotoishi reservoir in Motomiya, Fukushima Prefecture [55 km from Fukushima Daiichi]. The reservoir is ringed by homes and a community center. — Very high levels of accumulated radioactive cesium have been detected in the mud of hundreds of reservoirs used to irrigate farmland in Fukushima Prefecture […] 576 reservoirs [of 1,939 surveyed]. […] many of which are located in residential areas […] and still supplying water to rice paddies and other farmland. […] Environment Ministry says it has no plans to dredge the reservoirs to remove the contaminated mud. […] Kiyoshi Ishii, 71 […] was unable to hide his anger.

Japan Times, Mar. 1, 2014: […] despite the government and [Tepco’s] claims that things are under control, the disaster continues to threaten the lives and well-being of people […] much of the problem stems from the government’s poor handling of the after-effects of the disaster and Tepco’s continuing inept handling of the cleanup at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. […] the health ministry is in denial about the existence of problems […]

Interview with Setsuko Kuroda, from documentary ‘Women of Fukushima’, Yoshihiro Kaneda, Feb. 25, 2014: Fukushima seems to be suppressed by the skillful manipulation. They force us to forget everything like the accident never happened. […] they can influence a lot of people […] If the person has a good title or is famous, people want to hear him or her. They give you a solution that you will be safe if you care about radiation. It happens everywhere […] Q: Is a manipulator the national, prefectural, or city government? A: All. There are many ways to do it. For example, they use citizens’ groups and individuals. The public information in the Koriyama City is terrible because their evidences of the radiation levels in the city are complete fictions. They announce it proudly with using tax. Their way to do that is from experiences of Chernobyl and they repeat in Japan. […] The mass media is the biggest criminal. (She stared at me fixedly.) They don’t say truth. No media is good. The media is worse than TEPCO […] exception is Tokyo Shinbun. But we cannot buy a copy in Fukushima. Who can allow this children’s environment and the situation of workers for Fukushima Daiichi? […]

Full interview with Kuroda here

Published: March 2nd, 2014 at 4:02 pm ET


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200 comments to Asahi: ‘Mind-boggling’ cesium levels far from Fukushima plant — Japan Times: “Health ministry in denial” — Interview: “They force us to forget everything”; Gov’t radiation levels “complete fiction”; “Mass media is biggest criminal… worse than Tepco”

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    This is the story I have been waiting for….
    definitive verification that long distances away from the NPP are too radioactive to justify living there.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Just wonder when we will have a realistic "topo" map of radiation levels for all of Honshu.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      EU-funded Study: Over 20,000 square miles of Japan potentially contaminated from Fukushima releases — Home to 43 million

      The surface area that received a total deposition greater than 10 kBqm² encompasses parts of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and approximately covers 60,000 km2, being inhabited by 46 million people

      “Last year, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and 3 scientists from the GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences showed that radiation on the West Coast of North America could end up being 10 times higher than in Japan.”

      • rogerthat

        ….''radiation on the West Coast of North America could end up being 10 times higher than in Japan.''

        So let's see, Tepco last week admitted it had for three years ''significantly undercounted'' the amount of radiation released from Fukushima. By how much? One day they will tell us. On their past performance, it could be 10 times as much. Or anything, really. The measurements are done by Tepco or its subcontractors. As far as i know, there is no way of checking their figures – from memory, even the International Atomic Energy Agency is more than happy to Trust Tepco. Even though workers at the plant have at times put lead shields around their dosimeters. Even though the company has at times screened measuring equipment with metal and with lead batteries. Even though no-one knows the methodologies for measurements. How many are taken? What don't they measure? Are only the lowest measurements reported? Blah, blah, blah.
        So if radiation on the US west coast could end up being 10 times higher than in Japan, and Japan has been under-reporting for three years, can we still say that all this will hardly be measurable in the US, that it will be greatly ''diluted'', that there is no reason to worry, there will be no health effects?
        Interesting thing, that number 10. ''Safe'' levels of radiation in the US were set much higher after Fukushima and are now mostly about 10 times higher than in Japan.

        • We Not They Finally

          Yes, what you say is actually that criminally insane as well as true. The proofs, unfortunately, will turn up in illness. Especially with the EPA's criminal escalations of so-called "safe" levels.

          Ten times more people will DIE. It's not like the lies can be hidden.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            war, poverty, drought….oh those were the good old days. Now its deformity and retardation and starvation. How will California…what to say Japan, compare to Belarus? If mental disease increases 9x, most of the population will be retarded.

            The extent of the health problems of the Ukrainian population was made public by the Ukrainian embassy in April of 2005. … stating that of the 2,646,000 inhabitants of the contaminated region (23% of the state of Belarus received more than 1 Curie of 137Cs per km2), 85% are affected by radiation-induced diseases. ..including 500,000 children. Every year brings with it a worsening of their health situation. 94% of the liquidators are also sick, one third of them being invalids.

            people who have received doses of 0.25 Sv, the incidence of mental disease is 80.5%
            Burlakova found that the rate of mental disease rose by the factor of 9.6 in the affected areas.


            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              The IAEA and WHO lie. This is bad news because these are on the highest rung of the international ladder. How can the dire world situation be changed if the biggest institutions, their lawyers, and no doubt many a judge are corrupted? How can you battle that? "well we have a choice boys; we can put those pesky tree huggers and anarchists in chains, or shoot em like ducks with drones, or we can give ourselves up, and go to prison, whats it gonna be? …get that war started, that always works"

              • We Not They Finally

                Many people do not know it, but all the way back in 1959, WHO signed an agreement that they would say NOTHING about radiation dangers without the express approval of the IAEA.

                That's 54 years ago. And nothing has changed. It's gotten worse. There is NO global protection, or even national protection. Not sure what locals can do, but local may be the place to start.

                I just don't think it's helpful, CS, to muse on being put in chains or shot. People may feel better if they blow off steam by getting worked up or portraying themselves as potential martyrs. But that doesn't CHANGE anything. Have you noticed that no one is even NOTICING you, much less turning you into a martyr?

                This takes education and organization on the ground. It's just daunting to figure out how it might be done. Maybe people have to get alarmed enough when it starts affecting them PERSONALLY. I think that that sucks that so few care about the public welfare, but welcome to modern-day America (Well, far as I can see. Happy if others have better suggestions.)

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Im with you WNTF…but not totally. My Argentinian friends had friends who disappeared. At the airport, I seem to always get more attention. Even once through the check point, I was followed for a long time and then given another pat down. I have normal appearance and dress…whats up with that?

                  What I wish to point out, is not the personal danger but rather the sci fi like over-arching power of the international government/banking/nuclear elites that are controlling this situation. The info is in plain view, its not theory. When they like, money flows and nations fall, how are you going to battle it? With a signature? Skip over to the Pentagon, knock the door and tell them to do the right thing. The house of cards is enormous, and stretches across oceans. We all live in that house of cards. It will fall as it must, but not by changing elite minds. Rather calamity from their own undoing

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      And a lot of these high rad areas were the areas a lot of the population was evacuated to.

      Out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak.

      • zogerke zogerke

        Do they have bottled water? These are reservoirs. Imagine drinking water from these sources. Or is the price of a bottle of water jacked up like the taxi and plane ride prices out of japan were….?

        • We Not They Finally

          That sounds nice for people who are used to Starbucks. These reservoirs control their FOOD supply. They also have to bathe. And to cook. And to breathe. And have children playing on the ground. Some sips of bottled water won't save them.

          • zogerke zogerke

            And is there even any available filter that could remove the stuff at a community level. True about the costs. And the exposures across multiple vectors. Like love canal, or bhopol, just slower. Or maybe not.

      • We Not They Finally

        TIS, they are also forcing people to move BACK to highly contaminated areas or lose the living stipend they were given when they evacuated. (Fairewinds has a youtube of a Japanese woman who details that.) They are forcibly condemning their nation's whole genome to death. It's painful to watch, genocidal, and recklessly criminal.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Fairly large earthquake a little ways from Nago, Japan. It says 110km NW of Nago. They had it first at 6.7, now changed to 6.5.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    The nuclear industry and the governments/military industrialists that support them risked the lives and wellbeing of the public and ecosphere. The result is that 400 lethal doses per person is swirling through the fluids of the earth. Their way of handling this unthinkable tragedy is to lie and suppress information. Many of them could look straight into the eyes of Setsuko Kuroda and make these lies. Such is the strange world

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    South Central US Poisoned by New Mexico Nuke Garbage Dump

    "The special Bomb making isotopes catch fire easily and burn at unearthly high temperatures – nothing can contain a fire in the underground garbage dump. Since Uranium and Plutonium burn at higher temperatures than rock salt, there is a remote possibility the underground dump itself is on fire."

