Asahi on “unusual” Fukushima information: Reactor No. 5 had inadequate quake protection — Official to conduct thorough investigation after Tepco found no “clear” damage

Published: January 31st, 2012 at 6:53 am ET


Title: Piping at Fukushima reactor found insufficient to withstand quake
Source: Asahi AJW
Date: January 31, 2012

Piping and support structures at the No. 5 reactor of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant did not have sufficient anti-quake strength under new government standards revised in 2006.

Some of the equipment could have been hit with a force as much as 4.3 times above safety standards if an earthquake of a scale forecast for the plant had struck. […]

It is unusual for information to be released that shows the possibility of insufficient safety strength in equipment before reinforcement work has been completed.

In Depth

  • Officials of NISA included those results in a draft report that was presented to a meeting of experts on Jan. 30
  • Investigations conducted by Tepco and NISA after the Great East Japan Earthquake last March did not uncover clear visible damage
  • NISA officials will conduct a more thorough investigation
  • Latest information concerns the results of anti-quake calculations for important equipment at the reactor
  • Calculations cover some equipment sections that have not been reinforced.
  • Calculations showed that a strength of between 1.2 to 4.3 times the anti-quake standards would be applied to the main water supply piping as well as support for seven piping systems if the expected quake under the new standards had struck the reactor

Read the report here

Published: January 31st, 2012 at 6:53 am ET


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11 comments to Asahi on “unusual” Fukushima information: Reactor No. 5 had inadequate quake protection — Official to conduct thorough investigation after Tepco found no “clear” damage

  • Bones Bones

    Surely this is the only unsafe reactor in the world. I mean look how many accidents nuclear plants have a year and oil companies have way more, so in my enormous brain that means its good! It is the culture of nuclear power at work. Deny, deny, deny and its all about keeping up appearances. Sounds like the government, oh wait it is.

  • Almost one year later, and still no attempt to contain the radiation with a cement barrier. That is the smoking gun and proof that the NWO wants us all dead.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I think your right. 🙁 Watched CSpan yesterday of the Canadian Parliment. Shocking to see the conservatives up there are cutting programs for the people too. I came away believing all these Governments are working against us ALL. There WILL BE a uprising but the Gov’s a prepping for it. BAD BAD THINGS are coming our way, I’m afraid.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        They are FULL STEAM AHEAD with their Prison System too. Like us, these things are being built for when we all RISE UP. Coming soon.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    “the expected quake under the new standards”. It’s important to realize the statistical game that’s in play. First, an earthquake is not bound by any human standards or expectations – that part is just spin, an unfortunate anthropocentric way of viewing the world.

    The standards exist so (some) people can reassure themselves that structure X will (probably) withstand an earthquake of magnitude Y.

    That is useful as far as it goes. Such calculations are made for almost everything built in modern life.

    The problem is not that they should have built them to withstand something stronger – that is always the “solution” offered. The problem centers around the magnitude of the consequences of the inevitable rare event that exceeds the modeled expectations.

    In nuke world, the consequences can be catastrophic. The usual government/engineering model does not reliably apply. Sooner or later, some event will be stronger than expected/predicted. When that happens to a bridge, or an aircraft, or a building, the results are tragic but highly localized. When it happens to a nuke plant, the results are potentially catastrophic and global. The risk is unacceptable.


  • rooks rooks

    I have followed this since 3/11 and an idiot like myself without any prior knowledge was able to comprehend this is not safe nor technology. If experts cannot find the fuel then this is just an experiment at best while increasing cancer rates. Experiment is over with an “F.”

  • or-well

    No matter how calm I am when awaking, Enenews soon fixes That.

    Earth shakes and shudders and ripples and heaves, thrusting, subsiding and sliding each sneeze that our Mama blows at us to fault the madness of building nukes plants near Her saltwater oceans and tectonic scraping but no one can say we’re asking for raping just cause we dress live seismic coasts with a gaping error in judgement or is it control that we’ve lost to the Nukers lacking in soul and sound thought and oversight honest those blathering madmen so lost in a forest of lies and deception and business AU that they forgetten the earth sometimes goes

    A sentence for JohnnyBlade (wherever he is) and his memorable rants.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      deafening applause from the gallery, for everything from “Enenews fixes that” to ” for Johnny Blade (wherever he is)!”

  • Still NOTHING after almost a YEAR after the ‘Accident’. How long does it take for an expert to calculate these things? 20 Years? 100? 500? 10,000? A BILLION YEARS?

    Total Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks, etc

    Is Fukushima REALLY in ‘Cold Shutdown’?

  • americancommntr

    The USSR used to build military-industrial important factories away from other potential targets, and if I remember right, population centers, too.

    One would think a similar mindset would prevail for nuclear power plants, but they are treated like coal-fired plants.

    Worse, we find reactors in clusters. How stupid, especially with what is known now. The whole cluster is subject to the same problems one reactor would be.

    And if even one reactor melts down, nobody can safely work at the others. If there’s ever a megaton-like steam explosion or prompt criticality, the whole cluster gets destroyed, and a nation-killing multiple reactor catastrophe takes place.

    The people who thought out nuclear power must have been wearing money colored glasses. The financial pushers certainly didn’t have the future of their nation or neighbors in mind.