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ~~~ Build a Bigger Breakwater NOW !! ~~~

    Dunno why building a bigger breakwater and sealed impoundment pool wasn't started 2 years ago..

    Instead of fighting water problems, use radwater management as a tool to best advantage..

    The whole place has become a giant open air reactor, just work around that reality.

    goog: graphene radioactive

    Alaska has over 1billion tons of graphite/graphene..
    and 300million tons in just one deposit.

    Major engineering companies are quite capable of building a 2200-meter diameter dome over FshimaNPP..

    Massive air&water management is the theme for this industrial park.

    We really do have the technology to do the right thing here..
    I'm very disappointed in the anemic global response to Japan's request for international input..

    This is not totally uncharted territory, we have had 60 years of practice with giant nuke messes.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Wish major engineering companies could build a huge dome 2000 ft underground as well as above ground – just sandwich the whole mess in concrete. But there is so far kittle liklihood of this, unless a class action suit squeezes GE and tepco and areva for every penny they have.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        Yup, a 2000 ft deep underground "dome" makes me think of how easy/tricky/fun it would be to use the same HDD-drilling technology they use for fracking to drill a basket shaped bowl of criss-cross 6" diameter tubes underneath the coriums, then freeze it all just like the ice-walls, but it would be an ice-bowl.

        HDD-drilling can drill a complex path 20,000' underground and hit a series of targets AtoZ within 1-foot accuracy.

        –nothing is perfect, but trying to push for progress is better than Failing at Fission completely.

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          Ah, well, I think they have Failed at Fission completely….there is no way to do it without poisoning human and nonhuman genomes. But they still need to clean up or contain their outstanding messes AND do a complete global shutdown, now. Clean up your mess = Sandbox 101. What the nuke techs should have learned in kindergarten.

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            Yup, an immediate complete global shutdown of Fission is a great idea.. .. I'm all for it !!

            But then I'm stuck with a million tons of hi-level nukewaste that is sitting in fuel-pools & warehouses worldwide; new&used fuel-rods, bomb-junk, refined uranium yellow-cake, excess medical-radwaste, hot technical junk, etc etc etc etc

            WTF do we do with all of it ??

            I knew WIPP was gonna fail 20 years ago before they built it.

            I have owned property near Hanford for the past 50 years.

            I have worked inside & outside the nuke industry, and have debated all these issues with hard headed a$$holes for 50 years.

            …any kind of permanent storage plan really sucks FOREVER.

            >> So, reluctantly I have to keep an open mind to WASTE REDUCTION technology that might include some sort of modified fission process.

            No, I'm not a Thorium nut…
            but there is actually a possible bizplan for profitable nuke-cleanup.
            …far better than WIPP or Yucky; do MSR's only in deep & easy to scrub&peel hardrock tunnels in the most stable 3billion year old bedrock.

            Give me a choice between living with a woodstove & propane lantern, and living with LENR, and I'll go for LENR in the future.
            I rode my bike in Berkeley and talked to the LENR folks there, and I asked them all the hard questions, yeah if you know what your doing it's much cleaner & safer than a woodstove.

            • 16Penny 16Penny

              I love the idea of just slapping some containment domes around the mess and going back to the problem of "how do we communicate the hazard of this site to intelligent beings 100's of thousands of years from now?" except it won't be quite that easy.

              "The principal effect of radiation on metals and alloys is the creation of lattice vacancies and interstitial atoms in a crystal. When energetic particles impinge upon a solid, atoms are displaced from their lattice positions. This results in an overall dilation that decreases the density of the material. Irradiated metals exhibit increased mechanical strength accompanied by reduced ductility, commonly referred to as irradiation strengthening and embrittlement. The initial disturbance of the material is termed radiation damage. Further decay of materials occurs as temperatures, water, and the energy spectrum fluctuates. Metals corrode, and structurally weaken, concrete chips and cracks, and plastics become brittle. The damage levels increase when a fission process occurs, and as the length of exposure increases."


              Same problem they experienced in Russia. Radiation does not let us forget when we screw up.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I'm in favor of doing SOMETHING… instead of nothing!

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        me too PurpleRain.. every disaster creates an opportunity for those that survived that disaster.. I lost a few good friends in that tsunami, one was a sea-urchin expert. I still have a pair of kevlar gloves he gave to me. If I get hired to go fix Fukushima I'll wear those gloves.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Me too..shut all this Nuclear Activity down now and solve the growing problem that nobody knows how to handle properly! 🙂

        Stop killing the planet! 🙁

  • Questionit

    Arnie Gundersen lied for them again.

    Just last week Gundersen did an interview in which he said that Fuku released less cesium and iodine than Chernobyl. I wondered the purpose of the obvious lie. Now we know, he was helping them to set the story that the cesium released was not so bad before the real news started leaking out. He also mentioned iodine so we can expect to find out that the iodine released is much worst also and there are to be huge outbreaks of thyroid cancers.

    Remember, Gundersen told the people on the west coast at the time of the initial event not to be so concerned about radioactive iodine and Not to take iodine supplements to protect themselves.

    In last weeks interview he also stated that Fuku was comparable to Chernobyl including in health effects such as cancer. Obvious lies. Just look at the death of sea life on the west coast. The ocean is dying. Chernobyl did not do that.

    Gundersen also said the core's were in powdered form on the basement floor. That is a contrived cover story for when they admit the cores are missing. Instead of admitting the cores were shot into the atmosphere an nano particles and are also in the groundwater well below the buildings, Gundersen will help them lie about them being within the building only in unseen powder.

    • jcfougere jcfougere

      The problem with Gunderson is that because he is in the public lime light, he can't report or conclude anything without some evidence behind it. I believe he is on our side, he just doesn't speculate without facts and analysis. I agree the Ocean is fucked, but there hasn't been enough testing done for him to publicly proclaim Fukushima radiation as culprit.

      If he does he risks his credibility, which we need right now. His approach is downplayed yes, but without his videos a lot less people would have any clue at all about Fukushima. Some education is better than a lot of education not taken seriously. Agree?

    • Socrates


      As an expert witness, Arnie Gundersen has to be "conservative" in opinions.

      I doubt that he had a duty to tell people in the US to take potassium iodide tablets. I ate kelp. Alex Jones said triple melts and I saw #3 blow. I had trouble finding potassium iodide tablets anywhere. I would have used respiratory protection if I had a redo.

      I spoke to him and Maggie Gundersen. She was a paralegal and is anti-nuclear. Arnie does not understand that corporations cannot run anything safely; Maggie understands that corporations have no soul.

      Baseless reassurance is a bitch. No physicians recommended KI. In fact, they were told not to prescribe it.

      Gundersen probably did downplay it, in retrospect, in all probability. Trust no one but yourself…..I have often thought that he was letting us down slowly but he measured hot particles. You know that.

      Sorry, but KI is only partially effective, papillary thyroid cancer is highly treatable, KI is dangerous if misused.

      • Questionit

        In response to Socrates and jcougere:

        Did he have a duty to tell people that radioactive iodine plumes were NOT a problem and to tell them to NOT iodine? Which he did. There was plenty of iodine available to claim otherwise is diversion.

        So you are telling us to believe the authorities and physicians now, and to wait until they tell us to protect ourselves?

        Socrates is telling us to dismiss the benefits of iodine supplements when a radioactive iodine comes over because the later cancer can be treated?

        Arnie never has any problem concluding things when he minimizes the situation. He concluded and speculated the cores are still in the building in powder form with no more evidence than any other theory. Other than the fact it minimizes what actually happened. He also ignores the evidence of greater damage and the death of sea life. He has no problem concluding Fuku is no worse than Chernobyl, obvious lie. And the obvious effects to the west coast.

        The idea that Gundersen must be conservative and only use accepted facts is a cover. He is conservative in that he will only put forth what is already proven by real activist or what is put forth by TEPCO or that which will minimize for the benefit of TPTB.

        His actions are a great disservice to the public, his "education" that minimizes the issue are harmful and false. But it does serve the authorities well.

        Socrates, you talk of your firm filing lawsuits. Do you consult with the Gundersen's now…

        • Socrates

          No. I have no talked to him for two years.

          He should not have said not to take KI. That'a double negative saying that you are right. Baseless assurances should not be given to the public. Medicines should not be advised for or against. I am afraid he advised against…. I took the kelp, despite what Arnie said.

          • Socrates

            At first there was witholding of information by Japan, Tepco, and US. That should be actionable.

            Some people dislike lawyers so much that they would rather see all victims go uncompensated. This is stupid.

            People call me saying that they are not the type to sue. I then find out that they have called ten other lawyers. Also, if an 18-wheeler runs over your entire family, only an idiot would not sue. We all got run over…

        • mairs mairs

          I guess you missed these parts of his interview:

          Arnie said that they found a radioactive particle from Fukushima 300km from there, and it was emitting 200 CPS. He said that Alaskan salmon has a relatively low amount of Fukushima radiation in it at this point, but it is a precursor of things to come and radiation levels will get higher and higher as radioactivity concentrates in the fish, which he said is frightening because the spigot at Fukushima has not been turned off like it was at Chernobyl, and that the testing is being done by a fishing co-op, so the government isn't doing anything about it.

          He also talked about the projected costs for the cleanup being 5 times TEPCO's net worth, and he thinks they will eventually collapse and the Japanese government will take over. He said they need to get professionals in and pay the going rate and get someone who knows what they are doing.

          Arnie also said that the water in #3 is hotter hear the bottom and cooler near the top. He mentioned the temperature of the water, and that plus the enormous amount of radioactivity in the water leads him to believe there the core is in powdered form on the floor of the reactor…..

          • mairs mairs

            I don't really know what your aim is. You seem to urgently want to discredit Arnie Gundersen, and you've posted quite a bit about him, both today and in the past, but you don't discuss the alarming points that he DOES raise about hot particles being found hundreds of kilometers from Fukushima, the testing of the black substance, the radioactivity in Tokyo, the growing problem with contaminated fish in the Pacific, and all the myriad other things he discusses. In this interview he also mentioned AGAIN that the NRC and IAEA exist to promote nuclear power. The host of the show tried to say well… aren't they also supposed to make sure it's safe?

            I'm not sure who you think he's supposed to be protecting, as if that's his aim then he's doing a very poor job of it. He dings the Japanese government, TEPCO, whom he said in the interview that all they do is lie. He isn't protecting the US government, nor the NRC nor the IAEA. So tell us again who you think he really works for?

            • Questionit

              Arnie discredits himself. Simply pay attention to what he says. What I said is taken from what Arnie says.

              Last November he said the salmon were squeaky clean and there was not study showing contamination of tuna. It was well known tuna had tested with contamination. He only admits otherwise when the evidence is too strong to deny.

              He says the core is on the bottom of the basement when we know it's almost certainly out. Both in the atmosphere and in the groundwater. These statements of his serve them. He cannot admit it's all in the atmosphere because that means it's already here.

              He refuses to address the known signs of sea life death on the west coast or effects in the US. He minimizes the current existing damage here. To the extent he told us the radioactive iodine plume was not a problem and not to even take iodine to protect ourselves.

              Arnie protects the US powers that be by making it sound as contained to Japan as possible. He calls for the US to fund the huge "clean up" costs and to hire "international contractors" (nuc firms). He is working with them. He intends, as they do, for him to be our independent observer or consultant and to collect huge fees himself. Just like with the iodine plume he will lie to us at the expense of our health in order to serve them.

              Arnie frames the story for their benefit not ours.

              • Socrates

                Experts must be correct and consistent… I wonder if he is getting old so he is a bit forgetful, or maybe he is consulting with Bectel or another engineering firm for the de-commissioning. It is always fair game to explore inconsistencies or bias in a professional witness.

                I frequently use experts who have only testified a few times…. "almost a virgin," as they say in the business. As far as a consultant goes, that is off the record. Sometimes someone who does an equal amount for each side appears to be more balanced.

                You do not have to see him as being perfect, Questionit. It is OK with me.

                You'd think that all humanity would be on thd side of truth at this time.

                • Questionit

                  This is not a case of forgetfulness in a kind old man. He did direct harm to people on the west coast. He said the tuna was safe, he would not forget it had been found to be contaminated.

                  These are not inconsistencies. They show him as he is and he is not as he represents himself.

                  Incompetence in an expert witness, once exposed, discredits that person in all respects regarding the subject matter and the testimony of that individual is no longer viewed as credible.

                  I never expect an expert witness to be balanced, only to be accurate. And I never expect an expert witness to be biased and inaccurate to the benefit of the opposition.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    What bull, he is not on trial here.
                    There are many more at fault for lack of warning than AG.
                    Our own government said don't take the KI.
                    Our own government announced no harm from this.
                    POTUS got on TV for christ sakes!
                    You just have a hard on for him for your own reasons.

                    • Questionit

                      Arnie told people NOT to take KI.
                      Arnie lead people, just last November, to believe the tuna was safe.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      lol, I just saw what I posted on POTUS.

                      Here is where he told everyone not to take the KI long before AG said anything about it…

                      Home> Politics
                      Obama Downplays Radiological Impact on U.S., Warns Americans Abroad
                      March 17, 2011

                      "I want to be very clear: We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the U.S., whether it's the west coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or the U.S. territories in the Pacific," Obama said in the Rose Garden.

                      The president appeared to directly address reports that some Americans have begun stockpiling potassium iodide tablets, which are taken in emergencies to block the body's absorption of radioactive substances.

                      "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health experts do not recommend people in the U.S. take precautionary measures beyond staying informed," Obama said. "Going forward we will continue to keep the American people fully updated because I believe you must know what I know as president."


                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Did he really say this.. 🙁
                      "Going forward we will continue to keep the American people fully updated because I believe you must know what I know as president."

                      Man are we all now in big trouble.. 🙁

                      Land snot right around the corner…

                    • or-well

                      Obewan, just wait 'til he spills the beans
                      on scripted reality TV!

                    • 16Penny 16Penny

                      There must be something REALLY important posted below for an "actor" to push it so far down the page. I can't wait to get past all of this back and forth and get back on topic.

                  • Questionit, there are 2 possibilties here

                    1) You are a troll sent to divide the ENENEWS contributors, AND discredit an anti-nuke fommer insider.


                    2) You are severely misguided.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      3) psychopathic

                    • Questionit

                      Ok lt see.
                      Did Arnie tell people not to take the iodine?
                      Did Arnie tell people as late as last Novemeber the salmon was squeaky clean?

                      Did Arnie tell people as late as last November that there was no study to show any contamination of tuna?

                      Lets just start with that.

                      And do you agree that if he did that then he is discredited?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Jebus..psychopathic? cant we reserve that for the pro nukers? Im not on board with that. Someone said life is a play and we are the actors. This is a sci fi movie and we need the different character types to fill out the roles. You might like, oh say a Kevin Costner or the like, but imagine a movie where everyone has the identical Costner personality. Or Gilligans island filled with only professors, or Gilligans. I know youre thinking if only the island was filled with a bunch of Mary-anns and Gingers….

                    • or-well

                      Fail! Jebus and the rest have credibility here, you don't. Goof. I question your motives, I question your intelligence, I question your very reason for existence!
                      HOW DARE YOU?! Your so-called evidence is WORTHLESS! hahaha, nice try, bonehead! Who's your next target?
                      Put on some clothes and get out of your parents basement.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      It is the behavior being exhibited.

                      Sometimes people need to see the descriptor to realize the behavior…

                      I could have used insane, doing something over and over and expecting a different result.

                      Too much we are enablers in this society.

                      There is no need to coddle here. He's obviously a big boy.

                      We live in times of hard truth today…

                    • soern

                      stock, some days ago i looked around at your site and its title is NUKE PRO!
                      Also there are some measuring sites cited which measure almost nothing of concern(at geiger counter explanation "if anybody was interested in measurements at all"!).
                      Socref was obvious.
                      Nuke pro = Pro Nuke = Nuke Professional.
                      I'm with Questionit and Code Shutdown.
                      Also I'm not convinced permanent posters were more credible than occasionally posters. Sure Mr. AG will not divide ENENWS but it is always interesting how some clam on him.
                      Questionit surely is just arguing and does not trust Arnie as I don't.
                      Nothing to do with trolling.
                      There are some here which I'd call suspicious BECAUSE of everyday posting.
                      Who has that time?
                      I surely not!
                      Code Shutdown is honest as Questionit alwys was and some others.
                      End of comment for this week.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Soern, I didnt make a judgement!, it was a 5 am mistake. I was casually trying to remember some of the pro nukers (that all seem to have identical personalities) like socref and kitemanSA etc. Im not good with names, must have a hole in the cavern where my brain should be. I dont care for high suspicions. When Im judgemental, I usually regret it later

              • Jebus Jebus

                All things considered Arnold Gundersen is just a nuclear engineer and safety consultant. His views are based upon that. He is not god. He is one human. He has to make a living. He is a mathamatician. He is an engineer. He can not be an oceanographer. He can not be a nuclear physicist. He is not a physician. He is not a politician.
                We obviously depend on these experts too much in this society. We depend on safety signs to guide us. We don't think for ourselves anymore. When there is no expert telling us what fore and why, no sign to keep our fingers out of the spinning blades, we lock up and procede to blame. We are engineered as low level humans to be followers. The "experts" use this to their benefit. Take what he says, in context, and add it to the rest of your awakening knowledge. Break out of the imposed mold. Build your common sense from multiple sources, good and bad. How many here read the pro-nuke information? Very few I bet. Drilling down to one man's information, in a world full of humans and information, is cheating yourself out of knowledge. Know your enemy as well as you know your friends. Understanding all points beyond, will enlighten you to make your freedom of choice. Especially when the time comes to really make a decision. Don't depend on posted signs for your safety. Be informed by yourself and depend upon yourself…

                • Questionit

                  Arnie bases his views on what is for his benefit. He has harmed people.

                  Arnie make statements about the condition of the oceans, he stated the tuna was safe.

                  Arnie represents as an expert in these things.

                  Arnie told people not to take iodine when taking it would have helped protect families.

                  Arnie asks people to donate money to him, watch his videos and in effect to follow him.

                  People need to break out of the mold and avoid following a touted phoney like Arnie.

                  Not taking note of the disinformation and false statements of Arnie only cheats oneself of the opportunity to find the truth and to take proper actions to protect oneself. Ignoring that he spreads disinformation does not help gain knowledge elsewhere.

                  The enemy wearing the uniform of the enemy is easily identify and engage, the enemy wearing your uniform is the most dangerous and difficult to see.

                  The best way to defeat the enemy is to lead them. Thus Arnie, or Arnie is just making a living deceiving us.

                  Arnie said Fuku put out LESS cesium than Chernobyl. Arnie said FUKU is comparable to Chernobyl including in cancers to be caused. Arnie said to bury Fuku and walk away for 100 yrs..

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Maybe this will help your critical thinking skills.


                    Now how many humans saw AG's many informative videos compared to the statements that POTUS made?

                    Which carried more weight?

                    Which made more difference to the masses?

                    Who had more information?

                    Who told the biggest lies?

                    • Questionit

                      The telling people not to take iodine when it might have prevented some of the cancers on the west coast carries the most weight.
                      Arnie has told the greatest lies as he pretends to be on our side.

                  • mairs mairs

                    I think you're supposed to be trying to divide and conquer. That's my strong suspicion, because your arguments don't hold up.

                    In fact you just contradicted yourself. Earlier you said that Arnie wants international experts to take over Fukushima, and you implied that there was money in it for him. You said that as if it were a bad thing for real experts to take over.

                    Now you write that Arnie said to bury it for 100 years, as if THAT is a bad thing too. So please tell us, what is YOUR solution, since you don't want to bury it and walk away and you don't want the Japanese government to bring in experts to take over from the floundering TEPCO. I need an answer from you.

                    • Questionit

                      Arnie calls for $500 billion, most from the US, to be given to international contractors. Make that GE and other nuc contractors. He never calls for true independent oversight.

                      Arnie makes money on this, he always has.

                      And yes, Arnie said to bury it and walk away for 100 years. I do think this is beyond stupid.

                      I wonder why you and a couple others ignore the damage Arnie does and his deception.

                  • mairs mairs

                    Oh, and here's my answer to your other untruth, that Arnie doesn't think nuclear fuel was scattered by air. You must not have listened to his interview with Marco Kaltofen of June 12, 2013. Marco analyzed the mystery black dust that was found far and wide in Japan after the accident.

                    Kaltofen (explaining his analysis)"And this tells me that this particle contains not only fission waste products from the reactor but very likely contains a concentrated unburned nuclear fuel. And that’s unusual. This sample had by far the highest level of uranium daughters that we’ve seen in a dust or soil sample. We’re actually seeing material that might well have come from inside a failed fuel assembly."

                    Gundersen: "Okay. When I hear that, that’s clear evidence that the containment was breached."

                    The more you write, the less you are believable.

              • mairs mairs

                You seem so certain that there is no core material that is still in the building. You are just an anonymous poster on a website and I have no reason to believe you.

                Gundersen was discussing the 20c water rushing through the building and it's extreme radioactivity. He surmises that there the core is in the bottom of the building because that water is rushing past something that is very hot and very radioactive. Sounds reasonable to me. Doesn't mean that there isn't corium in the ground beneath the building as well. He You are presenting a false argument.

                I don't recall him saying back when this started that no one should worry about radioactive iodine and no one should take potassium iodide. He did say in this particular interview that some people are still taking it and it's not necessary at this point. Could you please give a reference for your claim?

                Arnie Gundersen: June 19, 2012. "It’s a pretty good bet that the bluefin tuna in the Pacific are all contaminated. I think contamination is going to increase over time before it goes down."

                Oct. 6, 2013: Arnie Gundersen says that Japan is Afraid to tell people that they have radiation sickness. Fukushima nuclear regulators fail.

                May 3, 2012: Pellets of nuclear fuel were scattered around Fukushima site

                April, 2011: Scattered spent fuel rods for miles.

                A quote from the interview with Arnie Gundersen that questionit has been referencing. "We don't have the nuclear technology that can ever be…

                • mairs mairs

                  "We don't have the nuclear technology that can ever be safe." – Arnie Gundersen.

                • Questionit

                  Arnie admitted in the interview that he told people not to take iodine. I have supplied the link twice, once in response to you so please go back to the archives.

                  November 2013 Arnie told people that he knew of no study that showed tuna was contaminated. While the data was not published as a "study" info that the tuna tested with contamination was reported and known. He deceived people to eat the tuna.

                  Arnie is covering up the location of the cores being in the atmosphere and in the groundwater by saying it's now powdered on the basement floor.

                  • or-well

                    Questionit, so…what're ya gonna do it about it Punk? Besides type? Start a petition?
                    Blah blah blah. BORING! YAWN! Troll. Take over for him, OK? Burp. Fart. Vomit. Thanks for your contribution.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      wow, just like Jim Carrey in The Mask…Ive got my popcorn and my jammies on (even as the pacific goes belly up)

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Questionit is concerned and he questions all assertions and the only problem is he is just 1% of this population, just like all of us out here. The US population does not even know what Fukushima stands for, never did, never cared, never skipped a beat between shopping, and that is obvious by now. 🙁

                      Arnie's message, for what it was, was the only message sent to the 1% who cared to actually pay attention and except for Questionit everyone else certainly bought KI and even iodine salt.

                      He must certainly think others have awakened and they are mostly still all sound asleep dreaming about more shopping, and gifts that are sent and they deserve from above..

                      Arnie has done the intelligent anti-nuke community proud! 🙂

                      Go Arnie! 🙂

              • PurpleRain PurpleRain

                Yes, I am very proud of Arnie … and it bothers me to hear someone trying to diss his reputation. I have to assume that this person, Questionit — might be a pro nuker out to get Arnie.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Pro-Nukers do not have a leg to stand on and Arnie can take care of himself. 🙂

                  Question-it can question all he wants too, but that will not change the facts that Nuclear Technology is bad for us all…pictures tell a thousand stories and the Nuclear Picture Stories are now people's Nightmares! 🙁

                  • Questionit

                    Pointing out the false statements and damage Arnie Gundersen has caused is not being pro nuk. Actually being blind and trying to get other to blindly follow a phoney like Arnie results in pro nuk effects.

                    If you are anti nuk you want the truth, not to be deceived by Arnie. While he has his hand out for donations and tries to get another consulting contract.

                    Arnie told people to ignore the radioactive iodine plume and NOT take iodine tablets to protect himself.

                    Arnie just last week told everyone FUKU put out Less cesium than Chernobyl.

                    Last week Arnie told the world FUKU is comparable to Chernobyl in effects such as cancers.

                    Arnie led people to eat the tuna when it had already tested hot.

                    Arnie said to just bury it and walk away for 100 years.

                    And on and on. Ignoring this and making the phoney out to be the leader plays into the oppositions hands.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Who else is taking the lead out here? Got some one that is as active as Arnie?

                    • We Not They Finally

                      You have someone BETTER than Gundersen in your back pocket? It would be helpful to understand that this guy is NOT dishonest — he is just cautious. It's his natural temperament and he has made a HUGE turnaround from where he started out. He has also reached out to and given air time to Japanese — doctors and civilians both.

                      He got into this in the first plce because he himself was lied to about TMI and passed those lies onto the public and he felt some conscience about that. He does sometimes vacillate, but he's also human, he's scientifically knowledgable, and maybe he is just sometimes freaked!! PLEASE give Gundersen a break! He's really tying. Every day of the week.

      • We Not They Finally

        Socrates, my husband had vey weak thyroid function anyway, and right after Fukushima, his TSH sailed up to 24! (Normal is 3-4.) But he started using the product Iodoral (available in compounding pharmacies) and his thyroid is so well normalized now that his own doctor took him off the pharmaceutical he had been taking for years.

        We actually wear by this product for the thyroid. Iodoral. I'd get it.

    • mairs mairs

      He was talking about the video of the water rushing through which building, is it 3? And the very high level of radioactivity in the water. I don't know about you, but I don't have a problem with thinking the explosion launched nuclear fuel miles from the plant, while there is still remaining pulverized fuel in the building that is causing the extremely high readings.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Karma's brilliance will soon inflame many uncaring bigger piggy's clutching forks and knives. The people profiting by the lies over this disaster will suffer the biggest cost.

  • James Tekton James Tekton


    No one is trying to war with you two. We all have the commonality of being irradiated by the babylonian banksters. The common ground is education and the freedom to speak our truth here, whether you agree with it or not. If you took the time to understand all that can be read and understood, sought to find the simple truth, then you may see the same light.




  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    No end in sight.

    All from one nuclear plant.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Well, actually, TBP, it's now more than one facility with four exploded plants. But you're right, Fukushima was enough, the rest is only accelerating the process.

  • Thanksforplaying

    hey Jimbo T, looks like u posted to the wrong thread, which one are re-skirmishing on? You go you white knight,you, I appreciate your work, but perhaps more often clarify your reference to Babylonians for newer or less aware posters, lest when they read Babylonians they just think you "Babble"….. even replacing with the more easily acknowledged "banksters" or MICs ( mil indust complexers )might be received more favourably. best to you

  • Thanksforplaying

    sorry, I meant which one are YOU skirmishing on..?

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness

    "“Just that little bit of vacuum outweighs all the mass and all the planets and all the stars,” he said. This comparison assumes the universe is fairly flat, which astronomers say it is. Tiller said the calculations are not 100 percent accurate, but they are accurate enough to give us an idea of the amount of energy in this second type of substance he talks about in the vacuum."

    Worth taking note of but could also be a great danger. This is Tiller not Teller. But the vowel change may not be sufficient.

    Obviously the Yogis and Buddhists knew about all this long ago but did not make technology out of it. I personally fear the technologies we are creating now as they seem to forget about humans. Dr. John Lilly long ago warned of the take over of the earth by solid state entities. It is happening, fellow citizens.

    • earthsmith earthsmith

      I wonder how those local people feel about the 200 million being sent to the Palestinians. Instead of cleaning the sludge that the central government says is not included in there decontamination program. Makes me wonder? Oh yeah smile and look happy.

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        sorry that wasn't meant to be a reply Capt.

      • Angela_R


        200,000? I thought it was more, however check out the following which I understand to be a correction to a higher figure cited by an article in Veteran's Today.'s-how-much-america-really-spends-on-israels-defence-2012-9

        Back in 1962 I stayed in a hotel in Sacramento, in the cafe, there were many small tables, on each table sat a toaster. Ah, the affluence.
        Twenty seven years later, in 1989, we collected a hire car and drove to Anaheim. A number of the cars on the highway had notable rust in some small area. I thought of the American citizen whose taxes were generously given away by ego driven men of power. Yet the US citizens suffered in silence, believing they were doing what God wished. Spilled out via the radio station as we drove, time and again we heard "You are in the greatest country on earth, you are in God's own country."

        Sorry, I saw that the gods often admired in America were Mammon and Pluto.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Actually, the Hindus wrote about nuclear war in the Mahabharata thousands of years ago:

      'A nuclear bomb in the ancient Hindu text, the Mahabharata?'

      "Oppenheimer thought it may have happened. He was very familiar with the ancient Hindu texts. When asked if his was the first ever detonation of of a nuclear bomb, he said. ‘Yes, in modern times’."

      There also are areas in the Libyan desert where the sand has been turned to glass, which upon examination could only could have come from the use of atomic weapons:

      'Desert Glass Formed by Ancient Atomic Bombs?'

      We live in interesting times, as the Chinese would say.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Hindu text even describes floating cities, aircraft, and ion wind machines. As well as the weapons of terrible brilliance.

      • soern

        yes I've read about it and there is not much to find about that ancient times really. But I'm sure our civilisation with its developments is just repetition and will take the same end as that ancient civilisations did. An endless game and it is boring every time again. Mankind in general never will develop to more than an animal with some skills other animals don't have. Therefore mankind everytime again will be arrogant against nature and think beeing like God.
        And so on and so on. Very nice.
        Hope not to be born again into new stone age, however it could be more interesting than our wellness century which we have actually.
        Very last comment for this week.

  • weeman

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that most of the plume landed in the ocean and it's coming our way and what did not fall in ocean circled the earth and continues to today as fallout to contaminated further landmasses to some degree and that is the question to what degree?

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      That sums it up pretty well.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Remember, water borne and air borne radiation continues to escape the facility, at tremendous levels…..

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Mosr airborn contamination released in first two months, most water borne contamination plume since then. Not mutually exclusive. One contributes to the other. Airborne lands in ocean, ocean hits west coast and seeps in, ocean evaporates, leaving most radionuclides to concentrate, except for tritium, which goes wherever water goes, and can be part of rain fallout anywhere now. Tritium is a beta emitting form of radioactive hydrogen thatcrosses the placenta and binds to DNA. Tritium binds with anything hydrogen binds to, so two tritium atoms and an oxygen atom make water. You cant get tritium out of water.

      • razzz razzz

        Convert tritiated water into steam and you will release the Tritium. I know, it is hard to understand.

        Maybe you are more worried about organically bound Tritium but don't know it.

        When the EPA says, "tritiated" water they really mean "radioactive" water.

        "…Tritium atoms can exchange with any hydrogen atoms. If the hydrogen atom is part of an organic molecule, the tritium becomes 'organically bound' and is transported with the molecule rather than moving freely like water…"

        • Daisy207

          Tritium is water – it behaves like water – you boil it – it enters the air like any other steam or sea spray. Incorporated into veggies or any other organism it behaves like water except it emits beta particles. Water is very stable – so is tritium. Organically bound ? That means you drank it right? It was absorbed into your system wherever you need water. It is picked up in the hydrologic cycle – can rain out wherever it wants. By the way it also becomes a transport medium for other radioactive elements – just like any water source. Check out NETC readings with the current storm underway.

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            Tritium can be efficiently separated from water. There are several different methods. Most of this technology is very tightly held under nat-security blanket, and you have to register and pay big$$ for the info.

            But, in a nutshell; the technology required to separate tritium and deuterium from water can be built in any small town machine-shop. Parts of this process are borrowed from hydrocarbon gas-processing in the plastics industry.

            Tritium can be separated in special electrolytic cells in liquid state, it can be separated as a steam gas dynamic fluid, and it can be separated as a MagnetoHydrodynamic plasma.

          • razzz razzz

            Tritium is not stable for the mere fact it is radioactive with a half life of about 12.3 years. Tritium has a different mass making it energetic compared to stable hydrogen so tritiated water will have different properties than stable water. Tritium will never decay into stable hydrogen, it decays into Helium-3.

            "…tritium,(T, or 3H), the isotope of hydrogen with atomic weight of approximately 3. Its nucleus, consisting of one proton and two neutrons, has triple the mass of the nucleus of ordinary hydrogen…

            …Although tritium reacts with other substances in a manner similar to ordinary hydrogen, the large difference in their masses sometimes causes marked differences in chemical properties of the compounds…"

            Just because some radioactive elements (isotopes) are mineral analogues and mimic stable elements, doesn't mean they are beneficial or even used biologically in a body. Even non-organic minerals are useless in the human body. Tritium can bind to form other compounds, not necessarily beneficial.

            Organic means a mineral has a carbon (fixation) attached. Happens during plant up taking a mineral out of the soil and it under goes photosynthesis resulting in a carbon atom being attached. Organic things rot to release the carbon atoms, inorganic minerals are already inert or not chemically reactive.

      • Sickputer

        Az sez…"Most [Fukushima Daiichi] airborne contamination released in first two months,"

        SP: I might agree except for several noticeable events…some were man-created.

        Airborne releases after the first two months encompasses these events:

        Massive China syndrome releases on June 10, 2011

        The decision to build an onsite incinerator at Daiichi in the summer of 2012. Unknown amounts of high level debris was burned in that incinerator. No details on how much tonnage was burned or how much ash escaped into the atmosphere. Or where they dumped the highly radioactive sludge.

        The decision to "share the problem" of tsunami debris by trucking Fukushima prefecture tainted wreckage to Tokyo and other cities for incineration. They have published some totals of the massive amounts burned. Those filters on the stacks didn't catch 100% of radioactive particles. Heated by the burning process these particles have flown upward into the jet stream daily for over 2 years. The 20 Tokyo incinerators produced toxic sludge that they dump into Tokyo Bay. Site of the 2020 Olympic water venue.

        The situation escalates the longer they wait to commit a massive containment effort. It's a war at Fukushima and so far the actions by the Japanese government has been appeasement. Godzilla swallows their nation while they cower in their Tokyo shelters.

        • Sickputer

          Totally forgot the massive burning events at Reactors 3 and 4 during the time span late December 2011 to early March 2012. Practically everyone in America experienced the Tokyo Trots during January-February 2012. Respiratory elderly and infant deaths were massive in North America. Sure would like to see uncensored medical statistics.

  • or-well

    Our Media so loves "human interest" stories and "putting a face on tragedy". Do you think any of the victims of Fukushima who are struggling against the nuclear cabal for rights and justice will ever be on TV? The protesters? The "Thyroid Children"?
    We will get more Miles Obrien whitewash, and maybe a "Japan Rebuilds From Tsunami Special" and won't those 2020 Olympics be great?

    • or-well

      What's that thing on tonight? Oh yeah…The Oscars.
      I hope "The Wind Rises" wins the animated category and not just because it's set in Japan, but because it is so beautiful.

    • GQR2

      That's part of why to me its so important to be in solidarity with the Japanese people. They are being suppressed,and victimized by the global Nuclear Cabal,the conspiracy of silence,normalization and monetary persuasion. Nuclear Radiation in any dose is not safe,never was,never will be. Letting the people go back there to live is the height and signal of the Madness of the people running this world.
      Its those people,that are us. We are them. Its not better here.
      They do the same things to all the people right here,right now, living down the block from any of these old rattle trap waste sites and reactors. All our water is contaminated to a degree. All our food sources tainted with something. Fukushima made a small world even smaller.
      Setsuko Kuroda is not faint hearted. We hear you Setsuko!

      This interview was heart rendering. Fukushima needs some sister cities or something…

      • Indeed, some Japanese think we (USA) are blaming them. Most of the blame falls on the nuclear cartel, the large multinationals mostly formedin the USA, and the US government pimps who facilitate and get sustenance from the nuke cartel.

        But also the Japanese deserve some blame, sheesh, the Ruskies did a hella job at Chernobyl, it cost a lot of lives, and a lot of health, but at what cost do we give up the health of the planet? Japanese citizens respect their powers that be too much, Japanese citizens have expressed their anger with occupy the Diet, but the power structure laughs them off. It is time to elevate the protest.

        • 21stCentury 21stCentury

          The Nuke Cartels International A$$ociation is a Mafia-Style secret organization that interpenetrates all nuke operations, including Israel, Iran, North Korea, USA, Russia, etc-everybody… and all the Nuke Corporations; GE, Hitachi, Westinghouse, Fluor, Babcock, URS, Bechtel, etc etc etc

          These shady players work in parallel to other notorious arms-dealers who get busted in the news periodically, like Viktor Bout, etc.

          There is a shadow-world of nuke-info proliferation that parallels actual proliferation of nuke components.

          NSA & GHCQ & CIA etc.. should be tracking this, but instead they are all sleeping in the same bed….
          …they are all laughing at the tortured dog they have trapped by it's tail..
          while collecting megadata on all the enewsers keystrokes.

          Japanese nuke industry is interwoven with Yakuza, who are at the party with USA intel-spooks like SAIC. TEPCO has had a long relationship with CONOCO, with SAIC&Yakuza serving the drinks.

          Birds of a feather flock together..
          gotta clean out this chickencoop if we are to succeed in cleaning up the nukemess, they go together like chicken&egg.

          • Yes, it is economic hitmen. Soon they will switch to being solar hitmen, that is the best we can hope for.

            Get your PV before they control every aspect, get grandfathered in.

            • 21stCentury 21stCentury

              Solar Hitmen.. yah, they have drones that target PV-panels.. PV-panels stick out like a sore thumb, they are easy to levy taxation on from airborne cameras.

              SolarElectric paint works a bit better, but is still easy to spot with filtered-cameras.

              The solar PV manufacturers are dominated by BigOil underwriters.

              There's many off-grid decentralized-power options to be found in peswiki..

              We can topple the monster of GodzillaEnergy and drown it on the beach.

            • flatsville

              The solar hitmen are already at work. ALEC already has an anti-solar agenda. I battle it on a regular basis.

      • rogerthat

        +1000. So go the Japanese, so go we all, alas and ere long.

  • Thanksforplaying

    Sparky, thanks for that. I stand corrected on this particlar episode!
    Must say to you James, STFU and patronising put -downs like "cutie pie" do you no favours. Bad manners and insults to those that disagree come from the same deep primal feral reactionary place that bred the whole greedy bankster-cum-uranium-snorter "Babylonians" in the first place. Primal instincts to survive, enrich, bash someone else's beliefs if they invalidate our own etc are all baked in our cake, as it were. The ( highly unlikely) solution to all our subsequent problems, which are ultimately and fatally ( in my view) manifest by FUKU, is for humanity on mass to somehow recognise, acknowledge, accept and then move away from being driven by our hidden baser instincts. So, ain't gonna happen.

    • Sparky Sparky

      Thanksforplaying, ThanksForYourThoughtfulComments. 🙂 I, too, would like to think that someday we humans would "…move away from being driven by our hidden baser instincts." I also agree that it "ain't gonna happen"–at least not anytime soon.

      Maybe when humans are so diminished in numbers we'll figure out that we're all part of the same "tribe" of living beings, dependent on all living things and planet Earth for survival. Unfortunately human and natural history overwhelmingly support a different, terminal outcome.

      But we do have choices. I believe that our actions can make a difference even now towards shifting the outcome towards life rather than extinction. So I’ll remain hopeful, but prepared, and try to help others do the same–some would say against all odds.

  • Mack Mack

    Andrew Ebisu has many great videos on Fukushima which deserve your attention.

  • Nigwil

    ..a reminder about radiation types…

    '… an isotope which emits alpha particles is not a serious health hazard unless it enters the body, at which point it becomes very serious. Isotopes which emit beta or gamma radiation can be a problem externally if it is close and if there is a lot of it, and this also becomes more serious if it enters the body.

    Taking some examples from the news, iodine-131 and cesium-137 emit beta particles and gamma radiation, strontium-90 emits beta particles only, while plutonium-238 emits alpha particles.'


    ' …absorbed dose alone does indicate how much damage is done to the body, since different types of radiation cause different amounts of damage. So the absorbed dose is multiplied by a weighting factor (1 for beta and gamma radiation, and 20 for alpha radiation)'

    Dear old Plutonium – everybody's friend. Not!

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Please dont take the nuke industry weighting factors for absorbed dose too seriously. They underestimate harm from some internalized emitters, both beta and alpha. Please read ECRR 2010 for explanation and references. ICRP dose-response models have now been proven to be underestimates by 500 to 1000 x.

    • jec jec

      And did the DOE multiple the dose by 20 for the AM241 exposure? Bet not..AND found a way to figure out PU dose. At POTR the emissions were identified. PU is 5:1 to AM. So for an AM241 dose, just multiply by a factor of 5 for the PU dose.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    This from Fuku diary
    'Because they cannot reply on heavy equipment, human workers must try to remove the water by hand. The overflowed water is assumed to contain 240,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of All β nuclides to include Strontium-90. Even though shielded, the workers are forced to be exposed to Bremsstrahlung from the contaminated water.'

    I wonder how much they will be telling the guys doing the digging.
    Can anyone help with numbers? How much would that be in terms off sieverts/hour

  • usagi usagi

    It is past time to get the children out of there. For the future of the Japanese people, evacuation of children from Fukushima to Yokohama (and beyond) is critical at this point, before more of their DNA is damaged. The children didn't ask for this. Show us your honor and at least do the right thing for their sakes.

    Sending this to my colleagues over there, along with links to the above stories. What more can I do at this point?

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Re kanji
    After 14 years I can speak some Japanese but reading takes me ages and I don't have much confidence in my ability. Writing is more brutal and beyond me. Kids spend around 4hrs a week for 12 years to achieve literacy.
    Much of what I do is pass info from this site to people around me in Japan.
    There is a serious lack of information here.

  • rogerthat

    This site gets better by the day. A fount of knowledge and wisdom, thanks to all you smart guys and dolls from an ordinary duffer who knows a little about a lot but a lot about very little.

  • atomicistheword

    Cesium 137 and 134 are atomic radiation, they do not dilute in water like dishwashing liquid. They last for many years in the environment, up to 300 years. Being radioactive less than a pinhead in size of cesium can give you cancer. Eating contaminated food makes your risk of your cells being attached with atomic radiation higher. Certain foods (not genetically modified foods) boost your cells immunity to being attached by atomics. Cesium is a man made atomic caused by atomic radiation power production containment vessel failure and atomic bombs like in world war two. Cesium can be in the air or in water.

    The containment vessels that failed were designed/based on General Electric Hitachi patents. Although General Electric Hitachi knew that defects in relation to the vessels ability to cope with pressurisation; no attempt was made to cease use of the reactors sold worldwide . General Electric built reactor one under the key handover scheme and handed the keys over to TEPCO when happy with the manufacture of their product.

    Cesium was not the only atomic radiation released from the failed reactors, far worse atomic radiations were released, we will speak on those atomics at another time.

    This message is copyright free, spread the word.

  • FXofTruth

    Everyone here is very clear and have done their research into this incredible event that is constantly getting worst by the day.

    But beyond the contamination dangers we ALL are facing, there is a "unified plan of information suppression" here which also is constantly and methodically unfolding. The World media is under total control on this subject. Worldwide media outlets are silent. What is released about this disaster is misinformation or deliberate incorrect science.

    To what end is this misdirection of important information going to ensure for the people who are working within this collusion? Are they not human beings that breath the same air; drink the same water; eat the same food and live the same life among us? Is the the entire World under a nuclear attack and the perpetrators of this attack are being aided by the information handlers that are managing ALL worldwide information i.e. propaganda releases?

    We are not asking the right questions when it comes to why is TEPCO being used as the "whipping boy" and the point of focused incompetence to misdirect our frustration, rather than at a greater group of overseers that are manipulating this event to insure that it will run for as long is as needed to envelope the surface entirely.

    Why the information clamp-down?

    • zogerke zogerke

      fx of truth, i guess an answer this way: the clamp down is because the following is feared by powerpeople/institutions/governmental departments/global corps/militaries:
      economic collapse of fishing industry, real estate, food production population displacement
      human mass unrest
      challenge to 'military industrial complex'
      challenge to politics and power in charge
      Not just loss of profit- no. Loss of power and control. And so, clamp down.

      what else could it be?

    • magikald magikald

      Excellent post. I have felt the same way for awhile, and it angers and saddens me. I do not see how these in control think they are going to escape this onslaught of radiation from every direction it seems. Not only do we have Fuku leaking but now WIPP and Hanford may have a catastrophe.

      They want to have their last hurrah while they can and just keep the machine going. If they were completely honest, everyone would quit paying into the system as other things in life would become way more important than a car or house payment.

      It sickens me that humanity is not given a chance due to the sick individuals "in charge" of society.

  • atomicistheword

    The following is the description of the clip, if you forget to read it….

    "Mar 2, 2014 9 or 10 microSv/h, near Fukushima city garbage incineration plant. Cesium boiling point. Aprox.700 degrees Celsius, 1300 degree Fahrenheit. Garbage incineration easily make Cesium gasification. Gasification; Cesium cannot be caught by bag filters of the incineration facilities. Chimney discharges radioactive Cesium. In wet days, cesium is cooled by rain and fallen immediately beneath. Serious polutions are brought to the surround of the incineration facilities. ————————————————–On 1 Mar 2014, (3 yeras from the Fukushima nuclear disaster), I measured radiation around "Abukuma clean center" of Watari area, Fukushima city, Fukushima pref. Japan I monitored 0.29 to 0.3 micro Sievert per ain air at chest hight, 9 or 10 or 16 on the ground level, on road side mud. The monitorinig place is 55 km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear. "

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    “We can’t solve this problem by simply increasing the number of tanks,” he told me. “We need to solve the fundamental issue of underground water coming in.”

    "Masayuki Ono, no relation to the superintendent is general manager of TEPCO’s nuclear power division."

    An arm is a big price to pay for a visit to Fukushima. If radiation contributed to the injury. Clearly, is a bigger criminal than the MSM. Thank you, pbs and Miles O'Brien for the tour. First pictures I've seem of the ALPS.

    Where is the corium, eh, TEPCO? In the ground?

  • mairs mairs

    jd997, are you Questionit too?

    Stock: "Agreed, Questionit is very questionable at this time."

    js997: "Stock Nope not a troll , not a shill , i am the only one who tells the truth as it is."

    Ethically you should only have one username here. I know socks are a part of internet forums that will never go away, but really…each person should have one voice.

  • Nick

    'It's raining Strontium-90 and Cesium-137'

    It's a bizarre concept, but in the 'world of radiation' radioactive gases can, in minutes (or years), suddenly convert into a different element of a different form, solid or liquid! So, for example, if an underground nuclear test vents before many common radioxenon and radiokrypton gases fully decay – anywhere from a few minutes to three quarters of an hour after the blast – then these gaseous 'parents' give 'birth' (via decay) to radioactive solids. These solid-form carcinogenic organ-seekers include, among others, strontium-89 and -90, and Cesium-137. "

    Cesium 134/137 contamination is due to Xenon daughtering down.

    This means that Fukushlma has been spewing 24/7 for 3 years

  • This just in:

    MARCH 03, 2014

    Nuclear Denial
    The Giant Lie About Fukushima

    "Of the consequences of the Fukushima disaster, “To date no health effects have been reported in any person as a result of radiation exposure from the accident,” declared the IAEA in 2011, a claim it holds to today."

    • That means, we can trust the IAEA when they say:

      ""All the plutonium … in Japan is under IAEA safeguards," Amano said, referring to regular nuclear inspections.

      Japan's plutonium stocks no reason for concern – IAEA chief
      [VIENNA Mon Mar 3, 2014 3:55pm GMT]

      "(Reuters) – There is no reason for concern that plutonium held by Japan could be diverted for nuclear arms purposes, the U.N. atomic watchdog said on Monday, after objections raised by China in another dispute between the east Asian neighbours.

      Last month, Beijing said it was "extremely concerned" by a report that Japan has resisted returning to the United States more than 300 kg (660 lb) of mostly weapons-grade plutonium."

  • SadieDog

    U.S.-Japan decommissioning and remediation of Fukushima Recovery Forum,Jan. 2014 , mission statement

  • sworldpeas

    I don't know about you guys but my mind is NOT boggled! this is what I have been expecting only worse. I YAWN at Hundreds of thousands and then an eye roll ensues. 3 years into it and there is NO HOPE, NO ACTION and NO DESIRE to fix it. The Russians took action, had desire and never lost hope. WHEN Tepco fucks up again as WE KNOW THEY WILL and the big releases start THEN we will see some mind boggling numbers… and now a haiku for your enjoyment! 🙂

    Hold onto your Genes
    This train wreck ain't over yet
    Tepco flips the bird

  • jec jec

    Even wonder where (and how much nitrogen) is getting dumped into the atmosphere from TEPCO/Fukushima? Nitrogen is pumped into the reactors to stop hydrogen explosions. Now..for three years pumping in the Nitrogen. Now we have the NORTHERN LIGHTS, or Aurora Boealis, with the RARE blue color from Nitrogen in the atmosphere.(

    What do you think? Is it possible? Have the emissions from TEPCOs messing around added one more 'feature' to our weather? Anyone know if this is possible? I think its likely…

    • jec jec

      Nitrogen air pollution can cause global cooling…."ncreased nitrogen levels also have implications for climate change, Townsend noted. Excess nitrogen can affect the rate of climate change in multiple and opposing ways. One the one hand, it leads to more warming via the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, but on the other hand, it can reduce warming by fueling extra plant growth and by forming substances called reflective aerosols in the atmosphere, the scientists noted."

      So how much damage is TEPCO also doing to the environment h witdumping Nitrogen as well as radioactive materials? Japan needs to have its carbon tax increased a LOT! If we did this, as an individual, the EPA and others would be throwing us in jail!

    • bo bo

      Not at all educated in chemistry but would nitrogen have anything to do with this 'blue snow' outside fukushima? Just throwing it out there.
      Of course, snow can look blue in pics depending on lighting – but it was odd enough that people were abuzz on twitter.

      • Angela_R

        Hi Bo, Don't know about the blue in snow indicating nitrogen, but it does in auroras.
        "At yet lower altitudes atomic oxygen is not common any more, and iodized molecular nitrogen takes over in a visible light emission; it radiates at a large number of wavelengths in both red and blue parts of the spectrum, with 428 nm (blue) being dominant."

        In the past day or so, there has been a particularly brilliant blue aurora, it is quite spectacular and well worth viewing:, if not showing, go to archives on that website and look at 3 march, 2014.

        I have been checking out the depletion of phyroplankton and noted that it has fallen by 40% since 1950 (last report that I read was done in 2010), it has likely fallen much further since the plume from Fukushima commenced its journey across the ocean. And we shouldn't just confine our criticism of the release from that devastated area, it has been the dumping ground for many other countries; I doubt that has changed. (Check out the reports and videos of drums of nuclear waste thrown into the ocean).

        Beside being an essential food for fish life, phyroplankton also produces half of the earth's oxygen. I personally wonder whether the appearance of nitrogen (in the aurora) is indicative of a further drop in oxygen. I am not an astronomer but have followed space weather for some time.

      • weegokiburi weegokiburi

        Didn't look blue here. Avoided yellow snow as usual.
        Just white and lots of it. I suspect trick of light.
        Suspect trick of too much information too.

  • GQR2

    We will stand by quietly while the people in Japan are battling to get the truth out about what is going on there on the ground. The world is standing by while the Japanese government colludes to systematically cojol and lie to people in order to get them to accept radiation as safe,(that in itself is obscene but now we have moved into certain death and sickness.) this allowing and encouraging people to go back and live in the highly contaminated area.
    Setsuko Korudo and the women of Fukushima are shining a light on the situation. this needs to be amplified for sure.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Mind boggling but not alarming

    • GQR2

      hmmm lately my stomach doesn't really unknot i guess its part of the process. Its alerting and keeping me vigilant. Turning away is not an option it would feel irresponsible somehow?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        me, too. Every morning, I wake up and boil water for coffee, I am already nervous. Right from the very beginning, when I boil my water with dynamite, I wonder I will blow up my environment. But, it's a very cheap way to boil water. It's just catching the saucer, then the cup, then the coffee, and then the steam. I see they do almost the same thing at Fukushima. Reactor 3, now that made me nervous. My hand shakes when I try that technique with my dynamite. First you have to catch the foundation blocks, then the floor beams, the underlayment, etc. By the time I get the shingles back on the house, the coffee is only lukewarm. Then, I watch eneNews, to calm my nerves. Then, off to work. Constant change. Back at home, same old, same old. Everything going to hell in a handbasket. Calms my nerves.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          It's just a story. I don't really wake up in the morning. I wake up in the evening. I don't have any dynamite, I can't keep up with the Joneses. I might buy some fake radioactive water tanks to put out on the lawn. One must keep up appearances. I write to release nervous energy.

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            P.S. Everything else was true.

            • GQR2

              Well things are moving at a pace that would be mind boggling were it not for our constant surveillance and the diligence and enenews posters and admin.

              Just in the last 24 hrs unicredulous,we have two new Nuclear events. One in PA and one in NY.
              Its got me thinking the house built on cards is smashing down all around us.
              spent the afternoon yesterday under a chemical aerosol dome dripping and sagging down on the population not really creating any precipitation. i nearly coughed my lungs out. watching ene calms my nerves too.

              Its getting hard to mix and socialize with the oblivious. It truly feels like jumping into the matrix. Luckily a few of my friends and neighbors have taken the red pill too one of my neighbors brought up Fukushhh before i did! Its getting harder for people to deny and ignore everyday. The truth will out.

              The Women of Fukushima must feel like this too.

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                It makes it hard to concentrate on necessary tasks at hand. Like doing dishes, organizing finances, etc. Like jacking into the matrix and finding yourself in a submarine with the rivets popping out and water squirting in. Everyone sitting in there around a table talking small talk. Worse thing is that they have no landline telephone. Morpheus is just a movie character, the Matrix Movie is on the TV, The radio is playing some new song that you can't understand the words to, and someone is asking you about the weather. You can't believe that they are unaware – it is raining mightily and hailing rivets.

                I just bought a new camera, in hopes that I might in some way distract myself with a hobby that has grown stale for me. Nothing around here go see. But on the smaller scale, the detail, is still interesting. Like macro photography of small mushrooms growing on a tree. I took a picture of a plastic bag with aluminum cans hanging on a dumpster. Instead of throwing them away, they put the bag on the handle of the dumpster door, so the army of poor constantly scavenging there might experience some of that fabled trickle down economics. The details are killing me. This life…NY and PA, huh? Tomorrow, for me. Must sleep now. Best wishes.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  🙂 Morpheus, always follow the white rabbit.

                • bo bo

                  Plastic bag scene from American Beauty
                  Sorry it's veering way OT but my excuse – we're way at the bottom of thread

                  • unincredulous unincredulous

                    I only remember a couple of things from my first and second grade at Catholic School. These leaves blowing in circles in the crotch of the "L" shaped school building. A bully in the playground. This nun smacking me real hard on my wrist with a ruler, for being there in class, I guess. That is my favorite kind of place: Cool windy weather, with a warm sunny spot. Sheltering, not from a storm, but just from having to be chilly. Well, I liked being with a girlfriend, laying in bed, legs tangled up and just half out of it in slumber, too. I guess I am sort of like a turtle. I felt insulted when someone said I was a turtle head once. Some scientologist I knew from childhood. He wasn't always like that. Don't like him now he gives me the creeps. If you are going to get off-topic, at least get way off. Out there. Then reel it back in. I knew the ruler slap meant something, but I didn't know what. I liked the leaves in the breeze, circling higher, higher. There may have been a plastic bag. If you could see the intensity in my eyes right now, You would laugh. I bet I look like a zombie. Worked all night. Tired. Third grade was better, we got to get under our desks at school and imagine nuclear bombs and fallout. I remember looking up at the brilliant blue sky, with the red, white and blue flag waving in the breeze outside, while I was under my desk. I am glad for these memories. Chemtrails or whatever is messing with the sky now takes that brilliant blue away. In the 1960s, it…

                    • unincredulous unincredulous

                      anyway, you just had to ask. Bonus track. The side no one ever cares about. I like a pretty salad, too. Tomatoes, and lettuce, hold the PU

                    • +1
                      I'm impressed. Is this James Joyce or Virginia Woolf speaking ?

                      [What I actually wanted to know but didn't dare asking: if – theoretically spoken – I'd send you one hundred bucks, do you think you might… you know, potentially… find a way to send me some of these drugs ? For scientific experiments only, of course. Purely for the sake of professional interest. Because I am some sort of… you know… chemist or something… ;-)]

                    • bo bo

                      No PU, sub life… that's a pretty salad, I agree uni.

                      Fukuggy, so true.. it's like post nuclear stream of unincredulousness. Amazing when it flows without OT restriction. Happens only at the bottom of the thread, where the starfish hang out.

            • bo bo

              That was a really good rant/story, uni.

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                As I said before, humans have a way with story telling but wouldn't know what to do with a nuclear power plant if it bit them. Glad you enjoyed it. You have inspired me to buy an API drink with my next paycheck. Locally, no Harpoon, but other flavor. When I get the taste for an occasional brew, I find that White Rascal from Avery is good! Must get sleep. Emergency now. Thanks bo

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Hmmm. POTUS: Fully updated. New code words. Not in my code book, so I think I must be out of the loop.

    Updating code book…

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